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Rangers at Ottawa tonight is interesting. But it ain’t the entree. The main course is the trade deadline, which means the rest of tonight and all day until 3 p.m. tomorrow.

And we all know what to expect: The Rangers making a last-ditch effort to make the playoffs, thinking they might be able to get in and (gasp) win a round. Or in their minds, they could even be thinking “get in and you never know.”

And that’s the thinking which will result in a repeat of last year’s deadline, a wheel-spinning, franchise-freezing, going-nowhere series of moves by the deadline. You know the exercise: Trade guys you won’t sign in the summer for somebody else’s guys you won’t sign in the summer. (See: Nik Antropov and Derek Morris).

That’s OK, until you start throwing in draft picks into the mix. If any trades are made, the draft picks need to be coming this way. Or prospects coming this way. Not the other way around. Because then, instead of spinning your wheels, you are sinking deeper.

If anybody thinks this team is close … wow. But the fear is, the people who make the decisions may not think they’re far away, either.

Me? I would be looking to deal Olli Jokinen and Vinny Prospal, guys who probably won’t be coming back, or if they do, it will be more expensive than it is this year to keep them. And it goes without saying, if one of the two toxic contracts on defense (you know the names and the numbers — 6 and 33) can be moved, then by all means, those would be additions by subtraction. Good luck with that.

I would be looking to jettison this season in order to get younger players and picks, even if it costs me the two home games in the playoffs.

But I’m not making the decisions. And while I am confident most of you agree with that strategy, I think a lot of you will change your minds tomorrow when the Rangers are mildly better than they are today for the short term (again, See: Nik Antropov and Derek Morris). You will be excited by the prospect of having a better chance to make the playoffs.

Likewise, this is the part I don’t get. A lot of those who think they should be selling will be angry and annoyed and blaming the coach and the remaining players if they sell and miss the playoffs. I don’t get that at all, but I know it’s true.


Larry Brooks is reporting that Voros and Lisin are on waivers. Which is probably a pre-trade deadline move in case the Rangers need to add players/salary today or tomorrow. Those guys were two more quality acquisitions, weren’t they?

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  1. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Aww Come on Carp , If we make it in…who know what will happen?

  2. voros and lisin being waived means the cap hit wount come off till they clear tomorrow (or get claimed in the meantime) correct?
    if so i dont expect anything too crazy till noon-3pm tomorrow.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp , NO ONE …I mean NO ONE gave the USA team a realistic shot at winning the gold. If I had asked you whats your take on if USA will get gold. You would have never said they would have made it to the gold medal game cuz you know as I do…thier talent is weaker than at least 3 other teams. You know if they wanted OUR Drury then things HAVE to be pritty bad over there. In fact USA almost won gold and I bet you never knew it was comming. Rangers are making the playoffs and will ride Hank to the finals where we take out Chicago in 5 . YAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ahhh thats sounds good.

  4. I love how hockey trade deadline day is the most exciting of any of the 4 main sports. Baseball’s is kinda exciting, basketball’s is blah and the NFL’s is a joke.

    Viva la deadline day?!

  5. Jay Riemenschneider on

    Oh god, please can we just sell some of this crap Carp?!? It would bring me great joy to see this team lose 18 of 20 going out and get a chance at a high draft pick. But then again… I’m sure whoever we draft will look incredibly promising at first yet never put up anything beyond marginal numbers. Then they’ll be traded away for a slightly better veteran on the basis of needing a that “presence” for yet another playoff push.

  6. NOT Prospal!! He’s proven he can play in NY (not everyone can) and he’s a veteran presences with good leadership qualities. Hell, he’s wearing an “A” for a reason. Keep Crazy Vinny and his will and hard work!!

  7. Gotta agree with you guys. It gets frustrating reading the bi-polar postings on this site & others, not just re the Rangers but re the other NY teams I follow. Classic case of wanting to have your cake & eat it. The intoxicating effect of the possibility of a “miracle run to the Cup” every year can easily blind one to the reality that your favorite team is perpetually on a treadmill, running, running, but not going anywhere, and needs to get off.

  8. So, let’s play the line game..


    Shelly in for Voros? For Lisin? You’d think they’d want Shelley in to take care of Neil, but who really knows.

    D pairing would be what they were in the game before the break:


  9. P.S players put on waivers have to be claimed or reassigned to the minors for their cap #’s to come off. They can clear waivers & stay with the Rangers, in which case their #’s would still apply.

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Toney , if this was game 7 of the playoffs , im sure he would be playing.

    Sellers VS buyers…which one are we?


    We are 2 pts out of a playoff spot and another 2 more points and we will have 6th place!!! Sellers!!!??? Thats crazy talk!!! YOU DONT SELL if yer on the verge of making the playoffs. Thats just stuiped and its giving up. We have Hank so we have a shot. If we unload and tank then Hank better be a part of it cuz if ya tank it with the playoffs in our grasp…than why did we keep Hank in the first place?
    OIler have no goalie and are outta the playoffs..thats a team who has/ should tank. DONT EVER GET US CONFUSED WITH THAT JUNK.

  11. You never bat 100% with all your trades. But Sather is good at trading. Ditto with you reporting Carp. Great job!

  12. longtimerangersfan on

    Tony from AZ
    March 2nd, 2010 at 12:26 pm
    Gabby not playing is Bull###. If he could play in the medal game he should be playing for the Rangers.

    I don’t think he played at all in the 3rd period.

  13. To win a medal is a once in a life time opportunity – yes he probably tweaked something. We don’t know what it is. But would you rather him sit out a game or two to rest & get healthy than risk further injury?

  14. ZzZz, I would have given the US a much, much, much greater shot of winning gold than I’d give the Rangers a shot of winning two rounds of playoffs. Not even close.

  15. Gaborik was out there double shifting at the end of the bronze medal game….


    You gotta believe right! two points out of 6th! all we have to do is beat ovie and washington in 7 then the devils and kovalchuk in 5 then the penguins and sid the kid in 5 and finally boyle the slewfooter and sanjose in 6!

    lmfao, wake up seth the sweet dreams are over!

  16. longtimerangersfan – he missed the 3rd period against Canada but played the whole game in the bronze medal game.
    I understand the playing for your country thing. But who’s paying you 5.5 million a year ?

  17. Tony,

    So Gabby plays tonight. And gets injured worse. That’s a victory for the Rangers?

    And, Carp, what happened to the “Gaborik played in the medal game, he’s fine” theory?

  18. Re Lisin, like Fritsche, I blame the coaches, and the roster glut. Lisin had 13 NHL goals in 48 games last year, Fritsche had 22 goals/49 points the 2 NHL seasons prior to joining NYR.

  19. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Come on guys!!!! Show that American passion I saw during the Olympics. If the Rangers can play hard like team USA did….then we have a real shot. Russia has arguble the best talent in the NHL ,look where it got ’em. If we tank now then we are giving up on our season,our system(coach),our goalie and most of all…our fans ( us).

  20. This league needs to do something — and no, I don’t know what — about the conflict of interest of making the playoffs for one round economic bonus and long-term franchise planning. If the Rangers weren’t going to experience an economic “windfall” from two home playoff games the “management” might actually give a crap about doing what’s right for the team’s future, instead of trying to just succeed enough every year.

  21. We are going to be fine tonight and the rest of the guys and gals, we have E Christ on our team.

    He he he he, ha ha ha ha, LOL, HA HA HA, HE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA HA HA. Ok, enough.

  22. Chris F. – I’m not saying he should play if he’s hurt. I am saying if he was hurt he should not have played in the last Olympic game for the same reason. Risk further injury before the season starts again makes no sense to me.

  23. Pride for one’s country and helping to put them on map was why Gabby played in the medal game. I’d rather he sit this one out, get more healthy and then come back on Thursday ready and raring to go down the stretch.

  24. There is no way we sell when we are 1 point out of a playoff spot. Anyone who wishes the Rangers to purposely sell off the team and miss the playoffs wasnt a fan pre-lockout when we missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons

    I’m sorry, but I’ve seen enough non-Ranger playoff hockey in my lifetime. As long as the Rangers dont trade any prospects or high draft picks (which they really havent since the lockout), i’m completely fine with the moves they make.

    This roster doent work with some of the current players on it. Obviously that includes the under achievers (R & R and Drury) but also includes Girardi, Gilroy and Dubinsky.

