Some post-game quotes


Vinny Prospal

“We played against a pretty good hockey team tonight. They have a lot of weapons in their lineup. They’re the defending Stanley Cup champions so they have to know something. But on the other hand, with the shot differential being as bad as it was, we were lucky we came out with the point.”

Henrik Lundqvist:

“They’re a good team. They made it tough for us. After we scored our fourth, we really had a tough time to hold onto the puck and get our game going, and they  kept coming.”

On the Crosby incident: 

“I just thought it was a bad call and I thought he played it. I told the ref … he’s a great player and he should be protected, but he shouldn’t  use it. I thought it was a very bad call. … He went up with his arms and really played it up. I told him to stand up.”

“It’s a big point. We’ll definitely take it. But having a 4-2 lead and playing pretty solid, it’s pretty disappointing to not get the two points.”

“They enter our zone pretty easily. They came down on us hard and made it tough for our Ds to come back up. A lot of times we got stuck in our own end. But they got a lot of shots from the outside and we let them shoot from the outside. High-quality scoring chances, I didn’t think it was that many.”

“He shot it when it was standing up, so it was going high. I went up with the glove and it went under my elbow. It just dove. A knuckle puck there.”

John Tortorella:

“We had opportunities to hold onto the puck offensively and we lost it a bit. Although the shots after the first two periods were still out of whack a little bit, I thought we did a much better job. In fact the scoring chances were pretty much even through there even though the shots were a little crazy. 

Offensively we just didn’t hold onto enough pucks and it just kept growing on us. And they ramped it up on us there. The third period reminds me of the Chicago game earlier this year. We just couldn’t get the puck. And their D is under the radar, because of their big names up front. They have a pretty good mobile D that we just couldn’t get the puck from.”

“We can and we will look at some thngs, what we did good, what we did wrong. AT the end of the night, we grabbed a point out of here. Although it’s an ugly one, it’s a point. So we’re going to take that.”

“You could see it mounting, and they’re a pretty good hockey club. They keep throwing Crosby and Malkin over that bench every other shift. It’s a pretty good hockey team.”

On the call on Redden in overtime: “It’s a penalty. Yup. It’s a penalty.”

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  1. Should be interesting to see how they can improve on that when they play Washington next.

    If they lose at Wash and then get 2 vs Buff and NJ, that’s still 5 out of 8 pts against the top 4 teams, not bad…

    I’m just sayin lol…

  2. Captain Clutch is back!!! I wasn’t gonna let the loss to Canada ruin my next 4 years! And I’m certainly not gonna let this loss tonight ruin my National Grammar Day!

    After CLUTCH goals in the Olympics against the powerhouse SWISS and NORWAY teams, Captain Clutch is back to show the rest of the NHL that LITTLE THINGS beat a gold medal any day!

    Did you guys see Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH “sweep from the knees” goal??? I learned that move from watching the curlers in Vancouver! Ha-Ha! Matter of fact, Captain Clutch practiced that same move in the hallway during games at the Olympics! I had to do something to pass the time! Sitting on the bench as the 13th forward got boring fast!

    Anyway, the key to the “sweep from the knees” goal (aside from being clutch, obviously) is to sweep very gently…like spreading tomato sauce on fresh pizza dough!

    Hockey historian Rick Carpiniello, a big fan of the clutch dump-in, said it best earlier: “The way Chris Drury is playing, I’d be surprised if he finished this season with less than 41 goals.” Say no more!!!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  3. It’s a penalty. Yup. It’s a penalty…..

    but when it’s committed against us, the refs just missed it!

    Heartbreaking is right. Not an ounce of fairness.

  4. Sather's WrapUp on

    Did everybody get your playoff ticket notice?

