The gold-medal kid vs. your Rangers


Here are the greetings that Ryan Miller and Sidney Crosby got when they were introduced before Tuesday’s game in Pitt. I imagine there will be a similar ceremony tonight, with a slightly different greeting for Sid. (Miller is in town Sunday).

Meanwhile, the Rangers return home, winners of three straight (including one at Pittsburgh) and still on the outside of the playoff picture, but just one point out of seventh place with 19 games left.

They face the Pens without Marian Gaborik, whose groin injury could keep him out a while. Michael Del Zotto returns.

I’m headed to MSG later on. I’ll be with you guys all night.

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  1. I got carped for the first time ever!!!!!


    CR9 March 4th, 2010 at 12:13 pm


    Then, essentially, we could possibly be better than mediocre starting next season. All it takes is for Sather to man up and admit a mistake(s) and dump Redden and Roszi to the minors. That takes their cap hit away and we have some money to spend (and since Sather is a goof, I’d prefer we do not spend it all until he is FIRED)

  2. alan
    March 4th, 2010 at 8:19 am

    hey cccp – Thanks for the thoughtful and incisive feedback, dude! It’s actually moron commenters such as yourself that at times make this blog insufferable.

    Moron commenters like myself make this blog insufferable? And that is coming from a guy who couldn’t make up his mind by disagreeing with Carp at first, then agreeing with Carp on what he (alan) originally disagreed with Carp on, and then asked to be lied to “But I prefer sites with a more hopeful, if still resigned, viewpoint” about what state the Rangers is in so he can feel good about himself? Hmmm…you better check youself, kid!

    P.S. Go get your shine box!

  3. Carp,

    I really need to ask you a question..
    Do you know what drives me crazy about hockey goalies ?:)
    Did you realize it as well ????:)

    In 99 of 100 cases when a goal is scored on them, the first thing they do is to take a sip out of their water bottle.
    Its always the same with them. Instead of arguing with their defenseman or shouting on them for terribly failing to help him out, he turns around, grab his water bottle and take a sip out of it..

    I never see it in different other sports like handball goalie or soccer goalie, where they crash in their defense or arguing with the referee..

    No the only think, those guys are doing is taking a deep sip out of their water bottle, as they would almost die of thirsty..:)

    Can you explain to me the logic behind it ?

  4. LI RangerFan on

    Tony – thanks for the AZ weather report… ;-)

    Actually not too bad in NY today – mid 40’s(!)

  5. LI RangerFan on

    Tony – nothing to speak of on LI / NYC; I would think that maybe Westchester and the upstate areas are still snowy(?) though…

  6. CR9 !!

    I dont know what you want me to show because this guys looks like the perfect son-in-law but was never famous to tend the goal:):)

  7. Hi, boneheads!
    Unbelievable time with the Wickys last night! What a beautiful, genuine and easy going family. And as tough as Wicky may sound on the blog, you should see how soft and loving he actually is in real life. Mrs is great and the girls are just too cute.
    If you think Wicky sounds a bit incoherent on the blog, you should talk to him in real life. I could barely understand him. Very thick French accent! Mrs had to help.
    Kidding, of course, I don’t think he speaks French.

    And this is for some idiots who come in here and complain about Carp, not enough info, negativity etc. The Wickys drove 4 hours with two kids and two dogs just to meet us and have dinner together. And drove back home for 4 more hours. And yes, we talked hockey, and we talked Rangers. But we also talked life, friends, and whatever else life is all about. If you, trolls, don’t understand that, then go get your firetrucking shine box!

  8. koala

    just joking around. agreed on the water bottle sips….

    if Jaromir tended goal, he would never have to sip the water bottle, as the opposition would be so distracted by his utter beauty, they’d never score!!!

    I am going to start a petition to have the currency, Euro, changed to the *JARO*

    Who’s with me?!?!

  9. All I need now is some firetruckin Avery ripped ab pics….maybe even some pics of him changing in the locker room tonight….

    Think you can help with that, Carp?!

  10. You know, I have always the feeling, they dont care if a goal is scored on them or not..

    It looks so pathetic !!!!:)
    “okay there is a goal, but I drink anyway !!!:)

  11. CCCP, you’re making this blog unsufferable again.
    Tony, I hate you when you talk about the weather. Yeah, we still have some lingering snow piles.
    Koala, I think that’s a calming thing — take a sip of water so you’re not so ticked off at yourself or (in the Rangers’ case) your idiot defensemen who won’t clear the crease and try to stick check a guy like Crosby.
    I am not looking at any photos where the link or the poster calls Jagr a gorgeous woman.

