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From the Rangers:

March 7, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Buffalo Sabres 2 OT (Game #66, Home #35)
·         The Rangers were defeated by the Buffalo Sabres, 2-1, in overtime tonight at Madison Square Garden.  The Blueshirts have registered a point in six of their last eight contests, posting a record of 4-2-2 (10 pts.) over the span.
·         New York is now 29-28-9 (67 pts.) on the season, including a 14-15-6 (34 pts.) mark at home this season.
·         The Rangers power play converted one-of-two (2:41) opportunities, and is now three-of-seven in the last three games for a 42.9% success rate during the stretch.
·         The Blueshirts have posted a record of 6-2-2 in the second game of back-to-backs this season, including a 5-1-1 mark following a loss in the first game of the set and 3-1-1 when the second game is at MSG.
·         Henrik Lundqvist stopped 30 of 32 shots, and is now 26-22-8 on the season, including a 13-14-6 mark at MSG.  He is now 4-1-2 (10 pts.) with a 2.12 goals against average and a .939 save percentage in his last seven games, and has stopped a combined 80 shots in his last two games.
·         Brandon Dubinsky notched a power play goal with 1:23 remaining in the third period to send the game into overtime.  His goal ended the Rangers scoreless streak of 149:30, dating back to Dubinsky’s power play goal at 12:49 of the second period on Thursday vs. Pittsburgh.  Dubinsky has notched three goals in the last four games.
·         Defenseman Michael Del Zotto tallied the primary assist on Dubinsky’s power play goal, and registered three blocked shots in 21:04 of icetime.  Del Zotto has recorded a power play assist in four of his last five games at MSG.
·         Olli Jokinen recorded one power play assist and four shots on goal.  He has now registered three assists in the last three games.
·         Brian Boyle registered three hits in 8:58 of icetime while skating in his 100th career NHL contest.
·         Rangers Captain Chris Drury led all forwards with four blocked shots and 21:26 of icetime, and won a game-high 11 faceoffs in 19 attempts (58%).  Drury has now won 31-of-48 faceoffs in the last three games, for a 65% success rate over the span.
·         Ryan Callahan registered a game-high six shots, and added four hits in 19:21 of icetime.
·         Marc Staal and Jody Shelley tied for the team-high with five hits; Michal Rozsival logged a team-high 24:48 of icetime.
·         The Blueshirts’ next practice is scheduled for Tuesday, Mar. 9 (11:00 p.m.), at the MSG Training Center.
·         The Rangers return to action on Wednesday, Mar. 10, when they will face-off against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center (7:00 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division rivals; the game will be televised live on MSG 2 and can be heard on 970 The Apple.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game…
“We needed the two points, we got one.  We have to keep on fighting.  That is all we can do.  There are a lot of questions about offense.  The way we are trying to approach it is to make sure we are doing the right thing away from the puck so we can get the puck and have it more and try to generate more offense.  We are going to continue to do that, continue to fight every night and see where we go.”
Henrik Lundqvist on tonight’s game… “I think we played pretty well.  We created some solid chances.  We played really well on special teams, I think.  It is big for us to get a point here but it is still a little frustrating to not get two points especially when we tied it.  I felt like we were going to do this and get back on the winning streak.  We come back late, get a point and we played pretty well.”
Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “It was a hard fought point for us.  We got one late to tie up the game.  I thought we had a good game, unfortunately we lost there in overtime.”

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    First time Carp’d…

    ‘Excellent post, Carp.
    Derek Jeter’s favorite baseball player is probably Chris Drury.’

  2. Why can’t they just win a game when they’re outplaying the other team. They need to learn how to take that next step.

  3. Half of the team shows up every night. That’s not enough. So many times the Rangers could have scored if the trailer was just a halfstep quicker.

  4. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    Thank you sir, may I have another!!!! (unbefrakkinglievable)

    I don’t want them to tank regardless, I hope they get into the playoffs. 8th is better than 9th in my opinion! First round loss is better to me than no playoffs.
    They should draft hrasko!!!
    R and R will probably be gone by next season. I am reasonably sure that rozy will be traded at some point and redden (who the hell would take him I have no idea) might be traded or join the pack. I think slats really wants souray and will probably deal for him some how!
    I agree about getting volchenkov, he would be a huge upgrade. He can’t do it alone, we need at least two rough physical guys added to the top 6.
    We will never be able to get a top 5 pick as long as we have hank, so tanking is really not an option (unless we trade for it).

