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That means Rangers.

They called up Corey Potter this morning, which means there is some doubt that Michael Del Zotto can play tomorrow in Ottawa. Or perhaps they know he can’t. I guess all the Olympians will have to play, since the roster is pretty thin. I’ve also lost track of which goalies are actually here. I think it’s just Lundqvist and Auld at the moment. Maybe Auld gets the first game and Lundqvist gets to refresh a bit.

And the trade deadline, as you all know, is Wednesday at 3 p.m. We’re planning a pretty major, hectic day here. Hope none of you will do any work that day, just as you did last year, and stay glued to the Boneheads Blog.


A word on the Olympics. This past week alone was an example of why the NHL needs to do this once every four years. People are talking hockey. They talked hockey all night on WFAN! People watched hockey (has anybody seen the overnight ratings anywhere?).

But remember this: The majority of NHL fans who matter reside in the U.S. and Canada, you know, where all the teams are. And for a week the possibility of a U.S.-Canada gold-medal game, and rematch, was on everyone’s mind. And it materialized. And it was a great game. I don’t know if the next Olympics, in Russia in 2014, with the time difference giving us games at odd hours, and with no guarantee the U.S. and Canada will even play one another, let alone meet for the gold, and without the Canadian hosts and the U.S. neighbors there, will be as gripping. I don’t think WFAN will be talking hockey if Sweden beats the Czechs for the gold in Russia on a Sunday morning in 2014.

What do you think?

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    They’re 8 hours ahead. So if they play a primetime game, it will be on during the late morning/early afternoon here. Not terrible. But any early games are lost.

  2. I agree Carp, in that instance no one would be talking much about it. It was just the stage and the teams that were playing on it that warranted everyone to talk about it.

    One of my notes on the Olympics is this, wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to see NHL games without commercial interruptions during the period? I loved it. Okay, so maybe they don’t do it during the regular season because they would lose money, but during the playoffs? Why not. Or even just during the Stanley Cup Finals? I don’t know exactly, but I do love that idea.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  3. Thanks, Richtersgirls. Those numbers are amazing!

    One Ranger, not going to happen for the following reasons: $$$.

    Good morning, Sally!

  4. Carp, I agree they probably would never do it, as I figured the money would be the reasoning. However, if they could just some how do it for the final? That would be awesome. The game has much more flow when there is no long delays and they just keep playing. I love it.

  5. The biggest snag that the newfound popularity of hockey would have is that there’ still 20 games or so left in the NHL season.

    And the NHL regular season isn’t nearly as captivating as a single elimination tournament nor are all the teams nearly as skilled.

    By the time the playoffs roll around, baseball season has started, March madness has already taken place, basketball playoffs are looming, so there’s a lot of higher profile events filling the void before the next stage of intense hockey even starts.

  6. Great tournament! great week great day and perfect ending for the hockey world….Free advertising for MR BETTMAN he has to be loving this right now…..overall i was disappointed with the OT result but this is great for the NHL


  7. Too bad they can’t cancel that ridiculous All Star game and have US vs Canada every year instead.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Ott resigned, Leopold deal official pending call to NHL.

    Things are starting to heat up.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    CT, they needed to push for the playoffs. They were still in contention and they really could use the extra (at least) two home gates.

    This year, they’re out, and so they can sell without reprocussion.

  10. if the price for whitney remains too rich for the kings, i could see them kicking the tires on prospal. maybe a prospal and girardi package?

    then again, i haven’t really heard anything, that’s just speculation.

  11. i think well end up with peter mueller from pheonix just because sather loves trading with maloney

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    No one is going to kick the tires of our players. Everyone knows Sather is looking to buy because he doesn’t know how to sell (see 2004 for failed attempt).

  13. I keep hearing the Rangers want Cogliano. Then there’s always Phoenix (Mueller) and Toronto (Poni and Exelby) who we seem to trade with a lot.

    I really think Rozsival (plus a pick “sweetener”) is gone to either Edmonton or Toronto.

