And then there were four …


… Four teams, four Rangers.

Henrik Lundqvist can get his rest now. The Swedes were sent home by the Slovaks.

So the semifinals will have four Rangers: Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan for the U.S. against Olli Jokinen and Finland on one side, and Marian Gaborik for Slovakia against the team that, despite its uneven pool-round play, is again the favorite for the gold, Canada.

And I wanna tell you that I fear the U.S. might be in danger of looking ahead, needing one win for a medal and one win for a potential Sunday gold-medal showdown with the hosts whom they surprised last Sunday. I’m figuring the Yanks will have their mitts full with Finland tomorrow (the team they beat for the gold in 1980).

And I’m guessing that Canada, while having that same danger against Slovakia tomorrow, is now refocused and re-started, and could cruise in front of the home crowd.

But what the heck do I know, 3,000 miles away and watching basketball during the Olympic quarterfinals?


Once again, we apologize for the technical problems yesterday. Hopefully we can get everything lined up correctly so that the semifinals and the gold-medal game (and the consolation game for the bronze) won’t have any glitches.

Not to mention next Wednesday, the NHL trade deadline, when we brought the place down repeatedly last year.


I didn’t hear Mike Milbury’s “Eurotrash” comment, but that’s exactly what NBC deserves since it has hired Milbury and clueless Jeremy Roenick to basically act like punks and feuding teenagers. I’m sure there will be no repercussions. But think about it. What if Milbury had slandered an ethnic group of Americans like that?

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  1. Eh—if there is any Ranger Olympian who needs rest, it’s Hank. Sad he lost, but it’s probably good for the Rangers. And it’s also no shocker he let in a goal in the last minute of a period. I’m still convinced his focus is off after goals by either squad and in the first and last minute of periods.

  2. Yes, we beat Finland for the gold in 1980…but they did not win the silver medal. In fact, they didn’t win a medal at all. The Soviets took home silver, and the Swedes took home bronze. If Finland had beaten the US in that game, the Soviets would have won the gold medal. Much different tournament format back then.

  3. Carp, are Russians an ethnic group? I don’t thin so. But it’s some pretty absurd jingoistic b.s. But it’s also no surprise. He’s an idiot. NBC should suspend him right away.

  4. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    WOOOO HOOOOO, my first carping in a while….thanks buddy!!!

    morning grabby!
    Good for gabby, and a classy move by him and hank for sure!! I hope they make a decent game of it with canada!!

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    See, I don’t think Finland is very good. Yesterday when trying to decide who was going to win between the Czechs and the Finns, I basically thought to myself:

    “It’s not going to be the Czechs because they are too old and had to play that extra game, Jagr is banged up, and they lack any secondary scoring or quality defense. But who is going to score for Finland? Maybe Hagman will get one.”

    Same problem for the Finns again, except USA has better depth at forward and on defense, not to mention a better goaltender in Ryan Miller. I expect another low-scoring US win. 3-1 or something similar.

  6. The US won’t look ahead, they have CAPTAIN CLUTCH on their side. He’ll make sure they’ll focus.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Mama, I have been touting the Slovaks as my dark-horse medal favorite from day 1. I demand recognition!

    Chris, yes, Russian is an ethnic group. However, Milbury called their style of play “Eurotrash,” which is not directed at any particular person or group of people, so he will get to slide.

    But just to give you an idea of how shocking of a comment it was, even Roenick’s jaw dropped when he heard that.

    Carp, I’ll admit that JR is a little raw around the edges, but I think he could be a good commentary guy with a little practice. If they can somehow filter the garbage, I think he can provide a lot of good insight. I don’t want to call you biased because you’re a journalist and that’s about the worst you could be (except making things up), but even when he retired and you were talking about how he shouldn’t be in the hall (which I agree), it seemed that you disliked his character.

    Milbury is hopeless because the guy never had any credibility to begin with. As a player and a person: shoe incident. As a GM: Mad Mike.

  8. Between Milbury and Pierre McGuire, the NBC broadcast team couldn’t get much worse, IMO. It’s almost painful to listen to these guys. The only thing Milbury was good at was beating people with shoes.

