Wheelin’ dealin’ day


So we had a few trades yesterday, and one in the wee hours of the morning — Montreal traded Matt D’Agostini to St. Louis for Aaron Palushaj.

We know how this day goes down. It’s usually pretty slow until 11, speeds up a bit at 12, then goes haywire between 2-3.

We’ll post trades and update right here as they happen.

And if a thread starts getting too many comments we’ll start a new one.

Here we go.


Derek Morris traded back to Phoenix by Boston for a fourth-rounder in 2011. (Maybe the Rangers can get  him from Phoenix).

I’m hearing Washington is after Ray Whitney. TSN rumor/speculation has Boston after Hamhuis, having made room with the Morris trade.

Toronto trades Martin Skoula to the Devils for a fifth-rounder.

I’m hearing Raffi Torres talks really warming up … and Rangers are among those interested.

Florida trades Dennis Seidenberg and Bartowski to Boston. for Weller, Bitz and a second-rounder.

Carolina trades Aaron Ward to Anaheim for G Justin Poggie and a fourth-rounder.

Voros and Lisin both cleared waivers at noon.

Carolina trades Scott Walker to Washington (McKenzie saying it’s for a seventh-rounder) ( aka Good Riddance).

St. Louis trades Yan Stastny to Vancouver for tough Pierre-Cedric Labrie … probably a minor-league move.

Phoenix trades Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter to Colorado for Wojtek Wolski.

RANGERS TRADE: Jordan Owens to Detroit for Kris Newbury. Get the ticker-tape.

Vancouver trades Mathieu Schneider, who was in the minors, to Phoenix, for a pick.

Tampa Bay trades Jeff Halpern to L.A. Kings for a Ted Purcell and a third-round pick.

Minnesota trades Eric Belanger to Washington for a second-round pick.

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  1. Cindy Crosby on

    does anyone have a link for a live trade feed? I think TSN had a good one last yr but I can’t find it.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah.. he’s getting deeper in trade talks

    “I’ll trade you a Cohiba and an 18 year Glenlivet for a Montecristo and a 21 year Glenfiddich”

  3. Salty …

    I said that yesterday. I dont think Chicago deals any players at the deadline but is over the cap by about 5-6 million already for next year.

    I’m almost 100% sure Sharp will be traded here during the summer when Olli comes off the books

  4. Adam, actually very good games. The entire tournament has been terrific. If the Rangers do nothing today I may go catch the last three games.

    Thanks for asking.

  5. Regis “Pierre” McGuire is sedated,and much better for it,on NHL network this morning.

  6. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Great game last night
    4 Goals without Gabby and Del Z, very impressive

    But Joe M has to stop trying to get his catch phrase “Thats a Thing of Beauty” to catch on. It sucks, as does he

    Get over yourself
    Your no JD, you never will be

    Stop dying your hair and sounding like a total douche.

    And why, for the love of God, do they have to go on for 3 minutes about Cindy Crybaby? I mean I thougth Joe and Sam had just got back from blowing him with all the man love they were giving him.

    Shut up, call the game

    Ok my announcer rant is over

    LETS GO RANGERs, dont make stupid trades!!

  7. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    sigh.. getting rid of Dubinsky would be a mistake that will hant this franchise for years.

  8. Doodie Machetto on


  9. Happy Trade Day, Boneheads!

    So, would you give Dubi up for anyone available, at this point?

  10. What has Slatipuss got up his sleeve for us today? I don’t like this talk of Dubi or Cally and the lack of talk of trading our pending UFA/RFA players or toxic contracts.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    I seriously want to punch Pierre McGuire in the face.

    I thought hockey had already rid itself of annoying little bald men when Darren Pang was stranded out in Phoenix.

  12. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    I think there are a core of players that you dont move, Dubi is among that core group.

  13. Hot Dog Lips coming up on TSN/NHL Network. Can’t get enough of this guy, right? And he comes to NYC today for tomorrow’s game.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    God, what does future considerations even mean? It’s such an end-around making a deal. Boston clears cap space to make a move, Phoenix gets a player for nothing.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s been a busy trade season so far. Starting with Calgary’s deals with Phaneuf and Jokinen, there has been a lot of activity.

  16. “Rangers and Oilers are seriously talking trade, not involving Souray…”


    Renney for Torts?

  17. Meetings are fun, no?

    I said it yesterday and I will say it again, trading Dubinsky is a BAD IDEA.

  18. You people amaze me, complaining about our own broadcasters. After weeks of McGuire and that other screaming dick Emerick, Sam and Joe etc are absolutely music to the ears.

    There is nothing wrong with Micheletti. Of all things to complain about… get real.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Morris is for a 2011 4th rounder. Wow. That REALLY brings the market prices back down.

