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Maybe this wasn’t going to be a game the Rangers could win no matter what, especially with a half-speed superstar and a backup goalie.

The Capitals are 25-3-3 at home, with 13 consecutive wins. Wow!

The Rangers played a much better puck-possession game in D.C. than they had Thursday against Pittsburgh (they couldn’t have done worse), and a much better overall defensive game in D.C., and frankly a much more boring game in D.C. And did just enough to lose it.

I want you to watch the Belanger goal develop. Isolate on Dubinsky. The video starts after Dubinsky had a chance to smash No. 26 in red, and instead brushed him. Then watch how many poor plays Dubinsky makes, and how lazily he glides around.

I am not blaming Dubinsky for the loss. But this play is so typical of the Rangers. You see one or two guys playing like this on a given shift all the time. And this is why they’re mediocre players, and why the Rangers are a below-average team having a below-average season.

It appeared that Wade Redden was benched in the third period. This after committing the penalty in overtime that led to the loss to Pittsburgh on Thursday. What is it going to take for him to get Brasheared?


Well, for one thing, a change in the GM’s seat. Hundreds of fans are expected to attend tonight’s 5 p.m. “Fire Sather” rally outside the Garden. We will attempt to link some coverage, and to post some notes and comments from attendees (and maybe even some photos).

Not that this rally will do one bit of good toward the cause.


Rangers honor Scarsdale’s Peter Caputo

New York, March 7, 2010 On Sunday March 7th, the New York Rangers will present the 3rd Annual Emile Francis Award in recognition of the sacrifice, dedication, and impact that volunteers have on grassroots development in youth and amateur hockey. This year’s honoree is Scarsdale native Peter Caputo, who has been a volunteer with Scarsdale Youth Hockey for over 15 years. In 1996, Caputo helped found the program in an effort to provide a local organization for his son and the children in their community and has remained actively involved as a coach even though he no longer has children in the program. During the second intermission of Sunday night’s Rangers game, Caputo and five children from his youth hockey league will be joined on center ice by Rangers alumni Nick Fotiu and Brian Mullen who will present him with this prestigious award.
The Emile Francis Award is named after the former Rangers Coach and General Manager who is a longtime supporter of youth hockey. Francis is the founder of the Metropolitan Junior Hockey Association, which was the foundation from which many local amateur hockey associations and leagues were born, and helped launch the careers of Rangers alumni Nick Fotiu and Brian Mullen.

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  1. I guaruantee you if you allow Jaromir to get first on the “it’s go time” posts, the Rangers will win their remaining games and become 2010 Stanley Cup Champions!

  2. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Watched the Dubi play because I said the exact same thing last night “WHY IS DUBI GLIDING?!” However, after watching it he’s not the only suspect. He’s actually covering for MDZ (who’s grossly out of position) and the center (Jokinen) who is behind the play too. Truth of the matter is those two guys screwed up, Dubi’s commitment should be to the blue line defensman, but he gets the shaft on poor back-checking due to the poor play of the other slobs. A global screw up.

  3. As much as we all hate Redden, now that the deadline has passed there really is no point in doing anything with him until the season is over.

  4. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    first of all, thank you for my carping!!! Secondly, some poster named wicky posted that exact thing about dubi last night….hmmm, maybe that guy does know hockey, oh well. Here is my repost:

    I quite honestly have no problem with the bottom portion of our roster or the way shelley has played. I blame the majority of the problems on coaching. Shelley can’t fight if he has no one to fight, I have not seen one guy challenge him that he has refused, that is because our coach (who I was so happy to get btw) doesn’t put him out in the right situations. He always seems to be out there with non-fighters, I mean when was the last fight prust had?
    Torts is quickly falling out of favor with me. He benches redden every other game and redden play just as well (or just as horrible) as rozy and is waaaayyy more physical than rozy, but rozy never gets benched. He calls out avery all the time when he is one of the few players who actually leaves it on the ice. Dubi seems to make more mistakes than most forwards, but evidently gets the drury treatment and is never really punished. Avery plays better on the “edge” everyone in the league knows this, but torts will just not let him go there! If redden is sooo bad, why has torts not had someone from hartford called up? Is our hartford roster that bad perhaps? He does like the new back up goalie though (for what it’s worth, so do I)

  5. Good afternoon all! It’s rally day!

    I’m sorry if this was mentioned already b/c I haven’t gone through all the posts, but Torts seems really pissed at Gaborik.

