It’s go time!


Same lineup tonight, which means Gaborik plays, Lundqvist starts, Shelley and Prust are on the fourth line and Voros and Lisin are prucha’d.

NHL general managers agreed that new rules would crack down on head shots. Yeah, we’ll believe it when referees start calling it, and when cheap-shot artists start getting suspended, or get suspensions of significant lengths.

Here’s the story from Holy bryzgalov, there’s even a quote from Glen Sather in the story!!! Maybe one day he’ll answer a question from the New York media.

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  1. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    JAROMIR has been reduced to 5th!!!!

  2. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey CR,did you see that Nomar signed with the Red Sox today, and them promptly retired? Just my lil nugget of Boston for you for today!!

  3. should be an automatic 10 min misconduct and more on the ice and then reviewed by the league. minimum 3 games would be nice but im not holding my breath.

    what a word.

  4. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Yes, Linda. Thanks 4 that!

    He got booted out the door by them and treated like a POS. And now he praises them as the best “nation” on earth.


    And then Peter Gammons has the audacity to say that Nomar is as beloved and important to Red Sox fans and organEYEzation as Jeter is to Yankees fans and org.


    I am so glad that Nomar never got a World Series ring. His entire career was nothing but one large failure!

  5. leaving anything up to that imbecile colin campbell to interpret is like leaving the inmates in charge of the asylum! A minimum game standard with review of adding MORE, and also not being able to replace the suspended person on the roster.

  6. actually CR, i think they might have given him one.

    yup here ya go

    Meanwhile, the Red Sox, finally overcame the Yankees en route to a World Series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals, after which Nomar’s former teammates voted to give him a World Series ring. Curt Schilling noted that if not for Nomar, the Sox might not have been in a position to win at all.

  7. CCCP

    im not sure if the HD2 is on sprint. i hope it is. its a really sweet phone. also the HTC Legend should be sweet. its got a new lazer trackball somethin or other. havent read up too much on it yet.

  8. hey cccp- thanks bro. that was gangsta wasnt it? lmao! oh yea, you gotta get the nexus 6 voight-kaumph phone. the tyrell corporation makes it. its cutting edge technology dude. my buddy roy batty has 1. he loves it.

  9. cccp
    i second that
    the nexus 6 voight was actuallydesigned and used by jon voight before being boxed up by him and shipped to local distributors.

  10. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    jon voight car, is that a seinfeld reference?! the wrong jon voight!

    Linda, I knew they gave him a ring, but the organEYEzation booted Nomar out the door like the injury prone bum that he was.

  11. So Torts says this time of year you need your best players to be their best and he puts out this line?

  12. There’s no way in HELL I’m going to be stuck listening to these idiot Devils announcers for an entire match. Is there a radio link somewhere?

  13. better idea, use hockeystreams video stream and atdhes audio!!!!! it may NOT be in sync but that video stream was horrible

  14. wow, seems like crowd at the rock could fit on a pebble.

    does torts have a bet with someone about wearing the ugliest ties?

  15. the dude on atdhe cant make up his mind what the ef he’s doing!!!!!!!!! choose a damned channel fool!!

  16. Listening to the radio feed and watching on TV is awkward with the two second TV delay.

  17. that did not work out… i’m stuck listening to the screaming shrew and squirrel hair

  18. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


  19. >>I have to watch the game in non-HD because I can’t take Dic and Chico.

    Yeah, the radio and TV thing didn’t work too well; I’m going SD too.

  20. OMG Linda, I just tried 4 different streams to try to find someone else but NOPE! Jeez!

  21. msg could make so much money if they’d just stream the games and i could listen to sam and michelob every game!!!

  22. Krisy its brutal tonight! the atdhe feed was great, it was from a Rangers fan, he had sam and joe for like two minutes, then started messing around and ended up with these 2 freaks

  23. That was a nice kick keep-in by Rozsival. Maybe he’s a better at football than he is at hockey?

  24. ilb how about the one…it’s like they took people in their 40’s and dyed their hair!


  26. finally Rangers radio broadcast, but totally not even close to the video i have grrrrrrrr

  27. JB, imagine a game being called by Beninati, squirrel hair and with TPCH as a sidekick! OY

  28. omg they are like gnats in your ears, you just hear all this noise but nothing makes sense.

  29. Linda, I want a game broadcast with just video and the players voices. Is that too much to ask for?

    Oh dear! 1-2.

  30. CT TV sucks. Ok so my cable sucks and can’t watch the game. where is the best place to get it online.

  31. JB, that would be great!!!

    omg can someone silence resch.

    shelley with an actual fight. lets see how our new old man does

  32. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Whoooooohooooo Fight!!! Dam goal by Devils though .BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  33. What was Gaborik doing behind the net on the sequence that led to the goal? He looked clueless back there.