  5. TheMessiah94 on

    Canadiens come back from a 3-0 deficit and beat the Ducks 4-3 in a shootout. We’re falling farther behind.

  6. season over

    montreal with 2 late goals to tie it win a shootout.

    they understand how to play with pressure.

    we suck i hate this team blow the place up

  7. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Memo to Hank Lundqvist who said: “I think we played well.” Well, Hank, it says here that ANY GAME YOU LOSE YOU DID NOT PLAY WELL. Period. It is about WINNING, two points to none. No other result is satisfactory, and patting oneself and teammates on the back for a good “effort” is the stuff losers are made out of. Play poorly and win once in a blue moon, why don’t you? Winners do it all the time. This team should take another vacation – oh wait, it already has, when it is playing any meaningful hockey game.

  8. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    where the hell are you?? You travelling across country or something????SHEESH!!!!

  9. Terrible night…very disappointed in the rally…not alot of people showed up and it wasn’t very loud.

    Then, the game…the ONLY reason Rozi leads in ice time is because he gets caught on the ice! He’s worse in person than on TV, it’s ridiculous.

    Maybe Wicky is right…we do need Brendan Witt…

  10. I was at the game and I thought it was terribly boring for most of the game. The second was brutal…
    *Gabby is definitely not right.

  11. shelly stinks his 5 hits mean nothing. why not have lisin in the lineup and have 1 less thug? Why they already have to much scoring in the lineup?

    the team cannot score but jody shelly see’s the ice against a team other then the flyers!!!!!!!!!moronic.

    for all the doom and gloomers, this team is maybe a 7th seed talent wise at this time but they are young and will have some cap rood for next year.

    the rangers are like 3 and 9 in ot and shootouts total and montreal has about 9 wins in ot and hootout that is the season right there….

    avery really does stink. he is soft on the puck, he makes many bad decisions with the puck every game, check him out. good for a few bad turnovers every game and very few smart offensive moves………….

  12. After seeing that tonight…you might be right Wicky…he can’t be any worse than what we got!

    And I don’t know why Shelley plays over Voros…it’s not like he is in there to fight…I think Voros skates harder and goes to the net more…

  13. Why is Byers still in AHL? The guy will fight, skates hard and has more offensive potential than other options…

    Seems like Weise should battle for a spot next year too

  14. Once again too many guys in the Blue sweaters watching the game instead of being part of it.

  15. the rangers problem is not defense for anyone who can think. they are top 15 in goals against.

    this team cannot score bottom line. the D who very early in the season cannot score a gola just like the forwards….

    mdz and gilroy must score more next year… roszival is much much better player then redden it is not even close. redden is a 6th d man at best making $6 mill for 5 more yrs. His contract makes Drury’s look reasonable, that is scary……….

  16. # Shoryuken on Glen Sather March 7th, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    CR the Celtics have come back and are about to win! Those damn refs!

    Thanks for bringing up Boston again! I saw the end, the Wizards had a double digit lead with like 4 or 5 minutes left and then DECIDED THAT THEY DID NOT WANT TO WIN.

    Such is life as a Bostonian. Handed things on a silver platter.

    Oh well, I’ll start worrying when they make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  17. I don’t think numbers tell the whole story, yeah their defense isn’t that bad…but alot of their games are lost because they refuse to take the body…the defenseman stand there and poke check instead of knocking anyone off the puck and clearing the crease…so while the numbers say they are top 15 in goals against, they don’t get the job done when they need to.

  18. “I felt like it was shoulder to shoulder,” said Cooke, who is uncertain whether he will be suspended by the NHL. “I know he’s shooting the puck but I just finished my check. I got hit the same way my shift before at center ice by their defenseman, except I [ducked] at the last second.”

    Shoulder to shoulder?????? WOW…he should be suspended for those comments alone…I love how Avery gets an indefinite suspension for his words and a guy like this won’t get more than 5 games

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The sole reason the Rangers are top-15 in defense is because of Hank. Plain and simple. Anyone watch Fleury against the Rangers? Anyone watch the Chicago v. Detroit game today? It is amazing to watch how routine Lundqvist makes every save look. He almost never lets in a ‘routine’ goal. He doesn’t allow one on one shots in. It’s just insane how good this guy is behind an awful team. The Rangers with an average goalie are probably 28th in the NHL, but this guy steals enough points to give them a shot every year.