    Girardi and Dubinsky might be trade sweeteners also but only to land a bigger-name player

  14. in case you ahd any doubts….that NBC knows how to televise a hockey gamed…….ye gads…how did you like the way they presented uh, reruns of the goals being scored? Especially the part where just at the moment of truth so to speak, that blooming NBC icon comes flashing over everything and completly bocks out any vision fo the actual play. And it happened all thru this brain dead airing of the telecast. Bettman…go find another job…West Virginia is looking for some moonshine promoters.

  15. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Wow Poor Dipietro

    I hate and always will hate the Fishsticks, but if he’s out again, I think his career might be over

    Such a shame for a once very promising USA goaltender

    So does Sather pull the Redden for Souray straight up trade, and just use Potter or MAybe Heikinen or Sangs for the last 20 games?

    If the Oilers are willing, I make that deal in a HEARTBEAT!
    Souray only has what 2 years left? And I really woudl care if we were getting back some of last years used sticks, to move Redden, you DO IT!

    Hell throw in a mid level prospect, or say PA parentau and and if they say yes make the deal

    Gonna be interestign to see what Whacky Uncle Geln does this time around, lets hope its his LAST YEAR as our GM

  16. Rozsival + Lisin + pick for Poni + Exelby

    Girardi + Sanguinetti for Mueller OR one of Horton/Weisse/Booth which would require a Dubi.

  17. I never knew how good of a player Kesler was, he really impressed me. Doughty is gonna be something also

  18. Kesler is what we hope Dubi could turn into.

    Doughty looks like he could be the best all around defenseman in the league in the not so distant future. I don’t know why NBC kept on salivating over Duncan Keith and gave very little mention of Doughty.

  19. Why in the hell did they play 4 on 4 in OT? Like the game 5 on 5 in regulation was so boring ? I know factually why they did it, but to play 4 on 4 in sudden death is just redonkulous.

    Will The Real J.D Please Stand Up Video ? Rangers/Caps 1/24/79

  20. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    whoops just realized that might be old news. why is that the first i have heard about it. Moving messes me all up…

  21. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    I’m with you Mouth…

    Dumbest thing changing the rules just because the contest wasn’t decided in reg.

    Right up there with shootouts in the World Cup.

    I had friends (who are NOT hockey fans) texting and calling me asking WTF is up with 4 on 4 in OT?

  22. Tank The Season on

    If Sather stupidly trades our 1st then Kaberle is ours.

    Why oh why can’t we sell hard?

  23. tank
    we will never be sellers, the only reason we were in 04 was everyone knew the lockout was coming and slats wanted to reload for the “new, more pansified skills competition” NHL. It will never happen again unless we are so far down in the standings people think we are an ECHL team!

  24. Duncan Keith is awesome, but so is Doughty, i thought he stood out in the tournament…
    Keith/Seabrook & Weber/Suter may be the 2 best pairs in NHL

  25. Surely the $11.5MM worth of the R&R boys is indicative of their value. Am I Right?

  26. If you buy out a guy’s contract, cough::REDDEN::cough, his cap hit is still for 2/3rd’s of his original cap hit, and for twice the amount of years left on the contract? Did i hear that right, EJ Hradek was talkin about it on NHL live, i feel like i misheard the 2/3rd’s part, is that really how it works? please tell me i have the 2/3rd’s part wrong pleeease

  27. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You heard right Rob M.

    *Wicky* what in particular about Boyle? You’re not the first one to say something about him the past 2 days.

  28. LI RangerFan on

    What incentive does DiPietro have to ever come back? His 15-year contract is GUARANTEED; there’s a clause that he still gets paid if he has to retire due to injury!!! Another genius move by the Isles owner – this is even more ridiculous than Yashin’s original contract.

  29. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Wicky, been good. just bought a house in a gated community. Been moving/ packing for a month it seems. bone tired… How are you? tired of the white stuff? Abolutely thorougly enjoyed the Winter Olympics. Was talking with a co-worker the other day and we were trying to think of just one summer event that was as entertaining as the winter events.
    yeah we didnt come up with one either.

