The final tally (updated)


Rangers: Two minor-league trades. I think that makes them winners, because they sure would have  been losers if they’d rented players and given up prospects/young players/draft picks to do so. They are going nowhere. They have just as good a chance as anybody to make the playoffs, as if that matters.

The big winners were Washington and Phoenix, I think.

Here’s the entire list of trades (actually all trades since Jan. 31) from


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EVENING UPDATE, 6:17 p.m.: With Del Zotto planning to return tomorrow, Corey Potter was assigned to Hartford this afternoon.

EVENING UPDATE, 8:28 p.m.: It didn’t seem like it, but the 33 trades involving 51 players were both trade-deadline records. Maybe because so many came in after the deadline, and so few involved big-time star players.

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  1. Would of liked to see them get some picks for Olli and/or Vinny but I’m happy they didn’t buy

  2. Doodie,
    I would rather have sold like you said and got rid of Prospal for at least something. But Sather could have also gone out and traded players that most of us would have rather kept.
    End of the day, we still have Callahan, Dubinisky, Staal, etc.

  3. Repost:

    Phoenix did well today, I think washington made some solid moves and LA made two nice pickups getting Modin & Halpern

  4. I agree with Washington and Phoenix.

    Capitals look like a cup contender if one of their keepers can get on a run.

  5. Exactly, at the end of the day we still have Cally, Dubi and Staal and im real happy about that, keeping vinny for the rest of the season without gettin a draft pick is not the end of the world, in my opinion.. and nobody probably had any interest in olli jokinen with his current cap hit

  6. Where's Pavelich? on

    I heard Brian Burke’s press conference today:

    a) He was out in public
    b) He described the moves he made/didnt make, in detail
    c) He discussed how constricting no-trade clauses are and how they shld only be granted in “special cases”
    d) He spoke graciously of his players on the team and those traded
    e) He was coherent, made sense and was likable

    In other words, the complete opposite of our “leader” .. get rid of Slats already!

  7. just got home from work. wow we really did alot i see!! newbury!!! awesomw. we couldnt get any picks? so i guess slats has done good since his latest screwup is now injured for the stretch run. can anybody say great effing timing gabby!!! and by that, no rentals. we got jokinen for help at center but wheres the big crease clearing d man?? great, we’ll just be bad enough, to not get a top 10 pick. gabby hurting his groin is just so amazing. instead of just getting heatley like the dumb old fart should have, he gets the 1 guy that nobody will take because he has never played a full season yet!! hes probably done after this year. either that or he loses his speed and becomes shanahan jr.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Capitals still didn’t address their #1 problem: goaltending.

    Phoenix is going for broke this year. A few playoff gates might entice a buyer/help them pay off that debt.

  9. Where's Pavelich? on

    nice, we got Anders Eriksson..sounds just like that big, physical defensive prospect that the orgainzation severely lacks..NOT!

  10. wow, lame!!! all this hype for nothing. at least if our fragile soft as butter star is out for months we couldve dealt prospal since hes a ufa. we couldnt get a pick for him?

  11. Where's Pavelich? on

    Just looked it up: Erikkson is a 35 year old (!) Swede, who has been bouncing around the minors, after several NHL stints.. he is 6’3″ 220, but dosent sound very tough (strange guy to throw in at Hartford?)

  12. Love your post Pavelich. i was pretty impressed with him myself. Oh to dream!

    Hey this is for you ORRL


    A few yrs ago i saw P Dupuis walking out after practice. He was wearing the same coat he wore the day he was traded to US. It was 6 mins… 18 minutes ago via web


    …to trade deadline. I said something like “nice knowing you. Unlucky coat!” Fifteen mins later i heard he was traded. I felt like dirt.

  13. Eriksson is here to teach young d-men in Hartford how to retire properly.

    Last night’s win didn’t help. Otherwise, I think they would try to get something for Prospal and Oli.
    We still have our farm intact. Hey, think about it this way- aren’t you glad we didn’t get Tkachuk for Sangs?

  14. Angry Whopper on

    Did anyone here really want any of the “lug nuts” that got traded today at the expense of current prospects or draft picks?

    There was nothing available that would change the current situation, so nothing was done.

    Sather was damned if he made a move, and damned if he didnt.

  15. Where's Pavelich? on

    Thanks Linda, but your “Banana Splits” post earlier today was better!

    Sather = “Bingo”?

  16. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    That’s right – Sather is damned – and so are we for putting up with him!

  17. If Sather had made the Jokinen trade today everyone would be jumping for joy. He just made his trade early.

    I don’t know why it doesn’t matter if the Rangers make the playoffs. It matters to me. Haven’t we learned in sports in the last couple of years that weird things happen in the playoffs?

  18. Good work Pavelich!!

    i see them as Drury, Brashear, Redden and Rozsival. and i bet you can pick who’s who!

  19. Carp,

    I have followed this site for a few years. I used to enjoy the insight and up to the minute coverage of the Rangers. The analysis was well thought out and knowledgeable. I have continued to follow the site since you took over trying to give it a chance. I understand you don’t have the time to do what Sam did, but for me this site has become a complete disappointment.

    Your sour attitude towards the Rangers and poor analysis of the game of hockey is astonishing considering your pedigree. This last post about the trade deadline is going to be my final visit to the site. You have taken a real gem of a site and completely ruined it with your negative disposition and lack of knowledgeable insight into the game. Thank you for your efforts, and good luck with your boneheads, they must be exactly that if they continue to follow this blog.


  20. Chito don’t let the door hit you…. oh and nice name. If you are not negative you are not in the real world of the NEW York Strangers.

  21. I’d day the best way to describe this trade deadline is: I’m disappointed with the moves that we didn’t make, but grateful that we didn’t make them. Does that make sense ?

  22. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..that’s hilarious:

    Fleegle: Drury
    Bingo: Brash
    Snorky: Rosie
    Drooper: Wade

    why do people feel the need to say negative things about the site right b4 they leave for good? It like a mruder-suicide, if they just switched the order everyone would be better off. leave and THEN comment

  23. Haha, good ol Dupuis. You just cant win a Cup, or a Gold medal without this guys “hard work”

    I miss him. Too bad he lasted, what? Three games was it ?

    I cant believe this deadline passed, and there was not a single Forsberg, and Sundin rumor. Unreal.

  24. Hartford, i took the ‘they are going nowhere” sentence to mean the young players, prospects. I could be wrong, but that’s just me.