    Now, I know he got hurt playing for a team other than NYR, but aren’t there other guys that deserve his wrath MUCH more than the guy who has single handidly put them in the playoff race?

  6. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    fact remains if dubi plasters the guy to the boards like he should, the rest of the play NEVER develops for the caps!

  7. I don’t disagree that Torts has done a poor job … but I don’t think you can judge a coach given this joke of a roster loaded with third- and fourth-liners and third-pair defensemen.

    If he did a great job, the results would be very nearly the same.

    And, yes, that Wicky guy knows some hockey. Perhaps he might suggest the Rangers need a crease-clearing defenseman.

  8. NYRGuy, I am not getting into that Gaborik argument again. However, I’d be pissed at him if I were the coach.

  9. Your glaring example of Dubi’s lazy coast job on that 2nd goal is why he’s so frustrating. He is capable of much more but isn’t consistent. On the missed chance, I didn’t get why he didn’t shoot right away far side on Theo, who wasn’t set. The backhand deke seemed excessive.

    Redden’s penalty was soft. But hey. Potter comes up and plays solid again then right back down to Hartford. That’s the problem.

  10. Zipay mentioned the rally in his blog…that’s shocking to me! Too bad Dolan will be trying to get ABC back on the air than listening to the game

  11. Carp, I agree, I would be too. But he hasn’t sounded pissed at Rozi or Drury, maybe Redden at times…they deserve it much more no?

  12. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    Has he ever mentioned the crease clearing d man thing before? That might not be a bad idea!

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Watch those hilights twice, never saw this opportunity to light 26 RED up with a body check (it starts the replay with 26 and Dubi digging the puck out from against the boards, both standing still). Perhaps it just wasn’t in the replays spliced together.

  14. Hartford Whalerpack on

    “…do one bit of good toward the cause.” The rally could be, and is the cause. It won’t happen overnight, but at least this will generate some buzz.

  15. True Fans, that’s what I said. The video begins right after Dubinsky passed up the opportunity to splatter him.

  16. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    my vote would got to prust easily if he had been here longer!

  17. Carp,

    Whenever you talk to someone from the organization of the Rangers either from Management staff ( I know you never talk to the ….:) or from people from the Garden, do you ever have the impression they care if the Rangers win or not, or is it really so, as long as the Garden is sold out, everything is fine with them?????

    Today when this rally takes place trying to make a statement and its seems to be as long as the Garden is soldout, everything is fine in Rangersland…

    I would really like to hear your very honest assessment and do you plan to write a story in the paper about the rally ????


  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    OH, it all makes more sense now! I only skimmed that the first time through, much like Dubinsky.

  19. This rally is so pointless. What good is it going to do?? Honestly?? Like i said the other day, i hope nobody is really taking it serious, cause it’s a waste of time. Gotta have fun with it.

    And, I’m not the kind of fun that really gets into specifics as to why the team lost. But, technically Dubi did lose the game for us.

    Like Carp said, the 2nd goal was cause by his “softness”. And he had one of the best scoring chances of the game, when he was alone in front of the net. Then later in the third he loses the puck on a potential 2 on 0.

    Keep in mind, i only mention this cause i don’t like him, ahaha.

  20. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    carp is correct! The video does not have the part of dubi’s softness! I still think it is ironic that ESPN america was using the clip of the richards/booth hit as an NHL highlight on its hockey promos. Apparently someone else doesn’t think it was over the edge!

  21. You know what else is pointless, Pierre is back between the benches on NBC.

    I wanted to enjoy some nice original six hockey (detroit?/chicago) and it’s marred by pierre and doc.

  22. Orr…everyone going knows it isn’t going to change anything, but it’s something that must be done, at least so we know we didn’t just sit there and accept these terrible decisions he’s made.

    And I’m starting to notice that about Dubi…he acts all tough, but when push comes to shove, he’s a baby (sorry Sally).

  23. By the way, I’ll have to look again, but I’m pretty sure ESPN has already taken the Yankees off their opening highlight (the one with all the most recent champions, i.e. Jimmy Johnson, Saints. THAT DID NOT TAKE LONG.

  24. Whether or not you agree with Gaborik’s decision to play the bronze medal game, if Torts (who was also giving his all for his country at the Olympics, don’t forget) decides to pin losses leading to a playoff miss on Gaborik, that would be lunacy.