  9. Roenick did look like a child who heard a dirty word when they showed him.

    Always liked Roenick. He’s certainly a jackass in many respects, but an honest guy that’s entertaining and amusing in that rebellious way…I’m still waiting for him to get his HBO show.

  10. I absolutely loved Bill Patrick’s response to Milbury:

    “Did you really say Eurotrash? Did that come out of your mouth?”

  11. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Just watched the end of sweden/slovakia, real real classy move by hank and gabby in the line!

  12. Anybody see Sean Avery on twitter?

    seanaverydotcom I think someone should beat up @jimmyfallon tonight in Vancouver. I will mail u $1000 US dollars if u do it…………

    This guy is great.

  13. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    yep, pretty funny we were talking about that last night!!

    Flames resigned bourque, smart smart move!

  14. Milbury is seriously a joke…The nerve to say “EUROTRASH” DURING THE OLYMPICS and that Russia did not show up-they were outmanned, the canadiens were bigger and stronger…Russia just got outmatched by an All STAR team that clicked yesterday. Than Roenick and Milbury back the slue foot by Boyle which was ridiculous…i dont even think the semin hit was that dirty although i understand the game was over and semin coulda/shoulda maybe held up tehre but he threw a decent check and Boyle gets right up and slue foots Semin…Mr campbell would gave boyle a few games if that occurred during an NHL game

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Seth, the Semin hit was an elbow. Clearly dirty.

    But what shocked me is that Boyle only got 2 minutes for the slewfoot. He won’t even get suspended. That should have been a misconduct and a suspension.

  16. Doodie-

    I will have to take a loook again tonight but either way-boyle cannot sluefoot semin there such a dangerous play-is there any history there-semin and boyle-maybe from his tampa days???

    speaking of history anything happen with ruutu/jagr last night? didnt get to see that game

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    I posted this in response to the Kukla’s Corner blog:

    Absolutely. I’d sell every player on the team. Of course, we all know Sather is looking to buy (hey there Jody Shelley! we didn’t need that draft pick).

    Players the Rangers should move in order:

    1) Prospal, low salary, impending UFA that the Rangers have no chance of resigning because he will be in line for a significant raise, solid year, great vet with a cup.
    2) Jokinen, higher salary, impending UFA that the Rangers in all likelihood will not resign because some fool GM will continue to pay him several million more than he’s worth (fortunately Sather has capped himself out of the bidding here because otherwise Jokinen would already have an extension), good depth for a team if the trade pricetag is low enough
    3) Girardi, all of the reasons listed above

    I’d also try and move Lisin and Voros, but they wouldn’t net much of a return at all, if any.

    Of course, if they could possibly get any takers on Redden, Drury, Rozsival, or Brashear (in that order), that would be a miracle.

  18. Doodie, the thing with Roenick is he’s really not very bright. He was hired because he might say something shocking. Those guys never work out. He can’t force a shocking statement, and he’s not bright enough to provide serious analysis. But he’ll stay around because he could be a loose cannon.

    So far he’s been terrible. Less than zero.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Seth, I wasn’t supporting the slewfoot. I think he should’ve gotten a misconduct and a suspension.

  20. Doodie Machetto on


    I think to say he is not bright is a bit of a misstatement. His problem is that he is not articulate. The man knows hockey. You don’t score 500 goals and 1000 points without understanding the game. The problem is he just isn’t a good speaker and doesn’t choose the right things to talk about.

    Think of him as a broadcasting prospect. His strengths are that he’s a solid ex-pro, he knows the game and the players well, he’s American (increases his marketability), and he isn’t shy in front of a camera. His weaknesses are that he isn’t very personable, he chooses the wrong things to say, doesn’t say them well, and the coaches and GMs of NBC want to use him in a “controversy” role, when I think with some good practice, he could be a valuable commentator.

    They rushed him into the pro’s (NBC) too quickly. He should have seasoned in the minors for a bit (local broadcasting).

