It’s Go(ld) time!


Thanks to Blogmama for the title. And thanks to NYRGuy for the link on the last thread to that unbelievable story that the NHLPA booked Team USA players for Sunday morning flights.

I am so jealous that I can’t watch this game live. Hope youse all enjoy. Don’t tell me the score.

Anybody want to predict a score (beforehand). My heart is saying USA, but my brain (poorly-functioning as it may be) is saying Canada. I’ll go with 5-4.  

By the way,  I don’t mind having two Canadian referees as much as I mind having one of them be Bill McCreary. Worst big-game ref, and he gets all the big games.

Is anybody counting Edzos today? Maybe they’ll keep Pierre’s microphone off like they did in the other US-Canada game. 

Does anybody think Captain Clutch might actually score the gold-medal winning goal to add to his legacy? That would trump LL World Series/Hobey Baker, wouldn’t it? Would it top Stanley Cup champion?

/peels out in Clutchmobile (sorry CC).

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  1. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on



    #NYRangers Michael Del Zotto, who had 50 stitches removed this morning, happy with his lengthy skate, not sure whether he’ll play Tuesday. about 2 hours ago via web

  2. My lord can you imagine if Drury scores the GWG? We’ll never hear the end of it.

    STFU CHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is old fool, while a Canadien, is a Bostonian through and through. He is one of the most obnoxious people to ever exist.

  4. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    Ryan Miller has been sensational all tournament, why would he NOT be today??

  5. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    JB, TPCH might be on the Canadian telecast of the game! we might be free!

  6. Payback for Salt Lake, let’s do it. Crosby has zero points in two games yet he gets the camera time?

  7. I say it all the time but McCreary hates the Rangers since Richter semi-body slammed him into the glass after the Devils tied it in Game 7 in 1994. Hope he doesn’t think the Ranger-like USA jerseys are the actual Rangers today.

  8. CT, someone behind the camera likes his lips :)

    OK, I don’t want to miss a second. See you at intermission.

    Carp, if you don’t want to know the score, you’ll have to stay away from here :(

  9. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    THANK YOU GOD for the horribleness that is McCreary retiring at the end of the season.

  10. CT … I’m not disagreeing with you, but he’s been stinking in games involving the Rangers longer than that.

    Mama, I was just kidding. I was going to ask you guys not to talk about the game at all. LOL.

  11. BILL MCCREARY is retiring after this season!!!!

    The scumbag of all scumbag referees will be gone!!!

  12. Canada hasn’t had to dela with a forececheck like this since the last US game. US was the only other team in the tournament that can match Canada’s physical style.

  13. orr, that was a damn good period for us. what r u talkin about. we got mini me’s out there against giants. its hard when kane,cally,parise,brown,kessel drury are all under 6 feet. theyre tryin though. and what langenbrunner is 5’10”?? they are lucky its only 1-0

  14. they played fine, but Eric Johnson, who has had a very good tourney, made a bad mistake. Parise was wide open up the left boards, but Johnson made a dumb pass in front of his own net to Rafalski who had 2 guys on him

  15. Cally could have had a breakaway earlier, but couldn’t control the puck.

    They need to stop this useless brash*t they’re doing. What’s the point of gaining the zone, and right away, just throw it to the net ? What’s that gonna do ? Luongo isn’t Vally, he’s on of the top goalies in the league, you’re not gonna score like that. At the very least, wait until you get someone to the net who can pop in a rebound, or just wait for the screen.

  16. orr- cally wouldne make any olympic team but usa’s. hes not a goal scorer. hes lucky that he works like a horse or hed be where duby is now. him and dru were picked solely for pk duty and an enrgy line. hes goin against huge d men and its much harder than a regular nhl team. its a freakin all star team., we have some good players but cmon, its just amazing we made it this far

  17. orr- i know ur young, and wanna see more from the u.s. team, but we actually did pretty good in that period. we hit hard, we killed off the penalty, we got some forechecking. we dont have skill guys with ize that can continously get scoring chances like canada. we have ryan,backes,kesler, who can go hard to the net but look at the rest, theyre midgets. its gonna be point shot deflections,pp goals that were gonna most likely score on.

