The last hour or so …


Just wanted to start a new thread because the other one was getting big and the Rangers haven’t checked in yet (except for the Newbury deal).

For the list of  the 12 trades made before 1:50 p.m., see the thread below.

Here we go again.

For those just joining us: In addition to the minor league trade, Aaron Voros and Enver Lisin both cleared waivers at noon. Marian Gaborik did not practice today. Michael Del Zotto said he will play tomorrow against Pitt.


Calgary trades G Curtis McElhinney to Anaheim for G Vesa Toskala.

The details on the earlier Mathieu Schneider deal: Vancouver gets D Sean Zimmerman and a conditional sixth-rounder.

Columbus trades Raffi Torres to Buffalo for Nathan Paetsch and a second-rounder.

Buffalo trades Clarke MacArthur to Atlanta for a third- and fourth-round pick.

Columbus trades Milan Jurcina back to Washington for a sixth-rounder.

Reports that Edmonton’s Sheldon Souray is hospitalized with an infection following surgery and could be out for the season, scuttling the chance he will be traded.

TSN reporting that Nashville will not trade Hamhuis.

Also reporting that Toronto has traded Lee Stempniak to Phoenix for fourth- and seventh-rounders.

TSN says deal of Frederik Modin from Columbus to L.A. Kings for future considerations was completed before the deadline.

Carolina Trades Joe Corvo to Washington for Brian Pothier and Oskar Osala.

Toronto trades G Joey MacDonald to Anaheim for a seventh-rounder.

Carolina trades Andrew Alberts to Vancouver.

The Rangers may have a minor-league deal to be announced, but are otherwise done.

Columbus traded Mathieu Roy to Florida for Matt Rust.

Edmonton trades Lubomir Visnovsky to Anaheim for Ryan Whitney.

I’m out for now.

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  1. Who Needs Lohan on

    hey carp ever think about numbering the posts? It would make it much easier to find the spot you left off when reading last. just sayin…..

  2. yeah, I am surprised that no goalies are moving yet. there are teams like Chi and philly that need goalies

  3. TFP-(1:50pm) WAS still looking for gritty defenseman… CBJ closer to moving Torres and Jurcina… Nothing new on Vokoun.

    Personally, I think Jurcina would be good…he looked good in the OLY

  4. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah NYRguy I kinda just thought of that. Listening to Joe Michelleti every other night has made me more stupider.

  5. It would make it much easier to find the spot you left off when reading last. just sayin…..


    that’s kinda what the timestamp is for, no?

  6. Who Needs Lohan on

    Carp, you mean to tell me a high tech operation like this one doesnt have a techy who can flip a switch??? :)

  7. >>The 3rd penis said NYR & NJD both made big deals.
    >>What was the deal NYR made ? These TSN guys are retarded.

    They probably were referring to the Jokinen trade.

  8. Gary Bettman- “Well New York its been a tough decade but your long wait is over. Kris Newbury come get the Stanley Cup.”

  9. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah but Salty…..Daylight savings time is soon approaching. I almost got so used to telling time an hr off that I got confused what was real time and what was LOHUD time!

  10. Jokinen for two curling stones was a great big trade a month ago. A steal.

    I agree with those that say Sather does well on deadline day because he usually does. Rangers never gave up much talent (sorry prucha lovers) and added pieces that helped down the stretch.

    He should sell this year though.

  11. Paul, agreed. But should Sather be doing that instead of selling off those guys for picks or prospects? I mean, what’s the payoff for buying for a failed stretch drive, then losing those guys in the summer?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    If Sather can get through the whole day without making a trade, I will still consider it a win. Not as good as selling, but WAYYY better than buying.

  13. kaberle has a ntc and he refuses to waive it, and Burke said he won’t ask him to, so he is going nowhere

  14. Wow I think Belanger is the most consistent player ever, take a look at his career stats when you guys get a chance

  15. i think Kaberle would waive it to go to a contender … I wouldn’t think he’d consider the Rangers to be that.

  16. tr, I’m convinced you are some sort of NHL mole with all sorts of secret connections ;)

  17. straight jackets on

    you just know that a sather deal with Columbus is gonna happen. GMs always trade with the same teams like old pals

  18. DanTheRangerFan on

    If we are involved in any major swaps…you can just call dubi Done in NY……. Im mixed

  19. The New York Rangers have acquired defenseman Christian Ehrhoff from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for Wade Redden !

  20. morg
    thats the fight i brought up in the last thread
    good find
    he was out for the rest of the season i think

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Is anyone good at photoshop? Can they make a photoshop Mr. Burns/Sather?

  22. I really hope the deadline comes and we do NOTHING…that would be great…none of these acquisitions are going to make or break a cup champion anyway

  23. LI RangerFan on

    nlk – wait until the 3:00 PM deadline; that’s when the bulk of the activity will happen (at least if the past several years are any indication)

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    nlk, are you serious? This deadline day has been one of the busier ones in recent memory. Especially if you count the trades made leading up to the deadline, starting with the two deals Calgary made.

