Sports philosophy 101, per AO (evening update 5)


So, how’s everyone feeling about meeting up with Crosby on Sunday? I love how in this recap of last night’s near miss against Switzerland, they call the shootout a skills competition.
And those Slovaks! Maybe they purposely scheduled back-to-back games after all?

…And sometimes it rains, right AO? Here’s his take: “No, we don’t worry about goals. The goals are coming. We just have to do a more simple game, more simple plays. But, it happens. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.” — Alex Ovechkin

Here’s your line-up for today, all men:
Belarus v. (not Hank) and Sweden, 3 p.m. MSNBC
Czechs v. Latvia, 7:30 p.m. CNBC
Finland v. Germany, midnight MSNBC

Afternoon update:

It seems we may not be having these same discussions in 2014. Your thoughts on the NHL possibly passing on the 2014 games. I think I’ve made my opinion clear on this subject.

Update 2

OK, and now a little distraction from my earlier stupidity today. Carp got this before he left and saved it for mama on a slow day. Or for when she needs to pay closer attention to what the heck she’s doing. Who’s glad it’s Friday! From Stadium Journey, a site that publishes reviews of pro and college sports venues. Here’s their take on the World’s Greatest Arena.

TGIF update
Here’s your recap on Sweden’s escape. Enjoy your end of week night, but be careful out there! Tomorrow’s update all set to go…who shall be the new Mandlebaum?

Latish night update (update)

• Sally, this Zetterberg interview is for you.
Marty speaks. Uh oh.
Richter speaks. Miss you!
Jagr v. Latvia recap. “Jagr has gotten better and better with each period.” Did you catch his post-game interview with JM? I’ll try to find tomorrow and post. But in the meantime, byfuglien :) He looked liked he was not unhappy to be in KHL and avoid that chat … just a thought :)

Jagr speaks

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    Also, I find it awfully hypocritical of the media that they commented that the USA, with its 6-1 win over Norway, had “struggled” against a team that Canada so easily dispatched while there’s no mention of that Canada was nearly defeated by the Swiss, a team that America handled with relative ease. Instead, there’s PRAISE for Canada, that they “overcame adversity!”

    I hate this damn northern bias.

  2. I would have liked a Cally USA jersey myself. They had Gaborik and Lundqvist ones at the Garden but I never saw any USA jerseys. They had some pretty sweet olympic tshirts too but I couldn’t seem to find one in my size. has most of that stuff.

  3. More poor marketing by NHL — get their stars’ names on the back of their countries Olympic t-shirts. Ridiculous that a simple marketing concept like that is impossible. Maybe the NHL would have more money if they knew how to market their players.

  4. I can’t believe I forgot to let you know this. USA women’s curling v. Russia on NOW on MSNC. Men v. France at 5 p.m. on CNBC. So sorry for the delay…..:)

  5. That Canada Switzerland game was amazing! The Canadian team should be a little worried if the Swiss team can take them to a shoot out in Canada. The most amazing thing about the game was the size comparison. The Canadians seem so much larger then the Swiss. Literally. It was like a Canadian Football team out there. The Swiss Impressed me with there skill and determination. No doubt Canada has the better squad. but, boy did they get a run for their money. Kudos to the Ranger line coming through for the US. Maybe the helps build some confidence Among our Squad.

  6. Orr every time you look at a babe whether it’s Fox, Tiger’s wife, etc. you have to realize that somewhere out there is a guy that grew tired of her.

  7. That girl on the Danish Curling team was so hot yesterday, but after she started yelling (in Danish, French, it doesn’t matter), I was over her

  8. Not trying to be an ass there. Sorry about that Blogomama. Just wanted to throw something up there a bit more to date.

  9. “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”—Alex Ovechkin


    HA! This kid Ovechkin is its you win some you lose some… sure Alex…especially when you score only once on 3 attempts!

    I don’t care how talented you are there is no way you put that player three time in a row…No way! Russian coach f’ed this game up…he obviously never saw Datsyuk in the shootouts for Detroit…bad coaching and not very impressive game by the Russians…they need to smarten up quick or they’d be looking at 22 years w/o Olympic gold.

  10. AFLY, ha! No worries, I’m glad you let me know….Just shows you how little has changed since then? I’m blaming Google! That story was the 2nd hit :)…..update above.