    Chito, thank you for your contribution, on your way out,you might want to pick the splinters out of your ass from the door hitting it,and dont forget the Rah Rah pompoms

  25. Chito- I just lost my good night sleep. Please don’t go. Have you heard of shine box?

  26. paulieplatypus on

    Pavlich… Burke was obviously stupid to publically state he had a #2 pick and #4 pick offered for Poney, but instead traded for Caputi and a #5 pick. Why would he put that kind of pressure on a young talent to produce right away? Not to mention the critisism Burke will have to deal with from the “Toronto” Boneheads if Caputi get injured or does not produce like he’s now expected too?

    For you and most other boneheads who believe this was a good idea by burke to do and something Slats should have done publically… Makes me really want to slap some sence into all of you – except of cource for that bonehead ??? who said we could point to anything in the room not bolted down… And he’ll pick it up over his head.:)

  27. paulieplatypus: You are definitely drinking your own
    Kool-Aid if you think by the end of next season (or training camp as you put it) that Kreider, Stepan, Bourque, Werek and Horak are going to be with big club. Byers and Grachev have an outside shot but Dupont won’t be making it.

    The first 5 draft choices mentioned are, for the most part, a few years away. Guys like Bourque, Werek and Horak, who are 18 years old or a shade over are not going to step out of junior hockey next year and right into the Rangers line-up. You are kidding yourself if you think so.

    They will continue to develop in juniors. Let Kreider, a freshman and Stepan, a sophomore, continue to develop in college without rushing them too soon.

    Chito: If the internet had a door I hope it would hit you in the backside on the way out.

    See ya!

  28. paulieplatypus on

    Unlike Chito… When I have time to contribute, I’ll respectfully try to be that voice of reason for all you way too overly pesimistic boneheads. Although I must admit willingly, it’s not as easy as it looks being in the minority.

  29. Where's Pavelich? on

    paulie did you just say you wanted to slap me?.. and you can’t spell “sense” or “course”..

    point is Burke said SOMETHING to his fans and took accountability (big word for you, I know).. now go back and graduate 3rd grade..

  30. Johnny LaRue on

    Hey Chito, go eat a burrito. Soon we’ll forget you like the Frito Bandito. We think Carp is really neato.

  31. To be honest, I love the excitement of the trade deadline but we are playing as well as we have realistically (read: we always start strong, so I count that as an anomaly) this year… why shuffle when you dont likely have the strength to go the distance and you arent in a complete fire-sale? So, I am kinda stoked!

  32. Good job doing nothing I guess. This team has shown some talent, but not enough where paying for a rental player would be worth it. Congrats!

  33. paulieplatypus on

    Well Downeaster, maybe ??? I am being a little too overly optimistic with the time table of the young players being ready to play at the NHL level? But in my opinion Steppan and Kreider are ready just about right now and Bourque could probably fit in on the third line very soon. But unlike most people on this site, I’m willing to wait and let them develop a little more.

  34. Well, good win yesterday, weird trades today. Yes, the NHL is back! Time to continue where we left off: 30 THINGS BETTER THAN GLEN SATHER. Hell, I’ll even give you two this time. Numbers 22 & 21!

    22. Getting a ball stuck in a tree
    Remember when you were a little kid, and you’d play kickball, baseball, or wallball? Recess was such a wonderful time. It was that magical 30 minutes a day where you could just let loose and have fun. It made school worth getting up for in the morning. So recess was the time you’d play those games. You’d be playin’, having the time of your life, and your team would be winning. But then that one foul ball or that one ball is thrown over the wall, ending your fun. Your precious base or kick ball is stuck in a tree, taunting you because you can’t reach it. Talk about a buzzkill! But it’s not as bad as Glen Sather.

    21. Cheap Car Commercials
    You know the one’s I’m talking about right? They’re the commercials that look like they’ve been produced by a tacky little 9 year old and filmed with your dad’s old camcorder from 1985. They always seem to come on during Ranger games too, and most of them couldn’t be more annoying. They don’t even have to be car commercials too, because there’s those dumb furniture or lawyer commercials. Man, they’re so irritating! But it could be worse, they could be commercials for Glen Sather.

    (side note: if they were commercials about firing Glen Sather, that would actually be much better)

  35. You guys rule!

    Hey Chito, here’s the door. Now go get your shine box!

    Seriously, if you hate this place, why not just go away quietly. Do you have to announce your intentions just to be a big, stupid, ugly jackass?

  36. lmao yergs! those Roni Deutch commercials where when she says her name it sounds like she’s eating cement are pretty bad ;-)

  37. Chito farewell, Carp is one source of information he does not claim to be the only oracle in town so way be so dramatic? Besides it is only hockey not life and death!
    Go eat some chocolate, you will feel better. :D

  38. Carp, i think they secretly hope we beg them to stay! either that or they get a charge out of 10-15 people mentioning their name in the aftermath

  39. aw crap! drury is the “MARCH” ranger on the download wallpaper. UUUUUUUUUUURGH he’s gonna hypnotize me from my desktop now!

  40. I like it because I enjoy when the Boneheads get their backs up, and I like saying “go get your shine box.”

  41. paulieplatypus on

    Every spelling error that I make Pavelich is a typo. Go back and graduate third grade??? Unlike you obviously, I graduated from a very high level of education. Graduating after the third grade is not graduating… It’s called dropping out. You completely misunderstood the light hearted slap comment I made “with a smile” at the end. But hopefully you’ll learn more about that stuff in 4th grade?

  42. let’s see. there is Groucho, Chito, Harpo, Gummo

    this Chito is funny too. too bad he does not just honk his horn and stay mute like his almost namesake brother

  43. Personally I’m gonna miss Jordan Owens (right Mike in IA :)P ) but if he’s the only casualty today then that’s a great job by Slats.

    Anders Erickson tried out for the Rangers in 05-06 and played a bunch of preseason games and was released. He was horrible. But whatever, for a 7th and Miika Wiikman is not too bad.

    As far as today goes, when Rafi Torres goes for a 2nd rounder and prospect you know something is wrong. Mediocre talent being sold for a high bait.

    As far as next year goes, the only kids who might be ready for the Rangers are Dale Weisse, Bobby Sangs, Dane Byers, and maybe the Ryan McDonaugh and Carl Hagelin if they decide to turn pro.

