Devils tomorrow


Roger Neilson used to say, “It’s not who you play, but when you play them.”

And he was right. Tomorrow is a good time for the Rangers to be playing the Devils, who face the dreaded “first game back from a road trip of three or more games” syndrome.

On the other hand, they’re going to see a Devils team that’s pretty annoyed at being swept in Alberta, including a shutout loss to a pathetic Edmonton team (does Tom Renney have their number?). The Devils consider themselves an elite team, and that Calgary-Edmonton double-dip will have them in a foul mood.

By the way, you want your team in a foul mood when things aren’t going well, or when things are criticial. It’d be nice to see the Rangers in a foul mood once in a while instead of “well, we’ll take the point” or “we played well enough to win.”

That’s another story for another day. Tomorrow. The Rangers are now at a point where, every point they lose they pretty much need two points to get even in this snail’s race for seventh and eighth. They’ve played some of their best games of the season against the Devils.

Should be an interesting night at the Rock tomorrow.


We’ve had some pretty heated discussions here the last few days: Marian Gaborik’s injury; the relevance of plus/minus (the worst stat in sports); the Matt Cooke cheap-shot head-shot. Good stuff. Maybe it suggests that you guys do get in foul moods when your team struggles. Unlike some who wear the uniform.

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    Shelley should be prucha’d, put anisimov on a line with gaborik and let them play together for a while and LETS GO RANGERS

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The only thing foul around here is the cheese in Drury’s jock as he delivers Buffalo Bleu Cheese topped Papa Dru’s delights to his $7.5million customers annually.

    I don’t know what that means, but i’m stepping up my game with some ‘intangibles.’

  3. O'Callahan#24 on

    O’Callahan#24 March 9th, 2010 at 11:21 am

    I have been thinking about the deadline and the totally uncharacteristic silence by the Rangers…
    So what is the reason that Sather made no real moves this deadline?
    Any thoughts?
    Was it because absolutely no one would bite on a move that included one of the untradeables?
    Was he just sticking to his guns of not trading any of our youth?
    I agree he probably should have sold a few players…
    BTW…I traded Staal Wart for O’Callahan.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think that road trip let-down only applies when you have a winning road trip.

  5. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It means Sather, Dolan, Messier, Schoenfeld, and some other numb-klutz sat in a room talking about this team for hours. They did so at nauseam, why you ask? Well, because Dolan wants to make $$$, Sather doesn’t want to get fired, and Messier/Schoenfeld dont’ want to screw the future of this team. Dolan said “GIVE ME MONEY!” Sather smoked a cigar. Messier said “If you bring me in as GM in a year or two, you better not eff me!” Schoenfeld just called Sather fat and giggled. They did this for hours only to realize that they:
    A) Didn’t want to give up on the chance of making 2 home games worth of loot through ridiculously over-priced tickets and nine-dollar beer night at the garden
    B) Messier didn’t want to ruin the future of this team
    C) Schoenfeld likes calling people fat.

    Basically, doing nothing was the happy medium for everyone.

  6. O'Callahan#24 on

    Excellent true fans.
    I wish I was allowed “Sather type mistakes” in my job.

  7. Can any of you smart cap space guys give me an accurate picture of whether or not the Rangers will be able to actually go out and sign some offensive talent in the off-season? I’m so fed up of this club being 95% journeymen. It’s not just a way to be mediocre every year, it’s boring and depressing to watch.

    Don’t get me wrong, Kelly Kisio is my all-time favorite Ranger, but I wouldn’t want to watch a whole team of him. And he was better than these guys anyway. I’m talking to you, Dreary.

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sather has quite an interesting history/resume. I was expecting to see some education between his playing career and getting into office, no, none of that. I was surprised to learn that Sather stepped in SH__ as the WHA was on the brink of folding. Sather retired in 77 as a player and the next season took over the coaching duties (head coach) of the WHA-Oilers. 78 they made the playoffs, joined the NHL in the off-season, and that all coincides with the arrivals of Gretz, Mess, and that dynasty… could you imagine the Rangers hiring Markus Naslund to come back and be the head coach next year? That’s basically what happened to Sather, but only in that time (in the WHA) could that happen.

  9. Have been away from the blog since Sunday… Just skimmed and saw your post Greg. I’m truly sorry for your loss. It’s never easy to lose a loved one as we all know. Personally, I suddenly lost my mother less than a year ago and it still hurts and I still miss her everyday. I know it sounds hollow now, but with time, it will get better. You are in my prayers, friend.

  10. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Barring any off-season moves, the Rangers will have about $13million to resign (or fill the voids of):

    OR! If they sign Kovalchuk, they can play another 5 rookies for about 600K each and still fit under the cap.

    It’s bleak.

  11. I posed yesterday that the Devils and the Rangers have nearly identical records since the Devils 1-0 F/SO win a few weeks back. 7-12-2 vs 7-11-2 or something like that. Keep in mind that spans both pre and post-Kovalchuk trade.

    Talent-wise, before the Kovalchuk trade I thought the two teams were fairly even. Parise and Gaborik are the go to guys, both teams are fairly weak down the middle, especially compared to the elite teams of the East (Pitt, Wash, even the Flyers have better depth at center). Zajac might be more productive than Prospal, but he’d be a 3rd line center on the other teams I’ve mentioned. Elias and Lagenbrunner are more productive than Callahan and Dubinsky but in terms of goal scoring the Rangers and Devils are essentially equal (Rangers have more goals but have played more games).

    The Devils losing Martin certainly de-stabilized their blueline, but their blueline even with him was a far cry from the late 90’s/early 00’s.

    Both Brodeur and Lundqvist have had their ups and downs this year, Brodeur’s poor play has come in the more recent weeks.

    For all the hoopla the Devils generated in the first half of the season they’ve certainly come back to earth. As Lundqvist basically said after their last game, the Devils aren’t necessarily a much better team they’re just more consistent. Now I think consistency makes a team good but I don’t think the Devils are one of the teams that can simply show up and outclass even a team like the Rangers.

  12. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Interesting observation:”Plus-minus is the worst stat in sports.” Awarding a plus to offensive players on an empty net goal is preposterous, and awarding a goal, along with a plus to the player scoring into an empty net is insanity and statistical manipulation to the max.

    And debiting a minus to defensive players on the ice during an “extra attacker” goal is also as ludicrous as it gets. What fascinates me is that THEY NEVER RECTIFY IT. It just goes on and on, year after year, with no discussion (except right here) about it, as though some guy named Moses carried it down on some stone tablet from a mountaintop.

    Other misleading-to-bad stats include: Baseball’s batting average which ignores power and on base percentage inclusion in the mix. So that a .300 hitting first baseman with 15 home runs and a .320 OBP looks better than a .250 hitting first baseball with 40 home runs and a .375 OBP. Until Bill James statistically rescued baseball from the dark ages, Batting average was the most revered, sacred and memorized of all sports statistics. Now we know how hollow and superficial it really is.

    Football’s QB rating system is redundant by including both completion percentage AND yards per attempt, which is a bi-product of completion percentage in the mix. Completion percentage should be dropped from the formula to make it accurate and more meaningful Football also charges a rushing attempt (and charges the loss of one or two yards on the play) on plays where the QB kneels down and makes no attempt to advance the ball. So that rushing stats (yards per attempt) are slightly skewed, accordingly.