    Callahan, Staal, AA, MDZ, and Hank are the only homegrown talent on the roster worth keeping

  25. now you see the Gaborik that we have seen in Minnesota for years. he is a talented player, but also a goldbricker who jakes it when the going gets important. he sits out with the flimsiest of boo boos while pocketing $7 million bucks. if the Rangers put on slovakian jerseys tonight he would be out there, but for an NHL team in a playoff race, well forget it. Maid Marian can’t play. he is nursing a boo boo from cashing his check, not throwing one.

  26. Tank The Season on

    Sell, tank and plan for July 1 2013 when Crosby and Malkin become UFA’s.

    In b4 “Ice Knicks” comments.

  27. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Again…Come on Carp USA chances were slim very very slim. They over came not having any superstar except for maybe the midget Parise( no offence to all the little people out there , I love all of you…well not the one who are bad ,but ya know what I mean) A goalie Mr Carp , a goalie bailed ’em out…almost. Chris Drury and Callahan’s PK was WORLD CLASS. If you compare OUR Rangers to the USA mens team ,yeah there is no serious comparason but if you look at the recipe to almost winning gold…we have some of those ingredience.

    #1 Hank ( Ryan Miller , both never won a cup so I say Hank wins)

    #2 Torts as coach . He was there on the USA bench. He is no Babcock but come on …Im sure Torts can hold his own againt some guy from Saskatoon?

    #3 Chris Drury and Callahan ( same guys )

    #4 Gaborik ( Parise for USA. Gaborik is more deadly and I’d say him over Parise,thats just me)

    #5 Our Rangers Jersey. ( USA played for thier country and thier jersey …If IM wearing a Rangers jersey …Id feel like super man and and would bleed any amount just to sip outta lord Stanleys mug ( but thats just me)

  28. tony you're not on

    tony you’re not paying gaboriks salary either unless you are constantly flying in from az to see the games.

    olympics were much more important than rangers hockey THIS YEAR

  29. maid
    yea he suited up for the slovaks but he could barely skate, he was gliding around in the offensive zone before he left the game.
    so he was unable to represent his own country in the olympics and you think he’s bs’n about missing a rangers game?

    Im alright with him taking a night off to to prevent an even more serious groin injury before the strech run

  30. We should be sellers but we won’t. Anyway whatever is done it has to have a positive on the Cap for next year. If you some how can eliminate one of the 3 big ones with added spice do it. Comparing the US run in the games with every player being on a NHL roster to the Rangers making a serious run is either dillusional or idiotic-GREGGY

  31. what a laugh. if Drury was sitting out with the same flimsy excuse, posters would be all over him, ripping him, and rightfully so, but maid marian gets a free pass. that tells it all about those who support baby gabby even when he is shafting them and laughing at them

  32. I think Gaborik has a lot of integrity and he plays hard. People hating on him for sitting out are just letting their frustration get the best of them. Other than “day to day” we know absolutely nothing about this injury. Let’s trust the medical staff that it’s better to hold him out and have him healthy for the final 15 games as opposed to have him try and play and make this injury worse.

    Hopefully he can be back for the clash with Crybaby and the rest of Pittsburgh on Thursday. Either way, it’s time for EVERYONE to step up. I’m looking at our Olympians, in particular (ahem, Mr. Drury).

  33. somerset, so you’d rather keep Jokinen and Rozsival and maybe trade a second-rounder to make the playoffs than make moves to improve the team next year and in the future … if it might mean missing the playoffs?

    Tony, I’m with you. If Gaborik was hurt, he should not have played in the medal game. But I don’t think the opposite is true, that because he played in the medal game he should play tonight. If he’s hurt, he shouldn’t play.

  34. olympics easier on

    hey greg

    its a helluva lot easier winning 1 or 2 games in the olympics than 16 in the nhl playoffs especially if you compare the talent level of team usa with team rangers

  35. Who ever you are – YES I AM PAYING GABBY’S SALARY !
    If you don’t think fans pay for the salaries ask the Coyotes. When no fans showed up for games the team filed bankruptcy

  36. This team is utter crap, and the fan base is falling in line behind it. Get rid of Hank to the Caps so they can win the Cup, and get some real young top notch depth on D in exchange…like Carlson or Alzner.

  37. tony you're not on

    but you’re not. you live in arizona for Christ sakes. unless you’re telling me you fly in to new york all the time. otherwise this is all just postering by you

  38. you can pay players salaries without living in new york.

    i like in eastern canada and dont make it to any games
    but my center ice package revenue and rangers gear i buy has to count for something

  39. why bother adding anyone for a stretch run that Gaborik will not even participate in. get rid of vet contracts and go young and homegrown

  40. BTW who did the USA beat on this miracle run that we shouldn’t have? Answer Canada once and lost once in a great game. We did not play Russia the Czechs or Sweeden with are all NHL team. I’m not knocking them they beat who they should have beat soundly and I loved every min of it. but let’s not get carried away compared to our below playoff avg talent.

  41. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    ITs not the same as the last few years trade deadlines

    Honestly, this year I am interested, but jsut dont care all that much, and htis is coming from a Ranger fan since 1980

    Sather isnt goign to be able to Move Redden, he will onyl get rentals, and we’ll still be int he same cap hell next season

    And Carp only thing i DONT agree with you in your post is Prospal. He’s proven he can play in NYC, has heart EVERY night, and in My opinion is one of the only UFA we shoudl definitely resign.

    Jokinen? He’ll be too expensive, and Im not in love with how he plays either.

    Best move Sather can ever make is either retiring or dying

  42. tony you're not on

    Aaron – minimally yes. but far less than those going to games and buying food and beers

  43. Carp,

    I said besides Callahan, Staal, AA, MDZ, and Hank – there is no other roster players worth keeping.

    Do I think we should have a fire sale and miss the playoffs? .. NO

    If moving a few “on the cusp” players like Dubi, Girardi, and Gilroy can give us a push to make the playoffs then would i do it? .. yes

    Would I move anyone of the R & R’s and Drury’s on the team for a buck of pucks .. yes

    Honestly, trading Vinny makes NO SENSE to me. The guy has played really well and always has a ton of attitude when he plays. Plus, because of Tampa Bay’s buyout – i dont think he will be looking for a raise (he’s already getting 1-2 million to not play in Tampa for the next 4-5 years)

    If Olli takes a pay-cut (2.5 – 3.5 million next year), i’d resign him … if not then we have that money to spend elsewhere

  44. I’m in NY 6 times a year & I’ve been to many road games. Plus I spend my hard earned money on Center Ice. I never miss a game.
    And if you want to post , have the balls to use your name
    TONY I AM !

  45. I don’t agree with the “throw away the season” to try to gain extra second round picks. With Hank, and with hockey more than any other sport get in the tournament and see what happens. Now- if you can unload the contracts of Rosival or Redden, I’m all for that, but I don’t have any problem sending a low level prospect or mid pick for a piece that can help us. The future loss is minimal and you really never know once you get in the playoffs.

  46. Keep our picks – Keep our Prospects – Mostly everyone else on the Roster is expendable – Make moves with the Roster players we have to make the playoffs …. That’s my motto

  47. By the way, what’s going on with the Fantasy Hockey League??

    I’m running away with the lead here people

  48. The real solution to this is that everyone needs to stay home instead of buying Playoff tickets if they make it. a couple of years of doing that and then management will get the hint. The problem is that NOBODY is going to do that.

  49. We aint as close to the playoffs as you guys think. Games in hand,opponets about a 30% chance just to get in. I love Vin in NY as well but Carp is right if you can get him to go with a bad contract do it, he’s not a young gun, thanks for the year and move on. Somerset a bag of pucks aint going to do it for the big 3 you have to add something of value. Firesale would be assuming we have something to burn

  50. Guys – You sound like kids arguing over who is paying Gaborik. C’mon really? Dolan’s cable company pays the bills. Your money is going straight into his pockets and nowhere else.

  51. which home games did you go to and which road games this year. centr ice costs what $ 150 for the season so it seems to be $2 per game. so if you want to complain about not getting your $ 2 worth tonight i guess you have a point. i would hope you got more than that in value watching great hockey during the olympics.

    but that’s just me.

    not questioning whether an out of towner can be a great fan. for the record i think you are a great fan. just not paying nearly as much of gaboriks salary as you think or would be if you were going to all or most home games.

  52. 2003 Draft Debacle - Fire Sather on

    Carp, let’s say you were a GM and you knew your job was on the line, would you be selling for the future? Or buying for short term rewards?

  53. Carp….your negativity is annoying.

    You are a hack who should stick to basketball and stop wasting your time posting your useless negative blogs.

