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From the World’s Most Famous (not what I call it):

Marian Gaborik is definitely out, and John Tortorella sounds perturbed about it (although it’s almost impossible to know when he’s perturbed and when he’s not).

“He’s not playing,” Tortorella said.

When asked if it might be serious, Tortorella snapped, “(Trainer Jim Ramsay) is going to tell me when he’s ready to play. He’s not playing tonight.”

Michael Del Zotto is back in, after that gory laceration a few weeks ago. Aaron Voros gets prucha’d.

I think the salute to the Olympians will be shown in the arena during the first timeout. Not sure if MSG will show it then or later on.

I asked Tortorella is he’s noticed that the break, especially for those who didn’t play in Vancouver, had a positive effect:

“I think for some guys the rest really helped,” he said. “I watched Gilroy’s game the other night. I thought it was one of the better games he’s played for us. Marc Staal was run down before the break. I think it’s going to help him. I thought against Ottawa we were really smart on the ice, as far as getting pucks in behind the D, not trying to do too much. I thought we were really good in a lot of areas and maybe that’s just the break, mentally. So the break was good. We were playing pretty well when we broke, we came back and played a good game. It’s about trying to be consistent here and taking it one day at a time.”

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  1. During warmups, there’s a guy with a sign by the glass, and the sign said, “Hey Sidney, lose something?”

    And there’s a baby bottle and a pacifier taped to the sign.

  2. CJP I don’t know about cindy’s reception the other night, but they are far from the dumbest fans. I have been to 6 games out there in the last 2 yrs. and you know what they are somwhat decent. No comparision to the DEvils who take my award. I know there is not many in quanity but the quality is beyond belief, just awful season ticket holders who don’t know the rules, any players and boo for the sake of booing. Best example is Rich Chere from the Star ledger maybe the single worst so called hockey guy in the media, but their area is gorgeous what a upgrade from the swamp.

  3. I hope we don’t get embarrassed tonight…I’m sure Sid the Kid will make Sportscenter playing in NY…lets kick his rear and win our 4th in a row!

  4. Torts should be pissed. His best player, and one of his only important forwards chose a useless Bronze medal game over his own team.

    Ugh, the thought sickens me.

    I honestly cant wait until this season is over. Another year of those three bad contracts out of the way.

  5. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    we have the diapers here!! Hugs delivered and congrats on your carping!!!

  6. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    oh yes, i forgot that the last pens game was the dubi pulling a girardi game!!

  7. >about Koala’s goalie question from the last post

    They’re is probably a lot said by goalies that you wouldn’t see with the masks on. And they probably get a drink at more stoppages than not.

    I wouldn’t yell at a teammate or ref in any circumstances, but that’s just me. Some guys will. I think it would just depend on the personality of the players. Now that’s coming from a player from the lowest amateur ranks and not pro, but I think it would be somewhat the same.

    I think some goalies like to play mad just as sort of a way to keep focused. But I don’t know of anybody that plays the position a lot that doesn’t care.

    It really doesn’t do any good to put on a big show if something doesn’t go your way.

    Game vs. Penguins today so that means I get to see the game on the local tv.

    So let’s go Rangers.

  8. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Gianone should have asked crybaby how many PSI his lips are inflated to.

  9. Yeah, wicky, I’m aware of your family’s averall diapers situation:)

    Carp is right: the world’s most famous arena is the old Yankee Stadium. The world’s most famous circus is Cirque du Soleil. The world’s most famous arena/circus- MSG.

  10. Carp, I loved the old Yankees Stdm. but your stretching it on 2 pts. A. it’s not a arena’s not in use anymore. MSG world’s most famous arena, no doubt. If you don’t change your stance we will get you escorted out of the garden and invite CHITO boy back on the boards whatta say?

  11. Dubi has fought much tougher guys than Crosby and would definitely destroy him in a fight.

    Over/under on how many times you’ll want to strangle Sam/Joe for licking Crosby tonight? I’ll go 6, and over.

  12. Gianonne is solid, atleast he know hockey and growing into a good play by play. The bosses are telling to take it easy with crybaby and @ this stage of his career he can’t do a Cherry act thank God. Better than Dugay,Joe M. Al T. and now Sam.

  13. Sorry, Giannone is not better than Joe M or Sam…I have no problem with either of them.

    Al Trautwig, maybe….Duguay-possibly, not Sam or Joe

  14. Plus Duguay lives like 5 minutes from me, so I’ll say Giannone isn’t better than him either lol

  15. That Uniondale team gets Deb Kaufman/Placey and we’re stuck with Al Trautwig? Wonderful!

  16. >>Gianone asks the dumbest questions ever. MSG coverage is sad.

