It’s go time! (morning update)


Well boneheads, not much more to add pre-game, and I’m going to settle in and watch (no TV timeouts!) so I’ll see ya all at intermission. It’s a good thing some of you are home…they’re closing the bars four hours early in Vancouver to prevent a lot of drunk and disorderliness…ah, the city that responded so well in 1994 :)

In my last official post before Carp returns, let me just say it’s once again been an honor and a blast heading up the week. Thanks to Carp for the opportunity, and to you all for your support. I’ll see ya in the comments section!


Miller v. Canada update

• The Rangers recap — I think you’ll enjoy it.
• Here’s from
• As of this typing, nothing yet from Hockey Night in Canada.
• Aves’ tweet was clutch :) Thanks for sharing Ryan. As a total aside, check out #34 on Aves’ blog. Jealous!

Morning update post euphoria

At the risk of getting carp’d any moment now, here’s your line-up for today, all women. I’m pretty sure I have the times (EST) right.
USA V. Sweden, 3 p.m. USA
China v. Slovakia, 5 p.m. CNBC
Canada v. Findland, 8 p.m. CNBC
Switzerland v. Russia, 10 p.m. CNBC

And of course, tons more curling. USA takes on Canada at noon on USA.


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  1. That was a gimme Izzy….

    wicky, in response to your last post (ha, I laurel’d you!), dude, I’ve had enough trouble keeping east/west straight this week….if I had to worry about the other zones, you’d all be watching ice dancing in Bali :)

  2. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    various reposts from my mama carping:

    wow, burke is in position to win the first ever US medal in biathlon, pretty cool. Hope he pulls it off!

    you are absolutely correct, our d really could use that!

    you need to be fair to all of your devout followers and post start times for all the events in all the time zones!!!

    and burke just blew it!!!! 3 misses standing!

  3. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    ha ha hilarious!! I wouldn’t expect you to do that, just giving you the business!!

  4. MAMA, now it’s official, you made it! Great job this week. And you managed to deal with both blogs. And, yeah, your main job too. You should be proud.

  5. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    this czech russian game is good, love the kovy kubina thing going on, just started the 2nd period!!

  6. With all these young players on our team, I believe they would benefit from Guerin. And he can still put some pucks in the net.

  7. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    yep, he would have been a great pick up! Tkachuk would not be bad, but guerin would have been better (or holmstrom)!

  8. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Go Hockey game!!!!!!! Im cheering for Canada but I can’t wait untill all this “fake” hoopla and twisted up all star line ups end. I want Ranger hockey and Carp back!!!!

    Swell job Laurel , Definaltly moves ya to an “A”.

  9. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I tried finding the russia game earlier online, but couldn’t find it anywhere. But the canada game is on currently….maybe it was just programming issues here out west!

  10. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    kit, haven’t heard that term since I worked with some brits and aussies in the military!

  11. DOMI28 for USA on

    Time to separate the men from the boys.
    Win this one for the country you represent, USA!!!

  12. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    not only is the one goal commercial hilarious, but so is the coke snowball fight one!!

  13. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    recording the rest of russia to was us/canada. Guess i’ll watch the rest of russia later!

  14. btw,
    isn’t it interesting that in order to give the canadiens an advantage, the rink is NOT international size this time around.

  15. This entire game, not one mention of Anaheim Ducks Ryan Getzlaf, but this Boston $#@licker Doc Emrick,

    “Boston Bruins centerman Patrice Bergeron”

    Yes, I know he is a Devils &#&licker too, but nobody can deny that this guy is a closet Bostonian.

  16. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    i’mwatchin on the computer so i have the canadian guys

  17. omg, he said “pittsburgh penguins captain sydney crosby” just now.

    somebody from NBC must have alerted him what he sounds like.

  18. the way nbc has been promoting hockey
    i thought it was the Canadian cindys versus the rest of the world.

  19. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on


  20. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    hey linda, wow what a game so far!!

    yep, we could use a getzlaf type for sure!!

  21. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    no way JB, let him play the puck!!!! looks like Rafalski is uncledaddys DADDY!!

  22. oh linda,
    i used to be horribly superstitious at one point.
    had to drink a dr. pepper before each game
    or couldn’t drink anything during a game.
    whatta mess!!

  23. I just cannot stand this guy yelling over everything little thing that happens.




    It does not matter that he is a Devils scumbag or whatever he is, he is just so annoying to listen to.

  24. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    i used to be like that too jpg! play the same songs before every playoff game….tap the same pictures or stuff like that…lame i know but oh well

  25. Hopefully the Yanks are 10 games in front in the AL East, so I can fully enjoy the World Cup.

    Who you rooting for, wicky?

    I sort of hope England wins, with all their past failures.

    USA, I hope get out of the group stage at least.

  26. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Instead of complaining about the announcers, just turn the sound down and put on some music. You can still follow along…

  27. Where I’m from we say funcle instead of uncledaddy.
    And scary enough, it’s all too common of a term.

  28. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    2 goals on 5 shots, and Ryan Miller playing unconscious! keep it goin boys!

  29. Hey guys & gals, miss youse all… At a sports bar with my best friend. Just wanted to say EFF YEAH USA!!!!!!!!!!! Things will be back to normal tomorrow & I owe some of you emails. I gotcha all… No worries!!!!