  18. Effin internet giving me problems today. OF ALL DAYS!

    Cally really would be a monster if he was over 6′

  19. I know what Cally is meant for, along with Drury.

    It’s not amazing that we got this far, at least in my opinion. This is a damn good team. We can win Gold. They just need to get their brash*t together this period.

    They can win. They’re good enough, and they already proved it.

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , Mike USA did do great I thought.

    Great game so far!!!

  21. They have to screen Lu – get some deflections. That’s the only way they’re gonna get one past him.

  22. Linda, OK, just wanted to make sure….oddly quiet here. Maybe folks are at Edzo drinking parties.

    and eff!!! now I really don’t feel good. Hang tough Miller!

  23. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    if that was in front of canadas net the whistle would’ve blown after two seconds

  24. Ryan Malone is playing his ass off. Never thought much of him in Pitt. Lovin his game. Luongo can be beat got to keep the pressure on him

  25. That’s not reviewable either-too many men on the bench. NBC continues to have awful announcers

  26. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    Ok guys, get ready for the Clutchness that is Drury in the 3rd! He will do something HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE for the USA

    and grabby, you are soooo right lmao!

  27. talk about an America-hating network. they pay no attentiuon to the offsides unless the USA scores. then Eddie O is a pri– about it

    how about the too many men right adfter that as canada kept thepuck in witha guy going into the bench

  28. Grabby, you gotta get to NY for the Report meet up :)

    Is Sally with fleshy people again? Linda, I asked on FB, you gotta give me your dates again so I mark them and I’m around!!!

  29. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    my friend the caps fans said he’s waiting for drury to hit a walk off homer!!!

    LETS GO CAPTAIN CLUTCH, add to the legacy!

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    If Drury has anything to do with the GWG , I’ll be on his back till the remander of the season for him to help us (The Rangers) out!!!! He clutchies Colorado then goes Clutch-chickaWaWa ‘s in Bufflao..then Clutches gold for usa . Drury is making money , Ranger green backs…this guy BETTER produce in our playoff drive or ill label him the biggest Bust of Rangers ALLTIME crap signings.

  31. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    sally is on a retreat this weekend.

    i’ll be in ny on May 19th. the man has to fly home that sunday morning, so Warren on Friday the 21st looks to be it!

  32. USA positives this tourney-Miller,Raf,Suter,Malone,Cally,Orpik,Jack Johnson,Zach,Cherry Hill boy, and excellent shifts and rollin the lines. Jamie been quiet,Kane streaky,E.johnson paniced on 1st goal.
    Canada positives-Marlau,Morrow,Perry,Niedimier,Weber a lot of smaller names. Quiet tourny from Richards,Pronger,Stall,Thorton,Crosby just ok,goalies again just ok.
    US keep the heat on and Luongo’s going to choke and the Canucks grabbing the stick too tight. I’m a believer.

  33. Nah DDE

    I’ll take either or I’ll cut the guy a break if he has ANYTHING to do with them winning the gold.

  34. I want a slow motion, second-guess, analysis replay of EVERY canadian entry into the offensive zone in the game. then we will see even handed treatment.

  35. If Drury scores the tying/winning goal, I’ll buy a jersey with the name Drury and #23 on the back.

    [That is, a soccer jersey, by the way.]

  36. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    drury time, drury time across the USA, drury time drury time hey hey hey!!

  37. Linda, that Friday is in ink on my calendar! Even if there’s no Ranger hockey then (sob) you have to get to warren! we’ll talk about the rest of the the trip via e-mail….

    This is gonna be a really long next 20 minutes…..

  38. >>Quiet tourny from…Thorton…

    Isn’t “Jumbo Joe” always quiet when the games really count?

  39. babs- im not goin anywhere for awhile. i get my kid for 2 weeks vacation a year, but i planned on taking her to disney. so if i come to n, i wouldnt bring her just because shes starting preschool and i would have to sacrifice my visitation to go there. i will come out probably in a year or so maybe. sucks i know i wanted to come out this may, but its not lookin good. if things fall in place just right, financially, and other things i might for a few days.