  12. I’m so ambivalent about the rangers these days. Do I want them to make the playoffs or do I want them to miss them so Dolan can see what a crap job sather does. I’m not sure.

  13. Koala, it used to drive me nuts when Ken Dryden would fold his arms over the top of his stick after stoppages. Very un-masculine.

  14. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    We couldn’t sell Prospal and/or Joker for prospects or draft picks? Why not? If you’re not buying you should be selling, not standing pat. Good grief! There was a big market out there for veteran reinforcements for the Stanley Cup push. We couldn’t tap into that? What if we miss the playoffs, anyway? Will standing pat look smart, then? He who hesitates is lost. Christ, Sather, will you come in out of the fog?

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the stars were already traded before the deadline. Kovalchuk, Phaneuf, Jokinen, Giguere. Those are some big names that got moved.

  16. Johnny LaRue on

    Here, here Ilb2001. You hit it right on the head. This blog is so popular because Carp keeps things in perspective, mixing the right amount of info with the realization that the New York Rangers aren’t the be-all and end-all of life. And they shouldn’t be. It’s a sports club that plays a game for pete’s sake.

    I don’t know what vital Ranger information people are looking for that would make such an impact in their lives that they just can’t live without. This blog allows us access to much more important information, such as Seinfeld quotes and Honeymooners references… the things that really matter.

  17. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Dryden was big enough, physically, so that he didn’t have to flaunt his masculinity just for show. He won Stanley Cups, I suppose that was “feminine,” too. Slow news day in Bayonne?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s important is that I will be at the game tonight. Unfortunately, I’ll be wearing a suit because I’ll be going straight from a meeting, but that won’t stop me from leading the “FIRE SATHER” chant!

  19. Johnny, I don’t know if you saw that I said it yesterday, but I enjoyed your poem. Well done.

    CR, I’ll work on those topless photos of Aves.

  20. Johnny LaRue on

    Yes Carpy, I saw your review. Thanks. I also saw your reply to the complainer which was funny. I was hoping you would tell him “You emit a foul and unpleasant odor”.

  21. I have 3 seats to the NY Rangers v. Buffalo Sabers game on Sunday, March 7, 2010. These are my season seats and are almost center ice. The section is 205, row C. They are awesome. I will not break up the three tickets, and am only selling them as a package. Face value of each tickets is $108 and that is the price

    If you are interested, email my at

  22. Koala
    What you don’t understand about the goalies? It is simple equivalent of “take a deep breath” to quickly calm themselves down and the only one physiology available in a fast game of hockey for them.

  23. LI RangerFan on

    …is it me or has the influx of trolls on the blog increased in the last several days???

  24. If there were people of color reading this blog, they would probably be offended by the “shine box” comments. But I know that you’re just a bunch of ignoramuses who don’t know any better. I would think that the proprietor of this site would be more sensitive than to allow that. But then again, seeing that he called a reader who respectfully disagreed with him a “big, stupid, ugly jackass,” I guess that’s not going to happen. Seriously Carp, what are you, a 12-year old?

    And by the way, I’m not a troll, I’m a regular reader and my own blog URL is embedded in my name, you can come and see me any time, as long as you watch your mouth.

  25. FRAN


    Who is going to this Fire Sather thing? We will need lots of pictures/videos…!

  26. FiveFootZero on

    Hey Alan, if you were a regular reader as you claim, you would know what the “shinebox” reference is and you would know it has nothing to do with ethnicity.

  27. LI RangerFan on

    Salty – I’m going to the Rally on Sunday and bringing three other people…

  28. Sorry if it was mentioned already yesterday (work got in the way and I couldn’t follow along) but anybody think Gabby’s injury had anything to do with the lack of Ranger activity on trade day?

    If it’s more serious than they’re letting on and think he’s going to miss a good chunk of the last 20 games, then no reason to rent players for a playoff push. And, for the same reason, maybe they turned down offers for Prospal and Joki, whom they will need without Gabby to flirt with the 8 spot.

  29. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I have seen Gaborik is playing and I have seen that he is not which is it, ANYONE?? And if he isn’t what is the word if there is any, when is he expected back??

