A new goalie: Alex Auld (updated)


From the Rangers:

New York, February 27, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has claimed goaltender Alex Auld off re-entry waivers from the Dallas Stars.
Auld, 29, has posted a record of 9-6-3, along with a 3.00 goals against average and an .894 save percentage in 21 appearances with Dallas this season.  In his last seven starts at home, Auld has posted a record of 6-1-0, registering a 2.51 goals against average and stopping 181-of-197 shots for a .919 save percentage over the span.  Auld registered a 4-1-0 mark with a 2.71 goals against average in a five-game stretch from January 16 vs. Detroit to January 29 vs. Colorado that included his 200th career NHL appearance, a 4-3 win vs. Minnesota, on January 18.
A veteran of eight NHL seasons, Auld eclipsed the 30-win plateau in 2005-06, recording career-highs in wins (33) and appearances (67) while capturing team MVP honors for the Vancouver Canucks.  His 33 wins ranked eighth in the NHL overall.  He posted a career-high four-game winning streak twice that season – December 4 vs. Boston to December 15 at Philadelphia and January 14 at the NY Islanders to January 21 vs. Montreal – and a career-best six-game unbeaten streak from October 10 at Detroit to November 4 vs. Columbus (5-0-1).  Auld also started in 17 straight games, a career-high, from January 24 at Columbus to March 13 at Dallas, during the 2005-06 season.
Last season, Auld posted a record of 16-18-7, along with a 2.47 goals against average, a .911 save percentage and one shutout in 43 appearances with the Ottawa Senators.  He notched his sixth career shutout on February 16, stopping all 24 shots faced in a 2-0 win at Nashville.  He also made a season-high, 41 saves in a 4-2 win on February 24 vs. Carolina.
The 6-5, 223-pounder has appeared in 204 career NHL games with the Vancouver Canucks, Florida Panthers, Phoenix Coyotes, Boston Bruins, Ottawa Senators and Dallas Stars, posting a record of 83-81-2-26, along with a 2.78 goals against average, a .904 save percentage and six shutouts.  Auld owns a career 13-9-5 record vs. Atlantic Division opponents.  He registered a career-high three shutouts while skating with Phoenix and Boston in 2007-08.  Auld stopped a career-best 47 shots in a 2-1 overtime loss at Toronto while skating with the Florida Panthers during the 2006-07 season.  He recorded his first NHL shutout with a 14-save effort in a 6-0 win for Vancouver on March 23, 2003 vs. Washington, and tallied his first career win and assist in his NHL debut on January 23, 2002 at Dallas.
The native of Cold Lake, Alberta was originally selected as the Florida Panthers’ second round draft choice, 40th overall, in the 1999 NHL Entry Draft.


No update available on Gaborik, but many sources are reporting it’s not related to the laceration on his leg. He was apparently feeling something — perhaps hamstring/groin — during the game last night. But he could play tonight. If he doesn’t, then we can start jumping to conclusions as to its severity.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:37 P.M.: No surprise, goaltender Miika Wiikman has been assigned to the Charlotte Checkers of the ECHL.

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  1. Repost

    Slovakia better be doing the thing that is best for Gaborik’s health. If he is injured, then he should not be out there for the bronze medal game. They better not be putting pressure on him to play if he is not healthy.

  2. like the idea of auld for less then 125,000 solid backup who at one point this year took over fro turco for like 10 games. more experience then ocho cinco

  3. slow day, so ill just mention how insane Shutter Island was. saw it last night around midnight, and was saying WTF about 30 times throughout the film. Scorsese absolutely raped the minds of most moviegoers. after the movie ended, a man in front of me got up and yelled out F***ing BULLSH*T. carp i apologize for the language

  4. This is why I’m against NHLers playing in the Olympics.
    Gabby gets hurt & our only scorer will miss games that he’s being paid lots of money to play.

  5. It’s not going to make or break the season but Gabby being hurt is just another reason I am not in favor of NHL players in the Olympics. I know he can get hurt anytime during the season that is the nature of the game.

    I remember Jagr taking that hit in the last Olympics and thinking the same thing.

  6. Good pickup, i guess. It stops the non-atop trips from Hartford to Manhattan. The Pack needs him a lot more than we do.

    Auld wont play much either.

    But, looking back at the beginning of the season, isn’t it funny when Torts said he was gonna play Hank less ? The team turned out to be so brash*tty, that Hank is playing the same amount as he usually would, if not more.

    Ugh, what a disappointment this team is. I hope Gabby is alright. If he’s gonna be out for a while, then you know Slats is gonna do anything to get a scorer at the deadline.

