Tale of the Tape, Canada vs. USA


From the NHL:


VANCOUVER (Feb. 27, 2010) — On Sunday, February 28, Canada and the U.S. will meet for the second time in eight years in the men’s Olympic hockey final.  The puck drops at 3:15 p.m. ET/12:15 p.m. PT.   Here’s a closer look at the opponents — a game which features the NHL’s brightest stars on the world’s largest hockey stage.

Avg. Height        74.1″ (6’2″)        72.7″ (6’½”)
Avg. Weight        208.6 lbs.        203.7 lbs.
Avg. Age            28.0                 27.0
GP (skaters)       11,155           7,602
Goals (skaters)     3,148           1,609
Assists (skaters)    5,284          2,765
Points (skaters)        8,432        4,374
Hat Tricks               47               13
Stanley Cups           14              7


Height        6’3″                              6’2″
Weight        207 lbs.                    174 lbs.
Age            30                                29
Hometown    Montreal, Que.      East Lansing, Mich.
GP               596                         316
Wins            261                         176
Shutouts        51                         17
GAA           2.55                         2.58
Save Pct.    .919                       .914

* The average age of both rosters combined (27.5 — Canada 28.0, USA 27.0) is younger than that of the NHL League-wide (27.6)
* 70% of the players on both rosters are under 30 (32 of 46)
* 90% of the players on both rosters are under 35 (41 of 46)
* There are eight players aged 23 and under (Drew Doughty, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Erik Johnson, Phil Kessel, Sidney Crosby, Bobby Ryan, Jack Johnson), all of whom were picked among the top five their respective draft years (Crosby-Ryan-J. Johnson went 1-2-3 in 2005; E. Johnson, Toews and Kessel went 1-3-5 in 2006; Kane went 1st in 2007 and Doughty went 2nd in 2008)
* Only one player on the Team USA roster ranks among the top 50 U.S.-born players for career NHL games (captain Jamie Langenbrunner is 37th with 945)
* There are only three Team USA players among the top 150 U.S.-born players for career NHL games (Langenbrunner, Chris Drury, Brian Rafalski)
* The average age of the gold medal finalists from the USA and Canada at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City was 31.55 (USA 31.7, Canada 31.4)

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    February 28th, 2010 at 9:52 am
    I wonder how is that possible that 3 out of 4 refs assigned for gold medal game between USA and Canada are in fact Canadiens??? 4th “zebra” from Finland. Unbelievable.


  2. billybleedsblue on

    From NHL.com:

    NHL referees Bill McCreary and Dan O’Halloran, both of Canada, have been assigned to work Sunday’s Olympic gold-medal game between Canada and the United States.

    It will be the second Canada-USA gold-medal game for McCreary, who worked the 2002 title game in Salt Lake City. McCreary also worked the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan. He is retiring from the NHL after this season.

    NHL linesman Jean Morin, also of Canada, will work the game with Finland’s Stefan Fonselius.

    Two other NHL referees, Paul Devorski and Brad Watson, will work Saturday night’s bronze-medal game between Finland and Slovakia. The linesmen will be Petr Blumel of the Czech Republic and Yuri Oskirko of Russia.

  3. Good morning, everyone! Greetings from absolutely amazing Big Sky, Montana.

    Let’s go Ryans!! USA! USA! USA!

    Interesting stats. Canada is more imposing physically, has more goals etc. None of those stats are relevant. Because they do not include the measurements of their hearts. That’s what it will come down to.

  4. Best of both worlds for me. Canada vs US for the gold at 3:00 in HD followed by Suffern vs Lakeland/Panas at West Point in person at 6:30. Go USA and Go Mounties.

  5. PS For those of you out of the area, the Suffern/Lakeland game is for the Section 1 championship and a berth in the state quarterfinals.

  6. Will do some skiing, it’s 9:00 am here. By the time I’m done, the game will be over. I’ll watch it later. No spoiling it for me! So I’ll see you all after the game. Let’s go USA!

