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OK folks, mama here while Carp is on assignment. So sorry for the problems we’ve had today, and I hope this new post sets things right…Let me know! We think part of the problem may be that some of your creative fonts may have messed things up a bit (remember the tiny type and dash through problems a while ago?)

Yes, that’s our problem, not yours. But until we figure things out, stay pure in your typography. We’re at go time for the USA’s next victim. Who would you rather have, Fins or Czechs?

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  1. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on


    Linda says… GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! February 24th, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    it seems to be good right now! thanks to Rick and Laurel and the milburys in the IT department ;-)

  2. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    stay pure in your typography.

    Laurel, so business like ;-)
    and woo hoo, my first laureling! i usually get carped!

  3. it could be akismet (if you recently updated that) or it could be the build of wordpress (if it has been updated) altered the “discussion” settings.

    i have been working on a new project called xdandroid for windows mobile phones along w/ WiBiYa bar for wordpress blogs.

    its been a very busy month. the android port to WM6.5 taking up most of my time the past 2 days but wibiya is something i recommend for all bloggers w/ a facebook, twitter, youtube etc. its a great tool.


  4. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    ‘cindy divaaaaaaaaaaaa, you go down to long in the hockey game’

    would Dio be proud??

  5. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* on


    I still have to send you an email. I had some crazy last few days! Im sorry. It will get to you soon!

    ??????, ??????!!!!!!!


    Linda: I’m not done watching the USA match, but after two periods, the “Edzo” count is 23.

  7. I hear Russians were complaining about drawing Canada after finishing as one of the top seeds. Complainers rarely win!

    1-nil Canada!

  8. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    lmao JB, their mens figure skater complained about not getting the gold with his crappy tilted performance, and now this? They’re pulling pages out of hot dog lips manual

  9. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    i’ve not been able to keep track just yet… grrr i probably missed a bunch too! sorry guys

  10. No worries, MAKO. Russians better star getting their gavno together ’cause it may be a blowout

  11. Game is too fast for Pronger and maybe Russian D-men.Both teams better start holding some people up or Trouble is lurking

  12. hedberg, re: best hockey comment, damn straight! This has been a great week…wait til the semis and final!

    All, again, sorry for the tech issues.

    TR, you busy bee, welcome back. Can you do mama a fave and send that tech post to my work e-mail so I don’t forget about it? Thanks.

  13. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    its nice how we’re not bombarded with TPCH’s voice every 15 seconds

  14. Ryan Miller can keep us in any game including CanadaII. I’m becoming a believer. Russia has no break out of the zone plan, need to fix that.


    Looks like that cosy little hit on Jagr did not mean much for ya, did it OV???????

    Scumbag, paying the price for trying to make a mockery of a hockey great!!!

  16. cccp nowhere to be found… i hope russia makes a run and some kinda comeback though, lot of game left

  17. luongo is so much better than brodeur at this point in time.. we are so lucky marty played against us (USA)

  18. oh stop it cr9. thats hockey. who cares who ovie hit. thats what makes teh game a mans game. dont talk about your effeminate man crush being hurt. hes a tough dude. thank god and its kalinen!!!!

  19. jbytes- haha 2 more to go if canada doesnt score 4 or 5 more between then lol. damn. at least they got 1 so its gonna be close. for now… and why do they play like 5 old songs continously??? obla di?? oblada??? for the 40th tim etonight

  20. what a great cancellation by nabokov, is this guy serious, maaaybe you can get away with sayin that when a guy rubs somebody out in the corner but on a save?? how bout what a great KICK SAVE by nabokov or PAD SAVE, hes crazy

  21. TR, mama loves you best! You all have fun tonight, I’ll catch up tomorrow. Lots of hockey left and I bet Izzy shows up for the late game :)

    Glad we’re back, thanks for your patience….

  22. i know its the first period but i think that may have sealed the deal, canada’s D is too good.. bryzgalov shoulda got this chance this year he has played better than nabokov this year, maybe better than anyone in the NHL, him and miller

  23. cancellation?? you’re right, Emrick is a dirtbag, who makes the game more about him, just like referees like to do.

  24. yup. this game just sucks. all this day ive waited for a blowout??? against russia??? i dont get it. what is the russian d and goalie thinking right now>? that last one was somethin belarus goalie wouldve stopped

  25. GWG I love it when you say we are toast anyway. Geeeeezzzz can’t you get a little hope in ya. This isn’t RANGERLAND!

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Russians will be pounced, trounced and outsted from these Oylmpics. Who ‘s next?

  27. The good news is, Russia won’t give up any more goals in the first period.

    The bad news is, there are two more periods in which to continue playing like the Chinese women’s team.

  28. OV, where’s his game changing hit? on Crosby? I guess it’s nowhere to be found, b/c JJ is not involved in this game.

    It’s hockey, a man’s game, and that’s why that punk went after a 38 year old.

    I would rather see Cindy win any day of the week over OV!!!

    Anybody remember OV sitting on our bench during our practice during last year’s playoffs, watching us, which was against the rules??

  29. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on


    Quite down. Just because AO hit your manlove doesnt mean he’s a punk. I love JJ just as much (well not like you) but It will happen.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Mike , There no way in Hell , Russia stands a chance. Watching OV lose is the greatest thing too!!!! Canadian players are doing alot of hard hitting and are out working these Russians. Team Germany put up a better fight.

