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From the Rangers:

March 10, 2010 – New York Rangers 3, New Jersey 6 (Game #67, Road #32)

• The Blueshirts were defeated by the New Jersey Devils, 6-3, tonight at the Prudential Center.
• New York is now 29-29-9 (67 pts.) overall, including a 15-14-3 (33 pts.) mark in 32 road games this season.
• Vinny Prospal registered the Rangers first goal of the game at 5:13 of the first period, and led all forwards with 21:07 of icetime.  He has now registered 12 points (six goals and six assists) in the last 12 games.
• Brandon Prust notched his first goal as a Ranger while skating in his 100th career NHL game.  He has now collected two points (one goal and one assist) in the last three games away from MSG.
• Marian Gaborik recorded his team-leading 70th point of the season with an assist on Prospal’s first period goal, and has now registered six points (five goals and one assist) in his last six road games.
• Erik Christensen tallied a goal at 5:01 of the second period to tie the game at two-goals apiece, and has now recorded five points (one goal and four assists) in the last seven road games.
• Olli Jokinen registered one assist and tied for the team-high with two blocked shots in 19:42 of icetime.  Jokinen has tallied four assists in the last four games.
• Forward Jody Shelley recorded his first point as a Ranger with an assist on Prust’s second period goal, and registered three shots and three hits in the contest.
• Brandon Dubinsky tallied the primary assist on Christensen’s second period goal, and has now registered four points (three goals and one assist) in the last five games.
• Defenseman Dan Girardi registered one assist and logged 18:13 of icetime.  He now ranks second among team defensemen and is tied for eighth on the team overall in even strength scoring, registering 15 of his 16 points at even strength.
• The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 11, is 11:30 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.
• The Rangers return to action on Friday, Mar. 12, when they will face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers at Philips Arena (7:30 p.m.), in their fourth and final meeting of the regular season.  The game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 970 The Apple.

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  1. Linda

    Torts said in post-game they have to be grown up to not lose confidence…doesn’t seem like he’s too good at dealing with the emotions of players

  2. NuclearBaum

    Confidence? How can you have confidence when it seems that the fundamentals totally escape some of these guys some nights. And how does our 4th line continue to get caught on the ice against the opponents first line?

    How do you let a 4 on 1 occur? I’ve been watching this team since 1978, and granted, my memory may not be that great, but I can’t even think of another time I may have seen something like that!

    If there was an organization-wide system, this team would not look this badly even with all the new guys we seem to ‘win’ every summer! Total overhaul of the entire operation is necessary.





  4. You know what, thinking back, Torts blamed their problems last year on conditioning.

    Well, that isn’t the problem right now Torts, so what do you have for an answer now? What are you gonna have the guys work on this summer?

  5. CherryBaum

    interesting angle Salty, and you could be correct. I truly think there are major factions in ‘the room’, and it just tears at the fabric of ‘team’.

  6. This season can’t end quick enough for Torts. If they keep losing things are going to turn real sour real quick.

    I’m outta here, can’t talk about this anymore lol, talk to you guys tomorrow!

  7. Sather's WrapUp on

    CARPet Bomb

    Hey there, Ranger Fans! Wish I could be there with you in Newark, but I’m stuck down here in Florida for the next few weeks. The NHL General Managers are having some intense sessions (Hey, deal me outta this one, will ya?) every day, so it’s not all play down here…

    They are certainly a bunch of tough negotiators down here. I can’t get any one interested in trades at all! I propose all kinds of deals, but everyone says they aren’t trading any more for the rest of the season. I’ll wear them down a little. Don’t you worry ;)

    It appears my fellow GM’s have such respect for me here that on our last fishing trip out on the Gulf, they wouldn’t let anyone else put the bait on the hooks. They said I was a master at it. What an Honor! So I baited the hooks for the whole crew. In fact no one called me Glennie all day, they just called me the Ol’ Master Baiter.

    The GM’s are proposing some new rules about hits to the head but I’m not in favor of that. You know, I’ve been hit in the head hundreds of times in my career and I’ve never been ORANGE, WATER, BUCKET OF PLASTER, affected in any way.

    You fans have been giving me a hard time for years about drafting Hugh Jessiman. I know he had a rough start with the Rangers, but do you know that he’s this year’s Number 1 Insurance Salesman in the 2nd District for New Hampshire?

    Apology accepted.

    The Rangers lost tonight to the Devils, 6-3. Sooooo close! But there’s still plenty of time to make the playoffs. I’ve got my contract for 10 more years, at least!

    See you around…
    Uncle Glennie

  8. from what i read, it’s a good thing i was stuck at
    work and couldn’t watch the game.

    here’s my question that maybe someone here can
    find out….
    what was Torts first season with Tampa Bay like???
    was it the rollercoaster mess that we are right now?
    was it better because they had better players and they
    were able to get his type of players or….?

    just curious if there’s a growing pains period with Torts
    and that it’s just more painful here due to lack of cap space, cancerous contracts and overall lack of talent…

  9. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on


    A little off on a tangent, but is it me or are the Rock’s PA and music guys just a tad over the top with the volume?

  10. jpg, from what we’ve all probably heard, his first year was pretty rough with tampa. That’s why, if he doesn’t resign, i think they will give him another season (or half) and see what happens. it HAS to get better, because I seriously think this is rock bottom.