  34. Nor, no realy hugging, some fists actually hit the face… i’d say much better than Puddin’s Rangers ‘fights’

  35. please some one tell my gaborik (who is supposed to have come from a defensive system) was behind the net on the 2nd goal by the devs? his point was wide open…….GOAL. breakdown after breakdown!!!! these guys don’t wanna be in the playoffs ad if they do what are they gonna do? sather should have unloaded prospal and ollie……..i give up!!

  36. The defense routinely gets outworked along the boards in their own end but Rozi seems to get brushed off easier than most.

  37. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “We need more dirty goals down the stretch.”

    You miss one vowel and that’s a completely different sentence.

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The goal horn is really annoying. I can’t stand it.

  39. Nore, I sure do :)

    ilb, I was thinking the same thing! they’re supposed to get it on but they go for a walk in the woods? huh

    You all wanted your Shelley fight, you got it….

  40. were losing salty. does it matter? for teh most part we dumped it in, and they cycled in our zone as if ona pp while on our pp, we sent those homerun passes that end up becoming an offside or turnover. our best guys were cally,duby,dru,shelley with a good fight. prospal with a easy goal by soem nice pass work by gabbya nd jokinen. besides that, gabby was useless. jokinen too. dz was guess what? on the ice for both goals against. i think he screened hank on teh 2nd. we were better in the d zone for the most part.we matchedthem physically and had a few chances but just a couple stupid plays and were down 2-1. i think we’ll come back and get that crucial point in

  41. Linda,

    I am not bragging, i am watching Sam and Joe on “SPORTS EXTRA” in nyc non HDTV freaking painful but much better than doc and chico…if i listened to doc all night i would speak to my wife like this-and a shatttttttttt, and a shattttttttttt wide by wedden from saskatchewan then he would babble on about growing up in detroit…..ok i know i know im rambling he is a great announcer i just hate the devils so much….

    Darren-MDZ made a good defensive play on langenbrunner but yes he has and will make mistakes and has looked bad defensively this period…deal with it he is one of the few bright spots on the team this year

    SHELLEY-useless fight, drops the gloves right after we give up a goal….im sure redden roszy and capt clutch got real motivated by his brave fight….shelley come out of the box please fight someone again and sit down in the box for another 5-u are useless! tks for playing…

  42. TheMessiah94 on

    Hopefully this was just a warmup for Shelley against lil’ Danny Carcillo on sunday!

  43. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Just a joke…..but

    I think I know why Resch attained his nickname of Chico!

    Because he likes little boys ;)

  44. Having both MSG and MSGPlus would ensure that I would get either the Rangers or the Devils broadcast, right? RIGHT?

    But Nooooooo, instead I have the Sabres on BOTH networks! And the HD Channels. ARGH!!!

    So I’m stuck with the adthe feed, which of course is the Devils announcers, not to mention a really shitty feed.

    Stupid *insert lots of bad words here*

  45. Seth,
    And who played well defensively? Girardi. He’s the only ranger defenseman it seems making physical contact with the devils

  46. Linda,

    sorry to hear..i knew i shoulda went tonight atleast i would be a few beers deep and wearing my beukeboom jersey and some idiot devil fan would say hey pal why do you stop living in the past and then i would come back with, tks bud but unfortunately the rangers dont promote ticket packages with a bobblehead promotion so i have no choice but to live in the past-CHEERS!

  47. lmao seth! classic didnt they just honor their past not too long ago??? bobblehead brodeur, with a twinkie in one hand and a ring ding in the other

  48. it is!!! im not joking. its 10,000 years old. in sather years(yetis live real long!! yeti years are 20 years for us homo sapiens. homo erectus slatipuss maximus is 3 trillion years old)

  49. blogmama, i am in NYC so i have time warner cable..knicks on msg, rangers devils on msg2 with chico/doc and then sam and joe on the sports extra channel but its non HD!

    Darren, girardi did nothing special that period and of course was invisible on the offensive side of the puck

  50. You can’t win if your supposed goal scorers can’t bury the darn biscuit in the old onion bag.

  51. lol CR i heard that too!!!!!!!! and his voice inflects so oddly…….LMAO


  52. Typical of this blog:

    Mad with enforcers for not scoring goals and mad at skill players for not fighting. Get a hint.

    Who’s got my video link for Shelley embarrassing Colton Orr? I want to enjoy it.

  53. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I wonder if the Rangers will bulge the back of the ole onion bag again this game.

  54. I swear Chico has a stash of CDs with only Marty saves on it and they get him through the lonely nights A LOT.

  55. I’ll tell you what though, if the Rangers can slice through the Devils D like they are, the Pens and Caps should tear them to shreds.

  56. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    That gets him through the night along with his peronalized molding of Brodeur’s “Pierre Maguire’s head”

  57. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG what a beutyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  58. linda- nice call, i sent the wife to bestbuy! LOL two tvs i need…wow CHRISTENSEN GETTING IT DONE, TORTS IS THAT WHAT U WOULD CONSIDERING GETTING IT DONE!