  31. have said for years, living in the Bay Area, that Nabokov is a big choker in the clutch. he has never won a playoff series in 10 years over a higher seeded team, and he is strictly a regular season goalie who benefits from a topnotch team in front of him

    but, he was horrible in last years playoffs vs Anaheim, and he lost the series vs Det a couple years back, and is useless when the chips are really at stake

    that, and the fancy crap by the russians is useless in these type of games. meat and potato physical hockey is not their game.

  32. It’s hockey, a man’s game, and that’s why that punk went after a 38 year old


    right… like he was supposed to skate up to him and ask for his birth certificate… wtf man? he took out their best player and that changed the game… Canadians are doing the same to Ovechkin right now…

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Ovechkin also dug out the Canadian loonie with his skate blade CR9 . OV is disrespectful and yeah I’d like to see Cindy put ’em in his place.

  34. i have hope. that we will medal. but cmon. there is little chance we can compete with this. who do we have? that little soft serve vanilla cone pat kane? they’ll steamroll him and the rest oif our smurfs. only chance we have is miller being even better than he was in that first game. im just being realistic

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Get ready for a ton more scoring and the biggest collosol melt down to Russian since ROCKY IV.

  36. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OH yeahh , GO RANGERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Canada’s gonna spank Ovechkin for us!!!!

  37. Jaromir is the Czech 3rd liner. OV knew there were other players he could have gone after like Elias, but he chose to go after JJ because he knew there would be no consequences!

    Now, the consequences have arrived!

  38. GWG the US out hit or @ least out hustled Canada aint worried about the hitting factor, maybe talent factor. But you know what Vince Lomardi said “it’s what’s up on the scoreboard that counts!” USA-1 Home team Canada-0

  39. lol were getting more amped up over this than any ranger game yet!!1 watch glen try to trade for drury after this olympics, then calls burke, “hey burkie, i like that clutch player drury. what do ya want for him? burke- cally and staal. glen- done deal!! glen then wakes up and realizes drury was already on the team. i swear thhough, dru better come back n play hard like this ever damn game now

  40. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    this game,which i thought would be epic, is an epic disappointment

  41. I knew it all along.

    This scumbag Emrick is a Red Sox fan

    I knew that’s why every time they touch the puck, it’s Boston Bruins centerman.

    He had no reason to bring up the Red Sox and Yankees. This is hockey. Come up with a hockey rivalry.


  42. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    1. who the eff cares about the red sox and yankees while watching Canada and Russia??

    2. this game is a tremendously tremendous let down

  43. I heard that Russia could have taken more NHL defensemen, but chose to go with KHL defensemen to showcase the skill of the KHL.


  44. ilb- sorry bro. i knew all along russias d and goalie were suspect. the offense is equal. but there just is much more desperation for canada. its on their home turf man. russia will get payback the next olympics

  45. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Funny thing is , the Russian’s think there at the All star game . Canadians know its do or die.

  46. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    I talked so much smack to these two Canadian eh-hole friends of mine. Im so PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED!!!!!!!

  47. damn cccp. dont worry. my teams sweden and usa is gonna have to face this too. i’ll have a good cry with ya. then hopefully usa or sweden can do the improbable. gonchar!!!! there ya go cccp!!! gettin closer!!

  48. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    he just said meat and potatoes… i think he stole that from sharkie

  49. It’s ok, Mike. My team is US anyway. But Russia was my second. The coaching is bad. He should’ve realized that they are not matching Canada in skills, so he should’ve changed the strategy. They are still trying to run and gun.

  50. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    Russia scores 2 more goals they are back in this game. Soooooo game isnt over yet until the buzzer sounds.

  51. damn cccp. dont worry. my teams sweden and usa is gonna have to face this too


    you see mike… i dont care aboot your team… i care aboot mine :)

  52. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    lmao my man just called crosby “OSCAR MAYER” i am so proud!

  53. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    yo Mike , yer perty funny yerself….haha sure do hope Drury keeps up his good play.

  54. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …and nursing “spanked” bums !!! haha …umm.can I say Bums?

  55. LMFAO @ Cheburashka!!! How’d you know that?? that Russian gf of yours, eh?

    Shepoklyak could play better hockey than Ovechkin!!

  56. Fail, Russia, EPIC fail.

    Wow, Canada. Looks like they finally realized they have to work insted of just getting it handed to them.

  57. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on


    LOL Her (She’s from ODESSA LIKE YOU) and my Russian boss from St. Petersburg! Im “TRYING” to learn Russian.

    How about Nu Pogodi could save more goals?!? ;)

  58. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    Salty, funny you say that because my man was just sayin that Canada plays like a team, and the Russian guys look like they are a bunch of individuals.

  59. Ugghhhh….I really like Nabakov but this is not helping his legacy, unless he takes the Sharks far this year.

  60. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    LMAO Ilb – yeah she said to watching Russian cartoons to hear the pronunciation of words. I made myself a chart of all of the letters with how you sound them out for my desk LOL She gives me homework too as does my boss LOL So yes I have TWO Russian bosses LOL

  61. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    Why doesnt AO have those painted skates on?!?!?! That’s why they’re losing!!!!! LOL

  62. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. pawwww baby……pawww wittle OV! Cant take the beating that you dish out to 38 year olds!!!

  63. Linda – your man apparently knows more about this sport than some of the dudes who roll through here

    shame too… not only did I want RUS to shut CAN down at home, this just continues to feed the confidence of Canada to continue to roll on… they are the scary team they were designed to be.

