Five-ring circus (updated)


All this talk about this being the last of the NHL’s participation in the Olympics has caused mixed feelings for me.

Because of the professionals in the Games, we can’t see another Miracle On Ice, as much as NBC’s newbies want to try and fabricate one this year. There can’t be that type of David and Goliath. And there can’t again be the magical year like the one Ken Morrow had in 1980 when he went from Lake Placid Gold to the Stanley Cup in a matter of months. Since then Brendan Shanahan and Steve Yzerman have done the double-title-dip, and many more will if NHLers play in the Olympics.

All that ideal stuff said, though, this is the best hockey on the planet, with the best talent on the planet all gathered on one ice surface. Incredible hockey. I always say the best hockey I’ve ever seen was the 1996 World Cup, which I was fortunate to cover, and when you have all this talent at one Olympics there is the chance to see that ’96-caliber of hockey again. We might be seeing it this year, although that ’96 USA team was the best this country has ever assembled.

But I understand that the NHL doesn’t like closing its doors for more than two weeks (it is longer when the Games are on another continent) and providing all the talent (including officials and coaches and massage therapists and equipment managers) and assuming all the risk (how do you think Washington will feel if Ovechkin gets hurt, as an example?). And that the NHL especially doesn’t like not getting a big cut of the Olympic green pie. And that some years the games may not appear live or, you know, when most of North America is awake.

Perhaps Gary Bettman is just posturing for a deal with the Olympic committee, bluffing to get cut in. Who knows?

But it has become a topic for debate once again.


A couple of things I forgot to mention yesterday:

1) Sidney Crosby blew his nose with his hand before the handshake line Sunday night. He wiped it on his pants. Some of you mentioned it last night. Yuch. Well, at least he shook hands this time, unlike when he snubbed Nick Lidstrom, the Detroit captain, after winning the Stanley Cup last year.

2) Kessler’s goal might have been the best empty-net goal I’ve ever seen, including those scored by goalies.


Oh Carp, hope you don’t mind me popping in, but I know you have LOTS to do this week, and the heads seemed to enjoy these Olympics posts, and I’m still jonesing to be Report host, so I thought I’d just offer some tidbits :)

For you’re reading pleasure heads:
Kane says he’ll do better
Ovi is not shocked by USA win

Can’t find anything on Swiss win (WTF??) If it’s out there, please post in comments.

Seriously, who wants Germany over Canada….don’t you want a rematch?

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  1. I agree Carp. But if the pros are not in the Olympics then the games are not going to be as fun to watch.

  2. I agree with you, Carp. I think Buttman is bluffing to get bigger slice of a green pie

    If Buttman can close the entire league for a whole year, then he can close it for 3 weeks once every four years.

  3. – I understand the argument of keeping the Olympics an amateur event, but so many of the top athletes in many of the fields are getting paid for being an athlete in some way shape or form. Whether it’s through sponsorships and endorsements or they play in a professionally organized league.

    – There won’t be a miracle on ice for the Americans, but that doesn’t mean one of the minnows like Norway can’t have an unbelievable run at some point. When it was the Soviets vs everyone else, even if the Soviets were by the narrow a definition an “amateur” team, was it really fair? At least allowing teams to field their best players corrects this technicality.

    – In some ways it is more validating, just as it was in 1996, to say our best beat your best head to head. The US can say to Canada that you have your golden child, your HOF credentialed goaltender, multiple team captains, etc. and we still beat you.

    – The European soccer clubs have learned to deal with the issue of playing for club or country. If the world’s most popular team sport and some of the highest paying sports franchises in the world can relent on letting their players play in qualifiers and crucial games in the middle of the club season, so can the NHL. In some ways, playing in the middle of the season ensures that players are in game shape. The big problem with the World Baseball Classic, especially after this past edition, is that players are going to be wary of rushing their pre-season regime.

  4. Because of the professionals in the Games, we can’t see another Miracle On Ice, as much as NBC’s newbies want to try and fabricate one this year. There can’t be that type of David and Goliath.


    Carp… I gotta disagree on this point. The fact that you have teams like Belarus competing with little to zero NHL talent, there is absolutely potential for a “David and Goliath” miracle… it just wouldn’t be “our” miracle.

    I’ll agree this hockey tournament is *astoundingly astounding* so far. Even if NHL wont do “Olympics” again, maybe they can organize a similar tournament…(World Cup, whatever)

    Def not trying to get head of myself…but I will say, this whole thing has been a lot cooler than I expected it to be.

  5. bettman should talk to nbc and see if they can give them so money. they each need each other. hockey ratings will drop tremendously in the olympics if its not pros. and bettman can use olympics as a marketing device.

  6. Carp,
    Can you start putting up the times and channels of the games, sort of like what blogmama did? It would be greatly appreciated seeing as I have no way of finding out the times and channels of the game besides this place. Thanks a bunch

  7. Doodie Machetto on


    Totally agree on the Kessler goal and I said it after the game was over.

    Also, you totally called it on Drury: He’s having a great Olympics, and then he will disappear again once they are over.

  8. What the heck

    What, your internet is limited to only one site, Rangers Report? lol

    * REPOST

    Rob M
    February 23rd, 2010 at 12:51 am
    Cablevision/Optimum channels

    3:00p.m. USA (738) Switzerland vs. Belarus

    7:30p.m. CNBC (771) Canada vs. Germany

    10:00p.m. CNBC (771) Czech Republic vs. Latvia

    12:30a.m. CNBC (771) Slovakia vs. Norway

  9. Switzerland/Belarus should be a good game to watch, to scout ahead.

    Germany/Canada will be fun to watch, to see how tight Canada is after Sunday.

  10. tap..tap..tap… Is this thing working?

    What little bit that I’ve been able to watch has been very entertaining, but I’d still rather watch my crummy Rangers than Switzerland vs Russia.

  11. Isn’t it all about competition and entertainment? And above all, isn’t it about hockey? Well, this is the best hockey anyone can see. That’s why NHL should make all attempts to participate. I’m hoping that the new CBA will have something straightforward about it with NHLPA insisiting on participation. Playing in Olympics is a dream and pride of every athlete, as it should be.

