It’s go time!


OK, enough about Gaborik’s groin, or whatever it is, or whether he should have played or shouldn’t have played that last game for Slovakia.

Whatever. He’s supposed to come back tonight, and we’ll see if he’s OK or not.

Alex Auld is the scheduled starter in his Rangers debut — if I’m not mistaken he’s the fifth goalie the Rangers will have used in a game this year. He starts against Jose ThreeOrMore and a Capitals team that will give you some, but will take plenty. You recall the last meeting:  that 6-5 come-from-ahead loss on Garden ice. Lisin and Voros are prucha’d.

I think a point out of D.C. would be a good point no matter how it happens. No?

See youse during the game.

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  1. hey folks! Won’t be able to catch the whole game tonight.. :( date night going to see Alice in Wonderland later!

  2. Good evening! Was just going to make a point about Gaborik, but am very glad Carp turned the page. He is playing tonight. And, hopefully, no damage done.

  3. Yes Auld is big in net tonight.
    Good test for him
    Maybe the D will be up to the task a little more than the last game with him in net

  4. GO GO GO!!

    I’ll probably fall to sleep in the first intermission with all this drinkin… but what the hell!

  5. March 6th, 2010 at 6:45 pm


    You cant have the Olympics because the NHL season is way too long and they have way too many teams to have the time to make in the offseason..another good argument to say what I am saying for years :)

    But when you claim i am getting oblivious you are maybe right but truth to be told in the midde between of both is a speaker and above a very little cute koala out of fabric watching all the action with me :):):):)

  6. BTW, that is not a bet I just want to see what everyone thinks about the number I made up.

  7. Over/Under on cheap penalties against the Rangers tonight: 2

    I’ll take the over.

    Over/Under Penalties committed by Capitals that are “conveniently” missed: 2


  8. CR9, personally I think it is weak to talk about the refs in all sports. Everyone thinks their team gets screwed and it is a bunch of BS. I love when people bring up calls that were bad against their team but never bring up the ones that they got in their favor. It is just a poor excuse in my opinion.

  9. Adam

    I respect your opinion.

    Referees can be the difference in the games, not just with NY teams. They insert themselves far too often and are never consistent. The problem with referees is many of the calls are subjective, so it’s based on their discretion.

    2 seconds left, Stanley Cup Finals Game 7, the cheapest icing you will ever see. If we had lost that game, I wonder if you’d blame the referees? I blame them even though we were victorious.

    For all intents and purposes, they tried to steal away a Stanley Cup!!!!

  10. Totally agree Adam, I got in some discussion with some Red Wings fan on hockeystreams about this…:)
    They talked conspiracy !!! What a stupidity !!!!

  11. It’s kind of funny that anyone on here would dismiss the idea that referees are biased, considering everyone here makes the claim that the referees favor Sydney Crosby and the Pens.

    Conspiracy? Not really. Fact? Possibly.

  12. Buff

    the link i posted in the last thread should be good…

    LET’S GO RANGERS! Gavnorik is splaying. :)

  13. Now I’m annoyed. I get the non-MSG feed virtually all season but now, when I’m desperately hoping for Beninati, I end up with Sam and Joe Mich.

  14. but the better “link” will be if you come to the rally! i find it funny that people b!tch and moan about getting rid of Sather and when time comes to actually make something that counts many people “cant” come…its freaking Sunday!! What else you got to do?

  15. 4generations 4 cups on

    did Joe just say we have nobody designated as a fighter-type? Is Jody Shelley a natural scorer?

  16. Not a bad start…good forechecking pressure down low but shakey as always on the backend…probably gonna be another high scoring game

  17. 4GEN

    He was talking aboot the Craps.

    Proving that it’s a waste to have this guy in the lineup. He literally offers nothing. No goon to fight, he’s slow, and he doesn’t score goals. Should have played Voros, so he can bust up Bradly again.

  18. We’re half way to the over/under on cheap penalties.

    The stick is in our guy’s chest, and it is holding the stick, but not a hooking.

  19. We know Bill McCreary is not reffing this game, as Bill would have sent our guy to prison for that penalty shot trip.

  20. Tank The Season on

    Wow Aulds only been here like a week and he already figured out he’s faster than Rozsival.

  21. Tank The Season on

    Oh and if anyone wants my prediction for this game, I believe Clubber Lang put it best…

  22. alot of non calls on the rangers…looked like christensen cally and co were getting their *** kicked in the offensive zone!