  11. The Pebble plays horrific music. To have The White Stripes played in the same room with Lady Gaga is pretty sickening.

    Then there’s the Isles arena. They play Spongebob songs. Embarrassing.

    I’ll take MSG’s Euro instrumental porn tunes any day of the week.

  12. are you serious? sponge bob? and hey, MSG plays PINK! You should not be playing chick tunes during a hockey game!

  13. Linda
    that’s what i thought happened.
    maybe it just seems worse when it’s happening to your team,
    dealing with the transition.

    again, i don’t know if it turned around any quicker or they bought into his system better there.

    at the very least, it would be nice to see the team work hard and have a system…..and as much as i was glad that we hired him as the anti-Renney and put a fire under these players they haven’t really responded.

  14. Has little to nothing to do with Torts. The team don’t have the horses, if you ghet my drift.

  15. now you’re gone
    it’s hotels, whiskey, and sad luck dames
    i dont care if they miss me
    i never remember their names
    they say if you get far enough away
    you’re on your way back home
    well i’m at the station
    but i cant get on the train

    must be blind love

  16. fIREHOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just had to tell you that.

    keep flying the flannel!!

  17. i’ll agree with you Peter
    in regards to the team not having the talent/horses
    at the very least i thought that they would have some
    fight in them or at least a portion of the team would.
    as in
    you would that at this point in the season
    he’d be able to figure out who gets it and who doesn’t
    who will give an effort and who won’t

    it just doesn’t seem like that. they still seem confused or give up too easily….

  18. avery is not very good. he is terrible on the puck, and cannot score. besides that he is fine..

  19. I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time watching this tonight. The automatic TXT’s I get on my phone after each goal is scored was enough of my time. Man Rags, YOU SUCK! I especially love it because the Garden wants $730 for first round playoff tickets (due 3/24) when they’re playing like this. F U Dolans and Sather. 4 out of a possible 10 points since the Olympics? At least we didn’t have any big trades at the deadline. I’m very happy about this.

  20. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    renney was smarter than torts in one respect…the use of avery. I don’t think avery saw more than 3 minutes in the last period. Renney understood that avery needs to play to be effective, no pest is going to be effective with 8 minutes a night (like tonight). He has decent offencive skills and a great shot. his ATOI in 06-07 (29 games) 17:49 8g12a, 07-08 ATOI 15:51 (57 games) 15g18a, 08-09 ATOI 16:44 (18 games) 5g7a, this season……just over 13 minutes in 61 games and 8g17a. I think it is a horrible mistake to not be giving avery 4 or 5 minutes more a night. He makes our team sooo much better on the ice because he is under the other team’s skin soooo much! Bad bad move by torts.

    The other thing I will say about the rangers…you always see all these deflections and redirections go in on the rangers because none of our “positionally sound” d men put anyone on their butts (or forwards for that matter..AA should have buried clarkson in front of hank on the 5th goal, whether he scored it or not) in front of the net, so of course they are going to give up a lot of deflected goals!

  21. mako is captain clutch. not posting due to computer problems

    now who is sathers wrap up

  22. Orr, you’ve got me down to a T with the Seinfeld habits.

    But — I hate to admit this ,,, I like White Stripes, Gaga and P!nk. All on my iPod.

    Yes, the Rock music is over the top, and the PA guy is way, way over the top, and to make him additionally irritating, he’s like 5-6 minutes late with announcements of goals and penalties. Clown.

    Good night, Jim-Bob. Good night, John Boy.

    Good night, Sally!

  23. My 5 step plan on how to fix the Rangers

    Step One: Trade away the big contracts(contact Donnie Walsh)

    Drury, Rozy and Redden have got to go. Gaborik’s staying so don’t get worried im not talking about him. Rozy is worth maybe a prospect or two plus a pick. Drury is still a good 3rd/4th line center (which tbh..was all he ever really was except those two years in Buffalo) we might be able to get something for him. Which leaves me to Redden (Our Eddy Curry). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just bury him in the AHL…make his life hell..make him WANT to leave. Make him FORCE us to trade him. It’s honestly the only way. So now we have cap room..which is always a great thing.

    Step Two: Finding Young Talent
    No more trading away prospects for 30 year old rental players. I mean Marc Savard, Manny Malholtra, Prucha..they’re all former players that got traded for rental players. Keep the talent. Let them grow up. In a few years Kreider – Artem Anisimov – Grachev might be a top line in the NHL. Now, we can’t only do that though. We need to find young players that play our system. Players that fall through the rough but have what it takes to be a role player on our team (kind’ve like christiansen). Once we have a good YOUNG team we’ll be on our way up.

    Step Three: Finding Chemistry
    Now with the young talent in place, and with them having to learn on the fly we need veterans who know how to TEACH. Gaborik is a keeper. He’s got a great shot and can pretty much mend with anybody as long as they fed him the puck. Drury would be good if we keep him for cheap but only if he’s a 3rd line center. He’s a good checking line center because he’s a 2 way forward. He could our “Kris Draper”. Now with young talent, some seasoned veterans we could be a well mended team on it’s way to the top (kind’ve like Pitt and Wash right now)

    Step Four: Leadership
    Loungo is the Nucks’ captain even though he’s the goalie. This is because he’s the locker room leader, chief motivator and provides the most leadership and encouragement to the team. Lundqvist is our guy. He’s also a goalie but that doesn’t stop anything. He’s our superstar. He’s our guy..make him captain and i believe he’ll take the ball and roll with it. Now sticking on leadership, Assistant captains should be given out to whoever works the hardest the year before. Also, one offense, one defense. So for me..Callahan and Staal. If they get lazy..the lose the A. You work for everything.

