It’s go time!


First things first. Gaborik is going to skate in warmups and if he can’t go 100 percent, he won’t play tonight. So apparently he wasn’t 100 percent last night. And obviously the coach wasn’t thrilled with the less-than-100-percent Gaborik.

Lundqvist in goal. Voros and Lisin likely prucha’d unless Gaborik is scratched.


Don’t know if you saw Bob Raissman’s column in the Daily News today. So much for that Olympic carry-over having an impact on the NHL.

In the Rangers’ first home game back from the Olympics,with a division rival in the house, the defending Stanley Cup champs no less, captained by none other than the guy who scored the gold-medal winning goal and on whom the NHL hangs its collective hat to be the league’s torch-bearer forever more …

… MSG Network did a .96 rating for the game. The Mets’ exhibition game the same day did a 1.13. Hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.


Initial reports from the “Fire Sather” rally: Only about 150 people showed up, which is a terribly low number given the weather and the fact that there’s a game tonight. Can anybody down there verify, or give us some highlights? Again, over at there’s a blog radiocast of the event, including shout-outs to the Boneheads.

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  1. 150? No chance. Maybe if you counted people twice. Closer to 80-100 at best. I was really let down

  2. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    brashear scored his first in htfd!!! Thought you would all be excited to hear, they may call him up to take gabby’s place as the offence threat!

  3. gabby wasnt 100% last night huh? figured. but how can torts get mad at him? he did cough up teh puck like crazy in the offensive zone, and his passing hasnt been good before the break either, but id blame duby and staal before him. dz is getting real bad on the pp. he can barely keep a puck in the zone, and oes that same up the gut pass that everyone knows he is gonna do and intercepts. he needs to get the gilroy treatment and focuzs on d for awhile. with rozy playing better, giev him more pp time. staal is teh one who took that bad penalty to put us 2 men down. and duby blew a great chance right in front. besides gabbys giveawyas what did he do to piss torts off so much? i know i was pissed that he played in that bronze medal game after he got hurt, but cmon, thats over, we need teh guy to have a chance.

  4. Carp,
    Do you think the ratings could have been hurt because the game was on Versus? Not that many fans would rather watch Versus than MSG, but maybe some people assumed the game was blacked out on MSG? Not that this would change the ratings dramatically but just a thought

  5. What do trolls get out of coming to a Rangers site??

    It’s not like the Rangers ever do anything.

    I understand trolls going to a Yankees site, as the Yankees represent everything that is right with sports, and are winners.

    Why the Rangers?

  6. well honestly, it is kinda lame. i dont blame people for not going. im sure there’s 100 other things more constructive to do with your time. like, sleeping. or NOT BUY ANY MORE RANGER TICKETS UNTIL DOLAN GETS THE MESSAGE!! thats the best way to do it. boycott. watch teh garden half full or less like atlanta and then see how fast dolan gets his azz in gear

  7. Rally was kind of a joke. Larry Brooks will probably make it seem like 10,000 people came but in reality it was a real let down in turnout.

  8. Rnk25 … I wonder how many people who have MSG didn’t go to MSG first? But even if the number would have been elevated to 1.2, that’s pretty awful. Plus the Rangers had won three in a row.

  9. Uh oh, Dubi reaching out to young hockey players ??

    Dubi: Okay kids, on your left side we have combs. Do you kids know how to part your hair ? I can help, i like these sort of things. Okay, next to be greedy, and ride your most talented teammates coattail, so they get you more money. After that, if i have time, ill teach you all how to pretend to be tough.

  10. boycotts ain’t happening. People love their team too much. And you can bet everybody will be grabbing those playoff tickets at inflated prices (plus those fraudulent fees) long before knowing if the Rangers will even make it. That’s just the nature of the Rangers fan. Loyal to a fault.

  11. “well honestly, it is kinda lame. i dont blame people for not going. im sure there’s 100 other things more constructive to do with your time. like, sleeping. or NOT BUY ANY MORE RANGER TICKETS UNTIL DOLAN GETS THE MESSAGE!!”

    Exactly. I cant even think of a way to have fun with that rally, unless i just got piss drunk and jumped on the back of a moving taxi while screaming “fire Sather”.

