“Fire Sather” rally


Unfortunately I will not be able to get to tonight’s rally outside of MSG.

But I think some of the Boneheads will be forwarding comments and photos. If you have photos, send them to me at rcarpini@LoHud.com. You know where to put the comments.

Also our friend The Mouth will be covering it on Blueshirt Banter radio (blueshirtbanter.com) from 4:30-6:30 p.m. You can catch it there.

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  1. I finally sign on and get carp’d. geez!

    Good afternoon all! The sting of last night’s game was greatly eased by having a fab time at warren with Jorek and Agravaine and the two TRs.

    TR, your buddy must think I am the biggest idiot to walk the planet. I think it might be safer for us all if I avoid his brother :)

  2. repost:

    kc i agree the talent level of the nhl is very watered down. contraction is the best solution, but so would eliminating fighting from the game. if dropping the gloves meant an automatic ejection/suspension most of the tough guys would be out of the league very quickly. Problem is neither is gonna happen. Another thing about fighting, while it can serve a purpose at times, mention hockey to the average person and the first thing they mention is fighting, think it turns a lot of people off, even football fans

    sure, a coach can make players more comfortable, but i wouldnt really compare our situation to the pens or caps. there isn’t a coach in the world who could make this group of players a great team. many coaches could get the pens/caps to play well with all the talent they have.

    i am not a huge torts fan, but the talent on this team just isn’t there, which is largely sather’s fault but torts’ as well if he had any input

  3. ha ha ha!!! I am giddy with power!!!

    Too nice a day to be here now. just checking in. See ya all later for game since the Dolans and ABC have effed me on the Oscars. Thank heavens for hulu….if I miss Lost I will truly be pissed. Greedy bastages all! (They must have Redden as their consultant)

  4. Torts has done all he can to help this team. They could squeak into 7th or 8th, but they wont get passed 5 games.

    I’d hate for Torts to be the scapegoat because of Slats. He can help this team, you just have to give him players that are willing to meet him half way.

    Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of those types of players.

  5. This rally is great and will prove nothing because as long as Dolan is making $$$ he can careless what anyone thinks of him and his organizations. I believe he wants the Knicks and Rangers to succeed but it does not equal his want for $$$ and power. And honestly I think Torterella needs to go as well. He’s a hot head who’s act grows old very quickly. Every time the camera goes on him he looks as if his dog just died.

  6. I’m gonna try to take some pics and vids with my phone. I’ll try to get em on here between the rally and the game. Leavin now for the game!

  7. I didn’t mean to be saying you don’t think he should have played. . . if that was directed at me as one of these people. . . I just meant to be saying I don’t think Torts should be mad at him for playing.

    Ah Laurel you are funny!

  8. Pete

    I agree on both fronts. I realize that the NHL wants teams all over the US, but get rid of the teams floundering at the gate.

    As for fighting, there weren’t any in the Olympics and did you hear anybody complain?

    I said it from the beginning of the season that the team had mediocre talent. You hear people say that this team has no heart, needs a new coach, needs to just care more, blah, blah, blah. What they need is an infusion of talent. Just look at it this way. How good is a team that has Eric Christensen on the top line? I mean, really?

  9. You’re absolutely right Charlie. It’s a shame to think how good this team could be without those contracts. Think of who in the league we could have had instead and we’d easily be cup contenders.

  10. Right on Charley, not to knock Christenson, but he is not top line materal. Torts is just trying to balance out the talent, or lack of it. I have said that I am not a Torts fan many times, but the way I see it this team is not good enough to win much. I still think there is more talent here than they have shown. There is just to much stick checking, and waving at guys when they go by. In general they are pretty much a lazy lot.

  11. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I disagree on the fighting issue, just look at the popularity of MMA and NASCAR. Do you honestly believe that driving in a circle or martial art/boxing techniques are the real draw to those sports? Taking fighting or tough physicality out of the game or punishing it severely is just stupid to do by the NHL! We core fans understand its value and necessity to the game as well as passing, strategy, and all elements of the game , but it is one of the few recognizable/understandable elements to the casual fans. Most of the non hockey fans i know, only bring up how cool the fight highlights are or they watched a game and talked about all the big hits or the fights and that is it.