  25. From Carp’s book the day of Sather’s first deadline day as Rangers GM in 2001 when he made little to no moves:

    Tuesday – March 13, 2001

    “At least two GM’s reportedly cut off talks with Sather today because of his arrogance and smugness in the negotiations. There is an ever-growing number of GM’s who take great joy in beating Sather in a trade, and even take joy in dealing with other teams just to tick off the Rangers’ GM”

    Always fun to look back into the past…LOL

    Hey, has Larry Brooks asked for Tkachuk yet?? :-)

  26. I’m confirmed, thanks guys

    some very funny stuff on there, why are the commercials on there? i don’t know why that makes me laugh…I hate them enough on tv already

  27. TFP:(2:13pm) EDM may be asking for too much for Souray. Moreau, Staios, Pisani may be moved… NYR still involved in trade serious trade talks… Habs still looking at both buying and selling, quiet right now.

  28. Salty is 28


    not true…how do you figure that?


    yo mama told him! LOL

    sorry i couldn’t resist

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    I used more thought and insight than Sather did when signing Redden… I guessed.

  30. kaberle wants to stay in east but best offer came from vancouver so far.
    philly has interest as well.

  31. nhl central hq on

    per insider mole—

    Blackhawks trade Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull to Buffalo for Ryan Miller

  32. Failing in playoff is better to some than failing before playoffs. I would rather spend a year really rebuilding, but that will never happen. Fact is if we make trades that don’t give away anything worth keeping to rent players for exciting playoff games, then okay. I am one of those rare fans that won’t get mad to rebuild and miss the playoffs. Problem is as you have stated in prior threads, there are fans that say they want to rebuild but then get mad when they miss the playoffs. The Rangers have middled for five years in a row. Time to take a step back. problem is the last time the Rangers stepped back, them missed for what 7/8 years. So management fears that if they miss and really focus on rebuild, no playoff for another decade. So they opt to middle unless they capture lighning in a bottle (three years ago – 7.7 – seconds – cc – notwithstanding). I get it. But want more…

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Good ‘Ole Darcy Regier. Always making a dumb move at the deadline. Raffi Torres’ career of underachievement should serve them well.

  34. little known fact
    bobby hull was a new york ranger on sept 15th 1980
    played 1 game @ the meadowlands against the flyers

  35. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i’m fine with teams above us in the standings making dumb moves

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I figured since your handle used to be something crude about male genitalia that you were probably in your early to mid 20s at the time. Add a few years and I got to 28.

  37. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    got all excited when i saw the rangers wings make deal, thought maybe we got tollefsen

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    oh wicky, the move is a good one as far as this year. It’s just shortsighted since their team is Ryan Miller and a bunch of crap. They aren’t winning anything and he traded away a 2nd rounder.

  39. The Ghost of Sathers Past on

    are you ready? it’s coming! you are going to be shocked at my skills

  40. carp
    thats awesome
    never really knew why the nhl terminated the trade.
    you know why?

  41. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    If Chicago were trading Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull, it would be the BLACK HAWKS making the trade, not the “Blackhawks.” I miss the two-name nickname, it was classy, like Maple Leafs and Red Wings look better than Mapleleafs and Redwings. They made a mistake, changing it, and should change it back, AND, put the tomahawk “C” on their jersey and get rid of that awful Indian logo that looks like someone spilled a blotter of ink, or something, on center ice and on the front of the uniform.

    Interesting how all the Indian nicknames in college are gone, Redmen, Warriors, Chieftains, etc. But in the pros the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Black Hawks never did get the message, and more power to them for holding out on phony issues, controling academe and political correctness.

  42. last year slats took his time too…so in the next 25 minutes the future of the Rangers will never be the same!

  43. That’s no fun Carp! I think we’re gonna get Ovechkin and Crosby, Sather is a genius after all remember??

  44. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    And three cheers for the WASHINGTON REDSKINS, who cannot be bought off, either, into changing their name, although we know a law will be passed forcing them to do so, and soon.

  45. the fact that the oil have done nothing tells me that a big deal IS in the works between the Rangers and Oil. Sather must be reluctant to move picks. Which is a good thing

  46. Well, I figured since your handle used to be something crude about male genitalia that you were probably in your early to mid 20s at the time. Add a few years and I got to 28.


    Little known fact… It was your handle inspired me to be “creative” with my handle way back when

  47. New York Rangers under the radar at the moment, this is both a good thing, AND very scary!

  48. Regier improved his team. Torres is better than MacArthur, and he got back his 2nd round pick and a 3rd too

  49. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Booby Hull lost his hair over the summer of 1964. In spring of 1964 he was “The Golden Jet.” By that fall he was “The Bald Eagle.” Loved him, met him at a sports dinner in Canada in 1969. He was wonderful to me and everyone, had a great five minute chat with him. What a wonderful, humble, great man with a common touch. My cousins in Belleville Canada grew up with Bobby as his neighbors. He skated with them in wintertime on the Bay of Quinte. What memories.