    Best Ranger goal on the season. MARK IT.

    and resign him… humble guy who leave it on the ice and deserves a contract


  60. damn you mako and your dead modem! our boys are scorin and you’re not here to celebrate!!!

  61. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I really hope we resign Erik.

    As Doc uses the word skittered!

  62. i rarely rarely complain about the officiating but thats AUTOMATIC call-stick to the mid section right joe/sam/chico/doc?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  63. This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This team SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Chico STFU, the Devils have scored less goals than the Rangers and were shut out in their last game.

  65. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    spirited ahead, and sashayed aside.

    This team is amazing. We score 1 goal and give up 2….We score 3 and give up 3 (and counting)

  66. I was in the pool!! on

    The Prust goal was scored because of an aggressive forecheck. Maybe Fonzie should ask everyone to forecheck like that. just a thought.

  67. Did they say Kovalchuk only has 3 goals in 9 games since the trade?

    Yup, try getting $10MM when you wilt when you go to a team that’s contending for something.

  68. Gotta love how the teams combine for ONE goal in their last game and they have SIX midway through the second tonight.

    Schizo teams ftw…

  69. Does Torts think Drury and Callahan should step up also? Don’t they wear letters on their jerseys?

  70. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    ORR..Supporter Of The Epic Beard Man !!! March 10th, 2010 at 8:20 pm

    You shouldn’t believe your thoughts Salty, those are the same thoughts that led you to to believe Dupuis contributed to both Cup finals. Ahahaha”


  71. Linda it’s based on a youtube video of an old bearded guy beating up a youngish punk on the bus.

  72. Krisy, I love you! where did you find that!? I. AM. SPEECHLESS!!! (and it takes a lot for mama to be speechless)
    (note to self, go to kinkos tomorrow :)

  73. LIN

    It’s a tribute to the “Epic Beard Man” AKA Tommy “Vietnam Tom” Bruso. The 67 year old man from Oakland who beat up some young black guy that tried to hit him on a bus, and accused him of being a racist.

    Vietnam Tom !! He should be our goon.

  74. Gee, I’m SHOCKED we gave up the leading goal yet again. Fifth line gave it right back!

  75. i was at a college hockey game on saturday and was thinking of that as these hayseed idiots were bangin on the glass



    taser me already, take me out of my misery-i cannot take this, shelley-boyle-prust out there vs langrebrunner-elisa-kovalchuk, its f—unreal

  77. HockeymanRangers on

    That’s b/c Fonzie is throwing a fit. Instead of coaching they way he should.

  78. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I just cant take this guy, he RARELY shuts his mouth, and when he does, you’ve got the putred voice of Chico.

    That 3 on 1 was so poorly run and a weak shot Lundy allows to get by! What a joke!

  79. Stay on your feet Girardi, you take yourself out of the play when you hit the ice. You need to take away as much ice as possible in that situation.

  80. good nite people ill taser myself….3 on 1 for what looked like 30 minutes! this sh–aint the minor leagues its f— outta control…..

    IM OUT F_____________________________________ME

  81. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    and the referees have no part in this mess either.

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Girardi not all botched up the pampers-knees play, he also redirects the puck past hank. Awesome. Cut that POS.

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    March 10th, 2010 at 8:31 pm
    IT’S GO TIME! too late?
    If you started the DVR 5 seconds ago, no.
    If you started the DVR about 90 seconds ago, yes.

  84. HockeymanRangers on

    Gabby get your _ss going NOW. Earn some of that money. 2 goals before the end of 2nd please.

  85. Haha “True Fans” if you’re going to blame that on Girardi, you don’t know hockey.

  86. Honestly I think the Rangers could come back because the Devils have had some attrocious D tonight as well but the defending has been terrible on the Rangers end and the team lacks focus.

  87. ORR

    Why is Dupuis still around on the defending Cup team if he’s a non contributor?

    As per usual, you are showing you know nothing about this sport.

    Your favorite player in life is Colton Orr. That is comedy in itself.

    Keep hanging onto me calling your ass out on Dupuis, never forget, you were the one who brought that guy up for no reason, not me.

  88. What is Shelley doing on the ice? What is that line doing on the ice? They need offense.

  89. Does Tortorella still think this is all Lundqvist and Gaborik’s fault? Apparently the Rangers can only deflect goals into their own net.

  90. anyone wanna sit through a round of playoffs watching this team?? i dont. i dont care. tank it.ive never seen such a disorganized team. they are so hard to root for. hank deserves better than this crap team.

  91. Tank The Season on

    We. Are. BUSH LEAGUE.

    Schedule doesn’t get any easier. This season is toast.

  92. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Maybe some of you are right to hope this team just loses out..

    We are wasting precious prime years of Lundy with this dump of a team.

  93. One of these days Hank is just gonna lose it. Completely and totally. And one of his teammates is gonna get royally messed up. Hopefully it’s Redden.

