It’s Miller Time


Yes, cheap, easy headline, but true nonetheless. Today we’re talking NHL-level hockey. I think if the prime minster of Canada went on air tonight to say the country was seceding to Russia, nobody would turn the channel up north.

It’s old news that USA is being declared the underdog — underage, underskilled, undersized — but hey, not to get all parochial here, but as the great American philosopher John Winger once said (adapted here for theme purposes), “We’re all dogfaces, we’re all very, very different, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we were all stupid enough to join the NHL. We’re mutants. There’s something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us – we’re hockey players. But we’re American hockey players! … Now we don’t have to worry about whether or not we practiced. We don’t have to worry about whether Captain Clutch wants to have us hung. All we have to do is to be the great American fighting hockey player that is inside each one of us. Now do what I do, and say what I say. And make me proud.”

Here’s your line-up for today:
Russia v. Czechs, 3 p.m. NBC (network, wow!)
USA v. Canada, 7:40 MSNBC (of course)
Hank v. Findland, midnight MSNBC

Here’s some pre-game reads.
• From
• Two pieces on the “teammates become opponents/enemies” theme.
Perhaps I’ll be shown to be totally wrong (wouldn’t be the first time), but a part of me just doesn’t buy that one teammate is going to take out another in any serious way. Do you think a Ranger would really go for Gabby if it meant posing any risk? Well, we’ll see later I suppose.

And last, but not least:
Eleven, count ’em, 11 curling games today! At noon, USA v. Canada women’s curling (MSNBC), the day’s underrated North American duel on ice. At 5, men take on Great Britain (CNBC)

I’ll probably put up a clean slate before the game tonight. Later…..

Post-game update:
Well Jagrites, today just wasn’t your day. Or, as so gently put it, Ovi crushes Jagr. At least the Fighting Slovaks have a chance :)

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  1. Repost

    Jagr as Captain- 2 playoff series wins.
    Drury as Captain- 3-1 lead, then collapse.

    Seems to me, to this point, that the argument isn’t even close. Did we win it with Jagr? No. But like Izzy said, we had a chance at surprising some people when we had Jagr. To compound things, we gave the money that he would have been making (give or take about a mil) to Wade freakin Redden.

    And the Czech-Russia game is at 3pm eastern.

  2. Neither have impressed me as captains. Not worth arguing aboot. When there is no real Ranger news to talk about it gets boring around here. All I want to see is the clutch come back and do some clutching. Hope my cablebox gives me MSNBC today doesn’t always come in like it should. Should be a good watch but till then I guess it’s Curling. I tried watching some of the other hockey games but not impressed.

  3. Good morning, Laurel! Thanks, I was so sure Russia is playing Jagr at 3. Sorry, Jagr, I’m going for Russia in this one. Russia is my second team, after USA, I’m rooting for. Did I mention I was Russian? ;)

  4. The Rangers were not only a better team on the ice with Jagr, they had more character. The stands weren’t half empty. Gaborik needs some real support.
    Hopefully Sather isn’t wasting time on Sheldon Souray, a guy whom Ken Daneyko said doesn’t care about winning. That’s not what the Rangers need.

  5. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    HAPPY SUPER SUNDAY HOCKEY FANS!! first game at 2 my time!! Cannot wait!!

  6. Women’s curling, Canada vs. USA on MSNBC.

    I like that little Cheryl Bernard woman on the Canadian team.

  7. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    From the last thread: What is the statue of limitations on the bashing of drafting Hugh Jessiman (now seven years and counting)?

    When that fossil Sather is put out to pasture or drops dead. It is the signature pick of his miserable drafting record, and a prime example of why the Rangers have gone nowhere for the last 10 years.

  8. I’ve been out of the loop again! What happened to the guest posts; are they next week?

    Laurel – You mixed up some Pacific and Eastern time there. The first hockey game is 3:00 ET. For now, we get to watch the debut of the ridiculous ski cross, with only one person for now, but the four people is gonna be crazier than the X Games it looks like, even though it’s two less people at a time than the X Games. They really need snowboard cross.

    Predictions for today’s games: CAN 3 USA 1, RUS 4 CZE 2, SWE 2 FIN 1.

  9. Laurel

    you scared the dreck outta me just now saying the game is at noon!!

