The funny thing is …


At least there were a few laughs last night:

A) Sean Avery mocking Talbot’s slapping. That was hysterical. (Avery’s turnover at the end of a long shift that led to a goal wasn’t so funny to you guys, I’m guessing).

B) Henrik Lundvist confronting Sid the Kid and telling him to get up, and scolding him on “using” the protection he gets from referees (and he does). Good job by the goalie, the real captain.

C) This Safe-is-Death moment: With Crosby on the ice during 4-on-4 overtime, the Rangers don’t get Marc Staal out there, as he had been all night. Instead, it’s Del Zotto, who then joins the offensive-zone play, deep in the left corner … again, with Crosby on the ice! … and sure enough Lundqvist had to survive a 2-on-1. That was before the Redden penalty.

Some other thoughts:

1) In addition to the ridiculous one-sidedness in the shots on goal, I thought the Penguins terribly outhit the Rangers in the third period. Terribly.

2) If Marc Staal’s third-period shot off the post goes in, maybe today is a happy, happy, happy day in Ranger-land.

3) Anisimov is starting to show signs of becoming an NHL offensive force. But we’ll just call it signs for now.

4) Dubinsky tied his career high with 15 goals. You’d have hoped that by now he’d have to go a lot higher to tie his career high.

5)  Staal really showed me something against Crosby most of the night.


Andrew Gross is reporting that Gaborik practiced today and will play in D.C. tomorrow.

NBC has “flexed” the Rangers’ March 21 game in Boston to a 12:30 start.

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  1. The Situation on

    The Avery mocking was hysterical!!! I was at the game last night and even though Pitt had 50+ shots on goal last night, Henrik had a clear view of them coming in. I dont think he was really standing on his head all that much.. Correct me if i’m wrong b/c i was enjoying a few too many of the adult beverages last night and so my perception of what actually happend might have been somewhat skewed.


    Last night Rangers beat writer Rick Carpiniello was accused to violate the code of conduct in poison the air with some strong smelling Turkish food in a local train in the New York Metropolitan Area….

    After he was interviewed by local police, Mr Carpiniello admitted to his offence and was charged to write an article over world air pollution and was suspended for the next
    Rangers home game…!!!

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone in the garden mimicked Talbot’s slapping after they showed the replay on the screen. It was hysterical.

    I’m about to give my two weeks notice because I got a better job. I’m a little nervous though since I’ve never quit a job before. Wish me luck!

  4. How about Drury driving on the floor after losing his stick in OT? Doesn’t that show you something?

  5. I think the suspension was for the Washington game, Koala. I’ll be there Sunday, and probably stinking up another train after the game.

    Doodie, good luck. Any jobs for me over there?

    Tony, I despise you. But it might be warm enough here to go beat some golf balls at the range today.

  6. Good luck Doodie…same question as Carp lol

    Carp, u gonna be covering the rally?

  7. Situation, Lundqvist made some incredible stops — the glove save in OT!, and the one on the puck Malkin deflected from about waist-high.

  8. Well Doodie depending how much you like your job it can be a great feeling. My first job out of school that I really didn’t like, I hardly gave my manager a chance to sit down with his morning coffee. The last time I changed jobs my manager was on vacation but we both knew the role wasn’t a right fit for what I was looking to do.

  9. Carp, the bild quality of the archive from last nights game was really poor !

    I know you definitely give me a fair assesment what you saw on the Crosby incident as I tried to find out if it was really a dive ???

    Is it correct that it was really a cross check but Crosby stood up very slowly even forcing the refs to make a call ????
    I had only hq and the stream buffered often times…!!!!

  10. rangers need to finish 11-5-2 to have 90 pts and a 92% chance of making the playoffs

  11. Carp,

    I have to disagree – I thought Staal was pretty awful last night.

    He got caught in no man’s land on the Crosby-to-Rupp goal, and then he didn’t clear his man out of the crease on the cross-goalmouth feed, and the puck banks in off of him.

    I really think his game has regressed (as with most of the other D-men)

    Good luck man – I remember leaving my first job because there was no more opportunity for advancement (too many older people hanging on to their jobs in Telecom so they could collect their pension – they didn’t evolve with the times). Although I liked my co-workers, I have to admit I got a sense of empowerment walking into my managers office and giving my notice.

  12. Good afternoon, Carp!

    First official business of spring break: baking vegan hamantaschen for a potluck (Purim was last week but it’s never too late for hamantaschen).

  13. Johnny LaRue on

    Carp, next time get a gyro at the Queensboro Plaza stop. Cooked, wrapped and ready to go. $3 no change.

  14. Ditto, Mama. In two weeks, I am going back to a company for which I worked ten years ago! With the job market the way it is, you never know when you may need to go back somewhere.

  15. What a waste of time that rally is. It wont help. I hope everyone’s just there to have fun, and not take this serious, cause it will be a waste of time.

    Has anyone seen that cheap shot by that douchebag Lapierre ? He shoved Nichol from behind into the boards. I don’t even think he got a penalty, and Nichol never returned to the game. Someone needs to elbow that guy in the eye. I cant stand him.

  16. I thought it was awesome that Hank scolded Crosby… i saw the replay, that happens in front of and around the net on every shift, with every shot… He crumpled like a wimp from what appeared to be a mild cross check at best. Hank did the right think, tried to get him to stop being a punk… and Crosby shoves Hank? Classy move from a captain… jeez… good for Dubi for getting in there… he hates Crosby anyway. Too bad he didn’t have a chance to beat his ‘a’ double dollar signs.

    CHUMP. My description of Crosby.