  94. Prust scores a random goal, and all of a sudden Tortorella starts playing him all the time. Now that’s a genius coach. But Drury never misses a shift.

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    March 10th, 2010 at 8:34 pm
    Haha “True Fans” if you’re going to blame that on Girardi, you don’t know hockey.
    And clearly, you don’t know hockey.

  96. Salty Dupuis

    He’s around cause the Pens don’t have much options on wing, duh.

    As per usual, you’re showing your delusional self. Your exact words were something along the lines of “He was key in the last two playoffs for the Pens”, yet…he contributed nothing offensively, and was a minus in both runs, which i got a laugh out of, cause you think you’re the god of hockey knowledge, but you’re not.

    And you always say i know “nothing aboot the sport”, why don’t you be a little more specific.

    And i laugh at the fact that you actually think Orr is my favorite player. Once again…delusional.

    Why cant all old people be like the Epic Beard Man. So disappointing.

  97. this is what i was talking about the other night, how do we give up odd man rushes routinely!!!!!!!! is it due to the constant line changes/lack of chemistry or are they just this bad, i mean i watch alot of islander games as well you just dont see this unless the rangers are playing it really is amazing

  98. sorry but when theres 4 devils against 1 d man that is not on girardi!!! cmon!! wheres his teammates? they get down 1 goal and theres still another period and some of teh 2nd to play. you dont need to force a goal only down by 1. cally effed that play up. girardi sucks but cmon, its a 4 on 1!!

  99. Linda, excellent question to which we’ll never get an answer. But Fozzy, I like yours….:)

    seth, chemistry has been a problem for a while this season, I think….

  100. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Which pass was Girardi trying to cover by going down there? He had to make up for going down by putting his stick in the way of the next pass (I think headed to Clarkson.). Besides his defensive partner, he’s the most to blame.

  101. CARP:

    You promised me a blog entry with “bush-league” in the title … I’m still waiting for it.

    How low does it have to go for that kind of terminology to enter your vocab?


    This team is the epitome of bush-league … not bad enough to grab some great talent in the draft, not average enough to make the playoffs as a low seed. We have AHLers like Redden prancing around like they’re in a Cirque du Soleil production and star forwards like Drury skating around like he’s delivering pizzas at a homeless shelter …

  102. The Devils forwards are skating through the Ranger defense with impunity. The Rangers defense is as soft as a stick of warm butter. Playoffs? You got to be kidding. They don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. Can anyone name a tough, hard-nosed, intimidating player on the Rangers? Neither can I.

    This team is just a disgrace – no pride – no motivation. But – they DO have large bank accounts.

  103. So my happy Penguins fan friends keep saying, “hey, the Rangers are still in it …”

  104. ORR-hahahahahaha GO CANES GO GO CANES GO! LETS GO PANTHERS LETS GO THRASHERS, we can easily finish 12th in the conference EASILY

  105. BringBackStraka on

    seth it’s basic hockey that most peewee teams play….dman pinches in…somebody covers up for him.

    In the case of NYR hockey, where hockey is different, the dman pinches….falls down on his A$$ and 4 players are caught deep in the zone. To be honest, I rarely see our forwards cover up for our dman.

  106. I would not want to be in the locker room right now.

    ORR your lack of understanding for sports, women, and life speaks for itself nearly every time you hit @Submit Comment@. Examples? I call you out on examples nearly everytime I log into this website. Dupuis is a roleplayer you schmuck. He plays on the PK… leave it to a child like you to fall back on plus/minus stats to classify a hockey player.

  107. thats unfortunate Laurel. We’ll just have to wait for his memoirs to come out to find out! We could pretty much figure it out though.

    ORR, Salty’s not old. And if he is, then I am ancient!

  108. HEY KEENAN WAKE UP ALL WE DO IS GIVE UP ODD MAN RUSHES, thats what we do as RANGERS nothing new tonight,add some insight..

  109. It’s old news complaining about defense. The Caps don’t play defense either. Score some goals and hold on to the puck instead of dumping in the offensive zone. Gaborik is spending too much of his shifts playing defense and our “star” Olympic duo of Drury and Callahan look lost.

  110. I woulda pulled Lundqvist, too. Henrik wanted to kill that towel!

    Unfortunately, I have to watch this on MSG+ just for the HD.

    What is with those lazy tips of of Girardi’s and Jokinen’s sticks?

  111. girardi did misplay it. he does suck but when he saw 4 devils comin at him, i can see him saying”wtf”??? and he played the pass which caused him to deflect it in. so yes. it was partially his fault. but you just cant give up 4 on 1’s!! doesnt matter who you are, its usually a goal against. yes,m girari couldve played it better. he is in a funk. bigtime

  112. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    the Capitals.

    Bruce Boudreau is a huge Yankees fan!

    Or the Penguins….I would not mind seeing Sid raise another!