  12. What about watching your Rangers represent their individual countries… it’s really quite a nice break from the same old sell at MSG for a while

  13. I hope Bettman is just posturing, but I’m not convinced. It may have something with politics, the location and KHL. Could be wrong.

  14. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Its actually refreshing rooting for Drury for a couple games. Keep the Olympics, Butterman!

  15. Its actually refreshing rooting for Drury for a couple games.


    It’s great to see the guy looking like he really cares, there’s no question that you want “that guy” on your team…the question is “which version of that guy are we really getting”?

  16. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Carp- so obviously we can’t be the same person, as some have incorrectly deduced.

    Don’t worry Carp- I’ve been called some awful names before this.

  17. Carp, I think they will, too, but it’ll be interesting to see how Canada comes out in the first few minutes. If, by some miracle, Germany has a few good shifts early and puts pressure on, the boo-birds could be out in force. Which in turn, could make Canada even more wound up than I think they already are.

  18. Salty, maybe if the Rangers told him he wasn’t getting paid, then he’d play more like he’s been playing in the Olympics.

    Nah, that would never fly in Rangerworld.

  19. orr
    wolverine plays for the USA???

    I no longer have the title of tolstoy to mrs wicky after salty’s post on the last thread.

    yep, wicksters will be en route!

  20. Don’t you think Bettman’s posturing about the Olympics in Russia has also to do with making the KHL sweat?

  21. I wonder if we would all call sidney cindy if he played for the rangers and produced just like he does with pitt?

  22. red – not sure I understand; why should Bettman’s stance on allowing the NHL to participate in the Olympics effect the KHL?

  23. “I will have a beer, soft pretzel, and two hot dog lips please.”

    “No, no mustard thanks, I want snot on my hot dog lips.”

  24. >>Switzerland/Belarus should be a good game to watch, to scout ahead.

    That should be a fun game; Hiller should pull the Swiss through. I may have to find a stream to watch it while at work. I’ll record it anyway, just in case I get home early enough before Canada-Germany.

  25. Let me get a box of jujy fruits, a box of junior mints and another box of jujy fruits and this here Crosby is gonna pay for it.

  26. Good afternoon all! Did I miss something at the end of yesterday’s post? I can’t believe you’re all not drooling over Marty getting pulled today :)

  27. Farty is getting old, next thing you know he is going to skate to center ice at the garden while dipsy doodling with the puck, then take a penalty. He will then be pulled and while on the bench, get up in Lemaires face and inform him that this will be his last game as a NJ Devil. He will then be traded to finish the season, and then open up a Bar/Restaurant called In-Laws place. “When you choose to eat out, eat out at In-Laws.

    HEE HEE, I made a funny.

  28. I can’t believe you’re all not drooling over Marty getting pulled today :)

    It’s certainly entertaining cause you know it crushed him so personally… but the reality is we’d all much rather face him again instead of Luongo. Luongo gives then a much, much better shot.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If the US beats the team they saw over the weekend PLUS Luongo… now that would be a miracle. As it stands, this is going to be a somewhat whacky tournament.

    The US (or Belarus/Swiss) should be playing Cz Republic for their chance to play in the Gold Medal game! Wow. While Canada, Russia and Sweden will be elimidating each other in order to get there (remember that show?). The US may have earned a silver by beating Canada Sunday.

  30. Oh, and RobM, thanks for posting the line-up…..I’ll be happy to still do it. Yes, you can easily get the times on the Olympics site, but believe me, finding the channel line-up is a pain quite frankly. If it weren’t, you guys wouldn’t have been all “what’s the channel!!” last week :)

  31. # Great White Grabachev February 23rd, 2010 at 8:18 am

    February 22nd, 2010 at 12:28 pm
    Mama, you did a great job!

    All we needed were some Aves shirtless pics.

    ok cr9- u are a female right?


    No. A straight male with the ability to appreciate male beauty, like Jaromir or Avery or Lundqvist, or *gasp* Crosby if he ever became a Ranger!!

  32. CR9- C’mon, we’re all friends here, you can admit you swing both ways. No one will judge

    ;) j/k

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "When's all this olympic hoopla gonna end??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Carp is right. No ametuers , no Miricle on ice . Ever again. Ever.

    Great to see our hockey pro’s playing together and actually trying…not like the All star game.(no hitting) These games are great to watch cuz we see alot of passion and heart come into play. I find we are cheering players that are rivals and dissing players that are ours ( for me its Drury ). We cheer Sweden cuz of Hank and respect Slovakia cuz of Gaborik. I like Usa cuz my boys from the Rangers are there…but then I have to cheer on Marty!!??? This is WARPED!!! Its hard to cheer on players I hate (Crosby,Brodeur and crappy Pronger )

    If we had Ametuers in there , then NO ONE would be all twisted up. Effects from these games could have SERIOUS ramification tward the rest of the NHL season…why risk pros in these game that could eventually screw up our teams in the NHL. Why should we cheer for crappy Slovakia or sweeden just because our “superstars” are there. We are not thinking for the goodness of our countries ,we are only looking to protect our assests in hoping for good thing from sweeden and Slovakia. If we had Messier or another Canadian playing for team Canada on the Rangers…then I bet a few of you guys would be giving good ol Canada a break. It seems like “pros” being in the Olympics is playing with our loyalty as well…anyone else agree?

  34. Im not gonna get excited over Brodiva getting pulled. Maybe Babc*ck did it to send a message, and he’ll be back.

    If Luongo does play, then Canada has a much better shot, which is not good, but oh well.

    GO USA !!

    Cant wait to see Canada and Russia kill each other. Great job by USA, putting those two teams in a position nobody thought they would be in. HILARIOUS !

    Im actually gonna be depressed to see the Olympics end, cause this has been fun. I hope we bring home some gold, just like USA did a few months back.