  12. Grabby

    Good one! Would not be surprised though. It’s already been said that this was the best Winter Classic in history, shocking ;)

    The shootout Crosby goal was the best!

  13. Trautwig:”Here’s Brandon Dubinsky with 15 goals probably on his way to 20!”. Wow. That’s great, Al. Get the Hart Trophy ready

  14. Proving my theory that most Ranger fans complain about Sather, because it’s “the cool thing to do”.

    If you honestly assess his work …

    Lost one year due to a Lockout
    Made the playoffs every year since the Lockout
    Drafted Hank, Dubi, Cally, Staal, MDZ, Stepan among others.
    Pulled off some crappy UFA deals, but pulled off some awesome trades …

    It could be worse

  15. Oh, ok. I’m always confused by the rating system but I assumed that was pretty bad. But yeah I get what you’re saying. Hopefully Versus doesn’t pick up a lot more of these games, its not fun for a Directv subscriber.

  16. somerset, all good points. But the Redden/Drury contracts will handcuff the team for years and years, and already this year he has admitted mistakes (and rid himself of them) in Higgins, Kotalik and Brashear. Not to mention Lisin, Voros, Rozsival.

    and let’s not hand out too many medals for making the playoffs.

  17. Some crappy UFA deals? Just some?
    I see you also left out that they missed the playoffs ever year before the lockout and there are no 1st round draft picks from those years on the team.

  18. I don’t hate sather because it’s cool, I hate him because he is a horrible GM. Sather was awful before the lockout and we have very little talent to show for not making the playoffs all those years. Sure they made the playoffs every year after the lockout, but each year we have snuck in and really were never a threat once we got in. Not to mention his idiotic free agency signings that will prevent this team from being a contender for the next 2-4 years.

    So, yes, it could be worse, we could have mike milbury instead (or lately Sutter and Gainey b4 he was fired), but that’s not saying much

  19. We’re really not that badly hamstrung, if..

    If Sather dumps Redden and Rozi in the minors, and spends money wisely in the offseason, we’re not so bad off.

    Also, IIRC, Drury only has 2 more years after this year, so he might be able to be traded at next trade deadline (pending his approval), and definitely at the 2012 trade deadline as an expiring contract.

  20. Sounds like people like the idea of firing Sather more than the reality of a fired Sather?

  21. Gabby wasn’t 100% last night, but tonight he is? Haha, these MSG guys sure are funny!

  22. The only thing Sather is good at is making trades. The problem is most of his trades are attempts to fix his god-awful cap killing free agent signings.

  23. What a game by Auld yesterday! I’ve gotta repeat that!

    The sad part is, if we had a decent backup like Auld all year, or any year in which we had Jaromir, Henrik could have gotten more rest and been healthier.

    There was one year in which we had a magic number of something like 2 points to clinch the division and lost our last 6 games. Probably Jaro’s 54 goal season.

  24. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    ok, anyone else see dubi run into the back of the sabres net with no one around him? The guy just seems clueless out there! Maybe he needs glasses!

  25. Other teams to not make the playoffs the year before the lockout and how far they’ve advanced since:

    Pens (won Cup in 09, finalist 08)
    Sabres (back to back conference finals 06/07)
    Thrashers (1 playoff appearance, 0 wins)
    Huricanes (won Cup in 06, conference finals 09)
    Panthers (have not made playoffs)
    Capitals (1 playoff round victory in 09)
    Blue Jackets (1 playoff appearance, 0 wins)
    Blackhawks (conference finals 09)
    Oilers (finalist 06)
    Wild (2 first round losses)
    Kings (no playoff appearances)
    Ducks (won Cup 07)
    Coyotes (no playoff appearances)

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    CTB- nice work. It shows that there are a lot of bad GM’s out there, of which Sather is one.

  27. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    can’t believe no one else saw him run into the net

  28. I hear all 115 people at the “Fire Sather” rally left happy after getting their fitted Rangers caps.

  29. How is there a Papa John’s ad on during Rangers games? Does Drury know about this?

  30. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    ok carp, glad someone else here to share in the levity!! Can’t wait til the devs game and all the trolls.

    how’s the denver airport?