    Russia v. Czechs is at 3pm local time (Brooklyn, NY) :P

  10. It’ll be some game, CCCP. Old fashion Russia- Czechia, this time full of NHL players. Russia needs points. I expect them to come out swinging. Tomas Vokoun will need a lot of ice packs after this one.

  11. Yes, it will be a great game! Too bad I won’t be able to watch it live… Russia needs a point and a goal to at least finish second in their group.

  12. Spider, only two guests this past week. Uncle yesterday and Captain Clutch last Saturday. Just me messing up time zones in between.

    FYI, and I’m sure this will make all youse day, Carp is allowed back in 10 hours! EST, of that I am sure. Don’t know if he’ll show, but papa’s back in the saddle tomorrow.

  13. Yeah, how did Trautwig get on NBC? They should have Joey Mick talking about how strong the forearms are on the members of the Latvian Mens Curling Team.

  14. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I guess i see your point, it’s all about expectations…with jagr after the break, no one expected us to do anything because he was just jagr and the great unknown was hank. If you don’t care if we win the cup or not, then anything is probably considered a success!! I guess that is kind of like the outlook the powers at be have with the rangers now. So the team HAS been successful every year since the lockout! I see how you are thinking now.

    No matter how you spin it, the fact is jagr produced NOTHING here other than one very good offencive season and then went all cheechoo on us.

  15. I actually have to step out into the real world for a while, so I won’t be here for the continuing, and never-ending Jagr debate :) I’ll be back before go time….

  16. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I have no problem with jagr as a player, with jagr as a human being, or with jagr as a ranger. I just think it is ridiculous that there are people out there that think he deserves more credit than hank or renney for the post lockout success. That he “LED” us out of the dark years. What a joke! He led nothing and was a bad captain, just like drury is a bad captain.

    That continued jagr “slurping” is what makes me not want to like the guy. If he is just your favorite player, great. Just say jagr is my favorite player I think he is awesome! But to say that and then say it was all him after the lockout is seriously foolish.

  17. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Perhaps this will clear it up for some of you (if you have read this before, sorry for the repost):

    So, at work today I had my stellar research staff get to work on the “jagr miracle” that some of you seem to think happened after the lockout. You guys really need to quick sniffing glue or something.
    The majority of the credit (at least as much as can be given to an individual in a team game) goes to hank and renney’s system (I thought it was time for renney to go as well when he got fired). The GAA of the rangers during the “dark years” was 3.00 a game, with hank 2005-08, 2.56/game.
    Avg rangers goals allowed per season dark years-248
    Avg rangers goals allowed per season 05-08-210
    Avg rangers goals for per season dark years-218
    Avg rangers goals for per season 05-08-237
    What does that mean you ask? Well take a way hank and keep jagr, we are still on the negative side of GF vs GA, keep hank and no jagr, we are on the positive side of GF vs GA!!! Jagr led us NOWHERE, hank and a defencive system did!
    Jagr had a great offencive year the first year after the lockout, no doubt about it, however that was a Jagr friendly year with the NHL trying to get more fans back after the lockout by doing away with “stifiling traps and obstruction/hooking in the neutral zone” and having an exciting, end to end game. They went all out nazi on calling ticky tack penalties opening the ice surface up for more “offencive” opportunities. Jagr had a phenomonal season that year (a non captain year). The penalty calling started leveling off the next couple of seasons and jagr’s numbers declined both seasons and his goals per season droppped to over 10 less than his career per season avg (coincidentally his “captain miraculous” years).
    If jagr is your fave player or your fave ranger over the past decade or so great, more power to you. But to say he led or captained this team out of the dark years is ridiculous!! The credit goes to hank and renney and the only reason we made the playoffs the second full jagr season was the avery acquisition, and no on can dispute that (jagr was captaining us to a non-playoff year before the avery trade). He did NOTHING to stand out as a captain, he didn’t take shootouts because he was bad at them? OK captain, practice them more to get better at them, lead by example. Be a captain! You scored, ok big deal, you were an amazingly talented scorer anyhow no shocker there. Go out and drop the gloves, go out and practice your shootout skills, do SOMETHING you don’t normally do! Show your team that being a CAPTAIN means you do out of the ordinary things to show your guys that you are willing to do things to lead them!! He’s nto that kind of player? And he won’t do that sort of thing? Sounds to me like a selfish guy that would be a lousy captain!!! A great offencive player, but not a good captain!
    It would be like naming brandon prust captain. If he goes out and fights 25 times that season, ok good that is what he does! If he fights 25 times that and stays after practice working on his passing and shooting skills and not only has all those fights but goes out and get 21 goals and 44 assists during the season as well, that is LEADERSHIP and doing extra to lead by example. Jagr did NOTHING but score (which he always did) and for the most part below his career averages (exception of the first full season). So how the hell did he do anything special to be a “AWESOME CAPTAIN”? He was a moody scorer, that played one zone when he felt like it (got even worse as his czech buddies started getting dealt away or left), created “alleged” division in the locker room, is a first ballot Hall Of Famer, and was a bad captain or one that is pretty much on par with drury as a captain!