  44. Carp, we don’t get our back up, we get our dander up. shampoo should clear that right up

    Carp is my favorite oracle and I am his favorite nephew

  45. I think Sather traded for Kris Newbury because someone told him that she was on the female Canadian Olympic team this year??

    Get it …. Kris …. with a K …

  46. I wouldn’t be too quick to congratulate Burke. That team isn’t going to be good for a while. He traded this year’s 1st rounder (which will be a lottery pick) and next year’s 1st rounder (another likely lottery pick) for kessel, who is good, but not worth that much. They have two decent offensive prospects, but not much more. Goaltending isn’t great either. And for all their cap room, i doubt very few besides kaberle want to play in toronto.

    he is actually very much like sather, and we would have all rightly roasted him if he had made that kessel trade

  47. Funniest trades of the day: Morris back to Coyotes, he stinks.

    And Toskala can now share tales with Kiprusof of being Nabakov’s backup in San Jose.

    Also, the Flyers didn’t get a goalie. LOL.

    And did Buffalo really get a 2nd AND 3rd rounder for Clarke McCarthur? Damn.

  48. now that you bring it up paulie. I am pretty psyched about Kreider. He went from a high school not known for hockey to BU. He was pretty invisible for the first half of the year, but he has been lighting it up lately. I haven’t seen him play but those stats have to mean something.

  49. Where's Pavelich? on

    paulie you forgot a comma in your last post – if you meant your original statement in jest, fine (the smily face came on the scene a little late)..

    Sather is still awful and that his poor performance is magnified by his constant silence..Burke stated what he felt and stated a plan to improve his team in the near term, if it dosent work he is on the line.. Sather says nothing and pours out $$$

  50. I don’t love Sather but to be fair there wasn’t much he could do today which is why it was a success. I wouldn’t want to give up Girardi and a 2nd rounder just to rent a Whitney for 5 weeks. Stupid.

    He’ll probably try and get some picks back Draft weekend or before July 1st.

  51. what the f? sather is a joke!!!! to give up any pick for Anders Erickson is a waste. i do recall a certain goalie drafted in the 7th round who has had some success on this team? to waste a pick on a 35yr old player who is not going to be with the big club. how does this man have a job? and lets be honest with sather’s draft record he needs all the picks he can get………

  52. Little Surprising that Sather lets the trade deadline go by without making a significant trade … since making trades is the one thing he’s decent at

  53. Ok, boneheads. Will be busy having dinner with the Wickys. They all said hello. The girls are soooo cute. Eat your hearts out.

    Uhm… changing diapers before dinner.

  54. paulieplatypus on

    Tomb – I love the way he plays! He’s strong, has blazing speed, and his overall hockey skill (which will continue to improve) is much higher than anyone could have possibly predicted in just his freshman year of college. Especially considering how raw of a talent he was considered by most scouts when he was drafted.

  55. Chito, sorry we’re out of shine boxes. We’ll let you know as soon as we get our new shipment.
    BTW, say hi to baseball guy & local idiot for us !

  56. Linda

    I think we know what that article means.

    The Lightning can now be the farm system for the Bruins, as the Bostonian tries to help the Bruins by handing them what they need.

  57. Carp, you don’t even know what a write-off is.

    But they do…and they’re the ones writing it off.

  58. Linda Thanks for the other article earlier, I just saw

    Anything that makes Massachusetts inhabitants look like the scumbag fools they are!

  59. lol CR, i was waiting for your take on that one! I can’t even imagine stupidity like that! wait, maybe i can ;-)

  60. It may sound farfetched, but do not be surprised when Steve Stamkos heads to the Bru Crew for Tim Thomas and Blake Wheeler.

  61. Talyor swift as ginger, john goodman as the skipper,elton john as maryanne,joan rivers as mrs.howell,gene hackman as mr. howell,david caruso as the professor, and michael phelps as gilligan. Pretty bad hun? You would keep thinking why doesn’t Gillian just swim off the island if he could just put down the bong

  62. My favorite part of the article….

    “Her 37-year-old husband – a registered Massachusetts sex offender – was charged with disorderly conduct.”

    I love the addition of the registered sex offender.

    It’s an extra bit of positive spin!

  63. CR, that was the most incredible part of the article! she was 22, he’s 37 and a sex offender. that’s just messed up!!

  64. hedberg i gotta give it to ya,that post was comedy gold, eveything made sense (well the elton john thing is just wild)

  65. Chito, just to add my 1 cent, if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, your post makes no sense. I’d say more, but that would be 2 cents.

    Johnny, LMAO at your response.

    I’m bummed we couldn’t get rid of the albatrosses, but I guess that’s what July is for. Dare I say it, I’m surprised but not unhappy we stayed stable…let’s get through this season.

    And hey, ya never know! Right Greg and Tony!

  66. Ya, I usually do not have a problem with 15 year differences….

    but it seems like the guy is the epitome of a Bostonian. One sick human.

    He probably admires Brett Pedroia, the dirtbag child molester brother of Dustin of the Sox.

  67. Mama

    What’s your email address for the Pets blog?

    I want to send some Tiki and Teddy pictures.

  68. Linda, I’ll check it out.

    Tony, in 2 and half weeks I’m going where it kicks AZ’s butt!!! Caribbean baby!

    I see we’re kinda done with (non)trade day. But thanks for the old TV tune in my head :)

  69. No, not joking,

    Dustin Pedroia’s brother is a child molester.

    But you will not hear the media reporting that like they attack NY athletes and their families.

  70. paulieplatypus on

    Hey CR9, no need to be so long winded with criticism… Just call them massholes like eveyone else.

  71. Carp,
    I’ve got to disagree with your comment that making the playoffs doesn’t matter.

    It does matter. You can’t win the Cup without making the playoffs and even if the chances are small, good things can happen (see Aaron Boone). Look at the Cup finals for the last ten to fifteen years, other than Detroit/NJ/Pittsburgh a lot of the teams were not ones you would have picked to start the year.

    Also there are plenty of upsides to the team. No playoffs, maybe Tortorella gets the ax and that hurts team continuity. There’s the obvious benefit to the Dolans/MSG but more importantly it helps to instill a winning culture. Do you want guys like Del Zotto, Gilroy, Anisimov, Staal, Callahan, and Dubinsky only to play playoff hockey when they have a chance at winning it all or gaining that experience prior? Would you want veterans who aren’t going anywhere like Redden to tune out even more because the team isn’t playing in the playoffs?