  20. Couldn’t agree more True Fans…it’s just gonna get worse the more worn down MDZ and Gilroy get…which means extra minutes for Redden and Rozi (altho he seems to be getting his fair share anyway)

  21. Not happy with the injury to Marc Savard, but I salute Matt Cooke for taking a cheap shot on somebody other than a NY Ranger…..and even moreso, a Bruin!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think a max deal offer sheet MUST be made to Matt Cooke this offseason, just so he can intimidate the opposition by taking runs at unsuspecting players/superstars


  23. True fans bleed RW&B on

    NHLPA doesn’t even allow players to restructure contracts… Not that Drury would even suggest it anyway, its a moot point.

  24. the ranges do need a hitter on the backline but for some reason management chooses not to give, heikannan, or potter or danguinetti(I know he is not a hitter) a chance to play and sink or swim but continue the redden folly.

    if the rangers had 1 addtl offensive stud all would be different but they do not have that… kovalchuk will be available in the offseason and so will ryan… the rangers should not resign prospal or jokinen(unless he plays for $2.5 mill or less and that will never happen), they also will not resign shelly, and others. they need 1 impact offensive stud BADLY…….Girardi to me has played better lately but signing him is up in the aire big time….

  25. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Meaning sather won’t offer Girardi a penny less than a mediocre Salary of 20 million..Like Rozsival.

  26. Stuart March 7th, 2010 at 11:47 pm

    “the rangers problem is not defense for anyone who can think. they are top 15 in goals against.

    this team cannot score bottom line. the D who very early in the season cannot score a gola just like the forwards….

    mdz and gilroy must score more next year… roszival is much much better player then redden it is not even close. redden is a 6th d man at best making $6 mill for 5 more yrs. His contract makes Drury’s look reasonable, that is scary………”

    this is a reasonable and accurate post, you are just about always on target with your posts

  27. matt cooke is scum, always has been always will be, completely blindsided savard and completely got him with his elbow and to the head, he should get at least 5 game suspension

  28. Shelley looked good out there,skates well,tho he is given alot of room by d men.
    people who think voros or lisin are better alternatives should check those guys stats,they cant score,at least shelley can fight.
    Torts has his head up his ass,the guy is so stuborn,his playing time distrubution was mind numbingly stupid,yeah lets ride Gabbys injured groin all 2nd period.
    While Gabbys hurt it might not be a bad idea to put prust or shelley on his wing,maybe aves.he needs someone out there to help out when teams inevitably target him with rough stuff(like green did 30 seconds into the game against the caps).

  29. Relax guys…you could smell this loss coming the minute the Rangers scored that late tying goal. How come? The old, “right back goal” phenomenon.

    It happens to all teams now and then – it happens to Rangers – a LOT.
    It has been theorized that when a pair of teams go a long way without scoring, a tension builds on both, and when one finally does put one in the net, there is a subconscious team let down for some moments after – and that’s when the opposing team mounts an enraged counter attack, and the defending team experiences a brief slacking off..that’s when the right back goal occurs.

    There is no question about it…this team as a team are some of the worse finishers in the league. They are terrible at putting the puck in the net. And if just half of the team played this game with the determination of Callahan they’d be gunning for the top spot in the league instead of becoming spectators in a few weeks.

    That overtime period was so predictable that it became almost laughable.

  30. Good morning, everyone!

    Wicky, came home late. Watched the game very late. Thank you again. Same goes to mrs. Kiss the girls for us, will you…

    As far as the game. I did think they played solid, including the physical part. The 4th line was pretty effective. But they are not here to score. It’s all irrelevant now. Solid play was important in November-December. The team needs points. They overtime record is 3-9. Even if it was 6-6, they’d be in the playoff position.

  31. Objectively speaking.

    We all knew the first 5 games after the break were going to be the a test of the mettle of the team. 10 points available, so far they’ve earned 4 out of a possible 8. Win against the Devils and they have 6 of 10. Given how inconsistent and otherwise mediocre the team is, 6 of 10 points isn’t terrible given that all the teams they will have played are either 1st or 2nd in their respective divisions.