    Basketball has no ridiculous stat that I am aware of, however basketball may lay claim to having most of the preposterous RULES of any sport in existence, a topic for another time.

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Both Brodeur and Lundqvist have had their ups and downs this year, Brodeur’s poor play has come in the more recent weeks.

    That’s funny. One is their team’s MVP, the other is their team’s weakest link… but sure.

  14. Doodie, I don’t think that’s the case.

    O’Callahan, I didn’t carp you because you changed your name, just so you know. But I am sure I will forget who you are, and wonder where Staal went at some point, as I have done so often when Boneheads change their names.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Truefans, you mean like Garth Snow retiring to become GM of the Piles?

    Chris F.: They will have money available but they will need to spend some of it on

    1) resigning Staal (which thanks to Sather not having any resemblance of a salary structure will not be cheap)
    2) make decisions on Girardi, Lisin, Christensen, Prust, Heikkinen (although he will likely be another two-way deal)
    3) sign a backup goaltender
    4) Replace Jokinen and Prospal
    5) save enough cap space for next year to resign Dubinsky, Callahan, Anisimov, and Gilroy.

    So, they probably won’t have enough cap space to sign any offense next year. Of course, that won’t stop Sather.

    Jokinen has 2 goals and 6 assists in 10 games a Ranger. Who wants to bet that Sather gives him a big extension?

  16. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I forgot about Snow… I think that was a wise investment for them (given how ‘fiscally responsible’ they are). He was already being paid on the active roster, might as well count that money towards a job as GM. I think they wanted to keep him around to groom DP as he was maturing, too bad DP never quite mastered the art of injury recovery or hip pad extenders, shoulder (to the ears) pads, and the other add-on’s Snow wore.

  17. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    These guys aren’t making the p-offs… all we can hope for is a better pick that may help the team in a yr or two (if Glenn and his scouts can figure out how to find anything of worth).

    One of the reasons that poor draft choices are still killing this team all these years later. 7 seasons and no play-offs with nothing to show for it except Marc Staal.

  18. Let’s take over the Rock as per usual tomorrow/ I’ll be there. Hopefully Torts doesn’t have to call a timeout to get our heads out of our asses in the first minute like a previous game this year.

  19. I hate to defend Uncle Daddy but he did provide some solid goaltending when the Devils rose through the standings. He’s hurt them of late that’s for sure. But Lundqvist had a not so great November and a pretty ghastly second half of January. Neither goalie get a lot of offensive support but they’ve both been prone to some bad stretches.

  20. lol Carp, I know.
    I have to admit Staal was my favorite player for a bit.
    But Cally has heart, tenacity, plays large, and leaves it all out there every night.
    If half of the Rangers would play to standard every night, we’d be a much better team.
    He is the “Diamond in the Rough” of this team…and his style of play reminds me of O’Callahan.

  21. According to both Zip’s and Gross’ twitters, Girardi is NOT at practice today. His wife gave birth to their first child last night. Congrats to them!

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    From October 28th to December 9th, the Rangers scored 3 or more goals twice. I’m not blaming that on Hank. Frankly, .920 on this team is amazing. Watch any other team, the goalie lets in bad goals. Hank is so good, he’s jaded us. People complain when he doesn’t stop 85-90% of breakaways that’s how much he’s jaded us.

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You would have thought Girardi was the pregnant one given how much he’s loafing it out there.

  24. LI RangerFan on

    Fly – no the cap gets locked in after the end of the season when the League revenues are tallied, I believe…

  25. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    MickeyM ,I never knew that ’bout yer mom ,prob no one did. Thanks for yer concerns my friend.
    Momma ,You really summed it up right on the last thread. Your awsome. I appreciate it Sally ,tkdsar and MikeyNJ.
    Uk Ranger , thanks I took what you said to heart .Im hangin in there Salty , ty. Never too late Jpg ,tanks man.

    Carp , I was thinking the same thing about you Carping O’Callahan . Staal Wart , yer new name is beuty.

    Truefans , Sather was a bum as a player and was at the right place at the right time when he started coaching the Oilers. He was a father figure to Grez,Mess and the boys. He was an excellent coach. His duties wanndered to President and GM duties. He made some drastic moves every year .. breaking the hearts of Oiler fans by trading Dave Semenko , Paul Coffey ,Grant Fuhr , Wayne Gretzky and ulitmatley Mark Messier. As the GM ,he tinkered and screwed around on a tight budget. That was Sather then and like all his other “posse” It could be time for him to step down. Sather is uneducated but proves he has the sauvy of a street smarts guy. He dominated his era and like Wayne Gretzky and Markus Naslund , maybe Sather should ride into the sun set…but he want one more cup.

    CCCP ,Mr Camera guy . Cool Cap (First thing I tried to notice). Are you shorter than the Mouth? Looked like you were enjoying yerself. That rally is our fans comming together. Next Ralley should be the Cup Rally . That would be sweet.

  26. don’t think this was posted earlier.
    from Andrew Gross:

    Dan Girardi not at #NYRangers practice today. His wife gave birth to their first child last night.
    about 1 hours ago via web

    Congratulations to Dan and his wife!

  27. TrueFans,

    I agree that Henrik is great. He’s like an ace pitcher that gets no run support. However during that stretch you mentioned he had a GAA of a tick over 3.00. And in the games he played in November his GAA was 3.21. His GAA now is 2.42. Take out his November and his 6 game losing streak at the end of Jan into early Feb and his GAA would be 2.11. Awesome numbers no matter how you look at it, but he does have his cold streaks.

  28. yea henrik lundqvist is in a great mood when they lose, hes definitely not in a foul mood after a loss, never

  29. True Fans, I wonder if Girardi’s been distracted by it. Not that I’m defending his play, but it’s possible that everything with the baby and the pregnancy was weighing on his mind, which just exacerbated his poor play.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Quick question: You know how Mess is the only guy to captain two different teams to a cup? Has anyone ever been the GM of two different teams that won a cup?

  31. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — NASCAR will not suspend Carl Edwards for intentionally wrecking Brad Keselowski’s car during last weekend’s race at Atlanta, according to a person familiar with NASCAR’s discussions.

    Even Nascar knows where its bread it buttered, with Roush Fenway Racing.

    Edwards was 150 laps out of the lead and intentionally wrecked a guy that he had a problem with…

    He could have killed the guy, and then he comes out on the internet and says “that’s how he lives his life”

    And he did not get suspended. I make jokes about Bill McCreary looking like a murderer with his mustache, but this Edwards actually could have killed someone, and no suspension!

    Also, part of Keselowski’s car could have gone into the stands and killed innocent fans, but did Edwards care about putting other people in danger.

    Not one iota. He is a part of Roush Fenway Racing, and has the Bostonian sickness ingrained in him.

