Welcome back, Gaborik?


Just so you remember: Gaborik has missed all but four minutes of the last five games, in which the Rangers are 3-1-1. And in the last four without him, they have scored 16 goals (3-0-1).

Seriously, he remains the meal ticket along with the goaltender, and if he’s going to play tonight he better be 100 percent sure he’s well enough that he won’t make this injury a long-term one. Unlike showing up for a Bronze Medal game and risking games for the team that pays him $7.5M per.

I don’t have much to say or much time to say it today. I’ll check in before the game.

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  1. REPOST!!!

    Message on FB from Jim Schmiedeberg:

    Just want to spread the word that Blueshirt Banter Radio will be covering the “Fire Sather Rally” Live on Blog Talk Radio beginning at 4:30 PM Sunday afternoon. My partner Eddie will be live on the scene, talking with Mike, Marcie, and the thousands of Ranger fans expected to be on hand. If you can’t make it to the ral……ly, make sure you join us, we are the only ones covering it live.


  2. CCCP, I’m going to try to stop by the rally … but 5 p.m. is usually busy time with Tortorella press conference, etc. Don’t know if I’ll make it.

    But if you want to email me a photo or two, I’ll try to post it. And if anybody wants to send or post links of coverage of the event, please do so.


    Good afternoon, Sally!

  3. Is there any way to do a write in vote since I’m from south jersey and would like to get my vote in.

  4. I’m going to try and take some videos and pics also with my phone tomorrow…so maybe I’ll get them uploaded onto here by game-time depending on how my 3G is inside the arena

  5. Theodore starting for Wash per Zipay
    Auld likely per Brooks

    Gonna be a high scoring affair!

  6. im not happy that Gaborik was allowed to play in the olympics. oh well it’ll probably be the last time.

  7. NYR…maybe for washington ;-)

    well,the person i was making that triple layer chocolate cream pie has gotten sick and asked for a rain check.

  8. I’ll take the cake, Linda!!

    Why get angry at Gaborik for playing in the Olympics for his country. To these athletes, and to footballers, it’s the highest honor.

    If there was a time to get angry at a player for playing, it would be football players for playing in international friendlies that do not mean anything (i.e. Rooney getting injured midweek for England vs. Egypt)

    Euro and World Cup Qualifying, Olympics, these guys should get a pass!

  9. sather has finally started doing things right after how many years? i think its 5 years too late for the rally but imo hes actually done the right things for the most part at least as far as sticking with a plan to use the draft and build and develop as many prospects as possible. it will be funny to see though. hes not getting fired, but who can we put in his place? messier? shoney? yea, cool. see what happens. hes already made it known unofficially that hes not sticking around that much longer with his apprenticeship of mess. anyway, id like to think it will show the rangers organization and msg that mediocrity will not be tolerated so whatever, its good for the fans of an original 6 team that has had hardly any success the last 70 yeasr or so, to let them now we are a proud fanbase and will not take crap anymore. i just think its a little late. but, as some of you are bound to reply, better late than never :)

  10. Hartford Whalerpack on

    The NHL/NHL teams cannot stop a player from playing in the Olympics.

  11. cr9- because he was playing for a bronze medal. it wasnt gold or silver. it was bronze, and by him being out there, he was taking the spot of a healthy linemate that couldve changed the outcome. they still lost. and he ended up getting hurt, and no medal. maybe the aluminum foil medal for 4th place. it just pisses people off because the guy always gets hurt no matter what, every season!! it hasnt even been a full season after his surgery and hes been injured at least 3 times now. nothing major but how many games has he played where hes looked out of it. even in some when he scores, he has looked like he was not going at full speed, ornot backchecking hard enough. hes done alot for the team, and i love when he scores, but im even happier that we can come together as a team without him and score. weve gotten contributions from everyone in teh games hes been injured. i just hate having a player that at any miute, could be out for the season or his career. its something that will always be in the back of everyones minds and for example, gabby wouldve been out the whole rest of teh year, what does sather do at teh deadline then? does he trade one of our kids like AA or sangs to get a rental? gabby being in and out of teh lineup will affect the decisions more than you realize.

  12. “Izzy got caught with his pants off…AGAIN”

    Jeez, does Izzy ever stop thinking aboot me. This cant be healthy.

    Anyway, as always..not looking forward to the game tonight, although I’m interested in seeing how Auld does in his Rangers debut.