  35. Jeez, oh man. It’s snowing to beat the band up here. Gonna be a fun drive home in 2.5 hours.

    Anyone else wanna see Norway beat Slovakia tonight? Fat chance of it happening, but look at it this way- Gabby gets the rest he needs/deserves PLUS more time to heal that cut AND we get to hear more about Tore Vikingstad.

  36. CR9, I for one appreciate your good taste (though, um, I think Jagr’s more a thing of beauty on ice than off, and I would never put Aves, Hank and Crosby together in that fashion!)

    Yes, as much as Sunday’s game was tremendously tremendous, I stlll prefer an ammie Olympics. Gee, have I said that before?

  37. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "More hockey , less Curling!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Orr , as they say …may the best team win. USA beating Canada is , a Miricle on ice. USA won the world Cup of Hockey also. Usa has Canada’s respect. The Usa may lose thier next game and then the other game and get NO MEDAL. Drury may be too busy reading all his own hoopla and usa will get scored on Powerplay after powerplay.
    The thing is ORR ,as much as these games are fun to watch…its all over in a week or so and then the “real” fun starts up again. I love seeing everyones passion when it come to TEAM USA , so lets see some of it ( not saying this to you ORR) when the Rangers are back. I wanna see some of this PRIDE AND PASSION with our NEW YORK RANGERS . I want ’em to win the cup . Period. I’d cash in a Canada gold medal , just to see us win the cup!!! I sleep better at night when the Rangers are on top ,having Canada win just doesn’t cut it for me.

    My ALL TIME top favorite teams :

    #1 New York Rangers

    #2 Saskatchewan Roughriders

    #3 Team Canada (hockey)

    #4 Saskatoon Blades

    #5 Harlem Globetrotters

  38. That’s the thing. NYR plays like they don’t even give a fugg, sometimes. So, that’s how i am as a fan, at least that’s how i am these days.

    Im not really looking forward to watching NYR play after this. Unless they really get their Brash*t together, and start putting a streak together.

  39. Watching Drury in the Olympics is like watching another player…which makes me think even more about the fact that he really just doesn’t care so much anymore. Not more than pizza, anyways.

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Through a very, very close friend who works within the walls of a certain company that is owned by a certain somebody who owns a certain team (I really want to be careful on this)…

    Apparently, we’re not alone in wondering just why Chris Drury is hyped so much by MSG and the announcing team during games…

    Some kind of memo WAS sent out to MSG broadcast teams regarding Mr. Drury.

    I’m waiting to hear more…but it looks very much like the same crap we heard when the Knicks announcers were told to never get down on the team is going on with the propaganda machine behind Drury.

    It certainly makes sense, because praising a guy high and wide for scoring an EMPTY NET GOAL struck me as very, very odd. Not to mention the round-the-clock airings of ProFiles: Chris Drury and The Game 365.

    So, take it for what you will. I trust the person I heard the news from (keeps telling me he has Sather’s cell phone number…oh, the temptation!!)

  40. Orr, I can’t see Gabby so depressed that he’d be useless for the rest of the season. Yeah, I’m sure he’d be down for a while, but I think he’s enough of a professional (from what I’ve seen/heard), that he’d pull through it quickly enough.

  41. Orr, maybe OV went back to Russia, that’s why? IDK.

    You’re right, they can be sensitive. Some moreso than others.

  42. If the NHL is gonna sell the game of Hockey, why have two broadcasters like Eddie O. and Pierre Mcguire announce like its a coaching session all night long. They should make the game more layman friendly.

    Tonight on My Radio Show for free ! (frankly who would pay for it)

    I talk to the Ranger GM who drafted 4 Players Instead Of Niklas Lidstrom ! Joe Bucchino

  43. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    GREAT POINT mouth!!! these guys never stop talking! they could honestly do without circumsized head

  44. I usually listen to the game with the sound off because of McGuire. There’s a problem when you are hearing more of him than you are the play-by-play announcer…

  45. I have always said that the Olympics should be about amateurs. Sure, there’s a “fun” element of watching a worldwide all-star game. It’s just that- fun. Of course the level of competition is much higher than the NHL All-Star game but it’s still proven talent. Obviously the thing that made the 1980 USA triumph so spectacular was that the participants were amateurs. Underdogs. If Canada should win this tournament it’s “expected”. If the US wins it’s good. I’ll be happy. But it just doesn’t have that “where did that come from” factor. Local boys who give absolutely everything they have on the ice. Playing for sheer pride and hopefully a look from some NHL teams. It’s raw. It’s real. Check your egos at the door. Plus, it makes for a great story no matter what. If they lose it isn’t a monumental disappointment. If they win it’s absolute bliss.

    It’s kind of like the Rangers. They have the money to compete. When they lose with star-power and outrageous salaries it’s more of an embarrassment than anything else. If the Minnesota Wild lose it’s no big deal because we all know that their budget is nothing even close to what the major market teams have.

    As fans we like to compare ourselves to the athletes that we watch. Most of us out there are hard-working, middle class people. When we see a team that sort of represents our own we feel more of a connection to that team. The 1980 Olympic team was just that. A bunch of hard working nobodies. And when they showed us that they could win, in a time of economic crisis and in the midst of the Cold War it was more than just a hockey game. It was sport imitating life. That’s what made it so glorious.

  46. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    LI, he never shuts the ef up!!! He’s supposed to be ‘between the benches’ not another full time freakin voice! UGH

    2-2 end of 2

  47. Should be an interesting third periond, if Belarus can stay out of the box since the Swiss have only scored on the power play…

  48. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Great post Tony, unfortunately it will never go back to “amateurs”. And, back in the day, those eastern bloc nations were not amateurs in the true sense of the word.

    Someone had said elsewhere that these days, with endorsements and sponsorships, most olympic athletes are getting some kind of pay for what they do. Once money starts changing hands like that, is anyone an amateur?

  49. Linda, I do realize that those other teams weren’t amateurs. But didn’t that make it that much sweeter? I mean, yeah, we don’t want to send out a team representing the United States that’s going to get embarrassed. That’s just unfair to the players. I guess my mind and heart live somewhere in the past. Money really does just kill everything.