  32. Greg, No one here knew. I was just lurking back then. If you ever need anyone to talk to, I’m on the fb page, just send me a message.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Did you watch the game in Montreal? Jerk 1 (Sam) and 2 (Joe) were like ‘Hank can’t play here, he always gets shelled’ and withint 15 minutes he had let up 2, maybe 3 goals. I think he let up 4 (pretty sure it was 4-0 or 4-1 then) and they kept going on “oh, he struggles in this building” as he was pulled. If you watched that game, the problem was NOT Lundqvist, the problem was the Rangers who could not handle the speed of Montreal. They simply ran a muck in the Rangers zone, leaving Hank open to some ridiculous shots (some ridiculous saves) and some (4) went in. I’m not going to say Hank hasn’t played a bad game, but even during that stretch I would say he played poorly for his standards. Any other goalie would have been shelled even worse. The main point is that Hank doesn’t let in bad goals… even in those stretches, he had a few (maybe one or two from the sides of the net when he was re-working that problem), or his five-hole gets week when he starts worrying about glove side too much. In general though, he makes more extraordinary saves look routine while if you watch any other goalie in the NHL, they’re out of position way more often. They let in 20 footer wrist shots (when was the last one Hank let in, i can’t even recall). They let in slap shots from the point (undeflected). These are shots that, if they go in, you and I are saying “Ahh… bad goal” but other goalies let them in every game.

  34. CR,i think you’ve initiated a new game 6 Degrees of Boston. You could probably link ANYTHING to boston within 6 steps.

  35. Linda

    Card Edwards races for Roush Fenway Racing, owned at least partially by the Red Sox.

  36. I did a quick lookup and it looks like Frank Selke did it with both the Leafs and the Habs in the 40’s and 50’s.

  37. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    There has to be more GMs that have won with multiple teams.

    Maybe Jacques Lemaire.

  38. I was at the rally and got a chance to meet one of the resident boneheads here, CCCP. What a terrific guy and he represented you guys well ! You can even see him snapping pics in the video I put together of the Fire Glen Sather Rally.

    Fire Glen Sather Rally Video

  39. Nor, that was all mako’s idea. i’ll have to let him know how ultra true that is!!

    CR, quick “baconizing”!! So that means Carl Edwards has a boston number of 2 lol

  40. Mouth, CCCP had some good pics of you ‘lounging’ on the sidewalk. Great job on the broadcast Sunday by the way!!

  41. yea really CR9, and really how many people on this blog care about soccer, or nascar… im gona say about 1% and thats being generous.. at least if you talk about somehting irrelevant like football or baseball or seinfeld, their might be a legitimate amount of people that actually are interested

  42. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    lol Linda. Edwards has a Boston number of 1, since he is a part of a Boston team!

  43. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    I do not care about Nascar either, except to go against Roush Fenway Racing…

    But this is not about Nascar, this is about a Bostonian attempting to kill someone and getting away with it completely.

  44. Rob,
    Hanks probably just thrown up his hands. After a season like this, don’t you just reach a point were you are looking forward to summer? I mean damn…I sure would! Honestly as a fan, I am looking forward to summer. To July as a matter of fact.

  45. Yeah TrueFans, I watched the Montreal game and just about every game the Rangers play. Henrik gets torched in Montreal. No two ways about it. All goalies have their buildings that they play poorly in and have buildings that they’re seemingly invincible (Henrik tends to plays very well in Ottawa and at Nassau).

    I said already that I agree he’s a top notch goalie but I think everyone on here has noted at one time or another that he goes through his rough stretches whether the team is scoring or not (which most of the time it’s not).

  46. Staal, you stole my St. Patricks Day name hehehe guess it will have to be Callahanagan :-)

  47. God damn Mouth… you make me laugh every time.

    CR9… you have reached a stratospheric level of obnoxiousness. STFU already.

  48. Edwards isn’t from Boston. But yes his racing team is. If you’re going to use that sort of association with athletes and teams what does that make Yankee hero Jim Leyritz?

  49. as a fan, im looking forward to tomorrow night when they play my most hated athlete of all time and the devils, and then im looking forward to the next game, and the next game, and hopefully looking forward to april bc i still believe they can make the playoffs, thats waht i look forward to, every year, people will say making the playoffs will just be “spinning their wheels”, i dont care, we arent getting a top 5 draft pick so why wouldnt u root for them to make the playoffs and have some more rangers hockey to watch.. but i already know the responses ill get so i shoudlnt even have bothered with this post

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, pretty sure no one has ever coached two different Stanley Cup teams.

    So we’ve got a GM and a coach that have won before.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Right, I forgot about Bowman as the GREAT exception to the rule. I looked it up before lunch and didn’t comment on it until afterwards.

  52. Bowman is unbelievable. They need to rename the Adams award for him. He’s coached 5 teams and took 4 of them to the Stanley Cup finals (I know back when he coached the Blues the playoff format was basically set up as Original 6 in one bracket, expansion teams in the other) but still.

    He could recognize talent, motivate the players and was a brilliant tactician. I’ve read that many players didn’t like him personally, but it’s tough to argue against the results.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    CARP, All,
    How many times, combined, have Schoenfeld and Bowman declined the head coaching job in NY over the Sather era? I can think of 4, but who knows, Sather might wake up in the morning and text Scotty: ‘so did you reconsider your decision? lol :)’

  54. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    Carl Edwards nearly murders someone(s) and I’m obnoxious!!!

    Jim Leyritz is a troubled person (who played for the Red Sox!)

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    …and I just realized the number of drunk texts Glen Sather must send are ridiculous!

    I wonder who’s on that list… Gretzky? Maybe Messier? Chris Chelios, Colin Campbell? Would be an interesting list i think.

  56. Actually, we really do have a great shot at a top 5 pick.

    The 26th place team is the Canes. They have 61 points, and we have 67. They’re 8-2-0 in their last 10, and we’re 4-4-2. They keep winning, we keep losing, then we’ll get a top 5 pick. Just have to worry aboot the Panthers, and maybe the Lightning.

    Go 0-16-0 for the rest of the year. I’m not interested in watching NYR get embarrassed by Ovechkin for the 2nd year in a row, or even worse..the Devils/Pens.

    Tank now. The year is over with. Accept it.

  57. Lol Rob,
    I stopped watching the post game stuff so I’d have no idea what Hank said…
    Players and coaches say the same CARP all the time.

  58. Orr,

    You have had a hard on for this “top 5” or “top 3” pick for weeks now, begging this team to fold so we can get a lottery pick but really, the chances of us getting that pick and wasting it are much better than us getting the pick and doing something good and positive.

    Either way we go, we’re screwed.

  59. I hate giving up on the season already. I know we will if we make it see the Caps. If we tank the rest and get a top 5 pick something tells me nothing great will come of it. I would rather see them make the playoffs and lose then tank just for a pick that won’t do any good. Sather will screw that up also. Oh and anyone who thinks Henry is doing anything but giving them a chance to win EVERY game has no clue what they are taking about.

  60. Hey Mouth! Thanks for the good words, dude! Meeting you was definitely cool…a highlight of the evening! Remember, we had a little moment there, when I looked straight into your mouth…err, eyes, I could tell right away how passionate you are about the Rangers!

    Greg, I don’t think Mouth is taller than me…he is wider than me… but he ain’t taller.

    …you liked the hat? I’ll send you one…

  61. They’re not going to tank with 16 games left in the year and a game out of the 8th seed, if you think there’s even a chance they will you need to get your head checked. Too late for that, might as well root for a miracle playoff run (or maybe I need to get mine checked then?).

  62. Sorry I havent been on here in a few days (had a stomach virus) ….

    Man, That Sather rally was Productive huh??