  30. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    all of em ILB! including bobby Ryan!! and i’ve made Rafalski an honorary Ryan!

  31. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    “they’re too small, they’re not talented enough, they’re not physical…” THEY’RE up 2-1 at the end of the first!!

  32. Ok, can’t let Miller face that much rubber the rest of the game. Got to control the play sometimes as well.

  33. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I also hope the US gets out of the group stage, that US england game will be a good one for sure.

    I am definitely rooting for France though! I’m sure everyones fave here at RR!

  34. Rafalski answer on scoring so much lately.
    he joked but you knew he was serious, too.

    reason i LOVE hockey. players never take full credit for accomplishments. always attribute to others.

  35. Going for USA. Definitely weird watching my goalie making a save and not having to make a 2nd and 3rd save while the defensemen wave their sticks.

  36. hopefull the same speech on this commercial is what the Canadians will be told at the end of period 3.

  37. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    lmao 22!!! its nice to see some bodies moving other bodies out of the crease too! sigh, gettin jealous

  38. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Great game so far !! I’m really enjoying the intensity. I’ts hard to believe I’m cherring for players like Broduer,Richards and Pronger and not cheering for Drury …ahhh kinda feels good. Seriously though … this game is gonna get even better!!!

    ilb ,you’ve had to been sarcatstic on that last thread cuz I was awful .

    Laurel , I was gonna bump ya up from yer B+ to a A- , but ya did such a bang up job that I slid ya a cool “A” ( no minus)

  39. >>reason i LOVE hockey. players never take full credit for accomplishments. always attribute to others.

    That’s what they’re expect to do in public. Ask them privately and see if you get the same answer.

  40. Smart choice Greg :)

    Linda, where’s Sally? Is she doing her fleshy people thing again? I suppose they need something to cheer in Buffalo :)

  41. Even though this game doesn’t matter that much, this is a MUST WIN !!

    I want to know for sure that USA can play against the “big boys”, as Sam would say.

    So far, so good.

    Cally had a pretty good period. He had a nice scoring chance, but that fuggin puck was rolling.

  42. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    the canadian dudes are all over pronger and niedermayer for not gettin the job done! hope that stays a trend! they just said maaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrty ‘lost his swagger’ after that first goal. I’m sure babcock gave him some twinkies and he’ll be fine

  43. Geez, thouse guys Cally and Captain Crutch lookes pretty good playing PK and beeing an energy line. Oh, that’s what they are good at? So they’re 3rd liners, not 1st or 2nd? Huh…

    Excuse my inner dialog, it’s late over here (2:30 AM) and I’m going at it until 6 am. Nice workday starting directly after the Turin gold medal re-match.

    Who thinks Marty will be pulled, show of hands.

  44. ow. i just woke up in time for the first. fell down on the floor somwtime between the end of the russia game and the beginning of this one. i cant believe how good rafalski is right now and even better is miller!! holy crap my heart was racing faster than redden on a coke run. thank god we escaped that period. we looked scared and did some dumb stuff but we playe good defense. 2 easy goals on mr overrated and i know this lead is about as safe as any white particles on the floor in front of reddens locker but hey, cant deny we are playing pretty solid compared to what i thought we would. cally and dru are both doin ok when and cally almost scored. hope he gets one

  45. Marty will not be disrespected [pulled] no matter how many softies he gives up. The fact that he got the starting job says it all.

  46. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Laurel, not sure on sally, probably watching with some friends!

  47. JBytes

    >>reason i LOVE hockey. players never take full credit for accomplishments. always attribute to others.


    i’m not saying that it’s impossible for hockey players to have egos, but at the very least, unlike every team sport you don’t find that type of me first attitude.

    i think it’s instilled in them early on that it’s a TEAM game.

  48. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    they’ve definitely dropped the ball for a while here.

  49. Re Marty I guess I’m hoping, just don’t like the guy…

    Miller needs to do a Richter if they’re gonna have a chance here….

    ..or Captain Clutch gets of the ctuches and onto the clutchiness and scores a hat trick… hehe… just kidding

  50. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    ok if you could have one player from the US team on the rangers, who would it be?

  51. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    but we already HAVE the clutch!!! we need a new generation of clutch!!!

  52. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    nice with drury! I’d have to go orpik first, then a toss up between about 8 guys!

  53. Send Drury to Norway against Vikingstad or Zuccarello. He can even live for free on my couch, yes, I’m that nice…

    YEEEEAAAAHH… Speaking of… CAPTAIN CLUTCH!! 3-2, Marty up to his usual stuff

  54. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on


  55. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    i TOLD you guys he’d freakin score a clutch goal or two in the Olympics!! Holy shaft!!!!!!!!!!!


  57. ya if dru comes back energized like this i will love it. i know its a more charged atmosphere but look what he is capable of. he is a good polayer. why doesnt he do this for the rangers very night, and dont say he is saving it like jagr did.

  58. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    lmao @ Papa Dru delivers! uneffingbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. so yea, i posted this last night on a canadian friends facebook (i ain’t lyin!):

    Captain Clutch, and how could you forget little league champ!, with the game winna tomorra!
    20 hours ago ·

  60. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    we don’t score like that because the guys we have that will park their butt in front of the opposing goalie like backes did never get ice time from torts!!!!