  17. Its great how everyone says we are going to get smoked by the Caps when meanwhile we had a 5-3 lead on them in the 2nd period last time we played them and lost 6-5. We played the penguins without our best player lastnight, and although the shots were completely lopsided, alot of shots were from outside, they were shooting everything when entering the zone, rather than dumping and chasing, the shots still would have been lopsided had they chose to dump and chase more, especially since we could get more than a shot in the 3rd period, but yea how bout if that MArc Staal blast goes in. They need to take waht the penguins did and learn from it, and USE it tomorrow vs washington, pepper theodore or varlamov, whoever they put in. The power play in the first period looked sharp, alot of good looks and passes for set ups, jokinen almost had a nice onetimer goal on a pass through the slot before drury ended up scoring. dubinsky has 2 nice goals in the last 2 games after the break, Staal played Crosby well and can take that into tomorrow seein is he’ll match up against ovechkin. They have to shoot more, and with gaborik back in the lineup that should help. our first 5 games after the break are vs. the 5 best teams in the conference, and so far we have 3 out of 4 possible pts, last night should have been 2 but it could have been 0 also with the way we were outshot. Take the point and move onto Washington, i would sign the papers for 2 of 4 pts by monday, and then smoke marty and the devils on wednesday for a 7 out of possible 10 pts, it could happen

  18. A game the Rangers could have won. Except for the fact they did not show up for the 3rd period. I thought Lundqvist played awesome. 55 shots?? 2 of the penguin goals deflected in off ranger players.

    One thing I was happy to see is that they finally manned up to protect Henrik and his territory.

    Cindy definetley took a dive. If that were Olympic diving he may have won a second gold medal..

  19. 3) Anisimov is starting to show signs of becoming an NHL offensive force. But we’ll just call it signs for now.

    And he’s been doing it on the 3rd/4th lines. Already one of the more skilled Rangers players. Can’t wait until he moves up a couple lines.

    Tough to blame a skilled 21 year old for inconsistencies when playing with very low talent players.

    And once he adds to his 6’3 frame….. (needless to say I’m excited about Anisimov’s future)

  20. Yeah and about crosby, you know whats really funy, how all the time when you hear hockey guys talk about crosby, they talk about how STRONG his legs and thighs and his lower body are, and how that helps him be so strong on the puck and so strong on his feet… yet the kid goes down 5-10 times a game from soft shoves or hits, but nah he never dives or embellishes anything, hes sid the kid

  21. And Joe and Sam, more so Joe, have a you know what for Crosby. It was beyond ridiculous.

    This isn’t a nationally televised game where you need to hype the face of the sport no matter what he does, this is a game on MSG. Now I hate homerism from those too, it really bothers me. But acting like a routine play he made was like his lifting the puck and whipping it in the net was just hard to listen to.

    And calling Fleury a tremendous goaltender??

  22. orr what are you talking about dubi went at him full force, and at his face, but the linesmen were already there since cindy shoved lundqvist they were already right there to break it up, you are such a dubinsky hater

  23. I use that for bring your kids to work day. I tell them to crank the sound. It’s great.

  24. Ranger4life that was great.

    And just a few more of those quote bubbles would’ve been perfect.

    Imagine a “MY CUTICLE!!!!” at 1:58. I would’ve died

  25. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    WHo Dat

    I totally agre and what i’ve been complaining about regarding them both.

    Stop man loving crosby and the opposing team, be a little biased. Sam Rosen is Ok, But Joe Douche Bag cant retire or get fired soon enough

    Sather being Fired, followed by Joe M being replaced woudl rank up in the top 10 all tiem favorite Ranger moments

  26. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    How exciting the Rangers have a 36% (computerized) chance of making the round of 16. That gives them about a 15% chance of making the round of 8 (discounting for their playing a better team in each round(; about a 6% chance of making the round of 4; about a 2% chance of making it to the Cup finals; and about 1/2 of 1 per cent chance of winning the Stanley Cup = 200-1 shot. We all have a better chance of grabbing a straw in a hurricane. Time for some baseball, hockey season is effectively (ineffectively?) over around here.

  27. How about Howie Rose and Dave Maloney doing the TV. Unfair that Howie is stuck out on the Island.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Anisimov needs to pick his head up before he gets killed. He is incredibly skilled and rotting with stonehanded Avery and Lisin, but at least he can work on his own shooting game.

  29. ROB

    Yeah, he went at him “full force” with a big hug. He should have gave him a crack in the face, cause he had more than enough time to do so, but he decides to be his usual self, and let his mouth do the talking.

    Yay for Dubi.

  30. yea lets cheapshot and suckerpunch SYDNEY CROSBY in the face, that woudla been real good for dubi, a nice 5 game suspension for touching the NHL’s golden child, dubi would have been down to fight him whenever but crosby is a bitch, but dubi didnt suckerpunch him like u wanted him to so he failed apparently

    and enough with the geeks calculating the percentage chances of making the playoffs, just watch the hockey games and see waht happens, ill tell u right now montreal is not making it, that leaves us and atlanta and boston, and i guess even tampa bay, for the last 2 spots, bc philly will probably not fall off

  31. Joe loses his breath while yelling over absolutely nothing, all the time.

    He has no concept of NHL reality.

    I give Sam a break because he’s been with us for so long, but Joe is nothing more than an *#@sucker of every team that comes in to face us, not just Crosby or Pittsburgh.

  32. Carp,

    What do you think of the call on Redden? Didn’t like it one bit and did not agree with Tort’s assessment. And I am not one to stick up for Redden often!

  33. Krisy, thanks for much needed laughs with that website even it involved cindy.

    and good luck with the new job Doodie

  34. he had his stick parallel to the ice, its a penalty in the new NHL, a weak one but still, hes a lazy piece of garbage and has no business being on this team or in the NHL, its weak that they gave them a powerplay on a play like that but thats how it went, if redden is gona be on the ice in OT he better not be taking a penalty while hes out there and thats exactly waht he did

  35. Regardless of it being a penalty, let’s put the blame where it squarely belongs, on the referees.

    They are not calling that for us, EVER. Ok, how about rarely.

    Consequences for referees are the only solution!

    If we had Lidstrom instead of Redden, we’d still be giving up cheap power plays at crucial points in games!

  36. LOL at Talbot

    I’d laugh even more if Pitt had not won last year, and Talbot had not been the key contributor to a Game 7 victory :(

  37. yea it may not have been a penalty but u know what why do u need to get your stick up on the guy at the blueline going away from the net, hes a lazy bastard its plain and simple, he shoulda been buried in hartford long time ago, it has to happen at the end of this season to clear cap space for next year, it HAS TO, admit the mistake, pay him his money every year and hav some money to go get a tough d-man for $1-2 mill and another solid forward for $4-5 mill

  38. Good afternoon, Sally! Thanks, but I’ve already had my year’s intake of Turkish food (if that’s even what it is … the kebob was from the guy with a cart on 42nd Street outside of Grand Central Station).

