It’s re-start time!


This promises to be one of the worst, most anti-climactic games of the season, the return from the Olympics by Olympians who haven’t seen their teammates in 15 days.

As you know by now, Gaborik is out with whatever leg issue he suffered in Vancouver and Del Zotto’s out after that nasty laceration he suffered before the break. Voros and Lisin are both on waivers, but Lisin will have to play tonight. Voros is prucha’d, perhaps for the last time. Corey Potter is back up, and will play for Del Zotto.  Lundqvist starts in goal.

And just another reminder that the trade deadline is now less than a day away. So something could go down at any moment. I’m going to do my best to keep up from the basketball triple-header. Then catch Rangers in 60. Then hang with you guys for our marathon tomorrow.

So put your shine boxes down.

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  1. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Gonna need quite a few boxes it seems. I see a troll fest coming.

  2. So, is Thursday’s game on Versus and MSG ? Or will MSG be blacked outside of the NY area ?
    This is not a good time to be messing with me. I’m starting to lose it.
    Hey baseball guy, you ever watch a hockey game ?

  3. Carp, it looks like we may actually benefit from having our shine boxes handy for next day or so..

  4. Saturday is MSG+, Sunday MSG and then Wed vs Devils and Fri vs ATL are both MSG2 (OUCH)

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers!!!!!!!! Big GAME CARP! This promises to be an AWSOME game. Mark my words my fellow boneheadians. This game is gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!!

    WERE FINALLY GONNA SEE SOME FIGHTING!!!!!!!! Wohoooooooooooo!!!!! …um yeah where’s Linda?

  6. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wohhoooooooooooo !!!!!!! Rangers will be punding head tonight!!!!

    NEED 2pts tonight at all costs.

  7. Usually when a game is on Versus it’s not on MSG. Maybe Versus just added the game after the big turnout from the Olympics & does not have the exclusive – I hope !

  8. Eklund says Flames talking to the Rangers (again??) but…

    1) It’s Eklund
    2) Everyone talks to everyone all the time

  9. czechthemout!!! on

    Gaborik not playing tonight really pisses me off. I watched this guy play his ass off inte third period for a damn bronz medal and now he comes back and is supposedly unable to play. As a NYR fan I am really disapointed in him. I bet if tonight was another bronze medal game for Slovokia he would be in the lineup. This is what happens when you try to bring in mercinaries from other teams instead of developing your own players. But then again, Mr. Sather can’t draft anyone to save his life. This man missed on 20- 25 first round picks from the mid 80’s until he came here and missed on just about all of his first round picks here as well. Staal is a nice player but far far from a difference maker. Only in the last two drafts with Gord Clark in charge have we been able to do anything.

    SELL SELL SELL AND FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. rumor monger on

    it looks like Versteeg and Byfuglien are scratched tonight. big trade imminent??

  11. Not right not having Linda here :( I’m gonna e-mail her and make sure all’s good. Maybe she’s with fleshy people.

  12. good evening and welcome back to the rest of the season ladies and gentlemen! Torts looked somewhat relaxed in that interview with Sam, I wonder how long THAT will last! (probably 4 minutes!!)

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  13. czechthemout!!! on

    Not trying to be negative but I would not at all be surprised if we lost the next 5 games. This team needs to sell. The crap that is being traded(D.Moore,Sutton,Etc..) for second round picks is just mind blowing. We can easily pick up first round picks and or young assets for guys like Joikinen, Prospal and Girardi.

  14. Well, heads, I’m going to leave you and spend some time with fleshy people too. It’s only 5:30 in Montana, I’ll watch the game later on Slingbox. Don’t even think about spoiling it for me. LGR!!! Later.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's GO TIME!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers Gametime is…..NOW!!!!!!!!

    Great to see ya back Linda!!!!

  16. hey thanks guys! and yes tony, i see you’ve been shineboxing people today my friend!

  17. Linda, you’re obviously the queen here! Carp’s right, don’t do that! I was about to call the Alabama state police!

  18. Did all of ya get your beninati fix last night? OMG, i heard him for about 2 minutes and had to turn it off!!

  19. Tony is the keeper of the shine box!!

    Happy Birthday Hank, 2-0 on his bday so that could be a good omen!!