    I agree that the probability the Rangers go far in the playoffs is slight but it is still important to get there.

  72. JJP

    To further your point, any goalie can lead a team to a Stanley Cup. And Henrik seems like the talent to do so, even with no defense in front of him.

  73. damn you msn and your switching back and forth with your homepage the past 3 days! PICK ONE DAMNIT.

  74. A lot of hockey people I hear say you have to have a great goalie to win a cup and that bears out most of the time, but when was the last time a great goalie with a avg. or below avg team took the team on his shoulders and wins a cup? It doesn’t happen like people think, yet Detroit wins without the goalie but a great team. Washington will do it again this year.

  75. Yeah because the only thing that stands between Stanley Cup and Rangers is that little thing called playoffs, where we limp into on one foot and get the other foot up our behind in early rounds!

  76. You never know.

    Last year, Henrik won us the 1st 2 games of that series.

    Why can’t he win 16?

  77. All, one of the very few areas where Carp and I disagree (and I and some others of you) is about missing the playoffs. As a fan, from the heart, not the head, I always want to go as far as we can go.

    I know there’s a difference between the fan feeling and business logistics, but that’s just where I stand, for better or worse, wrong or right.

    Sorry Linda, but not Lula!!! She was amazing from the start, and I’m not biased :)

  78. JJP, I don’t want to say that’s delusional. But the point was this: Making the playoffs and going out in the first round doesn’t help going forward. Of course you want to see them in the playoffs, and it gives you a reason to watch these last four weeks, and of course once they get in you’ll root for them to win the first round. I understand that.

    My point, again, was that it’s crazy to sacrifice even one little tiny piece of the future (a second-rounder for an Antropov, for example) just to make the playoffs with a team that has no shot. This team has no realistic shot. That’s all I mean.

  79. Tank The Season on

    Simple fact is there was no player or combination of players available today which would help tips team in any significant way. By not squandering draft picks we set ourselves up to maybe offer sheet Bobby Ryan in th offseason. By not adding cap space mayb we’ll be able to sign Marleau.

  80. Bob Sacamano on

    I know i’m a day late but i LOVE the Pittsburgh fans for giving Miller the cheers he deserved and Sid the boos

  81. Carp,

    I’m not saying I disagree with you. With this garbage team, it is so unlikely that he wins 16 by himself, but…

    Because he hasn’t does not mean he can’t in the future.

  82. Tank, exactly.

    To take it a step further, I’d say this team is weaker than the team that made the playoffs last year, doubly-so if Gaborik is hurt. And whomever they play in the first round will be better than the team they played in the first round last year. And they have a lesser mathematical chance of actually making the playoffs.

  83. Ah, Carp, always more eloquent than mama. This I agree with:

    “it’s crazy to sacrifice even one little tiny piece of the future (a second-rounder for an Antropov, for example) just to make the playoffs with a team that has no shot. This team has no realistic shot.”

    OK, we won’t make it out of the Leastern Conference, but still…:)

    Isn’t there a happy medium between this argument? I think there is…and, shoot me if you have to, was it doing nothing today??? just a thought.

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    March 3rd, 2010 at 7:48 pm
    A lot of hockey people I hear say you have to have a great goalie to win a cup and that bears out most of the time, but when was the last time a great goalie with a avg. or below avg team took the team on his shoulders and wins a cup? It doesn’t happen like people think, yet Detroit wins without the goalie but a great team. Washington will do it again this year

    It does or it doesn’t happen? You say yes, no, no, yes, no What are you saying. Proof your posts people.

    Carolina won on a goal (Ward easily best playoff goalie that year). Anaheim won with a goalie (JSG/Bryzgalov). Osgood won as a team. Pitts won with a great defense around a goalie who played big in certain games (against a crappy goalie). Answer: Both goalies and teams win games in the NHL, no single method of team-building prevails.

  85. I agree with not getting anyone.

    Rather, we should have gotten rid of Prospal for a draft pick, for example.

  86. Carp

    This team has no realistic shot.


    Yeah but what about UNrealistic shot, huh? Did you think about that one? lol

  87. Tank The Season on

    If we miss the playoffs, Sather is done.

    And yes in many respects this team is much weaker than previous years teams. Remember when the problem was that all the scoring came from Jagr, Shanahan, Nylander, or Straka?

    At least then we had 4 guys who can be counted on to score. FOUR.

  88. Bob, shite, I missed that….that’s awesome!!!

    All, I can’t debate anymore. I leave you to yourselves and papa. I must step away from the computer. Another day in pruchaland tomorrow :(

    Carp, how do you do what you do?!

    Which reminds me, (2nd cent), Chito, if the heads are out of shineboxes, I’ll custom-make one for you.

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp is right. 22+ GM’s in Sather’s shoes would have sold most of the soon-to-be UFA veterans (Prospal, Olli, Girardi a healthy fishing expedition of Rozi to see if you get any bites). How did the Penguins become monsters? They sucked for 4 years. How did the Caps get great picks? They sucked for 3 years. You can’t keep throwing next year away to try and finish 15th in the NHL. It keeps you stuck in the middle of the pack for a VERY VERY long time. Sather didn’t hurt the Rangers today, but he could’ve strengthened their future by getting assets or picks for the guys destined to leave July 1st. And what did you profit? Well, you my friend, will probably pay $180 to go to game 3 with your lady friend and you may even pay another $180 to go to game 6 and you’ll be out $180 (if you’re lucky… there’s a chance Hank could put you out $360, but doubtful). It’s not a good position this Rangers team is in.

  90. CR, agreed. Trading Prospal for a pick would have been a much better move for the future. Jokkinen too.

    CCCP, yes, the Rangers have a very unrealistic shot.

  91. That pic on the right is awesome.

    Those scars on around his mouth area are SEXY!!!

    Not Jaromir sexy, though :)

  92. It didn’t seem like it, but the 33 trades involving 51 players were both trade-deadline records. Maybe because so many came in after the deadline, and so few involved big-time star players.

    And, yes, I’m trying to change the subject.

  93. I’ve taken a while to think about it, and as much as I’d like to get rid of every 5m+ contract other than Gabo and Hank, Slats STILL managed to get dump Kotalik and Higgins…

    It’s July 1st that terrifies me!

  94. I was in the pool!! on

    It’s a sad state of affairs when we come out looking good because of the moves our inept GM didn’t make.
    Fire Sather day is coming soon.

