Medal day, snow day


Good late morning everybody! It’s a great day. Why? Because today we have the men’s Olympic semifinals, because today a lot of us don’t have to work (unless you count shoveling snow as work), and so today we can sit on our abdelkaders and watch hockey!

I know that’s my deal. I was supposed to go see four basketball games. Instead I’m doing some interviews on the phone, writing something, shoveling, and watching hockey.

You all know the deal: USA-Finland at 3 on NBC; Slovakia-Canada at 9:30 on CNBC. Losers play for the Bronze on Sunday. Winners play for the Gold on Sunday.


So how much snow did youse get? We got a good 6-8, and it’s still coming down pretty hard.


We’re also getting closer to resuming the NHL season. Check out the Rangers’ site for some news, and some Olympic-related features. On there is video of Michael Del Zotto’s meeting with the press yesterday. Del Zotto said he expects to get his stitches out this weekend, and that once he does he will go for a little spin on the ice to see how it feels before determining when he can really begin skating again. He sounds optimistic about playing in Ottawa Tuesday, but there’s no way to say when he can or will play for certain.


Finally, if you experience any tech troubles today, please e-mail me at We’re still trying to get this thing percolating at 100 percent, especially as we steamroll toward Glen Sather’s Rent-A-Vet Festival.

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  1. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Happy Semifinal Day Hockey Fans!!

    Rick, Rent a Vet Festival is very clever. Hope now of you hurt your backs shoveling today!

  2. LI, thanks. That’s right. Kessler was an actual person, on whom the Kramer character was based. And when they first meet (I think in a flashback in the backward India-wedding episode), Jerry calls Kramer “Kessler.”

  3. Yeah, supposedly Kramer’s name on his apartment mailbox said “Kessler” so that’s how Jerry got the name.

  4. Proof that God wants us to watch hockey, Im loving this snow day so far we have a solid foot here in Western NY. Lets go USA and Slovakia!

  5. actually the original real life kramer’s name WAS kramer

    they wanted to change the name to kessler because larry david knew his old neighbor (the real kramer) would try to get money if they used his name

    but seinfeld felt like kramer was a much better name for the character

    so they named the character kramer

    then the real kramer got cash compensation for using his name

    he gets interviewed in the extra features on the seinfeld boxed sets

  6. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    “Medal Day”… is this another “go time” jinx?
    Someone’s getting the bubble. Oy.

  7. So Carp, what are the predictions for today?

    I think 2-1 Finland…5-2 Canada
    But I want USA/Canada again

  8. I’m at work. Stayed over. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get in this am. Oh, well.. It doesn’t look like I’m making it for 3 pm either. Will have to count on you, boneheads.

  9. Noah, I don’t know what that means.

    NYRGuy, I think this game is going to be very difficult for the US. I expect Canada to coast.

  10. Actually got the day off today ….rare for banks to close cause of the weather..I’m gonna enjoy watching the game

  11. I’m at work. No snow where I am, luckily.

    Working me tail off to ensure I can watch/ keep an eye on the US/Finland game.

  12. We’ve got about 25″ in western Rockland while my son and daughters have over 30″ in Monroe. Took me 3 hours to dig out and that was with a snowblower!

  13. Tony, you’re really pushing it here with your AZ weather updates. You may regret it in May when you come over. Don’t forget to bring your coat for CCCP to take care of. Wait, do you even own one? Sheeesh..

  14. I’m in Queens.


    It’s only $10, id rather have some cake. It’s not like ill be able to walk to the store and get my own. Too icy.

    I guess technically i unemployed, but i do have some jobs. Unofficial. I babysit, i run errands (not for the Mafia), and i sell pot to old people.

    Just kidding aboot the pot. Maybe im kidding aboot the mafia, i don’t know. Actually, supposedly my dad’s girlfriends dad is in the mafia, and he asked me to go to the store to get him some soda, so i guess technically i did run an errand for the mafia.