  50. “# ORR..What Is It Good For ?!?! March 3rd, 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Glad Slats passed on Torres. Too many ugly guys on this team.”

    Agreed. We need beauties on our team.

  51. TFP (2:40pm) Flyers, Habs, Blues, Oilers, Rangers all hustling to get deal(s) done.

  52. and get rid of that awful Indian logo


    one of the best logos in sports

    and one of the best hockey uniforms ever worn

  53. trying to imagine Sather ‘hustling’. picturing him in the Tony Maneor white poly suit!

  54. It’s sad that the only guys Slats can make deals with are the usual suspects, his ole buddies.

    What does that say about the guy, that nobody likes him.

  55. Beauties bring in the babes. Babes might bring players that would rather have a bunch of babes around them instead of a huge contract. Could be good.


    The moron is the person who keeps falling for the same trick.

  56. ORR: Nobody is falling for your CRAP!! The moron is the idiot who keeps posting sh*t out of their ass. Ohh, and change your retarded name. Your idol no longer plays for the franchise.


  57. TFP-At this very moment, I don’t believe Leafs will trade Kaberle (15 minutes to go, though)… Rangers/Oilers have spoken all day… Wild finished on the day… Very quiet on Habs front.

  58. baseball sux on

    you effin baseball moron, look at stupid. the LEAGUE has it as the Chicago Blackhawks. it is NOT 2 words

    this baseball idiot is back spouting garbage again today.

  59. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i love you!!!

    everyone please stop with the kaberle crap, he is the last thing we need….another rozy!

  60. Salty- Still like Drury (though that fast break was an embarassment last night) but have to say… AGREE on the count of the “indian” logo being a sports classic and oh so sweet.

  61. What? No Souray? the only people I want to get rid of, nobody would take anyway, so I guess it is good so far.

  62. PuckCentral

    RT @RogersSportsnet Sheldon Souray has a hand infection from the surgery he underwent and is done for the season.

  63. funniest thing about the baseball dude is that a 4-6-8 in a nearly impossible play to make unless there is a massive baserunning blunder and the second baseman has a heart attack between the first play he makes and the last one.


  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, Washington is really going for it this year. With lousy goaltending? Big bistake.

  65. I predicted a move (a dump of Rozi/Redden/Drury). Don’t think it will happen. If fact I dont think anything will happen. . . unless you count that minor league deal earlier. I think the NYR made a godd (and their biggest deal) getting Jokinen (or putting a bullet in Kotalik’s head. Whatever u wanna call it.)

  66. Souray out for the year with a hand infection.

    Anybody wanna bet that Sather spent the entire day trying to trade for him and paid little attention to anything else?

    When you’re 138, it’s hard to multi-task.

  67. Drury’s not gonna let Souray’s infected hand ruin his beautiful Pizza Sauce!


  68. Souray being out for the season hopefully means Darth won’t do anything stupid.

    I said hopefully….


  69. You gotta wonder…when did the Oilers know about Souray’s infected hand?

    Did they take offers all day long only to announce it now when they didn’t get what they wanted?


  70. Shor, which means the first baseman had a heart attack somewhere along the line… or is chatting up the pink hats in the first row.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    “you effin baseball moron, look at stupid. the LEAGUE has it as the Chicago Blackhawks. it is NOT 2 words

    this baseball idiot is back spouting garbage again today.”

    Wow dude. You have no idea how ignorant you just made yourself sound. The team used to be called Black Hawks. Two words. It was later changed to Blackhawks, one word. That is what the other guy was saying.

    Go learn something about the history of the league. Yes, they had hockey before you got NHL 94 on your Genesis.

  72. gilbert and cogs out of edmonton… does anyone know where they went? got nothin over here.

  73. Is this the most boring trade deadline day in history? There isn’t one single trade worth talking about.

  74. Jack Johnson is awesome. I live in LA and get to see him every once in a while. He would be a monster Blueshirt.

  75. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Interesting aspect of Jurcina deal — he was just diagnosed with a sports hernia.

  76. a 6th rounder for jurcina – seems like rangers could have offered that if they wanted him

    times up?

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m hearing Cogliano for Ryder, although I’m not crazy about the source.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    “a 6th rounder for jurcina – seems like rangers could have offered that if they wanted him”

    No, they traded their 6th for Shelley.

  79. you are correct orr, i should have said offender and not molester. either way he’s trash

  80. Penis head Maguire looks upset…

    Is it because his Bruins did little?

    or is it because his POS role on NBC was taken away for the Gold Medal game?

  81. would it be crazy if we heard a king Hank for varlomov and neuvirth trade – i would never trade him but crazier things have happened – caps need a goalie and we need caps space

    just a random thought – sorry for the interruption – please resume your regularly scheduled sather bashings

  82. Dubi must be breathing a sigh of relief — or he’s pissed he didn’t get shipped to a contender.

  83. Linda

    I know. I was just wondering if he’s still bitter about being sidelined like the loser he is :)

  84. I didn’t say anything about getting Corvo, I just said he was traded and don’t know where yet lol

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m going to the bathroom and when I get back Dubinsky better still be a Ranger and we better still have our first and second round draft picks.