  7. im just sick and tired of gabby getting hurt at least once or more every damn season. of all players it has to be him?? we really, really shouldve got heatley. at least he would play without us worrying all the time about 1 wrong hit ending our hopes of a successful season.5 more years of uncertainty. this guy is soo effin fragile. if this guy is done fo the season, im hoping we place him on ir for 4 more years. thi is his first seson here, so he had to play most of it for appearances, but you could see some games he wasnt in it. hes probably been hurting all season. ughh glen, watch sather, he’ll play 45-50 a year for the rest of his time here.

  8. As frustrating as it would be for the Rangers if Gaborik is injured, the opportunity to win a medal at the Olympics comes rarely in a lifetime. Good luck to Slovakia, and hopefully they will beat Finland.
    And since his initial injury was caused in practice in the first place, it’s obvious that bad things can happen anywhere.

  9. I understand the excitement of representing your country in the Olympics, but I think your loyalty & responsibility should be for the team that’s playing you mega millions to play hockey.
    Show me any other sport that does this. If the games were played in the off season I would understand.

  10. im sorry but wtf are you talking about!? gaborik has played in what all but 3 or 4 games this year. leading goal scorer, and except for those what was it, around 10 games give or take a few he’s been the star for both teams in the games. you seriously expected him to play with a lacerated knee before the olympics? ok he’s had surgery, he has a bad groin, that will be with him the rest of his career, ok deal with it. you take the risk, theres no guarantee he wont get hurt, but the potential (which he is living up to) of 40-45 goals is there. and quite honestly, put yourself in his shoes. i know if i had the opportunity to play for my home country in the olympics, in a medal game no less, i will be playing, bad groin, hip or whatnot. you think jagr would have taken himself out just because his Omsk team might of been at risk? you think Lundqvist wouldnt play for team Sweden and let Gustavsson start? would Ovechkin, Malkin or Kovalchuk not play? and dont give me an example from team Canada or USA cuz they are full of NHLers and one star is easily replaced.

  11. Slovakia is going for a medal, underdog, out of nowhere. as Demitra said, this is sort of miraculous for them. Gaborik will be playing tonight. as he should be. say this is 2014, Sochi, Ovechkin gets hurt in a knee on knee collision. gold medal game. hell yes he will be playing.

  12. LOVE this claim!
    Was bummed we missed him the other day, but was hopeful he was our on re-entry.

    Auld will be needed down the stretch – LOTS of games in the next 6 weeks and if you saw how bad Lundy was in that last game, You know he’ll need some rest.

    Auld has been solid this year – VERY excited!

  13. Tony maybe… since we have a young team they will have that jubilation around them… well it’ll be for me and those of us who weren’t around for the other wins…

  14. Tony, not even close. i want USA to win obviously, but common, seriously? 5 minutes of jumping up and down, some handshakes, high fives, pointless interviews on “how does it feel”, but this will not be talked about by fans 30 years from now as a “turning point” in the sport of hockey.

  15. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves ranking a win tomorrow as high as the 80’s squad.

    These guys are pros playing against their peers.
    Those guys were kids playing against international stars.

    Even comparing the two is apples/oranges.

  16. im not even talking about gabby and the olympics in my first post. all i said was the guy still cannot prove that he can stay healthy for a full season. end of 08-09 he comes back from surgery, lights it up for minny. then in preseason, or during training camp, he has groin issues. gets a lacerated knee inpractice, but before that, he did miss a few games from soem soreness. they say his back but i think it was his groin. then now in the olympics, he gets hurt again. i didnt say anything about him paying in a medal game or anything like that. im talkin about him just staying healthy for 1 season. ive been nothing but happy with his performance with us so far. just hate that he gets hurt all the time.

  17. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    now if we coud just get a couple of hard hitters on the blue line for the stretch run, we might make it a series or two!!

    c’mon slats..lisin girardi for tollefsen holmstrom!!

    rozy and dubi for jack johnson (never happen, but I can dream)!!!

  18. Monday is gonna be a great hockey day.

    As of Midnight Sunday, the trade window re-opens for just 72 hours.

    Should be great fun.

  19. If Auld gets 2 starts ill be shocked.

    Remember Torts was given orders to be in face saving mode and hank has to play every night to give this team a chance. If Drury and Cally come home with gold hell the pr machine wont even care if they make the playoffs

  20. Grabby –
    Gabby had surgery to correct the root of the groin/hip malady, He probably came back early, but did what he had to since he signed that big contract to come here.

    I wish he hadn’t gone to the Olympics, but blaming Gabby for the Leg laceration that happened on a fluky play during a breakaway drill is a stretch.
    (It reminds me of how Ottawa fans have piled on Pascal Leclaire for getting injured this year – A broken Cheekbone while sitting in the bench and a concussion from a shot to the forehead during pregame warmups – both off the stick of Mike Fisher. How either make him “injury prone” is beyond me.)