    If anyone is looking to buy a Team USA jersey, there’s some guys on Ebay that can order a player for you, in any size. I got me a Patrick Kane white jersey for only $82.00. Not bad. I’d much rather buy a Team USA jersey than a Rangers jersey at this point. I would have loved a Cally jersey, but nobody seems to have him. Only Dreary jerseys available.

  13. I already threw in my opinions on the Gabby situation, and i stand by them. I lost a lot of respect for him after the Olympics. He chose a chance at a cheap Bronze medal over the team that’s paying him. To me, that shows he doesn’t care as much as we all think he does. He just doesn’t believe in this team, and i don’t blame him, cause this team sucks..but why sign here then ?

    It would be completely different if he was healthy.

  14. Grabby

    I understand how his injuries affect the different aspects of the team. But if he’s this injury prone and he got injured or reaggravated the original injury in the Olympics, then he probably was going to get injured playing for us anyways.

    Also, if Sather was doing the right thing, he’d admit the mistakes of Rozi and Redden, dump them in the minors at the end of the year and eat their contracts. But he won’t. He’s too much of an a$$hole to do that.

  15. A few of you guys are missing the point. Once Gaborik got hurt in the Olympics, he should have sat out the next game instead of risking the rest of the season of the team that pays him $7.5M per year. So now he has already missed two games. Do you think he’s giving back that $91,463.41 per?

  16. Rooney injured his knee in the Carling Cup Final victory of Manchester United, then decided to play in a MEANINGLESS international friendly with Egypt midweek, and is now missing the Premier League game against Wolves. We look TERRIBLE without him. Is he going to give back his $$$$$ per game he misses for Man U? No, and why should he? He

    At least the Bronze medal holds some value.

  17. “A few of you guys are missing the point. Once Gaborik got hurt in the Olympics, he should have sat out the next game instead of risking the rest of the season”

    Exactly, Carp.

    BTW did my statements a few posts ago inspire your previous article (which was done quite well props on AA insight the kid has hands)?! I understand if I had no influence cuz great minds think alike.

    Avery mocking Talbot and Lundqvist calling out the crybaby was awesome. Not happy with the outcome but it was worth the lost point.

    Dubinsky and Crosby will drop the gloves at one point with no bodyguards. His teammates obviously tell him “do whatever you want we’ll protect you” but you can tell they want a square go. Dubi hates Crosby more than I DO!

    Off to the bar hoping they have the 1pm game on.



    MAN U 1 – Wolves 0

  19. does it hold as much value as $7.5M? Or a playoff berth to the team that’s paying it? Or the fans who are footing that bill? Or the Stanley Cup, as unreasonable a possibility as that might be?

  20. screw the value he’s one of the two reasons the Rangers are in the playoff hunt

    does Chris Drury deserve his $?! LOL

  21. Hartford Whalerpack on

    “Cheap bronze medal…” as you type this with your gut ever so hanging over your trousers and your Manzier overflowing. He’s a world class athlete, he does what he wants. It’s insane how people pick apart what Gaborik does to the point of turning against him for the sake of the Rangers…I’m not surprised though.

  22. What does $7.5 million have to do anything?

    It has more to do with how many games he actually misses?

    The fact is, Gaborik has never played an entire season healthy. SO if that’s a given, do you not at least want your superstar to be happy?

    Is he going to be happy if you do not let him play?

  23. I don’t get it. Most fans complain all year about players who are perceived (rightly or wrongly) to have lost any drive or commitment once they earn a big contract. Maybe it was a bad choice to play an extra game in the Olympics while hurt, but now Gaborik is supposed to quit on his country and think about how much money the Rangers are paying him rather than gut it out for the chance of a medal that country has never won?

    If the US players had been in the bronze medal game and half-assed it to save themselves for the NHL, how would that have gone down with everybody?

    And CR9 – Rooney didn’t hurt himself in the Carling Cup final. He was clearly knee-capped by Peter Gammons, Doc Rivers and Ben Affleck.

  24. How big a loser Michael Carrick is? He nearly just cost us the win!! I’d take him off the pitch now and play a man down. I cannot believe Sir Alex ever tried touting Carrick as the 3rd best midfielder in England. He ain’t even the 10th best midfielder on Man U. The guy is the biggest waste!!!!!

  25. I fold for the big debate and my thoughts on the Gabby-Olys is:

    1. To show pride for your nation and where you grew up and got your skills from is a beautiful thing
    2. As a Ranger fan, I can’t believe he played and got him self (more) hurt.