  113. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Just not the Canadiens. We do not need them moving any closer to the Yankees in overall titles.

  114. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    It’s not just bad defense. It’s lousy offense. The Power Play stinks. We got goaltending, but some morons wanted to trade THAT away.

    And of course, the worst GM in the league…

  115. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if they came out of the locker room and there was no head coach. Torts just pulls a Keenan and tells the team that if they aren’t going to play, he’s not going to coach the third and they’re on their own.

  116. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Any team can go from being terrible one year to good the next. and with Redden and Roszival in the minors, we would have enough cap room to make quality adjustments to the team in the offseason.

  117. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think you’re right… he was crawling across the ice “oh, wtf is going on here?”

  118. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Mama, jokinen about what?


  119. The good news is that we get to follow this up with a loss to ATL on Friday night

  120. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Blackhawks? Been down so G– D–n long, it looks like up, to me…

    AND the best Jersey in the NHL!

  121. im rooting hard for the blackhawks/kings in the playoffs…..and hopefully the devils repeat their playoff postseason from last year….

    in the east if i had to root for someone i guess i would root for OTTAWA,

  122. Salty Dupuis, you’re grabbing things out of thin air, you don’t have the facts to prove anything you say. You’re just a bitter old doofus, accept that. You’re the kind of guy who thinks he’s better than everyone, but i know you sit at home all day, wishing things were better. I wont dish out any sympathy for you, ahaha.

    And keep fighting this Dupuis thing, it’s already over with. You made a huge deal aboot him, acting like he was was such a huuuge part of both playoff runs. Did you even watch those games ? Such a dork.


    If he’s not old, that would be a problem. I mean, if he was actually around 19, and acted like an old delusional moron, and a guy like Rob M was actually 60, and not 17, wow. That’s all i can say.

  123. i wonder if i could cajole the man into driving to atlanta friday for the game! oh man that would be AWESOME. but i dont think that’ll happen!

  124. Laurel, their young guys got a ton of experience last year, and i think it would be great for hockey if an Original Six team, especially one that was down for so long, won it all.


  125. ORR, that would throw the universe outta whack wouldnt it ;-)
    i dont think Rob’s old either

  126. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Why not?

    Maybe the more Cups Sid wins, he’ll eventually want a new challenge and come to the greatest city in the world, and to the Rangers in 2013.

    Also, after Matt Cooke laid out a Bruin with a clean hit, I want Cooke to grab himself a Cup.

  127. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Either our defense got a whole lot better since Lundy left the game, or Lundy just struggled.

  128. While I agree with you Seth that the lack of chemistry is an issue with the breakdowns, I think a lot of the poor positioning and odd man rushes simply come from the fact that the Rangers have a lot of players that are low on hockey IQ.

    The physical skill of players at the NHL level is all pretty high. Look at someone like Avery, he’s got the speed and better hands than most give him credit for but tends to make poor decisions with passing particularly at both bluelines.

    2 D getting caught behind the net like in OT vs Buffalo? That’s another example. One of the reasons why Gretzky loved to set up there was because it force D to turn their backs to the rest of ice if they chose to defend him.

    Even Chico made a good point on the Cally play that led to the 4 on 1, he should have hesitated and let more people skate into the play and given himself more options.

  129. they seem to play ‘tighter’ d when Hank is NOT in net! they don’t think Auld can bail em out the way Hank usually does, so they know they have to play better

  130. ilb, thanks, knew I could count on you.

    CR9, Brechn! I’m sure people have different opinions, I’ve had this discussion before, but here’s my own personal thing. Outside of us, obviously, I hate for any team in our division to win, and hate the Caps or Bruins out of the conference to win. So I admit, I usually head west once we’re gone.

    And Izzy, Linda, I agree on the Hawks, was just curious why you were too.

    Is this game over yet? Oy.

  131. I’m a Ranger fan,I root for the Jersey,Anyone can be traded and I’ll still be a Ranger fan.Just as I have for years now.

  132. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    ok… i thought u were disagreeing with Sid to the Rangers…

    He is HOTTT! Can anyone imagine him in a Rangers jersey?

    One other reason, if the Penguins win again, they could start a dynasty, and then the sports world can stop talking about the Patriots “cheating” dynasty of 2002-2005.

  133. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    U hate the Bruins?!?!?!?!


    Why, though?

  134. but i know you sit at home all day, wishing things were better.


    yup… I sit around all day every day on this blog wishing my uncle would put a job in my lap while dodging the opportunity to better myself with an education, oh wait… that’s you.

    Ever notice that I never run out of things to call you out on because you provide an endless supply… yet you are still hanging onto a thread of something discussed a month or longer ago? And you are still wrong about it. You wanted Dubinsky traded at the deadline (fool), and you, out of thin air compared him to Pascal Dupuis of all people for some reason. That dude plays with more integrity than 80% of this Rangers team… but you wouldn’t know anything about that.