  95. Ha ha ha! Sorry Carp, I meant for people to look at his blog post of his Olympic teammates! Not the pic of Aves “on the right”…but CR9, you are also right.

    Also off topic, TR, I know why they did this, but the complaints are BS….Though I did like it when you couldn’t find it. NYC…love it, but geez!

  96. True fans rwb my point is that teams with great goalies but below avg talent otherwise don’t win the Stanley Cup. Clear now?

  97. For my odds I would muuuch rather have a excellent team and just ok goalie then a excellent goalie and a just ok team, because that just ok goalie can turn hot and would not have to carry the load if he had a excellent d and some scoring. Sadly the NYR are the opposite of what I would like. Post proven RWB

  98. While i’m at it and to my point I think there are 15 or so goalies playing now could win the Cup in the right spot, but yet maybe 5 teams that have enough this year to win the Cup. You have to build the team first.

  99. “Modern Family” is a pretty funny show …

    Ps. Good Job, Slats, on your ingenious acquisition of Anders … exquisite move

  100. Carp,

    I have to say that I agree with Chito (not the part though about “poor analysis of the game;” though at times I find it overly negative). And honestly, I think you were out of line to call him names. His criticism was respectful and he made fair points (except the part about “poor analysis of the game.”). I’m not from the rah-rah box, or whatever you call it, and I don’t actually disagree with your sentiments that “they are going nowhere.” And I’ll continue to read; I enjoy your analysis of the games (even if I sometimes find it a bit….y’know). But I prefer sites with a more hopeful, if still resigned, viewpoint. As a previous commenter said, it’s important for a number of reasons to make the playoffs, especially the experience for the young players. And it’s important to me!! What the hell else am I going to do in April, go to baseball games in 40 degrees?

    Besides, is there any one out there, as pessimistic as you may be, that doesn’t believe that we could beat the Devils in the first round?

  101. thats what im sayin i wouldnt be too scared of new jersey. Nobody really gave them much of a shot vs washington last year and they were a game away 3 straight games to clinch the series. Gotta root for them to make the playoffs

  102. There are some good prospects this year, so if they make the playoffs, they can get someone good (Emerson Etem or Jeff Skinner), if not, someone better (Neidereiter, Kabanov, etc.)

    If they play like they did last night they’ll be fine. Boston stinks, Montreal is nothing to write home about, and Ottawa has mediocre goaltending so those final 3 spots are wide open.

    The East is very flawed, only the Penguins have a complete team and with Wash you never know how their goaltending will hold up.

    If Gaborik is healthy and Henrik rested, and if guys like Prospal, Christiansen, and Olli are scoring consistently, with Cally and comp doing what they normally do, this team could very well turn into THAT team that knocks out 2 or 3 high seeds. You never know.

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    FIRE SATHER! This team has a lottery player’s chance of winning the Cup, and a less than 50% chance of even making the playoffs. We have a GM who has put the team in such lousy position that any move that he can possibly make is the wrong move. Can’t go forward, can’t back up, and can’t stay where he is. Just tip over the King and start a new game…

  104. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    Would you have preferred Tug McGraw’s “You gotta believe”? LOL.

    As I said, I got no love lost for Sather, but the team’s in a decent position now. I think he’ll get some picks back in the summer for RFA they’re not gonna resign (Girardi?)

    Gordie Clark’s done a pretty good job running the draft.

  105. Anybody complaining that Sather didnt do his job today because he didnt sell-off the whole team, is not looking at the facts.

    Even if Slats wanted to clean house, i dont think that was possible today. Look at the three major teams who were rumored to be unloading a significant amount of players barely unloaded anybody

    Who did Toronto unload ??
    Florida ??
    Edmonton ??

    A couple players each – Relax

  106. Hey good evening guys

    I have been having computer problems for the past 5 days now. And I hate to ask a question like this here but I’ve googled my issues and I’m not getting the answer I need. I posting to you all from my iPhone. I have a MacBook pro with a cable modem from time Warner. All lights are flickering like they are supposed to. I have a wireless router from linksys wireless g-2.4ghz all those lights are working and on. I have zero signal reading on my mac (airport), it doesn’t see my wireless signal & when I go to input the network name & password I get “there was an error joining the airport network” i haven’t changed any setting & it was working PERFECTLY FINE late last night & very early this morning. During tonight I got on & the signal went weak & disappeared.

    Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. What’s weird is that I can’t pick up the wifi signal on my iPhone either. Maybe the router is bad? Thank you so much for any help with this. I will be trying to find a phone number for linksys in the meantime

  107. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather didn’t do his job today because he didn’t do his job last week, last month, last year, or last decade.

    I don’t need to look at other failures to know Sather is one.

  108. Hey everyone … is offering free jersey customization until midnight tonight…. if anyone was in the market for a brand new jersey, that saves about 55-65 bucks

  109. ThisYearsModel on

    That is the greatest news this deadline……that the Flyers goalie is Michael Leighton. Apparently, the Panthers wanted Carter for him. Funny that the Panthers GM ran his mouth about changing the team and retooling, and then did about nothing. Horton is still there, Booth is still there, Vokoun is still there. Slats should have been a seller this deadline. He squandered another chance to add some draft picks.I honestly do not want them to make the playoffs. They’ll be road pizza in one round.

  110. Olga …

    Sather screws ups are widely known – I just wouldnt include today as one of them.

    He picked up a very good back-up, which by the looks of it (trading Wiikman) he intends on resigning.

    Got out of his Kotalik signing and brought a pretty good player here in Olli, even if it is just for the season.

    I like Prust But Shelly seems just as unwilling to fight as Brashear but at least we’re paying him peanuts to not fight

  111. Leetchhalloffame on

    When will Sather address the media on why he fiddled while the Rangers burned today?

  112. Olga Folkyerself on

    What I am saying is that Sather has screwed up so badly in the past that he couldn’t make any moves other than change some names on Deck Chairs on the Rangetannic, or blot out a few bad moves he made earlier.

  113. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    The real test will be this summer and see what he does with the FAs. Does he give Olli Jok $4 million? Does he take a chance on an aging Demitra or a talented yet somewhat enigmatic Frolov?

    Or does he give way too much money to Thomas Plekanec who will be very overpaid.

  114. I dont think Plekanec is overrated at least (possibly overpaid when Sather is thru with him). But another good Playmaking Center would be great for the likes of Drury, Dubi and Cally.