  61. bad pp though. if we wouldve buried one it wouldve put eeven more pressure on them. i mean they must be getting frustrated from gettinrobbed by miller and having dru score on them!! i sware if that stands as the gwg somebody better check on salty. talk him down off the ledge

  62. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    this is an exchange fozzy and I had on FB:

    Linda Fuzy Vecere We can do it. Canada has Sid the Kid but the USA has Capt Clutch!!!! LLWS champion. King of Pizza…and the highest paid 4th liner in the league!!
    about an hour ago ·

    Linda Hood that is a great post!!!!!!! LMAO!! The spector of the LLWS hangs over this game! Drury with and important play ;-)

  63. s kane or parise have a goal yet?? its funny how jr ripped dru for bein on the team. they needed vets and hes one of only 3 and hes leading for sure by example. hes gettin gritty and playin like cally

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Thing is…Drury scored into an empty net. Only Piggins and Kotalgeek would have missed. Drury is blocking shots and playing pritty hard , so I can’t say anything too bad . All I’m saying is , Drury scored into an empty net…that can’t be called clutch , can it? If Broduer wasn’t so stuiped by trying to wack at the puck …our buddy Drury would never have scored.

  65. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    they are saying brodeur is doing ‘strange things’ on their intermission show.

    Ryan Miller, keep standing on your head bud because you have to be HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE in the 3rd!

  66. linda- the 2 goals are just fine, but i’m talkin about the clutch mouthpiece chewing. you can see its rubbed off on parise,langenbrunner, cally. hes leading by chewing!!, and wheres my younger ocean predator brother mako??? he must be devouring a baby seal or a penguin

  67. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Mako’s at a sports bar with his best friend watchin the game. Yea, Dru has Cally AND Gilroy chewin on the mouthpiece!! GRRRRRRRR. But he’s been doing pretty decently in these games here…gotta give him that

  68. orr- theyre midgets dude. they are too small to get through the big d men. thats why guys like backes,kesler, malone,ryan etc… are playing better. kane is small but put bigguns on his line and give him room to create he can be scoring like crazy on brodoor. i only wish cally would get rewarded with a goal.

  69. Uncle Daddy getting all hot and bothered after getting nudged by Backes reminded me of the playoffs last year when he gave up a goal late against the Canes.

  70. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    must have been the intl ref that called that one, didn’t realize who it was!

  71. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    you’re right wicky… they HAVE to score on this PP!! dont waste it!

  72. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    you know what would be cool, if a bunch of us did a fantasy hockey league….never mind, i’m going to get some more kokanee!!

  73. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on


  74. Can we PLEASE trade for Rafalski?!?!?!?

    BTW check out his wiki..

    Brian Christopher Rafalski aka The Canadian Slayer. (born September 28, 1973, in Dearborn, Michigan) is an American professional ice hockey player who turns into god whenever he plays against Canada.

  75. On July 1, 2007, the Detroit Red Wings signed Rafalski, a Michigan native, to a $30 million, five-year contract.KILLER OF CANADA HOCKEY

  76. If I were a fan of Canada, I’d be very upset that they only had 1 PP and 4 Penalties against.

    Until now. 2 PP.

  77. Rafalski is a Michigan boy, there was only going to be one team he ever wanted to play for after he left NJ.

  78. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    YEA I GOT MY BIG TV BACK for the last nine minutes of the game!!

  79. Did anyone hear that????

    Emrick called Toews…

    “Toes” “excuse me, Taves” or however you pronounce it.

  80. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    getzlaf looks like girardi a bit.

    when jack johnson skates and his posture on the ice kind of reminds me of ulfie!!

  81. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    ulfie was absolutely hands down one of my all time favorite players!!

  82. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    HOLY FIRETRUCKIN SHEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on


  84. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    look at jack johnson work marleau in front of the net, that is EXACTLY how you play d in front of your goalie!!

  85. wicky

    Now there’s 2 hours left until the next big game. I need some sleep inbetween but i’m counting on seeing youse here :)

  86. sheesh!! that took a lot out of me.
    haven’t cheered, cursed and been drained like that since
    the sabres playoff series.

    WE WON!!! USA USA USA!!!

    ….and, oh yeah, eff cindy

  87. Couldn’t watch the game with you folks tonight, but I hope you all enjoyed chanting “MAAAARTYYYYY” – Great game by Miller, and that empty-netter by Kesler was simply fantastic.

  88. great win. very happy that both Marty and Salty are miserable right now. life is very good. too bad the saltmeisters favorite did not get the GWG

  89. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    omg it’s gonna take 4 hours for my heart to stabilize

  90. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    1 minute left to go and Canada puts out Marleau and Perry!!?? OMG !!!! Those two would have NEVER even made my team Canada ,let alone be on the ice for the last minute.
    Martin Broduer should Retire. I’d love to see M Fluery in net on tuesday. Great game by Miller and a great job by the Americans.

  91. That was pretty awesome. Jerseys do look like Ranger whites. So many Drury and Callahan blocked shots.

    Awesome empty net goal.

  92. i wonder if they’re going to have riots in the streets of Vancouver, just like when the Canucks lost to us in Game 7.

  93. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    LMAO ILB!!! they are talkin to him now on the canadian broadcast! hehehe!!!

