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Still having all sorts of computer problems here at Bonehead Blog Headquarters. I’m writing on my Mac laptop, which I hate. It turns out, from what I’ve gathered, that this is a virus that is made to look like Microsoft trying to sell you protection. The offer itself is the virus. Plus it’s trying to steal your credit card by having you try to buy the protection, and I was told it will ask for more than one credit card.

So be careful out there. Know what you’re clicking before you click.

I’ll be crawling under my desk in a moment to disconnect the computer tower and take it to a geek computer fixer. Byfuglien!

Speaking of careful, this is not the time for the Rangers to be. They need to start gambling a bit on the ice, particularly in OT situations where an extra point is at stake. They need to start piling up points, and fast. They still can make the playoffs, in my warped mind, because the other contestents are all equally inept (well, maybe not equally, but pretty inept).

You guys were somewhat nuts last night. We’ve had a lot of off-nights like that lately. I like it. Looks doubtful that I’ll make it to Newark in time. I am planning on going to the Philly game Sunday, though.

See youse later on.

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  1. First? SWEET!

    Yeah, Rangers need to go balls to the wall every shift from here on out. It’s the only way they’ll nail down the points they need for teh playoffs.

  2. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Had the same virus, or malware if you will. I.T. was less than thrilled with me. I, of course, was glad it was the work pc and not my home pc. ha.

    Good luck.

  3. Re; virus. Spoke with someone yesterday who seems to have this as well. And, as I mentioned yesterday both my kids had it at college. It’s real nasty malware – none of the virus scan apps seem to detect it. BTW, the people I know who have gotten this all think it came from Facebook…

  4. Ha! Got Carped. Re-post:

    I think the younger guys need to shoot more, Dubi seems to have a decent laser on him and DelZ can shoot from the blue line. I know Torts was stressing that wide shots can sometimes lead to breakaways but at least it keeps the d-men honest if its likely all 5 guys on the ice can shoot, plus if they go to the net there’s more chance of some rebounds or lucky deflections.

    Its a simple equation:
    More shots + go to the net = more goals

    As for the D
    When take the body > poke check = less goals against

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, if it’s Internet Security 2010, you have to get a program called “malwarebytes,” start your computer in safe mode (with networking) and then run the program. Should take care of it.

  6. See if you can get Dolan’s credit card info and then maybe he’ll be forced to sell the team after the money gets funneled off to help back some Nigerian prince or whatever e-mail scam gets passed around.

  7. This team needs to miss the playoffs. It will make it marginally more likely that Sather gets fired after the year is done. I’ll take that over a 5 game, first round loss to the Caps.

  8. You guys who want this team to miss the playoffs so that Sather gets fired act like teams haven’t fired their GM’s after making the playoffs and a quick exit OR the fact that Sather has missed the playoffs with this team, I dunno, FIVE TIMES in his first five years and is still here!!!

  9. If the Rangers make the playoffs we might have to personally thank the Penguins & Matt Cooke. Taking Savard out of the Bruins lineup leaves them with a big hole to fill. It doesn’t sound like he’s coming back anytime soon either. My guess is we’re headed for 8th place and a slaughter by Washington in the first round.

    Just one more reason to hate everything about the Penguins. Ugh!!

  10. For all those hoping we miss the playoffs: we tried going that route for about 9 years. Didn’t seem to get us very far. I’ll take the playoff games.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the Bruins, while definitely missing Savard, can make do with Bergeron and Kreijci in the middle. We’re trying to make it with Christensen as our #1 Center. Who wins in that debate?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, my only hope in missing the playoffs is that now that Dolan has had a taste of the money from a playoff gate, he won’t stand for Sather blowing it for him and finally fire him.


    Doodie, OUTSTANDING! (on the link you provided)

    Tonight should be a decent game, we tend to play well and you know Hank LOVES beating Twinkie the kid!

    It’s a shame about Corey Haim, but we all saw that coming. 38 years old, I still always see him as the little kid from Lost Boys.

  14. Look, sather can be fired tomorrow, and our cap situation still is what it is for the next 4 years. Again, I’ll take the playoff games.