  20. is Gabby busted up bad or what? the silence is deafening.
    if hes long term hurt that has to turn us into sellers right?
    If so,Prospal Joker, gonzo..edzo.

  21. apparently the price for Torres is a 1st ?? you gotta be kidding me right??

    Maybe we should sell Vinny because he could fetch about 2 1sts and a 2nd rounder at that rate

  22. Seriously not sure how we are complaining about Joe M and/ or Sam who are two of the best in the business…..Joe M is respected across the NHL….

    please Uncle Glenn you can have all the cigars you want DO NOT TRADE DUBI

  23. still think we get 1 maybe even 2 (depending on Gabby’s injury) of Whitney, Boyes, Mueller, Wolski, Horton or Cogs

    and 1 of Hamhuis, Souray, or Exelby.

    I see Sather and Torts making a big splash today though.

    Torts is not gonna wanna miss the playoffs in his 1st full season as coach !!!!

  24. He did in Tampa somerset and went on to win the cup. Wouldn’t be the worst thing for him

  25. Doodie, you don’t expect me to tally up those EDZOs, do you? I only do that during games.

  26. I was really hoping Slats would make a move for Ponikarovsky. Too bad he ended up on the Pens.

  27. Seth, agree with you, Darth should not trade Dubinsky. Even if he’s packaged to get rid of Redden, he should just say NO

  28. >>You people amaze me, complaining about our own broadcasters.

    Salty, SOME Rangers fans have a tough time appreciating their own. I remember how they used to refer to John Davidson as “bloated shill”. Now that he’s no shilling for our team, everyone misses him.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Moves that I would make today if I were Glen Sather:

    1) Trade Prospal for a first rounder or a 2nd and a prospect.
    2) Trade Jokinen for a 2nd and a conditional 5th (if the team that signs him makes it out of the first round: basically the Antropov deal).
    3) Shop Girardi. If I can get a 2nd for him, I take it.
    4) Take on a bad salary or two expiring at the end of the year for a team looking to clear cap space to make another deal at the cost of some draft picks.

    None of these will actually happen.

  30. Reasons to be nervous:

    1) It’s Sather. A decade of near total ineptitude in NY following a near decade of total ineptitude in Edmonton means this guy is running on an almost 20 year streak of being a buffoon. (Okay…I’ll give him 18 years. The Oilers did get to the semis the year after Mess was traded. But that was it) Have the bright spots on this team come from his elite hockey sense? Or dumb luck?

    Blind squirrel…meet nut.

    2) Tortorella. This was the team he wanted this year…and it’s failed miserably at his “game plan”. I honestly can’t say I trust the man to make personnel decisions. With the behavioral control of a fifth grader he’s way too impulsive. And ridiculously loyal to players who should ride the pine.

    3) Gaborik. Maybe it’s me, but the way he spoke in the locker room about carefully saying “Lower Body Injury” in a monotone Drury-like manner shouts out to me that his problem IS related to his career long problems. We knew it would happen eventually, I fear the glass groin has a crack in it.

    4) Dolan. Make the playoffs Glen!! That’s all he cares about. Those two playoff games. That’s it. End of story. Sather will NEVER be a seller.

    5) The numbers….

    Today is March 3rd. My long time ex-fiance’s birthday. Tomorrow is March 4th. My NEW girlfriend’s birthday.

    I dunno…Something just feels really strange about today…


  31. Henrik is currently sat in his Mahatten loft apartment doing voodoo on Crybaby’s equipment to prevent him scoring against him again this weekend. Ryan Miller is dialled in via videoconference too…

  32. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    bwuhahahahahaha prepare to welcome at least 2 35+ vaulted veterans today

  33. IMO-

    Untouchables and the future:

    Dubi/Callahan/Staal/Anisimov/MDZ (not particularly in any order)

    I would try to trade Giradi- Potter looks comfortable back there he plays a similiar game and is bigger than DAN, torts has disliked girardi since training camp….ship DAN

  34. CJP…good post.
    And I totally agree with you on Gabby…somethings up…and if it is indeed his groin there is absolutely no flipping reason for us to be buyer’s…though we don’t have an abundance of sellable pieces.

  35. UKRanger

    lol i was thinking the same thing!

    Don Corleone: Luca Caputi, come here.

    Don Corleone: What’s the matter with you? I think your brain is going soft with all that comedy you are playing with that young girl. Never tell anyone outside the Family what you are thinking again. Go on.

  36. CJP, Gabby just sounded really depressed to me in that interview. Which does worry me.

  37. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    I am trying to get Kirk McLean and Pavel Bure from the
    wait, really, oh well

  38. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Have we got witt yet?? Did voros and lisin clear? I would almost trade AA, dude CAN NOT keep his heat up! Trade him now before he gets a career ending run of concussions!

