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From the Rangers:
March 4, 2010 – New York Rangers 4, Pittsburgh Penguins 5 OT (Game #64, Home #34)
· The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5-4, in overtime tonight at Madison Square Garden, ending their winning streak at three games. New York is now 4-1-1 in their last six contests, having out-scored their opponents, 20-13, over the span.
· New York has now posted a record of 29-27-8 (66 pts.) on the season, including a 14-15-5 (33 pts.) mark at home this season.
· Henrik Lundqvist stopped 50 of the 55 shots he faced, both career-highs, and is now 26-22-7 on the season, including a 13-14-5 mark at MSG. The last time a Rangers goaltender recorded 50 saves in a game was on Oct. 30, 1996, when Mike Richter made 53 saves in a 6-1 win at New Jersey, and the 55 shots were the most allowed by the Rangers since they allowed 62 shots on Jan. 31, 1991 at Vancouver (3-3).
· Michal Rozsival notched one goal and added an assist to record his fourth multi-point effort of the season. He has now registered four points (one goal and three assists) in the last four games.
· Brandon Dubinsky tallied a power play goal at 12:49 of the second period to establish a new career-high in goals, with 15 on the season. He has notched three goals in the last four games, including one goal in each of the last two contests.
· Olli Jokinen recorded two assists and tied for the team-high with five hits in the contest. He has registered three multi-point performances in eight games as a Ranger.
· Rangers Captain Chris Drury notched a power play goal at 14:39 of the first period and won nine-of-13 faceoffs (69%), while leading all team forwards with 23:21 of icetime. He has now registered four points (three goals and one assist) in the last six games.
· Sean Avery registered one assist and four hits, and he now has four points (two goals and two assists) in the last three games. Avery has tallied 11 points (four goals and seven assists) in 17 career regular season contests vs. Pittsburgh.
· Rangers Alternate Captain Vinny Prospal recorded one assist and tied for the team-high with five hits. He has now registered 11 points (five goals and six assists) in the last nine games.
· Michael Del Zotto recorded one power play assist and logged 18:56 of icetime, in his return to the lineup after missing the previous two games due to injury. He leads the team with 15 power play assists on the season.
· Artem Anisimov opened the game’s scoring with an even strength tally at 2:17 of the first period. Anisimov has now recorded four points (three goals and one assist) in six career regular season contests vs. Pittsburgh.
· Defenseman Wade Redden tallied an assist on Anisimov’s first period goal, and he has now recorded an assist in each of the last two games.
· Rookie defenseman Matt Gilroy tallied one power play assist, and he has now registered four assists in the last seven games.
· Dan Girardi led all skaters with five blocked shots, and also registered four hits in 23:05 of icetime. Girardi entered the contest leading the team and ranked seventh in the NHL with 135 blocked shots on the season.
· The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Mar. 5, is 11:00 a.m. at the MSG Training Center.
· The Rangers return to action on Saturday, Mar. 6, when they will face-off against the Washington Capitals at the Verizon Center (7:00 p.m.), in the first game of a back-to-back set; the game will be televised live on MSG Plus and can be heard on 970 The Apple.
John Tortorella on tonight’s game… “Hank was outstanding and gave us an opportunity. We will look at some things – what we did good, what we did wrong. At the end of the night, we grabbed a point out of here. Although it is an ugly one, it is a point. We will take that and go to Washington tomorrow.”
Chris Drury on tonight’s game… “We’ll take the point and learn from it and get ready for a heck of a Washington team. We’re obviously getting down to it, we have 19 games left. Everything kind of gets more physical, a little more nasty as the season progresses, especially within the division.”
Brandon Dubinsky on tonight’s game… “We did find a way to get a point and points are important. Especially for us right now at this time of the year. We will take them any way we can get them. Like I said, we just have to tighten up defensively and we’ve obviously shown we can put a few more in the net than we have been previously. If we just take care of our zone we’ll be fine.”

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Who in their right mind posts a new post after only 16 comments? I thought it was safe for a little while! Come on Carp, call your shots….

  2. wasnt ready? next time keep your pants on, Izzy!