  12. I was happy when Torts first arrived. Now, not so much. Offense relies on Gaborik — wow, a genius needed to figure that out. Took all season to figure out what to do with Drury — 3 seasons really. Avery, Dubinsky, countless other “offensive specialists” who lost their touch here — who has Torts actually helped? Who is a better player since the arrival of Tortorella? Can’t really think of anyone. But there’s a long list of players who have regressed or had their careers diminished by playing here. And not to mention his immature anger/social interaction issues are getting old.

  13. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Re “The NHL wants teams all over the U.S.,” First, the Commissioner, any and every Commissioner, is always in favor of more, insane expansion as a testiment to his own “legacy.” Second, television wants ratings, and to increase ratings the more markets any professional sport is saturating, the better, because if, Nashville, for example, has a team, some people in Nashville will actually watch hockey on television instead of watching wrestling on tv, or making a trip to Grand Ole Opry, or whatever.

    Third, trying putting contraction past any labor union. One measley strike threat and the contraction talk is over. Professional sports today is run by labor unions, television networks, and merchandise vendors. It is out of the administrative control and decision making of actual team ownership and management. Throw in the courts, AKA “The Justice System” (just about my favorite oxymoron), and you have a stacked deck, as litigation rulings in this day and age automatically go the way of those in opposition to those who actually pay the bills. Where do you think the wacko “free agency” and “arbitration” clauses come from? Certainly not from the owners who now pay millions of dollars to journeymen players, because they are under the gun to do so or get hit with a “conspiracy and collusion” lawsuit, which the owners in baseball got clobbered with, a few years back.

    So while contraction would upgrade the calibre of play in every sport, outside of the dramatic devaluation or collapse of the dollar and our entire economic system, it is highly unlikely to happen. There figure to be 40 teams in the NHL and the NHL, before there are only 20. In fact, look for international expansion on the horizon, Mexico City and London in the NFL, and, beyond the Kansas City expansion joke “because KC has a fine stadium,” what the idiots who run the National Hockey League have in mind when it comes to adding more essential franchises of the Nashville, Columbus, and Carolina ilk.

  14. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I think the avery prust christensen line, when together, has produced good minutes!

  15. I thought the Anisimov, Avery and Lisin line in the first period yesterday was really good.

  16. Our friend Matt Cooke just completely blindsided Marc Savard with a hit to the head. Savard leaving on a stretcher. Usual pointless 2-game suspension coming up for Cooke…

  17. I saw that shot on Savard. That was cheap. It pissed me off and I don’t even like the Bruins. His season’s done

  18. Well, the stretcher and all the treatment is often precautionary, but Savard has to have a concussion at least. Hit was similar to Glencross/Drury, if more violent.

  19. That Cooke shot on Savard is one of those cheap and totally unnecessary hockey hits that some people might deem “clean”. I hope he gets a nice lengthy suspension. In fact, I’d love it if HIS season was done.

  20. “We core fans understand its value and necessity to the game as well as passing, strategy, and all elements of the game , but it is one of the few recognizable/understandable elements to the casual fans.”

    I don’t think fighting belongs in the game anymore. I also don’t think TV timeouts do. I also think that there should be 3 points for a regulation win. The last point being something that every hockey fan I’ve ever talked to thinks is a good idea. What you guys think? Leave everything the same except 3 points for regulation win.

  21. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    good luck sally!!

    nice knowing you!! (not really)

  22. Unbiased reporting about what Bert? are you looking for someone who is gonna sit here and say “Lay off Sather he’s doing the best he can”?

  23. Bert this is a blog not a news source. Opinions have every right to be voiced especially by Carp.

  24. That cooke crap is embarrassing. Come’on – these guys are PROFESSIONALS – they know what they are doing.

    Hits from behind = BAN/Suspension

    No questions

  25. Bert, how am I biased? Plus, if you want me fired, this isn’t really the optimal site to get that done. Try one of those sites where they discuss nothing but line combinations.

  26. By the way, I went to the Mouth’s coverage of the rally. The first interview gives a big shout-out and says she’s representing the Boneheads.

  27. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    that hit was far worse than richards or sutton. Not as bad as boyle in the olympics, but definitely bad!

  28. Carp, what? Fleshies? I think Linda made up that word. Fleshies are people that you hang out with IRL, ones you can ACTUALLY hit with newspaper.

  29. TheMessiah94 on

    That hit by Cooke was a disgrace. Why is that piece of garbage still allowed to play in this league? Somebody needs to level Cindy like that.

  30. How many times does MSG have to play “Rangers No. 18: Staal”? Don’t players have to actually accomplish something before getting that kind of exposure?

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