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    “Tortorella. This was the team he wanted this year”

    Oh yeah? He wanted Redden, Rozsival, and Drury? Judging by how much Kotalik rode the pine, I’m sure Torts wanted him too. I’m sure Brashear was at the top of Torts’ list too! I bet he also liked not having Semenov as a defenseman, which further implies he didn’t want to have to rely on a young defenseman, probably Gilroy, as much as he has. And forget that number 1 center Torts was talking about! He had Chris Higgins!!!

    Yup. This is the team Torts wanted. It’s a DREAM TEAM!

  40. Mickey, Gaborik seemed completely deflated and not just because he lost the Bronze or had to sit out a game.

    Thinking back to the empty net goal at the end of the Slovakia-Finland game…Gaborik was chasing whoever scored it and he could barely skate up the ice. He looked like he was hurting bad.

    And, let’s face it, it’s part of our Rangers history for injury cases to finally get hurt. Usually near the end of the season.

    LaFontaine? Done in by the one lone body check Mike Keane threw all year.

    Lindros? That clock was ticking down from day one.

    I would trust any other GM in the league over Sather today. The aging blowhard is probably still calling up teams offering Paul Coffey he’s so out of touch.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, that Humane Society commercial is on NHL Network right now and I need to go cry for a few minutes.

  41. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    AdamZ, that cracks me up. They are probably sitting right next to each other too

  42. Carp, Don’t you know that referring to yourself in the third person is a sign of mental disease? Unless you’re TO or Vince Coleman or Mike Tyson or (the list is endless)

  43. Adam I’ve been citing tfp all morning. Figured everyone knew that’s where I’m at

  44. Sather hasn’t got the stones…the marbles…the minerals…to admit that Wade Redden was the worst signing of his career and certainly the worst in NY Rangers history.

    But, hey! It could be worse!

    We could have DiPietro!

  45. CJP, Oh god, those Humane Society commercials… I have to change the channel every time they come on or I start bawling.

    Gabby is sad faced. That makes me sad faced :(

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    DiPietro is great compared to Redden. He goes on LTIR and doesn’t count against the cap.


    Carp is suffering from overload of basketball at Westchester’s Most Famous Arena.

  48. Rangers better make a move we can complain about soon,the natives are growing restless(and nuts,it seems)

  49. Hey Glennie-boy, are those stones the curling stones we just saw 80 millions in the Olympics? If so, that’s hot!

  50. Doodie…On DiPietro…

    Ouch. Good point. LOL

    With the salary cap crunch and a depressed economy…one wonders if some team owners aren’t thinking about pulling a Tonya Harding on their overpaid, underperforming players

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    CCCP, aside from the reality that Redden would not be waived by Sather, if he were to have waived Redden, it would have been yesterday so that his salary could be off the books today. It would make no sense to waive him today. Therefore, even without knowing Sather would never waive Redden because of what a giant mea culpa it would be, I knew he was not waived.

    Nice try my Russian friend.

  52. what do you guys think about swapping either redden or rozi and a pick for liles from the avs. this will clear some cap space casue hes got 4 mil per year for 2 more years and redden and rozi how more

  53. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Hockey fans should use a personal day and have off for trade deadline day AND July 1. You never know what i’ll do

  54. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    for you staal, i will draft his brother and his son when he’s available.

  55. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Staal, i’ve won multiple Stanley Cups as a gm. I am a genius. I have more dignity in my pinky finger than Brashear’s entire big body

  56. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    ok, so dreger and mckenzie actually have someone sitting between them. that’s funny

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    I think Sather is going to call Joe Nieuwendyk and ask if he would trade himself to the Rangers to be our #1 center.

  58. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Full deal: Boston acquires Seidenberg and Bartowski from Fla for Craig Weller, Byron Bitz and a 2nd round pick.

  59. Doodie

    Why do you have go and get all…uummm…scientific on me for! lol

    You see… I knew you knew that’s why i knew if i say it you would know it! See what i mean?

  60. I could see us going in for Demitra, but that would add another center to the mix so would have to send AA or Dubi the other way.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    They could have had Seidenberg in the offseason and passed on him. Personally, I think he is really overrated. I can’t believe they dumped off Morris for a 4th rounder next year to trade away so much for Seidenberg.

  62. I don’t get TSN or NHL network here, so are Dreger and McKenzie tweeting while on air? That is too damn funny.

  63. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    already on that Staal, also trying to contact bobby orr. I think we need some help on the blue line with that DelZotto boy being injured. Wade and Mikey can’t tackle the entire dzone on their own

  64. Ghost, I’d love to be your apprentice…you know get all that “experience” you’ve accumulated over the years. You know…I’d like follow in your shoes and stuff.