  86. he wasn’t traded was he

    feel like a kid who was just told there is no santa

  87. Tank The Season on

    Awesome. We stood pat. This bunch guarantees we pick in the top 10. Here’s hoping Slatipus ain’t around to use that pick.

  88. lol CR

    ‘every olli jokinen deal is a big deal’
    lol thats funny and he totally did NOT mention Kotalik

  89. LI RangerFan on

    There’s more that will be announced folks. Happens every year after the deadline time expires…

  90. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Carolinia trades Joe Corvo to Caps for Brian Pother and Oskar Osala.

  91. Sather’s looking for that Hot Tub Time Machine…

    Only way he can get back to when he was relevant in the NHL

  92. Stempniak cost TWO picks? Wow.

    LI, it’s Darth’s sign, he’ll be the Rangers GM til minus infinity

  93. AGrossRecord

    Little (OK, lot) surprised but looks like the #NYRangers only deal will be Newbury-Owens.

    if that is the case, did we have a good day or a bad day?

  94. No way Sather actually didn’t make any trades. This can’t be possible. He did something smart for once since he couldn’t deal the big boys? That’s incredible.

  95. i fully expected the flyers to trade carcillo to take the heat off in the upcoming game – a blood bath on 3/12 – all ranger moves have been to get tougher for that game

  96. Thanks Linda

    Reading Boston’s website,, they were involved in everyone from Corvo to Kovalchuk to Kaberle, to Kchachuk(sp?).

    Basically, the ESPN NHL trade rumors were just Bruins rumors.

  97. for doodie


    Leafs trade Joey MacDonald to Anaheim for a late round pick, per Darren Dreger.

    they are sitting right next to each other lol

  98. We didn’t stand pat…Jokinen was our big deadline deal this year. We got a solid player and cleared a little big of cap space. I’m fine with that.

  99. I’m surprised they did not get Ovechkin for the Vezina trophy winner Tim Thomas (the guy who could not sniff but 10 minutes and 1 GAA in the Olympics).

  100. im done throwing out trades after the last blogs uproar.

    the souray news ruined 1 trade and then there were apparently other talks w/ the blues and kings.

    thats all im sayin about “sources” and such till july 1st

  101. I am glad that Sather didn’t just make a trade for the sake of making a trade. That being said, I am surprised nothing happened.

  102. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    very bad day if nothing was done!! Look for waiver wire acquisition the next day or two!

  103. you’re probably right tr, i bet he wasthisclose to trading for Souray and then the news of the hand infection threw a wrench in his plans

  104. so did don maloney do a good job for the coyotes today?
    anyone want to talk about that?


    Just send Redden and Rozi to minors in the offseason.

    Accept them as failures and eat them money, considering the profit the Rangers have made.

  106. stogiepuss says “we have won 3 in a row. we are on a roll. well, actually I just had a roll with butter and jelly. but we are now a Newbury centric team with loads of jam and grit. or actually I just had some grits and jam on my cake. but anyway, I pulled off a big deal today. I traded a carrot cake for a big chocolate job. what a deal. well, back to my round of golf. ta ta”

  107. leetchhalloffame on

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!! Where was he today? Standing pat with this non-contender team? He is a disaster and a joke of a GM.

  108. I know some of you wanted Dubi gone, but if we didn’t get back a good return for him, you would have been full of piss and vinegar. I am glad Sather didn’t just settle for whatever was offered.

  109. Considering we were rumored to be big buyers… I consider this a pretty good day. I know it’s upsetting to those looking for a some new toys… but I’d rather make no moves than bad moves.

  110. DanTheRangerFan March 3rd, 2010 at 3:20 pm

    How much you want to bet sather falls asleep during sex too??
    theres a vision NONE of us needed!

  111. DanTheRangerFan on

    Look around though prices were high…People were throwing away decent picks for garbage…RIDICULOUS We really needed to dump a contract

  112. OMG, I’ve figured it out.

    I have a theory (conspiracy?).

    Sather is a Boston fan, and wanted to drive the Rangers into the ground.

    He got Jagr because he thought Jagr was old and would be a bust.

    When he was successful, he signed Redden and Rozi to gargantuan deals to prevent us from signing Jags.

  113. i have to agree with Nasty and Salty, and now, when sather arises from the coffin in 120 days, maybe there will be a plan waiting for him

  114. we will learn in days to come how we were so close but did not pull trigger

    we should have been stock piling 2nd rounders

    oh well middling yet again – not so bad but never soooo good

  115. The way I see it is, we are just going to play the course and see if we make the playoffs. If we do, we have players that can be capable of doing something in the playoffs. I fully expect that Redden or Rozi will not be with this team next year. I am okay with not making any moves. I am sure he tried to move a big contract or two, but who is really going to want these guys? So rather than send away Dubi and Cally for crap, he stood pat.