  50. LOL @ LW3….. :-)

    Linda – I use that exact same phrase about him, that he never shuts the ef up!! In fact, I can often be heard yelling that at the television… ;-)

  51. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Tony, i agree with you. I mean, that 1980 team, to this day, i can see a 2 second clip and still get tears in my eyes. The only other team i get like that over is our 94 Rangers. It would be awesome to see amateurs playing again, for all the reasons you stated in your first post! That would really be something. Nothings wrong with appreciating the past, especially when it’s over something that had an impact on you!

  52. That would be me Linda:
    February 23rd, 2010 at 11:30 am
    – I understand the argument of keeping the Olympics an amateur event, but so many of the top athletes in many of the fields are getting paid for being an athlete in some way shape or form. Whether it’s through sponsorships and endorsements or they play in a professionally organized league.

  53. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    LI, 3 voices constantly is too much! they need to freakin tone him down. It’s so sad that such a great sport is saddled with such horrible voices ;-)

  54. Tony
    February 23rd, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    Linda, I do realize that those other teams weren’t amateurs. But didn’t that make it that much sweeter? I mean, yeah, we don’t want to send out a team representing the United States that’s going to get embarrassed.


    You must have missed the men’s curling team.

  55. I really don’t understand these arguments for amateurs. Essentially Tony you’re arguing you prefer the amateurs because it isn’t hard on you if they lose and if they win it’s shear bliss. Why wouldn’t it be so amazing if the US won nowadays? I can’t buy into this argument. Also for the fact, that these players do have something to prove. All of them do. The favorites need to prove why they are the favorites and the underdogs want to prove they are better than that. If you don’t think players have a chip on their shoulder, just take a look at Kesler’s effort on that empty-netter.

    The other is, “there won’t be another miracle on ice.”
    First of all, there is no team as dominant today as the Soviet’s were with the Europification of the sport today.(I would say the talent is even because of the globalization, but let’s be honest…it only extends to Europe). Secondly, the attention that game got came from the politics of the time, not because of the amateurs. That game was a once in a millenia event and shouldn’t be something we look to and hope for a repeat. It was a miracle because of how unbelievable it was. Now I’m a Jew, but if everyone could turn water into wine, it wouldn’t be considered a miracle…

    Again, just my humble opinion. But in an age where players are paid astronomically larger sums than those that predated them, I think it’s pretty cool how much this tournament that they do not get paid for, means to them.

  56. I agree, Linda. For those of us who watch hockey and know the game, we can tune out the unnecessary noise for the most part. I can’t even imagine what those broadcasts must be like for people who are just only watching the games because of the Olympics. What an impression to send to those people. To echo your phrase, “Ugh!”…

  57. AFLY- good points and well taken. I disagree that it’s “it isn’t hard on you if they lose and if they win it’s shear bliss”. It isn’t hard on me if the current US team loses either. In fact, it’s easier if THIS US team loses. It comes down to who I’d prefer to root for, I guess. I think there’ something special about rooting for a bunch of college kids who really don’t have much to fall back on. Ryan Miller, if he loses, gets to go back to the Sabres and continue his NHL career. sure, it’ll probably sting a little but it’s no HUGE thing. These college kids are raw, like I said in my previous post. They have everything to lose because they don’t have anything. This is their shot. This is possibly their only chance in the limelight. Some may go pro but you never know. They don’t have cushy contracts to dry their tears with.

    I don’t doubt the current US squad’s passion for winning. It obviously means something to them and to the country. But you can’t deny the pure excitement of a nameless squad representing the USA. There’s just something more dramatic about it. That’s how I feel about it anyway. Everything we’ve ever experienced forms our opinions. I’ve always been an underdog guy. I like to see Cinderella teams win. It just seems to matter more.

  58. For sure Tony. It just comes down to a matter of preference. I enjoyed the World Juniors because it’s somewhat a mixture of what we’re both advocating. Guys who need to really need to stand out to quell the doubters, like Ryan Borque for instance, really need to lay it on the line, while others like Taylor Hall get a chance to showcase their stuff for the draft.

  59. Can’t seem to find the Olympic rules anywhere; what happens at the end of this 10-minute OT?

  60. don’t they do a shootout?

    hopefully, they keep playing and the U.S.
    gets a very tired team tomorrow afternoon.

  61. It’s three from each team,if it’s still tied then,ANYONE can shoot as mauch as the coach wants, no i’m not kidding

  62. My god… plz…can someone go for the jugular of talking penis Pierre! Nobody cares what you’d have done in any situation!! Just STFU already!

  63. AC-David – thanks. Saw the shootout in the round-robin, just wasn’t sure about the elimination round. The “anyone can shoot as many times as you want” rule is ridiculous – wonder how they came up with that one…

  64. haven’t been paying close attention but your comments about McGuire sound similar to what i’ve heard when i discussed hockey broadcasts with Canadians.

  65. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    jpg he’s like an annoying gnat you just cannot get rid of!!

    Rick, will you be doing a live chat before the medal games maybe?? ;-)

  66. AFLY, I respect parts of your argument but I think Tony summed up my feelings about the ammie v. pro situation quite well. The Olympics aren’t supposed to be an NHL showcase. And how are the games balanced when some teams (USA and Canada) are all NHL, and others have none or maybe 3 NHL players.

    Maybe it’s IOC’s problem and not the league’s or anyone else’s to figure out, I just think something is amiss. In mama’s humble opinion :)

    P.S. I still thought Sunday was tremendously tremendous :)

  67. Linda, doubtful, papa has lots on his plate this week with non-hockey stuff. My luck though, the next chat will be when I’m on vacation at the end of March. (don’t do it then Carp! Wait for me!!!)

  68. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Gotta agree with you on that one CCCP. that’s just not possible.