  15. LI, I got what I thought was a nasty virus from a link on fb back in November on my personal laptop. Had my brother look at it and he ran spybot and said it was gone, even though he never really saw anything there. Luckily, I haven’t had anything else pop up on it.

  16. Shame about Corey Haim – Lost Boys is one of my favourite movies.

    I also think i need to check my death league team and see if i picked him as that would be 62 points (100-age)…. i know i had Michael Foot (UK politician) who died age 96 (4 points) recently.

  17. Mickey – that’s a good result. This virus / malware that is out there now (some titles are “Vista Virus Alert 2010”, “XP Virus Alert 2010”, and Doodie mentioned “Internet Security 2010”) seems to be pretty bad and very hard to even detect let alone clear up – it effects the Registry. Everyone I know who has gotten this (~5 people) have all had to have their systems restored, SO back up your data everyone !

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Our cap woudl be the same with a different GM, but a different Gm woudltn think Twice about waving or demoting Wade Redden to HArtford, unlike Mr. I’m never Wrong Ass Face Sather

    Again 16 games or bus tot make the playoffs.

    Lets Hope Gabby has a 3 or 4 goal night tonight!


  19. Mine too UK!

    Rick, that thingie killed my old computer. I cannot find the article about it, but when it jumped up on my new computer, i unplugged it, then waited maybe a minute, plugged it back in, ran spybot and everything was fine. My computer wizard friend was here a month ago and double checked and it’s not there.

  20. Mikey…you think Schoenfeld would demote Redden? You think Messier would? You think Dolan would hire anybody who’d force him to pay 6.5 million a year to a guy in the minors? Wouldn’t that make him a lot angrier than missing a few playoff gates?

  21. sorry to hear that Carp. But that is exactly why Macs Rock! none of these Bull crap Viruses

  22. I’ll be there tonight in the belvedere ice lounge w/ my Avery jersey on! MARTY! MARTY! MARTY! I fully intend on leading that chat.

  23. Doodie, LMAO. Funny, but those scumbags still find people in US who bite on that BS.

    In terms of that malware, on XP or Vista you can just restore your sytem back to 2-3 days, run the Spybot, it’ll take care of it.

  24. Carp –

    Doodie is right…that Antivirus 360 / 2009 / 2010 / Internet Security 2010 can be removed by MalwareBytes Anti-malware program.

    I have several family members who are computer virus/spyware magnets (I don’t understand HOW they get them all the time!) and spend a considerable amout of time fixing their PC’s for them.

    One thing I ran into was that some of the virus programs are really smart and they won’t let you execute the malwarebytes program… I had to rename the executable in order to allow it to run. Sneaky bastages!

  25. HAAATE backing things up. I know it’s necessary, but blech, it takes forever. I really need to buy an external hard drive and get everything on it. Any suggestions?

    Oh and since we have knowledgeable computer people around here.. I need a new battery for my laptop. The charge holds for only 2 hours or so. It’s a Dell 1505E and they don’t make those anymore. The cost of a replacement battery from them is astronomical, too. Ideas on where to get a good, cheap one from?

  26. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    without jinxing anything, you are absolutely correct about macs….they rock!

  27. The Eastern conference is awfully mediocre this year, and we happen to be one of two teams (Buffalo being the other) with a goaltender capable of stealing a series. Not to mention the value of all our young guys getting playoff experience, however short it may be. I just don’t understand why anyone would root for us to miss out on the playoffs. Don’t you remember how awful the 1998-2004 stretch was?

  28. Good afternoon, Carp! I’m in Chicago! I’m not coming home until I have a piece of Polish sausage lodged in the lining of my heart.

    Daaa Rangers!

  29. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    Honestly yes. If Dolan hired SHoney, (Mess is NOT getting the job yet) or any other Normal intelligent thinking person they will want to move, waive or demote Wade Redden.

    Contrains our Cap
    is ineffective at his job
    Is way overpaid

    Especially if you look at it as a business decision.