  54. I for one, enjoy the fact that Carp is honest with his opinions, unlike many sports journalists.

  55. Bobby Baun scored a game winning goal in the Stanley cup playoffs playing with a broken ankle. today’s players are such babies it is ridiculous.

  56. The only reasons you’d want the Rangers to be sellers or to miss the playoffs are:
    (A) there’s a “can’t-miss” No. 1 draft prospect this year i.e. Crosby and/or
    (B) you were condifent the team could rebuild in the short term future (2-3 yrs) to were it could legitimately compete for the cup. Anything beyond 3 yr window is a too uncertain.

    (A) not this year
    (B) not with the albatross contracts, the supporting talent that’s here now, a coach that will burn out himself and his welcome, and this management.

    Even with a pocket full of prospects and picks, do you think they’d get it right anyway? If so, could they do it before Gabby and Hank were spent? Will DZ, AA and Staal ever reach full potential?

    So why not rent? I, for one, want to see whatever playoff hockey we can get.

  57. CJ blind pie in the sky is annoying. Carp tells it like he sees it period. Wake up just because we like some of our players doesn’t make them as talented as other peoples players. I do believe you take pride in your team but the blindness by some NYR fans is what’s annoying. We have a massive lack of talent, 3rd n 4th line players everywhere and CAP screwed with the worst GM. How’s that for a bucket of cold water reality

  58. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    C.J , yeah I aint a fan of all the negativity either. Alotta people wanna “eat crow ” I see. Calling Carp a Hack make you a punk. Try being tastefull and state yer view in a way that you don’t look like a tool. Lay off Carp , he lays it out on the table .

    * hedberg February 28th, 2010 at 6:44 pm
    Carp watch the game, better than all the ranger games combinded for the rest of the yr. Skill out there NYR games not so much

    Headburger , Yo …If you think that game is better than all the Ranger games combined for the rest of the year then i’ll be glad not to see you AROUND HERE. Thinkin yer funny bashing our team is rediculas.Stop being an idiot.

  59. Wasn’t it Lidstrom who played in the finals and only missed two games with an injury to “one of his friends”

    That is toughness

  60. totally agree with Carp that they need to go young and homegrown. forget the quick temporary grasp-at-straws approach. that is a revolving, recurrring problem. get rid of vet contracts to Hartford if no other option is available. let Dolan pay for sather’s blunders

  61. Greggy who did the USA beat that we shouldn’t have? To say earlier that we had such a slim shot. USA all NHL no sweeden no czcehs no russians and now your saying it’s just as easy for the NYR to make a big run- round after round multi games. Nice agruement

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I hate our franchise. Why are we so cursed to have such poor management?

  63. Now I have to do as C.J. (and my boss) say and go to some basketball games (three, actually). I’ll check in later.

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I think you should add Girardi to the list of guys to be dealt. Also, if you can get a bag of pucks for Voros, Lisin, or Brashear, you take it and don’t look back.

  65. Ok ok, let’s everyone take a break from bashing fellow Rangers fans and direct our angst to our usual favorite target (excerpt from Fire & Ice):

    Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur said it shouldn’t take him any time to turn the page on his Olympic experience and get focused on his NHL season resuming Tuesday night against the San Jose Sharks.

    Brodeur’s Olympics ended—competitively at least—eight days ago with a 5-3 preliminary round loss to the U.S. After that, he lost the job as Canada’s No. 1 to Roberto Luongo and watched the team go on to capture the gold while he sat on the bench as Luongo’s backup.

    “It’s been over for a week for me, so I’m not in an Olympic mode, that’s for sure,” Brodeur said after practicing with the Devils this morning in San Jose. “I’m excited to get back. This is our family. This is what we do. (The Olympics) is a little getaway for two weeks to do something great and it was great. Now, it’s time to go to work and this is what we love to do.”

    That’s why Brodeur wanted to fly from Vancouver to San Jose with head coach Jacques Lemaire (an assistant for Team Canada) Sunday night after Canada’s 3-2 overtime win over the U.S. in the gold medal game. He didn’t have much time to practice at the Olympics with the hectic schedule and he hasn’t played in more than a week.

    Brodeur seemed to enjoy being part of Canada’s gold medal winning team, but admitted it did not have as much meaning to him as in 2002 when he was Canada’s main man in net in Salt Lake City and backstopped his country to its first Olympic gold in 50 years.

    “It’s hard,” he said. “When you don’t play, you don’t feel as much a part of the team. I really embraced it as much as I could because I think this was the right thing to do. But, again, when you participate in winning something it’s a lot different than when you are just the best fan of the hockey club that’s playing. You know, tapping guys on the butt as they go off the ice. Looking back at it, you go through these things in your career and you have to adjust, but the being part of a winning organization and winnings ways has always been rewarding. For me, I didn’t know how I was going to react. Going through it I was ready go come back, but I really got into it and it was fun to see some of these young guys doing well.

    For Lu (Luong), it was his first big game and he was able to come through. They set a big stage and (Sidney) Crosby scoring the (winning overtime) goal, being part of that, I’m going to look back and he’ll be probably one of the best hockey players and I was with him. For me, I’m a student of the game and I love the game and you have different ways of doing things. This time around, for sure it’s not as rewarding as when you play, but it is what it is.”


    I wonder if Tim Thomas or Jonathan Quick would have said something similar had the US won the gold. The sense of entitlement to this tubby SOB is astounding.

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, Sutton was for a second rounder!

    That’s gonna drive the Hamhuis price through the roof

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, Dude, I hate Brodeur as much as the next guy, but I thought those remarks were fine. Being a baby and not speaking to the media after getting yanked was lame, but I think what he has said is pretty proper.

  68. 2nd round picks for 4 players now…clearly, prospal and/or Jokinen could net first rounders.

  69. So does this mean that we’re gonna have to play one of the guys who is on waivers in tonight’s game (Voros or Lisin)? That would seem odd. Maybe we play one player short, but I doubt that.

  70. Don’t understand why Rangers would need to trade Prospal. Even if he gets paid more next year, he is the valuable player who can play wing or center with skill. Who is this magical player or pick who would be such a perfect trade for him? Keep the players who have skill and passion — trading for the sake of trading seems silly. If there is a way to get rid of albatross contracts like Redden’s, go for it, but that won’t be easy.

  71. haha — Loving the “shinebox” lines.


    Do they play the Pru-ca song in Phoenix???

  72. I’ll take back my previous stance … With all these GM’s throwing around 2nd rounders – If Olli or Prospal could fetch 1st rounders – i’d say trade

    Anything less then 1st rounders for those guys would be a loss in my book and should be kept for the playoff push

  73. I like Prospal as a player, too. But if you’re serious about getting prospects/picks/young players in a selling mode, he’s a guy who legitimately could bring back something good from a contender: He has no salary-cap hit and is a good solid experienced player/leader; one who might not be coming back here next year. I don’t know he will or won’t, but he’s going to want more than $1M, and maybe a lot more.

  74. call the next 24 hours “Sather’s shinebox follies”

    let the desperation moves begin while Ranger fans wince

  75. I have 3 seats to the NY Rangers v. Buffalo Sabers game on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Come see Ryan Miller, our silver medal goalie!

    These are my season seats and are almost center ice. The section is 205, row C. They are awesome.

    E-mail me for price. I will not break up the three tickets, and am only selling them as a package. Please note that face value of each tickets is $108. My price is reasonable.

    My email is

  76. They may have caught lightning (pun somewhat intended) in a bottle with Prospal. It’s uncanny that the guy alternates bad years with good years. He’s not young and if they do re-sign him next year and he stinks he’ll be 35+ and a sticky cap hit just like Brashear.

    That’s the biggest argument against trading Dubinsky. You trade him and you’re almost guaranteed to sign one if not both of Prospal and/or Jokinen because of the void at center (even if Dubi isn’t playing center right now that’s his natural position at the NHL level). Both will cost more than Dubi next season. And there’s limited risk in holding onto Dubi if he doesn’t take the next step in that he only has 1 more year on his deal. If he stinks next year let him walk as a FA.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    “Who is this magical player or pick who would be such a perfect trade for him? ”

    A first round pick. And possibly a prospect. Prospal is going to want a serious raise. I’d rather spend the money on keeping Staal.

  78. But if Dubi stinks next season, and then you let a player walk for free or practically free when most teams salivate over the kid right now… doesnt make sense to me

    Dubinsky isnt in the long-term plans with Grachev, AA, Stepan, and sad to say Drury over the next 2-3 years

  79. There is no reason that Vinny would want a Raise.

    I saw an interview where he specifically expressed how much he loves being a Ranger, gets to play with Gabby, and already receives a paycheck from Tampa Bay of 1.2 million for the next 6 seasons (including this season).