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wick, Carp, I saw it as well. My buddy wonders if Dubi has a little mental funk going on right now… last night he almost ran Threormore right over because he didn’t realize he was already in the crease!

  32. myers was born in texas but grew up in canada..anyone know if he’ll play for canada or us?

  33. Is Gaborik on the third line cause Torts is mad or because he is hurting and this is to keep his minutes down?

  34. Billy McCreary gets another Rangers game. What does this guy do, follow us around?

    Does Gary Buttman just send the enforcer to ref the Rangers game to enforce to the Rangers that they are going to get cheated.

    When is that dirtbag going to get rid of his scumbag mustache. He genuinely looks like a murderer!

  35. Myers-automatic USA citizen if born in the USA. Definitely should qualify for USA team if that is what he wants

  36. And Billy will not be doing the playoffs this year, so he cant cheat any other teams!!!

    And leave it to Joe and Sam to thoroughly clean McCreary as if Billy is a good guy. If Joe and Sam are saying it, you know it must be wrong!

    His corruption makes him a joke of a human being.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone notice that despite being our “first line” center, Christensen hasn’t scored in a REALLY long time, the Tampa Bay game notwithstanding?

  38. Olga Folkyerself on

    Almost a whole season of coaching and they are just getting around to “hit the net when you shoot”? I would have thought that should have been covered already…

  39. So Gaborik is in trouble with the coach because he played for a medal in the Olympics and now isn’t 100%.
    As stated earlier, how about the other guys who went to the beach for 2 weeks, and now they can’t hit the net?
    And it might be nice for Jokinen to step up — he was a star player in the league not long ago. And he looked pretty good at the Olympics. Isn’t he playing for a contract? Why doesn’t Tortorella give him grief?

  40. Just got back from the “Fire Sather” rally! Not many people showed up (about 150-200) which is ok because whoever showed up did what they came there to do…to get attention! I think it was successful rally because there was a lot of buzz around that area from the people, some MSG people came out…the press was there. Larry “school bus stop” Brooks, Zipay, and some other dude that covers the Rangers, forgot his name. I got to meet the one and only, the legend “The Mouth”! Great guy and I had a lot of fun hanging with him and bunch of other Rangers fans! One thing was disappointing is that there were a lot more Rangers fans who came for the game but who would not cross the road (they were all on the side of MSG) to join the rally! Everyone started to chant at them “YOU LIKE SATHER, YOU LIKE SATHER” Mad funny! So let’s hope that something will change…let’s hope that media will pay more attention to what loyal Rangers fans want and write more about it!

  41. Alright! A Penguin, Matt Cooke, taking a cheap shot at a Bruin!

    Matt Cooke, attaboy!

    Lose with class, win with crass!!! Penguins!!

  42. Rangers haven’t exactly had the puck and given the reason the Sabres to commit a penalty.

    CR, you can’t be serious that you’re cheering any player getting hurt. Especially a head injury considering Cooke gave a head shot to Anisimov earlier this year and Savard is one of the nice guys in the league and a Ranger draft pick.

  43. How come Magic Man Marc Savard could not avoid the blind side hit?

    According to Mike Milbury, he’s got eyes on all 4 sides of his head.

    Matt Cooke dispelled the Magic Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I’m just screwing around. Of course I hope Savard gets better soon. He is a decent guy.

    I just appreciate a Penguin or any other NHL team taking a cheap shot at them, like they do to us all the time.

  45. Before this gets dragged out…


    I’m not cheering the injury, I’m just happy with another team taking a cheap shot on a team not named the NY Rangers.