    Would any new CEO or PResident of nay comapny keep an overpaid underperforming employee on there staff jsut becasue the former Boss did?

    That woudl be the first thing on any new Gm”S to do clean house list

    And do you really think Dolan or MSG couldnt afford to pay him his salary in Hartford? Of course they could

  30. Mikey I’d be thrilled if you were right. It really is amazing that we have so much money locked up in five guys in the salary cap era, and that three of them don’t even remotely deserve it.

  31. from ESPN if you missed it

    Chris Chelios is headed back to the show.

    The 48-year-old defenseman, a three-time Norris Trophy winner, has been called up by the Atlanta Thrashers, general manager Don Waddell told Wednesday.

    Chelios had 22 points (5 goals, 17 assists) in 46 games with the AHL’s Chicago Wolves this season. He signed an NHL deal with the Thrashers on March 2. The Wolves are Atlanta’s primary AHL affiliate.

    “Chris has been an outstanding leader and mentor for our young players in Chicago and his level of play has made him deserving of this opportunity,” Waddell said, according to STATS LLC. “He’s a tremendous competitor who strengthens our group of defensemen and instantly adds a veteran presence to our locker room.”

    The Chicago native last played in the NHL last May 27 with the Detroit Red Wings against the Chicago Blackhawks in the Western Conference finals.

  32. LI RangerFan on

    ilb – this is good news from the League, finally. To me, I don’t see how a hit to the head is NOT an intent to injure…

  33. Locking guys up is par for the course in the NHL, but most teams lock the right guys up and most of them do it to their budding stars so they can make sure they’re getting the player’s prime years of service.

  34. On the virus, i second using the program suggested to remove it. But don’t wait, the longer the virus festers, the harder it is to get off.

    As for backups, these days they are painless to do. Win 7 has an excellent backup program built in. It’s set it and forget it, just buy an external drive for $100 and you’re set. No more taking hours each time you want to do a backup.

    As for the Rangers, I’m torn between them losing the rest of their games and trying to get a top 3 draft choice or actually getting hot going down the stretch into the playoffs. I’m afraid, they get hot, win a series or even two, and it gives Sather/Dolan the excuse to waste more money on over the hill free agents or trading way youth for an unrealistic shot at the cup. On the other hand, love playoff hockey.

  35. ilb, Good stuff from the league. I still think that all hits to the head should be an automatic suspension of at least 2 games.

  36. its a vicious cycle steve, damned if we do, damned if we don’t. with so much of the cap tied up in the albatross contracts and Staal needing to be signed, unless they are planning a move with 2 of the 3 albatross boys, they may not be able to sign an over the hill free agent or two this summer, and how disappointing will that be!?

  37. Pavel, i always thought leaving your feet to make a hit was a penalty, shows ya what i know ;-)

  38. you’re completely correct. But as we stated a few weeks ago, one of these days he’s going to go for one of his patented flying leap hits, and wind up injuring himself.

  39. oh damn tony! totally forgot about kovalchuk! avery must be licking his chops for this game. Hopefully he plays strong and gets them to take some silly retaliatory penalties.

  40. AGrossRecord

    #NYRangers will keep their lineup the same tonight vs. #Devils, meaning Enver Lisin and Aaron Voros are again the healthy scratches.

  41. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Here’s the thing on Cooke:it’s the same hit as Richards on Booth. Richards was not suspended. No one likes it but Cooke hit wasn’t illegal.

  42. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – late response here…

    Don’t have specific models at hand, but Best Buy has a variety of external backup drives in a few price ranges. Western Digital and Seagate are two reliable brands; there are others as well. 250 GB ~$70 with 1TB ~$100

  43. Jokinen needs to step it up. Although why he hasn’t been given much of a chance with Gaborik is unclear. Tortorella seems to have no clue how to create offense — if someone makes a bad pass, they’re either on the bench or dropped to another line. Gee, does anyone think that may be why the offense has trouble on this team?