    Everyone’ s asleep already! Are you still at the garden?

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    My pants are almost always on. What do you think, I’m like ORR and Megan Fox?

  4. on the train home, CCCP. With one of those nice Halal beef kabobs with onions and hot peppers stinking up the whole train.

  5. wicky (Gotta Love the Prust!) on

    has sather called snow yet tonight to tell him to put witt on re-entry waivers?

  6. “We did find a way to get a point and points are important. Especially for us right now at this time of the year. We will take them any way we can get them. Like I said, we just have to tighten up defensively and we’ve obviously shown we can put a few more in the net than we have been previously. If we just take care of our zone we’ll be fine.”

    Hmm, somebody’s taking lessons on Clutcheology.

  7. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I didn’t mean to imply that you were out of your right mind Carp. Actually, I pretty much said it outright, didn’t I, but that’s besides the point. Let’s see, where was I going with this? Oh yeah, hows the kabob?

  8. “My pants are almost always on. What do you think, I’m like ORR and Megan Fox?”

    What’s with you and Olga Glitter always imagining me naked, or m-bating ?

    What happened to “this is a family site” ? Jeez louise.

  9. Carp

    Halal beef kebab sounds pretty good… i just stuffed myself with Chipotle steak burrito! Can hardly breathe!

    It was a great game but a crappy way to lose it! I really like Joki Ollinen! He seems like a stand up and honest player! I bet his voice in the locker-room is heard nice and loud! Good pick up by Slats… Avery played a good game …something was always happening when his line was on the ice… This game had it all…hits, goals and laughs! I wish someone would cross-check Cindy in the throat!

  10. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Well ORR, maybe it’s your constant obsession with, shall we say, titillating posts. What else would you be doing? It’s just an easy target for ribald comedy.

  11. wicky (Gotta Love the Prust!) on

    I agree with you on olli, he doesn’t seem to hesitate to get his nose dirty for a teammate!

  12. I’d rather deal with the indigestion i’d get from one of those beef kabobs then to watch Crosby skate off the ice at MSG with a win.

    I don’t care how ‘win some, lose some’ this team may be- there’s no excuse for blowing a 4-2 lead on home ice.

  13. LMAO, easy target ? Excuses, excuses. You guys are just perverts. Do yourselves a favor, and come out of the closet already. It’s fuggin 2010, nobody cares. I just don’t swing that way, but i don’t judge, so you don’t have to worry aboot me thinking any less of you ;(

    Anyway, good night. Try not to dream aboot me, ahaha.

  14. san jose comes back and gets two late 3rd period goals to beat montreal 3-2 in regulation, good news for us.
    Manny Malholtra wit the game winner

  15. so, what your thoughts on Ollie?

    do you think sather didn’t trade him not just because
    he thinks we’ll squeak into the playoffs
    but do you think that it’s possible he’s going to offer
    Ollie a contract this summer?

    i’m thinking it’s quite possible, but i’m hoping that it’s nothing like past sather contracts…as in not over 5 mil and not over 2 years.

  16. wicky (Gotta Love the Prust!) on

    Just a couple ironic notes here. First of all a “hockey is for everyone” commercial sponsored by the NHL with a bunch of shots of different players involved with community doing autographs and such, and it had sean avery in it (just think it is ironic because he always seems to be public enemy number 1 with the league)!

    second, had to watch the ESPN America feed on laptop (stupid versus) and they were promoting the nhl with some commercials and one of the highlights they showed was the richards hit on booth. I thought it was a relatively clean hit, but most people don’t. I found it interesting that it was one of the highlight clips used to promote the game by ESPN.

    good night john boy!!!

  17. Did anyone notice Redden skating toward Hank after the OT goal? Redden tried to skate up and apologize, Hank skated right through him!!! Somebody else had to see that.

    I guess Hank doesn’t like giving up 2 goals to his own teammates either.

    Redden. . . . at what point does Markus Naslund start counseling him on his future?