  46. 4generations 4 cups on

    this is just, the most torrentially boring game under this system. i just cant wait until this team eventually tanks it and starts to just, lose. we have no depth, and no grinding. we have no hustling and no forechecking. last night i didnt even expect a goal out of the rangers against washington, cause they always make crappy goaltenders look like they’re multi-million-worth. i dont think i’m going to be subscribing to’s gamecentre, i’ll just get hockey streams and watch some teams that are actually pleasent to watch, some honest hockey. this ‘we cant score goals’ crap has gone on long enough. it’s rooted with members inside the team like the 3 messes that we have on our hands. captain crutch has picked his game up…marginally. rozsival as well…marginally. if i could do anything in my life as a hockey fan it’d be to go back to july 1st 2008 and to let both rozsival and redden fly by. this rangers team has absolutely no shot of making any sort of run anywhere. when was the last time we knocked off a top-notch team that was a formidable opponent? penguins thrashed us because they know they’re better, and so did the capitals. it’s just like the 00, 01, 02 monotony all over again. i’ll just turn off the television and wait until old-grey sather gets mouth/throat cancer from chewing his nicotine out of his tobacco. this charade is already so friggin old. i feel absolutely horrible for lundqvist, a true contender, stuck in the worst possible situation. until next year, or the year after that, or maybe the year after that.

  47. Hey, there was no penalty called on the Matt Cooke hit either…

    Almost as if it happened against us!

  48. CR9

    What are your opinion on the Boston Tea Party ?

    It’s a good thing i have some candy, cause this sugar is keeping me awake for this game. This is the typical Rangers snore-fest. The most boring team in the NHL.

  49. CR9 I thought someone was implying the fans in the stands were cheering the injury.

  50. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    dubi just looked lost turned around and skated directly into the back of the sabres net!

    I love the way the line that gave the best pressure all night avery olli prust, isn’t together……nice coaching. I’m beginning to think torts has a vendetta against avery, whatever he does, don’t let avery play with some better players so he can succeed.

  51. Johnny LaRue on

    I agree, this is really boring hockey. I think a lot of it is due to the fact that the team has zero chemistry or personality. It’s just a bunch of guys thrown together to play each game.

  52. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers aren’t a team. They’re just a bunch of guys that dress alike…

  53. Love the award given out to Mr Caputo, I played in the Scarsdale program myself and was coached by him…no one deserves that award more…congratulations to him and the whole program.

  54. Wicky, it seems like Torts has vendettas against most of his players. That’s his brilliant coaching style. Wonder why the players seem nervous on the ice?

  55. Its a proven fact that if you actually shot the puck at the net it will be more likely to go in.

  56. The fans in the stands were too transfixed by the majestic presence of Crosby to notice what happened to Savard.

    Being in Europe, I’m used to the all the rink advertising, but there’s something distracting about seeing the words “$5 FOOTLONGS” behind the goalies.

  57. All these years fans have been yelling shoot we obviously weren’t specific enough! Shoot at the net! Will be the new cheer from the stands.

  58. Jorek – You mean the six months of hard research Chris Higgins put in trying to disprove that theory was a waste?

  59. CT – Nah, no Euro here and we’re barely metric.

    I am in favour of plastering as many “$5 FOOTLONGS” signs as possible around the Garden next time Brodeur’s playing at MSG though.

  60. Yes, maybe we should be putting Staal in front of the other team’s net on the power play. He seems to have a knack for scoring in the blue paint

  61. Tom, you should know by now that the Rangers don’t like to stand in front of the net.

  62. I’m convinced the nhl and the rat bettman have it in for the rangers, that should be a goal. It wasn’t even close to being offsides.

  63. “I’m convinced the nhl and the rat bettman have it in for the rangers”


    Someone else SEES it!!

  64. This might be the 3rd time in a season that we have been shutout in back to back games.

  65. Yep. This will be a 2-0 final. No surprise. Sounds like there are about 5,000 Buffalo fans at the game. Disgrace.

  66. Love how Tortorella pulls Gaborik and Jokinen off the power play. It’s not like he needs a goal or anything. Maybe Shelley can come out again for one of his 2 fantastic shifts of the game.

  67. Didn’t hit the guy along the boards. Got cut back bthen allowed a pass between the net and himself. How anyone could think that wasn’t gilroys fault is beyond me

  68. No wonder every game is a sellout. Half the place is cheering for the other team. This has a become the norm. MSG has become a total embarrassment much like its teams.

  69. Jive I agree the unfinshed check on the boards allowed the play to continue. However every game is a team effort.

  70. Well, if the boys can avoid taking two offensive zone penalties in the last four minutes, it’ll be progress from last night.