  21. i disagree. He’s not very bright. His ex-teammates will tell you the same thing. And plenty of not-very-bright guys are in that 500 goal club. I can name a bunch off the top of my head.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Not bright in general or not bright about hockey? I’m not asking him to do math (see Gaborik’s comment the other day), just to provide some insight into the game.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Fair enough. We will have to just agree to disagree.

    Some people just have a hard time communicating. I don’t think anyone would make an argument that Wayne Gretzky isn’t knowledgeable about hockey, but look at his tenure as a coach: dreadful. One year with a solid coach behind the bench and the Coyotes are all of a sudden a solid threat. And I don’t think this incarnation of the Coyotes is significantly better than three of the four teams that Gretzky handled.

    I think Roenick is a jerk and lacks social and communicative skills. But I think he knows hockey.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Brian Leetch is also a prospect with the exact opposite qualities: He is smart, he is articulate, he knows what to tlak about. Problem is he is just TERRIBLE in front of a camera. He’s too shy. If he could be more outgoing, he would be AMAZING.

    He is being allowed to “season” with MSG.

  25. I think Leetch’s nervousness will subside. Otherwise, I thought he was really good as an analyst. Way, way, way better than Duguay and Keenan (I know that’s not saying much). But both of those guys were hired for the same reason as JR — their supposed personalities. They both stink as analysts.

    On the other hand, Butch Goring has no personality, but he’s decent, and Ken Daneyko is terrific — certainly no scholar, but knows the game and lets his personality come through.


    this is Milbury standing by his comments from last night, on NHLNetwork this morning.

    Like a true Bostonian, he does not fear consequences, and stands by his insensitive racism.

    If only Milbury had gotten sticked across the head, the way Bruin McSorley sticked Brashear,in his playing days, this world might be a better place.

  27. looks like Canada will pull it off now if they continue the effort that they put forth against the Russians. I Think Canada Gold Us Silver and Slovak Bronze with the Fins being gassed after a one goal loss to the US in OT. i really think that Canada will Blast the Slovaks and Face a Tired US team for Gold. US Finland Will be a Physical Tight Game that drains both teams

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Duguay is terrible. He is just so unprepared and unprofessional. Goring is like a grouchy old man, but at least he provides decent analysis. Daneyko is doing fine, but he’s just such a doof. Keenan is terrible and having a former coach talking about how the current coach is doing to me is in bad taste. But since when has Dolan let bad taste stop him?

  29. Is there any video of the Hank/Gabby meeting up in the line at the end of the game. I tried to stay awake last night, but fell asleep after the first period.

  30. Carp,Isn’t that the truth about a majority of pro atheletes in general, though? That they aren’t anywhere’s near to being Rhodes Scholars (Myron Rolle being the exception b/c he WAS a Rhodes Scholar)? I’m not implying that they are stupid or dumb, just they really aren’t in the top of the class when it comes to being book smart. Granted, some of them ARE really smart book smart. From my college classes, the basketball players were the worst, with one, maybe two exceptions.

  31. Doodie, Dugay really is bad. I hate when he asks a question to Joe and Maloney, especially when they are away, and there is a delay, and there is just this awkward silence before they get the question, and all you see is Dugay there with his shirt unbuttoned and chest hair sticking out. It is so bad and makes me uncomfortable. LOL

    Please tell me that you all know what I am talking about.

  32. Mickey, definitely, especially so in hockey because so many go from HS right to juniors.

    but some are book smart, and some are street smart or hockey smart or common-sense smart. Some are none of the above (JR).

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about. He also never knows what’s going on when they show a highlight clip, sometimes even being surprised by what he sees. Just unprepared and unprofessional. I bet he can’t even name every guy on the team. Watching someone like him makes me appreciate some of the details of Doc Emerick. Regardless of what you think of his voice or the way he calls the game, the man is so unbelievably prepared for every game. He knows every player, where they’re from, and every team they’ve played for.

    Also, I hate that Bill Pidto guy they picked up. It’s like Giannone, but worse.

  34. Carpinello's Grocer on

    What a shock Carpinello is knocking anyone who is not a Rag or a former Rag but defends a clown like Avery because he wears the laughingstock Rag laundry.