  7. Kaberle willing to waive his no trade clase to come to NY RAngers.

    Toronto wants Cally
    Sather wants Burke to take Redden in any deal.

    Read it two places

    insidepittsburghsprots was one of them


  8. Kozlov’s a UFA at year’s end so this might be an ok medium price rental for the Rangers.

    I’d do a prospect the Rangers have no interest in retaining anyways (Byers, Sauer, Heikkenen?) and force them to take some bubble guy off the roster like a Voros or even Girardi for Kozlov AND like a 3rd rounder.


  9. Gaborik played.

    I don’t care if Callahan doesn’t score 35 30 or 25 goals a year I think the Ranegers should keep him. He works hard every shift. No reason to lose him.

  10. Hi all!

    Was really pulling for Slovakia last night, but alas, the cards dind’t fall right. Hope Gabby turns out ok and that he was just sore.

    Cannot wait until 3pm. Thankfully I have filing and tax prep work to do until then, lol.

  11. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wow, if the Rangers are so dumb as to get a 24 game rental for a guy like Dubinsky or Callahan I think i might stop following hockey (if Sather doesn’t get fired for it). Seriously? The team will lose in the first round. Why are you all trying to aquire players? Dump Prospal, Dump Olli, and package them with dead weight in order to get decent prospects or a real horse who will extend a contract for a reasonable price.

  12. I don’t think anyone said get him for Callahan. The Callahan rumor has to do with Toronto I thought. Anyway he said he will waive his clause for a contender so no worries he isn’t coming to the Rangers.

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sorry if my comment seemed pointed at you, it’s directed at Sather and Rangers fans whom I have heard (and there are still many of them) pushing to get players in order to “make a playoff push.” I mean, some years its just not worth it. This is one of those years, unfortunately. Maybe they can use the guys up front (Olli and Prospal, in particular) who will be moveable in order to unload a Drury and a Redden? or a Rozi and a Redden? Now those moves would make a great Black History month even better.

  14. I don’t think Cally’s going anywhere. Too essential to the franchise. Burke would have to give up Kadri or D’Amigo (from Team USA juniors) as a starting point.

    Gabby did well last night considering he’s not 100%. Best we can hope is he pulls a Plaxico Burress during the Giants Super Bowl year;…..no, not guns, he just misses all the practices to rest.

  15. Ah True fans I didn’t think you were pointing at me I was just responding.

    I don’t know if Redden will be moved. It’s more likely to be Roszival since he is younger and cheaper.

  16. Im just reporting what I read

    I think 99.9% of the NYR fans on this blog know exactly what needs to be done, and that we should NOT be buyers before tomorrow.

    Will sather do that and sell? – Of course not

    Will he buy to squeeze into the playoffs? – of course he will

    Will he trade away a homegrown talent to try and move Redden and his albatross contract? – Of course he will

    I have a feeling alot of us are NOT goign to be happy once the trade deadline is over

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Poor Gaborik , Hurts his groin and gets nothing to show for it.

    Alot of hate going on between countries. Im hearing American bash Canadians and Canadians Bashing the Americans ( on the Xbox live that is) It doent matter who wins , SOMEONE is going to full of fury and another , full of fire.
    I respect American’s for playing awsome hockey. I just can’t see team USA winning this one. It would be , a mircle on ice.

  18. 3 ways USA wins 1)plays physical 2)Miller must be A+ 3) can’t just be Rafalski who scores; that means you Patrick Kane, Paul Stastny and Ryan Malone all need to have big games and be a threat.

    I don’t think Sather’s going to do anything too crazy. We’ll probably see some prospects the Rangers are nearly done with like Byers, Sauer, and even Heikkenen moved along with some combo of Girardi/Sangs/Lisin/Voros.

  19. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    good morning from 4 hours from Big Sky Montana!! (love the ilbzo, :MFAO)

    Is there a hockey game today???

  20. Anybody on the blog have bbm? I’m collecting contacts to send me updates in case of emergency! Wicked better be good thats all I can say! Though I have a funny feeling my enjoyment of this show will depend on how the hockey game is going . . .