    Honestly, Rozsival will probably be traded in the off-season since his cap hit is higher then his actual salary (which benefits teams looking to meet the cap floor).

    Even if he isnt though, we have 13 million dollars next season to replace 9 spots. Which is about average for most of the teams

  63. there is no such thing as “tanking” in the NHL, players arent going to not try, that may be something that could possibly be seen in the NBA, but in the NHL players are not going to give up, there are alot of young guys on this team fightin for spots to stay on the nhl roster next year, that stuff doesnt happen, so its not as if u could convince players on the rangers that it would be in the best interest for all parties for them to throw games, so that conversation is over, they could lose 10 of 16 games but it still wouldnt b considered tanking, bc they arent just going to give up

  64. SHOR

    The difference between this team and the last two that fought to get in, is the fact that they just flat out suck.

    Face it, this team is not good. I don’t think we’ll get in. I don’t think we’ll come close.

    I don’t understand why anyone wants this team to make the playoffs. If they get in, then Slats has done his job, at least in Dolans eyes, and if he’s planning on staying longer, then we’re screwed. Dolan will never fire Slats as long as we’re in the playoffs. Maybe one bad year will finally do it, if we’re lucky.

    This team is a joke. Christensen is out number one center, enough said.

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    My problems with that article:

    1) “The replays show that the offending player was a marginal winger, thrice suspended.” Cooke is not a marginal player. He is a top-tier third line player. 10-15 goals, 20-30 pts on average, with some years better than others.

    2) “elected to go right past the bigger and more proper target to hit him in the head.” That assumes Cooke was specifically targeting the head, which I don’t think is fair to say from the replays. The author repeatedly states that he targeted the head throughout the article, which I don’t think is a fair assumption.

  66. Who says they’re deliberately going to give up ?

    Most fans definition of “tank/tanking” is completely different than yours.

    Although, with the way these losers play, you might actually think it’s deliberate.

  67. cooke actually cross checked a player from behind during an all star game in the ohl. an ALL STAR GAME

    he is worthless

  68. i like that stat about cookes fighting career 0-8-5-1, the 1 at the end being a turtle, hah

  69. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    What a game, Fiorentina and Bayern Munich!!!

    Arsenal are moving on!

  70. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    What a sick article from Jack Edwards. He thinks he’s funny with his use of different names, and if you look at the comments section, everybody feeds into the Bostonian’s ego saying Great article Jack.

  71. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    “Rob M March 9th, 2010 at 4:06 pm

    is he really NOT gona get suspended for this hit?”

    He should not be suspended. There was no intent to injure.

    Whereas Carl Edwards attempted to end the life of Brad Keselowski and got away completely.

    Different sports, but one is clearly worse than the other.

  72. Linda,Salty and of course CCCP thanks for the kind words. CCCP, we did share a moment.

    We will always have that rally ! They cant take that away from us !

    I tried to get Carp to come on the radio show tonight but he is covering basketball. So we have acquired the New Jersey Records own Andrew Gross for the program tonight !

    Andrew Gross On Blueshirt Banter Radio tonight at 8 PM. We are going to talk about the rally as well and why the rangers never win when I attend and of course Andrew Gross !

    To Listen The Program:


  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , I’d take it and even send ya a $$ order for it!!

    Orr , Tanking is not in the Rangers vocab..ruar..y. Vocabulary. We aint no Penguin team!!! We want the cup , buy it ,fluke it, steal it..we want the cup. Last place is for losers. We tank , then were no better then Penguin fans.

  74. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Eric Lindros of all people boycotted Quebec for tanking the games and didn’t want to be a part of that losing mentality of a club. Joe Sakic ,Mats sundin ,Owen Nolan ( Eric Lindros …ugh ahh Eric said “no” . Forsbergh was his replacement with Hextall and a solid D man. Quebec was the crappiest team for 5 years and wallowed in the basement. Ill never forget what losers Quebec were and now Phoenix ( old Winnepeg) still suck and will be rembered as a losing club. Rangers had losing years BUT , BUT and I mean BUT ..they were NEVER bottom dwellers feeding on dead matter on the cellar floor like Pittsburgh and every other expansion spoon fed team. Rangers CAN hold thier heads up high and be proud that we aint losers ORR , we wont go out without a fight…try and take us Rangers out…just try.

  75. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I say Cooke def deserves to get suspended
    He’s a cheap shot artist, and is pretty much the only thing he does well

    Booth? (forgot if it was him or another PAnther), Anisimov, and now Savard
    Three of the exact same type of hits, two out of three players injured.

    And I dotn know if anyone noticed, all three of thsoe hist happened in the exact same part of the ice.
    Him, 10 games suspension, make an example now, so next season EVERYONE knows head shots are being cracked down on, and you’ll see less of them

  76. Hey, do any of you tech-heads think you can help me with a problem on my PC tomorrow? I went on today and this Windows Vista anti-virus/spyware thing pops up and runs a fake scan (my anti-virus/spyware software does regular scans, including one today, and found nothing). This Windows thing came up with 36 infections and then tried to sell me protection. I know it’s fake (extortion). But I can’t get anything up on the screen without these boxes trying to sell me protection. When I X out of them, I get nothing but a black screen. If I shut down the computer and restart the boxes come up and a new fake scan begins and the same process plays out over and over. In other words, I can’t use my PC.

    So, if anybody knows anything about this, I’d appreciate it.

  77. Lindros didn’t want to play for the Nordiques because he wasn’t interested in playing in France.

  78. Stop visiting those fantasy sites, you know like:

  79. the nhl sucks way to blow a chance of having an outdoor game with the rangers at yankee stadium. Screw Bettman and Sather
    Come on the Pinstripe Bowl on December 30th with not even good teams really?

  80. LI RangerFan on

    Carp – you can try to download two malware / spyware applications (these are different from virus protection).

    First is AdAware and the second is SpyBot; you can get both from:

    Bit of sobering news, however; both my kids had something very similar to this with the “fake virus protection message” at college (University of Buffalo, Sally…) and while the AdAware and SpyBot programs appeared to resolve the pop-ups, there were still base-problems that required the system to be re-imaged. The folks at the University IT group told them it was something going through the UB network. Are you working on a company network? If so, you can talk with your IT guys. If not, you must have picked up something from a download(?)

    /cringes before he asks this/ Do you have stuff backed up???

  81. I can’t believe Tortorella had 4th line guys on the ice for the last shift of the game against Buffalo. I mean, I know they’ve done pretty well since they were put together a few games ago, but jeez, I thought we needed the points?

  82. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    One other thing about that article which is despicable…

    Sidney Crosby is the face of the NHL, will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play the game. The Penguins are a Stanley Cup favorite/contender.

    Marc Savard is a loser, but a magician with magic hands. The Bruins are a POS borderline playoff team.

    It is in the NHL’s best interest to protect its stars. When Marc Savard reached Crosby’s status, let me know!

    Go Matt Cooke!!!!!!!

    Good clean hit!!!

  83. GREG

    Phoenix is actually a pretty damn good team right now. They’re much better than NYR. Wolski is looking like a pretty damn good fit.

    I cant be as optimistic as you. I know what this team is setting their fans up for, and I’m not willing to be a part of that.