    Does that make me bad ? Eh, who cares, go USA !!

  15. Storm was a bust here in Ocean County NJ (Jersey Shore area) 4 inches maybe. I definitely am not complaining.

    I also need a Ranger fix.

  16. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Well, it must be noon somewhere… I’d prefer that Slovakia play Finland, but I’m OK with the US getting the silver. ;)

  17. Orr, I was just joking, btw. :) But hey, it’s a tough economy out there, so however you can make money….

    You are making me want cake, though.

  18. USA for Gold baby! Let’s think positive thoughts here folks!
    I want to see Canadians shattenkirk their pants when they see how we dominate the Fins!

  19. Come on guys, we have about 2 ft of snow here and got 5″ more today….

    Not good for the soccer season….

  20. billybleedsblue on

    Nice to see this site thriving. Carp, thanks for the comments on Kovalev on your last blog. I remember often wondering what made him tick back in 93-94. He was so talented but a bit of a wanderer at times. I remember Keenan trying to shake him up a lot, I guess to get him to think more about things. Keenan made Kovalev play at center, forcing him to stop his wandering around on the wing, and making him more responsible for himself and his line. I remember Keenan benching Kovalev, and there was also that night he was kept on the ice for several shifts. Although heavy-handed, I think Iron Mike succeeded with Alex where most other coaches would have failed. I’m in no way attributing Kovalev’s success solely to how he was wrangled by Keenan, but I think the hard line helped shape the then young Kovalev.

    Anyways, I don’t know about anyone else, but I let out a sigh of relief when Sweden was eliminated from the tournament. With Hank out of the picture, it’s one less thing to worry about. Also, who DOESN’T want team USA to play Canada for the gold? Would Marty be back between the pipes? I would love to see him on his back looking behind himself into a net with a red light on…again and again and again.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Marty will not be in net unless the Canadians are getting blown out in an opening period.

    The USA had a greater chance of beating Sweden than the did the Canadians, because the Swedes had struggled to score all tournement. At this point, the only team who could have stopped the Canadians were the Swedes and they’re gone. Oh well.

  22. Ilb2001 , the weather is one of the reasons I moved here from Brooklyn.
    I’ll be in NY at the end of March ( islander game). I forget, what’s the weather like in NY at the end of March ?

  23. I wonder why NBC went without Pierre in US-Canada? And if they will do it again?

    PS, I love Eddie O … maybe because I know him. But like him or not, “Tremendously tremendous!” is now officially in the hockey lexicon.

  24. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    for those without a stream, MSN, on its home page, says you can watch ‘with one click’

  25. Go Slovakia! Go Gaborik! H8 those canadian ducks Neidermeyer Getzlaf and Perry, bunch of punks and kings of the sucker punch.

  26. Was listening to penis head on the radio today, and he is mentioning players on the US as “Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres” and “Jamie Langenbrunner and Zach Parise of the New Jersey Devils” and “Dustin Brown and some other dude of the Los Angeles Kings” and “Bobby Ryan of the Anaheim Ducks” and then he goes to mention Chris Drury and it went like this…

    “Chris Drury who won a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche”

    The loser could not even mention the Rangers, he is such a swine.

  27. “Chris Drury who won a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche”

    The loser could not even mention the Rangers, he is such a swine.


    What’s there to mention? What did Drury win with the Rangers besides one of the best contracts in any sports history!

  28. Ruutuus and Kovius are about to get Byfuglien’d UP. I dont know if i’d call Russian players Eurotrash but why Nabokov wasnt pulled earlier in that game was shocking to me. IF the canuks go on to gold that will be the turning point in the tourny to me. “These colors dont run” baby USA!USA!

  29. Ummm… He could of simply stuck with he had been doing, and said “Chris Drury of the New York Rangers”…but he refused to even say Rangers.