    If Gaborik’s groin problems are back, big difference.
    But with no evidence of that, we must wait and see.

    I still think he was a better signing than Heatley because Gabby can break a game open by himself. Heatley hasn’t been that player for years, he needs a supporting cast. If Gaborik had what Heatley has in San Jose, he would be leading the league in scoring. Here, he has been amazing with very little supporting cast around him.

  21. Why don’t we wait and see what’s actually up with gabby before we all freak out and start badmouthing the guy who has pretty much been the only reliable force on the team, including King Softgoals.

    And Tony, how about the NBA?

    I bet if you ask these guys, the Olympics is bigger for them than the NHL. It does suck, though.

  22. A few thoughts on Gaborik and Olympic participation:

    Can we at least wait to see what the extent of the injury is (if any) before going through the debate over how fragile he is? He could still end up playing 75+ games this year, which is pretty good given his history. The world had apparently fallen in when he got hurt the first time this year, but he only ended up being out for two games.

    How would it make him look if he skipped a game he could really play in? If he did the same in a key game down the stretch for the Rangers or (in some parallel universe) a playoff game, everyone would scream about how soft he was for not gutting it out.

    Like it or not, today’s game is still a huge deal for the Slovaks – they’ve never won a medal in the Olympics for hockey. The concern of the Rangers shouldn’t really be much of an issue for him. And we all gripe enough about how players (not specifically Gaborik) don’t play hard enough in the NHL for the huge salaries they get, so it seems perverse to criticise players for putting their bodies on the line for “free” and for their countries for a couple of weeks, rather than thinking about how much their NHL club is paying them.

    Finally, while I accept that for many people, Olympic participation is about the amateur game, it’s not true to say other sports don’t interrupt regular pro seasons for international play. Sports in Europe (including hockey, but most obviously football/soccer) have always done this. It’s not always about North American concerns, which a lot of native NHL fans and Gary Bettman don’t seem to understand. And from the outside, I’d suggest US fans shouldn’t get so hung up about always trying to compare participation nowadays to the Miracle on Ice. If the US win tomorrow, it might not be as dramatic or impactful as 1980, but why not just appreciate the achievement for what it is?

  23. I wonder if Slats tried going after Ryan Malone when he was a UFA. I wasn’t really in favor of signing him, cause i thought he was putting up decent number because of the Crybaby, but he has been pretty good with the Bolts, and he’s doing really well for USA.

    I wish we could have gotten him when he was available.

    Anyway, i can care less aboot the game tonight. All im hoping is for USA to beat Canada tomorrow, and win the gold. If they fail, my heart will be fuggin shattered !

    And it would be cool to bring home the gold for Brian Burke, after everything he has been through the last few weeks. They have all the motivation they need, now it’s time to get it done.

  24. Orr – Technically, Malone never reached UFA status. TB traded for the rights to him (and the corpse of Gary Roberts) and signed him before 1 July. And 7-years, $4.5m per for Malone? No thanks.

  25. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Juries still out on the Gabby signing, Grabby and (bob) Levy.
    As an individual, Grabby is probably a better player. As a teammate, Heatley’s better. However, that’s not the issue. Will Heatley play most of the games over the next 7 years (more than 560 games)… he probably will. Will Gabby play more than 400? Well, time will tell. And that is Grabby’s point, Gaborik could have Gretzky 200 point/season numbers, but if he only plays 30 games a year that’s still only 60 points while the Heater is scoring 45g consistently and netting 80+ points a year.

  26. thank you truefans. i wasnt bashing the guy for getting injured. i said he has been very very good for this team and basically carried us while our other borderline 2nd/3rd liners were all struggling. i just hate how of all the players to get injured during the olympics, it had to be him. i still dont think hes really proven anything yet as far as staying healthy. thers been times during the season when hes looked like he was maybe nursing an injury. but we’ll see in teh next few years. i still think hes one of teh best players in teh league in terms of pure offense

  27. regarding hank’s last game vs the slovaks, four goals on 14 shots sounds really bad. we’ve seen hank blow up during the season like that, giving up a lot with few shots taken. the difference in the slovakian game is the first goal was on a PP and he lost his stick, the third was a screen where he’s probably still looking for the puck, and the fourth, after a good save he had no help to clear the puck from the crease. so while he’s had a disappointing year, you can’t blame that last loss on him. that said, auld is a good pickup. i cannot wait for the season to resume. hopefully this is last olympics for nhl.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I like the Auld pickup.