    Step Five: Staff
    STOP THE REVOLVING DOOR! The New York Rangers have had 6 different head coaches in the last decade. Muckler, Low, Trottier, Sather, Renney, and Torts. Keep a coach please. We need to know what kind of team we are. We need to know what the coach wants to do with the team. If we keep changing coaches we keep changing strategies and then the players start to suck. We need consistency. We need a sense of stability. We need a leader on both the bench and in the locker room. We need a coach with guts. We need to keep Torterella. He’s got his strategy and seems to know what he’s doing when he has the piece. (Olympics) He’s got guts, and he’s got the balls to tell people off. Moving on to GM and El Presidente. Shoenfeld should be the new GM..bottom line. Sather lost his privileges awhile ago. He’s good at finding talent so he can keep his president job..but take the phone away from him..PLEASE. If Shoeny doesn’t want it, Messier’s your new gm..he’s iffy to me tbh. I don’t know if he’s gonna be another Isiah..or he’ll turn into Jerry West. Either way..thats your back up plan.

    And thats it. Lose Contracts, Young Talent, Chemistry, Leadership, Coaching Staff. Comments please.

    – Matt K (A very pissed off fan that needs to vent haha)

  24. btw JPG..Torts had major growing pains in Tampa. He wanted to basically kill Vinny L. They went 27-40-11-4 and then 36-25-16-5 before winning the cup.

  25. So, there goes the playoffs! I can’t take this anymore. If only these games lasted 1 period, we’d win! Oh well, I haven’t posted comments in a while because I’ve been sidelined with the flu! Twas ugly. Which reminds me…..


    20. Flu
    101.8 degree fevers, night sweats, headaches, body-aches, cough, no appetite, weakness all around… and I ain’t talkin’ about the Rangers HAYOOOOOO!! But I guess I’d rather get the flu than come down with the Glen Sathers.

    19. The Simpson Family
    No I’m not talking about the one with the yellow skin (they’re quite lovable actually), I’m talking about the one with black hearts (and lack of brains). Lord are they annoying, just when you think their careers were finally failing, Jessica comes back with a new show on VH1 and Ashlee well just can’t seem to take the hint that no-one cars. Now that I think of it, that whole family can’t seem to take a hint. And I always hate how everytime the Giants play that stupid team from Dallas, the announcers go Lady Gaga over Jessica Simpson and Tony Homo. Make it stop! Well, it could be worse, it could be the Sather Family getting all the attention.

    Note: I take that back, Jessica can distract Tony all she wants because she seems to make him choke (i.e. the “hot and heavy” situation in Seinfeld).
    I’d also like to point out that as much as Jerry Jones, GM of the Cowboys, is a complete asshole, I’d love for him to be GM of the Rangers because he is active with the media (albeit irritation at times) and he has kept the Cowboys playoff contenders and made good decisions for his team. He loves his team. Sather, where is the love?

  26. Matt K. you hit the nail right on the head, but you missed one very important step: Fire Sather and/or the Dolans. All that sounds great, but we CANNOT do any of that with Sather in office. Plain and simple. It’s a shame because your steps are well thought out and just; they really are what the Rangers need to do. We NEED to stay young and make Hank the captain. Too many times this season (and other seasons) has Hank had to stand on his head only for the Rangers to lose, scoring 0 or 1 goal in the process. But nothing good is going to happen with Sather in office. Sorry.

  27. I hope they know the only reason Chris Chelios signed with them is because he wants to play in Chicago and he knows he can’t keep up with the youngsters so he signed with the Wolves….

  28. yo orr keep my name out ya fuckin mouth, im 24 yrs old so quit bein a hypocrite actin like u know everything

  29. Sometimes you just gotta ask yourself: What Would Avery Do?

    Then sometimes you just gotta answer yourself: I don’t freakin know, it feels like I haven’t heard from him in forever!

    At which point you just gotta ask yourself: Does Avery still play hockey? And if he does, does he still know how to play?

  30. Here is another proof that having a roster full of World class talent doesnt always means success!

    Real Madrid (football/soccer) was eliminated from the Champions League in the first knockout round for the sixth year in a row! While soccer and hockey are very different…talent is still talent. I bet CR9 is devastated since his favorite player (Cristiano Ronaldo 9) is out of the competition.

    Go Chelsea! Go CSKA Moskva!

  31. Olga Folkyerself on

    Matt K.

    Step 1 FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!

    Don’t say “you can’t fire Sather” because I could just as easily say you can’t get rid of Sather’s toxic contracts, Drury and Redden, you can’t stop Sather from trading for rentals, you can’t find chemistry or leadership with Sather turning over half the players every year, or the revolving staff that Sather throws under the bus every couple years to keep the heat off him.

    Sather is the root of all those ills, and leaving him in place will fix none of them.

    Sorry to break it to you but the first move MUST be FIRE SATHER or the rest won’t happen.

  32. ROB

    A) Don’t flatter yourself, i don’t actually talk aboot you outside of this blog.

    B) You’re so pathetic. You think i care if *you* agree with me or not ?? Ahaha

    C) “Supposebly” this is a family blog, so instead of dropping the “F bomb” like the immature moron you are, why don’t you at replace some of the letters with anything on your keyboard, or say “firetruck”, or “fugg”. I think you owe Carp and company an apology.