  116. Doodie Machetto on

    YES!!! While Sather blew an opportunity to sell and retool the team in earnest, I am happy that he didn’t try to buy and mortgage even more of our future.

  117. Cindy Crosby on

    not over yet. trades submitted last min can take some time to be approved by NHL. Last couple of yrs the Rangers didn’t post their trades until like 5 pm

  118. Totally agree with Salty and Nasty, no moves are GOOD moves today. Anything Sather could have done would not have helped the team this year. Hopefully they can ride this season out, maybe make the playoffs and get the young’uns some post season experience and then tweak the roster in the summer, NOT do a wholesale remake of the team again. There IS a good nucleus here, they are just young.

  119. TheMessiah94 on

    HAHAHAHAHAHA on the Flyers!!! Nice goalie situation they have going on down there!

  120. PAUL G

    Don’t get excited, NYR will do d*ck as always. Shelley didn’t even have a “chat” with that doofus who hit Cally.

    Nobody will do anything to Carcillo, they’ll be a typical fight, but it will be far from a “blood bath”.

    Should have sold. If we don’t make the playoffs, we let Jokinen go for nothing, and we potentially let Prospal go for nothing, maybe we could have even packaged Girardi for something, but he’ll go for nothing.

    WASTE !

  121. DanTheRangerFan on

    Ill tell you now cally was a now way no how for the rangers…But Dubi did come up in talks but the returns were prob min

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    Cindy, it’s over. Multiple reports of Rangers not making deals, including Carp.

  123. Slats is clueless on

    Standing pat is nearly as dumb as buying. Why does this guy still have a job?

  124. Doodie, anything to make ya laugh!

    Cindy, brooks confirmed there were no NHL moves for the Rangers. Nasty’s post is great because he didnt trade for someone elses crap.

  125. Sorry, kids. No conference calls, no blockbusters today. So I’m gonna run to basketball triple-header.

    I’ll stop in when Rangers announce minor-league deal.

  126. west is way stronger than east. you’ve got Det, ana, Calg and Dallas in similar spot to bruins, rangers atl, and Tampa

    west teams are better

  127. Sathers big deal was nixed once the Souray hand infection came into play. He’ll work his magic July 1 ;-)

  128. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Visnovsky to Ana for Ryan Whitney. So much for my prediction Whitney wouldn’t be traded. LOL

    and he did NOT get that from dreger!

  129. Tank The Season on

    Best thing the Rangers could do is nothing. Nobody who was dealt today would have changed anything had we gotten them. Jokinen Prust and Shelley were our deadline deals.

    Sather’s likely done anyway.

  130. anticlimatic day, but, as other have said, its great that a deal was NOT made just for the sake of making one. Something will be done with Redden and/or Rozsival and maybe Girardi come July 1

  131. Carolina acquired a 2/3/4/7 rounder, a good looking young d-man, a foward and a goalie – for their sell-off – which was Corvo and some other middling guys

    wishful thinking on blood bath

    i’ve been saying rangers should sell

    now we risk losing Lisin on re-entry – maybe
    who gets the call up? not like rangers have a glut of players.

    just such a waste – not like the team would have been horrible if traded prospal or jokinen for high pick

    now – does Dubi get to 20 goals (6 in 19 games) and does Cally get 25 goals (8 in 19) – not far off from projections at start of year and considering Drury has less than Anisimov could you blame them.

    the old brooklyn dodgers saying was “wait til next year” right? Carp?

    now waiting….

  132. Sather made a huge deal with Jokinen. He did his trading before the deadline. I personally believe the Rangers are better for NOT trading today.

  133. Well, it looks like no GM offered anybody that we were interested in, and no GM wanted anyone we were offering.

    So – NO DEAL.

    We are probably better off as a result.

    A lot of Rangers are thinking “Slats must love me, he really loves me! I’m safe now – time to relax and glide until the end of the season”.

    The good news is that there won’t be any rants about how stupid a trade was, had there been one.

  134. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    well, if nothing happens now we get to see all those guys that were rumoured to go somewhere and were playing well, how they play now that they are not!

  135. Olga Folkyerself on

    How much you want to bet sather falls asleep during sex too??

    Like ORR’s hand? I bet he’s got Carnal Tunnel Syndrome…

  136. Slats is not good at drafting and he is never really good at trade deadline trades. He can make a pretty decent mid season trade though. The trade for Jokinen and Prust was a good one IMO. Oh well, stand pat, see what happens, and nuff said.

  137. The only tix i’m using the rest of the year are for the Flyers, but no way it will be a bloodbad. The team we root for is the Rangers it aint going to happen. I wish it was so and would love to see it but we all know it won’t. Glad we didn’t buy but would have loved some biger idiot would have taken one of 3 big one’s, but I guess the incompantance of the rest of the league has caught up with us.Not buy the playoff tix after many years, can’t take the sheer lack of talent and a bad ending if we get there at all.