  44. I really cant stand our 4th line being boyle shelley and prust
    The capitals have played the whole year without a heavyweight and they are 1st in points, pick one guy between shelley,prust, and voros to play per game, and let lisin play just about every game

  45. if thats the 4th line they shoudl be gettin 5 mins of icetime a game maybe 6, they were on the ice for 2 goals vs pittsburgh last week

  46. I still hate my Mac.

    Other than the fact that it doesn’t get viruses.

    Good afternoon, Sally. Enjoy the sausage. Two of my favorite things: Chicago and sausage.

  47. Linda- Bullcarp! Grade 2 concussion, blinsided hit. Cooke had 2 suspensions within one calendar year. Let’s wait for the new rules. Or someone dead. Whichever comes first.

  48. hey ilb, i was just posting what he said, i didnt say it myself. he even said next season that will be illegal! don’t shoot the messenger!!

  49. LI RangerFan on

    Can anyone explain to me how the League doesn’t consider hits to the head as “intent to injure”, a clause for which is already included in the rules? I guess I am missing something basic about this.


  50. Out of the 30 teams in the NHL, 18 (19 based on a tie of highest cap hit) of them have their largest cap hit tied to a player that the team drafted.

    6 (or 5, again depending on ties) signed their highest cap hit. A list that includes the Rangers, Thrashers, Blackhawks, Wild, Flyers and Preds.

    6 traded for the player with the highest cap hit: Flames, Habs, Sharks, Blues, Leafs and Canucks.

  51. Lindzo, sorry, I know you didn’t say it…I wasn’t yelling at you. Not even at MsKenzie, he is a messenger too. I’m upset with the league.

  52. Carp I had the same problem with my computer at work. The screen said it detected a virus & do I want to fix it. I hit the yes button & my computer went dark. We had to strip the hard drive & re-install all my stuff.
    You hate macs ? I like mac & cheese & I still like them Big Macs

  53. I forget to add that I took some slight liberties with my list in that I didn’t include players that are set to be FAs after this season.

    Otherwise STL goes from having traded (Andy McDonald) for their highest hit to having signed (Paul Kariya) and NJ goes from having drafted (Elias) to having traded for (Kovalchuk).

  54. ilbzo, i think maybe they are doing this in ‘baby steps’ to see what the NHLPA will go along with. I can’t see how the PA would NOT want to protect themselves/each other from the goonish type hits. Guys who play without the respect for everyone else do NOT belong in the game. Cooke has always been a punk, and it’s guys like these, who seemingly go after the better players with hit like this, that need to go.

    also, some have made a great point about the equipment, especially the elbow pads being as hard as they are now. maybe that needs to be looked at also. Also, the arenas with seamless glass too, wow, those are unforgiving.

  55. LI, thanks for the info. Don’t mean to be a pain, but what’s the difference between a GB and a TB? In other words, what the difference in room? I have tons of music and movies and other files on my laptop.

  56. The NHLPA is weird, sometimes. You’d think they’d want to protect their best players from the goons and head hunters of the league, but it seems like they are pandering to the goon types by NOT implementing harsher rules.

  57. All of them, ilb. This team is more schizo than a room full of people who are actually crazy.

  58. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – sorry, GB is Gigabytes and TB is Terabytes with TBs being the larger of the two (1000 GBs is a TB).

    If you have lots of music / pictures and such, the TB drive is probably best since it can accommodate more backups due to its larger size.

    You’re not being a pain at all; no problem whatsoever…

  59. MikeM-GB is Great Britain, TB stands for tuberculosis :)

    J/K. GB is 1 000 000 000 bytes, TB is 1 000 000 000 000

  60. Some comments from ESPN’s Lebrun’s article about the rapid drop in scoring (and winning) for the Bruins, sounds a lot like we say around here:

    There are a million excuses for why the Bruins can’t score goals this year, but the biggest reason is their lack of consistent effort at both ends of the ice. They just don’t have what it takes to score consistently and I really hope that they don’t make the playoffs. I don’t want to have to sit through an embarrassing 4 game sweep in the first round.
    The rest of the Bruins shouldn’t even bother showing up for the games, it doesn’t look like they want to play, so stay home bunch of babies.
    No transition game. The defence cannot get the puck out of the zone to save their lives allowing the opposing team to set-up.
    This team just hasn’t shown the heart this season that they had last season. Maybe without Savard they’ll have to show some of that, but I’m not confident that will happen. If they can’t sufficiently stand up for their most skilled player right after he’s laid out on a questionable hit, I’m doubtful they’ll pull together now. I hope they prove my feelings wrong.
    It starts from the top down. Their lack of acquisitions in trades as well as making trades for prospects in drafts far away from now have ultimately destroyed this team. Uppermanagement (particularly Peter Chirelli) have been sitting around hoping this team is going to get better, but without the proper tools to get this machine going (ie: good players), they’re nothing more than a mediocre team at best.They do not have a ‘goal scorer’. With Kessel, they had their man..someone who could be looked upon to put the puck in the net…And when did all these ‘series of unfortunate events start
    Bruins are nuts to keep trying to win. There is still a great chance or them to get the #2 AND #3 overall pics in this draft. In an age where high draft picks are gold in a really strong top 10 draft, shutting it down this year could mean a stanley cup in 2 years. (See Penguins)
    On that note, what good is it to beat yourself up to get 8th only to play the Capitals and get bounced in 4 straight.
    Shut it down and send that loser Burke a thank you card on draft day for the next 2 years.

  61. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – the smaller GB drives may be sufficient is you don’t need to keep many, many backups. For most people, only the last or next to last backup is all they’ll ever go back to if needed. That’s up to you.

  62. MickeyM , don’t worry about the GB’s & TB’s. By the time you figure it out technology will change & computers will be obsolete. Everything will be done from your wrist watch – like Dick Tracy (if you’re old enough to remember him)

  63. TheMessiah94 on

    Actually this might be good news. The Bruins play Pittsburgh again (next week I think). Hopefully they will take his head off.

    Colin Campbell needs to be water-boarded.

  64. It’s funny, I’ve spoken to a few Boston Bruins fans and they don’t want retribution again Matt Cooke. They want to see the same thing done to Cindy Crybaby.

  65. TheMessiah94 on

    This is ridiculous. I don’t think the new rule they are proposing goes into effect until next season, so apparently it’s open season now. Campbell is unbelievable, he really is. :(

  66. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Most professional sports teams, when they miss the playoffs, clean house, to a major extent. So that making the playoffs with an imposter team that is going nowhere in the post-season can and often does decelerate a team addressing its real needs and problems.

    The problem with the Rangers is, it will not matter, it will not turn their commitment to the future, if they miss the playoffs. The GM will retain his job, and go out and sign some dogmeat older guys who will come in and block the progress of younger players in the Rangers system.

    So we might as well root for the Rangers to make the playoffs, knowing what an embarrassment it will be. No one in his right mind can give the Rangers more than a 50-50 chance of winning a single game against Washington. And its a longshot that they would win two games in round one. Sad season this has been, with hitting bottom yet to come, as more off-season band aids are applied a to our malignant cancer patient hockey team.

    A new owner, a new GM, and a divorce from the Knicks and the Madison Square Garden Corporation would be a start. Just bringing in new players with old resumes every year, isn’t cutting it. This organization desperately needs a breath of fresh air.

  67. I would mark Thursday, March 18th. on your calendars. The day Pittsburgh visits Boston. ‘Retribution’ Night.

  68. Vitaly, we have another important game from that point of view. March 14th. Carcillo.

  69. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Tony , You are correct!! Nj is Avery’s kinda team. This is gonna be a ringa-dingdong-dandy!! People are torn between losing /getting the prize in the box or they wanna see Revenge for NY against Washington;s OVs and then crushing Crosby’s dreams of Back2Back cups. I dunno the entry draft is never as exciting as the playoffs …so Ill go with the playoffs.