    D) Lastly, it’s pretty bad that you’re 24. It would have been better if you were 15, cause you’d have an excuse to act like a complete idiot, but you blew that. Grow up douche, before it’s too late.

    Goodnight kiddo.

  33. couple things there matt,

    i like the sentiment of ditching those 3 players, but the only one that is remotely tradeable is rosi, but likely only if we took back a bad contract, forget about just getting prospects/picks (and it’d be a 3rd rounder at best). drury has a full NMC and is getting $7M+ a year to be a 3rd/4th line center/pker. Even if he didn’t have the power to block any trade, i can’t see any team wanting to take on that contract unless again we took on a contract that was bad as well. Redden has to be waived but it doesn’t matter if he begs for a trade, no one is trading for him. we have to pray we get a new cba with amnesty buyouts in two years. in the meantime he needs to be in the minors.

    as for the youth, kreider could be good but he is prob 2-3 years away at best, which is fine but just need to be realistic. grachev hasn’t sparkled in the ahl, but maybe they still bring him up next year. he prob is another year away from being nhl ready. anisimov needs to keep playing as much as possible, he could end up being a pretty good player for us. add in some other possible players like werek, etc and we could have a good young team in a say 2-3 years. which means we wouldn’t be in a position to be contenders for at least 4-5 years. in a perfect world our gm would accept this fact and only sign young players (like the defenseman volchenkov), if he signs anyone at all. hopefully henrik and gaborik have a lot of hockey left in him b/c barring a miracle this team isn’t gonna be in a position to fight for a cup until the end of his contract.

    if sather keeps grinding the gears and assembling makeshift teams like he has the past few years, then nothing will change and then next year (and the year after that) we will be having this same exact conversation. In sum the fat needs to be cut, but we don’t need to then go try and sign a player like kovalchuk or marleau. we need to truly rebuild and that means having losing season. Doesn’t mean we have to be playing to lose but i don’t know if can stand having to watch another season where I know from day 1 that best case scenario we steal one round in the playoffs.

  34. yea its so immature, but nobody on the blog realizes what someones sayin when they write f*ck and _ss and etc etc etc, it makes no sense, carp said it a while ago to not even do that but it continues to go on so waht is the point, there is none
    and its pretty bad that you care how old i am, i guess in *your* pathetic life theres not much else to talk or care about besides things like that, aside from the rangers… do u hav any friends that you dont strictly talk to thru the internet, are all the people on this blog your only friends? yea, they are, and if not then they probably make up about 90%.. so if callin me pathetic makes you feel better and makes you get to sleep a little easier at night then go ahead kidddd, keep enjoyin that sick adventurous life of yours on the internet all day everydayyy

  35. Yeah I don’t really understand why anyone can critize torts right now. Granted the team has lost a few in a row, but beginning of the year I couldn’t find magazine, newspaper or nhl expert who put the rangers in playoff contention. In fact, most had them in the bottom 3 in the nhl. Clearly he’s doing something decently well; no doubt Sather is the problem which is seems people are finally starting to realize. Now if only such changes could actually be made we might see a new type of team rather than the boring and lack of explosive offense we have (even with one of the leagues best scorers).

  36. Time for a reality check. Look folks, this season ended for them about two months ago. They never over came the lack of proper instructional coaching by the R staff, such as it is, nor the attitude of I’ve got mine, and coasting is my job.Too many players with too long and too fat unbreakable contracts. Should serve as an object lesson for all prospective GM,s to study and avoid in the future.

    Actually Sather might have done to GM community a great service by having become an immortal bad example of how NOT to run a team. It’s over. Wait til the year after next.

  37. I’m not blaming Torts for too much other than chopping and changing his lines incessantly, but given the lack of chemistry and passion shown by the players you can sort of understand it. I would like him to give some combinations more than just a period here or there though.

    We are mainly struggling because of poor cap management by Slats causing us to be left paying $18m per year to Drury, Roszi and Redden. Kudos for ridding himself of Gomez but, how many other teams payout nearly $12m per year to defensemen like Roszi and Redden? You could get Phaneuf and Komisarek or JayBo and Regehr for a bit less, or Pronger and Timmonen or Lidstrom and Rafalski for a few dollars more.

    We also have too many centers on the roster(Christy, Dru, Dubi, AA, Boyle, Jokinen and Prospal) with no real scoring wingers other than Gabby.

    Personally i give Torts a bit of a pass for another season or maybe two while we see if our youngsters can fulfil their promise and our GM can rid us of his bad contracts and construct a roster he can utilise better.

    Personally, i’m glad i got a holiday lined up for the rest of March so i don’t have to think about it too much. If we’re still in with a shout when i get back i’ll be surprised, i think in 2-3 weeks we’ll be analysing the draft and talking lottery chances.

  38. Who cares how often the coach is fired? The Devils seem to make the playoffs every year and fire coaches all the time. Unfortunately, Sather is not Lamoriello.

  39. I’m going to use capgeek to see what type of team I can build like NHL10. Assume NTC and NMC don’t exist.

  40. Actually I wish some of the players attached to the NTC or NMC did not exist (at the NHL level at least), that would be even better.