  138. Cross Check Charlie on

    Paul G – risk losing Lisin is no big deal. I don’t see where he’s worth worrying about.

    I’m glad the Rangers made no stupid blockbuster deals. Aren’t we all tired of the blockbuster trade that ends up yielding nothing?

  139. In the words of Gene Hackman in Hoosiers

    “This is your team” ==== Rangers fans.

  140. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    rumour has it gabby isn’t injured, he is taking fighting lessons and will not play again til flyers game!

  141. bull dog line on

    Lisin does not have to go through reentry waivers, he was not sent down, therefor does not need to recalled and put through reentry waivers.

  142. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    so how many goalies have the ducks traded and traded for this season??

  143. Shoryuken,

    Ever look back and realize you must’ve really been obnoxious at some point in your life, Orr is at that stage right now.

  144. I don’t care about Lisin, it is the stupid 1/2 cap hit that hurts even at the small amount of his contract, if there was a gem on waiver wire to be had, and it was his 1/2 half cap hit that kept it from happening, that would be stupid. That’s all i was saying

  145. PaulG- Lisin’s half-cap hit? His salary is a full cap hit. It’s Avery and now Auld that have half-cap hits on the roster and both are the Stars with the other half.

  146. if lisin is plucked off re-entry waivers – assuming they recall him to fill out major league roster – rangers would be on hook for 1/2 as cap hit…right?

    Maybe we get to see some other hartford dude for the rest of the year. i do hope it is not newbury – he seems to be 28 year old minor leaguer

  147. Orr you are completely wrong.

    Jokinen coming here got rid of Alex Kotalik’s 2 remaing years at 3 million a year. Even if Olli doesn’t resign Slats got rid of a bad contract and a player that was in the coach’s doghouse. Plus, getting Prust as the throw in looks to be an OK pick-up too. Higgins wasn’t coming back so all in all that was a very good deal for the Rangers, especially if Olli helps them to a playoff spot…..even if its one round and out.

  148. bull dog line on

    Sather did the right thing today. they are to close to a playoff spot to sell. how do you tell your boss, and your fans that you are giving up on the season when you could make the playoffs. he didn’t buy, which keeps all the young players that we are all so high on in the organization. they are not a cup contender, or are they bad enough to blow it up.

  149. Shor

    They’re obsessed with me. I bet Salty Dupuis and Izzy/Olga all have meetings at their local Starbucks and discuss me.

    I know Olga Glitter has had it in for me ever since i turned 18. He likes em young.

  150. bull dog line on

    I am not sure what you are talking about with Lisin. he has not been sent down, so he does not need to recalled. he does not need to go on re-entry waivers.

  151. You think any team looks at Roszival and says “this guy puts us over the top. He’s worth taking on a $10 mil cap hit over the next 2 years”? Come on.

  152. DOWN

    We could have flipped him for a prospect or a pick that can turn into something pretty good for the future.

    Should have sold. Clearly Gabby doesn’t have the confidence in this team, so why does Slats ? Ugh, old people.

  153. I’m going to brick house tavern and tap for dinner tonight. Anyone ever been? It’s my first time going.

  154. I’m amazed at how willing teams are to give up 2nd round picks for almost nothing

  155. How do you tell your boss and your fans that we are selling? It’s not giving up selling it’s making you structual better for the purpose of winning a Stanley Cup that’s the job scope of any GM, maybe not the NYR his boss and some fans are happy to be on this never ending mediorce treadmill. You sell any and all bad assets and there are a lot so you get Cap space and try to build it the right way without these smothering cap killers. Probably no one was touching any of them without some of ok young guys, but he should have been bolder and bit the bullet and package good with bad for expiring contracts or smaller-shorter termed contracts. BTW anybody think we put more thought on this than Darth Sather?

  156. I agree with Foolery. Who would actually take Blowzy at that amount for the next 2 years, with his lack of offense, and embarrassing defense ? “Supposebly” only two GM’s were interested in paying Dredden the amount he got.

    So, those are two players this teams stuck with until they buy them out, or waive their asses, and send them to Hartford.

    Sucks to be a Rangers fan. I wish the Olympics never ended.

  157. True Blue 23 on

    come on people lets be realistic we are not getting rid of roszi or redden.. so stop dreaming…if you can see how horrible they are in front of y tv, pro scouts are not any dumber…

  158. I stand corrected. He was never formally re-assigned? So if he never gets assigned he never has to be recalled and go through re-entry waivers? Seems like a silly loophole. But the CBA is full of them.

  159. No deal at all is better than a stupid deal. Slats couldn’t sell, the team is too close to making the playoffs, he couldn’t buy, my guess GMs wanted too much. Agree with Linda, that infected hand probably nixed the only viable deal. And I’m glad we didn’t get Kaberle.

  160. SeamusORiley on

    No trades because Sather has put together an excellent roster?

    We still have $20,000,000.00 in Redden, Rosival and Drury.