  20. Laulering….What’s the score? :)
    Fleshy poeople talking to their mother. In Spanish. It might take a while…

    Linda, Tony hasn’t been sineboxing “people”….

  21. Let’s hope they keep playing like they did the last 2 before the break…hahahahahahhahahahahah

  22. someone posted on my facebook that one of the guys last night said Datsyuk was ” dangalicious”!! Holy carp, for a guy to say that about another guy… wrong on many levels!!

  23. Olga Folkyerself on



    Leave Gaborik be. You can’t compare playing in the Olympics for your country to playing with Sather’s slugs on a non-playoff team.

  24. Ok shine box nation, simmah down there!!! :-) ilb, you and i are in the carping contest, you just want to monopolize everything doncha ;-)

  25. OLGA!!! i sent out a FIRE SATHER to you on Sunday, which you probably did not see!

    dont forget kids, the rally is sunday, if you’re going, take lots of pics!!

  26. Linda, I’m on vacation and still being carped lol. Now, I’m out a here. Later. Shelley- Neil?

  27. JB, the band WASP has a song called ON YOUR KNEES, i think we should dedicate it to Girardi

  28. And….it’s so good to know nothing has changed after 2 weeks!! 3+ minutes!! Here we go!

  29. yes it is… glad i never upgraded!! i might go back to NHL game center next season, i just need to talk to someone who has it this season.

  30. i find it funny that the people who say we shouldn’t sell cite the fact they they suffered through the late 90s and pre-lockout period. Well, we have the same exact sort of team right now (actually maybe with less talent) and in those years Smith/Sather went for it each season except for one time. There isn’t anyone we could bring here in the next 24 hours that would make us a real contender. How does playing in one round of the playoffs make you happy?

    I would trade Jokinen and Prospal in a heartbeat. Jokinen isn’t worth resigning and we probably can’t afford Prospal next year as he won’t be signing for $1M. Not to mention the fact that he has slowed down significantly as the season has gone on.

  31. Sam is wondering what kind of response the Rangers will have after their heart and soul player got decked, gee I wonder.

  32. i had a lot of trouble with it last season pavel. there was about 15 nights where NONE of the games worked. I will attest the streaming problems to the fact that my computer blew up and i watched half the season on a laptop from the 1400’s

  33. So I guess we’re going to have to endure this same Olympic commercial over and over again for the next 20 games?

  34. agreed Pavel and Orr!! thats why him and prust are here, is it not? If nothing is done, we might as well just have Puddin back on the ice.

  35. THe Center Ice on TV tonight is no better. THe sound is awful. The announcers are a low mumble in the background. You hear everything on the ice but the sound is going up and down. And they say this is a free preview. If I was only checking it out, based on this, I wouldn’t buy! Terrible!

  36. its frustrating that i have comcast, and with that, 4 channels that have sister channels that show the same 5 movies over and over and over again, but yet i cannot get a hockey package down here. Freakin ridiculous! 100 stupid music channels, but I cant get hockey! argh

  37. Not a terrible period, some pressure both ways. Rangers just don’t have a pure finisher in the line up without Gaborik.

  38. That really stinks Linda. You would think Comcast would at least offer it since they own a couple of sports teams. Makes no sense. Don’t they just flip and switch?? I hate comcast too. I dropped them about 10 years ago and switched to Direct TV and this year got FIOS. I had so much trouble with Comcast!

  39. Fozzy, i CAN have 14 college sports channels though! Unfortunately, we can’t have directv or dish network because our complex does not allow them on the buildings. grrrr

  40. CR9 JJ68 WR10 on


    If I ever learn how to stream anything online, I’ll stream Rangers games for you :)

  41. Hawks need a goalie bad. they blew a lead by giving up a few softies, both Niemi and Huet look bad tonight vs Isles.

    they should go after Ellis or halak

  42. CR, you’re great! I appreciate you even thinking that!

    Fozzy, looks like Cally picked up some moves!!! hehehe

  43. I notices that Lin. I think he picked up some moves at the olympics. He’s lookin’ fine!!

  44. >>Maybe we should trade for some more Ryans tomorrow!!