  41. Last night made it clear that only missing the playoffs can help this team. Nothing is probably going to happen to Sather either way but taking some playoff money out of Dolan’s pocket is the only remote hope for a change.

    This year is considered to be a weak draft and right now the Rangers own the #9 pick and the projected #9 pick is being compared to Maxim Afinogenov (good grief). They are only 5 points ahead of the #4 pick which I think is the best thing we should be hoping for. Making the playoffs does nothing for us as fans and will only put a few million bucks in Dolan’s pocket and ensure that Sather stays. Here is the current top 10 ranking from Central Scouting:

    No. 1 – Taylor Hall – 6-foot-1, 185 lbs – LW, Windsor Spitfires
    Taylor Hall has been a phenomenal player for the Spitfires since he first arrived, but his coming-out party was last year’s Memorial Cup, where a national audience got a chance to see his deadly combination of speed, skill and passion. He starts the year as our No. 1 prospect, but still needs to get stronger, improve his defensive game and continue to develop as a leader. He’s a special player, so we are confident if he does fall during the season, it won’t be very far.
    NHL Comparable: Pavel Bure

    No. 2 – Cam Fowler – 6-foot-2, 190 lbs – D, Windsor Spitfires
    Cam Fowler, who moved over from the U.S. national team development program, is now patrolling the blueline for the defending Memorial Cup champions. It’s going to be an intense battle between the two teammates, while they try to defend their title at the same time. The real winners are the Windsor fans, though, who get to watch these two studs the entire year.
    NHL Comparable: Rob Blake

    No. 3 – Erik Gudbranson – 6-foot-4, 199 lbs – D, Kingston Frontenacs
    After much internal debate, we put the young Frontenacs stud defender in the No. 3 spot because of his unlimited upside and tremendous physical tools. Doug Gilmour, Tony Cimellaro and the rest of the Fronts coaching staff have an opportunity to mold this young superstar and if the team is as successful as we think they will be, Gudbranson will be playing and monitored deep into the playoffs.
    NHL Comparable: Dan Boyle

    No. 4 – Kirill Kabanov – 6-foot-3, 176 lbs – LW, Salavat Ufa
    The most hyped young Russian superstar since Alex Ovechkin, Kirill Kabanov has had scouts drooling since his performance as an underager at the Under-17 Challenge in London, Ont. Along with an electric set of skills and a pro shot, this kid has a nasty edge that keeps his opponents honest and gets him some extra room on the ice. His playing future for this season is blurry because he was selected by the Moncton Wildcats in the Canadian League Import Draft, but his new Russian team, Salavat Ufa, has appealed to keep him in Russia. Rest assured, wherever he plays the scouts will follow and fans will flock.
    NHL Comparable: Ilya Kovalchuk

    No. 5 – John McFarland – 6-foot-1, 195 lbs – C, Sudbury Wolves
    Another OHLer who is a sure-fire top 10 pick, McFarland was an offensive force at the recent Ivan Hlinka under-18s in the Czech Republic and captained the Canadian squad to the gold medal. It could be a long year up in the Nickel Capital, but at least those loyal fans will have an opportunity to watch a future NHL star for at least one more year.
    NHL Comparable: Paul Kariya

    No. 6 –Teemu Pulkkinen – 5-foot-10, 170 lbs – RW, Jokerit
    Pulkkinen is one of the most highly touted offensive Finn’s since Olli Jokinen went third overall in the ’97 draft. Despite some issues with his skating ability, his true genius lies in his hockey sense and ability to finish. He has, at times, been dubbed the Finnish Sidney Crosby and although that is a bit of a reach, we love his competitiveness, skill set and overall game. We feel he may slide in the draft a bit, but as we start the season, we think he has a chance to become a future NHL all-star.
    NHL Comparable: Corey Perry

    No. 7 – Mikael Granlund – 5-foot-10, 172 lbs. – RW, HIFK Helsinki
    The second of the ‘Finnish Duo,’ Granlund is a slight notch below Pulkkinen. Despite a smallish stature, Granlund is difficult to knock off the puck and will be a point producer wherever he plays. He has a nose for the puck and it will be interesting to watch him and Pulkkinen together at this year’s World Junior Championship in Saskatoon.
    NHL Comparable: Daniel Briere

    No. 8 – Brett Connolly – 6-foot-2, 181 lbs – LW, Prince George
    Brett Connolly is a goal scoring phenom who took the Western League by storm last season. Connolly is heading into this campaign as potentially the best natural goal-scorer in the WHL and his draft class, so scouts are left to wonder what type of numbers he would put up if he played with some quality NHL prospects that Prince George severely lack.
    NHL Comparable: Tomas Vanek

    No. 9 – Stanislav Galiev – 6-foot-1, 177 lbs – RW/C – Saint John Sea Dogs
    Stanislav Galiev threw the IIHF into a bind last year by jumping the pond to play with Indiana of the United States League, where he had a phenomenal year. He then went first overall in the CHL import draft to the Sea Dogs, but again upset the natural order of operations by deciding to stay in Indiana. After some intense negotiations, Galiev made the wise choice and will now head to the east coast and try to make an immediate impact in the Quebec League. If Galiev chose to compete in the USHL again, he would have dropped significantly in these rankings and in rankings across the NHL as the move would have been perceived as taking the easy way out.
    NHL Comparable: Maxim Afinogenov

    No. 10 – Tyler Seguin – 6-foot-1, 186 lbs – C, Plymouth Whalers
    Tyler Seguin is a player I think should be higher, but I must respect our process as a staff. I truly feel this kid will move up a few spots in the rankings as the year progresses. The comparisons to Steve Yzerman are plentiful usually we would scoff at such ridiculous comparisons, but this kid has everything, including the “it” factor we can’t quite put our finger on. He played a key part on the OHL’s top line last year with Chris Terry and Matt Caria and if coach Mike Vellucci can succeed in finding some quality linemates for his stud, expect Seguin to be in the upper-half of the top 10 by the end of the season.
    NHL Comparable: Zach Parise

  42. The rule proposal reads as follows:

    “A lateral, back pressure or blind-side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or is the principal point of contact is not permitted. A violation of the above will result in a minor or major penalty and shall be reviewed for possible supplemental discipline.”