  18. it was all Jagr after the lockout! He deserves all the credit for leading us back to light with his skill and leadership qualities on and off the ice!

    P.S. Oh and Jagr is my favorite player. :)

  19. No, Wicky he wasn’t the main reason, if you want my opinion. Hank is the number one reason, foolowed by the system that Renney was able to use bacause of more strict rules after the lockout. But Jagr did his thing. He scored. And even when he didn’t, the opposing teams had to rearranged their defensive system and the d-men around him, so other people were able to score.

    I don’t think that any player whose sole attribute is to score goals should be a captain. Nor it should be a player who can only fights, for example. There are very few perfect captains.. And only one, in my book, who truly fit the bill. But you make your choice, as a coach, from the list you have.

  20. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    bro, I agree with you 100%. He did his thing, no argument there! I also agree with you about one dimensional players should NOT be captains!! Jagr has just never succeeded as a Captain in the NHL and that is all i am trying to say!!

    thank you for your clear and concise post!!

  21. Did Jagr steal Wicky’s girlfriend or something?

    I’d agree that finding a goalie that wasn’t Mike Dunham, Kirk McLean or Guy Hebert and a coach that was able to implement some sort of team structure and commitment were the main differences between the pre-lockout disasters and post-lockout (relative) success.

    Debates over the captaincy aside (and it was pretty clear Jagr never really wanted it and wasn’t given it for a year anyway), to say he produced NOTHING after 2005/06 is as off-base as anyone claiming he was one of the best captains of his era.

  22. We’d still be looking for our first series win since ’97 if it weren’t for Jagr. No it isn’t the cup, but it represented progress for the team before Sather effed it all up by signing Gomez, Drury, and Redden and jettisoning Jagr.

  23. He was still a big part of our team coming back from bush league. But today he is going down. Go Russia!! Davay Rosia!!

  24. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I forgot about hebert! He produced NOTHING meaning he didn’t lead us anywhere (as a captain) this team would not have gone anyhow, both in a good and bad way! He produced, 96 pts in 06-07 and 71 pts in 07-08! The avery trade is what got us the playoff spot in 06-07!

  25. Hank was the number 1 reason, riiight.

    That’s why this year, he gave up 2 goals or less in something like 19 of 22 games, and we still could not manage to win but half of them.


  26. As noted by my stat above, Hank has been great in his years with us….

    Objectively, any goalie can lead a team, as evident by one and done guys, especially Tim Thomas last year, and bu guys like Fleury leading a team to a Stanley Cup Final 2 years in a row.

    It’s scoring and skill that are more difficult to come by.


  27. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    As far as i am concerned at the end of the season if you get eliminated in the first or second round, you might as well finish 29th in the league! I mean isn’t that what a lot of people post here? Tank the season, lose to get a better pick? If we are not going to make it all the way to the cup, play for a better draft pick! Why the double standard? Jagr jsut “gets us into the playoffs” (in the opinion of some) and its great, he is awesome, he rocks, the greatest thing since sliced bread, but now, if we aren’t going to win it all, getting to the playoffs doesn’t matter. It’s just hypocritical! Jagr blinders!!

    No, my wife beat up my girlfriend!!

  28. Jagr did lead us out of the dark ages. Hank did as well, but Hank doesn’t put pucks in the net, and Hank doesn’t make players around him better, all he does is keep pucks out of the net, and he did a great job doing it, and he did help Jags.

    But, Jags had an unbelievable year, and made guys like Nylander, Straka, Prucha, etc. better.

    I wont give Renney as much credit as some might. In all honesty, i think i could have coached that team to the playoffs. All i have to do is give Jags the freedom, and im good to go.

