Daytime with the Flyers


Just so you know, the March 14 game against Philadelphia — also known as the “Mr. Shelley and Mr. Prust meet Mr. Carcillo” game — has been set for a 3 p.m. start. It was originally a TBD.

I guess the best news, other than Mr. Shelley and Mr. Prust meeting Mr. Carcillo, is that it will still be an MSG telecast, not an NBC.


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  1. Hows this protest looking for Sunday night? I’m going to the game so I will be attendance

  2. whaaatt, if redden gets dealt i might have to pop bottles of champagne tonight like we just won the cup or something

  3. I would guess at least Dubi/Girardi…they aren’t going to swap Souray and Redden without getting anything of use…

  4. I know it’d be great swapping Redden/Souray but I don’t want Souray at all after hearing what Dano said.

    And this is a guy that’s a career minus -52 in spite of all the points he gets

  5. NYRanger4Life on

    I’d take that -52 if we could rid ourselves of 4 more years of watching Dreadden glide around the ice.

    Girardi is NOT a top 2 pair defender, and Dubi, despite all his efforts, is not a top 6 winger either.

    I wouldnt be surprised if we also dumped Rozi

  6. I don’t want to see Dubi gone until we see what he has next year. The 4th year has been known to be a breakout year for alot of players, from what I’ve heard. He still has potential, he just needs to stop being so cocky

  7. NYRanger4Life on

    Carp –

    Daneyko played with Souray, what, 10 years ago>?

    People change over time.

    Plus, any chance of seeing his smoking hot wife in the stands and on the jumbotron is fine with me…

  8. OK another reason: Souray is more physical and gifted than Redden, granted. But he’s owed $4.5M next year and the year after, and he’s hurt all the time, and I believe he’s older. And at this stage, all things considered, probably not as good as Redden.

  9. i dont want to see dubi gone for sure, and i dont want girardi traded either but it seems that he is probably going to be traded but who knows, but regarding souray/redden, even if sourays first priority isnt winning, lets be honest, if wade reddens first priority winning? no not at all, not from the way hes played, much rather hav souray for less years and a little bit less money on the cap hit, just dont want dubi gone
    and as i already said a few weeks ago, ken daneyko was a drunk when he was still playing with souray, so how is his credibility all of a sudden so high, because hes on hockey night live? come on

  10. not as good as redden? are you serious?.. idont care how bad souray is defensively, redden coudlnt stop a 12 yr old on a 1 on 1 these days, and i cant stand watching his 34mph wrist shots with no umph on them from the point, much rather hav souray’s blast once in a while that actually could go in once in a while, than have redden still on this team, but like i said really dont want to give up dubi, or girardi, we’ll see

  11. Souray being hurt all the time could be a blessing…

    first game of the year next season=season ending injury=Long term IR=Cap off the books

  12. Rob M, you can say what you want about Daneyko, and he sure had his problems, but he’s one of the better people in hockey. He really is, and I’d trust him with something like that.

  13. yea im not sayin hes a bad guy or anything, i actually dont mind the guy on the show now,e ven though i hated his guts for 15 years, im jus sayin at that time he had his own situations but yea maybe its true about souray but im willing to risk that to get rid of redden

  14. Carp…you going to the game Thursday or Sunday?

    Thursday should be great to hear Crosby booed after last night

  15. LI RangerFan on

    Shor – I completely agree about someone taking Redden. I’ll be stunned if anyone is willing to pick up that contract for what they’ll be getting…

  16. NYRGuy, possibly. Don’t know yet.

    And I’d fall off my chair if somebody would take Redden, too. The second-most toxic contract in hockey, behind Vinny L’s.

  17. Souray = 5.4m cap hit for 2 more years.
    Redden = 6.5m cap hit for 4 more years.

    Souray for Redden is a steal, but you know it’s going to be something like Redden + Dubi + pick/AHLer for Souray and Colglililiano

  18. So Dom Moore, Jordan Leopold, and Denis Grebehkov all fetched 2nd round picks…makes you wonder what a Jokinen or a Prospal could land.