    You guys actually pay attention to these so-called interviews?

  17. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Playing an out-of-the-playoffs Rangers game is a lot more useless than playing for an Olympic Bronze Medal.

    Tell me if you had the chance, you wouldn’t play for Jerkoffia or what ever country you’d represent.

  18. I thought it was funny that Crosby got booed while Miller was cheered. It’s all in good fun because the Pittsburgh fans obviously love him. Uh oh, Crosby and Malkin starting together.

  19. You guys say that the MSG broadcast is Ranger jaded…

    but this sick punk Joe M is saying that it’s okay to shove a goalie b/c he came out of his crease.

    Joe M is nothing but a sick pervert who is obsessed with the bodies of other men.

  20. It’s time to start to attacking players.

    Just go after Fleury and Crosby and take away their Stanley Cup.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Clutch it Up!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ranger hockey is BACK!!!!!
    F ‘N pussy , Dubi said, hahhaa there ya go ORR. He chased him down!!

  22. Joe M – “There it is right there.”

    BUt when the refs conveniently miss penalties committed against us, he just says “refs are human” “they just missed it”

  23. Umm, Dubi is the “F’n pu**y” he did nothing but talk. It’s always the same with Dubi, nothing but talk.

    He should have been a man and punched him in the bottom lip, but instead he hugs him and calls him names.

    Crybaby – 1
    Dubaby – 0

  24. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    nice work rozy, great job slats not picking up a crease clearer!!

  25. Crosby of course was booed loudly. Callahan and Lundqvist loudly cheered. Gaborik and Jokinen mildly cheered. Not much applause at all for Drury or Tortorella.

  26. Referees again make themselves seen and heard loudly.

    They cheat us, and there are never any consequences for them.

  27. I have always wished that MSG would play the ELO song “living thing” when Cindy comes to town. It’s the song where the guy yells, “I’m taking a dive!” repeatedly. With a spotlight on Cindy during that line.

  28. Have I ever mentioned quite how much I hate those shaved chimps, Steigerwald and Errey, on FSN Pittsburgh?

  29. All this bum Joe is worried about is who will get credited with the goal.

    Cooke will go down as one of the best “yappers” in the game..
    Does anybody outside Pittsburgh even know who Matt Cooke is? In Pittsburgh?

  30. # ORR..What Is It Good For ?!?! March 4th, 2010 at 7:31 pm

    I hate when NYR tries to get tough after the go-ahead goal is scored. Makes them look embarrassing.


    Every other team does it to us when they fall behind and they are not embarrassed. Rather, they get rewarded much of the time.

  31. One of the best parts of being at the game is not having to listen to the gazillionth edition of “The Staal Brothers play against each other.”

  32. Aww I turned it on with the Rangers winning and its been down hill since then. I think they will come back though.

  33. What poise by Crosby, says Sam.

    Diving to draw a cheap penalty.

    Cross Checking a goalie.

    What poise!

    I wish my kids had poise like that!

  34. These Rangers’ opponent lickers.

    You do not hear Tommy Heinsohn licking the opponents of the Celtics. He insults referees all game long.

  35. why was Lisin on waivers? He works hard, moves his feet and shows potential as a young player beats 90% of the team.

  36. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    One of the best parts of being at the game is not having to listen to the constant asinine Anti-Boston ranting.

  37. Is Joe Michelleti considered an Olympian because he was part of the broadcast “team”? He’s definitely speaking as if he’s won a medal.

  38. Maybe we’ll get a 5 on 3, if the referees decide to be fair.

    Listen to Joe yell for Fleury… this #@$licker.

  39. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    # ORR..What Is It Good For ?!?! March 4th, 2010 at 7:34 pm


    Exactly, they get rewarded. But, we just look like morons, and babies.

    That says it all!!!!


  41. don’t look now, Capt. Pizza had three goals in his last six games, a 41-goal pace projected over a full season.

  42. I make one boston commment, and only to reference how i wish our scumbag commentators would act…and that’s asinine boston ranting…..


  43. Within two minutes of the goal, FSN Pittsburgh give us both “Chris Drury has scored a lot of big goals in his career” *and* the LLWS video clip! It must be a league-wide mandate.

  44. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    El Stupido! Don’t you recognize your own post? Or can’t you remember what you posted 5 minutes ago?

  45. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    After Sid’s incredible heroic goal last week in Vancouver, I am sickened by that act of obvious diving!! I love him, but I hate him right now!!!