  65. ghost
    if you talk to bobby orr tell him to make sure staal takes a home team discount

  66. Rangers should trade Redden to the Braves for Chipper Jones. Just for the sheer enjoyment of watching Avery call Chipper “Larry” every interview.

  67. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    I have forgotten more about hockey than any of you will ever know! Bwahahahaha

    i know that wicky character is crying for a hard hitting crease clearing physical defenseman, but i am trying to talk cementhead out of retirement to come play defense for us. On the job training my minions!

  68. Hey! Just wanted to say hi on trade day! I hope anyone who is religious went to church/temple/meditated/said a rosary/prayed to allah/ etc. or all atheists said “Come on Universe” and agnostics said “Well either way help us out!” that the Rangers can dump either rosival or redden and that Drury scores 10 goals before the game starts tomorrow (Do you believe in miracles? YES YES! Unless they happen in overtime..)

  69. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    its HOCKEY trade deadline day, lets keep the baseball references out of here for one day

  70. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    aaron ward,traded for the 10th time. how many times did i acquire him?

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    less than 15 minutes until Sather can pull the trigger on whatever disaster he plans.

  72. LI RangerFan on

    sorry if this was already posted…

    from cbcsports – Ron Hainsey pulled from practice in Atlanta; trade looming?

  73. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    i dont know how Danny G would appreciate that, you all know the girls love his eyes. He needs no competition there.

  74. Back to the Drury hatred

    just watching his “breakaway” last night in the third where he literally turns away from the net and passes the puck to the third back checker…

    UN BELIEVABLE this guy

  75. amazing how many ex-Rangers involved on all these shows and sites: MacTavish, Keenan, Kypreos, Healy, Barnaby, Stock, Weekes, etc.

  76. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    I smite you Carp!! Do not besmirch the leader of all leaders, our Captain! His stories are legend, not some bad jokes!

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, did you know that little Chris Drury from Trumbull Connecticut led his little league team to victory in the Little League World Series against Chinese Taipei in 1989?!

  78. Why do I have “I kissed a girl and I liked it” song buzzing in my head all morning!! I hope it’s a good thing!

  79. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Carp, i am having a crosby special sent to your office my friend! Nice big, greasy hot dog in a warm, soft bun.

  80. Salty,

    Drury play could not have been more pathetic…it could have been a major turning point last night…fine he cannot skate anymore then DUMP THE F$%#$# puck dont pull up turn it over at the blueline and let it result in an odd man rush! so f— painful…we got two points though he was relaxed on the plane ride home and is excited for the upcoming matchups/challenges with crosby, ovie and his boy ryan miller

  81. TSNBobmckenzie New York Rangers involved with the Chicago Blackhawks in a potential deal involving one of Verseteeg or Sharp. Have not got the full details yet, but i know Marc Staal is a part of this deal

  82. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    UK, you ruined the surprise!!

    Ok, i need to go change my depend before the phones start ringing again!

  83. Speaking of Drury, was anyone else annoyed last night when they kept showing just him while talking about the silver medal? I mean, c’mon, the guy had one already and Cally just won his first, show him instead.

  84. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Doodie ,

    Thought they made a play for him but he signed in FLA… either way you could do much better, I agree…but you can also do worse (75% of NYR D)

  85. Staal. jeez! i guess though IMO if you had to trade one of three (dubi, staal, callahan) i would trade staal

  86. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    there goes that wild boy ORR and his crazy trade talk. Come learn from the master young jedi

  87. Trading Staal? WTF? Darth is ON the Shrooms.

    OK, out for lunch, if he trades Dubi while I’m gone, I might just drive to NYC and punch him out myself.

  88. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    REALLY?! The Rangers aren’t screwed up yet? It’s a second miracle on ice.

  89. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    True fans, you know we save our blockbusters for as close to 3pm as pissable.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Truefans, Sather’s gotta wait until noon for the waivers process to run with Voros and Lisin. I expect by 12:15 we will all be cursing.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Until noon when Voros and Lisin’s waivers process is completed. AKA when Sather has enough cap space to party.

  92. im done with hf boards, i post about seidenberg because it has interest to rangers fans and my post got deleted many times. i asked why and got an infraction for mod abuse. unbelievable, you idiot mods think you’re on a power trip what do you conpensate this because you have no life? unbelievable, and i thought i was being resourceful to fans

  93. Please, Darth, don’t do anything stupid!

    A long shot, I know, but still, I can ask… and pray.

  94. anonymous
    if you dont post a link it will get deleted
    also today only mods can make new posts due to trade deadline day

    here it is from the page itself

    Due to everyone trying to be the first to post the latest news, only mods, staff, partners, and sponsors may start new threads in this forum until after the trade deadline.