  64. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    lmao salty, he’d get a kick out of that!!

    and you’re right, they are getting their swagger back easily! we all thought this would be a war, and it really has been the exact opposite. Canada came out with fire and determination, hit everything that moved, passed crisply and scored early.

  65. No, MAKO, they are not losing because OV didn’t have his painted skates on. They are losing because none of them had their pants on.

  66. I love the ruff stuff always but the slew foot is the most scumbag play there is in hockey. Tough guy with the shield on. USA will have to take care of him

  67. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    yea you HAVE to give a penalty on that! if keslers gettin a penalty cus the dudes helmet came off, you gotta give scumboyle a penalty on that!

  68. WTF are these announcers talking about. Semin’s hit on Boyle was perfectly fine. Boyle was being a total pu**y w/ that slew foot. Crosby must be rubbing off on him.

  69. Christ sakes…. the other announcer in the Russia/Canada game is a total ass. That was a clean hit by Semin. He’s been pro-canada all freaking night.

    I hope Canada plays the US again and we mop their rear ends up for the second time in a week.

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on


    Good bye Russia , Gooood byeee!!

  71. Ohh great now we get JoeM and his brilliant questions, where is a good hockey guy like John Gianone

  72. Of course, leave it to Milbury for defending Boyle.

    Boyle could have killed the guy. If Semin hit his head on the ice…..

  73. worst officiated game – Canada was taking liberties from the opening face-off, but nothing called – Semin drills Boyle on a clean hit, gets a penalty, Boyle slew foots him – dirtiest play in hockey – Miltoast just said he didn’t blame him for doing that b/c Boyle should not have been hit – WTF.

    Canada sucks and Ruskies are worse. OV is a bigtime puss

  74. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU MIKE “EURO TRASH” You and that other scumbag Cherry should be hung and bled!!!!!!!!!

  75. I Wish they had two audio feeds for the game – one with announcing and one without.

    I hate having to listen to biased announcing. Can’t stand it when Sam Rosen / Joe M. do it, can’t stand it when J.D. used to do it.

    Emrick and whomever that was (Eddie O?) were just awful. It’s like they wanted to fellatiate the entire Canadian team.

    What happened to just calling the game?

  76. Wow, Millbury is such a schmuck. “Eurotrash” real classy.

    Just like the guys I work with who today said minorities can’t play hockey…..what century are we in again?

  77. Salty
    February 24th, 2010 at 9:44 pm
    Nabokov = suicide watch?

    Salty= grumpy buttface. Total anal fissure.

  78. Milbury keeps getting worse trying to be relevant. Semin cheap because he throws a clean check with 4 min to go and no problem for “Boyle on my ass” to highstick and slew foot him at the same time. Wonder if it was a Ranger or Jags it would have been cool Mike? And I don’t even like Semin. Best game on earth(not tonite) ruin by these so called TV guys.

  79. Emdick is way overrated – he needs to stop screaming about every wrist shot as if its Game 7, 3rd period.

    Milktoast is total loser. JR offerred nothing – would rather had the CTV feed

  80. THis is why I do not like Bostonians also.

    They act with an arrogance.

    They do whatever they want to do without fear of consequences, because there usually are no consequences.

    He should be suspended from NBC for Eurotrash.

  81. Linda

    The only reason he has a job….he is a Bostonian. That’s it. ONLY REASON.

    That’s it. Anybody can call it a conspiracy if they like, but Bostonians sh#t all over people, act like douchebags, and they are admired and respected.

  82. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    Julia hears “Eurotrash” and gave him the shank eye. Really effed up things to say since they are broadcasting this all over the world and all of the EUROPEANS who live here North America have just been insulted by this douchenozzle !!!!!!!!!

  83. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Boyle should absolutely be suspended for that slew foot for the next game for sure. That is premeditated and one of the most dangerous plays in hockey period. It is worse than elbows by a mile! That was an absolute punk move because he got drilled!

  84. Milbury insulted my retarded nephew once because he had a Rangers jersey on ;)

    I can believe he’d do that.

  85. 1) I was disappointed to get Joe M. over Eddie O.
    2) Eddie O. was biased the entire game.
    3) Semin’s hit was legal.
    4) Dan Boyle is a piece of Sh*t and should be banned from the Olympics.
    5) He also should have gotten a Major for attempt to injure.
    6) Mike Milbury is an idiot.
    7) It is a shame that dirtbags like Milbury and Boyle are involved in Olympics which are supposed to celebrate unity and sportsmanship.

  86. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i agree with milbury on the pansification of the game, but that eurotrash comment was wwaaaaaaaaayyyy out of line!!!

  87. We should somehow get Mike Zippo the guy who is organizing the Fire Sather rally to start a facebook get Millbury Censored page.

    This guy is a clown and a bigot.

  88. MAKO, I’m European. I’m not offended. Consider who it”s coming from.

    Agree on Boyle, Wicky. Didn’t know he was dirty.

  89. Jagr is playing.

    Im glad to see all of you angry at Milbury….

    but I wish you’d see why he says the things he does…

    Bostonians are not only douchebags who dont fear consequences, they are also racists.

  90. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    Im sure ilb but I have deep rooted dislike for this man. Anything to use against him I will…. Most arent “STRONG LIKE BULL” like you my friend ;)

  91. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    tell you what, if i see boyle do that and i’m on the russian team, we are out of the tourney anyhow, boyle is picking up a lot of dents (teeth, that was for you mama) off the ice because my stick accidentally found his mouth!