    Johnny, LMAO at the gyro, and Tony, ditto on unbridled enthusiasm.

    I agree with those who say the rally will accomplish nothing. Unless there’s 30,000 people, and I doubt that. Inside the building there is rarely a Fire Sather chant that lasts more than a few seconds; and they’re not really loud. That’s the only way to send the message … and still, very likely, nothing’s going to happen.

  39. yea that fire sather rally is pointless, and so is the petition… just have to wait for him to resign

  40. The legend of Max Talbot. Decent enough player, gets his reputation enhanced a bit, and somewhat deservedly so. He’s the Penguins version of Matteau.

    On Redden’s OT penalty. Yes it was a marginal call in a game that had relatively few penalties given the physical style but a lot of them were certainly questionable. I was actually expecting a call like that to be made in the 3rd since the Rangers were running around their own end the entire time. But let’s not forget that Redden routinely gets bad positioning on his checks and doesn’t have the footspeed to compensate for it. Combine that with his penchant for tossing blind pucks up the boards to no one in particular and you’ve got a player that is almost destined to be at the center of many scoring chances against.

  41. Rob M is right, there was no reason whatsoever for Redden to get his stick up on a guy going away from from the net at the blueline. He is not worth 1/10th of what he is being paid. Thanks Glen.

  42. Close again, no cigar, same ol’ story.

    Bottom line the good teams find ways to win.

    That’s why they’re the champs.

  43. New York bows and worships the Penguins on

    We’re not worthy, o great Penguins from Pittsburgh!

    But please allow us to watch you anyway, O might Cup champs!

  44. There was no reason for Redden to get his stick up, but why did that have to get called at a CRUCIAL point in the game?

    There was also no reason for Crosby to dive, did that get called, at a non crucial point in the game?

    There is also no reason for the hundreds of times the opposing teams have too many men on the ice, but there IS a reason why it usually does not get called!

  45. Five game suspension for fighting Crosby ? Quit exaggerating. I’m still sticking by my comment from yesterday. I do think Crosby would beat Dubi up in a fight.

    But, i should have expected what happened last night. After all, NYR never truly sticks up for Hank. He gets mauled over, he gets slashed, and he gets cross checked last night, but all these guys get is a nice little “yell”.

    I cant wait until half these guys are gone. I don’t even like Shelley, and he’s only been here 3 or 4 games. He’s almost as bad as Brash*t. The guy looks beyond depressed every time the camera is on him, as if he doesn’t even want to be on the ice. He’s probably pissed he went from a potential Cup winning team, to a team full of losers that could care less aboot winning.

  46. Carp

    I thought you were better than that. There is no need to attack me. I expect others to, but not the journalist/blog administrator.

  47. Hockey Times on

    I don’t know why Avery was mocking Talbot’s arm flails, all he was doing was imitating Avery designing a fabulous new ballroom gown.

  48. “The Avery mocking was hysterical!!! I was at the game last night and even though Pitt had 50+ shots on goal last night, Henrik had a clear view of them coming in. I dont think he was really standing on his head all that much.. Correct me if i’m wrong b/c i was enjoying a few too many of the adult beverages last night and so my perception of what actually happend might have been somewhat skewed.”

    You’re right actually. A lot of those shots were wristers from the blue line that I could have stopped. Still a lot of shots.

  49. I would like to see Crosby drop them fair and square with someone. Not let Orpik or whomever else is going to step in. He does enough extra-curricular whacks with the stick that it’s past due on him having to pay for his antics. Instead he pummeled the guy from Florida last year right in the face off circle before the puck even hit the ice and then sucker punched the guy in the junk against I think it was Atlanta.

    I’m really surprised no one on the Flyers has tried to do something with him. I’d root for Carcillo for one time only if he went after Crosby like he did Gaborik.

  50. noonan, agree (as I did earlier) a lot of shots were from outside and wristers (and the guys on MSG noted that Crosby said the Penguins finally got it and learned to fire everything at the net — wonder if the Rangers will ever get it). But, as I said earlier, I thought Lundqvist had to make some really great saves, including the waist-high deflection by Malkin and the glove save in OT.

  51. Carp

    I can understand that.

    For me, it gets old to see people insulting Drury and Redden and Roszival for their “laziness”, etc.

    I see other posters complain about referees from time to time during most games that we play, but nobody realizes that the referees pay “extra special attention” to penalties committed by us.

    How is it not obvious after the league created an “Avery Rule” after just one day?

    It’s not paranoia. It’s more expectation. After watching the NY teams for years, I’ve come to expect referees to lend their helping hand to the opposition, and if my New York teams are going to win, they are going to have to beat both the opposition and the referees.

  52. Yeah I never knew Pittsburgh was that big of a city. Must be a great place if people are moving to NY in droves. Or is there a big bandwagon that goes along and picks people up?

  53. Pittsburgh IS a pretty big town, and wasn’t it great hearing all those Pens fans taking over the Garden at the end?

  54. Orr, Dubi didn’t really have much of a chance the refs were all over the place before he even got near him.

    And Dubi would kick Crysob’s but. He hates him too much.

  55. CR, I think to solely blame last night’s loss on the referee is overlooking the fact that the game probably shouldn’t have gone to OT in the first place. The Rangers as a team (well except Lundqvist) failed to hold the fort with a 2 goal lead. It never should have come down to a slow Redden putting himself in a position to commit a marginal penalty.

  56. I remember Crosby’s last “fight”. Didn’t even give the other guy a chance to drop the gloves. LOL.

  57. Carp –

    Totally agree on the Staal observation – he is getting better and better in covering his spots and playing with the more potent offensive forwards. However – a question for all: if Staal does not start learning to take the body now and then, and also LEARN HOW TO SHOOT ON NET, do we keep him or use him for trade potential. I have watched him progress over the past two years – and while he is an incredible player, he still needs to get to that next level of scoring some goals once in a while – he may not have the knack of copious scoring, but at least HIT THE NET! He constantly shoots WIDE.

    Redden was so bad last night in some situations, I really cant figure why they continue to let him play (perhaps they know they wont make playoffs, so let him finish season and then send him to Hartford (aka Kasperitis?) I just dont get it with him – its like he forgets where he needs to be or what he needs to be doing – bizzare.