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    MacTavish is going to answer his phone in the middle of the broadcast and announce he’s been signed by the Rangers.

  96. Bob McKenzie 1 minute ago

    Edmonton claims Ryan Jones on waivers from Nashville. All other players cleared.

  97. The Ghost of Sathers Past on


    Edmonton claims Ryan Jones on waivers from Nashville. All other players cleared.

  98. Doodie, no matter what happens or does not happen, please humor me by pronouncing that Sather “blew it.” I look forward to it every deadline day! :)

  99. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    i have to roll up my sleeves, adjust my stone, and get to work making Rangers fans happy today! There is a bad rumor going around that this is one of the 3 saddest days for Rangers fans. You will all be smiling by 3!

  100. anonymous

    Here at the Rangers Report we do not punish for having an opinion…especially, opinion about the Rangers.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    Imagine you’re Voros or Lisin. Every single team in the NHL just passed on you for free. The Rangers would have to sweeten the pot for another team to take you. Every team feels that adding you would be subtracting. You are worth less than 0.

    Have a nice day.




  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Seth, Messier would just be Sather’s puppet, except worse, because it would be tarnishing his legacy.

  104. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Hey now Seth, you just calm down there mister. I’m busting my hump to make you people happy.

  105. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    i have this overwhelming sense of foreboding and i feel like i just got kicked in the stomach.

  106. thats the important thing Staal!!! good to ‘see’ you
    and hey, are you on the boneheads FB page? i have a link or two you might be interested in, but it’s not postable here

  107. Around the fifth game of last season, Voros was ESPN’s Hart Trophy pick and leader in the Art Ross race.

  108. Not sure why Sather gets crapped on today. Sather has shown a knack for fleecing other teams in trades.

    Heck, I didn’t take issue at all with the rental deals he pulled last year.

    And the Gomez trade? Sure, Higgins was awwwwwful but we essentiall gave up Gomez’s albatross contract to bring in Gabby.

    I hate Sather as much as the next die-hard fan, but I feel WAY WORSE every July 1st than I do today.

  109. flipppedturtle on

    Anyone else tired of hitting the refresh button? I don’t know why but I have a bad feeling about today…

  110. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I give Messier a little more credit then that…he has a big ego and balls. One of the few people I could see telling Slats to stfu and go smoke a cigar.

  111. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    you folks are very demanding! i am working very hard to bring in a name that will shock and awe!

  112. AGrossRecord

    My bad on Enver Lisin, he was hiding. He did clear waivers, as did Aaron Voros, and BOTH are on ice for #NYRangers today.

  113. Elliotte Friedman 1 minute ago

    Teams that have called Phoenix about Mueller include Colorado (most interest), NYR, ATL, CHI, VAN, TOR (kicking tires).

  114. AGrossRecord

    My bad on Enver Lisin, he was hiding. He did clear waivers, as did Aaron Voros, and BOTH are on ice for #NYRangers today.

  115. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Staal, i will say with conviction that ship has sailed. He tried to steal my Jameson! i cannot have that!

  116. they should just come out and say exactly what is wrong with Gabby. it’s not like the fan base hasn’t figured it out after seeing him dragging his leg in the olympics.

  117. TheMessiah94 on

    If Gabby is going to remain out for awhile, does anybody think that will change Uncle Glennie’s line of thinking???

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    “If Gabby is going to remain out for awhile, does anybody think that will change Uncle Glennie’s line of thinking???”

    Yes, he will become more desperate and make even more future-damning moves. Good-bye first and second rounders!

  119. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    Gabby be damned! Do not question my motives! I am buying buying buying! Those 2 home playoff dates ensure a happy ending for Dolan

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    “So Sathers signing of Gabby has now backfired…who can honestly say they didn’t see that coming?”

    The guy has almost 40 goals and is the clear leader on the team in scoring. I wouldn’t call that a backfire. It’s the first year of five. Even if he misses the rest of the season, there are still 4 more years.

    Gaborik is the only player he has signed to a big contract that has played up to the contract. Gomez, Redden, Drury, Rozsival, Shanahan, and Lundqvist have all underachieved (with some obviously more than others).

  121. DarrenDreger

    Phoenix will soon get in the game. Peter Mueller likely to stay in the west.

  122. Johnny LaRue on

    Rangers have won 3 in a row. Don’t change anything and mess up the chemistry of this powerhouse.

  123. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    just to make all of you happy, I am on the phone with Donny M right now. Just hold on to your butts!

  124. Doodie Machetto on

    Walker has to feel better than Voros or Lisin. 7th rounder is better than 0.

  125. Doodie,
    I agree that Gabby has lived up to expectations and has been great but the groin was never going to not act up, he’s hurt.