  135. Linda, I never like to quit a game cause you never know (sometimes) but at this point I just want to watch last night’s Lost and go to bed….

  136. CR, I think the Rangers would probably be at the bottom of Crosby’s list of teams to defect to right above Philly.

    And to say that you’re glad that a repeat offender potentially seriously injured another player and got away it only because the NHL has its head in the sand/up it’s rear end, bespeaks a poor example of sportsmanship.

  137. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “crosby makes me violently ill. he’s my ‘boston’ hehe”


  138. I heard the fire sather chant! If it’s like that on the road ohh man I can’t wait till Sunday

  139. HockeymanRangers on

    Who’s hot in Hartford, they will be making a phone call tomorrow. Wasn’t Parrento that had a hat trick, a couple games back.

  140. CR, calm down :) it’s not boston I hate, just the team. an original 6 and conference rival, that’s all…..

    ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage and put tour hands together for Brookys Bus Stop!!!

  141. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “CR, I think the Rangers would probably be at the bottom of Crosby’s list of teams to defect to right above Philly.”

    U never know. It’s where superstars shine. I’ll dream!

    “And to say that you’re glad that a repeat offender potentially seriously injured another player and got away it only because the NHL has its head in the sand/up it’s rear end, bespeaks a poor example of sportsmanship.”

    I am not happy that he seriously injured Savard, I am just excited that a non Ranger was the recipient of a bone crunching hit.

    And by the way, the hit was 100% clean.

    Sportsmanship? I am a believer in sportsmanship sometimes. Other times, not. After watching the scumbaggery of the Boston teams for years now, it made me realize that some “teams win with crass, not with class” as the Boston teams did.

  142. Chico again, STFU, the Devils and the Rangers are about equal and will probably end up around equal in goals for.

  143. i figured you’d enjoy it because it went pretty well with your post, appropriate and funny

  144. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I don’t care! You hate the Bruins!! My hatred is really not for Boston, but the teams of Boston and the fans of those teams.

    There are probably plenty of decent people from Boston (that are not fans of the teams).

  145. I’m on the iPhone (not driving) so Im not gonna read through it all but I think it’s bs that Hank got pulled. He didn’t do anything. Goals off girardi and jokinen plus insane deflection…

  146. exscrews me….. this guy cannot freakin speak!!!

    he wont even think about those 3 goals.. but the one avery scores against him ……

  147. Are the ear killers actually watching this game? that’s like the 10th thing they’ve gotten wrong…”oops, no, sorry, it was that guy.”


  148. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    The cherry on top of the cake has just been placed…..

    What a sick guy Chico is….

  149. HockeymanRangers on

    Ok, what is it? aren’t we desperate enough yet. That’s what it looks like to me.

  150. I am not happy that he seriously injured Savard, I am just excited that a non Ranger was the recipient of a bone crunching hit.

    peep the backpedaling out of this guy, as usual. yeah… there are not hundreds of bone crunching hits every night in the NHL. you’re

    How about that nascar thing you’re still crying about…If it were the other way around, you’d be praising the “attempted murdered” for going after someone even affiliated with something to do with Boston.

  151. CR, and except for my wonderful cousins and aunt and uncle from boston, who i love, and love boston teams…:)

    NYRGuy, I agree, and thanks not for iPhoning and driving !

  152. HockeymanRangers on

    No prob. It’s all good, we are all in this together. If Ave’s would have scored we would have won. I see he had a good shot on though. Close

  153. ORR-

    those were the memories when avery and jagr got it done against marty in the playoffs! thank the lord i sold my tix for sunday, the fire sather sequel will be on hold until tuesday night when scotty gomez is back in town……it could get ugly here, prob lose in atlanta then get destroyed by phily…..but hey atleast when brodeur made a save tonight we got the golden memories of our childhood with

    “You’re The Best” by Joe “Beans” Esposito….got gettem daniel!!!!! MR MIYAGI THE RANGERS NEED YOU TORTS DOESNT HAVE THE ANSWERS PLEASE HELP

    good nite all im going to cry now

  154. Can we honestly say we didn’t see this coming tonight? Devils had a bad roadtrip, Rangers cannot get out of their own way. It was the perfect recipe for a game like this.

  155. Salty, ORR, see how Linda and Hockeyman get along so well?

    seriously, is it just me and I should move on, or does anyone else get tiiiired of the Salty/Orr thing? If the majority rules in their favor (their votes don’t count) I’ll shut up.

    I liked Langenbrunner a lot better in Vancouver. Now, not so much.

  156. The White Plains Batman on

    Wow, crappy game. One or two more efforts like this and my “To Tank: That Is The Question” debate will be finalized.

  157. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    You fight with Orr all night, and now it’s time for you to start with me!
    Let me clarify. I am not happy with the extent of Savard’s injury. But I am happy a non Ranger (better that it’s a Bruin) was the recipient of an INJURIOUS hit!!!
    And it was a clean hit!!!