  40. Im so used to LQ playing so deep in his net. Miller makes me sooooooooooo nervous playing so far out LOL

  41. Tank The Season on

    Anyone heard this rumor?

    Apparently Callahan Girardi and a pick for Kaberle and Ponikarovsky?

  42. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    “ALL THAT IS CLUTCH” needs to be on the ice for a shift or two in order to work his magic

  43. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    wilson saved drury for the last 10 minutes of the game… omg i’m gonna be sick!

  44. Miller is probably really unhappy, but he should be proud. This was an amazingly tight game and nobody expected anything, much less a silver. (and nobody predicted this score). I am proud to have routed for our team, and I think they did good! GO USA!

    and keep in mind, we lost the gold but USA v. Canada is still a tie! and we scored more goals against them, so there!

  45. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    picked to finish 5th? too small, not talented enough…

    Silver Medal

    not too shabby!

  46. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on


    HOLY FIRETRUCKIN SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  48. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on


    my cat just lost a life!!

  49. Itold you Luongo is a FISH. Overtime win baby. How about KANER with the winner. I am a believer! Stop with the negative

  50. great comeback. now it’s a real success no matter how this comes out. but I predict a gwg by Parise or Langenbrunner

  51. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    me too grabby… the whole silver medal thing WORKED!!!

    PARISE BABY!!! ( until after the game at least)

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OH NO , were screwed!!! Could be a sh sh shoot out!!???

  53. Come on boys – get the next one
    Kane has looked good all game (except for that awful turnover). He’s got jump in his step. I think he gets it.

  54. F your reverse psycologogy and what’s with the Silver not bad with 40 sec left. Are you guys whho walk out of a game early to beat the traffic. Pressure on Canada, play your game all we had to do was stay close, better goalie Luongo going to apple and it’s going to be a softy.

  55. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hope you guys know , yer root N fer the enemy in Jamie L and Parise. These guys are buddies with fatty marty. BTW , I laughed too when he lost us the game. I said he should retire. Dam Devils!!! They haunt ya even in yer Olympic dreams. I..I…I can’t believe it!!!

  56. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    BOOOOOOOOO Devils players!~!!!!!!!!! Hope they all goto HELL…umm , can I say rot in hell Carp?

  57. With 3 seconds left in Overtime, Captain Clutch Chris Drury will score the clutchest goal in the history of clutch.

  58. hedberg, i didnt change my channel dude. so whats with the comments about leaving games early to beat traffic? i said that because usually, whever i say its over, or something like that, it ends up being the oposite., calm down you dont know me and instead of saying”you guys, why didnt u just sat grabachev? nobody else said it but me.

  59. How’s about the D of Johnson n Johnson,Suter,Orpick, and Rafalski, they should have taken Green instead of that orange cone Pronger. Green would scare me in OT

  60. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    i feel sorry for those who go through life without a sense of humor Laurel.

  61. GWG and Linda nice senses of humor saying were done, 2 of a kind who beat a royal flush now there’s my sense of humor

  62. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    USA could have won and the way I look at it …BOTH teams are winners. Tough game guys . I really do like team usa.

  63. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    what a totally amazing tournament! we’ve seen some great hockey here guys and gals, what an honor to have seen it!

    Ryan Miller, you have amazed me for two weeks, I can’t dislike him anymore.

    We should be proud of our Team USA. A lot of these guys will be our core Olympians in 4 years( you know we’ll go). They showed a lot to a lot of people.

  64. had work to do but
    couldn’t bear to watch either………would be throwing more curses out than ORR!! would if someone dissed Ms. Megan Fox.

    been reading the comments for updates. thanks!

    let’s see.
    Canada makes sure that the rink is NHL size not international size so it doesn’t have to actually show some skating skills.

    bring NHL refs who are subservient to colon and buttman who get brown nosed by ms. cindy.

    what a perfect storm!
    yeah, i’m cranky now.