    Flukeqvist did his usual big game tank job after his yearly two month slump, four goals on fourteen shots and no Redden to blame. Maybe he should give Garth Snow back all that extra equipment he’s wearing.

    Good thing the real franchise goaltender in town DiPietro got all the headlines in the New York papers today, not like the Rags will ever be relevant.

  35. I smell a anti-Carp conspiracy ;)

    And I dont like it.

    I was pretty sure Carp just had groceries delivered to his front door!

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  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey guys! My name is Rick DiPietro! I finally got selected to an all-star game! Oh whoops, there goes my career!

  38. Certain formula for being mocked:

    Come on here and say something pro-Islander.

    And by the way, peabrain, I said a bunch of negative things about ex-Rangers (Duguay, Keenan) and some positive things about non-Rangers (Goring, Daneyko).

  39. Carp, something I’ve always wondered about juniors- if they go when they are 16 or 17, do they still go to school or do they just stop that altogether? I know they play 60 some-odd games, but I would think that there is time for some tutoring or a GRE type setting. Especially with guys who are essentially still kids and would seem to need to keep learning, if only for surviving in the real world.

    Maybe I’m just day-dreaming or over-achieving on that one, but IDK.

  40. Carp, don’t even bother defending yourself. Some people are just firetrucking mother truckers. You know, and the Boneheads know the real deal.

  41. Gimme back that filet o’fish…gimme that fish…LOL!

    I challenge anyone to get that song out of their head now…I know I can’t.

  42. Strength in numbers. Boneheads, ASSEMBLE! I’ll form the head. Bonheads, Boneheads, BONEHEADS, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  43. Carp

    you will encourage the idiot to come back, similar to….

    A local fan, where is he???

    I was looking forward to him coming on while FATSO was getting annihilated by the US

  44. Doodie,

    Take another look at that hit by Semin. He doesn’t come close to using his elbow to hit Boyle. Boyle was cutting hard and reaching for the puck, which lowered him closer to the ice.

    Semin hit him HARD, but it was as clean a check as there was. I’ll try and find some video.

    Do I think Semin should have done that with 3 minutes left and down by 4 goals? Nope. It was clean according to the rulebook though.

  45. Debating if JR is bright or not? He is utterly dumb. The main issue is that he is the only one who doesn’t know it. Or doesn’t admit. And him being extrmely self centered makes for a bad combination. He is trying to show otherwise and verbally branches out into areas that he has no clue about or isn’t particularly comfortable with. Laughable. He oftentimes sounds like a clown, my guess is that the network knew it was going to be the case and used it for entertainment purposes. Bad for hockey. Bad for the network too. I hope they get soon.

  46. ilb – you’re talking about a network that continues to employ Mike Milbury after his “pussification of the NHL” comment along with last night’s “Eurotrash” statement. Oh, and yeah, they also have Pierre McGuire, the poster boy for STFU. Jeremy Roenick is the least of their problems…

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt, I agree that Boyle lowered himself… right into Semin’s elbow. I don’t think Semin was trying to elbow him, but elbow him he did.

  48. Carp, no worries. I had an inkling you might not know, but as I learned in my first newswriting course, no question is too dumb to ask. :)

    Doodie, thanks! That would seem to make the most sense of all the options.

  49. I thought it was borderline hit by Semin, and, considering the score, unnecessary. But what Boyle did was inexcusable.

  50. Roenick may know he is dumb but if they are offering him alot of dough to talk on TV, what is he going to say? “No, I’m a moron and shouldn’t be talking, don’t pay me”

    Of course not

    It’s NBC’s fault, I would love to know who makes these decisions

  51. ilb, of course. I covered Kovalev’s entire Rangers career the first time around, from the moment he arrived as a prospect.

    and the point you made about JR is accurate, and more complicated than that. He does know it. He knows he’s the empty can making the most noise, and that’s what makes him attractive to the media and to the TV execs who look for people like him. So he plays it up.

  52. CBS should just get hockey…they do well with any sport they have.

    NCAA Tourney will suck when its on ESPN only
    Even their golf coverage is good, football is great…

  53. Ethnic group of Americans…like white-trash?

    Exactly. Nobody is ever outraged with the term white trash, but make a disparaging remark about anybody else and they act like you shot somebody.