  30. Your hearing is just fine Rob M. It’s a sad sad world that Glen has created for us.

  31. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    I couln’t help thinking that the phony, pulling the goaltender to reward a team for trailing “extra attacker” rule, which decided the NCAA championship when BC beat Miami, almost decided the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal game, as well, just a few months later. How sad that no rules committee has the GUTS to axe the “made for TV crowd titillation” cheapness of it all. And congratulations to Canada for overcoming the ultimate gimmick rule in sports and winning, anyhow. More substance and less fluff in the world, in everthing, not just sports, would be a welcome trend. And why don’t teams ever losing this way ever complain about the idiocy of it all? It’s ok to work your butt off to earn something, deserve it, and have it stripped from you in the name of “excitement?” Really? Not by me it isn’t and I hope I don’t live to see the Rangers win or lose a Stanley Cup Final this way.

  32. i like dan boyle alot, one play shouldnt make the guy hated, he shoudlnt have slewfooted semin, agreed, but the guys a great player and not a dirty player at all, he got frustrated and did something stupid, not the first hockey player or person in the world to do such a thing
    Also u guys r makin it like he slewfooted callahan or somethin, he slewfooted Semin, a player on the Russian team.. i could understand CCCP hatin boyle now

  33. I think 4v4 OT in the olympics is garbage. I personally think that the US would have won if it was 5v5.

  34. First of all, I will be watching every game in Russia. That’s what tivo is for. It can’t be any worse than scheduling games at midnight EST at these Olympics — had to tivo those too and watch in the a.m. Whatever — it’s the best hockey tournament in the world every 4 years — no complaints. And if it’s Slovakia vs. Sweden next time, I’ll be hoping at least two Rangers will be starring. If the NHL does a good job marketing, the people will come.

  35. WOW the _Baseball_ fan doesn’t like something exciting in sport!?!?


  36. Do we really have to go back to Rangers hockey after the great tournament we just saw? It’ll be such a letdown.

  37. “And the trade deadline, as you all know, is Wednesday at 3 p.m.”

    Thank the heavens. The Rangers need to experience a marked employee turnover, i.e. heads need to roll. They need to reduce salaries while streamlining and improving processes in an effort to achieve organizational goals…or just hockey goals.

  38. “I’m crazy, I like to party, and when I’m drunk, I do a great impression of Boris Yeltsin,” he said.


    Is there any other way to do an impression of Yelstin?

  39. How can they outlaw pulling the goalie? A team can start the game with 6 skaters and 0 goalie if they want, there is no rule against it. You can’t outlaw strategy

  40. Wow that was one of the worst posts i’ve ever read, pulling the goalie a “gimmick rule”??? r u kidding? theres NOBODY GUARDING THE NET, ITS A FREE SHOT AT A GOAL. it is a great rule and should never be taken away or changed. As is with just about anything, when pulling the goalie, there is a risk, and a possible reward, its a gamble, and you take that chance at your own risk. the way that posts was written u would think the rule let u keep ur goalie in the net and add an extra skater, and i dont think this rule was created for “excitement and titillation”. It was created bc it is FAIR and it brings yet another aspect of STRATEGY into the sport, i love it. I bet games werent even being televised yet when this rule was established, they probably were still on the radio, so NO this is NOT a made for tv rule, stick to baseball guy

  41. CCCP: The Russian Jersey Shore is going to hillarious. The funny thing is that it’s so typical Russian to take a concept somebody else created and put their own twist on it.

  42. By the way, I think if the NHL adopted the (1) No touch icing and (2) Suspended andyone who fight the game would be much more entertaining and fun to watch.

  43. How is pulling the goalie different than sending a full blitz or attempting an on-side kick in football or a full court press in basketball? Or the over-shift defense against lefty pull hitters in baseball. How about a bunt and squeeze play in baseball?

    You act aggressive and hope to overload one particular part of the playing field to either prevent or enhance your chances of scoring/defending. You can get burned if the other team makes a quick enough adjustment.