  65. Of course, not surprising that Crosby wins it.

    When it comes to being handed things, he tops the list.

    Almost as if he was a Bostonian.

  66. Onecup, I am with you. OY! Jim, I’m also with you “team USA did a great job. very much a success. I’m proud of them all”

    I am leaving here bummed but not unhappy. GOOD JOB USA and Miller!

  67. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!!! on

    ya know Mako, now they KNOW they can do it. the core will have the fire for this in 2014.

    I am sure they are disappointed now because they were soooooooo close, but they did themselves, each other, and our country proud! In time they will come to take pride in their accomplishment, and will have that burning fire inside to do it in 2014

  68. Now we’re going to spend the rest of the NHL season listening to Chico & Emrick pontificate about FATSO’s Gold Medal. Can it get any worse?!!

  69. Sucks that Crosby had to be the hero. This guy does nothing this past week and now he’s gonna get all the press.

    Regardless, great job USA!

  70. Look at how far forward that scumbag Tim Thomas stepped.

    Everyone else kept in the line and looked upset.

    The scumbag Tim had to step forward and smile.

  71. The good news is, I won’t have to hear about another “Miracle on ice” from the American press.

  72. hey JBytes

    isn’t there some hog dog lips fan site you should be at right now?
    a place where they pontificate and write poems to how thick the cindy’s lips and…

  73. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Showdown in Vancouver!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thanks ddebened !!!!

    Mike , Having Parise score of all people really burns me. If Gaborik scored on canada , I’d NEVER have hated him.

  74. Well I didnt think the US team would even make it this far. I really thought it was going to be either Russia or Sweden. Proud of our boys. Great game, great way to come back, great way to show resolve.

    On that note. I hate Cindy’s fargin face! Bettman has chills up his leg a la Chris Matthews…

  75. Most important game in hockey history? Really? Thought the 1980 game was more significant…. But that’s just me….

  76. yea mako, it was the best game for usa as a country. for canada this is th best. but we will always have 1980 when the nhl didnt put all stars on their teams. we had about half the talent of canada and yet, still almost beat them. the 1980 was the best hockey moment in teh world. imo

  77. Rick

    Is there a way to find out viewership of the game?

    Wonderful… NBC showing drunken morons in a bar with Rangers jerseys on.

  78. >>I wonder if the ref didnt stop that puck with his skate what would have happened

    Something entirely different, that’s for sure. I’m surprised the broadcasters said nothing. Had it been the US who benefited, EdZo would have talked about it endlessly.

  79. Carp watch the game, better than all the ranger games combinded for the rest of the yr. Skill out there NYR games not so much

  80. reginald dunlop on

    just wondering……where exactly did the puck get lost in Prongers jersey???? in the leaf???? was even upright…..NO delay of game???? and couldnt put one US linesman on the game????……NUTS

  81. Hmmm. In two days against “Canada” again….post break ought to be interesting….to quote The Who, and my apologies..”Druuuu are you? Where are..are you? I really wanna know…..!”

  82. FLY

    Thanks Buddy!!! Cant wait to see how many people watched the game. Great day for the sport. Hope it gained some good fans.

  83. The Parise goal makes the watching the game worth it alone…but man, I wish ANYONE else would’ve scored but crybaby…

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada wins Gold!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hope Hank has a bee in his bonet and comes back stopping EVERYTHING.

    Drury and Cally both show off thier Silver to Dubinsky saying Na nanna na na!!!

    Maybe Gaborik is screwed but comes back even more determined.

    Marty over in Devil Land is happy but knows “he blew it” he will suck from now on.

    Torts has something brewing now hes in control.

    Sather is gonna trade for someone we like.

    Oli jokenen will be rejuvinated and full of confidence from his herorics of pulling a Fin win out his azz.

  85. JB

    Of course they wouldnt say anything about it. Yeah I really think that out come would have been a little different if the puck was allowed to slide up the boards the way it was supposed to with out the ref in the way. He made NO attempt to get out of the way to keep it in. But LEAPT out of the way so they can get the puck deep.