    Besides, he didn’t refer to the players as Eurotrash, but their play. Or, at least, that’s the way I saw it. And, with getting embarrassed in the quarter finals like that, it wasn’t too far off base.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey, remember how the Islanders could have had Spezza, Redden (when he was good), Chara, Jokinen, Luongo, Heatley (or Gaborik), McCabe, Bertuzzi, and Connolly?

    The Spezza, Redden, Chara, Heatley combination is most of the starting lineup for Ottawa in the 2005-2006 finals. Add in Luongo and Jokinen and the Islanders may have won a cup.

  55. [er TSN, Rene Bourque got a 6 year/19.8 mil deal from Calgary…so a little over $3 mil/yr

    He’s 28 and his highest point total before this year was 40 in 58 games (he’ll be over 50 this year).

    I have to imagine that a guy like Cally or Dubi will be asking for something similiar…

  56. Years ago I donated my time & service & photographed a campaign for abused kids. We had one athlete from the 4 major sports. The campaign was that even though we wear different jerseys, play different sports & use different equipment when it comes to abused kids we’re all on the same team.
    Jake Plummer from the Cardinals, Matt Williams from the D-Backs. Danny Manning from the Sums & Jeremy Roenick from the Coyotes all committed to the campaign. Everyone showed up except for JR. No one was surprised . The other athletes were pissed at him for wasting their time. JR called me days later & I had to photoshop him in the pictures. No excuse, no apology. I lost respect for the guy.
    He may know hockey, but he’s clueless about life.

  57. Wow Tony, that’s unfortunate.

    You would think of all those guys, the hockey player would be the more down to earth one willing to help

  58. Nearly 20 million for Rene Bourque?!

    Why, oh why, couldn’t I have been born both a guy and with pro athletic skills. *le sigh*

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Mickey, don’t let the female thing hold you down. Just because one hasn’t come along that was physically capable doesn’t mean it’s out of the realm of possibility.

  60. “The NHL REALLY needs to find another network…”

    They have the NHL Network which is basically useless. There are times when there’s a full slate of games and they’re showing highlights from 1972 or something.

  61. Tony, wow, what a a-hole thing to do. And not even apologizing makes him look more like a caveman than a human being.

  62. X-Check – what I meant was that the NHL needs to find another national broadcast network other than NBC; ESPN, as an example, or even as someone mentioned earlier CBS, as long as they don’t rehire clowns like Milbury and / or McGuire. Isn’t the NHL Network is part of a cable / direct tv package(?)

  63. Doodie, I appreciate the kind words, but at my age(I turn 30 in like 2 weeks) and the fact that well, let’s just say I won’t be modeling anytime soon, the point is totally moot. I would love to see a woman make into the male dominated pro ranks someday, though. That would amazing.

  64. also,
    Rangers practice started yesterday,
    Gross mentioned that DZ was not there.
    any idea why? injury still a problem or…?

    any other news, somewhat accurate trade rumors flying?

  65. Crosscheck he was talking about finding another network other than NBC to air its national games… NHL network is great, I think. NHL on the fly is the best thing that happend to hockey fans, now instead of having to watch 14 second highlights on ESPN, you can see every goal of every game on NHL on the FLY, and every shooter from each shootout, they dont get alot of games to put on but their are rights and what not involved with that, spend the $150 or whatever it is on center ice, best two things you could do as a hockey fan are subscribe to center ice and nhl network, hands down

  66. jpg – re: MDZ; injury is still an issue. Think I saw that he expected to practice today or tomorrow(?)

  67. Tank the Season on

    NBC couldn’t have gotten ahold of Mike Richter or Brett Hull (he works for the Stars but who knows what they’ve got him doing now anyway) rather than JR?

  68. jpg, MDZ’s stitches aren’t out yet, they should be coming out this weekend. The medical staff isn’t letting him practice until they are out, they don’t want to do any damage to them.