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Orr hates Dubi, so he plasters Dubi for this loss… giving me the opportunity to blame Drury for the loss.

    Mr. 7million dollar penalty killer somehow got himself into no-man’s land on a 5 on 3! Stand in the middle! Ok, not directly in the middle, and that’s what Drury did on the first goal against… covering nobody, not in the middle of a passing lane, not forming a triangle or any discernible PK-shape, HE is the reason for the loss!

  26. Our obstinate cement-Brained coach should be rolling four lines as we did without Gaborick. Just an observation but the the defense play better with Potter in the line-up. Overall we’re still not playing to our capability.

  27. The White Plains Batman on

    Gabby’s not 100% so they should have either rested him both games this weekend or limited him to 4th line and PP only duty.

    Redden needs to go already, maybe next year.

    I wish Mr. Zippo the best of luck with the rally today. would’ve loved to be there but to use a hockey analogy, you gotta take care of your own end/commitments before doing the leisure stuff.

  28. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    watching the “crafty frenchman” hand it to everyone in the atlanta supercross!!

  29. I can’t believe ABC is really off the air…ah the power of money…that’s all anybody cares about these days lol

  30. We are so close to 27th place, i can just feel it.

    We *NEED* to blow every game. This seasons over with, lets gets a top 3 pick !!

    Then at least there would be something to look forward to, instead of a BS Rangers summer.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    just gotta believe folks …just gotta believe!!!

    we win tonight ,we got a chance.

  32. Dubinsky was not close enough to Belanger to check him. He can’t be checked without the puck. The only fault I found was that he was not close enough to Belanger to make a check of the stick or of the player.
    Forget about sending Redden down. He’s a plus 5. He always has been a plus player except for 1 year. You are just compounding the situation of an overpaid player. Now you want to get rid of him for 50% off . I am certain he could play for other NHL teams at that price. It is just not in the cards now.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Harry , Wade Redden was a conerstone defenseman for team Canada with Chris Pronger and Scott Nediermayer. Redden should retire as well as those other guys. This is , those guys MADE the team this year where Redden was demoted.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I broke out my Al Gore mathulator, Redden and Rozi make more this year than the entire Capitals defense. That includes the highest scoring defensman in the NHL, wow.

  35. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    you are not going far enough back in the play!

  36. I wouldn’t be mad at Gaborik for wanting to play for his country. It’s an honor. And I agree his scoring has put this team where it is. If Torterella was in his place with the skill he brings to the game and asked to play for his country would he say no? I don’t think so. I wonder if a lot of people will really show up at the Fire Sather Rally?

  37. I wouldn’t be mad either, but I’m mad that he thinks it’s okay to risk his health for the rest of his *NYR* *SEASON* over a Bronze medal game.

    It really bugs me. I have a short leash with all of these players, and rightfully so, cause it seems like every big contract on this team is only in it for the money, not counting Hank.

    This isn’t the way to end your first year as a Ranger. This will pretty much last all summer long, until he proves himself next year.

    Unless we do make the playoffs, then I want to see how he does, and if he can actually contribute. He’s only been there three times.

  38. As far as Torts being mad at Gabby for playing for country is just hogwash… Club Soccer teams constantly loan their players to the respective players country all the time for WC Qualifiers and Friendlies…its just accepted. To be mad at a player to doing so is to spit on the face of the Olympics and world cup competition. And that is not fair.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You’re missing 2 main points.
    1) This is the N. America, you’re the only guy within a 20 mile radius of wherever you live (minus NYC) that follows soccer.
    2) Nobody thinks Gaborik should have opted out of the Olympics. What he *SHOULD* have done, after sitting out the third period of the qualifying game, was NOT play in the medals game. He was clearly injured, he knew it. Yet, glass hips Gabby decided to play anyway and as a result jeopardized his success with the Rangers.

  40. Carp
    and ORR!!

    i wouldn’t be so completely negative in regards to the rally.
    i don’t expect miracles (i.e. dolan coming out at the end and agreeing with those attending and firing sather right then and there)
    it gets attention that the lemmings aren’t happy.
    (look at buffalo bills stirring things up last fall)

    now, the more important thing is for these fans who end up attending the game DO NOT BUY ANYTHING AT THE GAME!! no beer, no food. there’s a bunch of fine restaurants and pizza place about a block from MSG on the corner if you need something to eat.
    hit dolan in the pocketbook and make sure he knows you’re doing it.