    Also, Wiikman to ECHL is surprising. I figured it would be Vali who got demoted to the buses.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Oh, sweet! Alex Auld!
    I thought with Gabby’s injury the Rangers might try to waste money buying and trading for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th string has beens in order to make a playoff push. I’m glad that concern is gone. Phewww.

  30. Doodie Machetto on


    I understand the reasoning, I’m just worried that Wiikman bolts for Finland as soon as he gets the chance

  31. Didn’t Auld play for the Bruins at some point in the last year or two?

    If so, BOOOOOO! If you can’t make it in Boston, where everything is easier, then you cant make it anywhere!!!

  32. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    What else is new? Sather acquires a veteran to further bury his own younger Ranger system players. I don’t think the waiver wire is the yellow brick road to winning the Stanley Cup, but maybe Fats knows something the rest of us don’t.

    Well, the Fat Man is still buying not selling, so what more long-term damage for a short-term spike can he dream up between now and the trade deadline? I don’t know how Sangs is still Rangers property, there must be an Ozolinsh, or Kasparitis, or Backman, or Kalinin, or Strudwick-type out there we can throw him away for. God, what an awful inventory, in that previous line, of acquisitions. AWFUL!

    Keep it up, Slats, your job is secure. No one would think of kicking you out the door for being a rot-gut failure for a decade. We know in your heart you are really TRYING, and that is all that counts, along with making the playoffs with a team that has no chance of winning the NCAA title, much less the Stanley Cup. I will take Cornell, -2 goals, over the Rangers, any day.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And this is why I hate Chris Drury… the hoopla over a guy who hasn’t done a thing in NY! The “clutch” and “winner” comments and commercials. The Micheletti “guess who usually steps up in these kinds of games?” 30 times a year, when Drury only scores in two or three of those games! July 1, 2012. Sweet, sweet freedom.

  34. Sorry if this was posted before but I just saw it and thought I would share it.

    Our Father whom art in Vancouver, hockey be thy name. Thy will be done, the gold will be won, on ice as well as in the stands. Give us this day, our hockey sticks, and forgive us our penalties as we forgive those who cross check against us. Lead us not into elimination but deliver us to victory. In the name of the USA hockey team, AMEN! GO USA GO!!!!

  35. “You know something, I feel like I need to do a little bit more.”

    Maybe 15 goals and 40 points more by the end of the season, Chris?

  36. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    You see his comment about “not needing the criticism to be [his] motivation to perform?” Drury said all he needs is to see the opponent’s jersey in order to get motivated! I’m pretty sure Torts, Messier, and even Avery say they are motivated by the logo on their chest and in the middle of the locker room floor… but Captain Drury gets motivated by the logo’s of opposing teams! Maybe that’s why he’s so inconsistent?

  37. Heatley has always had a supporting cast. Even in Atlanta.

    Gaborik, not so much..
    makes me wonder if his groin problems weren’t from carrying all these teams on his back.

    I was hoping we’d get 70 games out of him this year, hopefully we will and he’ll be right around Heatley’s numbers with less help.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dany Heatley may be the single most under-rated player in the NHL.

    Since the NHL lockout, Dany Heatley is 4th in points. Since the lockout, Heatley is 3rd in goals. I don’t care who he played with, for, against, it’s all moot when a guy has that kind of consistency. Heatley’s rookie season (67 points) came during a year Kovalchuk only had 51 points, Heatley leading the team in scoring. Gaborik has only scored more points than Heatley’s ROOKIE season twice! Guess when? 2007-8 and this year. And to add a little more math to it, Heatley has 103 more points in only 9 more games over his career compared to Gaborik.

    Under rated.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Also an interesting stat, Jagr’s +/- from the lockout up to his retirement = +68.

  40. 68!!!!

    Nets beat the Celts today!!!

    Via the Associated Press

    “New Jersey took 41 free throws to the Celtics’ 11.”

    Got to make sure to get that in there. God forbid that another team was simply more aggressive and earned the free throw disparity.

  41. Tank The Season on

    Hackling says we have deals in the works with the Kings and the Panthers.

    We need to do 2 things at the deadline: 1) sell and 2) tank.

    Too bad Sather will probably end up renting Poni or some other non-impact scrub.

  42. i think its time Jagr settled down… get married to his girlfriend of awhile and have some kids!! what the hell is he waiting for???

  43. I love Heatley, (took him over Gabby in ALL my leagues this year to much derision) just saying he has ALWAYS had better supporting casts.

    Put Gabbby with Spezza of two years ago, he pots fifty by february. Bottom line, Heatley on the Rangers would not have done what Gaborik has done this year.