    The proposal will be presented to the Competition Committee later this spring for approval before going before the Board of Governors for final approval. If passed, as expected, it would take effect at the start of the 2010-11 NHL season.

    Avery scores a goal and there’s a rule change the next day in the middle of a playoff series. Now there’s an epidemic of cheap shots around the league and they are proposing a change NEXT season? absurd.

  43. Good point, Salty…Avery rule was implemented the very next day. For waving the stick in front of Fatso. Here we only talking head shots, concussions, ended careers. What’s the rush? The league is pathetic.

  44. Based on this year’s cap hits:

    C: Backstrom/Toews/Stamkos/Oshie
    LW: Booth/Burrows/Neal/Ladd
    RW: Gaborik/Ryan/Perron/Callahan
    D: Erik Johnson/Suter/Doughty/Gleason/Hamhuis/Del Zotto
    G: Miller/Conklin

    Total cap hit: $55,524,165

  45. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    It just occurred to me that the Rangers, themselves, are playing to FIRE SATHER, better than if a million of us incensed fans stormed the Garden in the middle of a blizzard! Two steps backward, before 10 steps forward. Nothing wrong with that as a long-term solution.

    Sather has never looked two weeks ahead in his dealings. All this organization needs to do is fire Sather, keep promoting kids from within the organization to Broadway, STOP all participation in the FA market until the union hacks and “collusion” legal vultures rear their ugly heads, and minimize trade activity for the next five years. Addition through subtraction, just stop doing what you are doing wrong, and some right answers will appear.

    Oh yes, also dump a toxic contract or two, if at all possible. Some straitjacket this team is in, right now. One more – PLEASE strip Dreary of his captaincy. Woody Allen has more leadership of men in battle charisma.

  46. i think any of those players in the top ten are going to be pretty damn good players. id love to get a top 3 or 5 though. with rozi and drus contracts expiring in about 2 years, we could have krieder,werek,stepan,grachev and whoever we pick this year all possibly nhl ready around teh same time. we dont have to say”oh, well if we get the 9th pick, he’ll be like afinogenov”,.who knows how these kids develop. as long as clark is drating and they keep slats doped up and keep a stogey shoved in his mouth, i think we’ll come out with another good pick. i just dont know right now what would be best a forward, a d man or a goalie. of course we shouldnt get a goalie, even though we are thin in that regard, but our defense isnt good at all. and its not just redden or rozy. its now girardi, and staal isnt exactly progressing. i think we should go for the best available player whether fwd or d like the general opinion is about the way to pick in teh draft. most likely the 2 d men will be gone by the time we pick, fowler and grundarson(sp)? but kabanov,seguin,pukkinen, or any other big, scoring winger would be the optimal choice. i think we could also trade up and should to get kabanov. id love him on this team.

  47. Let’s say the Rangers do get a top 10 pick. The question then becomes whether you think not only do they choose the right player, but whether they have the system in place to develop him properly. Most years even players outside the top 3-5 aren’t immediately placed in the NHL so it’s a matter of whether you believe the minor league staff can nurture the player well enough until they’re ready to make the jump.

  48. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    15 games left, need to go 10-5 to get into the playoffs

    Guess what, that sure as hell aint happening, and good.

    Im sick of seeing this crap, and glad I onyl spent $ on One game this season (usually I go to 5 or 6)

    Sather is the problem and the answer
    He’s the reason were in this position and his departure will be the only thing to begin to fix our franchise

    And as far as the above with who’d we trade to fix our team, lets be real.

    Drury is Captain til the end of his contract, period.
    Redden WILL be buried in AHL or waived. Theres no way he is on thsi team next year. He’s had 2 years to prove himslef, guess what Reds YOU SUCK ASS!
    Rosi WILL be traded in the offseason. His time in NY Is OVER
    Girardi wont be resigned. Bye BYe Danny, you were a decent Ranger
    Voros, Shelly, Prust, Jokinen, Auld, Prospal, Lisin, Christensen, are all question marks, but prob 2 or 3 only remain with the team
    Dubinsky will be either given a chance for half a season next year, or traded
    Staal wil prob be resigned

    This season has been so sickening, jsut put us out of our misery already.

  49. uh, those of you who swear that grachev’s going to be some sort of savior… wake up. i hope you’re all aware that grachev is playing on the fourth line in hartford… he’s had a completely miserable year.

    this kid wasn’t ready for the ahl yet.

    redden/rozi/girardi are all gonzo after this year. I’d move dubinsky too but I’d keep prust.