    Avery is another disappointment – send him packing to Hartford as well … we get nothing really from him. Ditto Boyle and company.

    The fact that Carcillo can rain down punches on Gaborik and no-one does anything still grinds me – the better be ready in another week (or at any other time) to start playing hockey instead of pick-up hockey on a Sunday evening.

    Correct on the Crosby thing – Good for Hank – that was a dive if I have ever seen one – a guy with that kind of talent and strength does NOT go down that easily – that was a joke.

    So – Who gets traded come May 1st? Anyone know where we stand in the draft??

  58. CT

    Yes, of course I realize that the Rangers played poorly after attaining the 4-2 lead and that played the larger role in our loss last night.

    But the referee cheated us nonetheless.

    Just think, if Crosby does not draw that penalty in which he dove, and then they get a 5 on 3, think how the game might have turned out differently.

    Just because our team played like a bunch of buffoons in the last period and a half does not excuse the referee for cheating us!

  59. And that was a brilliant dive by Crosby last night. I swear he must go to diving minicampsl

  60. Carp

    Not really, as we had not won for 8 years.

    The regular season in 2009 was not bad at all. Umpires were fine. Then it got to the postseason, and the Home Plate umpires just cheated us on everything. Yes, the Yankees beat the opposition and the umpires in the 2009 postseason.

    I do not know if you followed the games, but I’ll point out one situation.

    Game 2 versus Angels, ALCS. Down by 1 run in the 9th inning, and down to final out, ARod up….

    Everybody on Yankees Lohud was complaining as well, so I’m not the only one….

    The HP umpire cheated Alex on the first 2 pitches and put him in an 0-2 hole.

    Basically, our season could have been in severe trouble had ARod not hit the game tying HR on the next pitch…

  61. CR, I just don’t see it the same way. You’re entitled to your opinions though and we’ll leave it at that.

  62. We get more penalities because our D doesn’t move it’s feet. I hate Redden and his lazyness and his softness. The new NHL is you can’t put your stick parallel and he did and the guy was headed the wrong way and he was out of position. Having said all of that here is my problem, not because it the NHL favorite team(pitt) or we get bad call(yea sometimes) or even if it’s in OT. IT’S BECAUSE of the game in it’s entirety was not called that way for either team, which btw was good, then after the hold night it’s one way they call that and it’s plain and simply wrong. We were probably going to lose anyway but it leaves a bad taste. AS far as Torts i’m still good with him but 2 things, 1.Why are you holding a timeout thru that mess in the 3rd period please use the f’ing thing and 2.I hate Redden as much as he does and that’s alot but don’t say it’s a penality after the game say nothing or tell them to call it all night

  63. Ugh I hate to admit it but Redden was so bad last night.

    Just throwing the puck up the boards in his own zone the second he touched it like he wanted nothing to do with it, causing turnovers. Hard to watch.

  64. Go back to the October posts and you’ll see that Carp was on the field at the series clinching game.

    Apparently his and ARod’s combined salaries are around $30MM.

  65. C’mon our baseball team is hated nationally for getting all the calls, and here we are complaining about OTHERS getting all the ref breaks? Pshaw!

  66. NOON

    How did he not have much of a chance ? He had a chance to do something, and he went for the hug, he should have dropped his gloves right then and there. Waste.

    And Carcillo would never do to Crybaby, what he did to Gabby. He only went after him, cause he knew nobody would do a thing to his “star players”.

    Typical Rangers hockey. It’s a shame we don’t have guys with balls on the team. Same old pu**y style of hockey.

  67. Hey there are some Mets fans on the board (myself included), they don’t get the benefit of calls. They do a good enough job screwing up the game as it is, no need for the umps to help with that.

    Which brings me to the point that Omar Minaya would pay all of Luis Castillo’s remaining salary to get the invisibility cloak from the media that Sather has.

  68. Pitt fans travel big time for football, went to a bear game in Chicago this year with 200 and there were many. The guy who ran it said it was as hard in Chicago to travel as any city. Last year @ DC for Caps/Pens had to be 4-5 thousand pens fans. They are good fans,sickening about Crybaby , but hey atleast know the game. Better than NJ,Philly,LA imop.

  69. “How did he not have much of a chance ? He had a chance to do something, and he went for the hug, he should have dropped his gloves right then and there. Waste.”

    I watched it in DVR and it happened pretty fast. If Crysob doesn’t drop the gloves that’s an instigator penalty on Dubi. And you and I both know he wasn’t going to drop the gloves.

  70. Same thing I saw hedberg, I remember a few years ago Steelers fans taking over “America’s Team’s” stadium down in Dallas. Been to Giants games too, looked like a third of the stadium was black and gold. Steeler fans are famous for taking over opposing stadiums. Pitt fans know their football and hockey, unlike the Filthydelphia goons.

  71. And let’s be real Crysob’s “crosscheck” on Henrik was weaker than Staal’s “crosscheck” on Cindy. Unless Staal’s stick doubles as a stungun.

    Lundqvist wanted to make a point and he called the baby out.

  72. Orr you are a pessimistic idiot and nothing is ever good enough for you, he coudlnt fight him the linesmen were already right there how many people have to point that out to you, they PROTECT crosby believe it or not, they did last time we played thme when crosby was jabbing at dubi with his stick, and they helped protect him again

    CR9 you are an absolute jackass if you just said that the yankees beat the UMPIRES in the 09 postseason, did you watch any of the postseason?
    Did you watch the game vs the twins where the ball went off melkys glove and landed 3 ft from the line in fair territory that was ruled fair?
    Did you see the play where the yankees had two men on the base and then one jumped off the base and was tagged and they got out of that one too?

  73. Leetchhalloffame on

    1 shot on goal in the 3rd says it all. This team stinks & Henrik will be burned out before he’s 28. FIRE SATHER!!!!!

  74. they did get screwed in that same angels game on the tagging up call, but you know what, the umpires definitely did not try to deter them from winning games, that is an absolute joke, balls and strikes are always going to be controversial and argued, but the other 2 that i mentioned were an absolute joke and your yankees made out like bandits on both of them

  75. Yea Orr you need some glasses or a DVR. Rob M is right. Is he supposed to risk getting suspended and swing at Cid’s bodyguards/refs?