  44. Hello from sunny Montana! Big Sky is full of snow. I think NYC may have more lol. Are we not edzoing anymore?

    Auld is a good pick up. Solid back up for Hank.

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "OH NO Not Gaborik!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dam games could cost us a frazzled Goalie ,a limpy Superstar and if Drury wins Gold …he’ll come back with NOTHING to play for…sigh!!

  46. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Does that image say “Things to do *IN* Enver when you’re dead?” … ummm, WTF?!

  47. hey, when is lisin gonna start scoring some goals? didnt we trade korpi for him for some more offense?basically has same amount of goals/points.

    rob- i think prospal is a decent passer for gabby, but youre right with a better winger than ec or cally/duby, gabby could have more goals but the point of what im trying to make still remains. the fact he hasnt been here a whole season yet and already hes had some issues with his groin in preseason, then again 2 months later or so. they said his back but cmon. i dont buy it. then the lacerated knee, now this. as he gets older these injuries are gradually gonna bring his game down and wouldnt be surprised if he ends up retiring early like bure or just does what he did in minny. missing tons of games. i dont caree if he is a little better than heatley individually and if he is, it sure as hell aint by much. im hoping he stays healthy and plays 70+ a year. but do you really think he will? for 2 more months let alone 4 more years.

  48. Heatley is the definition of overrated. Even this year, on arguably the single best line in the NHL, and he still has less points than Gaborik.

    He cant carry a team offensively like Gaborik has/does.

  49. Keep in mind, Gaborik has NEVER, once in his career played with a bona-fide center.

    Shit, he scored a hat trick with a waiver wire pickup as his center. Look at who his centers were in Minnesota. Wes Walz? come on.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brodeur is the definition of over-rated.
    Heatley is 6th, 9th, 8th, 3rd and 5th in goals scored the past five seasons. Do you know the ONLY other players who can say they cracked the top 10 every season for the last 5 years? Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, and ummm… oh yea, that’s it. Heatley; 40+ goal seasons = 4 (including 50, 50). Gaborik = 1 (42, career max). Gaborik career high points = 83. Heatley = 105, 103, 89, 82. This guy’s production is so under-rated, his consistency is remarkeable (especially after a serious eye injury that left one eye permanently dilated).

  51. ace- and hes played with voros in minny too. it does speak volumes about his skills. so maybe hes better than heatley. theyre both elite though. but while heatley is rackin up points in san jose for however long he has tehre, we’ll have gabby, who yes, arguably is one of the top 5 in teh world in terms of pure offense, but we’ll have a player who is very injury prone and if youre not playing, you cant contribute. like i said, lets see how long this guy can play here. i think if his surgery was so successful, he wwill eb durable enough to last his contract here. but hes already having problems and im not a doctor, but should he be having some issues this long after surgery? if so, it will only get worse unless another surgery is required.

  52. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    And this whole “he never played with a real center” business… He played several seasons on lines with Mikko Koivu, Pavol Demitra and Brian Rolston. And i’m not talking 08-09, i mean 06-07 when Demitra and Rolston were highly skilled offensive players.

    Heatley TURNED 55 point spezza into an 80 point guy! Heatley turned Alfredson, an 80 point guy, into a 103 point player! The year he was aquired, these players added 25 and 23 points to their previous seasons performance! If you’re still calling him “over-rated,” he can’t get anymore under-rated than that!

  53. and in that season where gabby got his career high of 42, he played 70 somethin games didnt he? even if he did have a center of the caliber of a jason spezza or even gomez who plays similar styles, he very well could have around the same production as heatley but i dont think he would score that much more than heatley anyway. the point is, theyre elite snipers, under the circumstances anyone could argue that heatley would be outscoring gabby right now if he was in teh eastern confernce which isnt as good. the main thing is he doesnt have injury problems. it was a big gamble by slats and im all for takin that risk. if he gets hurt you put him on ir, but for 5 years? anything less than 65-70 games a year is a failure in my eyes, especially if he gets hurt around playoff time

  54. Demitra was put up just 67 points in 06-07 and
    just 54 points in 08-08.
    By the time he joined Minnesota in ’07-’07, Demitra was 4 years removed from his last 90 point season.

    if anything, Demitra benefited from playing with gaborik.

    Heatley didn’t turn Alfreddsson into a better player – Alfreddson did the dirty work in the corners to open up ice for Heatley.
    Heatley is a finisher who needs a setup guy.
    if you watch him in San Jose this year, He misses more nets than he hits.

    I stand by my statement:

    Heatley on the Rangers instead of Gabby this past year and he wouldn’t have put up nearly the same numbers Gaborik has without any help.