    Yo Mikey!! I read every word ya said and I deeply appreciate what you said. I know ive gave ya a hard time for giving up on players but as I got to know ya better , I see how ya “do things” Your take on things is the truth and your more right then I ever am. Thanks alot bud. Really shook up over here but when I come to the blog and read nice stuff like what Morg said and you and Ilb and many others yesterday ,Linda giving me great advice. I couldn’t be more speechless . I can honestly say that this blog has made my life better. Where else could I go to talk Rangers with people who care as I do and yet you all are from different walks of life . This maybe “just” a blog as Orr did say…but the people on here are real , genuine people. Some bad but even those bad people are eventually liked …weird. Im here for the Rangers . Period but when ya meet the characters in this place ,its a little bit more then Rangers . After a loss , ya know hearing about Seinfield is kinda refreshing (even though I dont watch it).

    Yo Mike I m not on facebook yet but if ya wanna email me at , It would be great to hear from ya.

    Fran..Fran ..Fra. Yeah that was a mistake , I did mean delusional but said the other word which in turn screwed up what I said. Good ya cleared that up .those 2 words look the exact same.

    Orr , Its on bro …Caps lock , what ever but remeber no MEGAN FOX!

    Go Rangersssss , go go go go go go go fight!!!! Yeah fight!

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, Cooke is such a tough guy running smaller, weaker, and/or offensive players. He reminds me of Carcillo. I agree, there is no current rule that allows Cooke to be suspended, setting the 18th up to be a very entertaining night. I can only hope Crosby is the main target and that he pays for Cooke’s stupidity and the favoritism the NHL has constantly shown Pittsburgh.

  71. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    what a terrible story… not that the guy didn’t bring it on himself, but dead in the process of trying to avoid a misdemeanor is awful.

  72. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I am taking my brother to the game Sunday. We’ll stop by and say hi.

  73. Mmmm, just had birthday cake. Nom nom nom.

    LI, Thanks again. I knew what GB and TB stood for, just wasn’t sure how much of difference in size they were. I might go with the larger one, just to back up the laptop AND the desktop I have. I’ll have to think. Thanks again :)

    Tony, I DO remember Dick Tracy. Vaguely. The one with the cartoon Jessica, right? LOL

  74. Carp try downloading ‘Malewarebytes’ it is magical and removes all viruses!
    I had that fake Windows Protect virus a few months ago and Malewarebytes took it out in no time!

  75. When Penguins fans think Matt Cooke should be suspended, you know the non-suspension is a joke.

  76. TheMessiah94 on

    True RWB – There IS a rule about intent to injure a player. If that hit wasn’t intent to injure, I don’t know what is. He should be banned permanently.

    But I do agree… get Cindy.

  77. bull dog line on

    can’t wait to see the Rangers 15 pt number 1 center take it to the Devils tonight.
    when is it again all the prospects are coming to save the Rangers? and how old will Hank be then?

  78. LI RangerFan on

    Messiah – completely agree. I mentioned that earlier about the intent to injure; don’t know how it could be considered otherwise. And, since there is a rule already on the books for that, there should have been a suspension, particularly when taking into account the repeat offender in this situation as well.

  79. There’s a great 3rd grade hockey player in Newfoundland. Let’s tank for the next 15 years and maybe Slats will remember to draft him.

  80. corey haim, what a shame, takin drugs is just lame. after all his fame he shouldve realizd it aint a game, and now his familyll never be the same. he staked his claim as the charmer of sexy dames back in the days.butyou cant blame it on the rain,or kurt cobain.or the song about jane.she said it was as plain as a picture in a frame of a crashing plane. when is this worlf gonna change? our bodies look teh same, but our brains are burning out like a candle flame during a hurricane. wheres ranger 909 cuz this rhyme is going nowhere like a runaway train

  81. yay!!! lets go rangers and kick some devil butt!! if we only beat them in this last stretch then so be it!! just beat the devs. then lose qnd get a good draft pickl!!

  82. kc … that’s funny. I think the Penguin fans are afraid of something happening to Cidney so they’re hoping Cooke gets suspended so the wrath the Bruins inflict will not be as bad.

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I don’t understand how all you guys expect this team to tank! Afterall, they’re led by a captain who doesn’t even have the word ‘lose’ in his dictionary! It can’t happen.