  19. Vinny L worse than DiPietro? Even if Vinny underperforms and is more of a 60-65 point player than an 80-90 point player you’re still getting production. With DiPietro you never know when he’s going to be healthy nor for how long he’ll stay healthy.

    Even with Drury, he’s 4 years younger and his down seasons are the same as Drury’s career year. But Drury does have a shorter deal.

  20. I’d say Wade Redden’s and Dipietro’s are both the worst, than VinnyL. I know he makes way too much money but at least he’s still an affective player, maybe not 10 mill worth but hes still a real good hockey player
    As for wade redden you cant say that, and as for Rick DiPietro, does he still play hockey? he can still be good if he ever recovers from injuries but will he? hes so soft

  21. DiPietro could do the Islanders a big favor and retire because of injuries. Lecavalier won’t do that for the Lightning (or the Rangers once they inevitably get him).

  22. I wonder why anyone would think the Rangers need Souray? Haven’t they got enough problems?

  23. We don’t need Souray…. unless he can rid us of Redden. In which case, we basically cut 2 years off of one of our albatrosses.

    Vinny L has a huge contract, but you can at least argue him as a top player in the league. DP is good, but not elite even when healthy (which he never is).

    Drury is at 10-12-22, on pace for 13-16-29. Which is good for a defenseman. Problem is he’s one of the highest-paid Centers in the league.

  24. Carp, I know they both have terrible long term contracts but there’s no reason for Vinny L to not keep playing however long he wants.

    As much as we all think the salary structure in the post lockout NHL is ridiculous because of teams efforts to circumvent the cap, it is what it is.

    The Bolts paid Vinny for what he had done for the franchise, foolish as that may have been. DiPi’s contract was one that should have probably not have been rewarded in the first place. Based on his accomplishments to that point it’s tough to say he was even worth more than 4-5 years.

    If it’s 5 years down the road and Vinny L is struggling with injuries or his production has dropped below Drury/Redden levels then maybe he can call it quits. But he’s still top 25 in the league in points.

  25. Anyone who wouldn’t take Souray for Redden is pretty crazy.

    I don’t care if he doesn’t want to win or is always injured. If, before the season, you were told Sather would be able to trade Redden’s contract away, would you not sign up for that 100 times out of 100?

    Also, when he’s healthy, at least Souray’s shot: (1) clocks at more than a Redden 39 mph wrister and (2) will hit the net every so often.

  26. Vinny looks pretty awful to me whenever I see him play. Redden’s contract was dumber. Vinny’s is more lethal.

  27. bull dog line on

    Vinny needs a change of scenery, put the cap hit aside, he would be a great get. I know you have to include the cap hit when you look at it, but I still think he is a big time player.

  28. Seriously, If Sather pulls off a Redden for Souray deal i’ll be ecstatic.

    Makes you wonder why Edmonton would want to get rid of him bad enough to take on Redden’s contract though, doesnt it ???

    I thought it would be Rozy joining Renney in Edmonton , not Redden

  29. I wish Montreal would just get him so we could be done with all of those rumors.

    Although rumor has it they are trying to acquire a winger to play with him, so maybe they won’t move him.

    But, then again if their GM gets fired, the new guy will certainly want to get rid of him.

  30. i would love to have Teemu on our team any time…great player and a true professional. He would make a great captain in New York

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    March 1st, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    I heard Sundin is coming out of retirement again…

    If I know Sather, he will be a Ranger at some point so better now than in 5 years!

  32. Carp,
    You got some Rust on your game saying Redden is better than Sheldon. I don’t like either but got to do that one in a heart beat even if you got to add some spice.

  33. I agree that we don’t need lecavlier either. Why pick up guys that peaked a couple of years ago. The Rangers have been down that road to many times.

  34. Worst contracts in order #1 Redden, #2 Dipi’s(only because he might go long term disable or he would be #1). #3 Vin L. #4Sheldon S. #5 Drury/Rosi. Nice to know we are in the top ten.

  35. Are we debating Souray for Redden? LMAO. Take it and run! Robbery lol. If Souray never plays a game for Rangers, it’s already a good deal. But if he does play, even 40 games a year, it’s a steal. He’s got a cannon from a blueline and he will drop his gloves, every third shift, if need too. He isn’t what he used to be, but it’s an upgrade no matter how you look at it.