    Mama, I’m sure they are. You’re so great, I’m sure anybody related to u has to be great also!!!

  158. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hey there, Ranger Fans! Wish I could be there with you in Newark, but I’m stuck down here in Florida for the next few weeks. The NHL General Managers are having some intense sessions (Hey, deal me outta this one, will ya?) every day, so it’s not all play down here…

    They are certainly a bunch of tough negotiators down here. I can’t get any one interested in trades at all! I propose all kinds of deals, but everyone says they aren’t trading any more for the rest of the season. I’ll wear them down a little. Don’t you worry ;)

    It appears my fellow GM’s have such respect for me here that on our last fishing trip out on the Gulf, they wouldn’t let anyone else put the bait on the hooks. They said I was a master at it. What an Honor! So I baited the hooks for the whole crew. In fact no one called me Glennie all day, they just called me the Ol’ Master Baiter.

    The GM’s are proposing some new rules about hits to the head but I’m not in favor of that. You know, I’ve been hit in the head hundreds of times in my career and I’ve never been ORANGE, WATER, BUCKET OF PLASTER, affected in any way.

    You fans have been giving me a hard time for years about drafting Hugh Jessiman. I know he had a rough start with the Rangers, but do you know that he’s this year’s Number 1 Insurance Salesman in the 2nd District for New Hampshire?

    Apology accepted.

    The Rangers lost tonight to the Devils, 6-3. Sooooo close! But there’s still plenty of time to make the playoffs. I’ve got my contract for 10 more years, at least!

    See you around…
    Uncle Glennie

  159. christensen the best ranger on the ice by far tonight.

    yea lucky they have that 4th line with shelly on it. heck they do not need to score more goals, they went wild tonight and scored 3 a total weeks worth.

  160. I’m gone too. Off to watch Lost, which is so fargin nuts this season I’ll forget about game soon…TA all!!! Enjoy yourselves….

  161. Laurel, there are other things besides the Salty/Orr debates that could be addressed. They actually make me laugh. What the blog really needs is an ignore button, that way, individuals could just use it on people they don’t want to read.

  162. “christensen the best ranger on the ice by far tonight.”

    How sad. How pathetic. This one sentence encapsulates the Rangers season.

  163. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    Good stuff. You’re right. CR9 is SN9 for leaving Man U and going to Madrid, only to get booted out of the Champions League in the knockout stages!!!

  164. Stick a fork in this season. It will be interesting to see how weakly they go down over the next month. Ah, no not really.

  165. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What the blog really needs is an ignore button, that way, individuals could just use it on people they don’t want to read.

    What do you mean? I’ve barely seen any comments on here all night!

  166. ilb2001

    The verdict? You meant on switching channels? Are you kidding me … I hadn’t been watching since midday through 2nd period … I could smell the putridness from then …

    I watched the WASH game instead … I often watch them, actually … and let me tell you: You all would PRAY to have Poti on this team right now …

  167. What the blog really needs is an ignore button, that way, individuals could just use it on people they don’t want to read.


    Absolutely… unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible.

  168. Uncle!! Where you been! Getting a tan I guess….

    CR, awww, sweet, and you would be correct :) You would have loved my one cousin’s rehearsal wedding dinner when the Sox were in the playoffs….they had a TV set up in the room and all the festivities stopped for the game’s end. The pictures are quite awesome. But I still hate the Bruins :)

    wicky, this post was for you :)

  169. Did that effort look to anyone like a team two points out of a playoff spot with 15 games left? That was brutal, stupid mistake after stupid mistake. Weak efforts along the boards, blind passes, stupid give aways. The D was bad for the most part also. These guys don’t have to tank for a draft pick, they are not going to win much anyway. I know this team is not very good, so I really can’t explain why it bothers me so much after a game like this, but it still does.

  170. reginald dunlop on

    seems the coach really has them hitting on all cylinders down the stretch……real disciplined effort tonight….

  171. lol True, and i know Salty, i’ve mentioned it before but alas, doesn’t seem like a possibility. We have to ‘self censor’ i suppose

  172. I think i’m eating my tix for the flyers game, I can’t take on the TV never mind in person. On the positive side I did think Voros played well.

  173. I wish we traded Prospal and Jokinen for 1sts (despite my like of them). Imagine entering a draft with 2-3 1st rounders at the top 10… can you say TRADE UP TO TOP 3!?

  174. double laurel for wicky (ha, you know I always do!)

    I give up!!! Go for it guys….I asked, you spoke, I move on….can I go watch Lost now please :)

  175. The White Plains Batman on

    Do you all think Torts and Sather survive this if they miss the playofs?

  176. Hockeymon, it’s almost as if they think they have all the time in the world. I doubt the other teams in the hunt are crapping the bed every night. They are battling because they know the playoffs are a privilege and not a right.

  177. Pavel Vikingstad

    Can you say “Trading up to the Top-3 only to draft another Jessiman?”