    So I think it’s a very though situation, on one side you have the players character showing he hasn’t forgotten the ones who made him good and doing everything for his country. And on the other you have the obligation towards his employer and those (the team’s fans) who put the food on the table.

    The best thing would be having NHL players in the summer olys when the season is or change the WC so it plays only every second (or fourth) year and have everyone there in the summer. Alternatively let the (NHL) team doctor get the mandate do decide if a player gets to play or not in the Olys…

  26. CR, you totally miss the point. Once he got hurt his responsibility was to the team that pays him. It was his responsibility to do everything and anything he could to to make sure he would miss no games, or as few games as possible. By playing hurt, he hurt the team that pays him.

  27. Not that you’ve brought it up, but others continue to bring it up, and then I get attacked.

  28. Carp

    I understand your point.

    I just do not care about his responsibility to the Rangers. We have no chance at a Stanley Cup this year, and it’s obvious the Rangers have no commitment to winnings (as long as Sather remains GM and referees suffer no consequences!)

  29. ““Cheap bronze medal…” as you type this with your gut ever so hanging over your trousers and your Manzier overflowing”

    Haha, are you saying I’m fat, and have boobs??

    That’s interesting.

    Dupuis scored his 15th of the year tonight. I wonder if his number 1 fan will stop by??

  30. Disagree, Carp. While he’s at the Olympics, his responsibility is to his national team. If he thought he could play, he should’ve played. I’ll accept there’s an argument over whether he *was* fit enough to play that game, but I don’t see why he should have to give less than his all for Slovakia until the tournament finished.

    CR9 – only being flippant, but if you’ve agreed to never bring up the endless conspiracy theories, great.

  31. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Carp. Keep preaching.
    I can’t believe how many people are defending Gaborik’s decision to keep playing! This is a problem, you guys want your high scorer’s ‘happiness’ over your team’s success? WTF people! Torts knew Gab screwed up. I can tell you that Torts, Sather and the org won’t be very happy with him! Torts is all about team and Gabby’s decision to play a game he wasn’t healthy was anything but team, it was selfish.

  32. I do not care about his responsibility to Slovakia or the Rangers.

    I care about whether our players get what our players want. And if that means Gaborik is happy playing injured for Slovakia, then that’s fine with me.

    Just because we do not agree does not mean discussion is pointless.

  33. Carp – As a Ranger fan, frankly I don’t, no. I just don’t subscribe to the viewpoint that a bronze medal is insignificant. Maybe to Americans it is, I wouldn’t know, but I’m pretty sure Slovakians cared about it.

  34. For example, if the NHL disallows the players from playing in Sochi…

    If I were Sather, I would go to (tamper with) Ovechkin and tell him to force a trade to the Rangers and we’ll allow him to play in the Olympics that year, fully paid, and he could even take the entire year off if he so chose!!!

  35. Gabby’s in for tonight? Wonder how much strength he’ll have in that leg.

    I won’t be watching as I’ll be out celebrating a milestone birthday with a co-woker who’s celebrating as well. Girls Night Out with a limo and everything, so by midnight I won’t care about the game. I can only hope the Caps score less than a dozen.

    Til the morrow…

  36. LW

    The bronze has some significance to it, but not to the point where you’re willing to throw your entire season away just to play in that game when you’re not healthy enough. Like i said, if he was 100% healthy, no groin problems, leg problems, or anything..then that would be different, and it would not be a problem. But, he made a selfish decision that could affect him for the rest of the season. And we need both he, and Hank, cause without them, this team is pretty much done.

    To me, the Silver medal is absolutely insignificant. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of USA for going as far as they did.

  37. Carp

    I will remember next time to agree with everything you say and be like a parrot and repeat after you!!

  38. the silver medal was not insignificant. I think the whole tournemnt will help the NHL get some more fans. The fact that it was USA vs Canada just helps the situation more

  39. It’s just not a good situation for anyone when a player gets hurt in the olys. But it is what it is and until someone comes up with a solution to get the best players in the world to face each other on a country basis and don’t hurt their employers. No one can say that the olys was a bad tournament for hockey.

    So instead of whining one way or the other (as I’ve written I agree with both sides) about it, get creative and propose a solution!

  40. If anyone see’s Linda let her know that I’m the Brian that requested to join on FB

  41. I don’t know if gaborik should have played in the bronze medal game. Some people might say he was a Slovakian before he was a ranger. And if he had sat out because of his allegiance to a paycheck, does that make him a mercenary to his fellow countrymen, friends and family?