    He will make the same amount of money next season as this season 1.5 million TOPS … He may want a 2 year deal though for job security at his age and all, but thats pretty standard

  80. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    How I would like to reacquire Korpi for that one-dimensional “Zherdev Lite,” Lisin. A bad trade that was at the time, a worse trade that is, now. I miss Korpi and Prucha far more than their ability warrants, but they brought spirit and Ranger organizational pride to the mix, every time they suited-up for a game, here. Dawes too, could be a force on our PP, this year. And notice, they are all still young. Sather’s “old junk” shoppng sprees are so GD old and tired.

  81. Doodie Machetto on

    “There is no reason that Vinny would want a Raise”

    Um… how about because someone will pay it and because people always want more money? Are you kidding me?

    “Well, I already am getting 1.5 million from Tampa, so I couldn’t possibly need to collect any more money from you.”

    Are you on drugs?

  82. Is he a seller or a buyer?

    If he is selling, then he is doing the right thing for the future. We have a good nucleus of young kids and some overpaid underperforming vets. This would mean no playoffs likely and he would lose his job. But, the NEW YORK Rangers would be better.


    Does he trade away assets and lose some youth, gain some pricey vets, make the playoffs, get bounced in first round, and then we are worse off for next year BUT Glen Sather has a job

  83. Nigel Dawes hasn’t scored since before Christmas and hasn’t scored on the PP since right after Thanksgiving.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    “This would mean no playoffs likely and he would lose his job.”

    Are you kidding? Missing the playoffs for 4 years in a row didn’t lose him his job, what makes you think he’s going anywhere now?

    We’re stuck with Sather until Sather doesn’t want to do the job anymore.

  85. And Lisin and Korpikoski have played the same amount of games with Lisin’s points (6 G, 7A) totaling almost double Korpi’s (4G, 3A). Korpi is a -12 (to Lisin’s -1) on team with a +17 better goal differential.

  86. This will seriously tick me off. Dolans!!!!!

  87. Hockey Rodent Weeps over Prucha

    Joe Mich weeps over Del Zotta

    Sather weeps over his contracts to Redden and Rosi.

    Ranger fans weep to see youth sent away just to make the playoffs, be bounced in round one, but to have Sather save his job.

    Bottom line: we all weep. all but Sather. He chomps on a big cigar, barely makes the playoffs, and never finds his job in jeopardy.

    Does he have some form of tenure??

  88. I really couldn’t care about the Oscars. It’s Hollywood congratulating being indulgent and congratulating itself.

  89. Sather hasn’t exactly traded away can’t miss talent at the deadline in the salary cap era. This is mostly due to the fact that he hasn’t really drafted any can’t miss talent in the first place.

  90. What team is going to trade anything of value for Prospal, who it can certainly be argued is acccruing points based on who he is playing with. A third round pick or middling prospect isn’t worth it-

  91. Doodie,

    I think missing the playoffs back then he was able to say “be patient, I’m rebuilding” but Brooks is going to HOUND Dolan into canning Sather AND Torts.

    When Torts questioned Brooks’ manhood, Brooks thought that if he held his tongue (or pen) for a week, we wouldn’t think it was retribution. NO WAY was Brooks letting it go.

    We don’t make the playoffs, the papers will SCREAM for Sather’s job. Brooks has already raised the question a few times….

    Do you remember it was a sportswriter who rode tom terffic out of town?

    I do.

  92. Blueshirt,

    we should be sellers, looking to DUMP excess salary for draft picks, or in the case of redden, for practice pucks.

    No sense in giving up ANYTHING worthwhile just to squeak into the 8th spot.

    Sather should NOT be a buyer now.

    We have a solid nucleus of young players.

  93. I’m hoping Drury’s performance in the Olympics was enough to get a contender to take him off our hands.

    Next, Redden.

    Next, Rosival.

    I’d rather lose with hungry kids than have a first round KO with these three.

  94. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Remember, a year ago Sather was able to dump Kalinen. Hopefully he will dump one of the R&R midget hockey players the same way. Can you imagine waking up Thursday morning and BOTH of these two clowns are still here? That is a waking nightmare nobody who is serious about the Rangers present and future fortunes needs to deal with. How about Redden, Rozy and Sather to the Windsor Spitfires for a bag of pucks, some gauze, and some second-hand jock straps? What a steal, for us, that would be!

  95. CTBlueshirt
    March 2nd, 2010 at 2:28 pm
    I really couldn’t care about the Oscars. It’s Hollywood congratulating being indulgent and congratulating itself.

    How dare you say this about Cindy??

  96. Fly Line, I think the general thinking is that Prospal is of at least equal if not greater value than the likes of Andy Sutton and Dom Moore both of whom have been traded for 2nd rounders.

  97. Fly Line…Andy Sutton nets a second-round pick, but in your view, Prospal won’t get more than a 3rd rounder? Really?

  98. great another nasty crease clearing guy off the board, get with it slats!!!! Lisin can’t be gone fast enough from this team. Losing voros would be a mistake I think, even though he makes a milion. Prust and shelley probably made him expendable though! Prust is a must keep!

  99. somerset, There is NO guarantee on Grachev or Stepan being big time NHL players. AA I will give you that he’s looked better than fine at the NHL level. But to say right now that Grachev or Stepan will be better than Dubi is a tad far fetched. Dubi is a proven NHL player, albeit with a LOT of learning still left to do, while Stepan is still in college and Grachev is struggling in Hartford(from all accounts). Also, Dubi brings a more physical aspect to the game than either of them, I believe.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Dude, if you think Dolan gives a rat’s ass about Larry Brooks or anyone in the media, you’re sorely mistaken.

    “Do you remember it was a sportswriter who rode tom terffic out of town?”

    Actually, as I recall, most of the media was in Renney’s corner. It was Sather that canned Renney to cover his ass as to why the team wasn’t performing well.

    Remember Isiah Thomas? The entire media panned the guy for three years before he was finally fired, and it was only after a sexual harassment lawsuit that Dolan even thought twice about it!

  101. I do not undeerstand the desire to trade people for picks! We do not have the coach for younger players at this level at all, we need proven NHL talent here, not maybe prospects or draft picks!!!

  102. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Good points re Dawes and Prucha not having productive years, HOWEVER, they are still young and were Rangers system property, AND this dumping of kids for “rentals” (see Morris and Antropov) is extremely self-defeating and short-sighted policy. Yes, Lisin is just one year older than Korpi, BUT, Lisin is as one-dimension and shallow a “hockey player” as it gets, given the dearth of assists he logs. He is one of the most selfish players around. I for one would rather Sather acquire players with some grit, an all-around physical game, and a team-first orientation, if he is going to trade our young talent. Who would rather have Lisin than Korpi or this team, right now? Just step up and say it. I am embarrassed for you.

  103. Some delusional postings here. Of course the right thing to do is to be immediate sellers. Freeing up space and getting younger. But that’s if we had a GM that was actually breathing and awake. You trade PVaclav, Joke and Hank if you can get top picks. But alas we can’t do that. If any of you think this team is going anywhere this yr…well that’s why they have psychotropic drugs. And to trade Dubie…for what? To get older? Zsa Zsa already hurting and it
    s just a matter of time before he goes down for the season. That’s his history. SELL NOWWWWWWWWWWWW

  104. Fly Line:

    Exactly !! If you cant fetch a 1st rounder for either Vinny of Olli, its not worth the trade. Their contracts expire anyway and they’re far better then anything on the trade market currently, with the exception of maybe Poni

  105. Lisin and Korpi’s are both busts based on where they were drafted and their projected talent. I don’t think either player makes or breaks whether a team is any good. The trade was done to see if a change of scenery would work for either player.

    I’d be careful flinging insults toward other posters since you’re the one that thought pulling the goalie for an extra attacker was a gimmick play.

  106. in ’04 Sather was so hated he could not dare even show up at Ranger charity events. Dolan went on Mike & md show and said he WOULD NOT fire sather, no matter what the press said

    you are dreaming if you think that Brooks will bring down sather. he may move upstairs in a phony pretend move that would put a puppet like Messier in the GM job, but with sather still pulling the strings.

  107. LI RangerFan on

    Tonf from AZ – that’s priceless. LOL !!!!!

    It has been a very strange afternoon on the blog.

  108. Nice of Gaborik to play in that all important bronze medal game. I’m sure that helped.

  109. Baseball – First of all, Lisin has more assists than Korpedo does. Also, the difference between the two is so negligible it’s really not worth arguing over.