    Larry Brooks to begin his “Fire Sather/Torts” campaign

    Sather Done Nothing. He’s rebuilding. Be patient.

  161. How do you think the three Dallas Stars fans think of their GM. They are paying for two players not on their roster but on the Rangers (1/2 cap hits) – Should have traded Redden for the 1/2 cap hits (less years and less money). Thx Mike forgot that one too

  162. PaulG- No, Lisin was never assigned to Hartford. He was just waived. As I understand it, you can be waived and if not claimed, you can stay with the NHL team OR you can be assigned. If you stay, your cap hit is the same as it was before.

  163. Basically I think Slats has realized that the hole he’s dug himself and this team into is too deep to climb out of- both financially and talent-wise. The Rangers don’t have any players that anyone else wants, mostly due to the high priced salaries attached to them. At this point we now know that this is the team that’s going to suit up for the rest of the season. There’s no “fixing” this team. End of story.

  164. True Blue 23
    March 3rd, 2010 at 4:12 pm
    come on people lets be realistic we are not getting rid of roszi or redden.. so stop dreaming…if you can see how horrible they are in front of y tv, pro scouts are not any dumber…

    Uhm…yes, they are. Just look at our draft history prior to 2007

  165. Redden must be sent to Hartford at the end of the season. There is no way around it. It is the only solution. You can deal with Blowzy and Drury’s contracts for 2 more years if necessary. Redden cripples us and brings nothing to the table.

  166. Rozi will be gone this summer, I think. Redden? The only way they get out of his contract is if he retires.

  167. paulieplatypus on

    Good point Bull Dog Line. Have a question if anyone might know the answer? Even if Lisin is sent down to the minors – which I feel would help tremendously in Gratchev’s development… Because Lisin is a RFA after this season, if the Rangers resign does he have to go through re-entry waivers?

  168. TFP…Rangers and Oilers were discussing a large deal surrounding Tom Gilbert. Looks like it fell through.

  169. MikeyM-you’re correct. Unless he is assigned to AHL, he can play for Rangers at full cap hit.

  170. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    SOrry Everyone but I call TOTAL BULLSH#T on everyone who says Sather NOT making any moves was a mistake.

    Who could we have gotten that would have turned us into a contender – NO ONE

    What youth on our team did we want to sacrifice for a dman or another scoring winger – NO ONE

    What other ridiculous salary did we want to get back in any Redden or Rosi deal – NONE

    Best thing Slats has ever done, and this is coming from someone who wishes he would keel over or get hit by a bus on a daily basis.

    We go with what we got, finish the season hell or high water, make the playoffs or miss by a little, and have almost $13 mil in cap space next season coming off the books from all the UFA we have.

    Resign Staal and Prospal in the offseason, send Redden to Hartford possibly trade Rosi, and next year will look a hell of alto brighter.

  171. Oh yeah, i forgot aboot Dubinsky. I don’t care anymore.

    This season is waste of time. They could have sold, and tanked the season, and get a top 3 pick. But, they failed.

    I’m done with the team this season. They don’t care, so i don’t care.

    Too bad we don’t have a team full of guys the size of Chara, and have as much heart as Cally.

  172. I’m happy Dubinsky is still a Ranger too.

    We added Jokinen, Prust, and Shelley and lost Higgins, Kotalik, and Brashear. Not too bad. Now lets see how the rest of the season goes.

    Odds are not in our favor for a playoff spot but I’m always hoping. Finishing out of the playoffs isn’t going to change things; as much as I hear people praying for it.

  173. Orr, I’m renaming you Mr Negative.

    No way in hell would they totally dismantle the team and tank. It’s not in Darth’s DNA to give up like that.

  174. I knew that this was going to happen when they won three straight watch them loss 5 in a row now!! Great job Glen. Horrible horrible horrible.

  175. someone needs to photoshop his face on a box of count chocula cereal for the FB page!!

  176. The way the Rangers have drafted top 10 picks in the past..I’d rather make the playoffs and take our wild card chances there than miss out on playoffs and just get another pick that goes nowhere fast.

  177. Cross Check Charlie on

    Anybody that thought that Sather could trade one of the albratrosses was just wishful thinking. After all, there would have to be somebody willing to take on those ridiculous contracts in return. Nobody except Sather is that stupid.

  178. Don’t forget, our post-deadline deal will be getting Marian Gaborik back for nothing.

  179. i figured turris was a minor leaguer. i guess that was wishful thinking, lol. eriksson instead.

  180. thenyrangers

    #Rangers have acquired veteran defenseman Anders Eriksson from Phoenix in exchange for goalie Miika Wiikman and 7th rounder in 2011

  181. Drury makes over $7M and has one more point than Richard Park. Redden is making $6.5M and has less points than Jack Hillen, Andy Sutton, Bruno Gervias and has one more point than Freddy Friggin Meyer!!!!! When you look at that there is no Question that they are the reason that the Rangers are Struggling so badly.