  42. I use the word Bostonians, but Bostonite sounds better; it makes them sound like the parasites they are :)

  43. That’s me told then…

    Like I said before, I’m not saying I’m convinced it was the right decision for Gaborik to keep playing. Like it or not though, the choice was not in the Rangers’ hands – I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t agree with calling the choice “selfish” – he surely found it a tough choice and representing your country while possibly jeopardising your health is hardly just thinking about yourself.

    Americans usually show an intense amount of pride in their country, so (as a stinking Euro) I just find it hard to accept the implication that playing in a game that meant a lot for Slovakia is insignificant, that’s all.

    Why that has to be portrayed as “taking sides”, beats me…

  44. “the silver medal was not insignificant. I think the whole tournemnt will help the NHL get some more fans. The fact that it was USA vs Canada just helps the situation more”

    Yeah, i agree with that, but the Silver medal doesn’t have anything to do with that. It’s my personal opinion. I just don’t like the idea of getting a “reward” for losing.

    To me, that’s like asking the team that loses the Stanley Cup, to watch the team that won the Cup celebrate. It’s almost a slap in the face.

    Still love USA though. Awesome team. And i hate to admit it, but I’m still suffering from a severe bromance with Parise. I cant even watch the Devil games, cause i don’t want to badmouth the guy.

    But, I’m still pulling for Jessiman. I know that one day, he’ll the Preds will call him up from their AHL team and allow him to watch from the press box. Gotta believe!!

  45. Tony

    But there are qualifying games for the World Cup and Euros throughout every year, during the season.

  46. Hartford Whalerpack on

    Get we get a sports journalist to ask Gaborik, “Why did you skate with your national team for the bronze meal?” God forbid we get a real answer.

  47. Oh, and if the NHL wants to incorporate something in the next CBA saying that players who get injured in the Olympics lose their salary for every NHL game that they miss afterwards, fine, do it.

    Had that been in place this year, I bet Gaborik still plays the bronze medal game. (And if he doesn’t, he gets accused of only playing for money…)

  48. Hartford Whalerpack on

    God forbid I type “medal” and not “meal.” Great, now I’m hungry.

  49. World Cup of Hockey
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The World Cup of Hockey is an international ice hockey tournament. Inaugurated in 1996, it is the successor to the previous Canada Cup, which ran from 1976 to 1991. The tournament has occurred twice, with the United States winning in 1996 and Canada winning in 2004. The next installment of the World Cup of Hockey will take place in 2011.[1]

    Unlike its International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)-sanctioned counterpart, the annual World Ice Hockey Championships, the World Cup of Hockey is organized by the National Hockey League (NHL). As such, the games are played under NHL rules and not those of the IIHF. The World Cup of Hockey also occurs outside of the hockey season, allowing for all the best players in the world to be available,

  50. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    To be fair to Gabbby everyone; as Larry Brooks said, that Bronze Medal Game was a Game 7 to his country which is a perfect analogy.

    The Slovaks are a tiny nation (5 million) and proud people. They’ve been through political oppression under the old Communist regime and were just thrown together with the Czechs for decades forced to live in a society that probably many didn’t want to. They’ve never won a team medal at the Olympics, so there was a lot at stake. They’re also considered the “poorer” of the old Czechoslovakia as Kenny Albert and Joe M. mentioned.

    Was it the best situation for us as Rangers fans? No. Are they going to win the Cup this year? No. But will it keep Gaborik’s morale up and conscience good for the next four years? Yes. I wish we could say the same for his groin.

  51. MikeA – Pfft, your Eurotrash tales of political oppression have no place here, it’s all about the $$$… :)

  52. “March 6th, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    noonan, are you agreeing with me or disagreeing?”

    I agree with you. But who cares how much “the fans could save”. Don’t be that guy ;)

    Love you, Carp. Keep up the good work you’ve gotten better. I come for YOU for my Rangers news.

  53. big game today boys. i’m already mad tequila shots in (barmaid kept saying it was on her who am i to disagree) and we are going to do it. i know we can!

  54. Speaking of football, I just heard a reference to Ryan Miller in the Real Madrid-Sevilla match. The Sevilla goalie is playing out of his mind to hang on to a 1-nil lead. The bad news is, it’s still in the first half; he can’t keep this up for long.

