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That’s me. I’m going to be fairly useless the next couple of days. Six basketball games today (thanks to all the snow-outs) and I’ve lost count how many tomorrow. I only know I’ll be watching the bouncing ball when the gold medal is up for grabs in Wancouver.

And not really too happy about it. The tradeoff, I think, is that I will be excused from hoops on Wednesday for wall-to-wall trade deadline (a/k/a the annual Glen Sather Rent-a-Vet Festival) coverage.

I’m waiting word on Gaborik. No idea if that will materialize.

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  1. Season’s over anyway, best is one round and out, worst is missing out. Bad talent Awful Cap, sorry to be a downer before we resume. I’m not even that interested to start back up again. Interest in only dumping one of the big 3. Anyone for the guy with a lot of heart that played for the USA wearing #23? Rent him for your playoff push. Anyone,Anyone,Anyone? Bueller

  2. Strange Canada-Slovak wrap-up article on Rangers web site this morning. If it’s true I’ll breathe a sigh of relief but if I was a fellow Slovak player I would stay clear of Gabby on the bench. This smells of cover-up or some stupid intuition . . . . . here’s the key paragraph.

    “After seeing 11:55 of ice time and firing one shot on goal during the first 40 minutes of Slovakia’s loss to the Canadians, he remained behind in the locker room for the entire final period, but Slovak head coach Jan Filc later said this was for precautionary reasons, since Gaborik did not feel he was playing at 100 percent late in the second period and that trailing 3-0 it was better for him to rest up for the next game with a medal on the line.”

    Don’t expect to find out anything until the bronze medal game time. If he’s on the ice this could be true. If he’s not . . . .well . . . . goodbye rest of season. Sellers anyone ?????

  3. From word it is that Gaborik is well. He was rested from a sore knee where he was bruised by the cut of the skate.

  4. If the US can weather the early storm from Canada and be in the game after 1 and hang around thru 2. Do you think Canada’s a little jittery? We got the Goalie adv. hopefully, I’m a believer.Please no bulls**t fanthom penalities let the boys play the greatest game on earth. Come on 3pm Sun.

  5. Rick (No, not that one) on

    I hope that’s all it is. Our whole season counts on it.
    If he is hurt, I agree, Sell Sell Sell!

    And Krisy get’s the gold!

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Goodbye season! Hello Summer!! Can Jim Ramsay at least leave the Canadian bench and tend to Gabby in the Slovak training area? Would that be wrong? Regardless, SELL, SELL, SELL!

  7. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Good morning/early afternoon boneheads! Great job Krisy!
    Hedberg, it would be a total disservice to the game itself if we start seeing those kind of penalties. I hope McCreary is not doing the game!

    Rick, too bad you’re in basketball hell the next two days! We’ll miss you here during the game tomorrow!

    Here’s hoping Gabby is well!!

  8. Slovakia better be doing the thing that is best for Gaborik’s health. If he is injured, then he should not be out there for the bronze medal game. They better not be putting pressure on him to play if he is not healthy.

  9. Do you suppose that they could possibly offer up to the league everybody that the Rangers have in exchange for that Olympic squad? ………………….nahhhh! thoughts on a cold and rainy night in “sunny” Florida.

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