  23. Washington is not even playing that well, yet we cannot score a stupid goal against Theodore.

  24. dubinsky made about four awful plays on that goal, starting with the soft body check when he had a chance to light up Morrisson.

  25. Auld might ask to be put back on waivers if this team continues to be so pathetic.

  26. bklynblue March 6th, 2010 at 7:52 pm

    a stick up in Stall’s chest is not interference? But Avery’s stick up is?

    Thems the rules of the new NHL.

  27. Leetchhalloffame on

    Fire, Fry, Filet, Forget, Flip, Freak Sather! Fright & Fear that he might be running this team for another Forty or Fifty years.

  28. Tank The Season on

    I’m all about going 0-fer for the rest of the year.
    Lottery pick here we come.
    Fire Sather rally is tomorrow!!!

  29. Tank The Season on

    Would anybody rather have Gretzky coach this team than Tortorella at this point?

  30. Only the NHL can screw up the momentum of the olympics…I pray for the old NHL to come back…make the rinks larger and purge at least 3 teams starting with Atlanta and both Fla teams…no one in the south cares and it waters down the league. Rangers are a team of individuals. Starts from the top and works its way down. They skate around and have no clue what they are doing…that is coaching or lack of. Torterella does not know the X’s and O’s of hockey…say what you want about Renney but they at the very least had assignments and they worked as a team…The Rangers need “young” blood to come into the front office and behind the bench and I don’t mean Messier… Does anyone think Lou would allow this to happen in NJ. NEVER!!

  31. This team needs some sort of a change, whether its coaching, staffing, or players… they are just so boring to watch and generate little to no offense game in and game out.

  32. OV has been waiting to face the Rangers, as the start to his 2nd half of the season.

  33. These 2 giggling buffoons, Joe and Sam, are touting Caps fans.

    Is there really any such thing as a Capitals fan?

    An OV fan, maybe, but certainly not a Caps fan.

  34. It’s amazing how they’re about to get shut out by a goalie theyve been lighting up since last year’s playoffs.

  35. >>Fire Jim Ramsey!!
    >>He hugged Crosby. Enough said!!!

    Ah, Dubinsky must have learned from him then.

  36. Oh PUH-LEEZ! We couldn’t score a single goal in 56 minutes and now these talking heads are putting it all on Dubinsky’s head for taking a penalty? Tchiiiiiip!

  37. Bill McCreary is refereeing this game.

    Hmmmmmm….Not suspicious at all, that he called us for 4 penalty minutes in the last 4 minutes of the game, to close the game out.

  38. THANK GOD this lowlife McCreary is retiring after this year, and we no longer have to see his scumbag mustache on his fat disgusting putred face!

  39. Great game by Auld!

    Looks like we played better w/o Gabby!

    Bruce Boudreau is a Yankees fan, so I’m gettin on the Boudreau bandwagon (it’s large enough to fit me, right?)

  40. Not suspicious at all if you’ve got players who repeatedly shown the indiscipline to take offensive zone penalties all year…

  41. Things ain’t so hot across the river either. Well at least we had a fun Olympics together.

  42. I thought they got pretty good goal tending. Not to pick on Avery, but I thought he was a lot smarter with the puck. His play seems to have gone south, along with most of the teams play lately.

  43. Gabby was pretty useless tonight. A lot of offensive zone giveaways, and just didn’t look good enough to play.

    He should just sit out the rest of the year. Save yourself for next season. Do your best Yogi Bear, and go into hibernation until September.

  44. Bill McCreary is like the Grim Reaper. Remember him the the Penguins and Buffalo series in seasons’ past? Jesus. Thank god he is retiring.

  45. Avery needs to stop just blindly throwing passes behind him when nobody is in on the rush. Skate with the puck a bit and if you get pinned, you’ll (hopefully) get help.

  46. not much to say about the game…thought we outplayed them for the most part but just couldnt put the puck in the net…take away the 5 on 3 goal and its a 1-0 game
    granted we didnt score but thats been a problem all year …gotta know the goalie youre playing against and play to his weaknesses and we didnt shooting everything at his pads


    Rangers need to win this one. This is a statement game.

  48. the statement is….turn off the lights, the party is all but over…..add up the points needed from a possible 36 to get to 90 from 66…..good luck……getting 24 of 36…….

  49. Orr

    There was a time long ago ( giving my age away again), when Refs did NOT wear stripes. They wore white sweaters with the NHL crest on them. They were no better then, but there were fewer of them. A ref and 2 linesmen.Bill Chadwick was one of them.And I believe a guy named Leo Gravel.

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