    Also is there any other players out in the league that got hurt during the Olympics?? This really sucks, especially if he is going to be out more games.

  30. If there were people of color reading this blog, they would probably be offended by the “shine box” comments.


    “Obviously, you’re not a golfer.”

  31. Can you please pass the CHEETOS? on


    “go get your shine box” is a Goodfellas reference. come on…

  32. alan,
    there is obviously something fundamentally good about this blog, if such a sophisticated person as yourself keep it reading. Liberal Thoroughbred Racing it is not of course, but try, please, talk hockey, even if you have less clue than LTR, instead of lecturing innocent blogers here about “sucked out of your finger” “racial” problem.

  33. Can you please pass the CHEETOS? on

    alan you are a movie ignoramus. now go get your shine box!

  34. and ill be sure to stop by the DOUBLE TEAM STORE TO GET MY DRURY USA T SHIRT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. so you tell me that gaborik is all of a sudden healthy when it comes to the olympics, and once the olympics are over, he’s hurt again and cant play a lick when his team needs him…WHO PAYS YOUR SALARY YOU FREAKIN SLOVAK!?!?!

  36. BTW, where was it confirmed a groin injury and is that something that should really be glossed over if true? If it’s groin… DO NOT PLAY. DO NOT PASS GO. Take as long as you need… zero point in pushing anything right now.

  37. Who Needs Lohan on

    I know that they probably wouldnt like being referred to as people of color either you jackass! Most prefer black or african american.

  38. alan’s becoming popular! hey alan, can i get your autograph, please?

    This is so very insufferably insufferable!

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Alan, Calvin Klein Mr.94,
    You’re an idiot and I mean that without any disrespect. Your blog sucks. You’re annoying too.

    All the Best,


  40. Doodie machetto on

    Hey carp, Ive seen a couple of quotes from a book you’ve written posted on the blog. Got a link to where I can purchase the book?

  41. Ilb2001

    good to hear you guys had a great time! If wicky is as nice as you say he is then next time we all going to wyckys together! I hope they got a big guest house!

  42. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    -I was the first one to say “Go get your shine box” on this blog in regards to a certain troll

    -It’s from a movie, which you obviously have never seen.

    It has nothign to do with race, and everythign to do with insulting the person your saying it to.

    In the move its in reference to a character that used to shine shoes as a child, and an aquaitnence tesing him becuas he’s know him since then.

    So don’t get your panties in a twist, and go ge tyour shinebox

    Now LETS GO RANGERS and knock some of Horsetooth Crybabies teeth out tonight and get the win!!

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So don’t get your panties in a twist, and go get your shinebox

    Classic mikey. hahaha

  44. lmao TFBRW&B

    Well said my friend!

    I mean, wtf did this guy alan, or anyone for that matter expect when they come on here and start talking crap about this place or the people who post and run this blog? Expect to be gang banged!

  45. Who Needs Lohan on

    I just asked the black girl up front and I cant even repeat what she prefers to be called! Seriously, I always thought of people of color as something my grandfather would have said. Its 2010, black is back!

  46. Salty

    I am definitely going to the “Fire Sather Rally”

    I’ll take my camera with me and post photos and videos on fb after the rally!

  47. Doodie machetto on

    Guys cmon.

    Alan, we’re just busting your balls. Let’s just have a drink and forget it.

    Now go get your f@#!ing shinebox.

  48. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I have no idea why you say i am not did you guys see the big moose that walked over in the parking lot coherent in my slatipuss is probably going to make a lot of concussions when the draft and summer FA time is here, I expect rozy to be traded and redden possibly demoted sentences or conversation! (French would only complicate the issue so try to avoid)! Again, worth every second of the trip!!! Thanks!!!!

    pretty funny link from the miller vs crosby intro….miller def got the better one!

  49. Anybody see that video of that old white guy “Vietnam Tom” beating up that semi tough looking black guy on the bus ? One of the funniest vids I’ve ever seen.

    That should be our new goon, unless Shelley decides to pick up where Orr left off, instead of Brash*t.

    I’m still pissed Gabby is missing yet another “important game”

    This guy’s on my Brash*t list, and will be probably until the seasons over.

    Go New York Callahans!!