  84. Hoping for a good, spirited game. We haven’t seen those since the Olympics lol. And for a couple of honest fights, darn it! Shelley-Peters, Prust-Clarkson. The last “spirited” fight we saw was Drury-Crooke for COL.

  85. The sad part is kc is that I can see Slats still being around then and still screwing up drafting him.

  86. linda- im goin to my siters now to take some new pics for teh fb group. i’ll have them ready in a few days. i wanna get a couple with my daughter and my gf wearing my ranger jersey. k.send me soem oatmeal raisin cookies hwne u can!!:) thanks

  87. bull dog line on

    there will be no money for that 3 year old phenom. it will all be tied up in that beast of a number one defencemen, super soft Marc Staal.

  88. I can’t stand Corey Haim, but i wouldn’t want the guy to die.

    Corey Feldman on the other hand….

    Well, lets just say, i would be really happy if someone “Bertuzzi’d” that guy. He’s such a piece of brash*t. I’m sure he’ll milk his “buddies” death for all the publicity he possibly can, just like he did with that freak Michael Jackson, despite the fact that the guy “supposebly” molested him. Fuggin hate Feldman!

    Anyway, Greg, you’re right it’s on. I cant root against NYR, but I’m not really rooting for them either. I’m just a hockey fan watching a hockey game. What ever happens, happens.

  89. grabby, email me your address!!!!! i havent perfected the star trek cookie transporter yet

  90. I’d settle for Prust or Shelley or anyone knocking some of Carcillo’s teeth into the stands for souvenirs.

  91. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Not grabby , Ilb and wicky , shhhhhhh!!! Mickey its yer birthday…….sunday.

    Big game , lots of emotion tonight. Im deicating this game to a certain someone and win or lose …I know our boys will give it thier all.

    Orr , your not a trader yer just a guy who wants to win a bet. I wont hold this against you cuz I know yer betting for a good cause in seeing our team get a high pick. I respect that but Megan Fox is going down!!!

  92. Thanks all! In advance, of course. :)

    All I want for my birthday is for Shelley to kick Carcillo’s ass into next month and a Rangers win. Hope that won’t be too much to ask for.

  93. Linda, when you perfect that star trek cookie transporter can I get a copy of the plans? That would be cool to have one of those!

  94. Mike Graba went gansta on on us!

    Those were some sweet rhymes, dude! well done!


    Happy upcoming one!


    that is one sad story! 10 million worth of weed?! we could have partied all night! LOL

  95. iMiami iPimp on


    Why the Mac hate? What’s so stressful about it? The fact that it doesn’t freeze or ever get viruses?

    Do you realize how much more productive and carefree your day would be if you used it all the time?

    – Proudly typed on an iPhone:)

  96. LI RangerFan on

    CCCP – if you are talking wireless mobile, I would recommend one of the other companies (Verizon Wireless, AT&T…)

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Noonan , you bet . Marty was a great goalie and now that he finnaly holds the all time shut outs record…time to retire. Does his stats mean hes the best shut out goalie or that his team was. This is almost as dumb as the +/- stat. A goalie plays on an 100 percent defensive committed team and has stellar defense in front of him , how couldnt he get the most all time shut outs?

    Tony , you said this to me the other day and ya said it now ” Rangers need to play with unbridled enthusiasm tonight !” plz explain what ya were refering too.

  98. I have Verizon right now but i was looking to get a new phone with data plan and Verizon is charging an arm and a leg for data plan and texting. Sprint is offering a pretty good price right now. For $69.99 you get unlimited everything plus GPS and Mobile TV all included in price! I had “nextel” a while back and was not that impressed by it back then. Sprint’s wireless network isnt that good, eh?

  99. LI RangerFan on

    Well, from the folks I know who have Sprint, it seems that the coverage area is not as good as the others. But, maybe that depends a lot on where you live too, so maybe my sources are baised to the area we’re in.

    If they have a decent price it may be worth it to at least try, depending on the length of the contract you need to commit (are they all 2 years?)