  30. Freaking Finland…last time they got to the finals…this time they are in semis… is Finish hockey that good, eh?

    …i am still pretty biter about (see…i even lost my Canadian accent) Russia losing the game so bad!
    Also, the video of Ovechkin grabbing some fan’s camera was total bush-league! WTF did SHE fan do? You should be mad at yourself not people around you tough guy!

  31. billybleedsblue on

    Wow, this is a busy site! Well, I thought I had my day planned out here being snowed-in and all, but now I think I will add hanging out around here.

    CR9–“Was listening to penis head..”

    and Dubiiiii, by calling the Finns Ruutus, you are actually calling them diamonds. That’s the translation from Finnish.

    what else, what else…well, although I really want to see USA beat Canada for the Gold, I have to admit that I would actually like Canada to fall on their faces somehow and NOT medal. I just feel the Canadien fans don’t deserve to see their team win after how abusive they have been to the USA and other opponents in these games. In the curling, the crowd was rooting against the Americans and of course making all sorts of noise during the US turns. I mean, making that poor Danish girl cry in that curling match like that…she actually would have beaten Canada if she wasn’t distracted IMHO. I would like to think that if the games were here in the U.S. that we would show more class. Cheering for your team is one thing but purposely raising a ruckus to distract your teams opponents on the international stage is distasteful and not gentlemanly. Furthermore, early on in the competition, there was a lot of hype by the Canadiens that they would dominate the medals and beat the US overall…now I think they have changed their tune to beating US in Gold medals. Ha.

    Alright the puck has dropped. USA! USA! USA!

  32. Mama, That’s old new about Paterson, we knew that this morning. I wonder why you are just getting the coverage now..

  33. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on


    1-0 BAD play by kiprusoff coming out like that

  34. reginald dunlop on

    loved the Canadians womens coach is Porkys ……she was awesome as the female phys ed teacher

  35. billybleedsblue on

    What an absolute GIFT. Let’s NOT give it back!!! After his last show, that’s gotta be tough for Kip to give up a goal like that. Ha. Lots of time left…

  36. reginald dunlop on

    I think Pierre didnt do that game because he forgot his red and white pom poms back at the hotel……he found them again for last nights womens game……such a homer….somebody has to remind him on march 1st that he is no longer on Pens paysheet….sick of his EDZO…….was always EddieO ……….shut up pierre and nice vest….

  37. “Tremendously tremendous!” is spectacularly spectacular. That is the best line ever. Thanks edzo

  38. Mickey – the gov’s called a press conference so the stations are covering it…

    Keep the updates cominh folks – no audio / video here at the office >.<

  39. Too bad about Paterson; would have been fun watching him get his a** kicked in an actual election…

  40. Mama, So sorry about that. Just GO AWAY, Paterson.

    Gah, that means live coverage. I HATE live coverage.

  41. billybleedsblue on

    CCCP, thanks for the welcome. I used to check this site out when it was Sam Weinman’s. I’m glad to see Carp taking over though, he had the best Rangers/hockey coverage in print in the tri-state area at one point years ago. I used to love his Rangers report cards. Anyways, whatever happened to Sam?

    Team USA couldn’t have hoped for a better start to this match. Also, something about Selanne makes me nervous. He was just FLYING that last game. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into team-teemu.

    Wow. That’s 3-0 now. Pull the goalie and call a timeout Finland! Wow.

  42. Stupid job, I want to watch the game. At least I can watch the gold medal game on Sunday! GO USA!

    Hopefully Cally can notch a goal in this score-fest to at least put himself on the books!

  43. Now let’s just destroy this back up. Canada needs that kernel of doubt deeply seated within themselves and what we do to this FIN team will keep that kernel firmly planted if we can continue to punish this teams mistakes.

  44. You all have to know why the USA is up 4-0, right?

    It’s because of the leadership of Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas….j/k

    Make that 5-0

  45. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 5-0 Kane again!!!!!! does that make him 40 cent???

  46. Mickey – Yeah, but I’d love for him to get a goal on top of his clutch assist. Maybe in the Gold Medal Game. That would be nice!