    I don’t know where you came from, but…

    Congratulations for making the “duhhh, lets trade [insert R&R twin/Cap’n Cluch here] for a bag of pucks” joke for the millionth time on Rangers Report!

    Thanks for being embarrassed for me. Might want to share some of that sentiment with yourself there big fella.

  110. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    ugh the speculation is burning my eyes. I will check back when something actually happens. Untill then, its just minutes and hours that i will never get back. ez pz lemon sqez

  111. flipppedturtle on

    Man it sucks to be a Rangers fan I hate that we have to suffer like this. I try to stay positive I really do… The sad part is we are better off with Sather making trades as it seems to be the lesser of the two evils since he has zero ability to draft good players. Even worse Dolan has no clue and will never have a clue I really hope a lot of you guys/gals attend the fire Sather rally maybe…just maybe it will get some attention. What a helpless feeling with these two jerks running the team we all love.

  112. 108 for all 3 combined? on

    isn’t it the sabres? i’ll offer 108 for the 3 tickets or 36 per

    March 2nd, 2010 at 2:06 pm
    I have 3 seats to the NY Rangers v. Buffalo Sabers game on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Come see Ryan Miller, our silver medal goalie!

    These are my season seats and are almost center ice. The section is 205, row C. They are awesome.

    E-mail me for price. I will not break up the three tickets, and am only selling them as a package. Please note that face value of each tickets is $108. My price is reasonable.

    My email is

  113. 108 for all 3 combined? on

    baseball 4 6 8

    still young? he is 27 1/2 not so young

    Prucha, Petr (L) PHX Sep 14, 1982 Chrudim, CZE

  114. Alright. I’m back. I’m not really over the USA loss, but this Buffalo Chicken Pizza is really getting my spirits up, until Slats ruins this team even more.

    Not looking forward to the game tonight, and not looking forward to the rest of the season.

    And i lost some respect for Gabby. We need him a lot more than his Country needed him for a god damn bronze medal which he/they failed to get.

    Not a great thing to do in your first year as a Ranger. The fact that he could play in that game, but cant play tonight, really rubs me the wrong way.

    This season is lost, and i wish Slats can look at it the way i am.

  115. If things are this crazy now around here, I can only imagine how insane it’ll be tomorrow.

    Sather needs to be put out to pasture, or better yet, declared senile by the medical staff and THEN put out to pasture.

  116. For those who have “lost respect” for Gaborik: Please tell us how you balanced the responsibility of playing for your country and your NHL team when you found yourself in that situation.

  117. I have 3 seats to the NY Rangers v. Buffalo Sabers game on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Come see Ryan Miller, our silver medal goalie! These are my season seats and are almost center ice. The section is 205, row C. They are awesome.

    E-mail me for price. I will not break up the three tickets, and am only selling them as a package. Please note that face value of each tickets is $108. My price is reasonable.
    My email is

  118. ADAM

    If i was hurt, and i had a choice between a stupid pointless pathetic bronze medal game for USA, or a playoff push, i would NOT think about the USA game for a second.

    This wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he was healthy, but he is hurt, and he did more damage to himself.

    Sickening. How can you not lose just a little respect for the guy after that. AND HE DIDN’T EVEN WIN !!

  119. I’m glad Gaborik is sitting out. Letting our superstar rest over playing small minutes and risking further injury when this team has a 30% chance of making the playoffs…

  120. right Orr. all you have to do is ask Minny fans, and they will point out all the times that Gaborik refused to play over many years. he is a prima donna who disappears when the going gets crucial. unless you hand him a slovakia jersey that is. which proves that he is able to play if he wanted to.

  121. Good piece on Blueshirt Banter today – about how we may have to lose an asset to sweeten a deal for one of the toxic contracts.

    For those who criticise Gaborik for playing in the bronze medal game – you must have no idea about national pride. The Olympics is the pinnacle of all sporting occasions, no money is at stake, they are out there representing their nation. The fact that the Slovaks made it to the semis is quite an achievement and that they beat the Russians and Swedes on the way and ran Canada very close too he should be a proud Slovak (once he gets over the disappointment of missing out on a medal)

  122. Trade Prospal? You’re crazy. Jokkinen?

    It’s so depressing being a Ranger fan right now. There is not only no hope this year, but next, and the one after.
    The game is built on youth, as we saw in the olympics. These older guys can’t survive the regular season, let alone 3 rounds of playoff hockey. Look at what Chicago did in the olympics!
    Give up Dolan. By the way, you suck more as a musician than anything else.

  123. No respect loss for Gaborik playing hurt in the Bronze medal game. Especially since Slovakia hasn’t won a medal in a team event ever. Stop being so selfish ORR.

  124. My oh My!

    It’s not often that I get to see guys yelling at each other in PRINT! Mucho emotion in these tirades and not all of it
    without reason. Some passion is misdirected, but let’s not all go over the end of the pier en masse.

    Actually from a purely sanguine position the ebst thing voerall would be to establish the eam for next season, rather than gunning for playoffs and missing the nboat ( again) on draft picks. I know, I know, it’s hard to follow a team all season and then see them crap out at the end
    of the schedule, but there are times when one has to bite the bullet (* man I’m running out of cliches).

    The better part of valor and all that stuff, but realistically, making the playoffs may soothe some wounded feelings, but is it the best Tactical position to take?

    Now how many of you folks expect them to get past round 1? Now really. No matter who they line up with. So take a warm shower, open a six pack, and cruise for the rest of the season. Take them one game at a time, and look at it as occupational therapy…… And a learning experience. Bon chance.

  125. conspiracy theory on

    Baseball The 4-6-8 is none other than robby bonfire. so the legend remains alive together with his various conspiracy theories

  126. UK Ranger–totally agree. It comes once every 4 years. Gaborik hasn’t missed many games for us this year, and certainly has produced as expected. Get off the guy’s back already. How can you pick on what Gaborik has done for us this season? There are about 7 other guys on this roster who have not performed or produced as expected. Pick on them. And Pavel, we don’t have a 30% chance of making the playoffs this year. It’s more like a 10% chance.

  127. no major trades can happen yet in my opinion until voros and lisin clear waivers tomorrow @ noon.

  128. Huh. The NYDN’s beat guy has the lines from practice up on his blog…


    Cally goes from playing 8 and change for a few days to back to 22 plus. Nice.

  129. The Rangers aren’t exactly an old team. Most of the roster is under 30. Since Brashear was waived, the oldest player is Prospal at 35. A lot of key components to the team are under 25 or 26. Not saying they’re all going to be superstars, but this isn’t the mid-late 90’s editions of the club.

  130. AREG Rangers35 on

    trade jokinen and prospal for picks/prospects and try to package redden or rozival with them…getting rid of any young players is counterproductive unless with get a better young player back…

  131. Doodie Machetto on

    “If i was hurt, and i had a choice between a stupid pointless pathetic bronze medal game for USA,”

    Funny, I can think of several thousand athletes who tend to disagree that an Olympic bronze medal is stupid and pointless.

    I can think of millions non-athletes who would also agree.

  132. Doodie Machetto on

    What I wouldn’t give for Dolan to sell the Rangers to a good ownership group.

  133. CT, I think a lot of people forgot that face when they talk about trading for young players. This team is FULL of young players- there are what, 4 players over the age of 30-so to propose going younger is crazy talk. Do they want a team of high schoolers out there? Cause that’s what they’ll be if they go any younger.

  134. LI RangerFan on

    Doodie – I completely agree with you about Dolan selling to a good ownership group. However, IMO, it just isn’t happening. If you think that Sather is arrogant, Jim Dolan is twice that and would NEVER in a million years admit his ineptitude at owning a hockey club.

  135. Doodie Machetto on

    Mickey, I agree, the problem isn’t that we need youth, it’s that we need TALENTED youth.

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    LI, I didn’t say that he would. I was just making a declaration of my extreme desire for him to do so.

  137. Using ages from, the Rangers average age is 27.2 years. That’s almost 2 years younger than the Devils (29.1) and it’s even younger than the Islanders (27.8) who I think are generally considered a young team.

  138. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, “O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.” And the Lord did grin. And the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies, and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit-bats and large chu…
    Weeeeee…it’s game night!

  139. And the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths, and carp and anchovies

    they feasted on carp? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. A big 20 minute defensemen (Sutton) is more valuable than Prospal (who had no offers other than the Rangers this offseason)- so yes I don’t expect the Rangers to get a second round pick for him. I love him, but his numbers are skewed because of who he plays with.