  18. A short time ago someone took me to task for opining that Pascal Dupuis was a very good player, and that the Rangers erred in trading him. The opinion of the complainant was that he was a terrible player and has had a lousy record ever since. A quick check of the records shows that Dupuis has pretty much been used as a PK specialist ( which by the way he’s very good at), and never scores. In fact he has 14 goals and 12 assists. Not too shabby for a lousy player. ( Could we use some one like that? here on the Rangers? Oh yes.

  19. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    Dupuis was a decent player, but the Rangers traded him to make room for Cally to start his NHL career full-time which was the absolute right thing to do.

    They also got a prospect in Alex Bourrett from ATL at the time who had good chemistry with Dawes in Hartford, but didn’t train right, got banged up, and ultimately never made it. He was traded for the pick that became Tomas Kundratek so maybe this is a win for the Rangers. We shall see.

  20. Needed a mandatory cooling off period after the end last night so I’m not sure anyone has already displayed their disgust that none of the post-game quotes seem to show that any of the players are PO’ed that they lost. It reminds me of the criticism of the Mets the past couple of years that good teams hate to lose. How many games have we seen the past couple of seasons the Rangers blow because they appear to take their skates off after building a lead?


    A MANDATORTY COOLING OFF PERIOD AGREED-i was so heated leaving the garden last night…..

    anyway, would love to know the last time the rangers pulled their goalie and then came back to win????

    also the crosby s– chant is embarrassing Ryan Miller was praised in pittsburg (yes i realize he is on the USA TEAM)why cant we in NY give the kid some credit we are supposed to be the most sophisticated fans in ny right??? its a joke at the garden even up by me in the blueseats….anyway back to the crosby s— chant does that equate to this? crosby you are so good you beat us all the time we really wish we had you but we can only buy players and not draft any…he is a star he is gonna get the calls thats how sports work unfortunately the stars get the benefit of the doubt!

  22. I was in the pool!! on

    Are you sure that wasn’t an NBA official last night? Kinda looked like the one ref had a little money on the side. just sayin.

  23. Capitals are ripe for a good beating on Saturday.

    6-2 Rangers in a landslide.

  24. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Good Game

    Two goals were shit deflections off our own players, and really what can you or Hank do about that?

    Glad we got a point.

    My problem with last night is three fold:

    1.) The crybaby penguins: If not for our guys making them retaliate and evening out the penalties, who many times do we have to watch this piece of crap organization get free-bees and calls go there way all becasue of there acting skills

    (LOVED Hnak telling Horseface he should be a man and stand up.) Such a joke, I dont care how talented he is, and what he’s acheived, he’s a f&#king crybaby imbelisher who needs to get his face cross checked and will one of these days

    2.) 4 goals on 15 shots is pretty damn good, but 1 shot in the third period is unacceptable. Dmen were tired you could see it. (LOVE watching Flury get undressed and embaressed though and then getting pulled)

    3.)MSG/Sam Rosen/Joe Douche Bag: I’ve had just about enough of this bullsh#t. No one cares about Crybaby, The cover of SI, How nice he is, etc. THIS IS NEW YORK. No other team in the league Gives such a terrible blowjob to a player on another team as these two idiots do EVERY TIME we play them.
    Seriously, half the game was the same garbage coming out of that jackass Joe M’s mouth about Oh Crosby, Unbeleivable player, gold medal, SHUT THE F*&% UP!!! No one cares!!
    I’m watching the game with the mute button on from now on, and putting on 1050 am to hear Maloney talk some sense and call the game, becasue I am convinced Joe M is one of the absolute worst Announcers in Ranger History.

    Thats it for my rant, just had to get that off my chest.

    And does anyone knwo if he has a twitter acount? I really want to abuse the hell out of him if he does

  25. Can't Spare a Square on

    Is it just me or did the team seem a bit nastier last night? Or was it just that they were playing Crosbutt?

  26. Yes, the team was nastier last night, but forgot how to be nasty in the third period. Even Dru, who is not big at all, was throwing the body around. I thought he had a good game. It is so tight between 11th and 6th place. Who knows what is going to happen. We have to teach our D to be aware of the play while they are in the crease with a man. Too many times goals go off out own players.