    They wont win the Cup, and they wont get passed the first round. I’d much rather get a reward for being a brash*tty team. Slats’ last few first rounders have been pretty good, Kreider looks like he could be really good, but only time will tell, Del Z looks good, Cherry would have been at the very least a 20-30 goal scorer, and the jury is still out on Sangs. I’d be willing to take a risk with a top 5 pick. Maybe he gets a gem, or maybe he screws up. It’s better than watching this team get raped in the playoffs, and Dolan’s pockets filling up with more cash while he pats Slats on the back for a “job well done”, despite the end result.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The draft picks are wonderfull , I’d love any draft pick in todays NHL. Every pick is almost a sure fire winner. There is always a guy who does good in juniors and his stock rises as the NHL team that owns him are smiling. Yes Orr I want draft picks , I want a top 5 pick. Realisticly. Never gonna happen. Your hopes are greater to achieve then mine!!!
    We have Hank , a determined Hank. Oli the monter and a Chris Drury FINNALY playing like a beast ( my best Pierre Magwire)Ranger wont get a top 5 pick EVER!! EVER Orr face it , Never. How old is this franchise Orr? It has never and will NEVER get a top 5 pick so dont bank your donuts on it. This team has Character , bunch of clowns at times but it has character. Scariest team to play I’d say in the playoffs. Lord stanley Mug will come a callin…even when pigs fly.

  85. i wanted to stay out of this
    but CR9

    are you just mocking the situation and i miss the sarcasm
    are you taking pills to lower your IQ
    are you really that much of a blind pens/cindy lover that
    you’re unable to see reality??????

    1) cooke has been a dirty player on a number of occasions

    2) if it was cooke on another team and the hit was on your pens captain you and everyone on tsn and cbc would be crying foul. but, let’s face it. bettman and collie would have already been handing out a lifetime ban for daring to blindside their golden boy.
    (on a side note, another line of NHL stupidity that they make ONLY one player the face of the league who in turn teaches young kids that it’s okay to dive/embellish. wasn’t that scoffed at when the Europeans did it, eh?

    3)these type of hits NEED to be stopped and NEED to be STOPPED NOW!!! don’t give me that milbury crap of the toughness and speed of the game. you didn’t have this horrible situation happen so much until the last couple of years!!! it rarely happened even when players didn’t wear helmets! paraphrasing a radio caller on some NHL Network show, if there is a zero tolerance with high sticking then it should work for knocking a player unconscious. in this case, there should be a minimum suspension on your first plus a meeting with cclin campbell where additional games could be added for the viciousness of the infraction (see mike richards/jeff carter) and/or the number of times a player has done such an infraction.

    it needs to stop NOW before it does end up being one of your favorites on the ice glassy-eyed!!

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Im not dilutional ,not nieve nor did my Daddy cheer for this team. I see the big piture here . I see draft picks growing and an influx of young talent coming. We can’t sell ourselves short and get all ansy and hold rallys while were in a playoff push. I loved the rally , That fire Sather chant sounded strong. If that passion can be harnesed twards our team then maybe The Mouth wouldn’t have been so shocked no one showed up really. I saw Ranger love chanting for Sather to be fired . We can’t focus on rebuilding during a playoff run. Do it after the playoffs. If you really wanna do it right. Wait untill the last game when the Rangers get iliminated from contestion , then knowing we failed….ride Sather hard. Wear bags ,stay outside and go on F N strike as fans!! If we don’t make it is Sather to blame or is it all our rookies? Orr , you cant stock pile draft picks and think you have got it made. Number 1 pick is the only chance we got. Just ask Pittsburgh , 2 times so far …or did they have 3?

  87. This team is bad enough to get a top 5 pick. Pretty much the entire Western conference is better than the bottom ten of the East, and we’re 6-7 points out of the 26th place spot, and we’re playing touch teams.

    We *can* get a top 5 pick. This is the best opportunity to get a top 5 pick.

    This team is awful. Gabby wont magically get healthy, so he’ll be practically useless down the stretch, and if we somehow manage to make the playoffs, he’ll be even more useless, because these last 16 games were his playoffs. Hank was supposed to get a break this year, but he didn’t get it, so he’ll burn out towards the end, as always.

    And our defense is worse, so they wont make life easy for the guy.

    No shot. Prepare now, so you can avoid the depression of a playoff exit. That’s what I’m doing. For once I’m actually trying to look forward to the summer, and avoid moping around, and crying aboot how the Rangers “blew it”.

  88. I have a Mac laptop with me at the basketball I’m covering. My PC is black. I cannot download anything. Anybody else?

    ps, I hate this Mac.

  89. Plus-minus has to be the worst statistics in all of sports. As my first bit of evidence I give you MAREK MALIK! The guy had a lifetime plus, but is there anybody on the planet that thinks he was a good player?

    Too often a player gets a plus or minus and has nothing to do with the play. A defenseman covers his man flawlessly, but his defense partner gets beat one-on-one by a forward. Why does the defenseman that did his job get a minus because the other guy got beat? Stupid stat.

  90. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on


    I agree with everything you said. Crosby is a diver, but he is the face of the NHL as designated by Bettman. If you read this board, you would know I am the biggest Rangers homer there is.

    I feel bad for Marc Savard, as Savard is a good guy. But with disrespect to Jack Edwards sick article, Marc Savard AIN’T Sidney Crosby. Nobody, especially since there is no such thing as a Bruins fan, is going to miss Savard (especially since he is a magician and can disappear at will).

    After watching the cheap hits against Rangers in the NHL and the Olympics, I am just happy to see another team take a cheap shot on a non NY Ranger…..even moreso delighted that it was on a BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

    And by the way, that Cooke hit really was not all that cheap, as his elbow never came away from his body nor raised.

  91. Stupid stat indeed…unless your’e on the ice for a tremendous amount of time each game(like Adrian Aucoin was with the Isles) and you could make a case for it there.

  92. CR9

    i’ve been contributing to this board for a looooooong time.
    i’m not putting tons of posts up, just a matter of little to add or little time.
    and if i’ve missed your other posts. well, sorry about that.
    can’t read all 200 to 500 every day.

    still, i believe Edwards point is that if it happened to crosby — elbow up or down would barely even be discussed — there would be much outrage and action.
    it’s wrong for ANY player in the NHL or any other league to get targeted and knocked unconscious. i had a mild concussion due to a fall years ago and it was a weird bad situation that i would not wish upon any hockey….even Sidney Crosby.

    i’m tired of this tough guy crap and finetuning a hit. like someone else put it a check between Pronger and St. Louis would always find his elbows around the Lightning player’s head but if Pronger is making an actionable move to injure St. Louis with such a hit then it’s dirty and deserves a suspension.

    the new brand of elbow pads need to be addressed and looked at because they may protect a player’s elbows — although how often has a player been out due to an elbow injury? — but they have become weapons due to their construction.

    this is something that is happening MUCH TOO OFTEN in the past couple of years. prior to that, there was Lindros, Lafontaine and stevens setting players up for a hit. i’m sure there were others but definitely not as often as it is now.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Someone with PC knowledge plz help Carp.

  94. Carp

    Here is what you do….

    Do you have a hammer? You do? Good…so take the hammer and slam your PC with it as hard as you can! That’ll fix it! This is as far as my PC knowledge goes!