    If Vinny is resigned, Plekanec would be the 2nd line Center….. Not bad at all, but I like the Idea of bringing in Patrick Sharp because Chicago is going to have to unload some serious cash after this season

  115. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    Plekanac is good but someone is going to overpay him like $4-4.5 million. This will only be his 2nd 60+ point season and he’s hit more than 20+ goals only once.

    Sharp would be great if Sather can get rid of a lesser contract going back.

  116. If i had a dollar for every single time someone made a whiny complaint aboot Carp and this blog, I’d be able to buy Salty Dupuis a life.


    Dude, wasn’t it you yesterday talking about blowing off an opportunity to go to college because you’re waiting for your uncle to find you a “permanent job”… something along those lines? Either way I was embarrassed _for_ you, yet again…so much so that I actually kept my mouth shut about it. However, I would absolutely not be talking about buying someone a life if I were you.

  117. MikeA…

    agreed, but I thought the same thing about Streit when he was a UFA. Coming off 1 really good season, and would probably want 4-5 million and would probably just fall off … but no .. he earns every pennyof that 4-5 million dollar contract

    I think the best same thing could happen with Pleks. He really doesnt have much to work with in MTL this year and is still putting up good numbers – I dont think 4-5 million would be over payment …

    truthfully, i see MTL giving him something in the 6-7 million range which would be crazy

  118. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey, Salty! My turn…

    Based on his last post, he’s out shining his helmet again. Give him 30 seconds…

  119. Salty Dupuis, quit being such a baby, you know I’m joking…sort of. No really, you do need a life. I mean, you take blog bets so serious, you cant seem to take a joke. It’s rather sad.

    Olga, i don’t care how many times you bring that up. You cant force me to be attracted to you in any way. Just get over it, there are plenty of other guys out there that are my age. It’s not the end of the world.

  120. Hey guys…weve heard the fire sather buzz for years now, who you think are some of the good candidates to replace him? After all this is NY…

    and idk about trading prospal or jokinen, if we hold onto them at a discounted price(in Jokinens case) then we may be better off for the next year or two then we would have been had we traded them.
    Don’t think we would have gotten much back for them or anything at all…

  121. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You cant force me to be attracted to you in any way. Just get over it, there are plenty of other guys out there that are my age.

    This sounds like you’re going out to look for them, Orr.

  122. And I’ll say this… the blog was certainly more informative when Sam was writing it… there’s no debating that… but there’s also no debating that Carp & Co. have ramped the traffic up on this thing to numbers that Sam could never touch on his best day. Carp is absolutely doing _something_ right, there is no debate there.

  123. “….it’s crazy to sacrifice even one little tiny piece of the future (a second-rounder for an Antropov, for example) just to make the playoffs”

    “Trading Prospal for a pick would have been a much better move for the future. Jokkinen too.”


    Carp, I thought about your comments a bit more and it occurred to me that I really don’t know what a pick is worth. So I went and pulled five years of draft data from the late ’80s and early ’90s, presumably those guys careers are pretty much over by now since the average career is 11 years.

    Here’s what I came up with –

    Round-Avg Career Games-Prob of Making NHL-Prob Playing 400+

    Looking at those number basically makes me think that anything but a 1st or 2nd rounder is just a crap shoot that you’ll get an impact player. A 3rd or 4th round draft pick only has a 1 in 5 chance of becoming a bone fide player (according to the union’s 400 game hurdle for a pension).

    So Prospal was traded last year for a 7th round pick, I don’t think its lost on anyone that he’s a year older and playing with Gaborik has helped his numbers. If Morris got only a 4th rounder, what would Girardi fetch? The only player that maybe could have gotten us a decent pick was Jokinen…..

    My sample isn’t big (114 per round) but it kind of leads me to believe that the late round picks are really not worth much and the reason the player X for the 6th rounder trade happens is based on salary/cap restraints. You’re essentially trading a veteran player, who has established that he can play at this level for the 1 in 10 chance that you might get a player in a few years who can play more than 400 games for your team.

    At the end of the day the Rangers didn’t have much value to trade and there’s no free lunches…

  124. Hey guys…weve heard the fire sather buzz for years now, who you think are some of the good candidates to replace him? After all this is NY…


    Messier will replace him. I think most people would prefer a guy like Schoenfeld though, a guy who seems to have a strong history of cultivating youth. People not only fear that Messier is not prepared for the job, but also that he will be strongly influenced by Sather to pull the same stupid moves. I agree with this. It’s terrifying as a Ranger fan…

  125. Olga Folkyerself on

    Rangers also have to get rid of Sather the President or a different GM will be worthless. I wanted Burke to come to NY, but that is now moot. I DON’T want Messier taking over, he would be Sather’s clone. Shoenfeld would be a better internal pick. Seeing Keenan skulking around the broadcasting booth scares the bajeebers out of me. Can we get Scotty Bowman at any price? Maybe some new young blood out of the minors.

  126. alan March 3rd, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    it’s important for a number of reasons to make the playoffs, especially the experience for the young players. And it’s important to me!! What the hell else am I going to do in April, go to baseball games in 40 degrees?



    Let me begin by telling you that you are a d!ck and you are way out of line, honestly!

    Making playoffs for you is important because you don’t want to watch baseball in April? Good to see that your priorities as a fan are right where they should be…up your ass. You and that other prick should get together and share opinions behind closed door.

  127. What about Stevey Y? I know hes not connected to New Year or US much but he did win gold…

  128. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Your argument is accurate and your logic is sound. Here’s my counter-argument.

    Why even waste the year if it’s not going to be worth anything? Take the 3 or 4 low draft picks and hope that 1 of them flourishes… you never know. Hank was a 7th rounder! Weirder things have happened. I think Robitaille was a 5th or 6th. Low draft guys can become solid players, they’re cheap to employ, they keep cap space for other FA signings, and they make the veterans earn their jobs. If the Rangers were going to finish 5th or 6th in the conference… maybe you keep Joke and prospal, but we’re talking 8th (or 7th if all stars align) in order to have a first round exit. Besides the almighty dollar and filling the garden with 37, 800 people (and collecting their beer money) there is no point to it. The Rangers actually need to tank a season, get a top-5 first rounder and hope one or two of the other draft picks land solid prospects. This whole “let’s just make the playoffs, YEA!” mentality keeps you locked in the basement forever, and ever.