  55. rob- what do you think heatley would have by now if he was on the rangers playing top line minutes and pp? cmon, if anything, hed have maybe what? 5 less goals?. the eastern conference is easier to play in. but yes, it is a risk worth taking since we had to give up nobody and if anything, can put him on ltir and just sign another scorer

  56. Heatley underrated ?

    Heatley overrated ?

    Huh ?

    Gabby isn’t the kind of player that needs a center, guys like Heatley need centers. Koivu is a hell of a player, talk aboot underrated, he’s definitely one of those guys that you don’t hear a lot aboot. Heatley is a sniper, he scores goals, he’s not really known for his playmaking skills. I think he’s having a solid year with the Sharks, which sucks, cause id much rather have him here, along with Gabby!

  57. Auld good get for the $. How about we see if Gabby misses any games before we throw dirt on him? Heatley isn’t going to preform to Gabby’s numbers in NY with these pretenders, he’s on one of the most skilled lines in hockey. NHLers neede to be in the olympics or else where do the Ranger fans go to watch great hockey? Once every 4 yrs the plusses outweigh the minuses big time. Better than the NHL playoffs even if the NYR were in the second round, it’s still better hockey.

  58. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    It wouldn’t be hard to beat 69 points, if that’s what he finishes the season with. Again, Heatley, has been the 4th most consistent point producer and 3rd most consistent goal scorer in the modern NHL… 3 different teams. That’s pretty amazing, a feat Gaborik WILL NEVER achieve.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I just realized Ruutu could officially end all Rangers post-season hopes for the second consecutive olympics! yay!

  60. In all honesty, I think Heatley would have 7 or so less goals and 10 less assists.

    he is on a team that has better 3rd line talent than we have on our 1st line (minus gabby).

    Heck, Pavelski to Gaborik would make me have wonderful dreams.

    i hope we either make a move during the 72 hour trade window, or at least make some room. We need a #1 Center.

  61. finland is gonna get bronze salvaging some pride from this pretty uneventful olympics for them. btw, did anybody catch michelobetti talkin about some guy who wears a “thicker” mouthpiece? idk i just thought that was funny. he loves that word thick.lol

  62. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    No, I don’t, There is no historical significance in 1981 as there is with Jagr’s 68 for instance. I don’t know why 81 would be more desirable…

  63. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob, I disagree. I think Heatley’s just as good a sniper and even better on breakaways than Gabby is. Add that talent to the one on one’s Gabby has missed, shootouts Gabby has missed/hasn’t taken, and Heatley maybe the best PPG guy in the game. Heatley may have just as many goals, if not more GWG and shootout winners.

    The real tipping point will be games played, if Gabby has already played his season high in games as a Ranger (because he’s re-aggravated a nagging injury that doesn’t disappear), your ‘idea’ that Heatley would be worse for this system add up to a hill of beans because just having an 85 point Heatley would be infinitely more points than an injured Gaborik.

  64. Izzy Mandlebaum
    February 27th, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    JR is such an ass! Almost as stupid as Milbury. Where do they get these guys?

    theyre former hockey players!! not rocket scientists. id rather have greg and orr call the game too but gregs no alfred einstein.lol.(and yes, i know its albert) lol

  65. i know whenever i joined a roller league i always picked my birthday as my number, if that was taken id pick 81 for the year i was born. i know marion hossa used to wear 18. he changed it when he was traded to pens i think. or to teh wings. satan always had 81 i think.

  66. Satan always had 81 and I think Marian and Marcel both try for 81 when they can… It seems its been decided this Olympics with the number being 81, 18 and 91…

  67. Ytue then why doesn’t Marian wear 18 and let Miro wear 81 in the Olympics… Marian must have wanted 81 to force Miro to change his number…

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Idk Agg, but take a look at their histories. Marian has almost exclusively picked 18 until he switched in Detroit to 81. He stuck with 81 when he signed with Chicago, so maybe thats it?

  69. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    “These two teams are bush-league”

    I don’t see the Russians, Swedes or Czechs around anywhere so they must be doing something right…

  70. Yea I see what you mean… I guess I just don’t get it… I wonder if Carp could ask Gabby about it sometime… maybe… I mean they’re his teammates and all…

  71. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    two Rangers are in this game…how is it so light in here? did everyone lose power from the storm?

  72. Who is feeding Heatley on the Rangers for those 85 points per year?

    Dubinsky would have left in that deal to get Heater.

    Again, Heatley is on a MUCH more point conducive team.
    Plus, breakaways are FAR different for SHootouts.
    big difference.
    Just ask Ales Kotalik.

    We’ll have to agree to disagree.
    Also, Does my supposing Heatley does worse than Gabby if he was a Ranger this year seem crazier than your insistence (despite any evidence) that Gaborik has re-injured his groin?