    Jagr is a better Captain than Dreary. To say otherwise just doesn’t make sense to me. He showed up when it mattered most.

  29. Not doubting the Avery trade gave that team a jolt, but the team would’ve achieved exactly the same those two years by taking 167 points (plus 26 piints in 20 playoff games) out of it? Come on!

  30. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    nope, it’s a twofold problem with this team since the lockout. The lack of physical D covered up by renney’s system during the jagr years and a leadership problem with this current team, just like we wasted great years by hank when jagr was captain!

  31. Do we have any statisticians here? I need someone to keep track of how many times Pierre McGuire says “Doc and Edzo”.

  32. Boy, why did Ed Olcyzk not bother to slurp on Jagr while Jagr was with the Rangers like he’s doing now????

    Worst part is, I think Edzo played with the Rangers. He must have been kicked to the curb by us like the bum he is, for him to ignore us when we had Jagr and he commentated our games.

  33. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Gotta run with the Czechs today… Russia losing puts the Fightin’ Slovaks ahead of them.

  34. wicky

    I understand.

    Our system disguised our terrible D under Renney.

    Hank would be significantly better today if we even had a sniff of defense.

    My point is, even with the greatness of Hank during those years, we do not even half a chance to make the playoffs or win the Stanley Cup without Jagr.

    Jagr should be appreciated.

    While others, including yourself, dispute his leadership, all I’ve ever heard is that a captain is defined by winning and losing.

    Yes, we did not win a Stanley Cup under him……

  35. Listen to Edzo.

    Jagr is a huger person with gigantic heart…

    Wow, why none of this licking when he was with the Rangers, I repeat.

  36. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    fair enough!

    On another note, anyone else crack up when they see the mcdonalds commercial (I think), about we went into the game with one goal….and that’s how we finished..with one goal!!

  37. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    what broadcast are you guys watching, all we are getting is commercials here, no edzo comments, nothing??

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Oh God, people are STILL debating Jagr as captain? He was captain for TWO YEARS and this is the second year without him. It was a blip on the radar.

  39. jagr was a better player than drury. thats the only reason he was considered a better captain by some. not me. but it doesnt mean a damn thing to me. the guy was better for us than drury enmd of story. rather have jagr as captain over drury too just for teh fact that he had the ability to lead by example in terms of offensive zone domination and scoring and not blocking shots. as far as drury goes, if he played with teh edge cally does, hit more, and was more vocal and emotional, hed be a better captain than jagr. not player. were confusing teh 2

  40. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    thanks, must be a time zone issue or something, we have ski cross on right now on NBC…damn, I’m gonna know the results before I see the game!!!

  41. Russian’ s weakness- the only physical d-man is Volchenkov. They need to score or they will not go too far.

  42. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    well this is fabulous, watching ski cross on NBC while everyone else is seeing hockey!!

  43. Jaromir must be stunned. He does not wear a Rangers jersey any longer, so why the need for the cheap call.

  44. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    volchenkov=”The Russian Hammer”

    An UFA after this season slatipuss (he’ll probably resign in OTT though)

  45. He must be being discriminated against for previously wearing a Rangers jersey.


    where are you that you get ski on NBC?

  46. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Jeez Why doesn’t Penis-head give Malkin some credit for the goal instead of blowing Ovechkin every time they let him talk…

  47. who is penishead, Doc scumbag Emrick?

    And of course, Doc scumbag had to make mention David Krejci of the boston bruins. either make mention of every NHL player and their team or dont try to slurp Bruins.

    And of course Pierre the dirtbag had to get his 2 licks in about Krejci.

    The Bruins were so great last year, they got ousted like they bums they are and always have been.

  48. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    boy you guys are missing out rahlves, is up next (please note dripping sarcasm in that statement)!

  49. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    you guys all suck (I say that with love)!!

    Oh wait, going back to cypress mtn….GREAT!!!!

  50. CR9 – I’m no psychologist and I might be reading between the lines a little bit, but I sense you have “issues” with the city of Boston…

  51. Lw3h

    I’ve said it before on here…

    long story short, at a red sox game a few weeks after 9/11, wearing a yankees hat, got abused by the fans, throwing things at us, saying that new yorkers deserved what they got.

    i had a cousin/best friend that died in 9/11.

    “issues” is an understatement.