  86. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada wins Gold!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I lOVE OLI!!!!!!!!!!

    Drury is still a winner…guy gets a silver medal. He scored 1 goal into an empty net and the whole country was drooling on how Clutch he is. If drury was such a winner..he’s have score the goal Parise did….but still got his medal. I feel for my Rangers boys but I am a little disappointed that he got all that hype but didnt deliver in the end.

  87. Rick

    Every single announcer was going on and on about how this was the most important game in hockey history. Then after the anchors on Channel 4…

    I dont agree with that assessment.

  88. Chris from Albany on

    Hey All. First, a big FU goes out to Crosby!! Being Ranger fans, we all share a special hatred for that kid. This really hurts man. USA deserved better results then this.

    Is anyone gong to have a hard time routing against Miller or Parise or Rafalski now? I know that I will.

  89. Tank the Season on

    As I said before latest trade rumor is Callahan, Girardi and (please God let’s not let it be a 1st) to Toronto for Kaberle and Poni.

  90. I was in the pool!! on

    Drury played an admirable series. Can someone please be fooled into inquiring about his services! We would greatly appreciate it.

  91. I believe Professor Roenick was the first to declare this “the most important game in hockey history”.

  92. It’s ABSURD to think that was the most important hockey game every. ABSURD. not even close.

    And if Roenick said it, you know it’s wrong.

  93. Just finished watching. Too bad I couldn’t watch it with you. A heartbreaker, but a great game. US team has everything to be proud about. They were supposed to fly home this am, remember? They gave evrything they had, as expected. And didn’t look outmached at at all.

  94. Tank the Season…

    I agree – I heard Strickland reporting Kaberle is finally ready to waive the No-Trade Clause and because Burke and Sather are good buddies — Kaberle will be a Ranger in a few days.

    I cant imagine Burke wanting Callahan in the deal since he’s so small … Maybe Dubinsky

    I said a few days ago – Kaberle and Exelby for Girardi, Rozsival, and Dubinsky and maybe a pick

  95. Cheer up, people. It’s Avalanche-Red Wings tomorrow night on Versus (so hopefully, the long-awaited return of Beninati) *and* it’s also Valery Kamensky Alumni Night! (And I’m not kidding…)

  96. tank the season where did you hear that rumor? it doesnt make much sense for the rangers becasue it doesnt allows to unload at least on big contract (rosi).

  97. Nothing to be ashamed of they all played hard. If anyone is looking for a good Broadway show I just saw Wicked and it was great.

  98. Ok, now that the taste of sour grapes has worn off slightly…

    Hats (helmets?) off to all the teams in the olympics. This was really great hockey to watch, and having the two north american teams duke it out in overtime for the gold medal has to make the folks at NBC happy.

    Crosby is a hell of a player – it almost seems like the kid has preternatural ability to be in the right place at the right time to score.

    I didn’t give Team USA much of a chance before the games started – I thought with their roster, they had too many lunchpail guys, and not enough scorers. Well, the lunchpail guys really worked their butts off, and the top two lines did a decent job filling the net with pucks. Kane is unbelievably good (and fast) at such a young age.

    Parise is a hell of a player too… kid busts his butt every shift… sad to think we could have had him. :(

    Exciting to the end, and Team USA should be proud of the effort they put forth. I almost forgot what it was like to watch a team that actually cared and took hits to make plays!

  99. Gotta echo some other comments, that Parise is a keeper! Thank God The Genius had the foresight to pick him over that Jessiman washout.

  100. Matt- plenty of great players on many teams. If I had a choice of one player from each team in today’s finals, I’d pick Shea Weber from Canada and, like I mentioned a few days back, Ryan Kessler from US.

  101. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    WOW!!! Just finished watching the game! If the U.S. had played as physical in the 3rd like they did in the first two periods, they probably would have won. That being said, great win for Canada! And both teams played well! Few other observations:


    Jack Johnson=One helluva player (slatipuss, trade the farm for him)

    Dan boyle is a serious punk ass and it disgusted me to no end seeing him get the gold medal!