  46. Who injected Drury with personality drugs? What did this number 23 who is playing with effort and jam do with our mumbling, bored, gliding captain? Maybe Jagr gave him some advice at the Olympics about how to lead a team down the stretch?

  47. “These Rangers’ opponent lickers.

    You do not hear Tommy Heinsohn licking the opponents of the Celtics. He insults referees all game long.”

    That’s what I posted. That means I wish Joe M and Sam would act like Tommy Heinsohn.

    That’s not Boston ranting, jerko.

  48. Yeah, i joked and said “we look like morons and babies” and then you confirmed it, but it was just a joke man. I know you don’t really have a hobby outside of watching hockey, and stalking Carp, but i don’t think you’re a moron, or a baby.

    Eh, it’ll pass, don’t worry aboot it.

  49. New and improved with silver mouthpieces!

    Im not going to let a sliver medal ruin my pizzeria and $8.5million dollar pay check

  50. Grabachev . . . .they could surprise you . .. . how does the saying go hope springs eternal?

  51. Fugly Russian going after Callahan.


    If we fall behind in this game, we ought to send Shelley in there with a Marty McSorley.

  52. Wow sick period…

    And I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but…WE’RE PLAYING LIKE A TEAM!!!

  53. why does versus have msg’s coverage? and on top of it, they call it” bonus coverage”. its sam n joe, whats the bonus? we get to hear words like thick, pretty,moist n meaty instead of waffleboarded and backside bang bang??? great period though. for a minute i was lovin duby n hank pickin on crybaby, but then rozy had to do what hew best at that idiot!!

  54. >>Fugly Russian going after Callahan.

    There’s one way to tame that Russian.

    Tell him this is an Olympic game.

  55. >>Al’s really tryin to get Dubi to say somethin about Crosby…

    He didn’t bite! Dubi must have had a talking to by the MSG PR folks after his “little baby” comment last time.

  56. After that 1st period if you think Joe.M is better than Giannone your either Deaf or a relative of Joe

  57. anybody know why torts is so on edge tonight? sam said somethin and from carps post, he was agitated about gabby maybe. i understand cuz the guy just cant stay healthy. he worryin about his job maybe? anybody think torts could be out soon if we miss the playoffs? i know hes gotta be at least a little worried that renny could do it 3 in a row but he might miss in his first year. even though its sort of a restructure of teh team this year

  58. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    the only advice jagr could give anyone is how to play only one zone only part of the time!!!!

  59. please , please i’m beggin’ ya no more Voros should be in the line-up. He’s 3rd line in my roller hocket league a beat up some guy hands with his face over the olympic break

  60. there is no boston conspiracy.

    It’s simple:

    Bostonians, in general, are scumbags. There is an exception here and there, but they are few and very far between.

  61. Mike Keenan will be the next Coach of the New York Rangers…After Torts is fired for missing the playoffs =/


    I asked for Dubi to punch Crosby and for all intent and purposes he did. Made my crappy day SO much better.

  63. Hedberg, I could be wrong but I think Giannone only does play by play, and I don’t know whether he could analyze a game the way Joe could. Joe sometimes has crazy opinions, and it annoys me that he always says things in question form (“this game has a playoff feel to it, doesn’t it?”), but he has a good eye for the game IMO.

  64. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Torts has to know that If the Rangers miss the playoffs and someone has got to go, Sather will see to it that the right coach is punished…

  65. how can they have the toronto game on at the same time? nyrguy? i know it said on my tv guide either the ranger or the toronto game. i figured i get the TO game since im out west. but bill patrick kept saying bonus coverage when i saw nothing of any other game.

  66. bonus coverage because versus didn’t have this game on their original schedule Grabs. they picked it up trying to pick up on the olympic buzz.

  67. Sather needs to give up his GM position and just stick to being President/Chief Operator. He’s a great scout but he sucks at signing and his mediocre at trading. I mean every once in awhile he’ll pull a great trade out of his fat *ss but most of the time it just screws us in the end. Let Shoenfeld be GM, and ppppplease fire Torts. Ken Hitchcock is perfect for this job.

  68. i could see that happening matt. torts looks like he just got done begging gabby to play to save his job so he doesnt have to go back to tsn and talk smacvk about avery again. melrose took his place right? hes gonna have to go to versus and fight brian and kieth for their spot. better yet, id rather watch him fight darren mccarty for the 4th spot lol

  69. CR9, Boston is my favorite city in America, outside of New York. And I have a lot of friends and relatives up there.

  70. Torts isn’t gonna get fired, I would be extremely surprised if he did…there could be a million reasons why he’s on edge tonight…he might not even know why he’s on edge, he is human lol

  71. Wicky, Jagr wasn’t brought here to play defense. The boring defensive system of Renney dragged down the whole team. Players like Jagr, Bure and Gaborik should be scoring goals, not playing defense. That’s what 3rd line grinders are for. Crosby and Ovechkin aren’t playing defense.
    And Drury’s job as captain is to pick up the team. That’s what Jagr did, and it sure would be nice if Drury would try. He’s playing well so far tonight.