  52. doesnt penishead sound like he’s got something jammed in his throat as he speaks.

    what is jammed in his throat is up to your imagination….

    it could be the first half of his accurate nickname

  53. Why is it so important to know who’s “the best” between Ovechkin and Crosby? I don’t get it.

  54. Bwahaha, Al Michaels asking Mad Mike “if you were a GM again”. Even the Dolans aren’t morons enough to let that happen.

    ::prays this never happens::

  55. Mike Boston Milbury? A GM? Who was stupid enough to hire him as a GM?

    The loser went into the stands in MSG to beat up Rangers fans.

    The loser has no good word to say about Jaromir.

  56. CR9 – OK, but how does just mentioning that Krejci plays for the Bruins in a Czech Rep-Russia game fit into the pro-Boston media conspiracy?

  57. Oh of course.

    Milbury was the GM of the Islanders.

    From Brighton, Mas sachusetts and a Boston &@#licker, he probably intentionally scrizzewed a NY team.

  58. I’m back baby. just watched the Rangers win over Tampa to get me warmed up. Got a smoking new PC.

  59. ha ha. I see you still can’t spell “the” im gonna start calling you “TEH” Great White Grabachev

  60. It’s not part of any conspiracy.

    I just do not like Pierre Maguire.

    He is a Rangers hater and a Bruins $%@licker. During Jaromirs 54 goal season, we played the Bruins on NBC one time. And Pierre Maguire kept talking all game about how the Bruins are set for the future and how great a team they were going to have…

    When we were getting prepared for the playoffs.

  61. Czechs were matching the Russians in the 1st period but so far it’s been all Russia in the 2nd.

  62. cr9- thats effed up about what those douches said about 9/11. to take a sports rivalry so seriously like that and to say something so screwed up is what kills me about sports. its a freakin game people. they care about it more than life sometimes.

  63. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    awesome, just went to al michaels in the studio and he said russia czech rep game coming up in a couple of hours….SERIOUSLY???

    what, no wisers??

  64. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    this sucks, guess I’ll watch the dvr’d indy supercross from last night until the game is actually on here in the bermuda triangle of tv broadcasts!

  65. dmitri kalinin, there’s a name i dont miss hearing….

    i do miss fedor tyutin. who did we get rid of him for?

  66. russia is getting help by th refs. they didnt even go to video replay it seemed. maybe im wrong here. but it was awfully quick.

    wow these russian guys dont wanna shoot!! good for them lol.

  67. Emrick just did it again.

    He does not say Malkin of the Penguins or Ovechkin of the Capitals repeatedly.

    But again, Krejci of the Boston Bruins.

  68. Ugh, we lost Tyutin for nothing, and signed Redden and Roszival to albatross contracts.

    Maybe Glen does his dealings while drunk

  69. Remember that goal Nikky Z had after the Pens missed an empty net against us, it hit the post, and 13 seconds lift, Z brought it down the ice and fired from the right circle to tie it.

  70. Zherdev is from Ukraine.

    Actually, “brosay” describes the wrist shot, “bei” is for slap shot, Eddie.

  71. GWB

    I’m stunned. I’ve missed both USA games. I’ll listen for it tonight. But did Pierre or Doc do the USA games

  72. well, they sure said it and gave them props for their play during the first 2. their line was one of the best at playing the style wilson wanted. physical, and went to the net. got soem goals too. cally is always being praised by all of them

  73. cristiano ronaldo. wow cool name man. anyway, that was nikkys best moment and had me amped for days after. of course he was so inconsistent and im sure his teammates brought him down a few notches. if only the kid wouldve shown up for the playoffs, wed have a legitimate first line with gabby,prospal and zherdev. even though theyre both rw, i could see nikky deking and gabby sniping.

  74. Sorry, Malkin 3-1. I guess I was concussed just by watching that hit. Perhaps Jagr will think twice before coming back. And, btw, that’s one of tge reason I’d take OV over Crosby any day.

  75. Exactly, ilb. Last Friday my wife and I were watching the Rangers-Pens game. When Crosby slashed Dubi as the refs were holding the two apart I told her that’s why people don’t respect Crosby as great as his talent is. That’s against the “code” of the game. People like Ovie because he’ll settle his scores on the ice whether by goals or hits.

  76. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Score!!!!!! 3-2 with some time left. All they need to do is tie at the end of regulation.