  76. Johnny LaRue on

    Lloyd Braun met Tom Renney once and asked, “Am I crazy or is that a lot of gum?”

  77. Carp I agree that the rally won’t accomplish anything in getting Sather fired, but it will make us fans feel better knowing that at least we’re doing something. Plus, it should attract at least a few articles.

    It starts at 5:00pm Sunday…East Side of 7th ave between 31st and 32nd.

    Apparently the guy running it got permits and everything so they can have a sound device and cops will be there so it doesn’t get out of hand…

  78. NOON

    I’m not saying he should have “Simonized” the guy, and it doesn’t matter that it was a “baby” cross-check. It’s the fact alone, that he thinks he can do what ever he wants and get away with it. Yeah, the league may let him get away, but, that doesn’t mean players should. Dubi had his chance, and as always, he uses his mouth instead. Dubi should have dropped the gloves. Doesn’t matter if he took an extra two penalties.

    For the record, i would be saying the same for anyone else who was put in Dubi’s situation.


    Honestly, you’re the Sidney Crosby of this blog. I love how you react when nobody agrees with you, and you have to resort to name calling like a wittle baaby. You take everything so personal, it’s hilarious. You really are a big baby. I hope you’re 11, or else you’re gonna have some serious issues growing up, ahaha.

  79. it has nothign to do with agreeing with me, there are people left and right agreeing with what ive said already, its just the fact that nothing that any ranger does ever cuts it for you, its not good enough… i guess you should get on the ice and show them how to do it right?
    and you want the rangers to tank

  80. Rob M

    I said Home Plate umpires.


    “C’mon our baseball team is hated nationally for getting all the calls”

    You are a weasel, probably a Red Sox fan. The Yankees are hated nationally (and loved nationally) because they have 27 World Series. Jealousy. Not calls, you buffoon!!!

  81. CT

    I thought Arods and Carps salary was around $31 million. I was pretty sure Carp got at least a mil (he deserves it with the work he puts in here)!

  82. The Yankees don’t necessarily get “the calls”

    Any great player always gets leeway…CC Sabathia is going to get more leeway on the outside corner than Dana Eveland will, it’s just the way it goes.

    I’m a Braves fan and I’ve seen Maddux and Glavine get calls nobody else was. It has nothing to do with the team…so when a team has plenty of good players, it probably will seem like it.

    Also, you can pretty much tell in the beginning of the game how the ump is going to call the game, so it is up to the pitcher to adjust

  83. NYRGuy, I also think in hockey in some ways the team playing better/controlling the play will tend to get the benefit of calls. And the Pens were certainly dictating the flow of the game. Maybe it’s a natural human reaction to believe that a team being outplayed will resort to committing a penalty to regain control.

  84. True CT..and they did mention this last night, when a team is in control for so long, it’s only natural to draw a penalty…most penalties are when teams are playing D and if you are having to do it constantly, it happens

  85. If i decided to be gay, believe me, Dubi would not be on my list. I’d go with Dredden, cause he would rarely be home, on account of all the drug smuggling, and binging he’ll be taking part in, then I’ll be like Izzy…home all day, alone, waiting for Carps latest post, lol.


    Yeah, that’s the case. Just admit you’re a baby. Didn’t you tell someone “go kill yaself” the other day, just cause you didn’t agree with them? Didn’t you tell me that i should “kill myself” once?

    Face facts bud, you’re a big baby that cant handle when someone doesn’t agree with you. Salty Dupuis might be delusional, and Izzy/Olga might be sexually frustrated/confused, but I’m sure they don’t take everything so personal like you do. It’s sad, and you should fix that. Just some friendly advice ;(

    And no, i shouldn’t get on the ice and “prove myself”, I’m not the greedy prick who begs for a brash*t load of money, and disappears for the majority of the season, like most of these guys. And so what if i want them to tank! This team is barely good enough to make the playoffs, let alone get past the first round. I’m more interested in a solid future. I’d take a top 5 draft pick over a 1st round exit and year.

    But, I’ll always root for the band of losers, cause they’re the only sports team that I’ll ever follow. Pessimistic? Try realistic.

  86. Hi, folks!
    Watched the game very late, skiing all day.

    Someone mentioned that the Rangers played pretty decent game. Agree. But they got outplayed and outclassed. This is what it’s going to look like IF we get in the playoffs, first round. Looking forward anyway.

    Carp, Anisimov has been our best defensive center since December. I suspect his offence will become more prominent next year. One issue- does anyone has Lindros’ number. I think Artem needs to talk to him before he gets beheaded.

    In terms of hitting. They got outhit all game long, not only during the third. And we do have bangers. Except our biggest bangers are on the fourth line. How much can they do with 2+ min of ice time? Why not put Prust on the 3rd line. He can not do worse than Lisin. And what’s with the 4th line playing against their 1st? At home?

    Good luck, Doodie.

  87. Except for when we had Jaromir and would spend 2 minutes, not on a PP, in the offensive zone, we’d end up with the offensive zone penalty.

    It’s natural human reaction to view the team dictating the action and give them PPs!! LOL It’s natural referee reaction to give the team opposing the Rangers the benefit of the calls. (2005-2006 excluded)

    I see your point on baseball and in sports with stars getting calls, but in the playoffs, CC Sabathia was getting squeezed while Duensing of the Twins was getting the calls.

  88. “I’m not saying he should have “Simonized” the guy, and it doesn’t matter that it was a “baby” cross-check. It’s the fact alone, that he thinks he can do what ever he wants and get away with it. Yeah, the league may let him get away, but, that doesn’t mean players should. Dubi had his chance, and as always, he uses his mouth instead. Dubi should have dropped the gloves. Doesn’t matter if he took an extra two penalties.”

    Don’t worry bro Dubi won’t forget his number.

    I’m much more worried/mad about players crashing into Lundqvist without consequences.

  89. “I’m much more worried/mad about players crashing into Lundqvist without consequences.”

    What do you think annoys me.

    Basically, the referees, with their actions, have told other teams it’s okay to plow over Lundqvist.

    Now, Lundqvist is great, do not get me wrong, but is it possible that getting plowed over has affected his game…having to worry all the time about it happening?

  90. “Now, Lundqvist is great, do not get me wrong, but is it possible that getting plowed over has affected his game…having to worry all the time about it happening?”