  55. Carp you’re 100% right. Ya know, I’d like to know where some of you guys were when Lindros was leading scorer on this team back in 01-02 and was about to go play for team Canada. Mainly because I don’t remember a single Rangers fan that was for it or preaching about his “international responsibility”

    Slovakia can stick his international responsibilities up their international behinds . Money talks and we all know what walks. A bronze medal? Come ON. An Olympic medal isn’t much more then a traditional bragging right so get your heads out of the Miracle on Ice clouds.
    NHL Hockey is a business first and foremost. If you’re a surgeon you don’t risk your hands by playing for bragging rights at your house league championship game right? Exactly.

    And as for this crap about ‘well we aren’t winning a Cup’ and ‘well he’d be getting hurt anyway’ tell your story walking. Playing for the NY Rangers is Gaborik’s CAREER. And his only responsibility. You play as hard as you can for as long as you can for your respected team (the one that pays your bills) and you leave it all out on the ice every night. for THEM and your teammates.

  56. So, the playing for your club is all about business (the money) and playing for your country is about the heart?


  57. Since I’m in an argumentative mood, James…

    So his international team doesn’t deserve any respect at all because they don’t pay him? Or because it’s just little, insignificant Slovakia?

    As hockey is about nothing but business and money, I take it you wouldn’t have a problem with, say, players who only play hard in contract years and then sign huge deals? Is that acceptable as a sole motivation for playing?

    And should other, less famous, Olympic athletes who have day jobs not bother trying to win a medal because they might get hurt and risk losing money in their career?

  58. Pumpkin Head on

    Maybe if the Rangers had a prayer of going anywhere in the playoffs this year it’d be worth getting mad at Gaborik.

  59. Blueshirt in Paris on

    If there was no Olympics and Gaborik kept playing, do you think he would have played those games for the NYR? I mean we are in a playoff hunt so he might feel the pressure from that and 7.5 million other reasons.

    For some people it would be tough to call in sick to work but still collect 98k for the day. But I think most would just take the dough. But if he did that we would jump on him for that.

    But if he played for the NYR during that time and got injured i guess we would jump on him for that.

    Seems like he cant win.

    Oh and Carp, his first responsibility if to himself. If he feels he is hurt, he should sit out; But from Torts comments it sounds like he thinks Gabby is a little bit of a crybaby. The whole ‘everybody has bumps and bruises’ speach.

    How do you see those comments?

  60. So, the playing for your club is all about business (the money) and playing for your country is about the heart?


    You focus your efforts on your career. that’s the point.

  61. So, (per Gross/Zipay) Lisin scratched but Shelley stays in. Against a speedy team with no enforcer. This makes sense how?

  62. I don’t have anything else to say about it. I think I’ve said it all. $7.5M buys your priorities, your full commitment.

  63. Carp, I am surprised that you are not accepting a different opinon on this issue..We have a discussion today here in our country that some players refused to play for their country for Daviscup, it should always be a pride to play for their country….

    So I can really understand that Gabby played in the bronze medal game…

    Jbytes.. I am watching the Real-Seville live now..its 2-2 now and Real is pressing for the third goal..they have hit the bar twice now in the last five minutes..

  64. Buff, that game is CRAZY exciting! I think Real will eventually grab the three points.

  65. jbytes…

    Real is really pressing really hard…they had five really huge scoring chances to make it 3-2…

    ten minutes left now…

  66. Shelly in Lisin out makes sense that the 3rd line time Lisin just got was completely wasted by his lack of effort or focus and I do think there is a upside to him. Let us have the enforcer when AO runs over Gabby like he did Jags and all hell breaks loose you will be glad you had him dressed.

  67. James > I’m not against that. But somewhere we have to wonder what’s more important, heart or money. I for one feel that there has been to many players wearing the Rangers jersey that has not shown the heart that all of us demand.

    So if you just say that playing for your club is about the money, you subtract every feeling that should be there…. playing for your country is all about feeling and pride.

    The thing about this situation (I think) is that the tournament should be held in the off-season or the team doctors should decide if the player is ok…. injuries will always happen, but then you take away these that can be avoided….

  68. Our tough guys should just start pummeling other teams stars the way Carcillo pummeled Gabby.

    It’s not like we ended up with anything but a 2 minute PP, if anything at all, after Gabby was brutalized.

  69. Buff & CR9, what channel are you guys watching the game on? I’m on GolTV and the colour commentator is simply HILARIOUS with his comments.

  70. RangerSwede

    Guys play sports for the love of the game (and money).

    Playing for the international team is the highest honor that an athlete can achieve.

    That’s what makes it different from the club. Not the money/heart discussion.