  72. Carp

    That’s nice. I’m not insulting your family. I should specify. It’s generally Boston inhabitants that are fans of Boston teams that are scumbags. Not every Bostonian is a fan of Boston teams.

  73. Shor, exactly ;)

    Besides, after the day I had, I’m allowed to color anything with roses, lol.

  74. I know. Torts is a scumbag with an attitude that he is holier than thou, but I’ll give him a break since he’s a NYR coach…

    unless it comes out that he intentionally sabotages our team, which I would not be surprised at.

    I knew Sully was too, do not know if he’s a scumbag, but since he is with Torts, I can only imagine that scumbags stick together….


  75. Grabby, right here. I’ve chimed in recently but not much. All i said was that i saw a comment from “a local fan” on gross site

  76. maybe fran, earlier this morning, was seeing the future.

    playing together as a team? check

    rozi coming out from under a spell? 1 goal, check.

  77. Yikes Del Zotto leaving Girardi and Lundqvist out to dry yet again. Maybe it’s time to get him some AHL minutes.

  78. out0fyourelement on

    screw that FIRE SATHER rally! the Rangers look like cup contenders against the Penguins! Drury AND Roszival score? I’m so glad we have them locked up for the next 2-3 years! Sather = genius

    (that was sarcasm)

    1 Game of Flare vs 10 Years of Mismanagement

    stay strong people!

  79. haha. I commented yesterday bro. I tried chatroullete a couple of weeks ago. I don’t recommend it. haha. Is it possible that we’ve gotten our act together and are now going to play as a strong team that scores 3 goals a game now?


    They just hit our goalie…. Thats a penalty….

    We took down Red face Ruslan.

  81. I would add that there are fans of other teams in New York, and fans of all teams in Philly, who are worse than Boston fans.

  82. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i think it was shelley!!

    jagr was just as bad a captain as drury, sorry to break it to you!

  83. Carp

    Yep. There are Boston fans in New York.

    New York fans are not arrogant and cruel like Boston fans.

    I’ll just repeat again. An entire section of Red Sox fans, a few weeks after 9/11, berated me with insults, including “NY deserved 9/11”, because I had Yankees gear on. They are scum. To take sports to the level of being happy about death is SICK!

    Philly, well, they are ##$holes, but their teams do not cheat to win Super Bowls, get handed players that in turn give the teams championships, and are not benefited by referees like the Tuck rule. They have 1 championship in 25+ years.

  84. F&$(ing Del Zotto getting himself trapped up ice on the power play again. This is ridiculous. He can’t keep getting all those PP minutes

  85. Izzy Mandlebaum on


    Dubinsky! The puck goesinski!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, he stinks…

  86. we need to get the puck and keep it in the pens zone!!! this period sems to be taking forever and we scored 2 goals yet i feel like were losing!! why is that? thats right, that last home game against the caps. jut finish this period out with a lead. cant stand when guys like mike rupp score on hank.

  87. Izzy

    I was responding to Carp…..

    and I’m sure if I said “NY deserved 9/11” and you had a friend/family member that was a victim, you WOULD NOT be saying GET OVER IT.


    Don’t even bother responding to my posts, you *&@hole

  88. so some drunken idiots say something repugnant and you decide an entire state is nothing but dirtballs?

  89. GUYS! Can we please stop fighting amongst ourselves and leave that to the teams on the ice?

    CR- Chillax man, or you will be severaly newspapered.

  90. Carp

    that is only how my opinion began…. Much more has happened since to reinforce my opinion. I have come into contact with only one decent Red Sox fan in the last 9 years.

    let’s just agree to disagree. no need to continue to discussion any further.

  91. spider- thats cuz we spent 16 minutes in our end. we did enough to get by mostly, but not enough for the 3rd period.

    wow frolov only has 15 goals? same as duby

  92. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    If I haven’t mentioned it before, love the way prust plays, he is an absolute MUST resign!!! Him and avery on a line is great!!!!

    you are cracking me up!