  92. Don Cherry still remains my “favorite” redneck. I suppose Milbury is inching much closer. Dolboyeb.

  93. I Wish they had two audio feeds for the game – one with announcing and one without.


    For the small price of $99.95 USD, I can tell you how to make this happen.

  94. For Jagr’s birthday, we should get him to have Millbury all to himself in a room for 30 minutes.

    Millbury, the guy hasn’t won jack in his career; failure as a coach, failure as a GM, picks on certain players, assaulted fans at MSG back in the day, just a real classy guy.

    If Roenick manned up and offered a public apology about his ripping of Drury multiple times during these Olympics, Millbury should be forced to apologize for that, or just get him all messed up on goofballs up and send him to the Red Light District in Amsterdam for a few hours :)P

  95. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    well i just fired off my email to NBC. not that anyone there is going to give two chiclets about it. I’ve just finally had it with the talking craphole Milbury

  96. I emailed NBC from 5 different email addresses….

    you never know, maybe it will matter, he should get suspended….that was racist.

  97. Alright, I’ll go with the flow. Emailing NBC. Should I include a few colorful Russian phrases? J/K

  98. nbc is a stinkin’ joke. they did not show the USA-Canada game Sun. on the main network. they did not show the USA game today live on the west coast. and the semis on Fri are on CNBC, not on the main network

    kind of like the time they cut off the NHL game to go quickly to the horse race that was 2 hours from starting. they needed to do a Heidi on the NHL to get 2 hours of paddock talk

    they pay nothing in rights fees for NHL games, just split ad revenue

    hell, between Versus and NBC, hockey fans might as well just bend over and take the antenna up the yazoo

  99. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    its not even that it was racist CR, it was totally unprofessional. Kornheiser just got suspended at ESPN for saying the truth about that hideous outfit hannah storm wore. People have lost their jobs or gotten suspended for less. Milbury is just a firetruckin asshat who says things because he thinks he is clever but just gives hockey more of a black eye

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Easy now guys…Milbury is a clown and he does NOT represent the views us Canadians have on the Russian team.
    I really do like the Russian team and I think the Olympics is stuiped to have a format where a team like Russia misses a chance to get the gold. Being paired up with Canada right away was dumb by the guys who do the pool or how ever it is done. Russian should have been on the other side and to face a hungry , determined, passionate Canadian team was like sending baby duck out to the wolves. If the Olympics want to do hockey a favor and always put the 2 power houses on opposite sides. Looks like USA is the “new” power house and I love the idea of an USA VS CANADA gold medal game. Maybe we’ ll see a really clutch Drury…

  101. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    Well I think if a bunch of us sent some (I sent two) then i really hope it made a little noise. I really hate MM.

  102. NBC is as classless as Milbury…trust me I worked for company for a long time (does that make me classless too?) Writing to them will not do crap…

  103. Facebook group created under a new account of mine…..

    Mike Milbury is a racist that needs to be fired off NBC

    That’s the group name

  104. Unprofessional is the way of all these networks, and has been the way of Milbury and Maguire for quite some time.

    But racist is worse than unprofessional.

  105. While I’m not personally offended by the term “Eurotrash”, it does confirm (not that it needed confirming) Milbury’s entirely anachronistic, xenophobic views. Allied to his almost complete lack of credibility from his stellar work in razing the Islanders to the ground, it is mystifying why he is employed by THREE networks.

    He contributes next to nothing positive to the game, so why do network execs seem to think viewers, whether established hockey fans or casual viewers of the Olympics, would value his input? Is being a reactionary loud-mouth a far more valuable commodity than I realise?

  106. Awesome decisions in the history of NBC;

    The Heidi Jets-Oakland fiasco, canceling Star Trek in 1969, letting Heroes stay on the air after a 3rd season, giving Mike Millbury and Pierre Macguire microphones.

  107. I think you’ve attained a certain level of refinement CCCP, your coatcheck skills need work though.

  108. “Is being a reactionary loud-mouth a far more valuable commodity than I realise?”

    No, but being a Bostonian is a far more valuable commodity than I realise.

  109. I’m not so sure that the idiot deserves our time and space on this blog. Let’s watch some hockey. Eff him. Really.

  110. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    lol RT @WhalerWatch: Hartford Whalers would like to state we are the New England team that has proudly never been affiliated w Mike Milbury.

  111. I can go to sleep now after watching 4 nice ones on youtube. Milbury vs. Robinson,Ryan Walter, Nystrom, Bridgeman and he talks like a tough guy about Semin running away. He wasn’t running as fast as Milktoast was running from LR

  112. He has to get suspended. Like you said Linda, Tony Kornheiser got suspended for, imo, disrespectful, sexist comments (Tony is a Yankees fan, btw, albeit a scumbag Yankees fan).

    Now it has reached newspapers.

    This is good.

  113. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    CR her outfit WAS effin horrible! how can you take anything she says about sports seriously when she’s dressed like a 15 year old? he can make fun of the baskin robbins inspired outfits worn by shannon sharpe, but God forbid don’t say something about some 40 something year old woman dressing like a teenager

  114. It is all over blogs and everything….

    here is a nice post by someone…..

    “I sincerely that comment hope this ends his career in the broadcast booth.

    What a classless, unprofessional thing to say.”

  115. Russians play Canadians tomorrow, they take them to school… but unfortunately its just one game…kind of hard to say “Oh I’m better than you” because you won today and tomorrow the other team has no chance to take one back.