    Aw that’s too bad Mama,an Olympics live chat would have been interesting! Maybe one on trade deadline day??? :-)

  69. Hey, boneheads, can you explain to me what amateurs you are talking about? Trust me, not a single players on that Russian 1980 team was an amateur. All pros. The way it used to work is that they were all listed as workers in different institutions (CSKA or Red Army- in Soviet Army, Dynamo-in militsia, Spartak- something else) and received salaries from those organizations. All they did was play hockey. That is a pretty well known fact. What people don’t know is that, even though their salaries were much better than average Ivan’s in Russia, those were still peanuts. Laughable even comparing to what was considered to be below poverty level in the US. And what US college kids that play sports in college on very high level make as endorsements, some under the table gifts, and scolarship should make them millionaires instantly comparing to what the Russian pros used to make. Now, can someone tell me what exactly those college students that play sports on very high level do besides that?

  70. you know it is BS when what ever stats are in the shoot out don’t actually count in a player’s OFFICIAL stats…i.e. GWG!!!!

  71. Minor update (really minor) above…(I just can’t help myself and I’m trying to help you all and the busy blogfather)

    I missed the shootout game and don’t have the energy to search the entire http://WWW….who has?

    Question posted above…you really want Germany to win or a rematch?

    (Izzy, I’m still pulling for the Fighting Slovaks!)

    ilb, back to you shortly….

  72. OK, ilb (and let’s remain friends here :)…ultimately, a big part of the miracle was that a state-sponsored team did get beat by a bunch of college kids (sadly, back then, hockey not so big here. The “miracle” did a lot to boost the sport, yet 30 years later, hockey’s still on secondary channels here. Huh.)
    Nobody (who is old enough to remember the way things were then) considered the Russian team “amateur” by any stretch of the imagination. And I’m certainly not going to contend their lives were tremendously tremendous just because they were state sponsored.

    However (pause in thought here)…I was going to type a whole other lecture, but have changed my mind. Sadly, the whole concept of amateur in the Olympics is dead when you think about it, in most sports and most countries.

    Whew, that’s a lot of wind out of me in one post!

  73. Oh wicky, I love it when you type French :)

    mama signing off for tonight..Olympic updates and channel line-up tomorrow from moi, other brilliance from Carp. Ta!

  74. Precisely, mama. Amateur Olympics have been dead for years. The only true amateurs at the moment are those who play hockey from 8 to 10 pm, Chelsea piers.

    I remember the game, btw. Still effing hurts. I was in medschool, in St. Ptersburg. Had years to go. But couldn’t resist and played hookie. I think most of us were drunk for a couple of days after.

    Well, I’m an American now. Just checked my passport, lol. And a very proud one. So if USA meets Russia in the finals, I’m going for USA, baby! Sorry, CCCP

  75. Aw, see ilb, we agree!

    yes wicky, I laurel’d, but I wanted to see ilb’s response. Now I go watch hockey then pass out….I await all your commentary on the game tomorrow….

  76. update to all

    we will miss the most of the 1st period of the canada game on cnbc due to curling.

    canada starts at 730 comes on cnbc at 800

  77. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    here we go kids! it would be pretty stunning if Canada loses this game, but I seriously do not expect that to happen

  78. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    eric, i have it on right now… curling ended about 5 minutes ago

  79. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    yea eric, we better check outside to make sure the moon isnt heading this way!!!

    Great minds Laurel, GRRRRRRRRREAT MINDS!

  80. If the US wins it’s good. I’ll be happy. But it just doesn’t have that “where did that come from” factor.


    and what if Belarus won???

    This argument is pretty ethnocentric in my opinion. Everyone wants another miracle but they want it to be on their own terms. I think if Belarus won the gold against the likes of USA, CAN, RUS…. it would just as “miraculous” as 1980.

  81. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Salty, if Germany beats Canada tonight, that would probably qualify as miraculous!

  82. First penalty will be to Germany, for sure. They’re hanging on early, but this can’t go on for much longer.

  83. >>JR just said bonehead! Twice! I swear, he reads us…

    Those two “boneheads” were definitely directed at FATSO.

  84. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    that was the best part JB, he made no bones about who the bonehead comments were for… but he is NOT, and never will be, one of us!


  85. Speaking of “Edzo”, after just two periods of the Switzerland-Belarus match, the “Edzo” count was already at TWENTY [8 in the first period, 12 in the second].

  86. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    i missed the 3rd of that game JB, do you have a final tally for that tilt?

  87. my god does germany realize they will have to get the puck in the opposing teams net to win right? i realize they have to trap against such an offensive team, but try to do what we did. put some early pressure on and try to get a quick goal or some good shifts. they are gonna be feeling like tehy played a whole game afetr 1 period.

    cr9- could care less whether youre gay,straight,bi,transtestical, whatever. i just asked cuz usually straight guys dont like lookin at other men with their shirts off

  88. Is it just me, or does Krupp have a Fankist-ish thing going on?

    Despite his team, I have a little thing going for Canada’s coach. You either get why or you don’t :)

    Germany wants to win.

    I’m obviously not signing off :)

  89. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    decent kill for Germany, the kept the biscuit out of the twine

  90. Linda: I’ll have to finish the “Edzo” count later.

    Oh by the way, the Swiss won 3-2, in shootout.

  91. If that continues, the German goaltender will be on life support by the end of second with battered child syndrome.

  92. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    yea, i saw them shaking hands.

    what sideshow/freak show did they find the talking male genitalia at???

  93. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    ouch ilb, thats a sad comparison.

    lmao,marty just asked for his double double

  94. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    you sure it wasnt mustard Salty?

    aw damnit!! my bad

  95. Goal #1. It would be nice if Uwe Krupp’s boys could keep it close.

    I wasn’t at all surprised to see Luongo in goal. Brodeur looked overwhelmed at times Sunday night.

    Did I hear “Edzo” say earlier this is the 4th different pair of line-mates Biglips has played with in as many games? Interesting.

  96. this game is not even remotely interesting. germany is doing nothing. most boring one sided game ever. cmon get some forecheck. theyre gonna have to get at least 3-4 to even have a chance

  97. Ryan in Saratoga on

    I could’ve sworn I heard Emerick say that Thorton’s goal was “assisted by Heatley and Heatley”

  98. CCCP,

    It does sound strange, but my iPhone can easily access Rangers Report and it usually fails at most other sites.,, and the Olympic application have all been failing on me.