  71. Just imagine if every player on the Rangers played with the intensity and determination of a Ryan Callahan.


  73. Hey maybe we could have a few more people count us out of this game….

    … oh wait.

  74. They blew the whistle on us 2 times in the 3rd, and did not bother to blow that one early.

  75. You’d think he just won the cup with that celebration. I can’t stand that guy

  76. I’ll get excited to be a ranger fan when Drury, Redden and rosival are gone and there inflated salary, until than those bums will keep the rangers a average team.

  77. Cally should have stood firm to engage Kaleta on that play. He got the initial poke check but then turned his back to the play. Not going to blame Drury too much on that one as he had to stay in the slot since both Rangers D played the initial shot.

  78. The Rangers must be the worst 4-on-4 team in the league by a long way. Terrible OT record and I’m pretty sure it’s been bad during regular play too.

  79. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    thankfully, gilroy, AA, and rozy did not get physical with anyone on the sabres goal, I would hate for someone to get hurt.

    This is what I am sick of more than anything in this organization, lets take players with “offencive upside” over in your face type players because that works better…..ummm, no. If you play physical with team, you will score more, if you do not play physical and are always on your heels (rangers) you will never score consistently!

  80. Same old song and dance. I don’t even know why I bother cheering them on. I hate this team.

  81. It isn’t Torts falt we can’t score in OT. I think it is funny how without Gabby they score 4 a game and with him they barely get one goal

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think they need to let the team produce without Gabby… when he’s on the ice they want to pass to him every time (and he takes some terrible shots, especially if his shot’s not as lethal as usual). Let the other guys play, skate, and be creative like they did for 4 games without Gabby.

  83. Well u can always change the channel and watch my team struggle against the superiority firepower of the NHL’s pride and joy, the Last Place Oilers!! Maybe it’ll ease your pain.

  84. Hank isn’t to blame. If the D did anything in front of him then that wouldn’t be an issue. this teams problem is putting the puck in the net

  85. The Rangers never lost more than 30 games under Renney during the entire season. Think the Rangers will go unbeaten the rest of this season?

  86. There definitely is a few fatal flaws with the team. They don’t have one style that they stick to throughout the course of the game. Teams like the Buffaslugs, Pens and Caps all have quick passing schemes that get the puck out of their end, break into the the offensive zone and find men in the high scoring areas. Rangers often toss the puck out of their end, notice how many icings they get called against them in any given game. And that’s just the puck movement problems.

    Even when they find themselves in shooting areas they can’t hit the net, shoot straight into pads or don’t put on shots that get the goalie moving out of position.

  87. Yeah, you cant blame Hank, but allowing scrubs to score on him cant help his confidence.

    Lets just end the year now. Bench Gabby for the rest of the year, and let Auld play the rest of the games.

    I envy the Oilers right now. They’re lucky. They’ll get a nice 1st overall pick, that could be huge for the future of that team.

  88. I like how someone said there was a reason gilroy wasn’t drafted. Are you that new to hockey? Do we need to explain to you why a 25year old signed a 2 year multi million dollar contract and didn’t go through the draft? Idiot.

  89. Blueshirt is right they have no plan. They can’t pass from stick to stick either

  90. Blueshirt is right they have no plan. They can’t pass from stick to stick either

  91. Unless you meant wasn’t drafted years ago, in which case I’m the idiot. But it didn’t come off that way. Awful game. I officially joined the tank wagon tonight.

  92. Tank The Season on

    This team is finished. Gotta get Drury Redden and Rozsival off the roster , then we can have a team with NHL talent. Time to tank for that lottery pick.


  93. We didn’t sell at the deadline in hope of making it to the last playoff spot so we can just get crushed in the first round … man i bet its all sunshine lollipops and rainbows in Sathers head … if any of us made mistakes in our jobs like he has in his we would have been unemployed a long time ago

  94. If the Rangers had a good draft pick, they’d take Hugh Jessiman’s little brother.

  95. We can’t get rid of R&R for another year and I am fine with dury even though he isn’t scoring. he leads FWDs in blocked shots we should have guys picking up the scoring

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    kc- right on. If they don’t fire Sather those high draft picks won’t mean anything.