  95. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    You make a strong case Orr …does this mean ya wanna bet!!?? I understand yer logic , cushioning the fall. Prepare to lose before you lose …good idea. Umm no way hosey!!! Anyone in the first round is a gooder. Don’t be so greedy and go for the top 5 . Last I heard Taylor Hall isnt going 5th. We have a pick in the first round ( didnt trade it away) , we are winners. I know our team wont fold like you say but if they do , you were right but for now I say yer wrong.

  96. is it a laptop on

    carp if its a laptop you can take to best buy and have geek squad look at it.

    does alt ctrl del at same time bring anything. might bring up a box to close program that is causing the situation

  97. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , don’t think yer mean tough guy act is gonna work around here , we saw you. Your really a nice guy. You remind me of wanderli silva or someone.

  98. Greg is right, high draft picks are no guarantee of success, it’s as much a risk as free agency, because for every Crosby there’s an Alexandre Daigle or Patrik Stefan or Alexander Svitov or…gulp…Pavel Brendl or Hugh Jessiman.

  99. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yip Shory , Id take a hard working lower pick who was rated on his ability then a flashhy big name if need be.

  100. Greg

    Are you hitting on me? I gotta tell you…i’m not into older people! (Tony, no offense) :P

    And who said i wasn’t a nice guy? I am nice, when i get my way… :)

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Some might argue that first round draft picks are even more risky than free agency, but the payoff is much better! Young, cheap success! And higher draft picks turn into better players, that’s proven. Orr’s right, tank for the bottom 5 and try to get a top-2/3 if the lottery works in our favor.

  102. Rick, I am a bit late to the party but thats the thing that killed my last computer!!!

  103. TheMessiah94 on

    Carp, Do you know how to start the computer in “safe mode”? Restart/turn on your PC, and then just keep hitting the F8 key. You’ll have to do this for several seconds until it brings up a list of options. There should be an option for starting in safe mode. You should be able to login to Windows after a bit.

    Once in Windows, go to the Start menu -> and in the search box right above it, type in “msconfig” (no quotes).

    This will bring up a system config box. Click on the “Startup” tab. This is a list of all programs that run automatically when the computer starts. Look through the list and see if you can notice anything out of the ordinary. If so, uncheck it from the list and then restart.

    Also, while in safe mode, you may be able to run a virus/malware scan.

  104. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , your coat check story will haunt you forever on this blog!! You don’t fool me and looks like you would “beat up” again for your coat , now give me my Rangers cap!!!

    Linda , thanks alot for being there . Your terrific . A word of advice ….shhhh don’t ever ask CCCP for his coat.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …oh btw CCCP I know in Canada we accept the “gay” thing but my gate doesn’t swing both ways…. I aint that old anyways :|

  106. Greg

    That’s right…don’t you mess with my coat! :)

    The gate don’t swing, eh? Have you tried to oil it? LOL!

    Sorry… that one was just asking for it!

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I didnt say my gate was squeeky!!?? geeze im gonna stop right there…Orr , you say they dont make the playoffs and I say they do. How much more 50 /50 can that be? No Megan fox talky talk untill her next movie debuts( which could be never) …and I’ll give ya the part back that I won a few years back.

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …CCCP , I have rewound that part of you on the Mouths video a million times . I know yer walk , I know yer eyes. You can’t fool me ….if I can think like the beast then I can conquer it and my dream will finnaly be safe. Didnt the girl pull out a hat from under the covers to realize she can bring him back. Your cap is my next move to make ,could be my only chance.

  109. anytime greg, always!!

    Greg’s not old! hehehe you guys and neither is Tony!

    I think CCCP would give me a sweater or a hoodie, but the coat, i just dont know! He did introduce me to a great new musical genre, so maybe, just maybe, he won’t coatcheck a chick!

  110. Alright, I’ll take that bet. If NYR makes the playoffs, no Fox talk until her next flick, but if they miss the playoffs, you have to say “I love Zach Parise, Chico Resch, and Marty Broduer” three times a day, for seven days in a row.


  111. I was looking at AHL stats…what’s up with Grachev?
    12 goals, 14 assists in 64 games

  112. Greg

    i’m not even sure what to think…you rewound a million times to look at me? Save the hard work, man…ill send you a picture! And the girl did pull the hat out of her dream…so you just never know! Btw, did you hear about a new “Nightmare” coming out in April?! Can’t wait!

    Regarding “think like the beast, conquer the beast”…well, you have much to learn still! :P


    i will never coat-check you…too hard! :P

  113. Orr..what are you doing???? You should’ve thrown in Ken Daneyko’s bald head too…OH and No Chanting Potvin Sucks! That would’ve been torture!

  114. NYRGuy March 9th, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    I was looking at AHL stats…what’s up with Grachev?
    12 goals, 14 assists in 64 games

    He’s 20 (Happy Birthday Evgeny btw) playing against seasoned vets who couldn’t make it in the NHL…give the kid a break.

  115. honestly..we WOULD have a superstar if Cally was about 3 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier.

  116. Thanks all. I was going to try that hammer thing, standing in a bucket of water.

    I’m at a high school state tournament triple-header tonight.

    ilb, I’ll check that when I get home. Thank you. It’s a desktop, but I could still take it to the Geeks or somebody. If I want to pay for this freakin extortion.

  117. love that CCCP, very good!!
    you guys listening to blueshirt banter. Mouth is just a riot

  118. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Interesting proposition Orr . You fight dirty but I’m willing to take that bet and if you wanna “sweeten” it , im willing to risk anything cuz I know im dealing with a winner here.

    Yo CCCP , a picture can’t replace live footage. yer perty sneeky the way you stayed outta the camera …crazy there coming out with a new Kruger too.

  119. Tony, as Joe Namath famously said, “I can’t wait ’til tomorrow because I get better looking every day.”

  120. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    NASCAR also knows that the wrecks and carnage/conflict are what makes it so popular. That is why the NHL needs to not pansify the game even further and it certainly should not consider eliminating or punishing fighting. In fact, it needs to do away with the 3rd man in instigator BS!!

  121. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    WOw… that was a fantastic documentary about Sather! I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing for about 9:50 (it’s 10:03 total) and then GLenn, tomato-face, Sather says: “As a GM, all you need to be able to do is tell who can play. If you go to a rink and watch 50 guys skate and you can pick out that one who can play, you can be a GM in the NHL… the rest you can hire.”


    Did Sather out himself years ago? Did he simply lose his eye for the game, his free agent signings seem to dictate he SHOULD NOT be (based on his assessment of what it takes) an NHL-GM.

    Great documentary otherwise, really.

  122. CR9 (Carl Edwards is an attempted murderer) on

    My gate would swing both ways…if JAROMIR came along!!!!!

  123. Hey – the relevance of plus/minus (the worst stat in sports);

    I have to say the plus/minus is one of the few stats that I like. It is something that grabs onto an intangible – how useful are you to your team.

    Some guys score goals – and some guys make their teams play better (like me :) I defend the stat as having a relevance that a pure number cruncher can’t define.

  124. Sather’s biggest problem is that he does not talk to the media and lead.. he’s arrogant and aloof and lets others personally define him.. He takes his $6.5 million and runs..