    I’ve said this before this season but he is the worst goaltender at oddman rushes and breakaways to play at his level that I have ever seen. Even when a defender takes away half the net the guy usually scores (a la last night short side).

    And yet he’s so good at the shootout. Maybe your theory is correct.

  91. Bolyle,Redden,Rosi,Prust,Avery,Drury,Dan G,Shelley,Brash,Voros,EC,Higgins,Kotalik,Lisin,waay too many players with barely NHL talent or at best 3 1/2 to 4 line and 7th defensemen and on top of that which one’s show up every night. And the kicker is the Cap expense to most of them. Blow the whole thing up. Ollie will play hard for a contract,I wouldn’t go near him. I love Vinny as much as anybody but 1 yr At a time and on a good team he’s a 3rd liner. We are bad guys, again not negative it’s just the facts and LQ will be burnt very soon at this rate.

  92. we have more depth than we’ve had in a while. and Brash and Voros won’t be playing much if at all.

    EC has stepped it up like he wants to stay in the nhl.

    and be fair to Prospal the guy is a bargain.

  93. I’m fair to Vinny he is one of the few players later in life that came here and produced he is what he is, but 1 yr at a time and some team may throw more available $ at him cause he played well. I like him but he’s a 3rd liner for a lot of teams. Brash doesn’t come off or space he’s signed for next year. EC has some talent if he is surrounded by good players but again he was almost out of the NHL and if he’s our 1st line player we are in deep doo doo. Prust I really like but he has to be a role player on the 4th. Overall we are in a hole as big a Courtney Loves boyfriend

  94. Dubinsky reaction to Crosby was fine. He stood up for Lundqvist what else do people want? Dubinsky has fought much tougher players than Crosby. Like Mike Richards, Campbell, Carcillo etc. I dont think he would be scared of Crosby. Dubi isn’t a fighter anyway.

    If people want to get on rangers players that are soft talk about the swiss cheese defensemen as a whole. They cant clear the crease and were largely responsible in the beginning of the season when players were taking runs at Hank.

  95. CR, the Yankees get more calls than all of the other teams combined. Last postseason they got ridiculous calls. Ridiculous. The two men on third base was incredible. The foul ball of Cabrera’s glove. This isn’t new. Remember Jeter’s home run — Jeffrey Maier’s catch?

  96. >>Dubinsky tied his career high with 15 goals. You’d have hoped that by now he’d have to go a lot higher to tie his career high.

    Really? He will just turn 24 on April 29, shortly after we beat the Devils in 5. So you’re saying that, as a 21-22 year old first- and second-year pro, he should have scored “a lot” more than 15 goals? It’s that kind of attitude which has gotten this franchise in trouble over the years. He could have 18-20 now and be on track to 23-25 if he hadn’t gotten hurt; I think that’s OK progress for a second-round draft pick his age.

  97. Dubi and Cally will score more. They’re doing all the right things. I predicted Cally to have a breakout end of the season cuz he was used so little in the Olympics. That coach was waving him in with his hands over his head after ONE GOOD FORECHECK! THIS IS CALLY THE ENERGIZER BUNNY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE!!!

  98. Carp

    You can name three favorable calls (and I was talking about this decade only), I can name 100 cheap calls.

    Your 2 men on 3rd base happened by Tim McClelland, who earlier in the game, made a blunder when Swish was called out tagging from 3rd and scoring.

    In the situation where he cheated Swish, that took a RUN off the board for us.

    With the 2 men on 3rd, we did not get any runs out of it.


    Oh, no. They cheated Joe Mauer out of a double. He got to 1st base anyway, and they had the bases loaded with nobody out. Yankees fans would say that if we had the bases loaded and nobody out and failed to convert, then that’s our fault, not the umpires!!!!!

    If Mauer was on 2nd base with nobody out, the whole inning would have played out differently.


    Ya! We got more calls than other teams combined. Please, get me what you’re smoking.

    With that comment, it clearly reeks of Red Sox fandom. Red Sox fan, Carp?

  99. bull dog line on

    I am not sure if you were being sarcastic in your post or not. you have been criticized for being negative. I am going to say you weren’t. on Staal, the standards have really gotten low with him. last night he played 28 minutes, the team gave up 55 shots, and 5 goals, he was out on the ice for 3 of them, and I think partly, if not fully responsible for them. his brother went right around him on one, pushed him into the crease on the winner, and crosby caught him napping on another. how this could be considered a good game for a number Dman is beyond me. the standards are real low for this guy.

  100. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Your opinion is valuable and, in the future, should be reserved for your top-notch website only. Thanks for your cooperation and keep up the good work.
    Your friend,

  101. In other words, Alan, if it wasn’t for Carp’s attitude, perhaps Malhotra, Lundmark, Jessiman etc would turn into 50+ goal scorers? That’s what your post implies. Even though you make a reasonable point, you still try to make it personal. You seem to be very unhappy. And if I recall correctly, your post from yesterday(?) suggested that you wouldn’t come back. Next time, perhaps you should hold on a little longer.

  102. bull dog line on

    the 4 major sports whose teams get all the calls are, the Yankees, Canadiens, Cowboys, and either the Lakers or the Celtics. the Yankees have always gotten the calls.

  103. If you watched the 2008 NBA Finals, that should put to rest the notion that the Lakers get all the calls, as the Celtics were gifted that series!

  104. bull dog, no I wasn’t being sarcastic (although I have been on occasion). I thought he did a pretty good job on Crosby, especially considering he was on the ice with Knees Girardi and/or Rozsival all night. One went in off his skate when he was actually taking the body. And I am not one of his big fans. I tend to think he’s terribly overrated, but that he could eventually be a legit first-pair defensive defenseman. Could be.

  105. And whoever did write that…you’re so mature hiding behind a keyboard and a monitor

  106. BULL

    Just out of curiosity, are you following Brash*t in Hartford??


    Isn’t the season series over between NYR and Pissburgh ?

    If so, then it’s over between the two. If they manage to meet in the playoffs, which most likely wont happen, then this whole thing will just be swept under the rug. I stand by my opinion. He should have done something more.

    At the very least, someone should have targeted Fluery.

  107. NYRGuy- you’re right, just realized. It’s not sounding like you. We haven’t had an imposter for awhile…

  108. bull dog line on

    if Staal would add a physical mean side to his game, I would agree with you about him becoming a first pair defensemen. he is just to soft to considered that right now.