  36. i don’t particularly want souray on this team but i do think a lot of you are overlooking a minor detail..

    souray actually has some value. even if he sucks in ny, i think we’d be able to move him a lot easier than moving redden is proving to be.

    just a thought.

  37. ct-pretty good additions to the hall of shame contract list especially Danny B, love the phillies got that one. Gomez is bad also, but he proved tradeable, I don’t know why @ that $ but he doesn’t crack my top 5 but right there, never wanted the smart alec with a powderpuff shot. Go back to Alaska and look for a Palin daughter.

  38. no hurray for Souray on

    why take on another toxic contract, and why trade other players in a deal, when you could just put Redden in Hartford. taking Souray, who is a non-hustling, often injured dog of a semi-competitor, and a key problem of a last place loser, is just bailing out Sather’s sorry arse with the phony pretense that he is getting something in return.

  39. Agreed if someone will take Redden in a package go with it. Then eat Rosi in Hartford then some serious $. Then most importantly fire Sather by Wed. night. Thank You

  40. The last Rangers game seems a long time ago. Totally forgot Shelley was even on the team.
    No to Souray and other old geezers. The Rangers have enough already. Start with dumping the original old geezer, Sather.

  41. If Souray had potential, Edmonton wouldn’t be desperate to get rid of him. Enough with guys who were good 4 years ago. And according to Daneyko, Souray doesn’t care about winning. Is New York the best place for a guy like that?

  42. Kaberle only has one year left, so a first…. only if I had no one else on the blue line.. but he’s on an awful team and has 40 assists… so if you can somehow resign him at no more than 5.5m/y (2-3 years) then yes, give up a 1st.

  43. “And according to Daneyko, Souray doesn’t care about winning. Is New York the best place for a guy like that?”

    Seems to be a pattern, so why not?

  44. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And according to Daneyko, Souray doesn’t care about winning. Is New York the best place for a guy like that?

    He’d fit like a fresh mouthguard!

    Calad stole my line. LoL

  45. Alright I’ll take Neil for Billy Joel and i’ll throw in Patti if you want a E-streeter, Ya know the boss is just about done with her the kids are getting bigger. Not trading Nils. Check out Nils plays Neil cool album. Boards are dead, I will leave the next line about Sather alone.

  46. what about Heikenen stepping up?
    anyway know what’s up with him down in Hartford?

    he seemed alright, and no worse, than some of our other dmen (add names here).

  47. dont trade dubi…..

    “making a B-LINE to the net”
    another terrible benninati phrase

  48. that trade actually completely sucks, u dont even get rid of redden in the deal, i hope that blueshirt banter is way off with that speculation

  49. >>“making a B-LINE to the net”
    >>another terrible benninati phrase

    I need a FIRE extinguisher when I listen to that guy call a game.

  50. just to throw something else during our Waiting Game
    of What Will Sather Screw Up Now?

    the Dancing with the Star cast was listed
    (no! i don’t watch but had to tell my mom since she’s addicted.)
    our favorite wide receiver
    is going to be part of it.
    or something…..

    trade Redden
    fire Sather
    over and out.

  51. Back to the bush league …

    How are we going to F it up tomorrow night? And at the trading deadline?

  52. no hurray for Souray on

    try watching Edm games. Cogliano is a smurf with speed and little else. there is a reason that Edm wants to get rid of him and washed up Souray. it is called total failure, last place losers. anyone who wants their garbage is clueless

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    The way I see it we have a 25% chance of improving the Rangers before the trade deadline.

    Negative moves:
    Sather is a buyer.
    Sather Does nothing.
    Sather is a seller.

    Positive moves:
    Sather resigns.


  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    hedberg February 28th, 2010 at 6:44 pm
    Carp watch the game, better than all the ranger games combinded for the rest of the yr. Skill out there NYR games not so much

    Headburger , Yo …If you think that game is better than all the Ranger games combined for the rest of the year then i’ll be glad not to see you AROUND HERE. Thinkin yer funny bashing our team is rediculas.Stop being an idiot.