  27. Can't Spare a Square on

    Too many odd man rushes as well…you can’t let a team like them just walk in to your zone untouched.

    Loved it when Avery imitated Cooke (was it Cooke) trying to “female dog” slap him.

  28. Maybe the Nasty 1 needs to have a team meeting and teach these guys how to really be nasty.

  29. MikeyNJ-
    I can tell you that EVERY station gives praises to Crosby every game he plays. I believe it is in their contracts. I watch on Center Ice and all of the commentators shove flowers up his .

  30. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Does anyone else think we will Re-Sign Christensen to a super cheap contract and have it pay off for us?

    Since he’s joined the team, I see nothing but positives from him, and he wont be too expensive.

    So far only players I want back are Prospal and Christensen

  31. “(LOVE watching Flury get undressed”

    “I really want to abuse the hell out of him if he does”

    damn mikeynj!!!u didnt tell us you were kinky like that!! go get ’em toger! haha

  32. I like Christensen too. I would have no problem signing him to a cheap contract. He has played some good minutes for us, can make some plays, and has a good sneaky shot.

  33. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    RabidNYR – i know I just dont want to hear that crap in our own house, and they def do NOT need to keep repeating and towing the company line crap all game long

    Joe M is the absolute worst announcer
    Just hate the freaking guy

    And on a funny side note, Sam Rosen is 61 and Doucheletti is 55. So next time someone says to me Sam is old, give him a break, F that!

    My dad is 64 and he still works his ass off at a job alot harder than sitting on your ass and announcing a game and getting paid im sure alot of $$ to do it. How hard is his job?

    The wife says last night “How old are these two idiots? Do they think people dont notice they both have the most terrible dye jobs I’ve ever seen?”

    Just love the wife somtimes, always cheers me up when Im getting irritated at them

  34. j/k mikey, i am in such a happy mood today for some reason. like the world has been lifeted off my shoulders. thats right, cuz im done with the rangers for teh season!! no more games for me not playoffs either, if we get there. i left the garden last night so pissed and ashamed but this morning i went out to the garden again and to my surprise, a little baby tulip had sprouted. it was like he beat out the other tulips like a sperm cell beating his brothers and sisters to teh egg. it was a glorious moment. i named it enver mandelbaum. cuz it was first!! and it was the fastest!! little baby enver made me proud this morning.

  35. Got home from work in time to see the 3rd period and overtime. Was Pittburgh on the power play that whole time? It sure seemed like it.

    If the Rangers squeeze into the #8 playoff spot is that what we can expect in the playoffs?

  36. “Capitals are ripe for a good beating on Saturday.
    6-2 Rangers in a landslide.”

    LOL, meaning: we’re going to get destroyed, 8-1

  37. yea nasty. ec does have a sneaky quick shot. id sign him too. 1.5 tops though. then id like to sign olli for 2 years at 3.5 per. then prospal i would like to resign, but if you look at his stats, most of his points came at the styart of teh season. hes been great in spurts, but hes not been that great lately, especially with his passing. duby could be traded at draft time if we have a chance of moving up to a top 5 draft spot. hes got the most value hes gonna get it looks ike, after gettinga career high 15 goals last night, and he even missed a month. if we arent trading him at the draft, then theres no point to trade him unless he overacheives one year. or if he wants a huge raise. id like to see redden waived right now, and i if i never saw him again it would be too soon. think soem guys are playing better since the deadline has passed and arent as nervous. rozy seems to be playing better. drury is playing great right now. hitting people!! he hit malkin a few times last night. that awesome goal and the ot pk where he just about cleared it without a stick and oplayed his tail off. im likin clutch right now. only guys who pissed me off last night was girardi,redden,mdz(he really needs to sit out on the pp from now on, hes getting worse), gabby for getting hurt at the most crucial time of teh season, hes ben a great addition but this is why not many teams were willing to take the risk. so much rather hav e heatley right now. soft serve gabby better not pull this rap every year of his contract but u know he will. i think avery is good, but hes just still not teh avery he used to be. i think torts mismanging of him and others are hurting teh team. he cant put guys like redden out in ot against the pens. cmon torts. put staal and girardi. then rozy and gilrot. gee that doesnt sound much better either. but at least with ren, we actually came back to win after trailing and we at least won a few in the shootout. sather should give valentenko a shot or potter inplace of mdz a few games. or gilroy. if we get to the point where were not going to make the playoffs, id like to see byers,dupont,grachev, weisse, valentenko, potter, sangs all get a few games in. locke too. anybody im missing mikeA?