  93. Got to keep hittin or big trouble is lurking. Keep hitting, good games from Dubi,Rosi and Avery so far. How good would Brooks Orpik look in NY blue? Favorite non Ranger

  94. Yea in all honesty CR9, get over it. Hate the idiots not the city of people. I was at the giants saints game Christmas eve 2006 (or was it 07?). Gmen got blown out. Lots of Katrina jokes were overheard. Does that make you a moron bc you are from NY and so were the ignorant fans?

  95. And btw, CR, two of my closet friends are Red Sox fans. And one of them drove THREE HOURS to come to my mother’s wake last June, stayed for 30 minutes and then left to drive THREE HOURS back home. Are you going to tell me that my friends are a-holes and get everything handed to them because they are Red Sox fans? If so, then please come to upstate NY and tell that to me and them in person.

  96. Yeah, haha, I knew there was a reason to feel bad about this game. It’s such a weird pace, so many whistles and no end-to-end action, but a little more play in our zone than theirs.

  97. CR9, I’m sorry about your loss on 9/11 and it definitely is uncalled for by anyone to say what they did but the anti-Boston rant has gotten beyond tiring. There are plenty of scum bags all across the country and NY has their fair share of them as well. And there are plenty of arrogant Yankees/Giants fans.

    As for you Boston conspiracy theory in sports or ESPN’s Boston’s bias, a big reason why their teams receive so much coverage is that across all sports they’ve had some pretty good to great teams this past decade. Ok, throw out the disputed “tuck rule” year, the Pats still won 2 more SB’s and played in another one. The Celtics won an NBA title not so long ago, the Red Sox had 2 titles and were on par with the Yankees and the Bruins had one of the best teams in the East last year. Teams that do well get lots of press, look at the Pens for instance.

  98. Wow! Just got home…heard part of the 2nd on the radio…what in holy hell? I heard positive things about Redden and Rozi? Was I hearing car horns? Lots to catch up on….later.


    did liverlips get boo’d??

  99. If we can get one early here I think we are ok. If not, sad van to frown town for sure. IMO the next team to score probably wins the game.

  100. >>I wish I had a better feeling going in to the third. Gulp!

    Well, I have a pretty good feeling that we’ll be lucky to get ONE point out of this.

  101. yup nasty. just seeing bill patrick smirk before we go to teh 3rd makes me have this sick feling. i hate versus. we always seem to lose on versus and it always feels worse. i hate those clowns

  102. I do not want to discuss it any further after this… there’s a game to watch and referees to complain about….

    MickeyM – I’m sure there are a few good ones, but I’ve only come across 1. Other thing, are you a Yankees fan?

    CT – You make good points. I partly agree with them.

    I just have one question for you about my so called Boston conspiracy. If Sean Avery played for the Bruins, do you think he would be hated by NHL fans and/or the media as he is with the NYR and was everywhere else he’s been?

    My answer is an emphatic NO. He would be LOVED 100%.
    I actually hope it happens one day, so we can all see the difference in his treatment.

  103. My Mom's Tougher than Giradi on

    ya mickey i went to the college of saint rose and now living in troy

  104. CR, I’m a Mets fan. Have been for all of my almost 30 years. Nice try, though.

  105. Someone better tell the Rangers the period started before they find themselves down a coupla goals.

  106. JBytes, it’s one o’ the new fangaled utility poles. They is METAl now, yknow :)

  107. CR9, I don’t think Avery has been well liked except by the home team’s fans by anywhere he’s played.

  108. they are just awful. We should have traded girardi – kid looks absolutely putrid tonight.

  109. @Peter Girardi looks fine. It’s not his fault he has to cover for a clueless MDZ

  110. MickeyM

    “Nice try, though.”

    What does that mean?


    I’m aware he’s been hated his entire career. And I am telling you Avery would be adored by everyone if he put on a Bruins jersey. And the referees would no longer cheat him!! (the referees is the key part)

  111. Bob Sacamano on

    I have time warner cable and i subscribe to NHL center Ice. The game is not on anywhere tonight. I am beyond irritated. It was supposed to be on Versus and its not. Anyone have link to it on the web?

  112. talbot can laugh at any one of our guys, as he actually singlehandedly won a Stanley Cup Game 7 with 2 goals.

  113. Eff, tie game!

    This will be probably get lost in game thread, but trust me, I’ll repost if needed!

    I missed the start of the whole Boston thing, but I’ll tell ya, now it’s just boring me.
    Full disclosure: I have family in Boston. I went to college there (BU hockey rules!) And it’s a great city (right Carp!). Sports fans from lots of cities can be, um, icky. But this is getting silly, and beyond a sports rivalry.

    Here is the truth. The worst thing about Boston is the drivers. Lordy they stink! Oblivious! Awful!