  41. jpg, I agree. Nobody expects this rally to fix everything overnight, but I don’t think it’s completely pointless either.

    I’m all for a boycott. I’m not buying any tickets to the Garden this season. Wicky, Linda… you with me?

  42. Anybody hear about the dispute between Cablevision (Dolan) and ABC?

    ABC has been taken off Cablevision and millions stand to miss the Oscars tonight, as ABC wants another 40 million.

    But Dolan refuses to be held hostage. Those people who lost ABC can thank Glen Sather for this, as Dolan needs that 40 mill to dump Redden and Rozi to the minors in the offseason and pay them!!

  43. Lol Sally. They already have my money for the 11 game plan I had but not much money beyond that. However saying not to buy tickets is almost impossible. I waited 2 years on the waitlist and had I not taken a plan (which was not what my deposit was for) I would have gone to the back of the list and had to start all over again. So they have my money for tickets for the foreseeable future.

  44. The White Plains Batman on

    Did Hulu start the pay subscription thing yet? That was the best thing ever because you could watch TV shows around your life, not let them control you…..and then there’s Rangers hockey……LOL

  45. I’m not saying it’s pointless. Just sayin’ it won’t get the job done … and if they can’t even get a sustained chant going during games, they won’t be noticed outside the building.

    True Fans, thank you for Point No. 2. These people who just jump into the discussion think we’re saying he shouldn’t have played in the Olympics. That’s not it.

  46. i am all for firing sather, but i agree this rally won’t do anything. especially when most of the fans then go into the game at 7pm. granted the seats likely already paid for, but having a full arena right after a fire the gm rally doesn’t quite get the message across.

    same goes for chanting fire sather during the game. the moment the team scores most of the fans (incl those yelling fire sather) start cheering. ultimately its all an exercise in futility, but at least don’t cave when we suddenly are only trailing by 1 goal or heaven forbids take a lead

  47. Not sure if I’m supposed to be one of “these people”, but although I disagree with the contention that Gaborik’s *sole* obligation is to the Rangers, I never suggested anyone said that he shouldn’t have played at all in the Olympics.

  48. The White Plains Batman on

    Even if they don’t get Sather fired or change anything it shows there’s a contingent of Rangers fan out there that are sick and tired of the same old BS and the fact that there could be several hundred to 1,000 is fairly significant.

    Plus, good for Mike Zippo, Blueshirt Banter Radio, and anyone else who spread the word and organized this thing using the new social networking services like Facebook, blogs, internet radio, etc.

  49. i understand that it’s a tough decision when you’ve been waiting on a list for tickets for years

    still, there are ways to make your collective voices heard
    such as not buying food/beverages at the game (and letting them know why you’re not)
    possibly writing FIRE SATHER! on your cable bill
    yes, Carp is right
    the FIRE SATHER chants need to be loud and clear and not wimpy. hell, if people can still do Potvin Sucks after all this time then…

  50. It’s ridiculous to blame Gaborik or Lundqvist for playing in the Olympics. How about the guys who had two weeks off who can’t hit the net or find it too tiresome to backcheck?

    After watching the Olympics, it is glaringly obvious that the majority of NHL teams are full of 3rd liners and a couple of superstars each. It is coaching that makes a team successful. Both the Capitals and Penguins were low in the standings until they brought in Boudreau and Bylsma, who knew how to work with the players they had. But the Rangers coaching change seems to have made them worse. Which seems typical in the Sather regime.

  51. Good afternoon all! The sting of last night’s game was greatly eased by having a fab time at warren with Jorek and Agravaine and the two TRs.

    TR, your buddy must think I am the biggest idiot to walk the planet. I think it might be safer for us all if I avoid his brother :)

  52. kc i agree the talent level of the nhl is very watered down. contraction is the best solution, but so would eliminating fighting from the game. if dropping the gloves meant an automatic ejection/suspension most of the tough guys would be out of the league very quickly. Problem is neither is gonna happen. Another thing about fighting, while it can serve a purpose at times, mention hockey to the average person and the first thing they mention is fighting, think it turns a lot of people off, even football fans

    sure, a coach can make players more comfortable, but i wouldnt really compare our situation to the pens or caps. there isn’t a coach in the world who could make this group of players a great team. many coaches could get the pens/caps to play well with all the talent they have.

    so i am not a huge torts fan, but the talent on this team just isn’t there, which is largely sather’s fault but torts’ as well if he had any input

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