  116. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    RT @seanaverydotcom: Did Mike Milbury just say EuroTra$h on CNBC, not good!

  117. Linda

    Whether or not she was dressed inappropriately,

    all Tony had to do was say she was dressed inappropriately.

    He mentioned her age first of all, and second, with his comment about Holden Caulfield’s Catcher in the Rye, he compared her to a HOOKER!

  118. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    no way kornheiser should have been suspended, ridiculous!!
    Milbury has probably said much much worse and probably will not be suspended!

    If anyone should be suspended, it should be boyle’s punk arse!!!!

  119. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    i keep forgetting that when you want to say the truth to make sure you’re PC. unfortunately for me, i am NOT pc

  120. Is it wrong that I like Milbury more now? Not that I agree with him one way or another, some people are just too sensitive. This country is getting too soft.

    That Jagr is just a beautiful man though isn’t he. Go get ’em Tiger. Rawr.

  121. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    no wick,i dont have twitter up, i was getting those off of google.!

  122. I am all for speaking the truth, as I often do about Bostonians on these lohud blogs, but in the real world, I cant say to people that Bostonians are scumbags.

    People on the radio, TV, cannot call other women hookers. It’s disrespectful, not just politically incorrect.

    You cannot insult an entire population of Europeans, it’s racist.

    These are supposed to be professionals, and yet they are mockeries, and as the media, then go after athletes for things that they deem inappropriate.


  123. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I agree with you about the softness/”thin skinned” nature of the country!

  124. omg i forgot, did anyone hear what milbury said about czech and slovakia a week or two ago.

    “i dont know anything about their politics, but if they did not break up into 2 countries, could you imagine the hockey team they’d have”

  125. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    Salty, usually things don’t offend me, but that was just the final straw with all his asinine antics. it was uncalled for, and i know he’s just trying to draw attention to himself and try to be the cherry of nbc, but it just gives hockey a black eye.

  126. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    For the love of God… some people other than us could have been insulted by that comment. He’s a jackass. I do however have a girlfriend who was a little taken by his comment. She is Ukrainian. So he shouldnt be saying garbage like that anyway. And Im about as UNPC as you will find. Just ask Linda.

  127. its much better for a 40 year old to talk like a teenager

    February 24th, 2010 at 10:59 pm
    CR her outfit WAS effin horrible! how can you take anything she says about sports seriously when she’s dressed like a 15 year old? he can make fun of the baskin robbins inspired outfits worn by shannon sharpe, but God forbid don’t say something about some 40 something year old woman dressing like a teenager

  128. Milbury better be in big trouble for this one. As a proud American, I am personally offended by him calling the Russian Olympic team “Eurotrash”. It’s extremely derogatory. If Canada and the US play a bad game, are they referred to as “trash”? These pathetic xenophobic attitudes should have disappeared in the last century. The Rangers would be totally lost without our European players, and so would the NHL.

  129. that outfit is pretty bad, but tony could have just said that the outfit was inappropriate and left it at that.

    Forget that he acts like a buffoon on ESPN all the time, and his work on MNF a season or two ago was absolutely atrocious, he is heard by millions of people, and cannot call a woman, let alone his colleague, a hooker.

  130. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    i am the polar opposite of PC also! i guess i shouldnt be shocked by his total lack of couth, because common sense and decency are not in his dna.

  131. If I were on air I’d say this to the plaid skirted hooker:

    “That outfit sure makes you look like you’re in line for a one way ticket to Pound Town.”

  132. Thanks Rob M

    I really do not believe he is a Sox fan…. but there was no reason to bring up the Red Sox in an Olympic hockey game.

    My feeling is that NBC sends memo to their hockey and football guys to mention the Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots and Celtics as much as possible in any sporting event.

    Especially the Olympics, because they generally reach a larger audience.

    The more people that NBC can reach with their pro-Boston propoganda, the more fans they will have in the long run.

  133. LOL Linda.

    I know you were joking, but NBC, FOX, CBS, and ABC/ESPN are all the same, all Boston suckers. ESPN is just round the clock Boston licking.

    The other networks have the same goal.

  134. Linda says... GO TEAM USA AND ALL THE RYANS ON IT! on

    lmao CR, i almost expect to read some kind of manifesto from you one day! :-)

  135. I would, but nobody wants to read it. Nobody cares about how Boston gets handed things, or how other teams try to help them, commissioners, referees, networks, prospect organizations like Baseball America. It is just considered a conspiracy, when in actuality, it is just these organizations supporting their favorite team (Boston) any way they can.

    I only talk of this Boston stuff on the Lohud blogs, and the people that read it call me a conspirist and do not want any part of it (even though they acknowledge that ESPN is pro-Boston and anti-NY).

  136. Even IF that were true… who gives a shit? I hate _everything_ about Boston… but you’re insane. Who is GIVING Boston anything? WTF is wrong with you?

  137. seriously. I’m one of the first to lend an ear to a “conspiracy theory”… but I also know an absolute nutcase when I hear one. Luckily this one doesn’t seem too violent.

    CR9 you don’t own a small aircraft, do you?

  138. Kevin Garnett was given to the Celtics by a GM and former Celtic.

    The Patriots were handed a Super Bowl by the Eagles and Donovan McNabb being more interested in vomiting on the field.

    Roger Goodell destroyed videotapes of the Patriots cheating, so the media would never see how incriminating it actually was.

    The Cardinals and Rockies laid down for the Red Sox in the 2004 and 2007 WS, with both teams leading a combined total of 3 innings.