  94. Miller was the #1 star for sure. Great to see Cally and Drury contribute.

    Good luck tonight, Hank. I’ll be DVRing and watching with my breakfast.

  95. Mama,

    It was tremendously tremendous LOL Leave it to Edzo.


    I have gone back and listened to Doc’s call for the Kessler goal. What a call.

    Each time I listen to it, it sounds new, it is firetruckin hilarious.

  96. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! what a great freakin day for USA hockey! Now all the smug canadians on facebook can EAT IT!

  97. Great game, glad I watched. The NYR haven’t had too many like this one tonight. The 0-0 shootout loss to FATSO was probably the last entertaining game that I remember. Now I gotta watch more olympic games. I’m hooked!

  98. When did NBC become the National Broadcast of Canada? Jeez, all they ever show is Cindy. Suck it, Canada!!!!

  99. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    good thing i’m not slatipuss, i’d call lombardi right now and send sangs and grachev to LA for jack johnson. He played with snarl on top of snarl. I love the treatment he gave marleau!!!

  100. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    darren pang is STILL deriding the canadian ‘veteran core’.

  101. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    thought you guys might enjoy this tweet that just came across:

    95% of USA fans that bitched about Drury and Callahan being on the team (myself included) owe Burkie and company an apology

  102. BANJ, I forgot…NBC at warren ticks me off.

    Spider, that’s the beauty of the Olympics (plus I’m just a genius :) Tell me the games aren’t better without those useless breaks killing momentum. I love it.

  103. I think this means that Russia and Canada will play each other in the knockout round, and either of the 2 will not medal.

  104. I like that tweet by Orpik. It’s nice to see that these guys realize the importance of a guy like Cally, whether he’s scoring or not.

    Dreary has been un-Dreary-like. If he wasn’t getting paid so much money, and played like this, goals or no goals, then id be able to live with that.

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I bet when Tort’s saw that Canada didn’t call a time out to rest the Crosby line , he covered his mouth with his hand and snickered. Torts would have called a time out and rested his troops and he probally would have pulled “fattso”.

  106. Laurel – I was surprised they didn’t even take those standard one-commercial breaks like they have been taking in all other games, especially during ice cleaning. Great job by them.

  107. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Chris Drury probably just played his most energetic game of the past 2 years, give him some props Greggie!!

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Canada lost but all is not totally lost. The prize here is the Gold Medal. Looks like it is still in Canada’s grasp but after this game , looks like goaltending could be a problem. Broduer has ALL THOSE SHUTOUTS is a farce. He plays on a great defensive team. A fire Hydrant could pull out 15 shut outs in net for New Jersey. This game only makes me realize how dumb it was to have Marleau,Bergeron and Perry on the team instead of Stamkos,Tavares,VL and St.Louis. Steve Yzerman couldn’t GM a Peewee hockey team.

  109. Drury and Callahan both played great. they need their offencive weapons ( Kane, Kessel) to step up if US wants to go further.

  110. Yeah Spider, they did say beforehand it would be with “limited commercial interruption.” Imagine, keeping the focus on the game.

    Well, I see Sally’s back!

    Updates above.

    I got a big day and week ahead of me back in the salt mine, so I’m gonna head off and call it a night. I’m so proud to be a part of Bonehead Nation! Cheer for Hank for me. And thanks again all. Ta!

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Drury did do good , yeah ..I am happy for him and Cally. Im really seeing how Cally can be a real pain in the butt. I like the grit on team USA but it lack’s Dubinsky’s Creativity.

  112. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    line of the weekend, provided by Greg:

    A fire Hydrant could pull out 15 shut outs in net for New Jersey.

  113. Tavares ?!?!?!?

    Marleau & Gabby have been leading in goals for a while, until Crybaby, and OV turned it up a few notches.

    Marleau deserves to be there, by stats. But, if we’re talking overall performance in the NHL, then maybe you have an argument, cause he rarely ever shows up when it matters. But, the same can be said for Thornton, but he’s one of the top playmakers in the NHL.

    Bergeron shouldn’t be on the team. In my opinion his spot should have been given to St Louis, Doan, or Stamkos.

    But, who gives a fugg. GO USA !!

  114. I have a pretty busy day tomorrow too. So, make sure Hank wins, but not more than by 5 goals. That way we are the #1 seed!

  115. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    Orr, you thinking Aves? or Laurel??

    Ryan Miller… WOW!! just WOW!!

  116. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bloggaholic ...BuRp!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Aww tanks Linda is so TRUE!!!!

    As much as I hate Crosby and Marc Andre Fleury. Those two should be on the ice the rest of the way. Those guys kill us all the time and Canada’s ego fails to realize he who wins lord stanley ..plays for the world. The year the Oilers where mopping up the league with our beloved Slats as GM, Sather was Canada’s GM too at the time and he had put 7 Oilers on the club. Oilers had won the cup and were Champions. Having the “sharks full line” of Heatley ,Thorton and Marleau is rediculas. None of those chumps have ever won a Stanley Cup.

  117. USA!!! dru deserves a break from our criticism for the time being. i thought canada had a wake up with the game vs the swiss but apparently they just cant click or just havent yet. lets save our celebrations for the medal games, but for now drink up and enjoy the win!

  118. Everytime I saw Kesler out there I thought it was Dubinsky. When he laughed at the colliding Canadians I might have fallen in love a tiny bit.