    Thats why it was awesome when I could come here and just see whats on and when.


    I saw it the other night. I cant believe it myself.

    I wanted to pop in and say hello. Have to go out for a late birthday “THING” when all I want to do is go to sleep.

    LETS GO GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. if nabby can play half as good as miller, russia will win. they will score more than usa, and the d is the only thing weak on russia, but they have so much offense, perhaps as much as canada, or almost as much. plus all they need is a clutch player like drury on their team. i think they have one in kalinen

  101. ilb2001 February 23rd, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    1-0 only? Canada should start packing. Oh, wait, they are home..


  102. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    say it 3 more times edzo please… we didnt hear you the first 3 times

  103. germany u suck. this is the type of team that can give canada the boost they need to wipe everyone else out. thanks germany. at least try to score a goal and break through lou in the next 35 minutes. 3 goals in 3 and a half games!! uwe krupp, you gotta score to win games!!

  104. germany u suck. this is the type of team that can give canada the boost they need to wipe everyone else out. thanks germany.


    honestly what the F did you expect?

  105. oh i knew canada would win salty. i honestly wasnt expecting much from germany. i knew they had a trap and that it would be boring. but, i was hoping for a close game like against the swiss. and that first period was just pathetic. i like how theyre playing now. but its way too late. i wouldve thought germany wouldve came out a little harder especially in an elimination game

  106. great job babcock. nash has been workin his butt off and hasnt been rewarded, yet, in a game you already will win, u put the baby out there?? insulting to nash. i dont know his shootout or breakaway success but still, let him shoot it.

  107. CCCP
    February 23rd, 2010 at 8:41 pm
    is it a good or a bad thing that canada has back to back games

    It doesn’t matter. They still play Russia!

  108. That was bush-league kind of move by Canada putting Crosby for PS… It’s not like they down by a goal or something… total bush-league

  109. it just makes crosby look even more of a selfish brat than he already is. if crosby was a man, he wouldve said,noo ,nash should shoot it. but he cant wait to try to be a hero and loved that he couldnt bury it.

  110. JB- I think they starting to question themselves. And Luongo didn’t look perfect on that goal either.

  111. ilb- it was like when ovie took 3 straight shots in teh SO. it doesnt instill confidence in the rest of the players. even though they are pros. you could see malkin and kovalchuk,morozov on the bench wondering why they werent shooting. that move by babcock to put sid out there wouldve pissed anybody off that deserved to take the shot. theyre all pretty much all stars on the team. and its not like they are gonna lose this. it was 4-0 at teh time.

  112. mcguires not there or at least i havenmt sen or heard him cccp. are u having flashbacks of him from last game? lol. and did u see the way jr looked at milbury after he said the germans were standing getting peed on? lmao jr is funny i can only wonder what those 2 talk/fight about during commercial.

  113. Just to chime in on the previous NHL/Olympics/World Cup discussion – I think the NHL has to cave despite Bettman’s posturing and play in Sochi in 2014. My rationale is based purely on business side of it.

    The Russian and European players would be far too pissed that the NHL accommodated the North American players and the Canadians in particular by participating in Vancouver. If the NHL says they aren’t going to Sochi, it’s just another selling point for the KHL – play in our high level league and represent your country at the next Olympics.

    Also, could you imagine Canada watching idly while the Europeans put their best players on the ice if that were to happen??

  114. Mike

    huh? im watching the game online and talking penis has been talking form between the benches all game long! wtf r u watching?

  115. He said that Uve Krupp is asking his players to stay still, and be like fire hydrants. And they are getting peed on. His exact words. That’d be funny on RR. But on National TV?

  116. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    milbury is totally classless, this is someone the league wants representing them to the rest of the world?

  117. i get cnbc, mike… im doing homework by the computer and watching the game online at the same time… who’s doing the game on cnbc?

  118. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    milbury does the games when NBC has em on Sunday afternoons the guy is a total assclown

  119. LOL, not sure if you guys saw this, but Langebrunner’s comments on Drury:

    “He’s just clutch,” American captain Jamie Langenbrunner told Sunday night. “I think I said that when people were questioning him on this team. There are not too many guys that are more clutch than he is.”

    Those are some clutch comments.

  120. If I were Nash, I’d be very upset that I wasn’t given a chance of penalty shot which I earned. And would probably not think very positively about Crosby. And the coach. Perplexing decision, indeed

  121. duke- ohh yes,weve all seen those comments lol. it just gets funnier and funnier. every damn goal he scores isautomatically “clutch” now. nevermind that his gwg in the first game was doen in teh first period, and his goal the other night wasnt the gwg. so yea, thats all it takes to be clutch if you have have alot of playoff goals. that 7.7 second goal just cemented his legacy forever., every goal he scores will be “clutch” now.

  122. What a scumbag Milbury is. He insulted Avery once on an NBC Rangers telecast last year, saying that Avery does not belong in the league.

    But the scumbag himself, went into the crowd at MSG in his playing days with the rest of his sucmbag Bruins teammates and attacked Rangers fans.

  123. 10 pm, Linda.
    If OV is watching this game, he is probably thinking:”You are not bringing this trash into my house”. In Russian, of course.

  124. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    wonder if OV is thinking about pickled hot dog lips and some vodka

  125. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    yea CR9, that is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black. guy is such a friggin hypocrite

  126. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    grabby, where have you been lately if you can say that to CR??? lol

  127. cr9- dont take it the wrong way. dont care if ur a poof. but in the name of poseidon, zeus, thor, odin and every god in the heavens, no more talk about jaromir!! he is an awesome player!! thats it!! lol.

    nash got one!!

  128. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    although, having ronaldo as a call sign name is pretty freaking cool regardless of gender!

  129. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    aint nothing wrong with that!!

    grabby… this line is kinda suspect

    “cannot wait for russia to cream all over canada. especially with semin!!” :-)

    Wicky, great minds a few days apart eh?

    they are chanting we want russia… careful what you wish for!!

  130. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    dude, you said poof, LMFAO!!!!!

    always makes me think of rock n rolla and “puffer”!!