    Curt Schilling was handed to the Red Sox for nothing.

    Bud Selig allowed a Red Sox organization member to run the Mitchell Report and conveniently, there were no Red Sox listed in that report. The same report full of Yankees.

    The list goes on and on.

  139. I’m just gong to leave it at that…

    No need to get personal Salty.

    Not a nutcase, just an avid hater of Boston and their propaganda machine. And I leave my hatred of Boston on a blog, nothing wrong with that.

  140. Boston has huge revenue and spends money to win where applicable. Just like NY. In fact, Boston tries to copy NY. They didn’t win a WS for HOW LONG? The MEDIA made the Yankees choke? The National league EVER had a chance?

    Pure insanity. You hold everyone accountable for what happens on the playing fields EXCEPT the players!

  141. everyone has to chill with the “im so offended by what Milbury said about eurotrash”, except the few that are European on this blog.. and I hate milbury as much as anyone its not that im defending him
    But if i was at a bar sitting next to a european and then somebody from europe on the TV said “Ameri-Trash”, and then the european next to me said “OMG IM SO OFFENDED”, well then Id probably punch him in the mouth and say how does that offend YOU, everyones gota relax and hit the breaks unless you’re actually apart of that country, just bc milbury is american doesnt mean media will say “Oh milbury said this so all americans must feel this way”

    Sit back and watch the hockey

  142. MAKO says *RUSSIA!!!!!* on

    LMAO! Im glad I took a shower and came back to this COMEDY GOLD!!!!

    WOW just because people are watching you doesnt make you paranoid.

  143. The MEDIA made the Yankees choke?

    What are you talking about???? I never said that.

    “You hold everyone accountable for what happens on the playing fields EXCEPT the players!”

    Again, what are you talking about. I hold the Eagles PLAYERS responsible for not trying and/or not caring, as well as the Cardinals and Rockies PLAYERS.

    Although, the Patriots run started with the referee call against the Raiders, the cheap Tuck Rule that has never been called again in the NFL.

  144. Agree Rob. The thing is, everyone already hates Milbury and now there is real life fuel to work against him and people will certainly run with it. If it were someone more respected, it would be a virtual non-issue.

    I do think he’s an absolute jackass for saying that on television, but who cares what he says.


  145. It’s not a question of being offended or being PC or anything like that, it just promotes stereotypes and was degrading toward Europeans. It’s negativity and promotes xenophobia. Did Dan Boyle bring his “white trash” game while he’s at it? Just stupid.

  146. Again, what are you talking about. I hold the Eagles PLAYERS responsible for not trying and/or not caring, as well as the Cardinals and Rockies PLAYERS.


    Again…what does this have to do with a media conspiracy of everyone HANDING something to Boston? Boston is competitive…they are a big market city.

  147. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Finns put one in the empty net. Czechs are the only team to beat the Slovaks, and they are out!

  148. Salty

    Just let it go.

    It’s not a media conspiracy. The national media happens to be anti-NY and pro-Boston. That is a statement of fact.

  149. The national media happens to be anti-NY and pro-Boston. That is a statement of fact.


    AND? What difference does it make on the field of play? Zero. NY has asked for it and earned it. We are the center of the universe. People are allowed to be jealous…it happens.

  150. What difference does it make on the field of play?

    When the national media attacked ARod all those years, and he failed in the postseason because of his “need to be loved by everyone”, I’d say the negative media attention affected him on the field.

    We are the center of the universe… That’s not what I hear from ESPN and the other networks, as Boston is the proclaimed “hub of the universe”

    We asked for it…. Why should NY be hated? How is that acceptable to you?

    Boston is basically the lesser version of NY, and they are not hated. They are beloved!

  151. David Ortiz still has not answered to the media for his steroids usage. Rodriguez was called a liar for coming out and telling the truth. Ortiz has flatly denied drug usage altogether and has been called honest.

  152. Why should NY be hated? How is that acceptable to you?


    I guess in general I feel people should just be who they are whether people like it or not. Whatever your thing is, do it. People are jealous of NY…who gives a shit? The Yankees ARE a scumbag organization and the Rangers were too when they were allowed to be and still try to be. I would hate them too if I weren’t a native. But I know it doesn’t matter.

  153. The Yankees are a scumbag organization?

    You clearly said that to get a reaction out of me…

    All I will respond to that with is, they are the definition of professionalism.

    Look up HOPE WEEK from this past year. You might learn something about the Yankees organization.

  154. i wouldnt say the yankees are a scumbag organization but its just ridiculous how they have all the money in the world and are able to spend as much as 5 other teams do combined, its the MLB’s fault that its been like this for years now, something has to be done if the MLB wants to give all 30 teams a legit chance to be playoff teams from day one of the season, you cant really blame the yankees for spending money that they have… and I hate the yanks just about as much as anyone

  155. And where did you get your view that the Yankees are a scumbag organization?

    The media, of course, with you as an example of its desired goal.

  156. give all teams a legit chance to make the playoffs and win?

    Last I checked, the Yankees haven’t won since 2000.

    Also, baseball is a business. Do you see Walmart letting competitors stay in business as a humanitarian gesture.

    No, their goal is to make as much money as possible, as the Yankees goal is to win, and make money.