  77. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Czechs beat Slovaks
    Slovaks beat Russia
    Russia beats Czechs

    All were great games to watch…

  78. I doubt Luongo will get the nod. Bro-door was ticked off enough for not getting the start in the first game.

  79. I haven’t watched 1 second of the olympics but I’m very tempted to watch the game tonight. Yeah, I’m watching. Great job by Laurel with all of the olympic posts.

    Fire Sather ! ! !!!

  80. >>kasparitis did jbytes. not jagr

    Oh really? I think I heard it was JJ’s idea after the Malik goal.

  81. GWG-Well working 2 jobs leaves me with little time. And for some reason, this is the first year since the mid 70’s that I’m really really down on the Rangers. I used to watch a ton of hockey but now it’s mostly just NYR games when I’m not working. I’m just not into the games this year. I’m so sick of Sather. I don’t know…..really dont. Maybe tonight will relight my fire.

    Great job with the (.)(.) I posted on FB. FUNNY!

  82. it was probably jj that agreed to it, but its been said kaspar brought the idea up.

    22- this season has been a mental drain on me too. i really wish we could just put together a respectable team and i have hope we will soon. even though i hate slats too, hes been using teh draft and it will pay off. we will get a top 10 pick watch. next 2 years are ones to be hopeful for. as long as slats does not trade any worthy prospect. but hes usually good with trading. look at his last 2. gomez,higgins and kots for gabby and jokinen. plus a top d prospect mcdonaugh

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Big Showdown today!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Hello , all !!!! Sorry I haven’t been on . Me and Rick are on holidays and were NOT suppose to “blogging” untill the olympics are over and OUR team starts up again. It’s been a relaxing time away from the blog and I do miss my fellow Bloggeronies. Me and Carp know …if we wanna last the season at full steam ,this much needed break will give me and him the Boost to close out the year at full drive. All us posters have a chance to reflect and see all the good hard work Carp has done , as well how well Laurel is doing in his place.

  84. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Big Showdown today!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Wicky!!!! I read yer Jagr thing but one thing you fail to realize about Jagr being our Captain. Our team had No Captain all year before he came. Jagr Declined the Captaincy the first year until he earned it. Jagr earned it and was made Captain. Jagr didn’t earn it by taking shoot outs and doing other stuff. He was Captain because our team was LOST. Lost with out him Wicky. We had Hank but Hank was NO Jagr. Jagr carried this team better than Gretzky did . Jagr leads by determination and posseses a deadly shot. His shear presence is enough to draw 3 defenders and make 1 or 2 of ’em piss thier pants in the process. Jagr carried this team on his back and made us a threat . Jagr as Captain was even telling Crosby how to act. Jagr as our Captain gave us instant credibility….could Drury ever do that?

  85. Good evening Sally! Post-game update above. Grabby, part of the problem you may be having is your own posts competing for loading….:)

    Thanks Greg!

    It’s almost go time. Clean slate coming soon.

  86. Here’s the final McGuire “Edzo” tally during the Russia-Czech broadcast. There were a couple of “Eddy” in there, but they were not counted.

    1st Period: XXXX
    2nd Period: XXXXXX
    3rd Period: XXXXX
    Total: 15

  87. GregL- that’s the most coherent and grammatically correct post I’ve seen from you in awhile! Are you ok, bro?

  88. Ack, my name snuck in!

    I forgot to mention, Canada slayed USA in women’s curling, 9-2. Men on now if you’re looking for time to kill, on CNBC (wicky, i’ve been listing the channels all week dude!)

  89. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    sorry to disagree with you samsquatch, but i never really referenced the first year after the lock out because there was no captain. I understand that, fact is drury is not a better captain than jagr, but jagr was not a better captain than drury. As most people have said and agreed here (myself included) they both are/were bad captains.

    sorry, didn’t see that you cleared the salute thing up already!!

    it’s not a channel thing, it must be the time zone difference, right now the 2nd period of russia czech is just coming on NBC here in wickster paradise!

  90. >>bad news buddy, kaspar gave us the salute, not jagr!

    Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to take away the gratitude point from Jagr then.

    Our defence could use use Kaspar’s recklessness right now. I can’t forget how he used to pester Messier.

  91. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    wow, burke is in position to win the first ever US medal in biathlon, pretty cool. Hope he pulls it off!

  92. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    you need to be fair to all of your devout followers and post start times for all the events in all the time zones!!!

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