    As long as the last name is Getzlaf, I’m in.

  45. >>Rangers trade Bobby Sanguinetti to the Blues for Keith Tkachuk per McKenzie’s twitter.

    Very [un]funny, ORR! Nice try!

  46. The Cryers are so unlucky with goalies; why don’t they just play with six skaters and an empty net?

  47. Emery out for the season in Philly, explains the chirping on twitter about the Flyers taking a look at Roloson over on the Island

  48. Jbytes- isn’t that basically what they did those seasons that they had Checkmanek?

  49. conspiracy theory on

    March 2nd, 2010 at 8:35 pm
    The Cryers are so unlucky with goalies; why don’t they just play with six skaters and an empty net

    wouldn’t that be cheating according to mr baseball4 6 8

  50. And by the way, would you Boneheads stop writing “Poni” already? It’s giving me terrible flashback of a certain “Poti”.

  51. Does any one have gamecenter or know if there are any games blacked out or if all nyr games are available?

  52. >>isn’t that basically what they did those seasons that they had Checkmanek?

    You are TERRIBLE, theory!

  53. TheMessiah94 on

    How the hell are the Femguins getting Ponikarovsky for a draft pick?? How do the rich get richer, and our brain-dead GM is still around!??!

  54. Never thought I’d say this, but does anyone but me miss Olympic hockey, and Olympic hockey on TV (edzo et al not included).

    I gotta be offline til tomorrow. TA!

  55. that guy looks like he needs a drool cup attached at his chin. oh please stop spooging all over him sam and joe.

  56. LMAO @ ORR and Mess!!! wow talk about mind meld!!

    and i dont know about you guys but when I’m watching “New York Rangers Hockey” i dont want to here diddlyspit about that guy

  57. aww I walked away for 3 minutes and missed a goal….but I saw that one!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!

  58. a couple goals here kiddies :) Callahan playing with some serious confidence right now.

  59. sally, just for you he’s going to change his name to

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVERY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY CARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. who else do we need to ask if they are still on team for them to score? hmmm

    Gilroy, is he still on the team? ;-)

  61. Yeah you watch Lisin use his speed and protect the puck like that and make a great pass and you wonder why he can’t do that all the time. He probably just wrote his ticket out of town with that play.

  62. Is Wicky around? Two of his favourite crease-clearing D-men, Volchenkov and Carkner are getting lit up tonight.

  63. TSNBobMcKenzie Sources tell TSN deal in place for Ponikarovsky to Pittsburgh for prospect Luca Caputi but Pitt has to move contract for cap reasons first.

  64. This is why you have Shelley and Prust, I bet we see lots of Neil, Ruutu and Carkner.

  65. Carp, when you find the time in your busy schedule could you maybe relay the message to John Giannone that no one laughs at his “colorful” jokes?

  66. Giannone should talk. he fell right on his head when he was just skating out for intros at a game. we’ve all seen it. he was woozy, and still is

  67. Jbytes- I think the realization that he was traded for the likes of Tom Poti was just too much for him to overcome. lol he was never the same once he left NY.

  68. he got hit with the puck by his upper lip, creepynone told him he was still pretty… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

  69. ps -York’s playing for the Rochester Americans atm. Hasn’t seen NHL play since he played a single game for Columbus last season

  70. I love it. Watching it on all they are doing is replaying all the Rangers goals without commentary over and over

  71. Really sucked about York, I have his jersey. Broke my heart when he got traded for Poti. He’s just a small guy who got really banged up. :(

  72. i was just going to type that Orr! the bastage! he’s a boil, he needs to be excised!

  73. lmao would that look on the stat sheet? GABORIK: OUT DTD (leaky butt).

  74. LOL Linda. you got me there. reminds me of this group I became a fan of on Facebook called “can this diaper get more fans then Sidney Crosby?”

  75. >>Drury Dumbass. WTF was that move?

    He was afraid he’d get tackled from behind and lose his mouth guard.