  182. True Blue 23 on

    this has been one boring deadline…im still trying to understand what Thrashers are trying to accomplish with Antro and Artyukhin…

  183. Good on Slats for not giving any of our prized youngsters away.
    Bad on him for not using one or more of the pending RFA/UFA’s to acquire some of the draft picks we’ve lost on recent deals for Shelley etc..

    Based on this Darth Sather should be looking to re-sign Prospal, Prust, Girardi to favourable deals and lock up Staal long-term this summer. Jokinen can audition for a job as can Christy, Shelley, Boyle and Lisin. Roszival and Redden should just be removed from the roster one way or the other come season’s end.

  184. paulieplatypus on

    Tom Foolery (any relationship to Chuck Woolery?:) Redden being sent down to Hartford is not the only way around it,,, because the Rangers are almost finished rebuilding. I say resign Christensen (RFA) cheeply, as well as prospal (or a player like Prospal) who could be signed to a one year contract and (like Christensen) could also play with Gaborik on the first line.

    By the end of the season – if not by the end of training camp? The lines will look something like this…

    Kreider Steppan Gaborik
    Bourque Dubinsky Callahan
    Grachev / Werek Anisimov Weiss / Lisin
    Avery Boyle Enforcer
    Byers Christensen
    Dupont Horak

  185. per zipay

    NYR acquire D Anders Eriksson, 35, ex-Wing, from Phoenix for goaltender Miika Wiikman and a seventh in 2011. Eriksson, 35

  186. True Blue 23 on

    March 3rd, 2010 at 4:49 pm
    Does anyone else feel like throwing up!!

    I will if another trade with Phoenix is made….bring back korpedo and prucha

  187. LI RangerFan on

    From TFP: (4:48pm) Last trade of the day it appears… Ducks send Nokelainen to Coyotes for a draft pick.

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    ZOMG!!! WE GOT ERIKSSON!!! It was so important that not only did we have to trade a minor leaguer but also a draft pick for a washed up never-was minor leaguer!

  189. Seriously Paulie? the end of this season? dream on. not even next year.

    Kreider is not ready. Grachev has been unimpressive in Hartford and needs another year. Bourque may never make it with his size. how many concussions already? Horak is still a kid, good attitude though.

    I like the future, but it aint happening that soon

  190. Good day in my book.
    Just a thought…could Sather have not made any moves because Gaborik is really injured and we ain’t going anywhere without his offense?

  191. Grachev has been unimpressive. But he sounds quite lazy. I don’t like to hear that about kids. Those type of prospects/players usually try to get by on talent alone. and aren’t willing to work hard to improve.
    Hope I’m and others are wrong about him for the Rangers sake.

  192. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d have to see their official tally, but it’s possible. I liked Carolina’s moves today also.

  193. did it occur to any of you that maybe the deals that were on the table would not be helping the team, whether it be now or for thefuture? maybe the offers weren’t good enough for what sather was willing to give up. No matter what everybody on here wouldnt have been satisfied with whatever moves they made today, bc the grass is always greener on the other side.
    Maybe sather did the right thing in not doing anything today instead of getting ripped off on some trades, and like people have been saying all day, there was probably nobody willing to take redden or rozsival from us, its not that simple just to “get rid of them” in a trade, and i doubt people were falling off their chairs to get vinny prospal, although he has had a good season, you cant make a deal just to make a deal it has to work, and maybe none of the deals that were on the table worked

  194. NHL Trade Watch: Coytoes gear up as big names stay put

    That was the SECOND headline under The Lead on ESPN! WOW

  195. paulieplatypus on

    Steppan, Kreider, and Bourque, were some of the best players in the WJC this year. Many of the top players in this years WJC will be playing in the NHL next year. All three are very close to being NHL ready, just wait and see… Ooops I forgot, being patient is a virtue very few of you boneheads have!

  196. Phoenix did well today, I think washington made some solid moves and LA made two nice pickups getting Modin & Halpern

  197. Where's Pavelich? on

    I heard Brian Burke’s press conference today:

    a) He was out in public
    b) He described the moves he made/didnt make, in detail
    c) He discussed how constricting no-trade clauses are and how they shld only be granted in “special cases”
    d) He spoke graciously of his players on the team and those traded
    e) He was coherent, made sense and was likable

    In other words, the complete opposite of our “leader” .. get rid of Slats already!

  198. paulieplatypus on

    Actually, I’ll confidently argue with anyone who may disagree that Steppan was absolutly the best player at this years WJC!

  199. paulieplatypus on

    Burke is clearly not at his best right now with everything personnal he’s been throgh very recently. I could not believe he said publicly that he had a #2 pick and a #4 pick offered for Pony, but instead traded him for Luca Caputi and a #5 pick.

    Why would you want Slats to do something a glairingly stupid as this??? If Caputi does not produce, the fans will distroy Burke for not getting the picks instead. Not to mention the added presure he also needlessly just put on Caputi head to produce for Toronto right away. Not very smart in my opinion, but then again you surly know much more than Sather does.

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