  44. suspending anyone who fights? boo that
    And i love the “touch” icing, or the way the NHL currently is, i hated watching olympic games with no races to beat out icing, only negative is when people make blatant checks on those icing races for the puck, but they just need strict/harsh penalties/consequences/suspensions for offenders and it will be fine

  45. bull dog line on

    watching all the young defencemen in the olympics makes you realize how overrated Marc Staal is. he is nowhere near as good as any of the guys that played for the USA, and Canada.
    4 on 4 made it a whole different game, stupid rule!

  46. Hockey is a much better game when people are skating all out and hitting the way they do at the olympics. Having fighting in the sport takes away from the full potential of the sport.

    FYI: Just because there are suspensions for fighting it doesn’t mean there will be no fighting at all. There will be an occasional scrap but the sport will benefit in that (1) there will be more skilled players on rosters and more scoring (2) fights that will occur will be much better and more entertaining.

  47. true
    Never been a big fan of his, but hte slew foot was horrible, and then the non singing of the anthem just put me personally over the edge with him!!!! Slew footing someone is the absolute lowest thing you can ever do to another player in my book, i’ll take elbows over those any day. Slews are just so premeditated and deliberate, it isn’t even funny!

    Not nearly enough of it (just ask ilb). Been one of the worst “snow” winters here in a while (as in lack of). Haven’t had the snowmobile out more than twice. Congrats on the move! No way the summer olys even come close!

    are you trying to pansify the game even more??? Bad ideas!

  48. wicky: it’s actually quiet the opposite. Not having fighting in the games will make the hitting that much more exciting and improve the quality of the games. It’s more mental than anything.

  49. I like No touch icing, BUT you can make it so the icing will be waved off if the icing team is closer to the puck when it crosses the line…probably only happen once in a while, but would be a cool element to add if you were going to adopt that rule

  50. fighters hav already basically been just about eliminated from the game, rosters are already dominated by players with skill, teams usually only hav 1 goon if any that cant really play and is just out there to fight now a days, alot of guys that fight now are decent hockey players and good fighters just not really heavyweigths, i dont think that woudl improve the game at all, it would just make fighting happen less often and im not down with that, i think its fine where its at
    u make it as if players arent skating all out and hitting hard in NHL games, which is far from the truth

  51. Carp,

    I know Gabby played, but he didn’t really look too comfortable and his skating seemed weak and tentative at times — to me. Just wondered if there had been any more word on his actual status, not his “last game of the Olympics” status.

  52. bull dog who else in the 1st round of that draft class would you have rather they drafted (keeping in mind players that were available)? There’s a couple of players that were drafted after the 1st that could have helped, like James Neal and Paul Stastny, but most years the draft is a crap shoot after the top 5 or 10 picks.

    Is he a Norris candidate, no. But sometimes you have to go with what’s available. Compared to some of the other dead wood on the blueline, I’m far less concerned with Staal than other people taking up nearly 20% of the team’s cap hit.

  53. Still dont believe Marc Staal is overrated, just got riciulously hyped up by rangers fans who want him to turn into a combination of bobby orr/jeff beukeboom in the matter of 2 years.. he continues to progress and is going to be a great defenseman in the league for a long time, there obviously are young defenseman who r better than him at this point but that doesnt make staal overrated
    Doughty & Bogosian are just freaks and Duncan Seabrook Jack Johnson Suter are all great young d-men too, just bc theyre all great and were in the olympics doesnt mean Marc Staal isnt, people expect too much too fast in New York, shocking right

  54. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    I jsut saw an articel with Kotalik and Higgins’ name sin it

    Did anyon eelse other than me forget they were ever even on the Rnagers?

    Maybe its my brain deleting useless information?

    Sather ONLY motivation, if he was any kind of a decent Gm would be to Unload Redden’s contract in any way shape or form.
    That shoudl be the ONLY move we make, and honestly whatever or whoever has to go with him in a deal, except the untouchables, you include and send him on his way.

    Between our RFA and UFA at the end of this season, and you know there not all getting resigned, theres goign to be about $13 mil in cap room freed up, add redden’s $6 mil, and you have a hell of alot to work with for the NEW GM who takes over when SAther dies or retires at the end of this season GOD WILLING!!