  73. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Rob, did you see the goal Gabby scored? There were three pushes with his RIGHT leg, left leg glided the whole time (like a skateboard). Looked funny to me. And let’s see, by your admission Gabby is one of the best natural goal scorers in the world, so why would the Slovak’s keep him from playing in their near-comeback for the gold medal? Several people have written that he’s injured. OK, Ok… you clearly know more hockey.


    Hey All

    Just got in… See that nostrils got the infamous mustache taken off. He looks normal again…


    Because Canada would have revoked his working papers?

  76. I’m saying we have no clue what Gaborik injured. Let’s not jump to conclusions.
    Could be a sprain, could be a tear (god forbid), could be a nasty twist, could be an ankle, and yes, could be a groin.
    but, none of us are doctors ( well, except our chiropractor frind) so i am just saying let’s wait and see.
    Since his previous problems had to do with his hip, a hip injury frightens me more.

  77. those missed chances by demitra just reinforces some belief that these games are rigged. im not sayin i think it was, but lok at how bad they played the whole game until the last 5 minutes. then he pulls the puck behind the net instead of shooting? tell me his instincts were conflicted there.

  78. sorry for the language, gabo is my fav player and i wanna see him do well… he is playin hurt and still he scores.

    GO USA

  79. yea rob. im no doctor but he was literally dragging his leg along when he skated to the spot where he shot teh puck from. its definitely not related to his laceration according to reports. so it could be his groin or hip, not being able to rotate seems like it would be more of a higher area injury on the body.


    Nah… I dont think they are rigged at all (Im not saying you think they are either). Its just the ebb & flow of the game. Pressure and sometimes panic – they are still human. Its a game of seconds and inches. You see it all the time during NHL games. We all go “WTF is he doing he should have done ______________” Its like a snowball effect. They score 1, then the 2nd they had everything going for them…. came so close to tying it…



    Yeah LOL Avery has a similar pic on his. Its awesome that he actually answers peoples comments LOL

  82. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Well, I’m not a doctor yet, but… Gabby’s injuries have mostly been groin which were due to the imbalance of weight at his hips. His career has been plagued by trainers treating nagging groin injuries because they did not know of his hip deficiency until a couple years ago. He had the same procedure done on both hips to help correct the problem and relieve the strain he was putting on his groin’s (plural, although it sounds funny) due to the need to compensate for the hip issue.

  83. billybleedsblue on

    I am rooting for team Suomi tonight. Prediction for tomorrow is really tough… I would like to see a 1-0 victory for team USA. Or 2-0 with an empty netter? I don’t know, it’s going to be tough. I would love to see team Canada shut-out, but I will take a win any way we can get it… USA!

  84. True Fans Bleed RW&B
    February 27th, 2010 at 8:46 pm
    And this whole “he never played with a real center” business… He played several seasons on lines with Mikko Koivu, Pavol Demitra and Brian Rolston. And i’m not talking 08-09, i mean 06-07 when Demitra and Rolston were highly skilled offensive players.


    Not true. He didnt play with Koivu nearly as much as you think, or Rolston. Demitra assisted on 66% of his goals the one year he played for, and he only had a 60+ point season that year.

    Gaborik did NOT have a set center in Minnesota for all of his 8 years. I followed him before he signed in July, ive been out there, and I know Wild fans. The thing with Gaborik in Minnesota was as long as he had someone who could keep up with him and pass him the puck, he was good, whether it was a 2nd or 3nd liner.

    Theres a line generator website thats floating around the internet that tells you how many times and how many points certain players have together. Gaborik has had a shit ton of centers in Minnesota. Nice try though.


    LOL Mike

    I wasnt trying to trivialize the game LOL but I know that split second pressure, although I’ve never played for a Stanley Cup or Olympic medal LOL

  86. billybleedsblue on

    Ace- “Theres a line generator website thats floating around the internet that tells you…”




    I added him when you told me that he had a twitter. Now LQ needs to get one LOL

    Im surprised Dubinsky doesnt have one….

  88. Grabby – yeah, looks like a knee or a hammy to me, but could be a groin.
    he’s not pushing off much, you’re right.
    no explosiveness is usually a groiner, right?

    My apologies.
    Still, till we get the word, I’ll be hopeful.
    Worried sbout my 70 games bet, now.

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Theres a line generator website thats floating around the internet that tells you how many times and how many points certain players have together. Gaborik has had a shit ton of centers in Minnesota. Nice try though.

    Ummm, “nice-try?!”

    The top 50% of the time his is with either Demitra, Rolston, or Koivu if not two of the three.