  157. by the way, i was rootin for jagr and co. in the game vs. the finns but at the same time i wasnt going to be disappointed if they lost bc i think finland is better for US to face than the czechs
    And also, Finland has scored only 1 goal on an occupied net in the last 2 games (the games against legit opponents), and that goal was also a controversial goal bc as ray chicken parm ferraro said, kubina had to go retrieve his helmet, due to a ridiculous rule in the olympics, forcing him to leave his man in front wide open..
    Lets go USA

  158. yo i didnt say that they are wrong for spending the money they have man read the comment, i said its BASEBALLS fault, the MLB’s FAULT for letting it be this way, they have to get some kind of cap like the other 3 major sports, it makes no sense to not have one, and yea the yankees didnt win for 9 years until this year bc they didnt realize they needed to spend money on PITCHING along with hitting, and they only missed the playoffs once in the last 14 years, so yea about my point with certain teams not having a legit chance to make the playoffs each year, yea its very valid, the yankees are in every year bc they hav the $ to be able to field a sick roster every year, but the best team on paper doesnt win every year, or often for that matter.. but thats gettin away from the orginal point that there should be a salary cap of some sort in baseball

  159. anyone else think its stupid that the redline doesnt extend through the center ice circle? not even in some shape or form, like an outline at least and they could keep the symbol in the middle, idk i think thats bad…
    gabbyyy scores on his boy hank

  160. hank thought that hossa was shooting, thats why he was late to his left, which he usually never is late, he is so good laterally

  161. if anybody was gona score on henrik im glad it was gabby, bad penalty by swedes…
    sekara 2-0, damnnn

  162. Last I checked, the Yankees haven’t won since 2000.


    WHAT? Some fan you are.

    Yankees buy every good player in the MLB. It’s terrible for baseball, but it’s allowed. Rangers did the same thing. And yeah, still can’t win all the time, and it’s pathetic.

  163. i really feel like sweden has much more of a chance to beat canada than slovakia does, hope swedes make a comeback

  164. Salty

    Prior to this year, happy?

    We buy every good player?

    And what do the Red Sox do? What do football (soccer) teams like Chelsea or Man U or Man City or Real Madrid or Barca do?

    You can never guarantee victory. It’s not pathetic. You spend the money to give your team the best chance at winning, and in the Yankees case, it is to give the team the best chance to win, FOR THE FANS.

    Should there be a salary cap to govern football (soccer)?

    Is it pathetic when one of those football teams lose?

  165. how much money you think nabokov and kovalchuk cost themselves tonight, both ufa’s at year’s end
    kovalchuk was invisible as he is in every big game, hasnt helped the devils nearly at all yet, and has never won a playoff game in his life
    and everybody knows nabokovs story, unbelieveable regular seasons, subpar playoff performances, and even though he had no chance on some of the goals tonight, he has to stop that wrap around on morrow that made it 4-1, and that other one where he was like 15 ft out of the net cuttin the angle way too much, idk
    who is really gona give kovalchuk 10 mill, dude hasnt won anything

  166. Interesting question for someone that has the time to answer it. What would team Swedens rosters’ cap hit be? Anyone?

  167. who gives a crap about soccer, we are talking about baseball, and there should be a salary cap in it, end of story, its simple


  168. swedens cap hit? how bout canadas???

    and about what milbury said about czech/slovakia, hes right imagine how sick of a team czechoslovakia would be


  169. He never saw it, i think alot of guys wouldnt have saved that, but if hank saw it he still may have not had it, being thats his weak spot
    He had his glove higher and then he looked for the puck thru the screen and dropped it, but he still woudla never had it, impressed with how high in his crease he was though, new country heard from for him being at the TOP of the crease

  170. Czechoslovakia Roster

    13th forward: Cajanek/Satan/Erat

    7th D: Sekera/Kuba/Michalek


    would be a pretty damn good team

  171. Baseball needs a cap already. The KC Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates can’t compete with the NY teams, Boston, LA teams, etc. and drafting is sooo different in that sport and talents takes forever to develop.

    As I said earlier, I really like Nabakov but tonight hurt his legacy. If the Sharks get bounced early this year again, I think they’ll be looking to trade him because they’ve done everything else.

  172. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Funny stuff tonight ..you guys are awsome!!!!

    Hank the “hem” “hem” Tank.

    Go Gaborik!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  173. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Dirty Gaborik , yeahhhh hes durty!!!!

    Don’t think he didn’t know what he was doing when he was fighting Carcillo with his visor on. (hehe)

  174. >>Gaborik for roughing? 3 words you don’t hear much…

    That was a pretty weak call if you ask me.

  175. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Canada rout's the Russians!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Jose-Three-or-more MEET Let-IN-A-Bunchqvist

  176. conspiracy theory on

    from link i posted

    Open QuestionShow me another »
    Did Russia throw its game against Canada? I am thinking mafia and fixed bets.?
    It makes no sense to get such a spread. And Ovechkin’s dialled-in performance is just incomprehensible. How could the Russians be so dominated by a rather slack Canadian team? It makes no sense unless everyone on the squad is getting millions in black money for throwing the game. Any buzz on this?

  177. i dont think you could bribe ovechkin with all the money in the world to throw that game, not even all the tea in china, ha

    that kid wants to win more than anything and i dont think alot of the players would take money to throw the game, except maybe kovalchuk the greedy bastid

  178. >>i dont think you could bribe ovechkin with all the money in the world to throw that game

    What if family members are threatened?