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    Is McKenzie reporting that Dreger is reporting that Phoenix will soon get in the game and that Mueller is likely to stay in the West?

  127. Unquestionably. And they’re both looking at pictures of the six GM’s from the Canadian teams.

  128. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Lots of talk that Peter Mueller and Kevin Porter to Colorado for Wojtek Wolski. Checking on it.

  129. Doodie Machetto on

    Staal, no one knows what it is but they like to speculate it’s the groin. Let’s just wait and see how long he’s out.

  130. demitra and gabby lood look really good together during the olympics. and he is a UFA so maybe a 2nd rd pick and minor leaguer gets it done?

  131. @ nyr13 whats the point of brining in demitra to play with gabby when gabby could be done for the year and demitra is a ufa? a 2nd rounder and a prospect is too much to give up. we don’t even have a 3rd round pick this year.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    nyr13, they looked good together on different lines? Demitra played with Hossa and Handzus. Gaborik was with Palffy and Stumpel.

  133. Gaborik and Demitra played together on the Power Play. I still wouldn’t give up a 2nd rounder for him.

  134. True the team is playing well but they still need an extra push. Scoring and a defenseman. Glen make a deal.

  135. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Are we there yet?”

    Every time check-in i’m in dismay nothing has changed in Rangerville.

  136. Gaborik has certainly performed better than virtually ANY free agent signing in the past decade or more…

    And certainly the best of Sather’s regime.

    But the moment you hear “lower body injury” with him you start thinking of all the times you’d see LaFontaine take a hit and be slow getting up off the ice…or watch Richter make a save and struggle to his feet…or watch Redden, well, skate on the ice for warmups. :-)

    And yeah, it’s quite hilarious to watch NHL Network and see all the texting going on.

    My question is…how many of those texts start with “I’m wearing no panties…”

  137. TheMessiah94 on

    Have no fear… You KNOW Slats is going to make a trade with either Edmonton or Phoenix.

  138. Oh no…TFP says now Rangers really like Gilbert…AHHH…he’s signed for like the next 5 years at a 4 mil cap hit

  139. Doodie Machetto on

    Remember a couple of years ago when there were Prucha rumors, like Prucha for Seabrook? Wouldn’t you kill for that deal to have gone through now?

  140. Gilberts fine if they give back Redden, but what are the odds of that? If they deal Rozi, it’s $1 mil less but more years!

  141. not yet carp!!

    i’m sure after the bane of Rangers fans existence makes some crazyassed move, we’ll need a new one


    Carp, how much, if any, input do you think Torts has in what the Rangers do today? Any idea?

  143. Gilbert is signed through 13-14 at a $4mil hit

    12 points, -12 this year
    45 pts, +6 last year

    27 years old

  144. after the gold medal game, teams realize they have to get rid of their Americans. wow, what a freakin tool

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    So far, it’s been a good deadline day. Lots of activity leading up to it, lots of activity on it, lots of good players being moved, and best of all, no dummy moves yet by Sather.

  146. this weird looking guy on TSN just said two AMericans have been traded out of Phoenix, then he made the crack about the gold medal game and teams getting rid of their American players.

  147. DarrenDreger

    Via Gord Miller. Detroit sends Kris Newbury to the NYR for Jordan Owens.

  148. Only GM who would trade for Lisin when they could have had him for nothing is…

    Well, Sather just can’t do that. :-)

    Yeah, we rag on Sather. And maybe some of his deadline deals haven’t been disastrous. But I think it comes down to perspective.

    His summer signings usually fail so badly he has to fix his problems by the time the deadline rolls around. So, it’s really hard to look bad.

    When I think of Sather’s ineptitude, I harken back to one of his first moves as Rangers GM in 2000.

    Not the one to bring Mess back.

    When he signed Vladimir Malakhov to a 4 year, $14 million contract and proclaimed him the best defenseman on the team. Overpaid for a guy that was thrown out of Montreal for going skiing while “injured” and handed him a ridiculous contract.

    Ol’ Vladimir played in THREE games that first year.

    (Kudos to Carp’s book for that info)

    So, when I think about ol’ Glennie…I realize it’s not just senility. He’s ALWAYS been a poor judge of talent.

  149. i thought so too NYR. i wonder if the guy would’ve killed himself if Canada lost. Too bad we’ll never know!

  150. Hey Carp how about a fresh post for the final two hours? We can dedicate the headline to Kris Newbury.

  151. this guy just kills the conversation almost every time he opens his mouth. Who is this guy???

  152. minor league deal made no sense – trade for trade sake – Newbury will be burried in Hartford

    oh well

  153. newbury is the guy who lost the fight to petrovicky and got knocked out. missed rest of season

  154. I’m worn out. Instead of searching the web for trades every 2 minutes I’m gonna just stay here & let youse guys tell me what’s happening.
    What’s happening ?