  47. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    damn LI, that just sucks!! you could pay hockeystreams $6 when you get home to watch the archive if $6 isnt too much for a game.

  48. Carp, where are you listening to the game? Online someplace?

    cannot believe this score. 6-0!!! GO USA!

  49. I am guessing that Finland will have to do something to spark something, so a cheap shot from Jarkko Ruutu should come in this game, and If I guess correctly, it should be on Ryan Callahan or Chris Drury, as he saves his best hits for Rangers!

  50. this is so crazy i lost Edzo count



    you can now start counting how many times talking penis says word “MONUMENTAL”!!

  51. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Jbzo, i lost count at 8 lmao!!

    Awesome CCCP!! i wonder what kind of satanic messages are heard when you listen to him backwards

  52. I’m pretty good, Ag.

    FYI, Rangers just send Ocho back to Hartford and recalled Miika Wiikman. It just means Wiikman will be the practice target and Chad Johnson will get some game action before Tuesday. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ocho play in Ottawa.

  53. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    is it wrong to hope we see TPCH get his skull crushed in with an errant shot??

  54. Trivia:

    Are there any NHL teams with no guys in the Olympics?
    What NHL team has the most guys in the Olympics?

    (I don’t know, I’m asking)

  55. nice to hear the USA is doing well at the moment.
    keep it up boys!!
    now, let’s go Slovakia!!!!


    i know i’m a little late on this but
    i hope you’re daughter is doing fine after surgery.

  56. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    thanks jpg, she had a pretty bad day yesterday and i havent heard from her or my son in law since last night. She should be doing much better today though.

    Nashville’s Weber is on Team Canada

  57. salty

    i thought of it too the other day… and i thought it was isls at first but then remembered Streit… maybe Atlanta?

  58. will the USA change the style they play with this big lead?go easy so as not to humiliate the Finns?…….i hope they keep the throttle pinned…we shall see.

  59. My bad on Nashville, forgot about Suter and Weber and Rinna(I think he’s third-string for the Finns).


  60. great period by Team USA. great work by Dustin Brown, he drew 2 penalties that they scored on, he was also in on other goals, as a decoy on the Kane goal. they of course still will face an uphill task against the hot Canadians, but they have at least clinched a silver, which is higher than most anyone gave them a chance for before the Olympics

  61. I remember this anchor from when she was a local anchor up here in Albany. She was real good then, nice to see her on a national stage.

    Lalala… don’t care about Paterson.

  62. Finnish hockey expert in swedish studio: “In Finland we have a good way to deal with this, we drink more vodka and get even more drunk”

    Think that’s the only thing they can do. USA really good!

  63. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    i thought someone would beat me to it Salty, glad i could help answer your question

  64. what a scumbag Pierre is.

    The only time he mentions New York Rangers is to say that some guy on Chicago is going to go after Olli.

    ANd he could barely spit out the words “New YOrk Rangers”.

    He was stumbling over the words because he does his best to never mention them.

  65. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    lmao CR!!!!!!!!!! i swear i was thinking that! he had to get crosbys hot dog out of his mouth next time

  66. did anyone hear that???
    after that play referee said “No penalty. You’re welcome”
    Koivu took the net off the moorings and wasnt pushed in and ref gave him break

  67. reginald dunlop on

    nah pierre was stumbling on saying rangers bc he had to remove sydney before he could say it

  68. like does pierre REALLY have to say “edzo and doc” at the end of the sentence, who else would u be talking to? guy is a complete idiot

  69. the thing to watch out for now is the cheap shots by guys like the Ruutus, and that brave chicken Jokinen

  70. And they got more upset over that little cheap shot by Olli than they did about Ruutu’s shot on Jagr.

    In fact, Pierre was laughing about that hit at the time and was angry at Rucinksy or Straka for getting involved to defend Jagr.

  71. And they got more upset over that little cheap shot by Olli than they did about Ruutu’s shot on Jagr.


    Why are you talking about something from 4 years ago… put your TV on mute… you obviously can’t handle it.