  50. Re: rule proposal regarding hits to the head. Apologize for the length of this but, IMO, the point is important (like the 2 that the Rangers didn’t get last night ( >.< )

    It is very disturbing to me that the way the new "rule" is currently worded implies that hits to the head from the front are OK; only "A lateral, back pressure or blind-side hit…" is mentioned. And, I still do not understand how a hit to the *head* is not "intent to injure" which is already in the rules. Plus, there is now extra onus on the referees to interpret whether a hit meets the criteria of the rule. If the GMs of the League are really serious about eliminating this problem, the IIHF rule on the same topic clearly covers it directly – there is *ZERO* tolerance for hits to the head.

    The IIHF rule on Checking to the Head & Neck Area (Rule 540) was adopted at the 2002 IIHF Annual Congress in Sweden following research into the cause of concussion and its long term effects.


    a) A player who directs a check or blow, with any part of his body, to the head and
    neck area of an opposing player or ”drives” or ”forces” the head of an opposing
    player into the protective glass on boards, shall be assessed, at the discretion of
    the Referee, a:
    – Minor penalty + Automatic Misconduct penalty (2’+10’), or
    – Major penalty + Automatic Game Misconduct penalty (5’+GM), or
    – Match Penalty (MP)

    b) A player who injures an opponent as a result of checking to the head and neck area shall be assessed a
    – Match Penalty (MP)

    c) Blows to the head area during a fight or altercation are covered and are to be penalized under Rule 528 Fisticuffs or Roughing.

  51. I don’t see how Grachev would have been any worse than the 4th liners we have playing for us now …

  52. CT that team is great but you wouldn’t be able to keep ’em together past like next season, because most will be getting expensive extensions. But I’d take that over this garbage we’re watching every night.


  53. Good morning! Does anyone know what time Sunday’s game is. I don’t want to miss HBO’s “The Pacific” Sunday night.

  54. Well I think the only viable options to get Redden off the books are to waive him or he retires. No one is taking that contract in a trade and he’s a NTC anyway.

    Girardi probably won’t be re-signed if Torts is still the coach. Might as well see if any of the D in the AHL are ready to make the jump.

    As people here have mentioned before Rozi could be trade bait for a team that needs to hit the cap floor but wants to save on actual $. Since his salary is less than his cap hit for next year.

    Prust and Avery are basically the same player except Prust is wiling to drop the gloves more often. I don’t know if you need both of them. Might as well keep an open roster spot for a prospect or free agent.

    If Dubi was playing 3rd line center behind a legitimate 1st and 2nd line center then he’d be in a more appropriate role at this stage of his career. He’s not making a lot of money and is not handcuffing the cap situation for years to come.

  55. Yeah well I tried to max out on talent with that fantasty team. You could go with more 1st-3rd year players but at the very least you’d have a team full of players that were playing for their big payday. I think Toews new contract alone would bust the cap.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Guys, the top 5 picks are a lottery, right? So all we have to do is get into 5th place and we could end up with #1 overall

  57. BANJ, no I don’t think so; NBC is airing the Caps / Hawks @ 12:30. Think the Rangers are on MSG.

  58. Here’s some things from last night:

    1) 2 deflections off Ranger sticks. Those were BS sucky goals by the Devs. The Rangers first two goals were gorgeous. Their first goal was 3 white shirts surrounding 2 red shirts and no bodies being laid out. Just so g-darn frustrating.

    2) Is the lack of bodying, the shying away of MDZ and Gilroy on any contact for example, the lack of open ice bodying, the lack of finishing body checks on the forecheck (Kovalchuk dancing in D Zone as a few forecheckers spin away) on the coach or the players? That I cannot figure out.

    3) Gaborik is not 100%. For sure. Guessing I am not the only one thinking this but he is a step slow.

    4) My family owns season tix. Having discussions with my brothers this AM. I don’t think we are going to put in for Round 1 tickets. Just express our view to Dolan the D-bag via our wallets. F him that arrogant a-hole who woke up on 3d base and thinks he hit a triple. What a bastard! He should go chew on some glass.

    5) Does anyone else feel like we should just be put out of our misery?

    6) If we don’t get at least 1 point tom’w night, it’s season over. Not like I see us doing anything more than 7th or 8th in best case and then 5 games or less vs Caps/Pens. So what’s the point?

    7) BTW someone said that Rosy should be traded for a prospect and a pick. Do you all think Rosy gets anything more than 1 potential body? 2 bodies for Roszival? That seems ridiculous.

  59. Doodie,

    You can only move up or back 2 spots, if we finish 5th, the best we could pick is 3rd.

  60. We goota lead the league in OWN goals. How many goals against have deflected off of ranger players. You could see the frustration in Hanks face and actions last night.

    Question: Is this a result of bad luck or players constantly being out of position?

    Answer: ????

  61. LI RangerFan

    Not my fault … or do you actually think that clown has the tools to get the job done away from the rink?

  62. The only way you can get rid of Redden or Rozy is by taking on another crap contract.

    one of those “change of scenery trades” … NO BODY is giving up a pick and taking on a 5million dollar cap hot for Rozy.

    That’s why is was kind of stoked at the possibility of trading Rozy or Redden for Souray. At least with Souray you get a guy with a great shot, he checks, he fights, and if he gets injured (which will eventually happen) it opens a spot for a younger guy.

    Has Redden or Rozy ever been hurt for an extended period of time???