  109. bull dog line on

    nope, he is done, there I said it. by the way has Colton Orr had his glass jaw fixed.

  110. Yeah I’m surprised…this is the only blog I go to lol…I usually think I’m pretty calm and reserved

  111. 11 Sabres had a SOG in the 1st period tonight vs Philly…9 Rangers had SOG last night in the entire game

  112. No worries Carp lol cant catch em all…I don’t even mind, I just wish someone would be man enough to say who they are!

  113. Does anyone know how Goligoski got 2nd star last night? Kunitz had 1 G 2 A, +2 and 5 S0G…Goligoski had 1 goal, -1 and 2 SOG

  114. Sebastian Valmont on

    I dont know why anyone cares that Carp is a Red Sox fan. It really shouldn’t compromise his coverage of the Rangers or any New York team for that matter. We all know that newspaper columnists leave their biases at the door when doing their job, you know kind of like how FOX News certainly doesnt slant towards conservatives….right?

    As for the Yankees conspiracy, I can only say that the balls and strike calls from last year’s playoffs were so absurd, I thought the umpires were gambling on the games, but we all know that could never happen, right Tim Donaghy.

  115. I think Shelley will fight in the right moments…at his age he probably wants to be smart about it, unlike Prust who will just fight anyone anytime and pay the price

  116. Well, I can’t argue with the fact that umpires can alter a game more than any other referee

  117. ilb2001 March 5th, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    NYRGuy- your imposter must be from Boston :)

    I’ll second that!

  118. CR9- my best friend, for many years lives in Boston, I meant to tell you. The nicest, honest and one of a kind person. So every time you mention your “love” to people from that city, I really LMAO.

  119. OK OK I lied, I have a secret obession with Avery, more than Mama, and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore!

    I thought I could get away with it…

  120. It’s the only thing i can think of. Usually when goons sign with/get traded to a team, they’ll want to get that first fight out of the way. But, he not only looks interested in fighting, but he doesn’t even look interested in playing for this team.

    Seriously, i hope I’m not the only one who noticed his facial expressions these few games. He honesty looks like he’d rather be at a male strip club than playing in a hockey game. I thought it was his ugly face, but it’s really a look of depression.

  121. What do you think Voros does when he’s out with Hank and Avery and they talk about the games and then whip out all that cash…

    According to his twitter, he’s the 3rd wheel with Avery and his girl lol

  122. Sebastian, in case you didn’t know, Carp is NOT a Rangers fan either. Nobody’s perfect.

  123. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    I agree with ilb and orr!

    if AA doesn’t keep his head up, he’s done in 2 years.

    Dubi would probably lose the fight with crosby, which i would be ok with if he would actually drop the frakking gloves. I really do not understand his “lack” of edge this season in comparison to his others.

    congrats on getting the rangers GM job, however are you sure it’s a step up working for Dolan?

  124. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    watched The Fifth Element the other night and that line cracks mrs wicky up!!

  125. Maybe Dubi’s hand is bothering him too much to fight, so he just shoves his gloved fists into the other guys chest

  126. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    max lapierre got a 4 gamer….seriously???? Dan boyle got NOTHING!!!!!!!

  127. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    remember the big scrum with vancouver prior to the calgary injury, he had every chance in there to mix it up with 2 different guys, but he just pulled a dubi and paper dragoned it!

  128. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    Good thing about gabby playing tomorrow is we don’t have to watch lisin (I hope)

  129. Izzy, your post, of course, was the best. Nobody’s better than you!

    I had to listen about baseball and watch it all day today, Oy, spare me…and it’s only pre-season…

    ilb, you know what I’m thinking but won’t post about your happy ski time….thhhhpppt!

    tomorrow for the game I shall be at warren with a few heads…come on down all….

  130. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dubi purposely avoided throwing a punch on Crosby. Recall last game, Crosby slashed him in the arm after the 2nd period ended (a linesman held Dubi as Crosby was swinging at him) and Dubi was all tough and acting like he was going to do something… and last night Dubi had his chance and what did he do? He chose the bear hug. While I think you’re over-reacting, Rob M, i tend to think Dubi is a bit of a pu$$y right now (whether that’s because his hand isn’t totally recovered or because he’s just a barker, it still is).

  131. Nah Rob, maybe you like doing what people tell you, but I don’t. Uh oh, i think it’s your bed time now, you should get to sleep, you don’t want to miss the bus in the morning for Saturday school. Unless you’re trying to avoid some “people” from the bus stop.

    I’m not the guy to talk to aboot that, you should have a long talk with Brooks, he’s dealt with those situations.

    My Aunts a doctor, so if you need any medical attention, let me know. I’m there for you kid…or not, it depends on my lunch.

  132. yea call me kid cuz you must be real old, kid that shoudl be goin to college about now but opting not to, good choice

    college is a bunch of brash*t anyway, u rather stay on a blog 24 hours a day and talk about dublowski and blowzsival and dreary, that much more suits you, good call man, way to go, gona b a real success in life

  133. i get embarrassed FOR you for some of the stupid shit that appears under your name from time to time, and i dont even get to catch it all cuz im not on here for my whole life, but keep doin what ya doin, youre gona go places in life

  134. i gota go now cuz i gota go out and see people in person and talk to people in real life now cuz i dont live behind a computer screen 24/7 but get at me if u eva make it out of your house and off of in the next decade, keep doin it biggggg kiddd

  135. wicky (Leeloo Dallas, multi pass!!) on

    If you two don’t knock this off, I’m going to turn this blog around right now and we’ll go home!!! (sorry carp and mama)

  136. See Rob, when you get a little older, and mommy lets you play with things other then your dads vintage Indiana Jones lego set, you’ll be able to get an iPhone, and you can go on this blog where ever, and when ever. Really cool, huh ??

    And don’t get all high and mighty. Everyone can make friends in AOL chat rooms, and meet girls on Criag’s List. It doesn’t mean your special.

    I don’t need college, but clearly you do…but start off small first…hmm, how aboot 6th grade, *cuz* ya rilly neeeeed ittt buuuuuddyy. When ever you post, i feel like I’m reading an attempted Poem by Pauly Shore. Funny experience.