  100. Not sure if they all 2 years… i think if you sign 2 years you get a better phone price. I’m still thinking… i love Verizon and i would hate to leave that company but they are too expensive and i need a new phone!

    Thanks for the info, LI RangerFan!

  101. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Amazing! They are going to disallow hits to the head after a Bruin gets hurt. It’s might as well be the Marc Savard Rule.

    And they make a rule immediately following Sean Avery making use of his talent of antagonizing.

    At least Cooke did not get suspended!

  102. LI RangerFan on

    CCCP – I have Verizon as well and (at least under my plan) I get a new phone every two years if I want. Usually, it is free unless I want to get one with all the bells and whistles. For example, this last December, I got the Samsung Alias-2 for free. Does your plan have the “free every two years” clause? If not, I’d bet if you called them they’d offer you something to keep you as a customer.

  103. The White Plains Batman on

    Cooke not suspended is a joke. Next time the Bruins play the Penguins, Lucic should take care of this guy. I’m not for unnecessary physical measures but the guy is a class one jerk.

    And Sunday I really hope that the Rangers man up and take care of Carcillo. Even if someone just dumps him. I don’t care about this points are on the line stuff, sometimes a message needs to be sent and that jerk deserves to get it.

  104. i think everyone has that option… you get “upgrade” option every two years when you contract expires. I want to get a phone with data plan and Verizon is charging $30 for that plus additional $20 for unlimited texting! I have two lines that i need to upgrade and so i’m looking at extra $100 a month on top of another $100 plus that i pay for two lines already! That’s why offer by “Sprint” (i could get two lines with unlimited EVERYTHING for $129 a month for both!) looks really good to me right now.

  105. LI RangerFan on

    Yeah, based on what you describe, the Sprint offer certainly does look pretty good. Based on cost, it may be worth a try-out. Maybe someone else’ll chime in with more info for you here.

    Good luck.

  106. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    If the Pens play the Bruins again, I think Cooke should take a run at Lucic!

    It should have been Lucic and not Savard this time.

  107. cccp
    i love HTC as well as Android
    the 2 together are perfect
    all 4 carriers carry the Touch Pro 2 and its a great phone but it runs windows 6.5

    The Nexus One and the HTC HD2 are definitely the best phones out there atm (iphone users need not chime in your phone finally can copy and past and sen MMS messages). i alwyas suggest HTC and any form of Linux where i see fit.

  108. True Fans

    if i decide to get Sprint then minutes really dont matter since they offer free calling to any network plus, 1400 minutes (for 2 lines) for calls made to land-line phones.


    HTC HD2 is carried by Sprint?

  109. The White Plains Batman on

    They don’t even have to fight Carcillo. Just trip him after the play, bump him, spear him. Henrik could go Billy Smith on him. I’m not advocating cheap shots, but this guy deserves it and the Flyers as an organization have been cheap shotters for years so what’s one game?

    What’s 2 minutes for a message sent? If you can’t score like 3 goals in Michael Leighton or Brain Bouchard, you got problems.

  110. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “What’s 2 minutes for a message sent? If you can’t score like 3 goals in Michael Leighton or Brain Bouchard, you got problems.”

    How very true!

    Only problem is, if the referees decide to give us a major penalty.

    Which leads me to, I do not think we have received a 5 minute PP this season, or at the least, a lone major penalty has not been given against any of our opponents….

    Anybody have any knowledge on that?

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I know most jobs/schools have some agreement with Verizon to get a range of discounts. I get about 20% discount and with 2 phones, both unlimited texts, unlimited vzw to vzw, nights/weekends, 700 minutes, and one of the phones has unlimited internet, my bill is about $106 and then $128 with taxes and everything. I think you should be able to do better than $200 with VZW given the features you want.

  112. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    At this point in the season, I’d expect every team to have had at least 1 major penalty assessed against their opponents (except the NYR, of course)

  113. I’m going Sunday and very little is going to happen. How long have we been watching? It’s the NYR for Pete’s sake hope i’m wrong. I was there the night Orr put to sleep Fedoruk how sweet it was, but also rare.

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