  119. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    lol, that was one of the hightlights of the game Sally!!

  120. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    I wonder how the suicide hotlines in Canada are handling all the calls tonight ;-)

  121. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    DarrenDreger When asked about Brodeur’s play tonight, Babcock said “we would have liked to be better in that area

  122. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    byndblueshirts Jagr’s humor in tact. Asked if he has a concussion: “I wish I did. So that I’d quickly forget this moment and Ovechkin’s attack.” (SovSport)
    about 4 hours ago from web
    Retweeted by stevezipay and 7 others



    Did you see that hit on Jagr?! That was absolutely amazing! As much as i like Jagr, that hit and the goal that followed made me smile real wide!

    Congrats to team USA as well! That was another great game by the Americans!

    P.S. Those US jerseys looked awfully familiar!

  124. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    February 21st, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    No Canada
    We beat you in your home and native land


    sorry CT, didnt notice this until now. VERY CLEVER!!!

  125. That was an amazingly CLUTCH performance by HIS ROYAL CLUTCHNESS, CAPTAIN CLUTCH! Could there be anyone more clutch that Captain Clutch? No way!

  126. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    wholly anisimov, just watched the rest of russian czech game. Man jagr got prucha’d (or anisimov’d, which ever head down at the wrong time player of your choice). And I agree with you, a game changer for sure. The czechs and jagr both looked really rattled after that!

  127. Did anyone hear the other Edzo line: Those are a bunch of happy humans, when Kessler was on the ice after the goal.

    I have to repeat, for a guy a despise, Doc Emrick, that was one of the best calls I have ever heard. And it was not like it was even an important game, a Finals, or a Gold Medal game. He just completely went berserk.

    I thought he would be going for his goalie, FATSO, over USA.

  128. What an awesome game…The Rangers guys played great… Drury had a stand up game (although Crosby goal is on him).

    I love how my fan club thinks I’ll be miserable that he scored and we won… fantastic… and a hearty “KYS” to anyone calling a 2nd period goal “the game winner”… honestly… why would you ever risk jinxing your team like that?

    and GAWD do I enjoy seeing Fat Marty lose… he was awful tonight… I’m very surprised they’ve been going with him and I think that will change now…

  129. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i don’t want to root against hank, but i wouldn’t mind an early exit for him to get some rest! Course if his psyche is damaged…..maybe not!

  130. Good morning! Slept 2 hours between games and this one has started better than i hoped!

    LQ looking really good after a couple of days rest. Stoned Jokinen up close from the begginning.

    Question: Wasn’t Jarko Immonen a rangers prospect?

  131. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Immonen was picked up by the Rangers in the Leetch trade with Toronto. He only played 20 games as a Ranger.

  132. Didnt Sather offer Kariya and Selanne blank checks to come to the Rangers several years ago, prior to the salary cap?

  133. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I have no problems with Sweden winning, for Hank’s sake. They do have a lot of great players. But I’m still holding out for my Fightin’ Slovaks to get a medal.

  134. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Didnt Sather offer Kariya and Selanne blank checks to come to the Rangers several years ago, prior to the salary cap?

    The dope probably did, if he put some figures on the checks, they might have come.

  135. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    did anyone else hear JR’s national apology to drury for doubting his selection to this team during the first intermission??

  136. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    here’s the JR comment:

    Roenick: “Here is my national apology to Chris Drury. He has been an absolute monster in this tournament.”

  137. Henrik must feel like he’s playing with the Rangers now.

    I must have jinxed him and his happiness at playing behind a real team.

  138. The refs are having a go at the swedes in a desperate attempt to help Finland back in the game

  139. RangerSwede

    I believe the true motive of the referees is to end Henrik’s Olympic shutout streak before he approaches any sort of record.

  140. CR9

    LOL. Not impossible at all. This game though must be like a day off for him, only 12-15 shots through 2 periods, must be a walk in the park against what he’s used to.

    Ugly hit by Pitkanen

  141. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Lundqvist has a real defense in front of him. Not those stooges he has in NY. I hope the Olympics doesn’t spoil him. He’s going to be disappointed to return to the Rangers.

  142. Nice, a Sweden win gives us the 1 seed.

    And Canada and Russia meet in the QF!

    From ESPN…

    No, Canada
    Bow down to Uncle Sam
    We’ll take the gold
    You laid down like a lamb
    With frying pans you tended goal
    We scored on you at will
    From far and wide, Oh Canada
    We’re scoring on you still.
    God keep your nets
    Wide open and emp-ty
    O Canada
    We scored five goals on thee
    O Canada
    U.S. with gold you’ll see!

  143. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Careful. If the swedes win by six goals, they will get first seed. And with a 3-0 lead and most of a 5 min Power play, it could happen.

  144. So if Sweden wins this game by 5 or less then that means the U.S. will be the 1, and then we play the winner of Switzerland/Belarus, followed by the winner of Czech Republic/Finland?

    I think thats right based on goal differential.

    On the other side is Sweden, Russia, Canada, and Slovakia. Oof.

  145. And of course Pierre the Bruin on is calling it the hit heard round the Olympics, with glee.

    Now, I truly have to despise Ovechkin. He could have hit Krejci, or somebody his own age, instead, he went after a a guy probably 15 years his senior.