  76. TheMessiah94 on

    Only the Rangers could get a breakaway, have the guy circle back, and lose the puck 5 feet into the offensive zone. lol

  77. Friggin Lou Lam does it again. unreal. watch Penner find his A-game in NJ too.

  78. lol yes I am. Jbytes that circle back reminded me of the last season and a half Gretz was here and would pull that move constantly only to find that none of his team mates were in position to take a pass. It happened so often I thought I had died and gone to my own personal hell and that Dave Checketts was the Devil

  79. “Brian Boyle with a strong move to the net”…remember that call, you wont hear it again anytime soon.

  80. Olga Folkyerself on

    That wont stop you from getting a girlfriend though ;)

    And ORR is still Pullin’ The Baloney Pony to Megan Fox pictures…

  81. I wonder what the Sens are trying to do with Neil on the ice with so little time left?

  82. Here’s a nice story out of Pitt.

    PITTSBURGH — Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller received a standing ovation in Pittsburgh on Tuesday night for leading the United States to an Olympic silver medal — cheers louder than those given the Penguins’ own Sidney Crosby.

  83. Good win. Enver Lisin we hardly knew ye? Wade Redden or Michal Rozsival we wish to know ye no longer?

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    “it’s an unhealthy obsession.” What is, Tickling your Elmo a hundred times a day?

  85. Nice win! So now…how many points over the next 4 games is considered a success?

    vs Pitt, at Wash, vs Buff, at NJ

    I say 5 out of 8 and I’ll be happy

  86. Oh please, I’m tired of hearing about “silver medalist” already. When did we start celebrating second best?

  87. I’m sure if you guys got a silver medal in the Olympics you wouldn’t be putting it on ebay and you would never let it out of your sight

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers win , Rangers win, Rangers win!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , That silver is GOLDEN buddy!!! If I were any member of team USA , i’d cherrish it…ya never know when you’ll ever get another. Just ask Hank.

  89. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers win , Rangers win, Rangers win!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangers win!!!!!

  90. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I heard Ryan Miller is dating a hot actress.”

    That’s enough for you to start your hand to gland combat again.

  91. hey guys, have a good one. catch ya tomorrow for the final frenzy!!! GOD SAVE US FROM SATHER!!!

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Rangers win , Rangers win, Rangers win!!! " … says Greg L. on

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA!!!!!! wohoooooooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  93. No disrespect to the guys who played hard for that Silver, but I don’t think I need to hear about it in every sentence from those talking heads.

  94. Sather's WrapUp on

    Welcome back all you Ranger Fans! The Olympics are over, and after seeing all that Canadian Gold, I think I need to pick up some more of my fellow countrymen instead of all those losers the Rangers sent to Vancouver. Mess, see if we still have the rights to Lindros, I can be Lion For a Day again… Hmmm.

    You may have noticed I’ve been hibernating most of the winter, but I had the alarm set for March, so I’m raring to go, I just need a few more days to clear my head. Then watch for some of that Sather trade magic where I turn a bunch of cripples, castoffs and waiver pickups into the best eighth place team in the Eastern Conference!

    (singing) “I want money lots and lots of money… I wanna be Rich” Hang on a minute, that’s Dolan’s new ringtone, I better get this… Hey there big guy! Now hold on there, we ARE going to make the playoffs this year- don’t worry, you’ll get your two home games sandwiched in around circus performances… By the way, I’ll be out that week, there’s something about elephant dung that reminds me of Muckler. Did the Knicks win last night? (click)
    Torts says we won’t have any more of those unfortunate skate lacerations on the team, like what happened to Gaborik and Del Zotto. He went and sold the skate sharpening equipment. With the ice at the Garden being what it is, I doubt that anyone will see a difference. Maybe next year, we can sell the Zamboni.

    I heard a story the other day, that there were these two Ranger Fans up in Canada that started out for New York to ask me to send Redden down to the Wolfpack. Well, they only managed to get to Buffalo, because that’s where the end of the line was…

    I looouve playing Ottawa,
    Uncle Glennie

  95. NYRGuy

    No seriously, i would sell it on Ebay.

    Medals shouldn’t be handed out for the team that loses. That’s my opinion.

    It would be better if they had a Gold medal game, a Silver Medal game, and a Bronze medal game. But, that would mean an extra 4 games or more.