    Coincidence or not? Since that epic 1-0 F/SO loss to the Devils:

    Devils 7-12-2
    Rangers 7-11-2

    At least they took as much out of the Devils as the Devils took out of them.

  32. Michael Del-zotto is hurting this team. He was great on offense in the begging of the season, but has been terrible on D throughout the season. I know some will say that this is part of the process of a rookie learning his way in the NHL, but DZ needed time in the minors, same thing with gilroy. Defense is too important in this league to be a training session for your players. Potter was solid and i would put him back in for the remainder of the season. Long story short this team needs a revamped D next yr. A couple of good UFA to look at for the off-season are Gonchar, Johnsson, Rathje. D is sooo important, it also leads to good offense.

    On another topic I was talking with a minnesota Wild fan, and he was telling me that Gaborik is great but not a good player to build your team around. Im begining to realize this as the games get more important, gaborik has seemed to dissapear. World class talent but not much heart if you ask me, and yes heart includes playing with injuries, every player pushes through pain at this time of year. If you put callahan’s heart into gaborik, he would be a mega beast in this league.

  33. Also forgot to mention Corvo and volchenkov. There is a lot of good UFA’s this off season. We need to clear up some space and sign at least 3 new defensemen.

  34. It is getting painful to go to these games…Everygame its the Keep it Simple Stupid Hockey 101 plays that really hurt this team…..the dman playnig catch carelessly in their own zone, the dman going backwards in their own zone, the forwards (emmm MR SEAN AVERY LAST NIGHT) not getting the puck deep after crossing the red line, no one hitting down in the trenches i mean no one, it is amazing how easy we make it for teams to gain our defensive blueline, i dont even wanna count how many 3 ON 2s buffalo had last night and then we WILL TAKE THE POINT ATTITUDE


    UGH so disgusted, had to vent HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE

  35. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    UFA this Summer:
    Jokinen, Prospal, Shelley

    RFA This Summer:
    Lisin, Christensen,Girardi, Staal, Auld, Prust, Del Zotto

    Players who SHOULD be re-signed:
    Christensen – Should be cheap and has proven he’s worht re-signing
    Staal – 3-4 year deal will prob be hashed out.
    Prospal – As long as he doesn’t want to break the bank
    Auld – if he’s not looking for a raise, if not, you give Johnson the back up job for the enitre year and let him learn on the job

    -Send Redden & Voros to Hartford to Join Baby Brash and clear more cap space
    -Try to trade Rosi in the offseason
    -Sather steps down and leaves the new GM with lots of cash to fill the obvious holes.

    This is my best case scenario for next season.

    Our playoff chances get slimmer everyday, and Cally said it best last night post game. Even if we got into the playoffs, were not winning all that much at home, so how far could we really even go? One round tops?

    Only solace I found last night is that the Devils got shut out by EDMONTON!!!!

  36. mazio- i agree about gabby. i dont think hes ever been healthy enough to make it a full season or is injured for so long that he might subconsciously hold back a little so he doesnt risk any further injury. hes also probably in more pain than we realize. his body doesnt look like it could handle playing an 82 game plus playoffs nhl season. he had his surgery over a year ago now, and he was great when he came back. 13 goals in 17 games?? after what, 50 or so games here he kind of started to look worse. like he wants to do it, its just his body cant maybe. who knows, but for all his pure skill, he doesnt add much else if he isnt scoring. he doesnt hit, he can pass but nobody else can finish like he can, so most of his nice passing plays end up being shots gone wide., or end up being turned over. or intercepted when hes having bad night, like in washington. he has absolutely zero moves, so he wont be beating players 1 on 1, and is fast, but doesnt drive the net with his speed like he should and can. i honesly think his career will be over in a few years. hes a nice player that can score but hes definitely a support player. hes been stuck in the 30 goal mark for how long now?? i think he had 30 goals way back in january. i’ll be surprised if he even hits 40.

  37. BroadwayBlue on

    Something is wrong when the fans are more upset about not winning than the players. NYR needs a strong injection of “Messier attitude”. The Captain hated to lose, not enough players on the current squad feel that way. More importantly, winning a game/losing a game is not going to get this team into the playoffs. Where’s the sense of urgency, particularly at home? Their 14 wins in 35 games at MSG is abyssmal, not to mention unacceptable.
    I’ve been a strong supporter of Torts, but his constant line changing is producing little. It seemed every time Gaborik was on the ice he had a different center. Hard to create chemistry when your lab partners are never the same.