  38. If the Rangers squeeze into the #8 playoff spot is that what we can expect in the playoffs?

    noo way, were gonna bring out our secret weapon to stop ovie. guess who that is….. keep thinking…. wha? did i hear a d? wait, was that an r? a u? another r? a y?? y? because hes clucth!!! thats y!!, not just clutch, but our secret weapon on D will be mr anders ericsson!!!! yea baby!!! theres no chance we lose again to the craps!!

  39. I know I’m one of the few, but I wouldn’t care if Prospal doesn’t come back. Look at his career…everytime he has a good year, the next year is not good.

    I’d also like to see Dubi around for next year and that could be his make or break. 4th year has been known to be a breakout year for alot of players.

  40. happy to walk away with a point damn.

    A few thoughts:

    Ever wonder why the strongest skater in the league goes down so easily? I admit he makes the dives look good. Like the opposite of throwing a moving pick–only he goes down SO EASILY for one of the strongest and most skillful players in the world. It’s like he braces himself for NOTHING when he knows he is going to get hit (or touched) and stops moving his legs or just flat out dives. So glad Henrik called him out.

    How funny was Avery mocking Talbot’s girly slaps on his way to the box? I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Look at his face as he flails his wrists it’s hilarious.

  41. Where's Pavelich? on

    it says a lot about the game when hank was the best player giving up five, but it was absolutely true.. the glove save on Malkin in OT was stellar.

    Dubs is the closest thing to a power forward that we have and he likes being a Ranger, unless a really great trade comes along, go with him (unfort, I dont think he get much bigger, but he can go for 25-30g)

    avery was imitating maxim talbot with the hand slapping..

  42. NYRGuy, I’m with you on Prospal. He was a good stop gap but his production really tapered off toward the end of 2009. Without Gaborik he’s a decent player but he’s never been a true 1st line guy and he alternates good/bad seasons like clockwork. Next year he’ll be a 35+ contract so if he does have a bad year they’ll be in another Brashear situation.

    And you’re right about the 4th year being the break out year for young players. Some take longer, some maybe break out in their 3rd year but it’s usually around then that players start to take it to the next level or you see that they’ve already maxed out. It’s not like he’s taking up a ton of cap space (or it’s not like you could get a substantially better player at the equivalent cap hit) and he’s got only one year left after this. The focus in the off-season should still be on moving one of Rozi and Redden.

  43. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    It is PREPOSTEROUS how a team, any team, in the stretch run for a playoff spot, can blow a two-goal lead to a division rival at home and still be happy to have earned one point.

    The 3-point game system is self-defeating. To be content with mediocre-to-poor results is pathetic and lowers the bar of expectations to receiving and acccepting more of the same. This GD league should get back to teams winning or losing two-point games, period. Instead, with one point to show for this Pittsburgh game fiasco, we have to hear about how Hank did this, Dreary did that, etc. What a pucking joke at a time the team is sinking below the waves like a crippled ship. Blowing a two-goal league and losing in OT is FAILURE, not P.R. for how well the players did.

    I cannot stand the Yankees, but to their credit, they would not accept this result as having anything to do with success. They would just be quiet after the game and come back tomorrow. The Rangers need to start striving for excellence, as the Yankees do, and get over this wallowing in the trailer trash park as an acceptable way of life.

  44. The worst color guy is Tripp Tracy. He and Craig Lockland with the Caps are horrible. I think Sam and Joe were worse last night because Versus picked up the MSG feed and made it national.

  45. I got home from work last night all excited to watch the game. I recorded it on 2 channels, MSG & Fox sports pitt. BOTH channels said “blacked out in your area”
    WTF !! Thank God for Rangers in 60.