  71. Carp, would you really think that Tortorella would tell Gabby not to play for his country when he is NOT fully fit ???

    I am sure he would never did it when its like here in the Olympics and if it is for a medal game….

    And you know what, playing for his country is the biggest achievment for a players, so I have a total understanding for Gabby !

    Lets hope he will play tonight for the Rangers and score a goal, the Rangers win and then everything is fine :)

  72. jbytes, did you see the last chances of CR9…wow that was hundred percent..



  73. We don’t have any tough guys on this team. Shelley is Brash*t 2.0, Prust is mighty midget, and Voros is like a puppy.

    We’re the New York Smurfs.

    Or maybe just the “Blue Men Group”. I still cant believe they performed at the home opener. So embarrassing.

  74. “it’s a great end to a game that’s not over yet” – swedish commentator

  75. If I remember correctly the last olympics there were alot more injeries for all the clubs and no onw cared. At first I was a little upset about Gabby being injered but being that we one 2 out of 3 games I don’t think it is an issue. We didn’t loose the last game becasue he wasn’t in it we lost because they got one shot on goal the whole third period. Hopefully he will back in full form tonight and they can focus on the playoff push.

  76. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    When you all become hockey players and have to decide to play for your country or your professional team, then you can make the choice to do what you want.

    All those NHL players, not just Gaborik, made their choice to play for their country.

    When it’s your turn to decide, you can stay home and watch.

  77. 3-2 Real! The good teams always find a way to win. This is the worst possible result for Barcelona.

  78. ORR

    That’s why we need that Zuccarello-Aasen, so we can be the complete Smurf squad!

  79. 3-2 !!! It was a super game and a deserved win for Real…
    They had so many scoring chances in the second half…

    I am not fan of Real but they have now first position now because Barca played only 2-2 at Almeria…

    and now I am watching 65 taped version of Penguins-Stars before the game at 7 Rangers at Capitals :)

    so please dont tell me the result :)

  80. Izzy

    You’re right.

    Just think this is more a time (of the tournament) and the fact that Gabby was injured before playing in the olys issue. So maybe if a NHL team doctor gets to make the decision then maybe do not have to have this discussion in 4 years again…

  81. Well, IF they had, the Gabby injury may have been avoided… but i guess it’s more a NHL/IIHF issue…

  82. good point NHL/IIHF let them worry. in four years they might not ne playing anyway

  83. Wow you guys off the Sheely bandwagon soooo fast. What he din’t mame a star player fast enough for ya?

  84. The thing about this situation (I think) is that the tournament should be held in the off-season or the team doctors should decide if the player is ok…. injuries will always happen, but then you take away these that can be avoided….

    I’ll agree with that totally. I was in a bad mood when I made my original post on this so it came out kind of harsh but I do think it’s not right when you lose a player to olympic injury and I don’t think people should down play the NHL season just because we aren’t a serious contender. It’s Gabby’s choice and he can do what he wants yes, but I don’t like the whole Olympic break mid season to go risk yourself and your team’s chances at success.

  85. it isn’t like they plan on getting hurt out there. all of them take that risk. I don’t like the break either but it is probly the only way the US will medal

  86. I am sorry I forgot to change the name but Buff and Koala is the same person..I have used the left computer now for posting here because I watch live action on the right computer and posted here for the last hour..

    but anyway nobody would care about it :)

  87. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Well obviously it doesn’t. Guess nowhere in his contract it says he can’t play in the Olympics. Sounds like the beef is with the league and how they structured the ‘deal’ with the Olympics.

    I don’t like it one bit either…but it is what it is. The league stops and lets them play.

    <<<# Carp March 6th, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I don’t have anything else to say about it. I think I’ve said it all. $7.5M buys your priorities, your full commitment.

  88. Buff

    What about the computer in the middle?

    Regarding Olympics:

    It should be in the offseason or not at all. So therefore, no NHL players in the next one and reinstate the World Cup as a place for the worlds best players to play. Ok summary?

  89. They should have the world cup of hockey every 4 years not every what is it like 8. Then the Olymics won’t matter. As long as it happends in the end of the summer. Got to remember that the guys can still miss games even if it is in August

  90. RangerSwede..

    You cant have the Olympics because the NHL season is way too long and they have way too many teams to have the time to make in the offseason..another good argument to say what I am saying for years :)

    But when you claim i am getting oblivious you are maybe right but truth to be told in the midde between of both is a speaker and above a very little cute koala out of fabric watching all the action with me :):):):)

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