    Can we move on now please?

  114. CR- Seemed like you were implying that I was one of those arrogant Yankee fans that should be grouped into your “people I should hate on”

  115. we better be careful to kill this pp off and not give pitts the lead. although this is one of those gamnes they really deserve to lose. i cant get mad after watching them daydream through this game. they dont care i dont care

  116. Will we even make it to OT? Tick tock tick tock. No shots on goal. Come on rangers, this is pathetic!

  117. MickeyM

    Nope. Not what I was doing at all. I figured you were not a Yankees fan, as your 2 closest Red Sox friends did what they did for you.

  118. I’m glad I haven’t had dinner yet, I think it would be coming back up with how putrid the Rangers have been the past two periods.

    OTOH, I’m starving.

  119. Can someone tell me how MDZ @ the point on the power play is any better than drury there?

  120. My Mom's Tougher than Giradi on

    haha mickey, mini golf may count… if u know the main public course in troy, thats the place i manage and thus why im in troy

  121. CR, My bad then. So you’re saying that Red Sox and Yankees fans can’t have compassion for each other? I’m sorry, but that’s wrong, I know plenty of both who are friends and have compassion and care for each other.

  122. I’ve never seen so many missed passes, overskated pucks, pucks over sticks.

  123. Grabby, MDZ can’t go to Hartford. He has to stay with the big team. At least as far I know.

  124. How could the ice in the Pens end be that choppy, it’s not like the play has been down there that much.

  125. poor girardi he’s all over the ice covering for del zotto. that shift was all tortorella’s fault. there’s no way MDZ should see any ice in the last 3 minutes of a tie game

  126. yea we all knew we wouldnt win, but id rather lose giving some damn effort than watch this display of an epic bendover bang bang at your home arena

  127. My Mom’s, Frear Park. I know it. Nearly got creamed in the circle there recently. Stupid people coming from 15th.

  128. >>If Crosby scores the winner I am going to break something.

    As long as it’s not a human bone, you’ll feel better afterwards.

  129. I dont believe it.

    Just fire enough shots and one goes in.

    We fire 50 shots on Brodeur and get shutout.



  131. A good point, Joe? We were leading by TWO goals at one point. How is this loser’s point “a GOOD point”?

  132. My Mom's Tougher than Giradi on

    ugh well that was terrible.. and ur right mickey there are a bunch of clowns when it comes to that circle

  133. Tank The Season on

    We weren’t winning this but hey we got a point and bumbled our way into a playoff spot.

  134. Redden did not do anything. hank should break his stick over a referee’s face.

    Why did Crosby not get called? Not because it’s Crosby. Because it was against the Rangers.


  136. …and then depression set in…

    sigh. I leave you to youse until tomorrow. ta (notice lower case and no exclamation point. mama is sad.)


    Everyone on the team owes Hank a bj after this one. He got them the point.

    Torts presser should be fun, eh?

  138. This game displayed two glaring problems with the product we watch.

    1. The Rangers for the life of them cant defend home ice even with a 2 goal lead.

    2. The NHL wants to know why people go crazy for Olympic hockey vs regular NHL hockey? The flow is so much better and there wouldnt have been a weak ass call like that late in a game to ruin the flow that was fantastic up to that point.

  139. what a raw deal hank got by playing for the rangers. If i were him, i would demand a trade. And if i were drury, i’d follow Hank out the door.. they both don’t belong playing in a building with a bunch of losers.

  140. “They might remember this game as having gained an important point after being outshot …”
    WTF are they talking about?!!

    How about:
    “Remember that game in which we were up 4-2 and gave a point away?”

    For GOD’S SAKES … we are f’ing bush-league, including our announcers.

    Hey, guys … remember that time I nailed Redden’s wife?

  141. Please explain why Dubinsky is constantly on the ice instead of Jokinen? Sure Dubinsky scored, but how many boneheaded plays did he also make? Jokinen is a potential all-star, yet Dubinsky is floundering all over the ice.

  142. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " Clutch it Up!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I hate malkin and all those retards on the homo Penguins team. We cant shoot WTF !!!!!!! Third period so fustrating ..I have to go GOOSE FRABBA all the hair back into my head from dumbazz Dubinsky NOT shooting!!! ARRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  143. CapeBretonRangerFan on

    So….anyone think the N.H.L. is fixed???? Hello people….wake up…phantom penalty brought on by Sid the Actor, and Redden’s hook in O.T.? Is anyone else sick of the obvious favortism towards Pittsburgh?

  144. >>Torts presser should be fun, eh?