    Instead, he chose the former Ranger.

  146. Amurica,

    That’s exactly right. Assuming the Finns don’t lose by 6 or more, the byes are

    1. USA
    2. Sweden
    3. Russia
    4. Finland

    Qualifications games are:

    Czechs vs. Latvia (5-12)
    Canada vs. Germany (6-11)
    Slovakia vs. Norway (7-10)
    Switzerland vs. Belarus (8-9)

    So Quarters if seeds held would be:

    USA vs Switzerland (1-8)
    Sweden vs. Slovakia (2-7)
    Russia vs. Canada (3-6)
    Finland vs. Czech Republic (4-5)

    USA would play winner of Finns/Czechs in semis so wouldn’t face Russia, Sweden or Canada until the finals.

    LETS GO FINNS!!!!!

  147. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    So Slovakia would have to beat Sweden, then USA, then winner of Russia vs. Canada (3-6)and Finland vs. Czech Republic (4-5),

    Piece of cake…

  148. There is a curling gold medal match on before a hockey mens semifinal, on the same channel, CNBC on Friday.

    We are going to have to worry about missing parts of important games.

  149. Slovakia – US could only happen in the finals.

    Slovakia would have to beat Norway, then Sweden in the quarters, then the winner of Russia vs Canada in the semis and then US or Czechs-Finns winner in Final (assuming U.S. wins Quarter against Swiss or Belarus)

  150. U.S. quarters and semi will both be at 3pm ET as long as Canada is alive. Canada is guaranteed the ET primetime slot as long as they are alive.

  151. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Finland couldn’t solve Lunqvist.Welcome to the club.

    Although I would tell the Slovaks to shoot high glove side.

  152. I’m sauced & just updated my “tweets” Avery said on his latest “tweet” “Drury is clutch” LMAO!!!!

    HENRIK!!!! HENRIK!!!!

  153. I’m so gutted i didn’t see that game, my 10-month old little boy has been ill all weekend so i needed to catch up on sleep. It would have been so nice to watch Walrus Brodeur flopping around while the puck hits the twine behind him! The picture on Yahoo of Niedermayer giving him a “I can’t believe you didn’t save than one Fatso” stare is priceless!!

  154. Langenbrunner on Drury:

    “There are not too many guys more clutch than he is,” Langenbrunner said. “I’m happy to have him on this team. He’s another one of those guys that can rise up and he feels good in those situations and delivers, delivers regularly.”

  155. Right – USA has a much easier road to the gold medal game – either Belarus or Swiss in quarters, then Czechs or Finns in the semis. Definitely a huge benefit to beating Canada.

  156. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    hopefully drury’s performance last night will make nhl gm’s drool for his services.take him he yours

  157. Man, i don’t like this Russia v. Canada quarterfinals thing!

    You Americans always got it easy! :P

    On the other hand…look at these retards (can i still say retard?) at

    By far the biggest surprise is that Canada will be taking the ice at Canada Hockey Place for a game against Germany. The Canadians were expected to win Group A, but after rolling over Norway 8-0 in their first game, they needed a shootout to beat *Sweden* 3-2 and lost 5-3 to the United States on Sunday.

  158. the best part of a potential sweeden slovakia 2-7 matchup is that either lundquist or gaborik come home early.

    i would rather hank be done and get the rest

  159. Drury just showed what kind of player he is and always was… an excellent support player who does important things when surrounded by talent and placed in the proper role. That statement alone is an indictment of the Rangers. They ask a support player to be the #1 center and the captain. And people wonder why the Rangers struggle to be mediocre. The frightening thing to me is that Callahan’s upper end is a Drury-like career. Same for Dubinsky. Steppan, Grachev, and Kreider can’t get here fast enough!!

  160. poor drury the innocent victim, he needs all stars to make him look better….me too…….but $7mil would look better in my account……

  161. I’ll give Drury props today. Although it would be nice to see that fire on the Rangers once in a blue moon.
    Great to see Joe Thornton play lousy in another big game.
    And fun to watch Canada debate whether Marty should be in goal or not.
    And Sweden looked great. Lundqvist has been awesome.

  162. Still recovering from those two games last night. Some hockey. Love the game. That Canada -Russia quarters should be a highlight of the tournament. If Canada gets there that is lol. Kidding. I’m certain they will. Perhaps they should stop taking other teams for granted. And put Luongo in net.

  163. kc- i usually dont see gabby jump up n down when he scores, but after his goal vs the czechs, he was more pumped han any ranger goal hes scored. its different for playing for your country. id love to see drury play like that too, but hes not a high talent guy. but we all expect him to be. he still is no good as captain. he is a good leader for team usa but he is just overwhelmed in ny. maybe he’ll come back charged up and be a better player.

  164. Haha, that vid had me fooled for a few secs until i looked at the screen and noticed the audio and video were out of sync. Haha, funny.

    Im still pumped up after that USA win. Im eating my weaties right now, in honor of Team USA !!

    Bwahahaha, goodbye Canada or Russia, have fun playing against each other, haha.

    OV will probably get fired up seeing Hotdog lips again. He’ll be motivated even more, that’s for sure.

    I hope Russia wins, just because i hate him, and Fatso.