  63. This team is less a team than it was at the start af the season. They can be better than they have shown. We have all seen it. Avery has been terrible with the puck, it’s like he has lost all his hockey sence. Shelly and prust have picked up points. Well they should they are getting the icetime. The Rangers are getting some bad luck around the net, I can’t answer why, but there seems to be more fluke goals go in off Rangers in their own net than any other team. I have no idea on that stat, but I watch a lot of hockey and it seems that way. Maybe Torts gets all wound up in the game and forgets what he’s doing but how many times was the forth line out there against the Devils first line? Who’s fault is that? Has anyone noticed that things get worse when they get down a couple, and Torts startes throwing lines together. The Team was bad last night, it would be g=hard to pick out anyone that had a good complete game. They did score a couple of pretty goals and just missed some nice ones also. Bottom line is if they didn’t score two or three on themselves, and the fat man was not so luckey. it would have been close dispite how badly they played.

  64. Apathy is setting in. The team is poorly constructed, and poorly coached.

    Sad to say that it won’t improve until someone with vision comes in. You can’t grow in this league from the middle of the pack draft wise, with a below average resume signing Free Agents.

    As a coach you can’t scream ‘accountability’ and then not hold players accountable. That’s how teams quit on coaches.

    I’ve seen enough to know a new perspective is needed from top to bottom

  65. Good morning, Carp!

    Just wanna say that I also get my name confused with Salty sometimes. I read his posts and can’t remember writing them. I am smart.

  66. Just commenting on Matt K’s 5 Steps. I agree with EVERYONE of them. But how many of you fans are ready to sacrifice two seasons to get this team on the right course? That means two seasons of TERRIBLE hockey with kids and cheap vets until the kids develop. Me personally, I would rather watch a bunch of eager kids learn on the job, make mistakes and then be superstars (think Pittsburgh, Chicago and Wash) than a bunch of high priced under acheivers and we struggle to make 7th or 8th place every year. Just good enough to make the playoffs, but not good enough to contend for the cup. Then three years down the road, with the kids primed, we are ready to make a serious run. Lunqvist is still young enough to be our goalie, so don’t give me we have to win now or he will be wasted.

  67. Fire Torts. We Want Renney. if i get tix for Sunday thats what ill be chanting. love how Lundqvist was pulled last night but Girardi and Redden kept playing. Gaborik looked slow? pardon me but did he not make the pass to Prospal, and did he not make another one later to Jokinen i believe it was where Fatso swallowed the puck in his 5th layer of fat? oh ye and Fire Sather!

  68. 40 year, i agree. accountability, the day Renney got canned everyone here, even those that supported Renney, wanted some. what has been done since? Zherdev was benched for 2 periods total i think, Lisin (huge loss there!) has been benched for a game while dressed (that made a lot of sense), Brashear was scratched for “hand issues from his excruciating fights”, and Voros…. nothing else has been done, NOTHING.

  69. Again, the Rangers are not an old team. As of the other week, given the roster, they had an average age of like 27.2 which was slightly younger than the Islanders.

    The problem is that the old or young, they don’t have the high level talent. Most of their talent is under 30 though (Gaborik, Lundqvist, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal and Del Zotto).

    I think when it comes down to it I don’t really see how a younger and hungrier rookie would be any worse than Redden or Rozi. It’s not like those two are consistently making savvy veteran plays anyway.

    But because they aren’t going to have a complete fire sale they are probably going to be just good enough to not sink to the lottery level.

  70. Miami, Jack Bauer, Eddie Bauer, they are beyond saving right now. And they will find some way to blame the poor showing on the fans for:

    1. not accepting Brashear
    2. booing Brashear
    3. booing Redden
    4. booing Rozsival
    5. being too hard on Girardi

    feel free to add on.

    Why does it seem as if only the fans are held accountable? Welcome to bizarro world!! Where the on ice product reeks but the fans get the blame ;-)

  71. This team has so many problems. In my opinion Sather is the biggest. It wasn’t that long ago that we were all so excited because we won 7 games in a row. But I guess reality has set in. I’m so effin disappointed in this season. Someone said earlier we need a GM with vision, how true. Look at the great job Don Maloney is doing with the Coyotes. Sad to say we ain’t going nowhere with Sather in charge.
    BUT, I’d still love it if we made the playoffs !

  72. Also, what is with collecting no talent goons? They are just taking up roster spots we could give to an up and coming kid. Seriously, do we need Brashear, Prust, Shelley AND Voros? Prust at least is younger and LOOKS like maybe he can play. But the rest of them? What a waste. I’d keep Prust as my “enforcer” and jetisson the others.

  73. Oh boys, have we no faith? No will to make the playoffs anymore? I am sorry, I can’t agree with yall on these points you’ve been making today. I agree, the Rangers need to continue rebuilding, but why sacrifice a chance at the cup, be it along shot if so. Making the playoffs IS everything. You never know what can happen in the playoffs anymore. Time has taught me that. If the Rangers could make it into the playoffs maybe their inconsistency would end? Maybe Torts would let um play and they’d gel. And of course Lundqvist play out of his mind. But I feel, as I did when we had Jagr, that if we can make into in to the playoffs, Lundqvist and now Gabby could lead us to the promised land.

    It is still a struggle to make the playoffs yet, but it isn’t out of our grasp yet. But a six game road trip left to play makes it difficult. Who knows tho, sometimes roadtrips can be good for teams.

    Ever the optimist.

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