  72. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    this freakin guy cannot get a full damned sentence out without tripping over his own tongue

  73. CR

    Yeah, cause Jags should have defended himself after his head was plastered to the boards.

    I fuggin hate Pierre so much. Penis Skull !!

    I was happy to see Straks step up. I think that doofus Malik should stood there like a moron.

  74. Shattenkirkheadzo on

    Lindazo- I just realized there was another Reggie Dunlop. I thought good & hard about a new name. Reginald…my apologies!

  75. Everyone has players in the Olympics






    Blue Jackets



    This was my count at least

  76. Pierre is a baldheaded dope. he wouldn’t even give the USA credit for playing great, he said it was the Finns playing lousy that was the whole reason.

  77. Salty

    Get over yourself!

    Everyone on here complains about JR or Penishead or scumbag Bostonian!

    Tell them to turn the tv on mute!

  78. Everyone on here complains about JR or Penishead or scumbag Bostonian!

    Tell them to turn the tv on mute!


    You are still butthurt over something an announcer said 4 years ago. Stuff a rag in it.

  79. just think, barring a miracle here, Cally and Drury will come home with a medal. Drury I could care less about. But Cally with a medal gives me shivers. I’m SO happy for him

  80. Salty

    Are you aptly named for the tears you taste every time you whine about some big bad internet poster disagreeing with you!!

  81. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    guys, guys!! come on, we’re 20 minutes away from going to MEDAL SUNDAY, a place not many thought we’d get to! Lets enjoy and fight starting Monday ;-)

  82. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Ryan Callahan, Olympic medalist… sooooooooooooo awesome! I’ll bust out crying when he gets his medal Sunday!

  83. notice that he had to emphasize “in all time zones” because on Wed they did not show the USA game live on the west coast and they got bombarded with thousands of complaints from angry fans. NBC sux, they pay hundreds of millions to televise the thing, and then they turn around and put popular games on non-HD little watched cable channels, and then put others on delay so they don’t miss a minute of crappy daytime soap operas and talk shows

  84. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    oh man,if drury would’ve hit tpch with his stick, i’d have fallen out!

  85. Linda, can you tell mama the story? My dogs haven’t seen for almost 2 days, I’m typing with one finger.

  86. No no CR9… you are a special kind of poster that I can’t help but call out every opportunity I see, and with you, that’s pretty much every thing you say.

    It still is making me smile that your boyfriend Jagr got sent back to the Kontinental where he’s more comfortable playing ‘Big Fish’ with the amateurs.

  87. Mama – I was just about to ask if anyone is noticing that the US is getting a bit sloppy…

  88. Salty

    It is always a sign of the intelligence of a person when they resort to homophobic insinuations.

    If I were gay, I’d be proud of it. I happen to have a healthy respect and admiration for a man like Jagr, who brought relevant hockey back to New York.

  89. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    lmao a friend of mine just said if Kane gets the hatty they should toss dimes on the ice ;-)

  90. He’s gotta mention that Thomas won the Vezina.

    Anybody can win the Vezina!

    Jim Carey won a Vezina IIRC.

  91. HEH. OK, all, I’m out since it’s nearly 5pm. Great game for Team USA. See you for Canada/Slovakia

  92. the guy is not even currentlystarting for his own nhl team tell me how he should be in the net in the olympics…
    Rangers need Rask to get hurt so there will be one less team to take up a playoff spot, bc if thomas plays the rest of the season he wont take them to the playoffs

  93. It is always a sign of the intelligence of a person when they resort to homophobic insinuations.

    If I were gay, I’d be proud of it. I happen to have a “healthy respect and admiration for a man like Jagr”, who brought relevant hockey back to New York.


    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it was you who ‘insinuated’ the other day that Jagr was a “beautiful man” who could turn any man gay, among other things.

    You’ve made it painfully clear to the rest of us that he melts your bottom’s butter. You brought it on yourself.