  50. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Can anyone tell me if gabby is playing tonight?? I know you have probably talked about it already but I missed it. And what the verdict do we know how bad it is. I am pissed he came back and played the Bronze game if this is what was going to happen.

  51. LI RangerFan on

    re: Gabby and MDZ from

    Marian Gaborik did not skate on Wednesday, and could miss tonight’s game. Defenceman Michael Del Zotto will play after missing the two games.

  52. LI RangerFan on

    Poll results from the Rangers web site:

    Which Rangers player impressed you the most at the 2010 Olympics?

    Ryan Callahan 22.91 %
    *Chris Drury 36.16 %*
    Marian Gaborik 16.56 %
    Olli Jokinen 14.57 %
    Henrik Lundqvist 9.79 %

  53. tone it down on

    something has to be done about screaming p.a. announcers in all sports. it is beyond ridiculous in many arenas. they do not have to be boring monotone, but they have to stop with the over-the-top screaming and overhype for big name players, like they are kings who deserve a grand entrance, while the rest are peons who should be ignored or disdained

    just announce the dang thing with restrained enthusiasm that is dignified and allows the fans to understand what is being said, rather than trying to be a screaming banshee boombox bum who is artificial, phony, and overhyped and overwrought. that lessens and cheapens the experience, and has the opposite effect of what mgmt wants

  54. yeah drury was great warming the bench most of the time….

    love how everyone was like he was so vital in the lockerroom with the young squad…JOE M basically bashed him the other night was like i have to be honest i did not think he deserved to be selected to the team! ya think! the guy is honestly our 10th best forward it is sickening

  55. tone it down on

    Tony, I am referring to the public address announcers in my post. the link by Carp above to Pitts. brought on the comments from me

  56. LI RangerFan on

    Tony – you’re not talking about Rick Jeanneret are you? He’s their radio guy and IMO an icon…

  57. Clearly Joe Mich spent a good afternoon in front of his computer refreshing -Chris Drury’s pole- er, the Chris Drury poll.

  58. NYRanger4Life on

    ORR –

    Sure did. That guy is the epitome of BAD ASS. The black dude was egging him on, and this dude turns around and beats the PISS out of him! Good for him. I think he was the same dude that got tazered at a SF Giants game a few years back too.

    For those who have NO idea what I am talking about, check out deadspin….or google EPIC Beard Man.

  59. I believe I recall him saying at one point that he’s unhappy with the finished product of that 2001 book…something about the editing process, Carp?

  60. I also agree on commentary thing… this is why we shouldn’t take Sam Rosen and Joe M for granted! Never know what kind of a tool will come in Sam’s place when he decides to go.

  61. LI RangerFan on

    Tony – he must be trying to imitate the soccer announcer from Mexico (I think) that does that as well until he’s out of breath.

    “I guess if we scored it would be OK”; hahaha, yeah I agree… :-)

  62. LI RangerFan on

    CT – can’t forget about “top shelf where Mama hides the cookies”…

  63. Today has royally sucked. :(

    They better win tonight to help cheer me up. Or at least I wanna see Dubinsky punch Cindy in the face.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OMG I GOT CARPED!!!! I come back and read post. Geeze.

    “They are going nowhere. They have just as good a chance as anybody to make the playoffs, as if that matters.”

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOWZERS!!! Yo Carp , you were looking fer some fights tonight!!! I bet ya had yer ol shoe shine box out right befer ya entered the article today. I of course disagree because when the Rangers make the playoffs…My heart feels goooood!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH the feeling of being in the playoffs feels AWSOME!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!I’d pois…I mean I’d take out Crosby right before the gold medal game just to smell playoff hockey for us. I love you guys but alotta ya are wayyyyy to biter. Messier over shoney is the best move Olga ,dont be sooo bitter. ( spelt it both ways so Im right on one).

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers are playing today …HURRAY!!!!

  66. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Mike …You were right about Gaborik getting injured. You were right about Dubinsky . Correct about Team Canada …you spwew off a bunch of stuff all the time and its ON THE BALL. Can ya spout me off the lotto numbers tomorow? I need 6 number for Saturday. from 1 -49.

  67. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    4 posts in a row..suckas!!!