  131. wicky

    no disrespect taken. reference my 2:11 p.m post.

    If any Rangers and Jagr fan says that they would not even consider switching sides for the *JAROMIR* is just lying!

  132. Wow, that’s pretty bold of the crowd. I really hope Russia cleans the ice with them tomorrow.

  133. Who will be the first canuck OV decimates? Liver-lips? Vag-inla? Donger? I can’t wait to see it.

  134. these people at directv are unbelievable! I have called an canceled March Madness 3 times in the past week, and each time they say it is done, and each time, they’ve lied.

    Anyway, “*the JAROMIR*” is going to grace the Vancouver and television audience with his presence very soon!

  135. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    great flick!!!

    dude, make fun of crosby, or pronger, by iggy…..c’mon man not cool!

  136. Wow – lots of guys here with man crushes on Iginla. I see I touched a nerve. For the record I respect him way more than Cynthia. That being said I think Ovechkin will try to be physical with him since he’s a similar physical type player. It’s gonna be a great game.

  137. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    omg ORR,that film freaked me out! saw it one time and that was it! i’m a big baby!

    argh, my daughter just called, she’s having surgery tomorrow and has a killer of a headache and she can’t take anything for it…so of course i have tears in my eyes.

    WHERE’S MILBURY??? i need to hit someone!

  138. Linda,

    Hope your daughter has successful surgery.



    Why would anybody root against “*THE JAROMIR*”

  139. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    yes ilb, she told me she’s not allowed anything, not even aspirin. she gets very bad migraines.

    Thank you very much CR9!!

  140. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    There’s a VERY annoying person who comes here, but it is certainly NOT CR!! :-)

  141. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    thanks bro!!

    apparently “man crush” is now the catch phrase here!

    hope all is well!!

  142. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    you’re not a grump Salty, you just have a crazy sense of humor

  143. let’s go against slovakia, so gaborik is out of this tournament faster and can heal for the rest of this season and following 6 seasons.

  144. Great hockey day tomorrow!!

    What the heck (and everybody else) this is for you.

    United States (NBC)
    Feb. 24, 3:00 PM ET

    Russian Federation (CNBC)
    Feb. 24, 7:30 PM ET

    Czech Republic / Latvia

    Feb. 24, 10:00 PM ET

    Slovakia / Norway
    Feb. 24, 12:00 AM ET

    Not sure what channel last two games are on… I think CNBC as well.

    Let’s Go Russia!

  145. Darn, the USA game is at the same time as the Chelsea CL game.

    Ashley Cole and John Terry, the similarities between Chelsea and the Red Sox are just too great.

  146. CCCP

    They both won in 2004 (2004-2005 for Chelsea IIRC).

    They both have or had scumbags like Manny Ramirez/Didier Drogba on their team.

    They both have overrated captains (Varitek/Terry).

    They both bought their championships.


    Nothing against Chelsea (if you’re a Chelsea fan), I enjoy watching them.

    Lamps is one of the best. Because they are not Boston, I actually like Drogba’s antics.

    If you follow CL, what do you think tomorrow of Chelsea vs. Mourinho?

  147. CCCP,

    Thanks a lot bud. It really does help. And I agree. Jags has gotten little to now play time this period. Maybe there giving him rest time?

  148. All big clubs buy or at least try to buy their championships. Yankees, Red Sox, just to name a few… we can even put 94 Rangers in that category…

    Chelsea is my team…I was definitely looking forward to this Champions League game…Chelsea always plays exciting soccer so i think it’ll be a great game…hopefully Chelsea will come out on top

  149. HAHA…

    Did anyone just see Jeremy Roenicks “apology”? Looks like it was quite forced. That face said it all.

  150. The Chris Drury c*ck sucking fest continues… they were showing just now on CNBC what a winner Chris is! I bet Drury paid those people off to hype him up! Captain can…Captain’s rich!

  151. They mentioned that Jagr was out, but nothing else.

    This goaltender for Germany has been insane too. Can you say Rangers backup?

    I’d like to see Latvia tie it up and have Czech win it in OT

  152. Whats wrong with Chad Johnson, why does everybody see a backup goalie play good and say the rangers should get him… i think we have a few other things higher on the priority list

  153. vasicek made a bad play, left the guy wide open in slot for that one-timer, leading to kuba leavin his man in front

  154. where’s the captain, patrik elias, helping the cause.

    I guess this is what happens when the real captain is not on the ice.

  155. if latvia somehow won id say itd probably be better for the US, i think czech is probably better than the Finns

  156. seeding wise this would be a decent upset, but the czechs have looked horrible this game, so in reality not so much. Also this announcer said this has the chance to be the greatest upset in olympic hockey, are you serious?


    Boston Bruin Krejci WINS IT!!!!


  158. Funny to me how everyone is talking about Jagr coming back to the NHL while he can’t even make it through 4 Olympic games

  159. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Slovaks got their wake-up call a lot earlier than the Czechs did. Can they take care of business?

    Let’s Go Slovaks!

  160. >>Funny to me how everyone is talking about Jagr coming back to the NHL while he can’t
    >> even make it through 4 Olympic games

    I was thinking the exact same thing. If I were a GM, I’d stay clear of any grey-bearded player.

  161. [For Linda]

    Final “Edzo” count [Switzerland-Belarus]

    First Period: 8
    Second Period: 12
    Third Period: 6
    Overtime/Shootout: 2

    Grand Total: 28

  162. Good Humpday Morning. Nah, scratch that.

    Good HOCKEY Morning!

    So pumped for the US game, and for Canada/Russia.

  163. morning heads. some pretty close games last night. especially the czechs and slovaks maybe lookin ahead and almost losing. the czechs def missed you know who. but damn halak sucked in teh norway game. i hope usa faces one of those 2 teams if they are gonna get close to a gold. rather the slovaks because of gabby and dont need backes or kesler checking the hell out of him. and we dont need another accidental collision between hima nd cally while cally gets up and is fine, gabby would probably get decapitated. just worrying about injuries at this point. now if dru can bring that passion back woith him, then come on clutch, but if not, then just stay in vancouver. you seem to play well there.