  179. i see backstrom setting up eriksson to tie this game up.. or maybe the sedins with the eyes in the back of their heads

  180. well then i guess he would throw it under those circumstance, idkk who knows, i think canada came out flying but i still think the russians looked sluggish on top of that, maybe they did.. but i doubt it.. im gona go see waht the moneyline odds were on the game

  181. nice to see gabby and lundqvist hug afterwards like that, they were talkin on nhl radio tonight about how malkin and crosby barely acknowledged each other and just shook hands
    Hank took the loss well, hes the best

  182. Is Lundqvist the only Swede capable of smiling? Those guys need a little more sunshine in their lives.

  183. >>Hank took the loss well, hes the best

    Perhaps only he understands it’s only a game when all is said and done?

  184. Swedish D looked tired and confused tonight. Poor Henrik but he has a gold already, nice to see Gabby get a shot for a medal. Good for that country and those guys like Palffy, Satan, Stumpel, and Bartecko (hopefully he can comeback) who have been doing this for a long time.

  185. This is setting up for Canada-USA, nbc must be drooling, hope slovaks ruin it for em
    I wonder if Eric will be rooting for Canada to win/Gaborik to lose and get rest, i want the guy to get rest to but i cant root against him, and cant root for cindy

  186. either way, gabby plays 2 more games.

    now that both of my top 2 are out, time to go for USA!

    Wouldn’t be that bad to see Canada win for their home fans, and with the pressure on them.

    Cant have Slovakia win, with Zdeno and Satan, ugh!

  187. Bill Patrick just said “its ok you can say it was a stupid question” and JR goes “nah its okay I like you Bill” hah , kind of implying he doesnt like milbury i would think

  188. As a complete neutral i have to cheer for Slovakia and USA due to the Rangers connection. Can’t cheer for Canada, its the evil empire scenario and i f**kin hate Don Cherry (almost as much as Mad Mike Milbury).

  189. Big hugs for CCCP and RangerSwede and anyone else who was pulling for Sweden and Russia.

    Should be interesting semis, huh? USA/Finland and Canada/Slovakia. The Finns could give the US fits, especially if Kipprusof plays like Hiller did. As for Canada and Slovakia, I don’t know what to think about that one.

  190. Good morning! Very unexpected results last night. Well, Hank gets to rest.

    How is the snow looking, MikeyM?

  191. sucks sweden lost. damnit thats my team!!! besides usa of course. my mom is gonna be pretty sad and grouchy today. we can beat vinland. those damn geats couldnt beat a 1 legged gabby and hank was not good from what saw. especially the last 2 goals. but usa will probably face canada in a rematch of epic proprtions. does anybody have faith that we can pull off a mini miracle? i dont but it would soo awesome. i hope chara just goes out and bangs bodies around all night and leaves them broken for our game. but we still have vinland to go through. cannot get overconfident. a silver medal for us would be very respectable considering all the youth and inexperience on the team with only 2-3 actual snipers on teh team. drury if you want to redeem yourself, start with a clutch goal and block some shots and beat finland!!! but when you get back to ny, you better bring that spark back to the team. ohh, and good morning ilb!. carp,babs,linda,sally,greg,and my countrymen shory,tomb,alex t!!

  192. ilb, i didnt see your post just now. thats kinda funny how i knew youd be here waiting for my good morning! oh and mornin wickychops tyoo. so me,greg,wicky and you(ilb) are gonna meet up in montana? why dont we go meet at a hockey game in minny or colorado?

  193. ilb, It’s not too bad,actually. There’s a lot of it and it’s the heavy, wet stuff, but the roads are clear for the most part. I got a nice break yesterday in that my neighbor’s grandson shoveled for us and the same neighbor got someone to plow our parking spots, so all I had to do was a little bit of shoveling and that was it. Pretty sweet.

    Right now we got a mixture of rain and snow. Things must have changed with the storm because we’re only supposed to get around 6-8 inches or less. Which is much better than the 40 inches I heard about yesterday afternoon.

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been saying it since day one: Slovakia is my dark horse favorite for a medal. I also said that Russia was going to be a big melt down because their team is too political.

    I think we get a repeat of 2002 in the finals, including which team gets which medal. Slovakia takes the bronze.

  195. Embarrassing loss for my former countrymen. They got intimidated, outplayed, out skilled and came unprepared. Their coach didn’t seem to have a clue either. Miami would be right to call bush league.

  196. I would be very happy with a silver medal for the US. No one thought they’d be in the medal round at all, so a silver would be a pleasant surprise.

  197. Doodie Machetto on

    Mickey, I agree. Even a bronze would be a very solid showing for this team. But to lose to Canada again in the finals? It would be a little tough.

  198. Doodie, if they lose, it’ll be to better team. But I have very little doubts that they will not show up and give all they have. Looking forward.

  199. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not saying it won’t be a good game. But it just sucks to lose to Canada twice. Even if it was Slovakia I’d be OK with it. But Canada again?

    At least it won’t be Brodeur.

  200. Doodie, it would suck royally to lose to Canada again. But honestly, when you stack the two teams up on paper, Canada should win 9 out of 10 times. And ever since Sunday, they have been playing like they are posssessed.

    As we all know, Miller is key. He could very well steal another game. Gotta get by the Finns, first.

  201. Eh — if there is any Ranger Olympian who needs rest, it’s Hank. Sad he lost, but it’s probably good for the Rangers. And it’s also no shocker he let in a goal in the last minute of a period. I’m still convinced his focus is off after goals by either squad and in the first and last minute of periods.

  202. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    morning grabby!
    Good for gabby, and a classy move by him and hank for sure!! I hope they make a decent game of it with canada!!

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