  69. Milbury left his footprint (no pun) all over NHL. In every single capacity he failed. Miserably. Everything he’s done is laughable and low class. People still laugh and cry from his legacy. And yet, he keeps coming back. He just failed again. Why does he keep resurfacing?

  70. MikeyM- I wish it was that simple. I’m afraid there is still a market for this dingbat. That what makes the whole situation sad.

  71. hi gang…for what it’s worth,today marks 31 years since the cursed event that led to the birth of ranger fandoms great chant…you know what i mean…”potvin sucks”…of course i was there in old section 432,in the middle my 9 plus seasomn run of consecutive games attended,400 plus games including playoffs…the chant didn’t really get going till about the 82 or 83 season,and within a year or so the garden stopped playing the organ music,which led to the whistles now heard at msg…yeaers from now,some little kid will hear it for the first time and say “daddy.who was potvin?” and daddy will say “son,he was a very bad man who played hockey a long time ago”.long live “potvin sucks”…

  72. emj, this has already been happening for years :)

    “years from now,some little kid will hear it for the first time and say “daddy.who was potvin?”

  73. The only game i missed last night was the Slovak/Swed game. Did Henrik really let in 4 on 14 shots? was it as bad as the stat reads?

  74. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    david, i was just going to ask who the guy was coaching the canadian team ;-)

  75. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Bob, he sure did. I remember one he was totally screened on, he didn’t even move until it was behind him.

  76. Is it just me, or is it really annoying hearing Pierre McGuire calling the US and Canadian women “ladies”?

  77. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    we just cannot escape him can we LI???? as soon as i heard his voice i was, for lack of a better term, deflated. I don’t mind Doc and his histrionics, but TPCH is totally unnecessary.

  78. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    i agree with your statement too 909!!

    he’s “always breathing” !!

    fivefootzero, I was singing that song last night at midnight to drive the man crazy. five minutes after i stopped, HE belted it out! too funny,he cursed me! I cant wait for him to get home!!!

  79. it wasnt as bad as it sounded(lundqvist’s stat line/), first goal was a powerplay one-timer by gaborik… second was bad coverage on a 2 on 2 one timer in the slot where there was a good shot made to put it in, 3rd one was a sick slap shot from demitra from the point where he was allowed to walk in and hank was screened, 4th goal he let up a rebound, that one he probably wanted back

  80. it’s “slithered” wide

    Poor USA women, had nearly a whole 2 minute 5 on 3 and did not even get a great chance.

  81. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    oh boy. i don’t know if you guys have been following the story of Andrew Koenig, but they found a body in Stanley Park today that they feel may be his. Very very sad either way, if it is him or not, someone that was special to others is gone.

  82. Pierre Maguire has absolutely nothing to provide to any telecast. He is the laziest journalist/media member/commentator that has ever existed, to go along with his HORRIBLE voice, and his SICKLY UGLY face.

  83. I meant chimed in on, not one, obviously.

    I can’t listen to them anymore on this game. My annoyance level is going off the charts. Looks like a loss (though ya never know) but good job USA Women!!!

  84. ilb, sorry for the delay. I always liked Kovalev, though I don’t think he thought I did because I was always writing about how he should be so much better, accomplishing so much more on the ice. Except for Gretzky and Lemieux, and maybe Jagr, I never covered a hockey player with more pure skill than Kovalev. I thought he should be a superstar with all that ability, but that he wasted it by at times being aimless, at times trying to dazzle with his stick-handling, at times being just out in space somewhere, and at times being lazy.

    Perhaps it was immaturity. But I agreed with Neil Smith, who said that sometimes it’s as if Kovalev forgets the object of the game is to put the puck in the other team’s net as many times as possible.

    That said, I don’t think he was stupid, though he was goofy and child-like sometimes. In some ways he was a genius. He was supposedly a musical wiz, though I forget what instrument(s) he played. He’s a pilot who used to fly from Pittsburgh to NYC for a meal. Quick golf story: When he first came up, he was in a team golf outing. Sal Messina had a new driver. Kovalev asked if he could try it. Messina told him it was a right-handed driver (Alex played lefty). Kovalev tried it anyway, from the right side, and drilled it about 300 yards down the middle.