    Very much looking forward to it. I’m not budging! Will “Brooksie” be there?

  145. My Mom’s, not as bad as the morons on Hoosick and the Lakes though. Someone is gonna get killed there someday.

  146. It’s like they just figured they’ll sit back and watch Hank do what he can to win and if he can’t, oh well.

    The first period wasn’t bad, it just got worse and worse!

  147. chris, drury is on a team full of born LOSERS. He is not a loser by any means.Maybe that’s why he’s having a bad season.Put him on a team with some winners and he plays well,case in point team USA

  148. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello Ranger Fans! Ahhh, It’s good to be back home at the Garden. I really missed the ass-groove in the seat in my Private Box. It’s all warm and snuggy and everything… Wait a minute, THAT feels weird… Ewww, and it smells like Ben-Gay and Old Spice. MUCKLER!! STAY THE HELL OUTTA MY CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    Boy they really yell for that Crosby kid here; maybe I should look into trading for him before the playoffs. Wha? What’s that Mess? What deadline? Holy Hell, why didn’t you tell me? How can you make a mistake like that and expect me to make you GM next year!

    (singing) “Money, it’s a gas. Grab that cash with both hands, And make a stash… “ Oh there’s Dolan’s ringtone. Hey there, Big Guy! We did it again! Another sellout! Did you watch the game? You did!? No, that was Crosby. He’s not ours. Because they wanted Redden AND Rozival, that’s why! Maybe I should have thrown a few Knicks in the deal. Dantoni’s not getting anything out of them… (click)

    I was watching the MSG feed, and I saw that somebody put a Subway ad right on the glass behind the goalies. Now I know Dolan needs the advertising money, but how do the fans behind the net watch the game? Must be why the end seats are cheaper…

    I know Gaborik is out but we seem to be scoring well without him. You know, I don’t give Gaborik any credit at all for scoring with that shot of his. He should try it with Brashear’s shot. Then if he scored, he’d be great!

    Overtime is Marvelous! All the fans buy another round…
    Drink up!
    Uncle Glennie

  149. “Is anyone else sick of the obvious favortism towards Pittsburgh?”

    Thats what you’re calling it?!?!?!

    Is anyone else sick of the obvious bias against the Rangers?

  150. And what is the point of Jody Shelley? Voros at least can make a play once in a while. And he will fight. Shelley needs to hop in a town car up to Hartford tonight.

  151. My Mom's Tougher than Giradi on

    ur right about that mickey i live off hoosick and its a disaster!!!

  152. >.I hate malkin and all those retards on the homo Penguins team.

    Well, the Rangers team is made up of homo sapiens too, no?

    [All right, no more Pete Shelley references for tonight. I promise!]

  153. This was just one UGLY UGLY game by the Rangers. Thank god we don’t see Pittsburgh again this season.

  154. Captain Clutch is back!!! I wasn’t gonna let the loss to Canada ruin my next 4 years! And I’m certainly not gonna let this loss tonight ruin my National Grammar Day!

    After CLUTCH goals in the Olympics against the powerhouse SWISS and NORWAY teams, Captain Clutch is back to show the rest of the NHL that LITTLE THINGS beat a goal medal any day!

    Did you guys see Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH “sweep from the knees” goal??? I learned that move from watching the curlers in Vancouver! Ha-Ha! Matter of fact, Captain Clutch practiced that same move in the hallway during games at the Olympics! I had to do something to pass the time! Sitting on the bench as the 13th forward got boring fast!

    Anyway, the key to the “sweep from the knees” goal (aside from being clutch, obviously) is to sweep very gently…like spreading tomato sauce on fresh pizza dough!

    Hockey historian Rick Carpiniello, a big fan of the clutch dump-in, said it best earlier: “The way Chris Drury is playing, I’d be surprised if he finished this season with less than 41 goals.” Say no more!!!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  155. They really didn’t play very good, but Redden taking that deserved hooking call was stupid. That took away any chance. The pens weren’t all that great either. They scored two flukes, so it could just as easily gone the other way. Once that penalty was called it was over for the Rangers. I thought the refs did a poor job. they didn’t call a lot of penaltys.

  156. Losses like this sting bad. Waste of a great performance by Hank. Not to forget a goal by Rozi, wahhhaaaaaaaa hahaha. Dru looked pretty good tonight, even besides the goal. Still though, just not enough. Off to Washington. Off to firetruckin Washington.

  157. MickeyM: I heard that the Post sends in some other guy to the Tortorella press conference, then he reports back to Brooksie.