    When Oh Canada was played, the camera went down the line of canadian players and the only one not singing… guessed it, Dan Im a punk ass Boyle. He may be my least fave player now!

    You can’t tell me the pro players do not care just as much as the amateurs do!!

    Ryan miller did one helluva job, it will be tough to root against him now!

  102. Wicky

    Yeah he really is a punk. Im still pissed at that slewfoot.

    Actually Heatley & Fatso didnt sing it either. Well Heatley was born in Germany so…

    And fatso was probably thinking about buntcake.

  103. Silver is better than Bronze and is better than nothing…just ask team Russia!

    Chocking artists of the Olympics = Team Russia

    Biggest disappointment in like forEVA!

  104. This sets up questions for next Olympics. Especially if Bettman is serious about not letting NHL players go.

  105. Wicky, Orpik hits hard and he is intimidating. But he gets out of position often while doing that and his foot speed doesn’t allow him to get back. He is much more effective behind the net. Yet, if we only have anyone close to that!

  106. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I have to agree with my fellow Montana resident, I would want weber from canada probably, (although iggy and nash would also be right there), from the US, probably orpik or J johnson (with backes, malone, kesler, gleason, and parise would also be great)

  107. so…who missed Rangers hockey? Raise your hand!

    Aren’t you boys and girls excited to find out what old demented uncle Glen has cooked up for us?? Trade dead line is oh so very close! Fasten your seatbelts… I bet it will be something B I G!

  108. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I agree bro, usually big hitters do take themselves out of position to do what they do. His foot speed isn’t the best, but i would take him in a heartbeat and live with the out of position issues. I mean that is what you pay the goalie for right??

  109. 72 hours? That doesn’t make sense… then teams wouldn’t be able to make moves until Wednesday. Can’t teams start making trades tomorrow?

  110. Ok thanks, that’s what I thought… it ends at midnight. Can’t wait to see what Uncle Glennie has in store for us!

  111. I’m actually scared. Based on Jokinen’s & Dreary’s performance, I’m sure he definitely thinks we’re a contender for the cup now. I really hope there is no truth to this Kaberle rumor. God help us all.

  112. Well we all have to hope for the best. He did “try” to right SOME of his wrongs. So, lets all just hope its a good move. Hell they got Auld for next to nothing. I wouldnt be sad to see Dubinsky get traded (Sorry Sally) But like every single other young player they traded away he’ll probably play fantastic on another team.

  113. Why the hell do they have to play 4 on 4 in overtime to decide the gold medal? It’s not unlike the Stanley Cup playoffs where they just play 20 minute periods of sudden death hockey. 4 on 4 hockey is very different from 5 on 5. Why not stick with traditional hockey strategies instead of trying for more room and offense? This definitely hurts the better defensive team and helps the better offensive team. I don’t like it. Offense is not more important than defense. Both are equally important in all sports. They don’t do it in any other sport. Why hockey?

  114. Actually never mind Kaberle, I’m hearing Girardi + to FL for Horton. I woudl assume the plus is Dubinsky but honestly after these last 2 weeks am in no mood for uninspired lousy Ranger hockey.

  115. WTF!!! I mean come on why are they showing this new sh*t show over the ending of the closing ceremonies! Why cant another station pick this up??!?!

  116. Except for Parise, the US had no big scorers. What the US team was missing was a flashy European scorer. But great game by them.
    Annoying comment by Crosby that he didn’t expect it to be so close. Hmmm. Didn’t they barely beat Slovakia and squeak by in OT? Jerk.
    Not to mention that Toews was much better than Crosby during the tournament, but Crosby still managed to hog the glory. Typical.

  117. in all my years of watching the Olympics I’ve never seen anything like that Mako, leaving for an hour to go premiere a new show. But fear not, you will get to see avril lavigne and nickleback in an hour!

  118. Absolutely disgraceful. Just like when they didnt show Finland receiving their medals. They had those 3 yo-yo’s talking. Who the hell makes the decisions of this. God forbid some 20 IQ couch spud didnt get to see Alex Baldwin make more of an assh*le out of himself.