    Im jsut afraid to read what moves he makes before Wed

  55. Vitaly, I agree with you, but I would make the suspention for “sole intent to fight” In other words, guys who come on the ice JUST to drop their gloves. There is no place for them in hockey. Guys who fight after a scuffle, I have no problem with. The Orrs, Brashears and other no talent hockey players need to go.

    I’m ok with touch icing, as every few games someone’s hustle beats out the icing and leads to a scoring chance or goal. No problem with that.

    Also, get rid of 4×4 and skills competition. 80 years of ties in hockey and nobody complained. Has interest gone up one iota because of shootouts?

  56. The Rangers should sell, but they won’t. They need to build their team like Pittsburgh, Chicago and Washington. So, considering they won’t sell, what is the best we can hope for on trade day?

  57. about the ratings and talk about the gold medal game- this morning on my commute to work, every station was talking about it at one point. the hard rock station has 2 male and 1 female dj and both guys were like” yea that game was great, but only because it was usa-canada. any other regular season game is just awful to watch on tv. then the girl chimed in and was like,” i actually like watching hockey”. the other guys agreed about it being fun to see live, but rather watch baseball on tv. i said what?? the girl said the same thing at the same time as me! she was saying, guys, baseball takes forever!! and is the worst sport to watch on tv!! anyway, it was a big hit here in iowa surprisingly. most of teh stations were talkin about that game for the most part and little bits and pieces of the closing ceremonies being retarded and goofy with shatner. but yea, point is, ive gotten a bunch of people at work to start watching some games when we hang out. most of them just dont get the rules, so they lose interest, so i said, just watch, the hitting, the scoring, the goaltending, just watch and you’ll start to appreciate the skill that goes into it. i got a few converts so far.

    oh and hedberg, great post last thread about neil young!! i agree

  58. doodie- i know drury is not liked here, but cmon, why would you hate him more for winning the gold for us?? because he cant do it in ny? i agree to that, but cmon cocky doodie you really wouldnt be happy as a pig in doodie if he scored the gwg??

  59. bad news from directv. I just talked to them and their rep said it is not likely they will have any agreement this season with Versus. iow, the playoffs will be out of reach for millions of people. and don’t forget, they have 2 games in the cup finals series too.

    thanks, Bettman

  60. yea and actually, to whoever posted marc staal is overrated after watching the olympics, thats not a fair assessment. first off, we saw drury play at a much higher level for part of that tourney than he has played here. its much different playing in the olympics for your country than playing a regular season game with a bum as a d partner. staal wouldve aquitted himself well and he wouldve been the 2nd pair d man on the us olympic team and first on most of the others. loom at russia. theyre d was horrible except for gonchar. he had major adjustment issues to the new style when torts took over. he is playing much bettre and is having his best offensive season so far. he does need to start puttin on ome muscle and use that size to start hitting much harder. he is very good d man in his own zone and will be a stay at home d man that can shut down top fwd units. he just needs to get angry and start playing like eric more. hes strong on teh puck, and has amazing poise and control under pressure. hes got the tools. he will be a great d man for us.

  61. ohh yea and the guys on teh radio this mornin were also makin fun of versus and it was hilarious. they said the same thing, about who even gets that channel? and they called it some hilarious name that had somethin to do withg deer heads and fly fishing. idk remeber but it was hysterical. they were raggin on nhl so bad for putting it on that channel.

  62. NY’s Billy Joel for Canada’s Neil Young now that would be the trade i’m looking for, bonus plus parked cars in New York would be safer. Fire Sather after Wed no matter what the idiot does. Hire Schonny

  63. the night man on

    Anybody else see the back page of the Daily News today and think that Crosby looks like a donkey?

  64. does anyone think souray for redden will actually happen? i dont
    has it been rumored anywhere online or is this just fantasyland talk by rangers fans???

  65. WFAN makes me sick no matter what they’re TRYING to talk about.. Joe B is a sellout and Mike F is a Hack.

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