  155. AGrossRecord

    Michael Del Zotto will play tomorrow night for the #NYRangers against the #Penguins.

  156. AGrossRecord

    Michael Del Zotto will play tomorrow night for the #NYRangers against the #Penguins.

  157. wow. well thats the move we’ve all been waiting over.

    a minor league deal that’s CLEARLY going to help this team.


  158. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    well fans,how’d you like deal number one!? don’t you worry, I will take care of you!

  159. Sather’s still blowing on his Farina…

    He also has to be reminded that phone numbers no longer start with “Bensonhurst 5”


    Carp, not a new thread. Throw us a rope. There might be a hanging….

  161. I like this idea of Sather as a Montgomery Burns-like character…completely unaware of current reality. Not to mention being unable to hold up a toothbrush.

  162. deadline schmeadlne on

    not many sellers, thus little activity. this has been a trade day bore so far

  163. Doodie Machetto on

    Your mention of Malakhov reminded me of this post, IMO the funniest in the history of the blog:

    August 1st, 2007 at 12:01 am
    I call up Sather, I say ” be nice to Comrade Avery. Why you callink him not nice things in your brief”
    Then Sather say “who is this speakink?”
    I say “it’s me boss! Kaspar from hartford”
    He tell me, “you are very lucky not to go to arbitration this year dumkoff. Take your 3 million, play with kids and don’t piss me off”
    I say, “just kidding this not Kaspar, this that guy Malakov. goodbye” “

  164. Mister Delaware on

    “TSNBobmckenzie Rangers & Oilers talking mega deal. Dubinsky & Souray involved”

    Uh-oh. Here comes that nauseous feeling.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, that’s awesome. Like when Burns tries to build the baseball team and his outfielder has been dead for 130 years. Amazing.

  166. lol @ and the K. Orr, your work here is done today, you tricked one or two people.

  167. ok so now i can post the trade here i suppose…

    souray/penner/first for rozi/dubi/sangs/lisin

    thats my guess

  168. deadline schmeadine on

    there are more guys working for TSN today than players traded. that shows how slow it is

  169. You mean Mordecai “Three-Fingered” Brown? I bet Sather is angling for the rangers to open next year in Siam.

  170. Sadly, Messier IS Smithers to Sather’s Mr. Burns

    Messier worships Sather. Only time I think I can ever recall hearing anything otherwise is when Sather traded Leetch.

    Messier WILL be GM of the Rangers in the near future. And Sather will stay on as PRESIDENT of the Rangers.

    Which means, yes…Sather will have found a way to get paid incredible amounts of money for doing even LESS. LOL!

    On an unrelated note…cleaning out my closet I found some old VHS tapes featuring Rangers fights from ’91-’94. Gonna have to go through those.

    Also found my DVD’s of the first two rounds of the Rangers ’94 playoffs. Sweet!!

  171. Souray is a given… Rozsi or Redden are a given…

    But who else?

    Visnovsky (I wish)?

  172. Carp, for the new post, can you do side-by-side pictures of Slats and Mr. Burns?

  173. i need to change the trade from first to a pick. not sure if edmonton gives up their first rounder in that package.

  174. Am I the only one who thinks it’s becoming clear that of the Dubi/Cally duo, Cally is showing signs of being the survivor?

  175. Looks like everything has grinded to a halt once we got Kris Newbury. The league is taking the time to let this new era sink in.

  176. Why do teams value picks so little? I’d much rather have a 2nd round pick than a mediocre rental player for 2 months that won’t make or break my stanley cup chances

  177. (1:07pm) NYR continue trade talks, closing in on other move… Wolski had feeling trade was coming… NYI close to dealing Park… NAS still searching for top-six forward, nothing new on Hamhuis.

  178. Salty, you don’t have a life, so if you’re saying that then maybe i should believe you. But, you’re also old and delusional, so I don’t have to worry, haha.

    BTW – In my very high…high as Dredden…high opinion…Crosby wouldn’t have scored that OT winner in Vancouver without the guidance of Pascal Dupuis.

    LMAOOO !

  179. Tony, someone might put a claim in on Drury, and we couldnt have that!! he’s the cornerstone

  180. mactavish trying to sell folks on that garbage that edm is trying to unload. nice try

  181. does ANYONE know the name of the rat faced guy on TSN who’s profile actually slants in, he has no chin! The red haired guy sitting about the quiznos desk

  182. Speaking of Drury…

    The odds of his pizza joint having a booth in the renovated Garden? Hmmmm?

    “Between periods of leading his team to victory…Captain Clutch serves awesome slices to his teammates giving them the CLUTCH DRIVE to victory!!”