    The Swiss will probably win, so we’re gonna have to be careful with them, cause they can definitely play the spoiler. You just never know.

  165. ilb- saw that hb. omg those guys were havin catfights all night there. i went on this mornin to see the responses and waynez and other regulars were givin it to the canadian fans. lol. that was actually posted by a canadian fan too. one baby said”stastny was born in quebec, he shouldnt be allowed to play for usa”. everybody was laughin at the immature excuses. stastny hasny done jack!! our whole top line hasnt done anything!! and theyre complaining about stastny?? take him !!! like they need anymore talent!! lol

  166. Right now, Burke is looking like a semi genius, by choosing Dreary over guys like Oshie, Byfuglien, Okpiggo, etc. Dreary has two goals, and he’s been pretty solid defensively, for the most part.

    Orpik was definitely right last night aboot him, along with Cally, even though we all knew Cally would do good.

    Hopefully, like someone said before, GM’s watch this and become impressed, and want to trade for him, like Burke, haha.

    GO USA !

  167. god orr, how can you eat at this ungodly hour. i cant even look at a bowl of soggy wheatis without pukin up split pea n ham soup. cambells chunky. ughh too much drink last night. yea that heatley vid had m,e rolling. i meant to say i saw it on hb. yea, that site. lol

  168. Good morning all and Sally! Thanks for the kind words last night.

    No new post from me this morning (sit down Izzy). I surely can’t get Carp’d on his first day back :)

  169. Mike, in fact yesterday US won by having a better goalie, better support players and bigger heart. Plain and simple. That’s how US gets a chance to win it all the way. I still think that Kessel, Brown, Kane, Parise and Stastny need to step it up.

  170. russia will lose. canada will put lou in et, nabby just wont be able to stop them like miller did. of course goaltending isnt as important if you have ovie wan kovechkin,kovalchunk, alienigenov, haha,semin,yup,semin. and a whole lotta radulovamorozovakovkin-anen-ov

  171. bklynblue – Drury is hardly an innocent victim. When you sign a contract like that, you had better perform up to it. Otherwise you will deal with the intense scrutiny. He deserves all of the ragging he gets. My point is that no matter how much you pay him, he will not be anything more than a really good support player… IF surrounded with the right people. He took the money (which any of us would) so now he has to live with all of the stuff that comes with it. The bigger issue is that Sather offered him that contract!! Offering that kind of money to a guy who never even had a single season in the past to suggest he was worth it… that is insanity!!!!

    I am just saying that what Drury has done in the Olympics is exactly what he is. An important piece on a good team. Not the cornerstone on a mediocre team. I love all of the jokes that are made about him. They are all hilarious!! He has earned every bit of it by signing that contract. I just think people are expecting him to actually live up to that contract. He NEVER will. He doesn’t have, nor ever had, the talent.

  172. na seriously, russia will win as long as the refs dont call 20 penaltys on them. i believe they have more skill up front but are weaker on d and goal. but nabby is still damn good and canada will be even more nervous. teh refs will probably help them out though.

  173. yea ilb. idk what kane,parise and strastny are waiting for but without miller,dru cally,ryan,kesler,rafalski we are done. they gotta seriously start forechecking. they are playing like kitty cats.

  174. that was one hell of a game last night!
    Love Callahan…
    and who is this Drury guy? Is it Clutch’s brother?
    Wish that guy played for the Rangers…

  175. shea- his first season here he played fine. 25 goals 60 points. he maybe cannot make other players around him better, but if put with big guys who to the net he will score those garbage goals. but he’ll never get a pass because of his salary and msg shoving him down our throats. and even yesterday they mentioned his llws AGAIN!!!! its too much, even if he is a decent player from the usa!!!. enough already. msg does not help building him up like that. take pressure off him. the c too. he will be better ium tellin ya. i wanna like the guy, but its very hard when he doesnt perform. and salty called it. he would do well in the olympics. why cant he do that for us???

  176. I thought Kane had a pretty good game last night. He didn’t score but he was the best US forward of carrying the puck and gave the Canadian D fits with his ability to dodge checks in their end. Parise won a decent amount of loose pucks along the boards, did a good job by throwing the puck to a soft area of the ice on the empty netter.

    Stastny is the one that I have been less than impressed by.

    And I hate to root for even more Devils, but Langenbrunner played very well last night as well. And of course Rafalski has been outstanding.

  177. who wouldve thought of all the rangers in the olympics, drury would be the guy everyones talkin about? hank got his 2nd straight shutout against a fierce rival. yet, nothing on nhl.copm about that

  178. ct- true enough. they were better than previous games given the competition. about the devils, and look at this way,. parise and langebrunnner both devils, but both american. so its ok to put teh rivalry aside.

  179. CTB-decent play won’t cut it during the Olympics. Those guys are here to score or assist. Drury is here to play on PK, block shots. Ditto Callahan. They’ve done what was assigned to them. And more. It gets tougher from now on. One goal, one play makes a difference. Goal scorers need to score.

  180. I think with a team as deep as these national teams are, you can be satisfied with your 3rd and 4th lines scoring just as much as your star players scoring. With a weaker concentration of top end talent relative to the other powerhouse teams, the I welcome having the grinders get the big goals for the US.

    From reading the post-game wrap ups, Backes hasn’t gotten some well deserved credit for creating havoc around the net on Drury’s goal. He’s quietly been one of the US best players in 3 games.