    And some of us called him an idiot savant when, after he was traded, he said he’d be a Ranger again one day … and he was.

  85. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    OMG!!! Just found out the Stanley Cup is going to be in town March 5 & 6!!! YEA BABY im gonna see the Cup again!!!

  86. ilb, there’s ALWAYS a market for ex-players/ex-coaches/ex-execs. They’re the ones with the “inside” info and the “insiders knowledge” of the game, or so the suits upstairs think. One of the best ways to break into the tv biz, when you stop and think about it. Not the most accurate or fairest way, but it works for those folks.

  87. Carp, Kovalev played the saxophone. Alto sax, to be more precise. The only reason I remember this is because I thought it was cool that one of the players on my favorite team played essentially the same instrument I did. I played the tenor sax for 10 years and still own it even if I haven’t picked it up in 8 years, lol.

  88. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    anyone else see the pseudo scrap between the girl from finland and the girl from sweden in their game?

  89. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    great tweet here by shanny:

    Saw Datsyuk at breakfast. Expected him to be crushed. His little daughter was cuddling & kissing him. His smile was huge. Perspective.

  90. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    couple more shanny tweets that crack up:

    Ok, I’ll start quoting foreign movies u pretend to see and imitate your Nietzsche posts. Deep my little friend.

    Sean thinks I’m talking too much about hockey. I love that little man.

  91. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA on

    Life is just outstanding with Brendan Shanahan on twitter!!!!!!!!! Now I have to find my 8×10 of him from the Whalers and scan it to my facebook!

  92. True Fans Bleed RW&B on


    about 1 hours ago
    Best Olympic hockey moment so far? Seeing Jags the day after Ovi hit him. He smiled at me, laughed and said, “I’m living the dream!”
    It was our favorite line when we played together with the Rangers. Chazz Reinhold from Wedding Crashers.

  93. reginald dunlop on

    good hit by Semin…….hockey play……slew foot by Boyle not a hockey play……so if going to give both a penalty how does Boyle not end up with 4 minutes or at least a 2 and a 10???????

  94. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Holy smokes, i just watched that replay! Fantastic hit by Semin, yet “Edzo” keeps saying its a “high, hard, late hit.” Well, Edzo, it’s hard, and it’s shoulder to shoulder as Boyle releases the puck. It was totally fine. Wow, Canada has already been penciled in for the gold.

  95. I have never understood the rationale for the NHL to have chosen NBC as it “event” sports presenter. They have never shown anything remotely hinting at comprehension of sports, nor of anything resembling professional capability, and decision making. If they had they wouldn’t be hanging on by their finger tips in the ratings dept, in almost every other category.

  96. btw..wasn’t it ABC that ran “Wide World of Sports” with Jim McKay years ago? They used to present some dynamite olympics programming.

  97. fran – yes, ABC aired the Wide World of Sports program. That was fantastic stuff.

    IMO, NBC has failed since day 1 of becoming the “US national network of the NHL”. During their first year, a Buffalo / Ottawa playoff game was going into OT and they actually left the game to present a 2-hour PREVIEW of the Preakness horse race that was being run later that afternoon!!! Anyone who didn’t have Versus at the time missed the OT of that game. National NHL Network – Absolutely Ridiculous…

  98. Langenbrunner-Drury 2012! These men know about successfully skating on thin ice while routinely crossing red lines and blue lines for the sake of a common goal. Proven ability to come from opposing camps and work together as one. Solid foreign relations experience, forward-minded yet strong on defense, and proven leadership skills, too. Plus, with Tortorella in the cabinet there is guaranteed Torts Reform. Sounds like a big improvement to me! GO USA (at least the contingent in Vancouver)!