  129. hedberg
    March 3rd, 2010 at 8:57 pm
    For my odds I would muuuch rather have a excellent team and just ok goalie then a excellent goalie and a just ok team, because that just ok goalie can turn hot and would not have to carry the load if he had a excellent d and some scoring. Sadly the NYR are the opposite of what I would like. Post proven RWB

    so, what youre trying to say is that you would rather have many good or even great players than 1 great goalie. i agree. i would rather have washingtons team over ours anyday. even hank at times has played very “average”, and in the playoffs, hasnt really taken it to the next level yet. we saw glimpse of the first 4 games last year and if he played like that all playoffs, we wouldve gotten much farther. but our d was horrible, that they actually had the 2 R’s out there against ovies line most of the time. i also agree with the poster who said that some of these young players on the team do need some playoff experience before they can win a cup or get that far. that playoffs last year really separated the men from the boys. and nobody except hank played like a man. zherdev was a big floppy you know what. naslund was old and soft, antro was pretty bgood but too slow. drury scores a hilarious knuckleball shhot and rebound for his “clutch” 2nd period gwg that if he was healthy he probably wouldnt have scored it lol!!.very lucky we played against a rookie and still couldnt score more than 1 or 2!! gomez was a goof like he always is. he didnt really look like he cared the bway he did when he was on the devils. lou sent him here to screw us up!!!and wade the blade and micah blosival actually played better than staal and girardi. wow. except for reddens screening play on hank for the gwg on us. lets see, has staal gotten any better u guys? girardi sure hasnt. maybe its not on torts that he couldnt get this team to play better, but you could see he tried shaking the apathy from them when he said “no more separate limos, no more country club treatment”, and all that. torts would be much more effective if he had a gm who would back him up and say “yes john, bench that unclutch 8 million dollar shot blocker,or” yes torts, u can bench the traffic cone for more than 1 game.”

  130. Olga Folkyerself on

    JJP do that just with Sather’s picks over the years. I bet he stinks worse than you could ever imagine.

  131. Trading the 2nd rounder for Antropov was the right move at the time (we had 2 2nd round picks)

    We were small on the Wing and Antropov fit the bill and played very well for us.

    If he wasnt such a d!ck and demanded so much money, I would’ve had no problem with him resigning at the fair price the Rangers extended out to him

  132. JJP …

    Funny thing is Sather’s choices reflect the opposite of that chart

    Jessiman … 1st Round \
    Montoya … 1st Round
    Cherepanov … 1st Round likely or will never play in the NHL
    Bobby Sangs … 1st Round /

    Staal … 1st Round
    MDZ … 1st Round
    AA … 2nd Round
    Dubi … 2nd Round
    Cally … 4th Round
    Lundqvist … 7th Round
    Prucha … 8th Round

    Gilroy – Undrafted
    Girardi – Undrafted

  133. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    real frakking funny about the crease clearer….real funny! Always witt on re entry….

    Just got done with dinner with the ilbs, two of the most genuine and wonderful human beings I have ever met. A fabulous time!!!

  134. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i tried to get him to pick you up, but they wussed out and flew instead of driving. you are welcome out here anytime bro!!! we ate that late because it took us a while to catch the moose to eat it!!!

  135. Blueshirt in Paris on

    I don’t see them as ‘winners’ just not bigger losers. I think it has been shown that to hover in mediocrity gets you nowhere in this league. The goal of this organization is to get into the playoffs, that’s it. And that why we will just remain a team that gets into the playoffs (maybe) and nothing more for a long time.

    Either you are a buyer or a seller or you think you are in good shape and do nothing. Slats must think we are in good shape…to squeak into the playoffs and he is content with that. Thrilling team we root for.

  136. The White Plains Batman (Formerly MikeA) on

    somerset, those draft choices show that the first half was Maloney and the second has been Gordie Clark who is doing a much better job. The 2007 draft might be saved by Carl Hagelin who could be a Hobey Baker nominee and turn into the Rangers version of John Madden.

  137. Update from practice:
    Chris Drury working on “turning with the puck” with assistant coach Steve Sullivan.

  138. Oh great!

    Elias brings us the glorious news that Jagr wants to come back to NHL.

    Just what we need now..a return to the cult of personality that doomed this team a couple years ago. I don’t
    care how great a player he is…he is murder on impressionable youngsters. What – he’s coming back just as Roszival is beginning to show signs of coming out from under his spell,and they are close to playing as t-e-a-m- now…the great man shows up and entertains us with his “pacing of himself” while everyone else is busting a gut. How he holds onto the the puck for countless minutes as the clock ticks off on a PP, how he idles his way back to the bench on a line change, while the team is short handed…sort of like a bad dream revisited. Thanks Jaromir, but no thanks..find a nice pleasant power house team to hook up with, and finish your career there..while this team makes an effort at regaining it’s lost identity with YOUTH.

  139. hey cccp – Thanks for the thoughtful and incisive feedback, dude! It’s actually moron commenters such as yourself that at times make this blog insufferable.

  140. well holy melodrama fran. its not like he scored goals for us either. or opened room on the ice by drawing 2 defenders. or was slow to get off the ice after doing circles in the offensive zone for half an hour. nah he wasnt the one killing the youngsters on the team. maybe he was too selfish of a player but he was too skilled not to be. i do think hes way too old now to come back to do anything. he couldnt get us a cup or even past the 2nd round when he was 2-3 years younger. hes definitely not gonna want to come back for 3 mill or less. hes gonna want at least 5-6 and he’ll produce less. i agree he doesnt need to come back here, even though he wouldnt anyway. theres no room unless gabby is done for the year.and isnt the rule that u cannot play in teh playoffs if youre not signed before the trade deadline? if so then he would have to wait another 6-7 months to play. he thinks it will be easier on teh smaller ie surface but alls he is gonna get is checked and hit much harder than the khl. maybe the competition isnt good enough for him, but he would do well for a cup contender.

    blueshirt in paris- no way slats definitely knows were not going anywhere this season. but look at all the names being rumoured that didnt move. nobody wants to part with picks ormprospects anymore. unless its for dom moore. sather likely wanted a first for jokinen or prospal. who knows but the best trades were done before the deadline. we got rid of 2 losers and got back 1 semi decent loser.