    Hello Ranger Fans! Ahhh, It’s good to be back home at the Garden. I really missed the ass-groove in the seat in my Private Box. It’s all warm and snuggy and everything… Wait a minute, THAT feels weird… Ewww, and it smells like Ben-Gay and Old Spice. MUCKLER!! STAY THE HELL OUTTA MY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy they really yell for that Crosby kid here; maybe I should look into trading for him before the playoffs. Wha? What’s that Mess? What deadline? Holy Hell, why didn’t you tell me? How can you make a mistake like that and expect me to make you GM next year!

    (singing) “Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands, And make a stash… “ Oh there’s Dolan’s ringtone. Hey there, Big Guy! We did it again! Another sellout! Did you watch the game? You did!? No, that was Crosby. He’s not ours. Because they wanted Redden AND Rozival, that’s why! Maybe I should have thrown a few Knicks in the deal. Dantoni’s not getting anything out of them… (click)

    I was watching the MSG feed, and I saw that somebody put a Subway ad right on the glass behind the goalies. Now I know Dolan needs the advertising money, but how do the fans behind the net watch the game? Must be why the end seats are cheaper…

    I know Gaborik is out but we seem to be scoring well without him. You know, I don’t give Gaborik any credit at all for scoring with that shot of his. He should try it with Brashear’s shot. Then if he scored, he’d be great!

    Overtime is Marvelous! All the fans buy another round…
    Drink up!
    Uncle Glennie

  5. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    like ilb and i were talking about last night, probably an 8th seed at the end of the season.

    I think torts does a horrible job of line management, he doesn’t match lines, but with this team maybe he should. He has opportunities with the home team last change to put out 4th liners against 4th liners or against other team’s scrapers and he doesn’t do it then sends them out against the other teams 1st or 2nd line and we wonder why our “enforcers” never fight. He has admitted he rarely uses his 4th line, so none of us should be shocked our fighters don’t fight. I mean if you are rupp at the end of a shift and shelley comes up to you fresh off the bench, are you going to fight him when you are gassed from your shift? Probably not!

    Lisin still needs to go, and slats better be on the phone with ol’ garthie boy saying put witt on reentry waivers!

  6. Never seen LQ that fired up. Good for him to stick it (no pun intended) to Cindy. I agree CR9, these referees are absolutely atrocious! They always look away when it’s on the Rangers. Honestly, that call in OT was unnecessary.

  7. I’m not blaming Hank for the loss at all, but you cant let Rupp score a god damn goal on you.

    And he’s allowed him to do so 4 or 5 fuggin times.

    I’m sick of this brash*t, i don’t want these 3 point games. Either get the two points, or get none at all.

    I’d rather them lose every game.

  8. It was a penalty on Redden. Who cares how the calls were going. Redden made a terrible play. And the team was doing it all night especially in the third. Not moving their feet, gliding and reaching and waving their sticks. That’s how you get beat and how you take penalties. Not hitting anyone, not moving the puck, taking too long to move it and not finding ways to turn and break out when all 5 of their guys are essentially playing deep and pressing.

    Team still just doesn’t have the horses, and he defense better grow up in a hurry.

  9. Hey, My Mom’s.. just saw your note on the last post about the Sabres games.. yeah, I have to deal with those too. Very annoying. I know it’s not TW’s fault that we get them(something about the NHL or somebody declaring that since we are upstate we are also Sabres territory), but still, I hate it.

  10. the call was questionable. malkin wrapped his arm around the stick and really sold it.

    shocking some punk ref wanted to affect the outcome of cindy’s game.

    what a friggin shocker……

    3 seconds left in the penalty.. if mark staal could shoot more accurately he would have about 10 goals this year.

    no one is complaining about marion and him playing in the olympics when he should have sat and now he is not playing for the team that pays him. THAT is horrible……………..

  11. Saw Torts presser, thought he was pretty calm, considering. Was expecting him to be ranting and raving. Even Hank seemed OK in his interview. I’ve seen him much more depressed before.

    The Caps, Sabres and Devils up next? EWWW. Rough road.

  12. Torts needs to play Avery and Prust more…. especially in a 3rd period like last night.

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