    If you can do Redden plus a small piece for Suray and get 2 years less of contract hell then fine. Otherwise I don’t see us doing a whole hell of a lot.

  141. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    We are now the Knights who say… ”Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z’nourrwringmm.

  142. in a perfect world, the rangers will package dubinsky and redden and or rosival and get back a draft pick.
    in a perfect world, brashear will show some class and retire like naslund, saving us some cap space.
    in a perfect world, jokinen will ask for a resoably contract (which i consider to be not one cent more that $3million.)
    in a perfect world, we can resign prospal, at a reasonable price. (i’m not entirely sure what i consider reasonable right now.)
    in sather land, there will be more pointless trades, more ridiculous signings and more poor drafting…

    I just dont see any way for this team to make it to another cup with sather at the helm.

  143. brashear can’t retire like naslund since he was greater than 35 when he signing the 2 year deal. so he counts against the cap my friend

  144. Just heard Ray Emery is out for the season for Philly.

    You really gotta wonder just how one franchise can foul up one position for so long. LOL!

    I anticipate nothing but disappointment from Sather leading up to the deadline.

    Hockey trades center around the “Bigger Idiot Theory” as identified by Al Bundy regarding Garage Sales.

    “The bigger idiot theory, kids…is that you’ll always find a bigger idiot willing to buy your garbage. The only flaw in that theory is you eventually get to the Head Idiot…And you call her Mom.”

    Glen Sather = Head Idiot

  145. – Brashear’s cap hit only comes off if he’s traded.
    – Very few teams can absorb the $7MM+ cap hit of Rozi/Redden + Dubi without shedding salary in return.
    – I’d rather use the cap hit savings on Jokinen and work out a deal to get one of the Chicago players that will get traded because of their impending cap squeeze.

  146. Fly, I’m still not understanding why Prospal loses value in your view for playing well with a quality linemate. Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? Isn’t it reasonable to assume he’d play well on another team with a different quality scorer? And if Dominic Moore can land a 2nd round pick, shouldn’t a guy Prospal get something higher?

  147. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    You don’t frighten us with your silly knees-bent running around advancing behavior!

  148. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

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  149. Huh. Tried to post something and it wouldn’t go through after several tries. Weird.

  150. Just heard Chelios signed a contract with Atlanta, I think. Waiting to clear waivers?

    I dunno…for cheap something tells me he’d be worth having around.

    And at his age…I’d love for Chelios to stand next to Redden in the locker room and say “Just what in the hell is wrong with you?”

  151. LI RangerFan on

    LMAO @ CJP – Chelios saying to Redden “Just what in the hell is wrong with you?” Hahahaha…..

  152. We have to trade Brashear – his over 35 contract counts regardless of any retirement. Besides, i hope he will still want to prove he can hack it and try to broker a trade somewhere just to prove that.

  153. i think the people who say trade lq are ridiculous…i mean you would have to get a loooottt of players in return and shed capspace and get a few draft picks.. i dont think anyone can return what we need to trade lq… I think you build this team the way normal teams do.. little by little.. the good thing is we have the goal tender and top scorer locked up…not we need to start filling in the pieces..which i don’t see happening without dropping one of the big contracts that were always complaining about…

  154. We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have been sacked.

  155. Chicago wont trade anybody except maybe Versteeg at the deadline, but will have to let alot of players walk during the off-season since they are already some 5-7 million OVER the Cap for next year.

    I package Dubi and Rozy or Redden for Souray and O’Sully or Cogs

    Then take a shot at Patrick Sharp during Free Agency to take Dubi place at Center/Wing

  156. The problem is, the team needs to not just MISS the playoffs but miss it badly, like bottom 3 worst. And for 3 years. I’m for that, and then build with young stars. The problem is, this mediocre viscious circle. If my choice is finishing 8th and making the playoffs and finishing 10th and NOT making it, then I say go for it. They aren’t going to be bottom 3, so why not go for it. But be smart. Don’t give up something that might help us down the road. Give up a couple of guys in the minors who might turn out to be good, but so far haven’t. If you can get rid of the bad salaries and it takes a Sanguinetti or Potter then do it. Those guys have looked terrible so far when they’ve been here.

    And then get rid of ALL toxic salaries next year, and build from scratch.

  157. The Hank trades are all just a joke.

    It’s been going on for almost a year.

    Emery wouldn’t have helped the Flowers anyway. They can always try to get either Price or Halak, or maybe Ellis.

    Don’t know who else is available.

  158. wake up. they are not going for the playoffs. when guys sit out they are saying they don’t care whether they make it or not. thus, as a fan, I then don’t care any more than they do

  159. Regarding Redden…wasn’t it nice to watch the Women’s Hockey in the Olympics and see just about every single one of those girls shoot the puck harder than Wade “sniff” Redden?

  160. Hooray, you are awesome. I have no idea what you’re talking about (“feasting on carp?”) but you’re awesome.

    Tony, what did you tell the shine box store? They’re running out of shrimp?

  161. there aren’t enough sellers. thus, little activity. most action will be tomorrow morning, but I doubt it will be major, other than Ray Whitney type stuff

  162. Carp, Im not saying I want the guy back after this year, but you really think Olli Jokinen will be more expensive and make more money next year than he is making now?
    Prospal yea he will get a deal for more than his 1.1mill but u think Jokinen will get a contract for more than a average of 5.25/year when he goes into FA, i dont know about that

  163. Staal Wart is now...2ranger4 on

    Come on Sather, how much further will you sink us this deadline?

  164. If Boyes is available, He is definitely someone to package Dubi and/or Girardi for

  165. Boyes is a decent player but looking at his stats he might be the forward version of Sheldon Souray. A couple of good goal scoring seasons with awful defensive stats (I’m aware of the faults of +/- but large minus numbers jump out).

  166. Picks. They’re nice to have apparently. But they’re gambles. Re-sign Prospal — you know what you have with him. Why must the Rangers re-build every single season? And why would anyone trust Sather with his annual re-build?
    Build a team, don’t throw away the few good players you have because maybe there’s someone else out there. You still have to replace Prospal. With whom? Build, don’t tear down. How did that work out when Jagr wasn’t re-signed? Lundqvist and Gaborik aren’t getting any younger. This team needs to be thoughtfully built, not constantly deconstructed because someone relatively famous might be available.

  167. Trades…rumored by whom? Is there a link? Can we all agree to attribute our sources for the next 24 hours?

  168. I don’t know why Pitt would make that trade unless they’re getting some really good in return. Gonchar is the anchor for that blueline. Even if they can’t re-sign him after this season, go for broke for another Cup run. Not that I want Crosby and his poor excuse for facial hair hoisting the Cup again.

  169. Thanks, trades…so much floating around at this time, so attributed sources are especially key

  170. For the love of Bfuylgien!!!

    The 3758th showing of PRO-FILES:CHRIS DRURY is airing right now on MSG


  171. Boyes +/- numbers are skewed because he played on a very crappy Boston team between 2005-2007 and an even crappier St Louis team since then.

    Boyes could be a great pick up for secondary scoring with Olli

  172. kc… I’m sorta with you a bit… the rebuilding has already started and does take time… but I also believe that draft position in the middle of the pack is not important… I don’t think you pack it in when you’re only 1 point out of a playoff spot… no matter what the makeup of the team looks like!


  173. Can anyone imagine what next year would have been like when Cherepanov came to camp??? So sad thinking about that kid still… =(


  174. About two scoring forwards, one power play quarter back and a strong on the hit d-man away from being a serious contender. IMO

  175. Two scoring forwards

    A power play QB

    A crease-clearing hitting D-man

    A GM with a clue

    An owner with a brain cell

    A coach without an attitude problem


  176. WwWwWwWw says Wally from pilgrim state on

    Hewwo evwybuddy. I’m Wwally frum rivahead longa iland. i love wangers. goooooo bouys go!111. there my faverit teemu. ok buy now

  177. Rozsival for Boyes swap anyone? Same contract length and Boyes is $1 mil cheaper…

    Surely we would have to throw something else in there also

  178. Honestly, considering we are labeled as having 1 of the best crop of defensive prospects in the entire NHL.

    Plus, a superstar goalie and winger

    We truly just need to cut ties with 2 of our 3 bad contracts. Doesnt matter which 2 really (preferably the 2 D-men since we have such a good Defensive prospect pool)

    We really could be 1 trade deadline and 1 free agency summer away from being real contenders.

    Move Rosy or Redden now, then the other one during the Summer (like Gomez) – and them add a few decent players (not super stars) like Patrick Sharp or Wolski or Kaberle and we would be set

  179. Did you guys hear that Emery caught “avascular necrosis”?? Must have caught that over in the Motherland last year playing in the KHL??