    Forget Hugh Jessiman (the draft ain’t perfect), his biggest failure was the summer of 2008. Rissmiler, Voros, Redden, Rosival, etc, were all terrible signings and will hose the Rangers for years…

    The man has done some good things (generally drafted and traded well since 2004) but the summer of ’08 will haunt his legacy..

    We’d all love to ask him about his moves but he won’t take the fire. he just takes his money and hides.

    Poor leadership

  125. I do have to say..Sather does at least try. He got us Bure when we needed a scorer. He got us Lindros when we needed a big center. We need offense he gets us Shanny and Jagr. We need D he gets us Redden and resigns Rozy. We need speed and leadership he gets us Gomez and Drury. The only problem i have with Sather is that he doesn’t take credit for his mistakes. Trading away Leetch, signing Drury, Gomez and Redden to ridiculous contracts..Getting Kovy and then trading him away again…DRAFTING JESSIMAN OVER PARISE!…he needs to admit his mistakes and work his way back up. Stop using his “Glen Sather..i can do anything i want” ego and start actually working his way back up to what he once was..The best GM in the NHL.

  126. great interview with Andrew Gross on blueshirt banter! Hope you guys were listening!

  127. ORR
    your comment on Cally is pretty spot on. you need warrior type players, and possibly with a better veteran leader who knows if there’s more that he could contribute (i.e. that in-out move when he skated past the opposing dman and scored on the goalie)

    same goes with Dubi (which is a bit strange because he got some of that with Jagr and then seems to have forgotten much of what he learned!)

    could you imagine both of these players with Messier during his first run with the Rangers?!?!?

  128. TrueFans


    i recall some, such as Hockey Rodent, who didn’t want sather to begin with because he displayed that he lost “his eye for the game” during his final years at Edmonton. obviously, dolan didn’t pay attention and like many things Rangers, signed him because it looked like another sparkly item to have under the MSG roof.

    except for that one amazing Cup run without sather around, Edmonton regularly makes it in the playoffs…barely. but, at least, it usually consists of fast-skating, hard-working players that is a lot easier to watch than a bunch of confused slow-moving dispassionate bunch.

  129. Higgins just scored his first as a Flame. EN goal.

    guess, it wasn’t just being close to home.

  130. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It was actually a firm pass, have you seen how strong his forearms are?!

  131. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Kotalik was “so thick,” he just doesn’t look like a huge guy but he’s so strong!

  132. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Re Cally being a superstar if he were three inches taller and 20 lbs. heavier – reminds me of how Willie Shoemaker could have been Wilt Chamberlain if he had been black, two feet taller, and the strongest man in the world. And reminds me of how I could have Bill Gates money if we had had a garage to go with our suburban home when I was a kid. Talk about CLOSE!

  133. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Don’t doubt Joe M, he seeks out every men’s shower to find his next massive forearm’d phenom and he ALWAYS gets his man…

  134. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Matt K. – If Glen Sather is (was) the best GM in the NHL, then Jack The Ripper was a better stand-up comedian than Rodney and Don Rickles.

  135. i wonder what shelleys forearms look like… we havent heard joe call him big and thick yet either lmao

  136. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Matt K. – If Glen Sather is (was) the best GM in the NHL, then Jack The Ripper was a better stand-up comedian than Rodney and Don Rickles.

    …And Josh is a 26 year old who works for the LoHud News.

  137. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    26 these days doesn’t look the same as when I was 26… i’m just sayin’!

    Rick Carpiniello, 26, grew up in Harrison and began working in The Journal News’ sports department (back when it was The Reporter Dispatch and eight other newspapers) in October of 1977 after a year of covering high school sports as a stringer. For more than 20 years he covered the New York Rangers and the National Hockey League. Carpiniello has been writing columns on everything from local sports to the big leagues since 2002.

  138. and reminds me
    how i could call off work tomorrow and stop what i’m doing now
    if i won the genetic lottery and been one of the offspring of
    Sam Walton

  139. True, i cracked up when Carp first put that up a couple of months ago!! 26 and started working there in 1977!!!

  140. “I do have to say..Sather does at least try. He got us Bure when we needed a scorer. He got us Lindros when we needed a big center. We need offense he gets us Shanny and Jagr. We need D he gets us Redden and resigns Rozy. We need speed and leadership he gets us Gomez and Drury. The only problem i have with Sather is that he doesn’t take credit for his mistakes. Trading away Leetch, signing Drury, Gomez and Redden to ridiculous contracts..Getting Kovy and then trading him away again…DRAFTING JESSIMAN OVER PARISE!…he needs to admit his mistakes and work his way back up. Stop using his “Glen Sather..i can do anything i want” ego and start actually working his way back up to what he once was..The best GM in the NHL.”

    This, in a nutshell, is exactly why Sather is a terrible GM. Instead of having an actual plan of how he would like to build a team, and sticking to that plan, and, when he finds certain parts that really work, sticking with those and adding to them, AND, in addition, adding players who actually have the skills to accomplish what is right for the organization, he does everything you just described. He has no plan, he sees shiny big names and decides he wants them and overpays dramatically for them, and is unable to evaluate talent in a way that would make these signings constructive. And that lack of ability to evaluate talent leads to terrible drafting, which leads to 8 years out of the playoffs and no real talent to show for it. Lou Lamoriello is the opposite of Sather – he has always had a plan, and always stuck to it, and he looks not for “the best player available” but “the best player for our organization” which is not to say what position that person plays, but what specific qualities, personal and talent-wise, that those individuals have.

  141. Panthers, and Bruins picj up valuable points tonight. Panthers still in OT, but Bruins lost to Leafs in OT. Habs beat Bolts 5-3.

    Yup, not looking good for NYR. By the way Greg, you’re going to have to pop on your “caps lock” when you type that quote ;)

  142. Peter, sather having an organEYEzation wide plan would be totally unexpected! I know it’s what we all wish for, but i think the square pegs in round holes system is what he prefers

  143. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    oh my… you’re nearly treading in those non-niece friendly waters Carp warns us about.

  144. i push the envelope every now and then hehe! i’d get a smack in the back of the head if i misbehave

  145. ORR,im thinkin,a multi-fight night.
    Prust will take on Clarkson(maybe a Ranger can beat this dude finally)
    Shelley WILL fight Peters,or PLLL,locked.

    btw Greg,so sorry to hear about your lose,stay positive.hope the boys win one for you tonight.

  146. Carp

    I agree with your statement that Girardi has been a disappointment this season, and hasten to add, that he has also been a disappointment the prior TWO seasons.

    A fact that doesn’t seem to bother Tortorella at all, because he has his sights set on showing that Christensen kid a thing or two.

    I keep seeing Tort bowing to the time in grade of his vets often at the expense of more talented younger players, but he’s doing no more than the rest of this organization that lets youngsters wither on the vine so to speak, in Hartford
    when they could be learning the NHL style more handily during a streak where the won lost column means absolutely nothing. I’d bench for the duration Redden Girardi for the remainder of the season and see just what we have up there in the “land of steady habits.” What’s to lose?

  147. Who is Shelley supposed to fight? No one comes near him, and he’s seldom on the ice.

    I would like to see Cooke pull that kind of a hit against the Leafs with Orr lurking. I doubt it will happen.

  148. btw

    who is the “enforcer on the teams that Cooke has high hit?
    That might answer a few questions on when where and whom he hits like that.