    Yep he did play better than Cindy. Actually, Cindy was pretty non-existent through the game.

  119. KC- 100% right, forget the Slovak game, did he not see the US/Canada game last week? His post game comments were disgusting. If it werent for the US market Sid you’d have a weak paycheck!

  120. Tank the Season on

    Kaberle rumor is from

    You know what though – why wouldn’t we want one of the top 5 offensive D in the league in general?

  121. the only way cally should even be mentioned in a trade is if it helps unload one of the albatross contracts (redden or drury). he should be a NYR for a long time. he is one of the few players on this roster who has a heart and shows it every game. they desperately need players of his caliber.

    getting rid of cally without dumping the horrible contracts would be stupid.

    i hate sather.

  122. Sather will make a couple of probably decent trades, as he always does. The problem is, his deadline deals are just slightly digging us out of the various holes he digs us into during the offseason.

    He should be making a couple of decent trades to patch those last couple of holes needed to make the team a contender, not doing it to try to alleviate signing 17 3rd-liners or 4 albatross/toxic/cancerous contracts.

  123. trades could be worked on and agreed to during the olympics, but they are not allowed to finalize or announce them during the freeze. so, there are plenty of deals on the front burner, just waiting to be announced over the next few days.

  124. There’s No Way Callahan gets traded now. He gained alot of experience playing in these games, andI fully expect him to be one of our best players the rest of the season.

    I Truly Think Rozsival gets dumped to either Toronto or Edmonton (to play for his buddy Renney)

    I see a Cogliano for Rozsival trade (plus a few sweeteners on both sides)

    and I see another big trade with Toronto this year involving Exelby and either Kaberle or Poni as well.

    Possibly Poni, Kaberle, and Exelby for Dubinsky, Girardi and a 1st OR 2nd round pick

  125. I think there will be a blitz of immediate trades after midnight tonight in order to have the players that are traded ready to go by the next game since there is only 1 game going tomorrow

  126. CR9 JJ68 WR10 on

    Anybody hear SidKid, when interviewed by Micheletti, say “nobody would have expected it to be this close”?


  127. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada wins Gold!!! " … says Greg L. on

    CCCP , ya know I won this round …4 years from now my friend , you’ll have yours. Beating your Russian team was the cream of the crop. Winning gold was up there too!!! But beating OV and shutting him down was sweet sweet moosic. When Russia holds the next olympics …look out for OV ,Im really not looking forward to seeing OV holding up his gold for Russia. BTW CCCP , I dont hate Russia at all. My NHL10 OTP pro club is called the USSR Pelicans (with my character Sergei as Captain)

  128. Congrats on getting Silver. That was a great game of hockey and yes, i hate that Cindy scored the winner, because even the English commentator was saying what a cr*p tournament the guy’s had and now he can stand there and say he scored the gold medal winning goal (despite the fact that Luongo stood on his head to keep the USA at bay until golden boy got his sh*t together).

    Seriously though, this should spur more generations of American Hockey players to play the game and get the chance to play for an Olympic Gold. There should be no question of these players playing for Olympic medals, its every 4 years, its the pinnacle of sport on the planet and you ask those players coming back from Vancouver what they think.

  129. Was is me or was Brian Rafalski the “X-factor” in both of the US-Canada games.

    In the first one he scores 41 seconds in and plays a great game at both ends of the ice.

    In yesterday’s game he gets his stick lifted on the first goal and then gets beat by Cyndi on the winner.

    Without a doubt Ryan Miller was the best player in the entire tournament but I think Rafalski having a bad game yesterday was the difference.

  130. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was thinking the same thing. What a difference a week made for his 37 yr old body… perhaps fatigued or sore from all the play?

  131. guys i understand nobody wants cally traded, but look at it from a different angle. he is basically drury 1.5 with a better work ethic. i love the guy and maybe ive said no way in trading him in the past, but his value is high just for being in the olympics. he did excellent on the pk. i wouldnt trade him for an antropov type or any older vet. but i would throw him in a deal to drop one of the bad contracts and get either a big banging d man plus a pick, or a bigger goal scoring winger. cmon, hes great,but hes definitely not untraeable. id rather trade duby though

  132. TSNBobMcKenzie

    Florida trades Jordan Leopold to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick in 2010, pending trade call with NHL.