  180. I think Boyle is all that is left from the summer of George.

    Tonight at 6 PM all the New York Rangers trade news and speculation ya can handle, it’s must listen radio, you can also call in.

  181. sure, as long as you are getting rid of older guys with bad contracts. but trading young guys who are your top plus player for a one zone, big minus older player is dumb

  182. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    For this Philadelphia, plus Rangers, sports fan, it is now four down and nine to go, in the purge to get rid of the dead wood bogging down my teams…

    X – Brashear
    X – Valiquette

    X – Chan Ho Park (another reason the Yankees will flop in
    2010 – what a garbage signing! He is gone by June, IF
    he even makes the opening day roster. Nice going, Mr.
    Cashman, from the world’s ulimate Yankee hater. You can
    have our junk, anytime.

    X – IVERSON (Sorry about his family crisis, but his NBA
    career is finished.) Just think, the 76ers drafted this
    low percentage shooting, ballhog, when he was 22, ahead
    of some 18-year old kid named Kobe Bryant, who is from
    suburban Philly, no less. Ah, the genius inherent in
    placing impatience and panic ahead of prudence and
    foresight. This organization makes Slats look like
    Confucious, when it comes to its demonstrating wisdom
    logic. See, there really is never a tomorrow, only today. A 10 cents windfall today beats receiving a million dollar dividend next Monday.

    Still to be purged:


    Not So Fab McNABB

    CHARLIE MANUEL (Makes Dusty Baker, the second worst manger
    in baseball, look like John McGraw.)

    REUBEN AMARO (Any GM who thinks Charlie Manuel is a major
    league manager is incompetent. Period.

    ANDY REID (Wants to rust Kevin Kolb behind downside, never won the big one Donovan McNabb for a FOURTH season on the bench. You know, there comes a time when it is time to commit to your first round QB draft pick, and waiting until he is 30 is not really all that intelligent.


    And last but not least, some fumes-sniffing NHL GM by the name of SATHER, who runs a nightly rummage sale of young Ranger players and prospects in his wet pants dreams. And who can blame him with all the 34-year old “clubhouse mentors” available on the dung pile flea market out there?

    Enjoy your day. The Iverson axing made mine. Four down, nine to go. YIPPEE!

  183. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , COME HERE AND GIVE ME A BIG HUGGYBEAR!!! My team won (Canada) and yer team lost (USA) BUT OUR team is playing now and we are 2- 3 points outta 6th place!!!! SELL???????????? whaaa huh , ya wanna read this blog ,watching the playoffs or playing in them? Maybe fate says Gaborik ,Drury,Cally,Hank and Oli jokenen all win the cup…this year. Hmmmm could be happpennningggggg.

  184. Lisin isn’t that bad. I don’t get why he’s on waivers. This is dumb and now the 2004 first round has become a disaster. Lucky they got Dubi and Cally out of it…that was still before Gordie Clarke in all fairness though.

    Grachev isn’t playing great but he’s learning. He’ll double his points next year like Anisimov did and Weisse is doing now. He’s a puppy. Give him time.

    They could get like 6 2nd rounders for Rozi, Olli, and Prospal combined, BUT………you know.

  185. Lets see if Gabby can actually make it 5 feet out of his house, let alone making it to the playoffs.

    I don’t want them to make it, i want them to sell, and i want them to get a top 3 pick.

    I cant take this team serious until the losers that don’t give a Brash*t are off this team.

    I’m more than willing to settle for 2 or 3 years of misery, only if it means a better future.

  186. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go RANGERSSSSS!!! GO GO GO GO GO boys!!!! Lets do it TONIGHT!!!!! Fire baby , I wanna see some Fiar!!!!!

    NO more saviesies for Hank , hes gonna lay it all on the line!!!!

    Pumped!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!!

  187. Pavel, stay away from Wolski; he’s like Brian Savage used to be; he’ll score like 7 PPGs in the first month and then just be OK the rest of the year. Mr. October LOL.

  188. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I got this feeeeling , gonna be a good good nite…

  189. Anyone think the gold medal game will help hockey’s populairty in the US? I have had coworkers over the past couple days who never talk hockey say they watch the game and it was awesome . . . don’t know yet if it will stick though.

  190. Jorek, same here.

    It will stick if Bettman doesn’t screw it up and market it the right way.

    For example…tonight is Pitt vs. Buffalo…I know Miller is not playing, but here is a chance to put Crosby vs Miller (before they knew he wasnt playing) and instead they have Philly vs Tampa

  191. Pavel

    What would it take to get Wolski?


    i don’t know… few bottles of vodka and a plane ticket to Colorado? :)

  192. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Awsome to have Oil jokanen on this club . His confidence is riding high!!!!

    I never wanna Buy older vets at the expense of our prospects /draft picks. If Sather can get some quality guys for a song and a dance…then im all for it. Any draft pick we have is valuable so we have to keep them. Peddle Prospal or Oli for picks… we almost have too . The talent pool in the draft these days is sick. If we come away with more picks then yeah im happy.

  193. Seriously, someone wouldnt take Wolski either ??

    24 years old with 4 seasons of putting up near 50 points and a career +9 on a terrible Colorado team.

    Not to mention he only earns 2 million and is still an RFA next year so the team has all the negotiating power.

    The guy has 17 goals this season with only 2 coming on the PP

  194. ratings bonanza on

    Hockey Night in America: Gold Medal Game Draws 17.6 Overnight
    Hockey drew NFL-like ratings on NBC Sunday.

    The Canada/USA Olympic Men’s Hockey Gold Medal game drew a 17.6 overnight rating on NBC Sunday afternoon, up 46% from the ’02 Gold Medal game, which featured the same two teams.

    Sunday’s game is the highest rated hockey telecast in the United States since 1980.

    To put the numbers in perspective, Sunday’s game drew a higher overnight rating than every World Series game since 2004 (including every game of Yankees/Phillies last year), every NBA Finals telecast since 1998, and every NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four game since at least ’98.

    Excluding the NFL, the 17.6 overnight for the game is the second-highest of the year for any sporting event, behind only the Texas/Alabama BCS National Championship Game in January (18.2).

  195. NYRguy thats tv scheduling though. I don’t know if they can change mid season. Like in football when the Thanksgiving game is a clunker . . nothing you can do.

  196. is gaborik’s lower body injury that is keeping him from “pushing off” and keeping him out of tonights game a different injury from the laceration from lundqvists skate?

  197. > Chris Says SELL SELL SELL
    > 2 years and 3 contracts off the books away

    Any maybe a miracle draft or something like that. Not to mention no new bad contracts.

  198. Yeah that is what I am wondering Carp . . . maybe this time it will stick? I sure hope it does. But it won’t in this area if new fans have nothing to cheer for. (That or they will all become Pittsburg fans which would make Bettman happy)

  199. Jorek, but it’s common sense…they knew going into the season Miller was most likely starting for USA and Crosby goes without saying…

    I know there are alot of if’s involved (like how could anyone predict this media blitz?) but these guys get paid for that exact reason. Sean Avery was right when he said the NHL Marketing team sucks

  200. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    In Canada , the game was the most watch tv event of all time. wow there were alot of scared Canadaian that day!!!!

  201. ratings bonanza on

    was not minimal after 1980 Carp. thousands of kids took up the game after that, and many of that next generation of USA players will tell you so. 1980 was the launching point for all the good things that now happen in USA hockey. wins in the world jr and under 18 jr tourneys this year on Canada soil etc, US kids now prominent in the top of the draft etc

    and NHL fan support is an outgrowth of all that

  202. Yeah but NYR even taking that into account had the USA lost that first game against Canada or played anyone else (or Crosby not scored the winning goal) then this matchup wouldn’t be newsworthy. It just happened that way. I don’t fault them for not knowing the future.

  203. I completely agree Jorek, but you have to hope that good things will happen in the Olympics for your league…and they put Crosby on every other freakin night, yet they put TB/PHI on instead.

    Well, at least they have a doubleheader…if Bettman were smart he’d be having commercials done right now

  204. ratings, I agree with all of that. But it didn’t get the NHL on national TV, and in fact it has since gone backward to Versus, and many teams that were thriving in the early 1980s (Islanders, Edmonton) fell on hard times. I just don’t think the Olympics will translate into hockey joining the other major sports in popularity or as a TV sport.

    But, yes, 1980 resulted in thousands of kids becoming hockey players, and in U.S. players making great inroads into the NHL, etc. They affected kids from Leetch and Richter and LaFontaine to this past week’s U.S. heroes. No doubt about it.