  149. ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

    Sorry about this guy, but I just couldn’t help myself.

    In an earlier post you said that you were not dilutional..
    if there is such a word it would mean being capable of being diluted….unless of course you meant to say delusional.
    (Meaning the tendency to become deluded, or “fooled”.

    …no bads intended , just pulling your chain a bit.

  150. There is no doubt Sather and Dolan deservedly shoulder much of the blame for this team. Long, expensive, ridiculous contracts have stifled growth and stalled progress. yet, looking at the talent on this team, they simply should not be this bad. They have a top goal scorer (Gaborik), an elite goaltender (Lundquist), solid 2 way players (Drury and Callahan), experienced goal scorers (Jokkinen and Prospal)and a decent blue line (with the exception of Redden). This is at least a playoff team, if not a 5 or 6 seed.

    The problem is not the team, it’s the coach. I have no idea why Torterella consistently gets a free pass by many of you on this blog. I assume because he is as brass, arrogant, negative, condescending and hypocritical as a couple of people on this blog (you know who you are).

    The fact is Torterella’s leadership is killing this team. He has no consistency, no loyalty, he’s stubborn and hypocritical. He destroys chemistry and causes guys to work in spite of him instead of for him. For those who believe that is good leadership I say you have never met a good leader. If you want your people to perform, you must perform. He’s a disgrace.

  151. Rmant amen to all of the NYR management, they are the BIGGEST problem blocking success. They can’t lead nor can they get out of their own way or just out of the way. Their egos are too BIG. Their record proves it, and every season the blame goes basically to the players, as their bosses play CYA !!!!!!!!!!!!….the best thing that can happen right now is to NOT make the playoffs……..

  152. Ah, good game morning. It’s been too long. Let’s kick the Devils’ panties. Do one for GregL, boys!

  153. Ah, gonna have to watch the Devils broadcast tonight because NYR is on the dreaded MSG2

  154. Ah, MSG2, looks like it’s produced by a high school A/V group.

    In sad news, one of the two Corey’s has died. Actor Corey Haim was found dead in LA from an apparent overdose. He was 38.

  155. iMiami iPimp on

    2 more points wasted tonight?

    Our (wo)men are putrid.

    But they’ll tease us to the end … we’ll finish 1 point back … shootout loss.

  156. Smilin’ Bob
    March 9th, 2010 at 5:10 pm
    I can’t believe Tortorella had 4th line guys on the ice for the last shift of the game against Buffalo. I mean, I know they’ve done pretty well since they were put together a few games ago, but jeez, I thought we needed the points?

    and people think teams dont tank?? cmon dont be naieve. putting dru and cally in ot wasnt “going for the win”. neither was benching gabby. and neither was doing nothing at the deadline. maybe you can say well, we didnt sell, so we arent tanking, but we didnt get better. so theres no reason to believe with an injured gabby, we could do anything in the playoffs anyway. the only thing that is worse than tanking, is giving dolan his 2 home game playoff profit. i think you could say sather wants to appear to be looking for a playoff berth, but at teh same time, why wouldnt he buy at the deadline if it was so serious. i think they all know its a transition year, so its a win/win for slats. get in, great job buddy getting this crap team in. they miss, oh well we get a better draft choice. and i think this team will always try for the playoffs. almost every fan that is conflicted about tanking should just look past the here and now, and focus on the future of the team. a good draft choice can change this team drastically. and to give that up for another shot at a one and done is just foolish. i’ll be satisfied with this season if we can see some of our rookies and young players improve and keep progressing. im not all for tanking, but if we dont win like 75% or maybe more of teh games left, we wont make it. after the point of no return, then im all for tanking. but if we did get in the playoffs, sure, i’d be happy and rooting for them till teh last buzzer.

    p.s. greg, havent been here much, but do read the blog as much as i can, and just wanna say you are a great ranger fan. you never give up on the team. you stick to your guns, i like that. me, im more ambigous at times and sometimes give up on players too easily, or change my stance on things too easily. ive nbever had patience. it is a virtue. but youre a funny guy and a great fan and blog buddy. we fight sometimes but who cares. were all fans. im real sorry to hear about your woman. its what makes this life worth living for. the love of a good woman. and i have never experienced what you have so i can only imagine how it feels to have your wife die. so, take it easy and be strong bud. we both have aughters and i know my little girl always makes me happy. i hope your family and friends are there for you like mine have been for me during times like these. get on fb i havent been there in awhile but get on there and email me. i wanna end you something in the mail. it might help.

  157. mornin ilbzo!! i though corey was sober. he had a painkiller and coke addiction that he was supposedly over and clean now. gotta change the people,places and things man. he really justcouldnt stop chasin the dragon i guess

  158. Hi, Mikey.. You made my day:)

    You are right about GregL. I think I mentioned that before, but if our team showed half the emotions and passion that he has, we would be talking home ice advantage in the playoffs.

  159. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So here is our Season:

    16 Games left for the Rangers

    Predicted Conference point totalts to make the PLayoffs – Eastern Conference 87-90 points
    Western Conference – 90-94 points

    Rangers would need to win a minimum of 10 games to get to 87 points or go 10-6 down the stretch, again AT MINIMUM!

    This team will either step up and battle, or implode.

    And Sather doesnt need to retire, he needs to DIE! Choke on the cigar, and move back to Alberta or wherever the hell his 5 million dollar summer home is.

    Arrogant Bastard. I’d have more respect for him if maybe he EVER talked to the fans via the teams own website, maybe explained some of hsi moves, be aman, admit his mistakes,but of course, we get silence. Total Scum bag

    Just Die you old idiot. I dont care how many Hockey accolades you have anymore. Go Screw up another Franchise somewhere else

    Oh yeah, and lets go Rangers

  160. Mornin’ all.

    Seems like some of ya were smoking the good stuff last night, some crazy stuff there.

    Devils tonight- do we get a replay of the last game between these teams? Or does this Ranger team actually score on Uncle Daddy? Oh, and can someone please tell the team that not just Gaborik can score, that they all can. Seems like they look for him EVERY time he’s on the ice.

  161. Mickey – I agree; it was the same way with Jagr too. It seemed like no one else wanted to shoot if he was on the ice. They were all looking to set him up rather than making the play…

  162. You mean like when he was traded for Messier, and he said, “I’m not going to Edmonton.” And we asked, “You mean you’re not going today?” and he said, “No, I’m never, ever going to Edmonton.”

    Until he found out the only way he was getting paid was by going to Edmonton.

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the bug with your computer, is it “Internet Security 2010?” I just dealt with that for a coworker. Nastiest piece of adware I’ve ever seen. His laptop was too slow to run the programs required to fix it, so he ended up having to start over.

    You shouldn’t have the same problem with your desktop. Let me know if it is and I’ll e-mail you some instructions on how to deal with it.

  164. I think the younger guys need to shoot more, Dubi seems to have a decent laser on him and DelZ can shoot from the blue line. I know Torts was stressing that wide shots can sometimes lead to breakaways but at least it keeps the d-men honest if its likely all 5 guys on the ice can shoot, plus if they go to the net there’s more chance of some rebounds or lucky deflections.

    Its a simple equation:
    More shots + go to the net = more goals

    As for the D
    When take the body > poke check = less goals against

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