  96. Olga Folkyerself on

    “No seriously, i would sell it on Ebay.”

    What do you think, Drury needs the money? HAHAHAHAHA

    I know you would sell it for money, because you probably
    don’t have any…

  97. Olga, that’s 3 times in one hour, a new personal record for you to be proud of, since you don’t have much to get excited about.

    *But*, that doesn’t mean ill actually have some “self fun” just for your sake. I hope we don’t meet, because I’m sure you’ll be uncomfortably close to me the entire time. Creepy!

  98. Arite I’m out of here for the night…I’m dreading tomorrow, I am really nervous actually. Hope my feeling is wrong! CYA

  99. So the Pens so far have traded away a 2nd round pick plus their 2nd-3rd best prospect.

    Every year they trade a ton of picks and prospects – cant wait til that bites them in the Arse !!!!

    Anybody know what the total count of players and picks lost by the Pens since the Hossa deal 3 years ago ???

  100. Actually, i have $400, so looks like you’re 0-2 tonight. Aww, poor baby.

    I’m sure Dreary would sell it on Ebay, just so he can place a bid on the item with 7.7 secs left to boost up the price, in all of his clutchness.

    Just goes to show how much you know.

  101. I love the Yahoo nhl headline

    “Pens fans cheer Miller more than Crosby”

    haha. way to go Pens fans

  102. JBytes
    March 2nd, 2010 at 8:43 pm
    >>isn’t that basically what they did those seasons that they had Checkmanek?

    You are TERRIBLE, theory!

    in my gm mode on nhl 10 i drafted a guy anmed jaromir chechmanek. its so funy they blend different hockey players names to come up with rookies. i got jaromir chechmanek from canada, then i got joe pronger from latvia. lol its effin retarded

  103. Yeah, it’s a hell of a lot for someone who is unemployed, I’m glad you stopped starring at Mary Kate and Ashley in those Full House reruns and were able to realize that.

    What can i say, mixing baby powder with dog dandruff has fooled Dredden these last 2 years. He’s keeping me in bizz!

  104. Olga Folkyerself on

    $400. Now I know why you play with yourself so much. You can’t afford any toys.

  105. im out. hopefully we dont trade any good picks or prospects thats all i can hope for. hey tank, i would guess lisin ec,prospal,olli, and the 2 rr’s are bait.

  106. i also wouldnt be surprised if slatys actually did just a few minor trades. idk what is out there that would make us that much better without giving away some good players. k goodnight all. great game without gabby!!

  107. I hope Lisin is still here tomorrow. He played a good game tonight.

    I agree Mike, something minor. I’m fine with bringing in one vet like a Stillman or Kozlov if they’re gonna only dump a player or prospect they have no interest in keeping (Byers, Sauer who is injured and done for the year) along with one junk player too.

    In a perfect world they’d get maximum picks for Olli and Prospal but that’s not gonna happen.

    Potter played great tonight. Keep him up as the 7th D already.

  108. Where's Pavelich? on

    what the heck was carkner doing in front of the net at the end of the game down 4-1? nice game tonite. I did see shelly “talk” to the right people throughout..

    how much better is Cally than Drury? JEEZ!

  109. Noooo, i don’t want to go to college. I’m patiently waiting for my uncle to get me into something a little more permanent. So, I’m hanging around until then. I haven’t been playing NHL lately, so you might have a shot at beating me. We’ll have to set something up.

    Olga, your sexual obsession with me is disturbing. If you want to get into this, you need some new material, unless trying to make me feel uncomfortable is what your going for. You’re like another Richard Ramirez waiting to happen. Sickoooo!

  110. Carp …

    Just heard a crazy rumor that Boston is so desperate to unload Ryder that they are thinking about trading him for Redden to reunite him with Chara

    Any Truth???

  111. will be in NY april 7th and want to go to the ranger leafs game, need 3 tickets. anyone want to sell 3 tix? fill me in if anyone has some tix and the price you want for them.


  112. Haha, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. What GM actually thinks pairing Chara, and Dredden together again will fix his broken game.

    I probably wouldn’t even be able to get that trade done in NHL10.

    Id take Ryder in a heart beat if they took Dredden. That would be amazing.

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