  68. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Hey TONY FROM AZ –

    I appreciate yours and all refernces to “Norman Bates.” Years ago I put a refernce to Norman in a prison song I wrote called “Every Day In Here Seems Like A Year.” It goes as follows…

    My cellmate is a bloody psycho. He says his name is “Norman
    Bates.” He butchered 27 winos, plus six women he still hates. Next week he’s out on good behavior, so he can murder, rape and rob. But he thinks nothing of it, really, because to him it’s just a job….


  69. tone it down… I agree with you about announcers that try desperately to make it more about themselves and their voices… Emerick is THE WORST and I hate everything about that douchebag. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

    However, I have to assume your post is in response to the link in Carp’s post… where they scream EVGENNNNNNI MAAAALKINNNNNN ect…. you do have to realize it was a Pens home game and they have to ramp it up for their own guys, etc…

  70. Or at least I wanna see Dubinsky punch Cindy in the face.


    I hate to say it… but I think Sid would beat the piss out of Dubinsky.

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tonight's gonna be a good night!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ilb and the Wickies together !!!! wow , did you guys talk about me?

  72. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tonight's gonna be a good night!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Salty , Crosby is the SUNSHINE BOY , he’d poke Prust in the eyes while slew-footing Shelly to the ice. The kid is amazing BUT tonight is our night bro. Get it !! Got it? Good!

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Tonight's gonna be a good night!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Sorry for getting so excited everyone , I geuss these boring, dull,awfull, annoying,expensive,useless,waist of time games that OUR team plays kinda gets me going.

    Lets go Drury!!!!!

    Clutch it up!!!

  74. tone it down on

    again, my post was about the arena p.a.announcers, NOT the TV or radio guys

    there is no legitimate basis for stretching out and overscreaming a player’s name to create a false overhype depending on a player’s supposed star standing. that is not only embarrassing and counterproductive, but it also is demeaning to all the other players who don’t get the “king treatment” when their name is announced

    after all, if the announcer has to “tell” the fans by his verbal gyrations who is and isn’t a “bigshot”, well then the fans are really being talked down to and being treated as ignorant.

  75. Dubi would wreck crosby just because of how much dubi hates the guy, he wouldnt accept getting beat up by crosby, but it doesnt matter bc cindy would probably jump him mid faceoff the way it happened with Brett McLean on the panthers a year ago and u woudlnt even b able to consider it a fair fight, bc cindy is that much of a P*$$#

  76. ThisYearsModel on

    Not much excitement for the next few games. Unless Hank stands on his head and we squeak out a win or 2, they should lose all 3. No Gaborik for the forseeable future. We need to get to a spot where we can get a good draft pick.

  77. Heard this quote on TSN supposedly from Gretzky about the over-valuing of players due to their “being good in the locker room”

    “If he’s good in the locker room, leave him in the locker room. Because he’s not getting it done on the ice”

    I think that quote pretty much sums up our Captain…who I think right about now is skating past the blue line on that breakaway the other night…LOL

  78. LI, VERY bad. I have a sinking feeling things will get worse in the next few weeks. The Rangers and baseball coming soon are pretty much the only rays of hope I got going on right now. :(

  79. Hope the Rangers lay out Cindy tonight…UGH, can’t stand that kid…

    As for tanking the season for a draft pick…it’s already too late to tank bad enough to get a top pick and who’s to say Sather would have a clue about who to draft anyway?

    Short term goals…

    Beat Cindy.

  80. LI RangerFan on

    Mickey – sorry to hear that; hope nothing too serious for you and that it all works out.

    The Rangers as a ray of hope may be wishful thinking, but that’s why we’re all here, I guess… LGR !!!

  81. Fair enough on the PA announcers… just realize that in the clip Carp posted… home team players are obviously given a nod. I do agree with you though… you’ll never hear “Rangers goal scored by number TWENTY EIIIIIGHT…. COLTONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR”

  82. LI RangerFan on

    Well, I’m off to the game, folks!!! Hope it’ll be worth it tonight. Keep bloggin’…

  83. You guys give me a high five on a win tonight ?
    I am sure a koala can beat a penguin :)

  84. Haven’t done this in a while…..if you’re killing time before the game, check out the video link I posted over at the sister blog. Cracked me up.

  85. I hate to agree with Salty Dupuis, but i honestly think he would beat the piss out of Dubi.

    Dubi thinks he’s tough, but he’s really not. That comb over really doesn’t help.

    And yeah, Vietnam Tom is the man. You should hear his radio interviews. He was saying that he was on the bus on his way to the doctors office to buy some weed for his arthritis. lol. Love that guy.