  94. Mama,

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    When the Rangers season starts up again, maybe you can try to get some new shots of Aves and his ripped abs to post!!!!

  95. CR9 and Salty- it sounds like your combined maturity level is at Linda’s new nephew’s. How old is he now, Linda?

  96. CR, it would be my pleasure, seriously, all mine :)

    he tweeted this the other day, but I couldn’t find the pics on the blog :( I think he was teasing me…

    “On my way to try a Tracy Anderson workout, will post a pic of me in my spandex on later.”

  97. I can appreciate male beauty without having homophobic comments thrown my way.

    And what I said was, it is absurd to think that any Rangers and Jagr fan would not “consider” switching sides for him.

    He is, the one, the only, *JAROMIR*

  98. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    almost 27 hours!

    I enjoy posts by both Salty and CR ilb. i just hate when we fight amongst ourselves.

  99. Come on, score one more on Tim Thomas!

    This game is not over, Tim Thomas is well capable of giving up 5 goals in a minute!!

  100. Exactly, Linda. I like their posts a lot too, but that constant bickering is getting a lil old. Congrats again, Linda.

  101. I hate fighting amongst ourselves also. We should rather fight against Bostonians!

    In this case, I am only responding to homophobic comments.

  102. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on


  103. Great game, Boneheads!

    Let me go dig out my car before the Women’s curling Gold Medal match.

    Let’s Go Cheryl Bernard!

  104. The best possible outcome!!

    USA wins and Thomas gives up the only USA goal against!!!

    The next best outcome would be if Miller gets pulled in the gold medal game against Slovakia, and NYR Gaborik scores 5 goals on Timmy.

  105. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    it has been a pleasure watching and commenting on this game with all of ya!

  106. Wow…Roenick and Milbury…way to get ahead of yourselves.

    Canada/Slovakia didn’t even play yet…

  107. Brian Burke did an incredible job putting this team together. I have to admit I was way off… this has been nothing short of incredble to watch.

    Going back to Ranger hockey is going to be very, very depressing.

  108. congrats Team USA. great job today. beat Canada. and if not, it is still a successful tourney for American hockey. outstanding teamwork

  109. This chick on NBC is saying “everyone” is cheering for Canada to win tonight so that it can be be USA vs CAN sunday… speak for yourself chunga.

  110. ThisYearsModel on

    It is all gravy from here. At worst, a silver medal. At best, the big win. I would imagine that things are tense north of the border now.

  111. Do you think Canada wants another crack at US? And. I’m sure it’s mutual. I doubt Slovakia has much of a chance at all. In fact, I think Gabby should sit this one out :-)

  112. Uhm, did I mention I was leaving tomorrow for Montana? Take a wild guess how much I packed. Exactly. And mrs is ready, btw. Let me go put some stuff in my luggage. Don’t want to meet the Wicksters without appropriate attire ;)






  114. I ain’t leaving yet. Did I mention I hate packing? CCCP-it’s being framed. I’m sure Wicky will be very upset lol

  115. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    eric, either or

    you could also go to, but that is not free

    and i think’s gamecenter is at a low rate now for the rest of the season

  116. Linda
    Which site would recommend first from the above ones since you on familiar with them. what has best picture

  117. This does not count as laurel’ing, cause I got a FB message from Agravaine on e-mail :)
    She had a great idea I should have thought of….anybody local up for warren for the game Sunday??

    P.S. I generally love packing. Means I’m going away for fun! For me, in 3 weeks that’s Grand Cayman baby!!!! Whooohooo!

  118. Linzo says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    i purchased the whole season on hockeystreams, which is usually pretty good. I do run over to atdhe if hockeystreams is having technical difficulties.

  119. Man, must say that i watched at some of great encounters the last days. Although i have to say that it isnt said Canada shall win easy from the US. Again Canada had some good luck today from Slovakia. USA will be winning sunday with 3-1! Something else: Yo Crosby! Get a laugh at your face !

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