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Trades will be made!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Canada won , bla bla bla over it!! Seriously now , The Rangers is the REAL reason we are all here. Strap on a seat belt cuz this next few weeks is gonna be a dooozy!!!

    Jlone2Bubblehead March 1st, 2010 at 10:45 am
    Are we the only team in the league without a canadia superstar on it?

    HAHA SILLY!!! we have a Canadian super star!! Glen Sather.
    Watch him play this week , either he’ll score a hattrick or we’ll get hurt.

  57. greg- hedberg is an ahole, but he is right. that was better than all the ranger games so far. now i say so far. we have never once this season come back to tie late in the 3rd period let alone early in the 3rd period. if the rangers are losing a game, they never come back, and are out of it. the us tied the game with 24 seconds left and the game itself was exciting with all the hitting and intensity. when do u see our boys do that? maybe boyle hits like that sometimes. cally does but hes small. cmon, u gotta admit, besides a few games where gabby scored a nice goal and prospal made a nice pass.its been the same crap all year. maybe the last rangers capital game we had was close to that, but we still blew a 2 goal lead and lost

  58. sorry if this is a repost. didnt read all of the above.

    who thinks bettman had something to do with the philly game NOT being on NBC? i can here him talking to NBC…”there is going to be some fighting in this one for sure, it might be exciting and bring new interest to the game, better not show this to the people in the Sun Belt, they might actually like it”

    seriously though, do you think that is why it is not the national game? or just because the rangers suck?

  59. no hurray- yes, i wouldnt trade duby for cogs. hes having his worst season so far and even if we could deal redden for souray, its not worth it. id rather waive redden and then sign a better cheaper d man that is younger, and likes to hurt people. yea, its a guy like brooks orpik i would want. but cheaper. so yea, at first i thought, yes, trade redden for souray, but not duby. hes bigger and better than cogs. basically, we would be giving up duby and getting a slightly better offensively d man that gets hurt alot and is actually worse defensively than redden. sather could help this team by just waiving him, and then he doesnt have to trade duby. yea, i know hes not as offensive as we thought, and he really is inconsistent too many times, but that is all fixable. the consistency issues are, maybe his shot gets beter, or he becomes more of a playmaker. it looks like hes just gonn abe a little of both but not enough of either to be that good. so yes trade duby, but not for cogs or souray.

  60. if you waive redden you still have to pay half of his contract if he is claimed.

    dubi for cogs is a wash in my opinion. both have potential but are not good right now. cogs may have bigger upside than dubi?

    souray for redden is a steal just because of the cap situation. AND, if healthy souray is someone who is very physical and isn’t afraid to fight or knock someone through the boards. (maybe we can add danielle girardi in that trade too?)

  61. Count me in with those guys who have been routinely underwhelmed by Souray since his Montreal days, but then ask yourselves, “compared to what?” And some one answers ” well uh, Redden and Girardi….” I then say, well in that case it’s a go ! (in truth I’d take Olive Oyl for those two right about now.) For the better part of the past couple of years, Girardi has been a wall flower. He coasts, he has wrenched the title of giveaway Gus from Roszival, and shows no interest of performing as a major league defenseman.
    ( Lose no tears of anger per his departure Rob…he does not live up to your devotion.

  62. nyr13- yea, but then if u waive redden, you dont have to give up duby and maybe more for souray and cogs. i dont want either. cogs may have more upside, but hes still a small dude and we need size up front. we have too many small guys as it is. duby at least can drive the net and create a forecheck. he has done some of the dirty work that has given gabby and prospal the open lanes to get open and shoot from. i think you bury redden and thats it. dont even bother bringing him back up. next season give sangs and nigel williams or mconaugh a shot. i understand that right now, that would be a good trade. but if sather would just waive him we could make a better trade if he only would put aside his pride for making the mistake.