    *sigh* Linda

    That is a great site. It would have made my point of who Girardi was paired with most of the season much easier LOL


  91. billybleedsblue on

    How do you expect to win a game taking so many penalties. Wow. The end of this match is going to be insane. Thank you LINK. checking that stuff out now… SUOMI!!!

  92. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    you’re a riot grabby! Salami looked like he was getting a bit emotional there

  93. Slovaks are down?!

    I guess the Big Zero, Zdeno Chara’s defense ain’t what it’s made out to be…

    I did not look at his +/- or anything….

  94. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    demitra, if you find the puck on your stick please shoot if you have the chance!!!!!!!

  95. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hossa, i never respected you much, but what I did just vanished. You have become some of the Crosby you played with. Terrible.

  96. JJ68 Big Z = Big Zero Zdeno Chara on

    So, the final tally for NYR medals and Boston medals

    NYR = 3

    Boston = 2 (really only 1, as Tim Thomas contributed nothing like the nothing that he is)


    That’s if they let the NHL players play in the Olympics in Russia.

    Well since I’ve been gone has CR changed his name to JJ68? LOL

  98. JJ68 Big Z = Big Zero Zdeno Chara on


    YES! Who else loves the Jaromitrio as I do, and dislikes Bostonians, namely Tim Thomas and Zero Chara, as I do.

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    My dark horse favorites just fell about 10 minutes short.

    Jokinen’s two goals just earned him a 7 million for 5 years with NTC from Sather.


    LMAO!!! How True!!

    “Jokinen’s two goals just earned him a 7 million for 5 years with NTC from Sather.”

  101. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Jokinen’s two goals just earned him a 7 million for 5 years with NTC from Sather.”

    No way!

    …that’s ONLY $35million!

  102. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    if it wont offend you izzy, i’ll send you a consolation hug. not a medal but the best i can do


    Yeah it did. They fought hard and they have nothing to be ashamed of. I would have liked for them to win a medal…. then again I wanted Sweden, Russia & the Czechs to win. These Olympics were very conflicting for me LOL

  104. thanks linda. oh btw that clash of the titans movie was also made in 1981. hmm, the number 81 just keeps popping up tonight. the remake looks like it could be really good. but im really more into a good plot,good writing and acting over special effects and carnage. avatar pissed me off. good popcorn movie though. hope clash is much better

  105. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    how rude to not even see the entire team get their medals… thats bad on NBC’s part


    WTF dont they show you them getting their medals. They blathered on ALLL night about how its going to be the last Olympics of Selanne & Koivu & they dont even show it.

  107. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    yea grabby, this movie is TOTALLY different from the classic!!! i will be disappointed if the mechanical owl is not in it though hehehe. And they do say RELEASE THE KRAKEN, so its all good!

  108. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    They don’t even show the wheel chair setup for Gaborik to leave the ice either?! WTF?

  109. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Aren’t they going to get their medals tomorrow, after the gold medal game? That’s what they did with the women’s medal.

  110. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    wow, horrible on NBC’s part to NOT show the Finns getting their bronze medals. We did not see our boy Jokinen getting his medal!

  111. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Izzy, they were giving them out. I saw Selanne get his and that was pretty much it. Very bad oversight on NBC’s part

  112. From Rotoworld.com:

    Marian Gaborik scored once for Slovakia despite playing with a lower body injury.

    Gaborik was laboring on the ice as it appears to be a groin injury, but he said that ‘it was a once in a lifetime opportunity’ to play for an Olympic medal, so he did. This can’t sit well with his NHL team, the New York Rangers as it would not surprise anyone if he had to sit out some action. Gaborik was not his usual self, but it is a tribute to his greatness that he was able to score and still make a difference in the game. Stay tuned as to his status.

  113. DanTheRangerFan on

    Havent commented in months but read daily….Should be a clause that your on your own with the olympics. You get hurt your on your own, your salary will be garnished based on games missed. Its b/s to have a pro player you give big money to play get hurt for nothing. Very upset if Gaborik misses any time.

  114. Im still hoping for the 1st or 2nd overall pick, so at the very least i hope Gabby isn’t so hurt that it screws him up next season.

    And i wouldn’t mind if Hank is so depressed that he burns out.

    Gotta think long term, haha.

    But, if they make the playoffs, ill hope for the best.

    GO USA !!!!

  115. My girlfriend and I just woke up …..any cliffs notes on what happenened tonigt and tomorrow in the world of hockey would be appreciated..

    thanks in advance :)

  116. I wonder how is that possible that 3 out of 4 refs assigned for gold medal game between USA and Canada are in fact Canadiens??? 4th “zebra” from Finland. Unbelievable.

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