  38. ^Yep, and I really feel like our best player is lunqvist, so build a great D in front of him just like Buffalo did this year with Miller, and I think the Rangers will have more of a chance next yr.

    Kind of sad to say, but the D was better with Poti and Malik.

  39. and of course only the rangers would have the luck of having their best player and pretty much only shot at making the playoffs besides our goalie, hurt himself and aggravate an injury that hasput him down his entire career. or is it that slats was yet again, one of the only gm’s to take such a risk by this time signing a guy who has been injured ever single season hes been playing when he shouldve got heatley. wow, a 13 goal scorer he had to part with? cmon. bye duby. his 16 goals was really a huge step up this year right?

  40. Do we really want to slide in as the #7 or #8 seed and get our asses wiped by the Caps or the Pens?

    And why is Shelley in the line up if he doesn’t fight someone?

  41. That didn’t come out right….I mean get our asses handed to us…not wiped.

  42. Unless there’s a buy out or trade I see there being only one open D spot in the regular 6. It seems that Torts isn’t really taken with Girardi’s game, and neither are most fans at this point so he’s probably a goner after this year.

    The organization seems to love Staal and while he’s taken equal steps forwards (already broke his career “high” in points) and backwards (physical game hasn’t really developed as much, some coverage issues) he’s still set to be a solid top 4 D and thus likely to be re-signed with contract at the very least equal to what Callahan and Dubinksy received.

    Gonchar will probably ask for too much if he doesn’t re-sign with the Pens. He’s a very good D, sort of like the left handed version of Zubov and between him and Redden I’d give him Redden’s contract any day of the week but I don’t know if the Rangers can afford to use up as much cap space as he’ll command.

    Corvo wouldn’t be a bad choice for at least help on the PP but I’d rather go with Volechenkov for defensive purposes. It seems that he’s the Orpik or Scuderi of this year’s FA class and will certainly fetch a lot of offers.

    Rathje hasn’t played in the NHL since 2006-07. And Johnsson’s skills have been in rapid decline. He’d be Redden 2.0.

    Another D I’d look into is Willie Mitchell. I think he’d be good for mentoring Staal in being a shutdown D or be the stay at home guy to allow DZ or Gilroy to join the rush.

  43. seth- i either have fell asleep or just turned off the last few ranger games before they finished. its gotten boring watching them. they play decent sometimes, but after watching the olympics and that gold medal game, the rangers just seem like a team going through the motions. i was happy watcing torts on usa bench not saying an effin word. just watchin his facial expressions after every stupid move by his team makes me stressed out. get somebody in here that looks somewhat like they have control over this team. he looks like he lost this team and cant figure out a way to get them to play at a high level. whether theyre at home, or not. they play with teh same passion and urgency as a team waiting for the season to end.

  44. Newman, I think both the Pens and the Caps would probably have their way with the Rangers over a best of 7. So whether they’d get their rear ends handed to them or wiped, it’s really a matter of whether you want Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom/Green/Knuble doing it or Crosby/Malkin/Gonchar/Staal. Or Eric Fehr/Brooks Laich vs Mike Rupp/Alex Goligoski.

  45. Crosby and Ovechkin were not having success until their teams brought in Bylsma and Boudreau. Not sure why Lundqvist and Gaborik are taking the blame here. As previously stated, what exactly has Tortorella done to improve this team, and what player has improved under him?

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Do we really want to slide in as the #7 or #8 seed and get our asses wiped by the Caps or the Pens?
    My favorite is the ‘slide’ and then the ‘wipe.’ It all fits.

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Ahh… kc that’s not the whole truth. Olczyk, the other guy, and even Byljsma have been losers when Gonchar is hurt. Just so happens Gonchar came back when Byljsma was hired. That said, the capitals sucked for years but Ovechkin was still putting up 50 goal seasons. The rest of the team has improved a little every season and look where they are now? Neither change was only the coach and you can’t tell me you’re comparing glass-hips one-leg Gaborik to Crosby/Malkin and Ovechkin?! The teams are so different, including primary and secondary offensive units the Rangers simply don’t have. Those other teams also have defensman who play, umm, defense.

  48. Just going to say that True Fans. The Caps and Pens are better overall teams because of their top end talent that goes along with Crosby and Ovechkin.