  99. Hey Carp a huge problem with Hockey is the announcers. Look what we look @. Sam R. slipped big time and turned into a shill for corporate, badly misses JD. Probably a good guy but needs to be put out to pasture. Joe M just awful and creepy to boot. Chicoa and the Devils have never improved over these years and is boardline out of his mind another shill for the Corp and Fatso. Nb Emrick screams @ everything like the boty who cried wolf. Milbury the absolute worse, now forcing the controvesial to try to be relevant should go crawl in a cave. He’s been in hockey that long and is a complete idiot. McGuire awful again. Ed O.thought he would develop never did. Hockey night LIVE. Keenan and Duguay just don’t belong infront of the camera, Al T probably the worst Host you can have. Dave M is still not good BUT atleast he has steadly gotten better same with Ken D. I seem to be OK with Goring doesn’t both me. The best hockey guy with a great voice and knows the game and they are squeezin him is John Giannone

  100. LI, Nope. After all the hoopla, all we got was rain. A half hour east and a half hour west both got 2 feet, but we got VERY lucky.

  101. Good to hear for your sake, Mickey. Rained on LI all yesterday, forecacst was for 1-2″, but overnight at least where I am we must have gotten 8-10. Forecast is calling for that much more throughout the day into tomorrow. :-(

  102. I still don’t have a good word to say about Milbury, but…

    I would say some (not much, but some) of his act is just that – an act – which he seems to save for his national gigs on NBC and CBC. When I’ve seen him (stop reading now, CR9) do Bruins games on NESN, while still clearly maintaining his inherent neanderthal tendencies, he actually seems to be more rational and not straining to say outrageous things.

    Still, while I can understand why his xenophobe troglodyte-in-arms, Don Cherry, is kept on despite saying much worse things than Milbury (he is an iconic figure in Canada, like him or not), the same is hardly true for Milbury. I haven’t seen much evidence that anyone (aside from Alexei Yashin’s agent) likes him or respects much of his opinion and he sure as hell isn’t driving US TV ratings through the roof by his mere presence in front of the camera. So who could possibly think him being one of the public faces of the NHL and Olympic Hockey is a good idea?

  103. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The best hockey guy with a great voice and knows the game and they are squeezin him is John Giannone
    WTF?! I thought you were off your rocker when you said trade Lundqivst for Hedberg, now I don’t even know if we’re discussing the same people anymore!

  104. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I thought that same way too yesterday, but seing all the news articles about the Eurotrash comment, I realized it’s publicity for the NHL (which is better than none). On the reverse side, it’s also better than the publicity the NHL sees once every few months when an idiot like Patrice Courmier nearly kills another hockey player.

  105. Holy Carp

    That is alot of freakin snow…

    Well, at least I’m snowed in for the games today.

    As much as I want USA, I have a feeling we’re seeing Finland/Canada Sunday

  106. LI, that sucks :( Never fun when it snows on a Thursday night, makes for bad Friday. Did you make it into work OK?
    This was one weird storm, for sure

  107. Yeah, unfortunately had to go to work today. Hopefully, getting home later will be a little easier. Will need updates re: USA game @ 3:00 from the blog!!!

  108. I always seem to be in the eye of the storm…but now I get to stay home from work and watch the USA game…it’s gonna be awesome I think

  109. True Fans – maybe, but when the mainstream only chooses to notice hockey when either Milbury puts his foot in his mouth (as opposed to somebody else’s shoe in his hand) or when there is a Cormier/Bertuzzi-type incident, I’m not convinced that portrays much of a positive image.

    Also begs the question: Is a bad GM (Milbury) better than no GM (Sather for 11 months of the year)?

  110. LI, blech. Sorry you had to go in. I’m sure the roads were a mess. I’ll be here, providing updates while at work (hoping I can get it all done before 3pm, lol)

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    There’s a book, it’s either Fischler’s or Zipays where they discuss some of the motives Milbury had for being terrible. They say he wanted out from the Islanders organization, but that he had a daughter (or two) in college and if he quit he wouldn’t get the remainder of his contract which he desperately needed, financially. Thus, he thought the best way to get fired was making some of the worst trades in history. No joke, one of these guys wrote it. That’s much worse than inflateable doll at the helm of the Rangers organization.

  112. true fans…

    You’ve apparently not heard or listened to Chuck Kaiton of the Carolina Hurricanes. Formerly with Hartford Whalers. He’s the best I’ve ever heard in every department including voice. If you can pick up some of his play by play sometime, listen in…I’m sure you’ll be impressed.

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