  137. It’s OK wicky, I’ve learned that on off days and as the season gets tighter, everyone here gets a little (lot) loony. mama understands and loves (most of) you all!

  138. Zach Parise just became the first Devil to have 4 straight seasons with 30+ goals.

    You all know exactly what I am thinking.

  139. IN his eighth game as a Calgary Flame, Ales Kotalik got his first assist to go with his one goal as a flame.

    In his eighth game as a Flame, Chriss Higgins garnered an assist, which was also his first point as a Flame.

    Doesn’t Prust have more points than those 2 combined, never mind Jokinen?

  140. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    ORR giving advice to Rob about playing with things! That’s just too much… Hahahahahahaha

  141. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “Zach Parise just became the first Devil to have 4 straight seasons with 30+ goals.

    You all know exactly what I am thinking.”

    Jessiman? Thanks, Glen…

  142. Anisimov has been showing more than signs for quite some time. He may need a little more ice time and maybe better line mates. Can’t believe that Lisen passed waivers. If we only had a caoch that could better develop players than just have favorites.

  143. “We just didn’t have the puck enough”, “we just didn’t have the puck enough”. Great observation coach. How are you going to correct this problem.?? Just what the freek are you going to do about it????

  144. It is exactly at the middle of the night and the whole RR is sleeping now and dreaming about a heroic win at Washington the next day…:)

  145. I was at the Game against Pittsburgh and couldnt believe some NYR fans in attendance felt they were cheated out of the skills competition because of the Refs calling the Redden Penalty.

    The Rangers had one shot on goal in a 25 minute span. Am I taking crazy pills ? They had no business even getting one point in that game.

    Playoff Payback For Southern Nemesis: Rangers vs Atlanta Flames 4/12/1980

  146. Avery macking Talbot was hilarious. The Mouth is right one shot in the third pereiod is dispickalbe.

  147. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Avery Makes me Laugh every game. <3

    Welcome PunkedPuck, NYR fan and fellow bubblehead!

  148. How does this guy putting on a Fire Sather Rally expect to make anything happen when he’s got no website or information readily available to be passed around the fanbase?

    Am I missing something here? This guy does not seem very organized or good at promoting… all I’ve heard is rumors of this and that around this blog… there should a hustle and bustle about this thing… not that anything will happen, but if you want to have a good showing you need the WORD SPREAD obviously.

  149. Salty, the information is on the facebook page. It’s been posted a few times on the boneheads page, I’ll send it to you through our fb.

  150. actually just found the facebook page… but still… i’m the kind of fan that should have come across this sooner just being in the community… I hope its fun and a success either way

  151. Good morning, boneheads. I’ll be traveling tomorrow back home. I don’t think the rally will be very big. Didn’t sound it was that well organized, agree with Salty. And I also doubt that Dreckther will be fired right after…

  152. CR, for your birthday, I’m going to have zdeno chara, tim thomas, bill buckner, tom brady, and bill mccreary all jump out of a cake for you ;-)

  153. LOL

    Thomas and Chara, I could care less about. They’re bums and so are the Broooons. Tom Brady, I have a bit of respect for, despite benefiting off of his coach’s cheating. Bill Buckner would receive a giant thank you for extending their misery for another 18 years!

    Bill McCreary might not make it out of there alive!!!


  154. sorry CR, someone just requested to join the FB, and I dont know who it is, thought it may have been you.

    NYR,that would be outstanding if Carp went. You could all meet up with him hehehe!

  155. What’s the Rangers FB link? I’m Tim. I’ll join under that name.

    I am located on the grassy knoll ;)

  156. I find it so funny. Both Ovie and Crosby are tied with 42 goals. Yet TSN puts Crosby first on that list with his ugly mug shot on the left. Interesting fact is that Ovie has 42 goals in 56 Games and Crosby has it in 63 Games.
    I also just checked every fight crosby had in his career and referres would always stop the fight right away, they never let anyone pound on him. Just ridiculous.

  157. you said it right there TSN. do you think they’d tout a Russian before a Canadian????

  158. I realized that people I meet on Long Island who say they are penguin fans are actually closet Islander fans.

  159. sorry Jay, thats the only info I’ve seen so far, except that Gabby will be with Fankist and Fim (prospal and christensen for those who are new)

  160. Dubi picking his nose!

    How’d you get that picture!

    Is there a such a thing as a real Penguins fan? Kind of like a real Patriots fan, huh?

  161. thats all sally’s doing! she created the page, i’m her ‘wingman’, i confirm most requests and ‘maintain’

  162. Surely Drury won’t be going back to the 4th line…he’s been showing signs that he’s breathing during games…so does that put him on the wing with Anisimov and Avery?

  163. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I see Izzy had a nice talk with himself last night…:)

    CR- Don’t have to. There is no shortage of people that are picking on you. Apparently, there are at least enough to fill Fenway Park.

  164. enjoy your saturday men! Gotta go make a triple layer chocolate cream pie and then go see the Stanley Cup at a college hockey game (yes, here in Alabama!!)

    Lets Go Rangers!!!!!!!

  165. Maybe they play Gabby in a limited role tonight, and on the PP? I don’t know, I like that he wants to play, but if gets even more hurt, we are pretty much screwed.

  166. >>I find it so funny. Both Ovie and Crosby are tied with 42 goals. Yet TSN puts Crosby first
    >>on that list with his ugly mug shot on the left. Interesting fact is that Ovie has 42 goals
    >>in 56 Games and Crosby has it in 63 Games.

    “C” before “O”, perhaps? That makes sense to me! Plus, since TSN is out of Canada, it’s to be expected that it would show a little more love to a native son.

  167. Not “A” before “C”? :)

    i will be at the rally tomorrow. Hopefully bunch of people show up…as i said before…ill take my camera with me and shoot as many pics and videos as i can and will post on fb.

  168. Message on FB from Jim Schmiedeberg:

    Just want to spread the word that Blueshirt Banter Radio will be covering the “Fire Sather Rally” Live on Blog Talk Radio beginning at 4:30 PM Sunday afternoon. My partner Eddie will be live on the scene, talking with Mike, Marcie, and the thousands of Ranger fans expected to be on hand. If you can’t make it to the ral……ly, make sure you join us, we are the only ones covering it live.

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