    Remember the Pens were still pretty lousy in Crosby’s 1st season but Malkin coming in the next year and MA Fleury turning into a decent (if still overrated goalie) helped the team flourish. Ditto for the Caps with Backstrom and Green giving them complimentary scoring beyond Ovechkin and Semin.

  49. True ct. Hopefully we can open up more d spots. Girardi is a defenite goner, and hopefully Del-Z gets some time in the minors. My wish is to get volchenkov this off season, the man is a blocking maniac. His salary isn’t bad either. Him and Corvo would definitely make my summer. Both players would be around a 6 mill cap hit which isn’t bad.

  50. longtimerangersfan on

    Moved here to NC from CT. The only way to get MSG is to subscribe to Direct TV. Problem? They are in a “pissing” match with Comcast and won’t air the Versus games. Guess what? The playoffs are almost exclusive on Versus. E mailed both Direct TV and the NHL. Versus says they don’t want to pass on the exorbitant fees that Comcast will charge them so won’t air their channel. The NHL…NO ****ING RESPONCE! They don’t give a crap about the rank and file hockey fan. Bottom line…if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, no problem. Tired of watching them not show up anyway!

  51. Girardi is definitely done, Torts disliked the guy since training camp….remember this kid was undrafted got into the league and surprised some guys with a few OK years…As much as I love staal the kid really needs to develop his offensive game a bit during the offseason-work on his shot….the team in general needs to work on the ONE TIME..,i can basially count on my hand how many ONE TIME shots we EVEN ATTEMPTED this YEAR….

  52. Why is everyone so surprised at the lack of offense. We all
    said that would be our weak spot. What has caught up to us is the other weak spot that everyone was aware of the 4 r’s on defense(Rosizval, Redden and 2 Rookies.) The breakout from our zone is to often broken up by a too slow pass or turning back and getting forechecked hardly ever enough clean breakout plays. I’m hoping the Redden, Roszival thing is cleared up over the offseason and hope Del Zotto & Gilroy are learning from their playing time. Henrick is really doing well in spite of the defense in front of him.
    I’m honestly surprised the team is over .500 which I feel is
    better than the doom & gloomers expected.

  53. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    No way in hell Redden is on this team next year
    Either gets buried or is bought out.

    Torts doesnt like him, doesnt play well enough to earn half of his salary.

    Rosi can be traded, but is a decent bottom D man
    Girardi wont be resigned either

  54. No way in hell Redden is on this team next year
    Either gets buried or is bought out.

    If he does go to the minors or gets bought out, are we clear of all his salary because that would be huge.

  55. Someone brought it up the other day, but I really hope that a chance remains that Rozi gets moved because his actual salary is less than his cap hit but there might be teams that need to add to their cap number in order to be compliant with the cap floor. Maybe he can become another member of the Desert Rangers?

  56. Buy out equals a fraction of his cap hit, but over twice the length of his remaining years.

    Waived and sent to the HFD completely clears his cap hit.

  57. All feelings aside, they need to bury Redden in HFD. Funny thing is I remember when Redden was a healthy scratch and acted like a baby. I wonder what he would do if he actually got sent to HFD. I guess we all know he wouldn’t do whats best for the team since he has a have one’s cake and eat it too attitude.

  58. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    The team is over .500? Bettman math apparently fools some fo the people all of the time. I wonder, when Bettman is mercifully gone, if the NHL will repair the damage he has done to the game, or just pretend that his was a “great legacy” and name some post-season award after him? Man, the world is just nuts!

  59. mazio

    I know that it is considered not good form to speak ill of your only real shot maker, but one must face reality at times. As good as he is offensively, Gaborik, coughs up the puck a LOT.Giveaways abound with him., Why? I dunno.But they’re very noticeable.

    When Rangers take to the ice against ANY team,one looks at them and knows from the outset that they are playing the game, with a gigantic hole in the heart of the team, as to performance ability by personnel. It’s just there like a dead ox waiting for someone to notice it.
    No one shoots really hard. No one passes really hard. No one seems to want to go into the devil’s cauldron ( the blue ice in the front of the crease) except Callahan and at times some of the new guys.) ..and this condition has gone on now for several SEASONS. This is the state of affairs of the hockey team representing the greatest city in the world for sports.

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