  181. So I’m watching ESPN (don’t ask me why) …thinking to myself “let’s see if they say anything aboot USA v. Canada game”…watching it and watching it…half hour into the news and nothing…not a single word aboot it… so i switch to “Live with Regis and Kelly” and what do you think i see?? Regis is talking aboot USA v. Canada game!! I almost choked on my cinnamon honeycombs cereal! What a garbage network the ESPN is…

    ESPN = Extra Stupid Pathetic Network

  182. This one is from HFBoards:

    “Just heard Cherry on Grapeline on the Fan this morning.

    Pretty much what you’d expect from Don. A quick summary:

    -Story of the game 45 – 20. Miller stole the game.
    -Canada had no one standing in front of the net. It’s like picking cherries for Miller.

    -Questioned the refereeing. Said Getzlaf got a penalty, but when the USA do the same thing, no call.

    – Said Brian Burke was smart picking 2 guys from the Rangers that kill penalties and then have them kill all the penalties. That’s what Canada should have done.

    – Time to stop playing around and go with 3 lines and spot the other line. Go with 6 D and the same penalty killers.

    -Said it’s not over, they just need to think of 1972! Canada was down to the Russians but showed the Canadian heart and grit and fought back and that’s what this team needs to do — channel 1972’s heart.”

    Yeah, it your heart out, redneck!

  183. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Let’s go Drury! OMG… i can’t even believe i’m writing that.

    Cherry is an ass-monkey, the Canadiens have Mike Richards and Brendan Morrow as their tough guy/penalty killers.

  184. Grabachev – totally agree. His last two seasons were really on average for his career. Even with his “great” seasons in Buffalo, he still only had 67 and 69 points. You are right, he needs players around him to be better. I actually think that he is a good player for the Rangers to have. Unfortunately, the rest of the team, Gaborik excluded, is extremely average, so Drury’s flaws and shortcoming are exposed. He is a good player at 3.5-4 mil AND with some good players around him. Otherwise, it is a waste of money. I don’t blame him for taking the money at all. I just don’t see anything in his stats to comprehend why Sather thought a 7 mil contract was warranted. I don’t blame him for going after Drury, but he lost his mind on that one… and Gomez… and Redden. I think he overpaid for Dubinsky, but that one isn’t as egregious as the others.

  185. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    you think he overpaid Dubinsky?
    Voros makes a million, Reissmiller made a million, Rozi makes 5 million, and Brashear is making 1.4million (not to mention the top-3, whom you named)… and you don’t like Dubinsky’s 1.85. Hmmm.

  186. I am home this morning so I’m catching up on all morning trash TV…”Maury” show in particular. I turn that show on and its like i never missed one! Same old Maury and same old search for “baby’s daddy” lol

    Can we send Chris Drury to take the DNA test to find out if he is THE real clutch!

    Maury: “When it comes to being clutch, Chris Drury…you ARE the clutch!” lol

  187. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was talking about that with a friend two weeks ago… what is Christmas like at the Brodeur Ex-wife house with her brother, also now divorced. They must have been cheering last night!

  188. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    All I want answered is:

    Where the hell is Captian Clutch with 2 goasl in 3 games when he’s he is a Rangers Jersey?

    Great win for USA, and Canada and Don Cherry can suck it!

  189. Mornin’ all!

    Fantastic win by Team USA last night. Haven’t gotten that into a game that much all year long.

    All hail the power of the Ryans!

  190. In any other country Cherry would have been kicked out on his a$$ but the Canadians are too nice to tell him to retire.

    It was more than just Miller that won you guys the game, it was a solid team effort with good goaltending and timely goalscoring. The Canadians are so flush with talented players, but little or no chemistry and no proper established roles like the USA has. Plus, why would you pick Brodeur when he looked shaky in the last game and Luongo looked solid? Brodeur looked like he’d had one too many Molson’s with his Moose Burger for lunch!

  191. Forgot to mention we beat you guys 4-2 in the mens curling!!…and we have a gold medal in the ladies tea tray sliding – its our only medal and only our 9th gold medal in the winter games ever, well done Amy Williams!

  192. True Fans Bleed RW&B – Yeah, I think Dubi is slightly on the overpaid side of things. If you put him with the best players on the team, he still seems to max out around 40 points. He is ideally a 3rd center who can come up to the 2nd line if needed. Put him in the 3rd slot, he probably puts up 20-30 points. 1.85 seems steep for that. Voros, Reissmiller, Rozi, and Brashear are all overpaid as well. Rozi is really a 3rd or 4th D that can be productive around good players, but flops with too much responsibility. Brashear was beyond confusing. What were the Rangers thinking? You sign a 38 y/o forward to be your enforcer and to play “up-tempo” safe-is-death hockey? Voros at least tries, but just doesn’t have the talent to do more.

    I really wish Dubi was more, but I just don’t see him being more than a 3rd center.

  193. Linda says... GO RYAN!!!! ALL OF YOU ON TEAM USA!!!! on

    I love the smell of the USA in the morning…smells like…

    still lmao @ Canadians whining, saying they are “saving themselves for the gold medal game” etc. Yea, ok. I would loooooooove to see Jaws annihilate hot dog lips the way he did Jagr yesterday.

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