  141. JJP- THN did this same break down in a lot more depth in their draft issue last year. Might be online.

  142. Everybody enjoying the Flyers not getting a goalie including ME. But to earlier points the better team and worse goalie has a better shot at winning. Example I like Philadelphia chances waaaay more than ours this year and probably years to come. Sad

  143. alan- are you a new poster or reader or just dont post much? i havent seen you around here. not saying your not entitled to your opinion, but we seem to get people who use names like chito, one time posters who like to just complain about the blog. we never see these people ever, until either they change their name, or are just readers and never post, until they come out of nowhere to tell carp that they are leaving and do not like the blog. its almost like its the same person everytime. i dont care if you dont like what carp says or not, some things people just wont agree on. its life. but after awhile of getting these trolls here bashing the blog it gets annoying after awhile. they never have anything good to say, and “chito” is probably the same guy as the 200 other posters that say the exact same thing!! i never see any regular posters hre leave. its always somebody with a new name, but yet we have plenty of people hre that do not come here just to harp on every single word carp says. i personallywould rather have someone whos unbiased either way telling it like it is. thats what carp does and it may seem negative but its true. every other blog is teh same. if people dont like it, then go. but they always go just before they say som bs.

  144. fran

    A bit late with that tidbit.

    Apologies if this comes across as rude (I am up way too early!), but ingratitude at its finest.

    Roszival is coming out from his shell?????????????????????????????

    Maybe Redden is too, right??

    We are close to playing as a t-e-a-m????????????????????

    You mean we’re close to playing as a 10th place time, right?


  145. cr9- i thought that was laughable too, just took almost 2 full years for rozy to come out of his shell? he mutsve went back in cuz i dont see his turtlehead anyewhere. i mean, cmon, jgr had his faults but damn that was harsh. he certainly made us better when he was here. i didnt like his taking shifts or even games off and that i cannot defend, but i do think hes still a damn good player, just not for us. he would help the pens or hawks tremendously(tremendous). i also agree with whoever posted about the comploaining of our broadcasters sam n joe. after listening to the nbc retards, i’ll take sam n joe over those bums anyday. of all the things to complain about in rangerland, its certainly not the imperfectness of our (yes somewhat bias) announcing team.

  146. About Jagr, he said he knows he’s old and won’t be the guy he was before. He said he just wants to come back to the NHL to try to help a team win and knows that at his age, it means he’ll have to take a secondary role. He said he wouldn’t rule out taking much less money to go to a place like Pittsburgh where he can play with Crosby or Malkin.

    Can you imagine Malkin and Jagr on the same line? With Malkin holding the puck all day, Jagr would have to do less work and with all his skills (even though he’s older), he’d definitely net at least 25 goals.

  147. ohh my bad, cr9- u got it wrong. fran said “out from under his spell”. not his shell. cmon you flaming heterosexual!! get it right!! and dont think im on your side with this whole argument. fran made some good points too! noo jaromir!! lol:)

  148. Grabby

    lol. Jaromir was tremendously tremendous.

    They should name a currency after him, instead of the Euro, the Jaro.

    I’ll defend him for taking shifts off and not hustling all the time. With the penalties (noncalled) committed against him all game, any superstar would be tired.

    I also agree with the commentators. Every time I hear that waffleboarder, sashayer Emrick and that sick scumbag Boston Pierre Maguire, I always think how much better Joe and Sam are.

    Although the repetitiveness of Joe and Sam for certain players on other teams, like D’Agostini. Thankfully Jeff or Matt, whatever his name is D’Agostini got traded, so I wont have to hear his name as often!

  149. spell, shell, same thing.

    Roszi is not coming out from any spell. He is a bum defensively and a hack offensively.

  150. cheeto.

    ha ha. funniest thing/name i’ve heard in a while. thanks! “cheeto” lmfao.

  151. Didn’t Jagr say he’d consider going to Edmonton because they reached out to him first last year? And I’ve also heard him say he’d consider going back to the Pens to “complete the circle”.

  152. Did anyone notice that Higgins was -3 last night for Calgary? He has zero points in 7 games. So much for a fresh start. Prust has 2 assists for crying out load. In fact, Prust has more points than both Higgins and Kotalik combined so far. Ya gotta give Sather props for that deal. That’s not even taking into consideration Jokinen with the barbershop quartet ‘stache.

  153. Tank The Season on

    The offseason targets are one of these:

    Kaberle (no more NTC)
    Bobby Ryan (offer sheet)
    Marleau (UFA watch Sather give him 5 yrs $40M)
    Anton Volchenkov (UFA but I could see that one turning out badly)
    Ryan Whitney

    Draft day will be interesting. There is NOT a UFA crop this offseason like there was on 7-1-09.

  154. I will say it again. The Rangers will be a mediocre team until the contracts of Drury, Redden and Rosival’s are up and there gone. Than again it probably won’t matter because Sather will screw it up again by giving ridiculous contracts out again to more mediocre players.

  155. NYRanger4Life on

    no shot Jag’s comes back to NY unless Slats is gone.
    Slats disrespected him (along with Shanny) prior to his departure 2 yrs ago big time from what I remember.

    I also cant see Jagr being the type of player Torts would embrace

  156. Looking at the Standings … Honestly, I think Philly, Atlanta, and Montreal can be in trouble of not making the playoffs.

    A 6th or 7th Seed is not entirely out of the question for us

  157. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    “They are going nowhere. They have just as good a chance as anybody to make the playoffs, as if that matters.”

    WHOOOOOOHOOOOOWZERS!!! Yo Carp , you were looking fer some fights tonight!!! I bet ya had yer ol shoe shine box out right befer ya entered the article today. I of course disagree because when the Rangers make the playoffs…My heart feels goooood!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH the feeling of being in the playoffs feels AWSOME!!!!!!! I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!I’d pois…I mean I’d take out Crosby right before the gold medal game just to smell playoff hockey for us. I love you guys but alotta ya are wayyyyy to biter. Messier over shoney is the best move Olga ,dont be sooo bitter. ( spelt it both ways so Im right on one).

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  158. I’m going to miss the start tonight, which totally bums me out because I’d love to hear the greeting the crowd gives liverlips.

  159. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Making the playoffs = PRIDE!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Fran ‘s take on Jagr is stuiped Mike. He is oviously a hater on Jagr cuz when he was here he dominated.

  160. tomg

    Then, essentially, we could possibly be better than mediocre starting next season. All it takes is for Sather to man up and admit a mistake(s) and dump Redden and Roszi to the minors. That takes their cap hit away and we have some money to spend (and since Sather is a goof, I’d prefer we do not spend it all until he is FIRED)

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