  63. ok, if we could trade redden and someone like lisin for ouray, then yea, but i still dont want to trade duby. not that long ago, he was the one of the major pieces in a potential deal for heatley!! now, were gonna settle for a smaller guy who has 5 goals this season? nah count me out., you can just as easily waive redden for free!!! keep all your assets if at all possible. watch souray come here and get hurt for the remainder of the season. its just not a trade that we would benifit from enough to make a decent run for the playoffs. waive redden for free, then package duby and girardi for a much better d man

  64. The thing with swapping Redden/Souray is that Edmonton has other teams that will take Souray, so there is no point for EDM to take Redden if they don’t get something of great value in return, which in my mind would be nothing less than Dubi/Girardi or a 1st round pick

  65. i agree with everyone assessment of dubi and cogs, but…dubi has already shown that he takes shifts and games off and has already held out and in my opinion has and enflated opinion of his worth at this point in his career. i think he will always be an underacheiver.

  66. yea nyrguy, vet d men are gonna be a hot commodity and souray will be had for someone better than redden. i saw it was now gonna be staios and cogs for duby or maybe cally. probably duby/girardi. both these deals do not help us this season. so if slats was smart, which he isnt, he would just waive redden. try to get as high a draft pick as possible and try again next year. were not winning a cup with souray instead of redden. its just not nearly good enough. the only way i would want souray here is if you can send redden and lisin or a bottom 6 forward plus maybe a low pick. and that wont happen

  67. Well Dolan’s at it again…come Sunday we might not have ABC! Not that I really watch it, and if I did, it would be online for free, but still…

  68. Blueshirt in Paris on

    didn’t we just bury Brashear in the AHL? And he still counts against the cap. Burying Redden would not even carry the cap hit and unlike a trade we would not have to take on additional cap hit except for who we bring up from AHL. Strange that they would not do that.

  69. I have 3 seats to the NY Rangers v. Buffalo Sabers game on Sunday, March 7, 2010. Come see Ryan Miller, our silver medal goalie!

    These are my season seats and are almost center ice. The section is 205, row C. They are awesome.

    E-mail me for price. I will not break up the three tickets, and am only selling them as a package. Please note that face value of each tickets is $108. My price is reasonable.

    My email is

  70. On the table, possibly, just for discussion. Not sure how reliable but isn’t this what the deadline is all about?

    1. Redden and Girardi for Souray and a pick. Could be another piece to this coming back, a forward.

    2. Another deal with Edmonton rumor: Redden, Dubinsky, Girardi and Sanguinetti going West for Souray, Cogliano and a prospect to be named later.

    3. The biggest stuff: two deals on are on the table. Dubinsky and Sanguinetti + a #2 pick to FLA for Horton and McCabe. And Girardi, Redden and Potter to EDM for Souray. Both could happen today (I guess they have to).

  71. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Hmmm, would have thought we would be looking at Dennis Seidenberg from Florida.

  72. Good Rangers hockey day. I think…

    To add to the discussion, I don’t want Souray, the reasons have already been stated, but whenever I’ve seen him, I’ve been underwhelmed. There are other options to getting rid of Redden’s contract, mainly burying him in HFD.

    Why is everyone so keen on dealing Dubinsky? Granted, he’s inconsistent, hasn’t put up the numbers we thought we thought he would, and did hold out (I blame Sather as much as Dubi for that), but can we take a step back and consider that he’s all of 23 and this is just his third year in the league? He’s never had the skill of a top flight player and is seems like everyone is expecting that of him, which is unfair. Instead, he’s got a little bit of everything- skill, speed, toughness, willingness to do the dirty work, etc- and yes, he needs to work on all of those to make himself a better and more consistent player. He also needs to add some maturity, which in turn will help him become a better player. To get rid of him now would be a mistake, IMHO.

    And the rumours of trading Cally? No way in hell that happens. Torts loves him too much and he’s too much of an important piece of this organization to get traded away for anything less than a superior offensive player.

  73. Good morning, heads! Finally, Rangers hockey day.

    MikeyM- expecting Redden to be sent to Hartford isn’t realistic as long as Sather is here. Therefore, if it has to be a trade, so be it. Souray isn’t what he used to be, but still has a cannon and still can be physical. If Redden’s contract is gone for good in that trade, I’d do it in a heartbeat. That shaves off 2 years of $6.5 mil and Souray’s contract is $1.1 mil per year of cap hit less than Redden’s

    In terms of Dubi. I know it’s an emotional thing for a lot of us to let him go. But the truth is that (you said it), he isn’t a first line center. Anisimov is better suited for a 2nd line center than Dubi. The third line center is taken by a pizza boy for a few years. Unless he moves to the wing, there is little value of keeping him.