  86. Interesting ads we got here on the blog…

    Brooklyn – Mom Lost 46lbs Following 1 Rule
    I cut down 46lbs of stomach fat in a month by obeying this 1 rule

    Now…w/o clicking on the actual ad…can YOU guess what that 1 rule is? :)

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Clutch it Up!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky would punch out Crosby. Crosby would turtle and Dubinsky would keep slugging. The younger Dubinsky got beat up a few times and I’m thinking he’d show Crosby a thing or two.

    We do have a rejuvinated Drury and an AMPED up Callahan. A fully consentrating Lunqvist and a Oli Jokinen who thinks hes good again. Avery is still kicking and Dezotto is BACK!!
    Our eam has character even if it has an OVERPAID Drury and Rozi/Redden on it. This team ooozes character and it has a GM who is either handcuffed or confident in this group here.

    Right now is OUR time to shine .Cindy crosbaby had his glory and now hes due for a hang over. The world wouldnt end if he didnt win the cup again this year. So lets get this party started and kick some MUTHA FLUCKING PENGUIN AZZ!!!!

    Drury is in the houWse ~~~

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Clutch it Up!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Come on Drury , Clutch Up!!!

  89. Doodie, I doubt you could find the book … and it’s not because it sold out.

    Hockeyman, don’t you read the original post? You hurt my feelings. Gaborik out, Del Zotto in.

    Salty … partly because Colton never scored.

    alan, so nice to hear from you again.

  90. I missed a game in which Hollweg scored 2 goals against the FLyers, and I think we lost 6-2 or 6-3.

  91. CR9 I remember that game it was one of the days when they had the viewing party at Bryant Park.

  92. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    the only thing we really said was i thought it would be great for you me and grabby to get together in the rangers west grouping so to speak and that the ilbs should join because they do travel out here!!!!!!

    Dubi doesn’t punch anyone anymore!! I’d rather see him fight and lose than do nothing which he normally does….at least attempt to show some frakking heart. I hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that those guys that were playing well that might have been traded but didn;t will resort back to their old ways now the deadline has passed!

  93. The best thing about us beating the Pens last time is that maybe they forgot and don’t come out and kick the carp out of us…

    Will the streak go to 4??

  94. I don’t care what happened you don’t boo a guy on your team for scoring a game winning goal. You just don’t. If Gaborik did that would the fans at MSG boo him? I doubt it. That was a pretty stupid thing to do by the Penguin fans.

  95. Considering how Drury can no longer provide anything meaningful on the score sheet…but the Rangers have to promote him as being as great as his salary…I notice how the only stats talked about regarding him are “blocked shots”

    So, I’m curious…

    How long before they give him an award for “Most Blocked Shots in a season” and present him with a silver award in the shape of his crumpled form after blocking a shot?


    Adam Graves pro files just on…now THAT was a player.

  96. Charlie, Penguins fans are without a doubt the dumbest on the planet.

    By their sense of reality…the NHL only existed during their two Cups and since Cindy started in the league.

    They booed Jagr. Who did everything for them. ‘Nuff said. If their team isn’t winning, they don’t bother showing up.

    If ever a city deserved to lose an NHL team, it’s h

  97. Hi, everybody! Great skiing today. Just caught up on the blog.

    I think we need to be nice to people and more sensitive to color issues…LMAO, wtf did that come from?

    Anyway, this is for Alan:

    Alan, btw your blog link appears to be as authentic as your words.Now, go get you-know-what.

    Wicky, hug the girls for us, will you?

    I’m looking forward to Pens in the house. It’s time for Oli and Prospal to step up. And I want to see some fights. Has Shelley fought anybody after he became a Ranger?

  98. Maybe its wrong of me but I would boo Crosby too for scoring that goal (other reasons too). However we in NY have a rare use of the boo. Which sports figure was it who said you know your good when you get booed in NY? Every time I boo a player while I’m booing what I’m saying is “why did you have to be so good that you are making me boo you?”

  99. I just watched that video of Crosby and Miller. Mixed feelings. All I can say: Welcome back to US, Sidney!

  100. Jorek, take a look at youtube link I posted above.

    And I guess you missed it when we first started to use that phrase. Roughly translated, it means: “Get the %#@! out of our blog!”

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