  97. Olga Folkyerself on

    I can’t root for the Rangers to tank. That will not fix the team. I can pray that somehow Sather will no longer be involved with the Rangers- whether he’s fired, quits or drops dead. That would be the most meaningful improvement.

  98. Yeah, it seems like Dubi is stepping up when we don’t want him to. Typical.

    The game was going just fine until he had to put the puck in the net.

    And what the fugg?? All of a sudden Del Z likes shooting the puck ? He should have passed like he usually does, then all would have been great. Zero points, and happy fans.

  99. Tank The Season on

    One thing in my opinion the Rangers must do in the offseason is max offer sheet Bobby Ryan.
    Marleau and Volchenkov should be looked at.

  100. Can some of you do me a favor?

    On Yankees Lohud, go on and say what Sidney Crosby is.

    There is a Yankees fan who compared Sid to Derek Jeter.

    Unlike most of you, I do not mind Sid, but to compare him to Jeter is incomprehensible.

    I know some of you are not Yanks fans, but even a non Yankees fan has to have respect for Jeter.

  101. were running out of games though guy. we arent getting in anyway. but yes, at this point, it woul be nic if we missed the playoffs, then got rid of sather and torts. 2 idiots. cant believe renny got us more wins than this guy has. he really blew it and lost respect from teh players and fans when he benched avery and then hits the lady witha water bottle. good job hotheaded retard. made him look like a complete idiot. no wonder none of these guys take him seriously enough to play hard.

  102. Chris from Buffalo on

    If a player, say Chris Drury, were to retire, does he get the full $35 million of his contract?

  103. Tank The Season on

    Derek Jeter is probably the greatest baseball player of the last 40 years. His name is synonymous with “win.”
    That is all.

  104. Tank The Season on

    If Drury retires his cap hit is gone. He better retire.

    I have a feeling our new GM is Messier and there’s only one guy he will name as coach (hint: his former team is good this year after years of not being good).

  105. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    Poor hank, he was hoping for some of our players to take him out (talking about kaleta).

    I have a theory.. our blueline is absolutely GUTLESS!!! I mean ever notice how the decisive goals scored against us are always (or so it seems) scored by really physical guys like kaleta or rupp who it seems that our “positionally sound” d corps does not want to have to be physically engaged with.

    I will never understand the coaching move of not playing avery in the OT, especially with his speed and shot!!!

  106. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    His name is synonymous with “win.”
    That is all.
    Chris Drury?

  107. Are we having fun yet? glad I ate my tix 2nd time in a row. It’s nice just hitting the remote instead of walking down the escalator to wait for a train telling my friends how we are not even in the top 20 teams in the league for talent. So much easier to stay home. 1 and done the Philly game and i’m sure it will be a dissapointment as well, no real payback right?

  108. The White Plains Batman on

    It’s funny how without Gaborik this team scores more goals. Weird stuff.

    Forget about Marleau. Volchekov maybe if Girardi is traded for Patrick Sharp.

    They’re so close to a playoff spot now it’s not funny. So tough to decide how I want them to go. I’d really like them to get Neiddereiter in the draft or even Kabanov but I know most people here wanna make the big dance..?

  109. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I don’t want them to tank regardless, I hope they get into the playoffs. 8th is better than 9th in my opinion! First round loss is better to me than no playoffs.

    They should draft hrasko!!!

    R and R will probably be gone by next season. I am reasonably sure that rozy will be traded at some point and redden (who the hell would take him I have no idea) might be traded or join the pack. I think slats really wants souray and will probably deal for him some how!

    I agree about getting volchenkov, he would be a huge upgrade. He can’t do it alone, we need at least two rough physical guys added to the top 6.

    We will never be able to get a top 5 pick as long as we have hank, so tanking is really not an option (unless we trade for it).

  110. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Excellent post, Carp.

    Derek Jeter’s favorite baseball player is probably Chris Drury.

  111. How could an NHL team be this bad at scoring goals?

    Actually I’m amazed at how many teams are worse.

    Maybe Drury and company should have stuck with baseball.

    And why do they keep getting a point to give false hope? I mean, not really false hope for us but for the management.

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