  205. Hi, everyone! Just ran through the comments. A lot of jibberish, I missed it. That skiing thing is getting on the way though:)

    Are you not surprised there is not much happenning so far. Expected because of the break. I’m surprised we only “traded” Hank twice so far. And, yeah we had a visit from a moron and idiot. Wait, it was the same person.
    He’s got his shinebox..

  206. somerset, Wolski is a fine player but he’s soooo streaky. He’s a guy you either sign as a UFA or get as a 3rd liner for a Cup run. Don’t give up anything of serious value for him.

    Trust me, i’ve had him in fantasy. Every year he comes flying out of the gate and scores like 8 goals the first month and then cools down.

    If the Rangers can’t develop someone better than that with what they have in the farm now then it’s time for a serious re-evaluation of things.

  207. A little over an hour until the Rangers bush-league their game against Ottawa and less than 21 hours until Dark Sather shuts the lights off on the franchises’ future …

  208. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Interesting, the above, negative context reference to Brian Savage, who, to my mind, was the ultimate selfish hockey player. I see Lisin as a prototype of the modern, “Me first” player cut from the same cloth. It helps to muck it up in the corners and sacrifice your body, on occasion, to a puck being drilled on goal. Some players have the willingness to do this, others want to stay healthy and stick around for a decade. I know which type of player I prefer. So does my friend, Robby Bonfire. LOL.

  209. Baseball The 4-6-8

    The more you talk to more I want to puke! Have you even seen a single game of hockey? Have you? Have you seen Lisin play this season at all? The kid was scratched for GAMES! Didnt cry…didnt complain like some little b!tch (see Kotalik and Bro-shmear) and when put back in the line-up played hard every shift! WTF is so selfish about that?

    The more you talk to more you expose yourself as a farging tool.

  210. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    yo ilb , howss it gowanggggg.

    That right Tony , LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. Pavel, besides Wolski, Oliwa and Mariusz Czerkawski, the last I can remember in NHL was a goalie, Peter Sidorkiewicz?Anyone else?

  212. Just to add my $0.02 on this theory that the Olympics will help the NHL’s popularity:

    I, like many, LOVE the World Cup every four years. I root hard for USA and love the sport of soccer during the tournament.

    However, once it ends, I never make time to watch MLS teams play. Nor do I care about the other leagues and teams across the river.

    I think one must forget about a sport’s popularity in terms of international competition. I don’t think there is any ripple effect at all.

    That said, I hope I’m wrong and viewership rises so the NHL can gain some leverage on moving to a better network than Versus.

  213. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Where’s is all our Ranger ladies tonight???

  214. I’m good, Greg. If the weather doesn’t explode here (and I haven’t seen an inch of snow in Montana yet), I’ll meet Wicky with mrs and the Wicksters tomorrow.

  215. Rick (No, not that one) on

    I fear you’re going to have to repeat that a ton tonight.
    I feel for you.

  216. Does Versus have a exclusive for the playoffs ? If so I’m screwed. Damn Direct TV !
    I’m gonna be spending lots of time & money in a sports bar.

  217. VERSUS is bush-league

    As for the World Cup … I think the U.S.’s recent success (although, honestly, it’s been up-and-down) has definitely helped spike some interest in MLS.

    But Americans love a winner and they love flash. Only when MLS can compete with the leagues abroad and afford to pay for superstars will people really pay attention.

    Ps. Go Team USA! Beat the Dutch tomorrow!

  218. Adam- sorry late response but we also got Antropov for a second round pick- just becasue one team made a stupid trade for Dom Moore doesn’t mean anyone else will. If the Rangers get a 1 for Prosp I’m all for it, but it’s not happening. And his value goes down for playing with Gabby because Gabby makes his linemates better- sort of like playing in Coors field, have to take the numbers in stride

  219. nose picker is dubinsky

    nostrils is jokinen

    is dubinsky traded yet?

    sather get it done

  220. Good evening Greg! I’m probably gonna get carp’d. I’m getting holy helled prucha’d at work so haven’t had much time to keep up. Tomorrow I’ll probably be so far behind….:(

    But let’s get a win tonight for Hank’s b-day! LGR!!!!

  221. baseball 4 6 8

    brashear is not gone yet. he is signed for next year too and even if he retires he still counts against the cap as he was more than 35 when he signed the two year contract. so he is hardly gone yet

  222. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    For those who LOVE the PUlling the Goaltender/Extra attacker rule…

    Here is that application as it could apply to other sports…

    BASEBALL: Your team is trailing, batting in the top of the ninth inning = the home team has to pull its left fielder and go with just eight players on the field. This is what is known as a gratis NINE ON EIGHT power play.

    FOOTBALL: Your team is trailing by three touchdowns to two TD’s and two field goals, meaning you are trailing 28-20. Make the next TD worth EIGHT points, so that two TD’s and two FG’s are equal to four TD’s. Oh, wait, they have already done that!

    BASKETBALL: Make a medium-range jump shot worth three points, so that teams falling behind by double digits, primarily on two-point shots, can easily catch up. And in the process, of course, your are penalizing a team demonstrating the ability to penetrate the defense, in favor of a team NOT demonstrating anything except putting up desperation shots from the outside. I swear, last week there was a game in which a player on an NBA team put up a 27-foot shot with his team trailing by six points with 20 minutes remaining in the game. Screw displined offense, and working for inside, good angle shots, let’s just make professional basketball a playground game, and they have done that.

    HOCKEY: So many gimmicks, so little time. Starting with the pulling the goaltender rule fiasco; also four-on-four overtime, and three-point game shootouts, rendering two point regulation wins cheaper, rather than more valuable, because a team winning by two points to one point is not debited the point lost. Washington, not Carolina made the playoffs a couple years ago because of this monstrosity.

    Hockey has no clue when it comes to how the game is administered, but we know that. Hockey fandom ranks with alcoholism, gambling, and drug usage addictions, all of which drain your money, your time, your health, and your family and social relationships. I say health because of the physical and emotional (and financial) stress of going through a divorce because you put your addiction to your sports habit ahead of family, as a priority. Losing custody of your kids also counts as a negative attribute of being a sports addict.

  223. Pulling the goalie isn’t a rule…it’s a strategy! Your arguments make no sense because in 0 of those situations can the other team be affected negatively.

    If you pull the goalie, you are risking ending the game once and for all by giving up an empty netter

    And hockey isn’t like other sports, nor is any sport like any other sport, so how can you compare???

  224. ratings bonanza on

    the decision to put the games on Versus was a purely money decision. let’s get the facts straight. the agreement with ESPN ended, but they had an option to renew at $60 mill for one year. ESPN, which at the time had a hockey-hater as its top exec. declined the option. thus, when Versus, thru its parent company, Comcast, offered $70 million per year for 6 years, or $420 million, there was no other decision to make. it would have been utter lunacy to turn down $420 million. NBC offered zero. all they do is split the ad revenue. they pay no rights fee at all.

    this ratings bonanza will obviously help in future negotiations with networks, and will bring in higher bids and more popular and widely seen networks getting involved.

  225. I’ve always read that us hockey exploded after 1980 just as US Chess exploded in 1962 after Bobby Fischer won in 1972.

    ratings bonanza
    March 2nd, 2010 at 6:00 pm
    was not minimal after 1980 Carp. thousands of kids took up the game after that, and many of that next generation of USA players will tell you so. 1980 was the launching point for all the good things that now happen in USA hockey. wins in the world jr and under 18 jr tourneys this year on Canada soil etc, US kids now prominent in the top of the draft etc
    and NHL fan support is an outgrowth of all that

  226. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's BUY baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good evening Momma!!

    The question is WHEN to pull the goalie. Do it too soon and ya lose everytime . Pulling it at the right moment is the key. Strategy plays a part and a little bit of Panick does too!!

  227. conspiracy theory on

    baseball 4 6 8

    when the men in the white coats come, go play with them. they just want to be your friend.

  228. who the funk is this Baseball The 4-6-8 kid and what the funk is he talking about? dude…just keep to balls and sticks

  229. who is this baseball 468 moron, and get him a shinebox so he can stop the uneducated nonsense he is spewing

  230. So, is Thursday’s game on Versus and MSG ? Or will MSG be blacked outside of the NY area ?
    This is not a good time to be messing with me. I’m starting to lose it.
    Hey baseball guy, you ever watch a hockey game ?

  231. Ratings – having hockey covered by clowns and right next to bull riding is really helping the cause..

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