  21. Good afternoon all! It’s go-ld medal time!

    we’re shorter, skinner and younger, but we have heart! right on ilb!

    Jorek, don’t you have a show to get to??

  22. Well since we are gonna skip Warren we are driving instead of taking the show which means I have 30 min before I leave now

  23. It doesn’t make noise and yes I meant the train.

    Nasty is sending Meg updates. I have a friend sending me txts but I don’t know if she will remember. And I have another friend sending bbm but sometimes his service goes out. And you right? :-)

  24. Jorek-As bad as it is, I think the Rangers are pretty much done with Sauer.

    Reasons being that Torts doesn’t seem to be a fan of his game with his lack of offense(sent to Hartford after first preseason game this year and the way he was not recalled after his three game stint last year) and that he’s injured again and has injury problems.

    I think with guys like Kundratek, McDonnaugh, and if he’s still here Sanguinetti, the ship has sailed for Sauer and he will be packaged or stuck in the minors. Very sad, I really liked him too.

  25. As much as I am asking for updates I prob will not check until intermission (or half time which is what I almost called it). Just hope its all good.

  26. I always liked Sauer. I hope he gets another chance. You know as much as offense rocks sometimes you need a d-man who you can count on to stay home and protect. You know those stupid odd man rushes and breakaways. Thats when a guy like Sauer (and what Staal should be) is needed.

  27. I know dude, I liked him too. The problem is there can only be 6 and Staal and Del Z are there, Gilroy is a pretty good guarantee to be there, and one or two of the RnR idiots so that leaves room for maybe one or two in the next 2-3 years between Sangs, MacD, Kundratek, random UFA and the longshots like Klassen, Maggio, Gaulton and whoever they draft so Sauer, Potter, and probably Heikkenen seem to be on the way out.

  28. Ah I see.
    No Girardi in your future d-man lineup? last year he was golden now everyone wants him gone.

    P.S. I’m a duddette

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What does Sam Rosen have to do with Brian Burke, Lw? What’s the movie actually titled?

  30. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Yea, Orr. You’re not the only one who would trade Cally for someone who would help now… I think it’s a bad idea. oh well.

  31. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Last night they said Gaborik has to play 4 game in 8 days and is playing on 1 leg. He sacrificed our season for a medal!!?? Sure hope Gaborik is ok.

  32. How is it allowed for 3 refs to be Canadian? In any sport, the refs should be from diff countries

    And don’t give me this “refs are too proud to favor one side” thats carp…we all know it, they’re humans

  33. Cally is not going anywhere…just because teams say they want him doesn’t mean he is being traded

  34. ddebened – Damn, what have you got me started on now?

    I like Ales Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Bit of a stretch (and hardly topical), but how about Bull Durham > Pull Dunham?

    And if you extend it to non-Rangers…just skimming the first few you can get Amores Parros and Peverley Hills Cop.

  35. Jurcina looked in the Olympics, can be had for a mid-round pick or lower-level prospect and is FA after the year, and he’s big.

    Steve Mason called him a beast…why not try to acquire him if u want some depth on the blueline?

  36. lol

    Jack Johnson: “Quite frankly, if we win a gold medal I think we’ll walk to wherever we have to go.”

  37. orr-resign yourself to a silver medal. it helps to not put any hope into these events. it makes you age faster than you should. for people who make millions of dollars to play a game they love, i dont get too upset if they lose. ok ok im lying, but thats what im telling myself

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    USA has a great shot at winning today. It may come down to a shoot out…that would be sick!!!!

  39. MikeA,
    on Saur, or any of the prospect DMEN. there will be room by next season, the Rangers will eat Reddens contract after this season, and try to trade Roszival at the deadline, or in the off season. if they can’t trade him they will eat his contract as well. they will not be tied up by those 2 players after this season.

  40. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on


    #NYRangers Michael Del Zotto, who had 50 stitches removed this morning, happy with his lengthy skate, not sure whether he’ll play Tuesday. about 2 hours ago via web

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