  74. And I mentioned before, if Souray doesn’t play a single game for us, it’s already a good deal. Redden’s contract is gone and for $1.1 mil per year we can get a #6-7 dman. But if he plays, even with his fading skills and physicallity, we don’t have anyone at the moment with what he can offer.

    Larry Brooks has ingested the same addictive pill as anyone else. He thinks Drury is the answer to our playoff push:

  75. Forget about Carcillo. Shelley and Prust should match up on line against Richards and Carter. Put Avery also on that line . Then get the puck next to boards alongside Richards and have all 3 hit the puck and Richards at the same time.

  76. ilb, Oh I know Redden isn’t going to Hartford as long as Sather’s alive, it’s just wishful thinking. As far as Souray, yes he’s less years, less of a cap hit and more physical than Redden, and getting rid of Redden’s contract would be sweet; I just don’t like Souray on this team, even with the added physicality. It’s like saying you don’t have a certain disease, but instead, have another type of disease. You’re not going to like that you have either one, even if the symptons, side effects and cures are totally different.

    With Dubi, it’s simple- move him to the wing and leave him there. He adds to your top 6 or 9, depending on the rest of your roster, but helps alleviate the glut of centers (she said with tongue firmly planted in cheek). Plus, if needed, he can move up or move over to center. I just hate to see him go.

    And yes, I am attached to Dubi emotionally, so that is playing a LOT into what I am saying. Kinda like saying the Mets are going to move Murphy, lol. I love both players and find it hard to be objective about either of them, even though I know I should be.

  77. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    Any truth to the rumor that Girardi isn’t with the team in Ottawa?

  78. I’m Sorry, but for anyone who wants to see Rozy or Redden traded — you are gonna have to take a crap contract/underachiever back in the deal.

    In that case, you have to decide if the crap contract /underachiever is better then the ones we are shipping out … In Souray’s case …. he is. More Physical, Better Shot, Lower contract, Better Potential, Injury prone?? (then, that opens a space for a Hartford kid)

    Beggars cant be choosers when dealing with trading Rozy or Redden

  79. As far as Dubi goes i’ve wanted to trade him since the holdout, plus with AA looking Better and Better and Derek Stepan showing the world what he could potential bring as a playmaking Center … Dubi is expendable.

    We got to trade expendable players like this while they still have value (ex: waiting too long to trade Prucha). Every Rumor starts with a team wanting Dubinsky. I say make the move

  80. Wow getting attacked for saying the olympics were more exciting than the NYR and I should be banned for not being a true blue fan. Well I like to crank people up once in a while, but i’m not a rose colored glasses guy with my team. We are bad on a bad night a mediocre on a good night and the effort only comes and goes. I like the young D but worry that Hank/Gabby will be too old before this mess is cleaned up by somebody other than Sather. Now as far as me being banned, I spend my $ on season tickets for the last 18 yrs saw them on the road in LI.NJ Pitt LA Boston Philly Mntl,Detr over the years as well as a lot of other fans. Pissed I missed the old Chicago Stadium, but I pay for good hockey and we haven’t got it for a long time. You fans and me deserve a whole lot better. BTW I think Carp is great with this blog and is right on 90% pretty good.

  81. The trouble with us is that we take people to the penthouse and the out house in a blink.

    If Sather sells is he not confessing to his boss that his moves for this season were mostly ineffective? But if he buys than he concedes nothing and than if the king gets super nova hot, well sather can start licking his cigars.

  82. Even with the stating that Gabby would play tonight, I’d be VERY surprised if he did play. He did not look comfortable at all in the bronze medal game, either on the ice or on the bench.

    I like the idea of giving the start to Auld. It gets Hank one extra day of rest, plus Auld used to play for the Sens so there has to be a little extra motivation there.

  83. OK, so Hank must have lobbied for the start then,lol.

    Happy Bday to Hank, btw! He shares the day with my older sister :)

  84. With Voros and Lisin on waivers, you have to think that Ol’ Cigar puss is clearing room to take on some salary. Souray?

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