  158. My Mom’s, which direction? East or West? (Ok, fine, I’ll admit, I live in Troy, too, off of Hoosick)

  159. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    good call on the tying goal!!

    We had to watch the stupid pens broadcast online (thanks direct tv) and even the pens announcers said the officials let all the slashes go the whole game and call that in OT is ridiculous!!

  160. that was a game u lose in october, not when youre trying to get a playoff spot. they just never fail at blowing every lead. and any momentum they gained from the olympics, the 3 game win streak, chris drury playing better. none of that made a damn difference tonight. we lose an embarrassing home game and will probably keep losing because our star forward is a barbie doll

  161. thanks wick, but its been that way for us forever now. hank will play out of his mind and some shmuck player with 2 goals in his carer will score a crucial goal and a flukey one to either tie, or win the game. its almost like they want to lose. i havent seen such poor skating and poassing ever until now. hank must be serious about winning. the rest can care less and i mean by their play. im sure everyone wants to win, but you dont just win you have to earn it. i hate watching a team that doesnt give a shat

  162. Yknow, Maloney made a great point there. They are the defending Stanley Cup Champs and thus know how to win, as much as it pains me to say that. As awful as the Rangers were tonight, Pens were better and luckier, plan and simple.

    Leetch is making GREAT points. They were fortunate to get the one point and they spent too much time watching the Pens and the puck instead of actually playing hockey.

  163. Dubi should do his hair like that everyday instead of that stupid part he does…I wouldn’t be caught dead with his hairstyle

  164. I kinda forgot Gabby didn’t play lol…

    Their offense seems alot better without him, as insane and crazy and ridiculous as that sounds

  165. Altho I’m sure they wouldve had some prolonged shifts with Gabby, thus decreasing the amount of Pitt shots

  166. I kinda forgot Gabby didn’t play lol…

    Their offense seems alot better without him, as insane and crazy and ridiculous as that sounds

    Maybe you need to rewatch the game…outshot by 40 shots and scored 4 goals because of a goalie who got pulled…

  167. Just an awful call by Wes McCauley. Sam credited him early in the game, but he is a terrible REF!

  168. My Mom’s, I’m off South Lake. Drive past your house/apartment every morning on my way to work, lol.

  169. NYRGuy, I’m convinced Dubi watches Mad Men. That’s why he slicks his hair back like that.

  170. i’m glad I ate my tix for tonite but i’m not glad i watched the third period especially when you know what’s going to happen. Flyers game is the only one i’m head to, can’t take this team. You would think Pitt was desperate to get in the playoffs hun? See what happens when you stop hitting. Look @ the games in hand we aint as close as we think.

  171. Rotoworld called Drury’s goal a goal of the year was nice, but not that amazing

  172. OK, folks, I’m out for a bit, need to finally eat dinner. Plus, the laptop battery is dying and need to plug it in.

  173. My Mom's Tougher than Giradi on

    hey mickey as a fellow troy resident do u deal with the ranger blackouts for the sabre home games?? that is royally a pain in the arse

  174. NYRanger4Life on

    just got back from the game. My seats are in section 209 – have to say there were quite a few Pens fans in the arena tonight….

    Lisin needs to be scratched or waived ASAP – dude’s got speed, but he cant stay on his feet and gets knocked off the puck easier than anyone on the team.

    Drury played a solid game – as did Staal. Everyone else just kinda watched…

  175. Leetch sounds better and he’s right every night talent comes in Cindy,Malkin,Zac,Miller AO.We have such a shortage of talent it’s sickening. Should have blown this thing up with a blockbuster including trading our so called assets.

  176. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    have to say there were quite a few Pens fans in the arena tonight….

    Disgusted Ranger fans selling their tickets…

  177. f……….me! disgusted just got home from GROUNDHOG day again….i cant/dont want to go into the emotions im feeling right now…im going to plant my face in the pillow now just leave you all with some thoughts

    19-1, 19-1 the garden crowd was laughing when this was announced-STANDY BY FOR OVERTIME

    how many times since the post lockout have we been up two goals late in second and ended up only gaining with 1 point or less? how many times have we been down two goals and came back to get 2 points?

    and someone find me the answer to this–when was the last time the rangers pulled their goalie and came back to win? FLEURY 4 goals on 12 shots, then we get 4 shots the rest of the way FOUR WITH HALF THE GAME LEFT….12 shots with a decent PP on the 2nd goal that probably produced 3-4 shorts so besides that 12 shots the rest of the way then a PP with 8 minutes to go that almost cost us the one point we managed somehow!!!!


    good nite all-what a weekened to look forward to at WASHINGTON THEM HOME AGAINST BUFFALO

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