  183. Burnside response to a question regarding R&R:

    George; Only options are to bite the bullet and send them to the minors or put up with them. No one will take them in a trade unless of course it’s a team like Toronto with cap room but that would also take a prospect or draft pick.

  184. I’ve been wondering for a while, how old do you think/wish I am? This always amuses me that you think I’m this wise old man.

  185. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    oooh oooh! Rangers fans, keep holding your butts because the big news is coming!

  186. hahahaaha who ever thinks edmonton will trade 1st pick is just silly. They have a lottery pick . you think they would trade a lottery pick and pick up rozy’s contract. hook me up with your dealer cause he apparently has the good stuff lol

  187. cwgatti, I’d expect nothing different from you. You’ve been saying that since the day they hired Totorella.

  188. tyree
    you obviously did not read my later comment
    also i never said what year the pick was from
    so sit on it and rotate

  189. Yeah. Derek Morris and Schneider. Sure are winning. Two guys we’d be killing Sather for if he traded for.

  190. OK, back from lunch. I see Dubinsky is still here, yay! As are the Drredden twins, boo.

  191. mike
    morris they picked up for a 4th rounder
    his shot gets to the net from the point
    they picked up wolski for someone who is goin to leave the league and become more involved in his religion

    they gave up nothing and got better

  192. You are right i didn’t read it. but thinking thst edmonton is psrting with any of their picks is really dumb. they are rebuilding again for the 17th time since the 80’s. they will not trade a single draft pick. it doesn’t suit their needs.
    and by the way s it ok if i bouce rather than rotate?

  193. nyrguy, somewhat, but Lisin was available on waivers, so I don’t see why jackets would trade for him when they could have claimed him if they wanted him. It will be someone else

  194. looks like Whitney is not going to LA. he wants a contract extension of 2 or more years, and they said no to that

  195. My burger is not sitting well with me. Can it be 4pm already so I don’t have to deal with this anxiety.

  196. If I am going to be unproductive, then at least I should be entertained – again – you guys are great to read

    Looks like the paper jam on the fax machine was finally fixed at the NHL office – Good job John Dellapena )old friend)

  197. Orr

    I usually agree with you, but leave Gabby alone… It’s not like Sather has given any of the Rangers players anything to be excited about playing for.

  198. I still find it pretty funny that Mad Mike Keenan is in the midst of his broadcasting career…

    After ’94, poor Mike just never found much success.

    Didn’t he trade Luongo from Florida to Vancouver for Alex Auld?? Just before stepping down?

    A check on wiki says…Yes.

  199. Olga Folkyerself on

    Phoenix Coyotes traded Derek Morris to the NY Rangers for Dmitri Kalinin, Petr Prucha and Nigel Dawes.

    Slats let Morris go to Boston for nothing. Phoenix got him back for a 4th round pick.

    Sather at his finest..

  200. Gabby’s groin? No surprise at all.

    All together now…UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Then again, who could blame him for going all out for a medal. Not like the Rangers are gonna win anything anytime soon.

  201. folks, that is the exact same excuse that gaborik used for several years in Minnesota when he sat out for months at a time. he always claimed it was his groin, and the surgery he had last season was supposed to fix that. well, it has more to do with his skating stride that causes it, so be prepared to play without him much of the time, just lke in Minn

    but they have won 3 straight without him, so maybe they are better off

  202. gabby just ate some bad moose meat up in Canada, his lower body injury is intestinal. another bottle of pepto and he should be good to go for saturday

  203. Cross Check Charlie on

    Owens? No not Owens! Trade anybody but Owens.

    Wait. Wtf is Jordan Owens?

  204. metrohockey

    I am being told that the Rangers have made an offer to Toronto for Kaberle.

  205. old harvey jersey on


    Dont forget who slats was dealing with in Phoenix when that trade was made. Not only maloney but gretzky as well. “Thanks for the hall of fame, i shall overpay for derek morris no problem.”

  206. btw, I agree with Orr about gaborik. minny fans have had their fill of him sitting out all the time. he showed he cares little about his NHL team

  207. halpern came at a steep price. Purcell and a 3rd rounder. i would have thought the third rounder or the prospect alone would do it

  208. Carp call it “the Kris Newbury Era”! And put up the pictures of Slats and Monty!

  209. But Keenan always tried to trade guys as far away as possible – never in his own back yard

    Gabby has been great and as advertised. Fluke injury that re-aggravates an old injury (fixed by surgery) means that he will return and be fine…next year.

    This year is a sell year – lots of pieces to unload but no dance partners yet

    I would like Vinny or Jokinen to LA or SJ for multiple picks and prospects. Rangers won’t see them the rest of the year and can look at them again on July 1.

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