  178. I doubt Torts will get fired, unless he quits, like someone mentioned. As for Slats, who knows..maybe he’ll want to go out on his own terms if he feels he might come close to getting fired.

    On the flip side, maybe he wants to go out on a better note, so he signs a 5 year extension.

    A fan needs to step up, and kidnap the guy, Celtic Pride style.

  179. CR9… for the most part I respond to posts, not posters (although obviously I get caught up in a person from time to time). It’s really not my fault I disagree with the same people so frequently if you think about it.

  180. Miami Pimp


    Hall, Seguin, and Fowler will make their NHL team immediately after draft day, and they will be solid NHLers, just like Tavares, Hedman, Doughty, etc…

    As much as I like picks such as Sanguinetti and Kreider, they’re projects… 2-3 years? Firetruck that! I want someone that can step in ASAP!

  181. “some people are not that disciplined ORR heheheh”

    Sounds like an attention problem. Even if i wanted to skip Salty Dupuis’ posts, i wouldn’t be able to, cause i confuse his name with Sally’s, until I’m done reading the post.

    Sally doesn’t b*tch and moan constantly. So it’s easy to tell at the end :)

    But, I’m not a baby, i don’t skip posts cause i cant agree with someone. The only posts i skip are the trolls, for obvious reasons.

  182. obviously watching the review of the 3 on 1 with DAN THE MAN and you normally cannot blame the dman when ur teammates allow a 3 on 1 but honestly you couldnt play a bothched 3 ON 1 worse than that!

  183. The White Plains Batman on

    Miami, the good thing is Gordie Clark does the draft now and he’s been pretty good since taking over. He found Artem and Del Z among all the other guys waiting in the wings. There’s so much talent in the top ten this year, it’s kind of hard to mess it up unless they pick another goalie or something LOL.

  184. sorry ORR,did you say something :-) :-)

    i think I called Salty “Sally” a few times,then i adjusted my glasses.

    Izzy, like that you left off ‘well’ at the end of that. 15 to go. Could it get any worse?

  185. Linda, and what would the do anyway? Dolan will never allow a full rebuilding mode..

  186. PAVEL

    They really took that trade?? I stopped trying to make trades in that game, it’s nearly impossible. I haven’t played NHL10 in weeks.

    I might actually be….beatable !?!? Now I’m curious..If anyone wants to go a few rounds in NHL, I’ll be on.

  187. i know ilb. and to go into a full rebuild mode with the wrong people doing the rebuilding is INSANITY!

    i’m afraid they will get their freebie with the new cba, and then just go out and spend unwisely again. So frustrating

  188. ThisYearsModel on

    Tortorella is quite the X and O guy, huh? The Rangers are totally disorganized. They have clearly tuned his bullcrap out already. Tank time…..get a high pick.

  189. Even if i wanted to skip Salty Dupuis’ posts, i wouldn’t be able to, cause i confuse his name with Sally’s, until I’m done reading the post.


    y’see….the first thing teach you in college is the difference between L’s and T’s… oh wait, that’s Sesame Street.

  190. Torts talked the talk…but couldn’t walk the walk.

    He may have been handed a lineup but is it possible to get any LESS out of this team than what he’s shown?

    No system whatsoever…not a clue what to do on the ice…constant confusion…bad passes…bad decisions…bad discipline…

    I really am of the opinion that Tortorella is proof positive that if you scream loud enough you can cover up for the fact that you simply don’t know enough about hockey.

    Sadly, though…Tortorella will probably lose his job…and Sather will keep his.

    Turn out the lights, please.

    And yes, tonight proves there is no playoffs for this team. They’re setting up for a collapse down the stretch.

    But no need to get upset.

    I’ve been a fan for most of my 37 years…and I’ve never cared less about a Rangers team than I do this one.

  191. things are bleak in Rangerland.

    this pretty much sums it up:

    “No system whatsoever…not a clue what to do on the ice…constant confusion…bad passes…bad decisions…bad discipline…”

  192. sssshhhh…you guys hear that? you hear that swirling? it’s the Rangers playoff hopes going down the drain!

    Also, can we stop calling the Rangers “bush-league” because it’s insulting all the teams in the minor league!

    Sorry Miami Pimp.

  193. The White Plains Batman on

    Hey, at least there was the Olympics this year, and the World Cup in futbol is coming up too.

  194. Orr trading isn’t hard.

    Do a fantasy draft and take guys with the most potential, plus good players of course. In first year of Be A GM, I had a first line of Ovie/Crosby/Gaborik lol. I’ve won 3 cups in 4 years. Forget about D and get an OK goalie

  195. The White Plains Batman on

    It’s funny how those games make you loyal to certain players. I’ll always appreciate Lubos Bartecko because he was my 2nd line center for the Rangers in NHL 01.

    And then there was the Robert Reichel for Iginla trade…..

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