  46. AGrossRecord

    Marian Gaborik doing drills at #NYRangers practice on line with Vinny Prospal and Erik Christensen

  47. Hard to hold a lead when he barely touched the puck in the 3rd. And the few breakouts we DID have, Dubi 3 FREAKIN TIMES passed up a shot. You have a shot on a cold goaltender, you take it.

  48. Really all you need to know about last night is that Lundqvist was excellent and still gave up 5, and that Brent Johnson came in midway through the second or thereabouts and only had to make 4 saves to get the win.

  49. The rangers will be mediocre, soft and whatever other negative word you can think of as long as that old fart Darth Sather is the GM. I keep dreaming one day he will be gone.

  50. Is a not healthy Gabby now, better than a healthy Gabby at the end of next week? I know points are important, but we don’t need him limping in to the playoffs, if we wake it, and that is a big IF.

  51. Well, now I’m wondering whether the agony of trying to watch that game last night on ATDHE, was worth it. The shivering and jerking of the movements are grating on the nerves. The Rangers last period performance didn’t add much to the overall relief of the gloom.

    But now on Saturday I’m off to Space Coast Stadium to see the Mets against the ‘Nats, ( they usually stack the club with all their rookies and one or two regulars, but hey…it’s baseball. ( Just so long as they don;t include Garth Sn ow on the roster like they did a couple years ago. Got to tell you….Beltran.

    The year he showed up there after game he was amazing. He stood out there by that dugout signing autographs by a zillion kids, and was very friendly and gracious to every last one. ( Seemed like there were a zillion of them.) He kidded with them, lots of parental smiles, and chuckles from everyone there. Great guy with kids.

  52. With Gabby back, we should win in D.C 7-1….Caps are soft and about to be exposed.

  53. 2003 Draft Debacle - Fire Sather on

    Haven’t seen Malkin get laid out like that since he came onto the NHL stage. Props to Dru for that one.

  54. 2003 Draft Debacle - Fire Sather on

    We should throw Auld in net against the caps – let’s see what he’s made of. We have a better shot of scoring on Jose three or more (or whoever the caps throw in net) than we do on Miller…

  55. AGrossRecord

    Marian Gaborik says he expects to play tomorrow for #NYRangers at #Capitals.

  56. Sather cannot stop the NHL from having the officiating continually giving Pens PP opportunities at critical times and then running back penalties to even things up once Pittsburg is far ahead.

    The integrity of our game is compromised. It makes me sick.

    His quotes in the NY Post are revealing. “it hurt”

    Since when was hockey not supposed to hurt?
    When you are Cindy Crosby.

  57. BroadwayBlue on

    I’m really getting ticked off that the team is not getting better- during this season or as a developing contender. I first became a season’s ticket holder in the 1976-1977 season when I paid $4.50 per seat per game upstairs & I’m seriously considering packing it in. Think about it waht has the team given us for all our support, including lots of bucks. Their home record of 14-15-5 at home is a joke. 33 points out of a possible 68 is less than ½ & 14 games won out of 34 earns a winning % of barely over 40%. Furthermore, they are a sparkling 1-5-2 in home division games. What’s the direction management & the coaching staff are taking the team & its fans? If I was certain they’d be going with kids, like the Blackhawks have, I’d probably stick it out, but presently I’m at loss to explain what the NYR logo stands for. I’m sure those following NYR for many seasons knew the’d be lucky to get out with 1 point when Pitt scored to make it 4-3 right after NYR scored. Finally, whats the over/under Ovechkin by himself, gets close to those 16 shots on goal NYR managed to get off last night?

  58. Broadway Blue, your post is sad and I feel sorry for you. All that money, all those games, and the same nonsense year after year.

    We need new ownership.

    Say what you want about Jersey, but they are in it almost every year.

    I’ll take “boring” 2-1 wins over “exciting” losses any day.

    Losing stinks.

    But losing by cheating hurts even worse. Cindy.

    Losing is one thing ,but to lose to a cheater who gets away with it, is so much the worse.