  133. Aside from Hank, Gaborik and MDZ everyone is available. Depends what they bring back. The goal should be to get rid of some of dead contracts and improve in a year or two. If it helps to make the playoffs this year, even better. If not, so be it. I’m afraid this isn’t what our genious GM has on his mind though

  134. True Fans Bleed RW&B

    Not sure but I guess we’ll see what happens down the stretch with the Red Wings and if they make the playoffs….

  135. Mornin’ all!

    Great, great game yesterday. Was very disappointed that the US lost, but came around later on to realize how proud I am of the team for getting silver when no expected anything from them. Especially proud of Cally.

    There were LOTS of bad words coming from me when liverlips scored. And more when all NBC showed was him afterwards. Hate him soooooooo much.

  136. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Per McKenzie Tweet:

    After a phone call with Tom Renney, Chris Drury consoled his teammates by saying ‘at least we earned a point for the OT loss guys!’ After conclusion of the ceremony, Drury went on to say that he wasn’t going to let the loss ‘ruin [his] March 3rd, no-trade-clause.’

  137. I would take just about any trade that rid us of one of Redden or Roszival – if we could offset that and acquire a physical D-man in the process then brilliant. Roszival for Exelby anyone?
    I would keep Girardi as he’s still young and if isn’t looking for a big raise i’d extend him for another 2 years or so.

    Did anyone look at our cap number – did you know Brashit and Kotaliggins cost us $4.5m against the cap this year and Brash counts $1.4m next year unless he retires or gets traded.

    We currently have $512k cap room, which makes about an additional $2m in salary we can take on. So i think any trades Slats makes have to involve salary going the other way or to the minors.

  138. Doodie Machetto on

    ” Brash counts $1.4m next year unless he retires or gets traded.”

    Incorrect. Brashear’s 1.4 counts against the cap next year, even if he retires. The only way that comes off the books is if he is traded.

  139. Doodie – you were right, I just checked the rule: “Under the rules of the current collective bargaining agreement, contracts signed after a player is 35 or older will continue to count against the cap even after a player retires”

    Naslund was 34 when he signed with us, Brashear 37? so different rule applies.

  140. UK, Naslund was younger than 35 when he signed the contract. CBA has a provision to protect players above 35 to be ” forced” into retirement. He will not get paid if he retires, but cap charge remains.

  141. Doodie Machetto on

    It has to do with the age at the time of the signing of the contract. Players over 35 cannot have their cap number come off the books for any reason except trade and possibly long term injured reserve, although I’d have to check the rules on that one.

  142. Bummed in Buffalo… Anyone but Cosby or Heatley scoring that goal would make me feel better…ugh! Although that Johnson is my new favorite American for 1) saying he hates Canada and #2) for sending Heatley into his bench yesterday.

    If you Rangers fans can muster it, at least give Miller a hand when we play you guys on Sunday!

  143. Doodie Machetto on

    Right. Forgot about that 100k. Big whoop.

    Any idea about long term injured reserve? I think that’s how the Devils got out from Mogilny.

  144. Ottawa, Pitts, Washington, Buffalo. Hmmmm, that is a rough first 4 games back.

    Anyone want to play the prediction game?


  145. Are we the only team in the league without a canadia superstar on it?



  146. Doodie Machetto on

    A lot of teams don’t have Canadian superstars.

    I will tip my hat to Miller once, and only once, before the game. Once the puck drops, he is the enemy and must be destroyed.

  147. I will tip my hat to Miller once, and only once, before the game. Once the puck drops, he is the enemy and must be destroyed.


    Where’s Gomez when you need him?

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Thank God Drury didn’t score the game winner. I mean, I would have taken that over Canada winning, but man, I can’t tell you how relieved I was that it wasn’t Drury.

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