  164. sweden will prevail against the gaboriks izzy!! cmon either usa,finland or sweden!!! wheres my scandinavian vikingstad brothers in arms-shoryuken,tomb,and the others?? ugh if only italy woudlve been able to get luongo to play for them since he is italian, and maybe cammaleri too, they couldve made the olympics. ricci?parise is french right? i knew an italian guy with parise as an italian name, but theyre close to each other. couldve been a corsican brother. wheres the sicilian hockey playesr from corleone??

  165. ohh and real sorry about you sister linda. my grandmammy just had surgery on her shoulder and wrist after breaking both from falling off a chair. she hit her head too cuz shes gettig even more senile than before. ive been staying with her while she recovers, if she ever does, but this morning, she calls me from my room and when i get to teh living room, she says, wheres my tv remote? i said its right in front of you. she said no!! this is not it!! very confused, i looked at it, and sure enough it was, but she was accidentally using the house phone to try to change channels. i tried my hardest not to laugh, but i almsot shat my pants from laughin. she had the remote control on teh phone charger, and the phone she was dialing numbers tryin to change channels. dont worry im not insensitive because she started laughing too. it is sad though that she is getting so bad. she is a tough sicilian grandma that always took care of biz and kept this family together during some hard times financially and family in fighting. she was our grandma but she was really all of our “mothers”. such a good woman all her life. but yea, anyway im sorry for ya linda. surgery is very stressful to deal with not even including the risks especially as you get older. me n my ex almost lost our baby 4 years ago when she fell and had to have emergency c section. wife lost alot of blood and almsot died. sorry to bring this up, i dont wanna stress you out anymore. i’ll pray for her. whats her name?

  166. Thinking that The Sidney nose blowing is kinda like the Seinfeld episode ” that wasnt a pick ,there was no pick “

  167. morning carp!! ilb,linda,babchuck, i mean babs, wick,ilb,cccp,staal,salt,sally,orr(porn,thats what its good for!!),my lost viking brothers tomb,shory,etc…, nasty,spider,chuck woolery,somerset,jbytes,cr9 (the flaming heterosexual), pavel,tony az,mikaA,mike b, mike c, mike in ia, ohh thats me!!!, greg (the linguist), mickey,izzy,olga,fozzy,what the heck, miami pimp, bob, doodie,mouth, yan,li ranger, patrick,onecup,truefans,tr-808,uncle glennie,clutch, ctblueshirt,afly,retirebradparks, kaspar?????, mako,anonymous,crosscheckcharlie,this years model, all the matts and robs, and all others i dont remember at the moment, have a tremendously tremendous day filled with fantastically fantastic things and a team usa and russia win!!

  168. Mickey – think that Grabby is just setting the tone for the day; a lot of hockey, very exciting and hyper… ;-)

  169. All that snow the NYC area had a few weeks ago? We finally got it here in upstate. Over a foot. It wasn’t bad driving in as the roads were clear, but just the thought of shoveling it all is making my back hurt already.

  170. Good morning, boneheads! Morning, Mike! Should be a great day of hockey. Going for USA first and then Russia! USA! USA! USA!USA! Vpered, Russkie!!
    Imagine what I will sound like after I have some coffee?

  171. MikeyM- I need you to be more specific, ’cause the guy who cleans my diveway in my upstate house called this morning and said he was dealing with more than 2 feet.

  172. ilb, I’m rooting for USA and Russia, too. I cannot wait to see the look on hot dog lips face when they lose. It’ll be freaking priceless.

    We’re getting reports of anywhere from 9 inches to upwards of two feet. By upstate, I mean the Albany area. Where’s your house? There was at least a foot at my house.

  173. Mickey – hahaha; yeah, it was a little bit over the top, wasn’t it? Good luck with all the snow today!

  174. ilb, That’s not that far from me. Just a hop, skip and a jump down the thruway. I’m in Troy (well, Albany right now, but Troy is my hometown)

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    From the recap on

    “‘We just have to turn 360 degrees and play way better, because it is not going to be enough against Sweden,’ Slovakia’s Marian Gaborik told”

    Good thing we pay Marian to score goals and not to be a mathematician. 360 degrees would leave them exactly where they are.

  176. Doodie Machetto on

    900 would work, but not 1080. 1260 would be good too, but I think 1620 is asking a bit much.

  177. Don't You Enver Lisin? on






  178. I`ve just seen the second half list[51-100] of the”100 Rangers Greats”,a fan book about the Rangers< As a former Ranger fan from the mid70 s to a few years ago,now living out of state, i got to see many games both live and on tv,with Gordon and the Whistle, a great announcing team.Gordon should have received a lot more respect in the field.. Anyway, I got to notice that stiffs like Carol Vadnais,a traitor called by the whistle when he was palying in Boston,is listed as # 52,while one of my favorites,Barry Beck is listed at,,,63? How can any hockey or Ranger fan take this non sense seriously?Did any of these guys,unemployed writers,ever consider how important Beck was to the Rangers team of smurfs?Difense,short situations,power plays, physical play, captain and defensor of many bullies from many teams[toronto,philly,boston,detroit,etcc].I don`t get it! He must have pissed someone off,,, A note;The last time i saw Beck play at the MSG was a pre season game with Philly.By then his left shoulder was visibly hurting him,and Dave Brown,#21,his goon`s number challenged Barry Twice with Beck beating him both times,but he got up in pain favoring that damned shoulder with which he punished many right wings trying to come down on his side.there were two bench clearing brawls by the time the second period was over,,but it was Beck`s time to either get an operation and let those little mates[routsoleinen,rogers,johnstone, and others] get pushed around without his presence on the ice or stick around as long as he could. And what did Vadnais do??I don`t believe the list,it has a bad memory,or no knowledge of hockey.Other favs were Macfee,Vickers,Davidson and Boukeboom who got hit by Johnson on the neck,,ending his career.Beck and Boom were two solid defense men and Rangers fans have not seen such a presence in front of their goalies ever since,,,, or even ever again.Jim 516

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