    Ask the confederates about that.

  59. We got rid of Mike Knuble years ago because:

    blue collar
    hard worker
    defensively responsible
    boring and not interviewable

    He was just not a dolan kind of player.

  60. Hank The Tank on

    Rangers Caps tomorro get ready to relive last game all over again i guarentee the same outcome as last night

  61. tony from AZ
    March 5th, 2010 at 10:56 am
    I got home from work last night all excited to watch the game. I recorded it on 2 channels, MSG & Fox sports pitt. BOTH channels said “blacked out in your area”
    WTF !! Thank God for Rangers in 60.

    tony- by any chance do you have direct tv? they did the same thing to me, towhere i couldnt watch any live games. they said unless its a sellout, i cant watch it live, but this was 2 years ago when we started playing better and sold out every game. so that was BS. all i could do was hope versus or nbc had it, or wait for msg in 60. they would show the pregame show, all the other stuff after, but never the game. also if we played st louis or minny, i would get to watch on fsn-midwest.

  62. Auld should start tomorrow..Hank deserves a night off after his team hung him out to dry…and I’d rather see Hank rested for the game against Buffalo at home

  63. hank- last night was a basic repeat of the last home defeat to teh caps 6-5. same exact scenario. blow a 2 goal lead in teh 3rd and except for losing 2 points, we scarped the 1 point in ot. still they suck. i would rather them score less but play much better defensively and not let hank get lit up like a christmas tree. these 40-50 shots against games are really taking alot out of him and if we do make playoffs, its gonna be the same ole story. we got auld, so we should let him play all the weaker teams form now on. at least 1 game every 4 or 5.

  64. How the hell did Torts not call a time out 6 minutes into the 3rd period last night?! If there was ever a time to talk to your team and try and stop the Penguins post-goalie-switch momentum, it was then. How obvious? They were so overwhelmed.

    Terrible coaching.

  65. Grabachev, where do you live ?
    I called Direct TV & they said the games were blacked out outside the NY & Pitt areas. Only shown on Versus everywhere else. I have the Center Ice package & it was not listed there either. Plus the game I do get on MSG are not in HD. The pre-game. the post-game & Rangers in 60 are all in HD.
    VERSUS SUCKS & so does Dolan.
    Soemetimes it’s hard being a Ranger fan !

  66. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    My definition of a real WIN in the National Hockey League:

    YOU earn TWO POINTS; your opponent earns ZERO points. That is a WIN. Anything else is a LOSS, and I don’t care if you earned two points to one point for your opponent, that one point you allowed your opponent in the standings can knock you out of the playoffs. This is how winning organizations look at it, whereas losing organizations express happiness that they earned one point, or that they didn’t embarrass themselves in an outright loss. And this business about being happy over earning one point in a loss, in a home game, where normally home teams win outright 60% of the time, is as lame as it gets.

    Type of outcome pecking order…

    1. Earning two points to none in a road game.
    2. Earning two points to none in a home game.
    3. Earning one point in a road game.
    4. Earning one point in a home game.
    5. Earning zero points in a road game.
    6. Earning zero points in a home game.

    So earning the one point at home vs. Pittsburgh ranks fourth out of six points total possibilities. Let the celebration begin – oh, wait, it already has if you think hockey is an individual sport, and not a team sport.

    Only selfish scum like Barry Bonds outwardly celebrate individual accomplishment which coincides with team failure, like the night Bonds hit his record-setting 73rd home run, while at the same time his team was being eliminated from the playoffs. Is this the mentality we want Ranger players, the Rangers coach, and those media members covering the team, and the fans supporting the Rangers to have? You decide.

  67. Grabachev, I’m so pissed I forgot to answer your question- yes I have direct TV. What’s going to happen during the playoffs ? If the Rangers are in or not I still want to watch. Will we not get to see the playoffs because they will be on Versus ?

  68. tony- i gave (IN)direct tv a big fugg you and switched to cable where they showed every ranger PO game., so thta also sucks about direct tv, that they wont even give us the home of the nhl!!! lol

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