  11. I’m not a big fan of the NHL playing Olympic hockey. Sure it’s great seeing guys represent their country but how can you shut down your season & risk injury to your best players. 1980 was so great because our kids did something nobody thought they could do.
    Imagine if I had to close my business for 2 weeks because my best employees had to go to work somewhere else.
    I’ll say it again – I just don’t get it. Isn’t that why they have the World Cup ??

  12. did anyone else notice this about Gabby last night?
    i could have sworn that for a second he opened his mouth enough that it showed he has a gold front tooth.
    it was like a split second while he was on the bench.

    did exhaustion just get to me or can someone find out if it’s true?

  13. Hey AFLY, I just checked and my link was totally correct. I can’t account for the time-stamp, but the story was new. You messing with my head?

  14. JPG

    I was thinking the same thing last night. But i think he had some sort of special mouthpiece.

    Voros probably gave it to him as a going away present. He probably wanted to prove that he’s still his number 1 buddy, despite the fact that he’s always with Aves, and Hank. What a guy.

  15. Forget the Danish curling gals. I think they ate too many danish. The Russian curling chicks on TV right now are really something. There’s one American who is cute too.

  16. I think Gabby wears a colored mouthpiece. He had a green one with Minny and wears a blue one with the Rangers, and maybe a gold one with Slovakia (wishfull thinking)

  17. Hey, no worries Mama. You’re doing this for our benefit, no need to apologize to any of us.

    It’s not like you’re running a professional sports franchise and signed two declining, past-their-prime centers, defensemen, and one former tough-guy who can’t even get his dukes up anymore handicapping the team’s future and any chance they have at making a serious cup run for at least two or three years.

    Let’s keep it in perspective. You’re batting 1.000 in my book.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand the league’s concern in letting the player’s play in the Olympics. Truth be told, it is the IOC that screwed up by letting professionals compete in the Olympics in the first place.

    The NHL is going to have serious problems when guys like Ovechkin want to go play for Russia and have unequivocally said that they would, no matter what.

  19. true that Doodie…Ovi been saying that since day one… he wants and will play for his country no matter what and NHL wont do crap aboot it!

  20. CT – exactly; he s/b suspended. If it does come to that, both the NHL and the Player’s Association will have agreed to not send the players (and probablly w/b written into the new CBA after the 2010-11 season).

    AO has a CONTRACT and should abide by it or face whatever penalties result.

  21. The thing is LI, AO will already have enough money by then, he probably doesn’t care if he’s suspended by the league or the team. If the team suspends him then they voluntarily lose his services. Short of putting him in a Hannibal Lecter type straight jacket, AO can pretty much do whatever he chooses.

  22. CT, I agree with that. I just feel that these guys should abide by their contracts, or lobby the NHLPA to not have the clause put into the new CBA for the 2014 Olympics…

  23. LI RangerFan

    so Ovechkin will be gone for 3 weeks during Olympics and miss bunch of NHL regular games and then when he comes back Caps will suspend him for more games? sure…makes perfect sense! Nothing’s gonna happen…maybe they fine him…that’s aboot it … too valuable of a player…plus NHL has been known to have double standars when it comes to super-star players

  24. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Yes, he should have enough cash by then, doesn’t he make like $14 or $15 bucks an hour??

  25. Guess it’s all a moot point until the decision has been made about 2014. It’ll certainly be interesting to watch if the NHL opts not to send the players and then a bunch of them decide to go anyway…

  26. Mama loves AFLY! ….. thanks buddy.

    Yes LI Ranger, I believe the new CBA is a big part of what will factor into the decision. If the players uniformly want to go, ultimately it may be out of the league’s hands, I’d guess. But I think they should stay home.

    With the way these games are broadcast here, how much exposure are they getting anyway?

  27. No one will care about the NHL by then, but we will have built massive arenas to house the UCL (Universal Curling League).

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    They would sue Ovechkin and force him to play for the Capitals. If he went to play in Russia (like the KHL) and Russia let him play, the IIHF would ban Russia from international competition for not recognizing his contractual obligations to the Capitals.

    Bottom line: It would be messy.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    If he tried to play in the Olympics without the NHL’s approval, it could also result in Russia being disqualified.

  30. But what did the IIHF do with Radulov and the Predators? Or did the player and team reach a separate agreement?

  31. If you all had your choice of one player in the league becoming a Ranger, who would it be? I know many of us talk how we hate Ovcechkin… But damn would he be an awesome Ranger! Additionally he is annoyingly good at the Garden in particular. I would take Ovie over Cindy any day.

  32. So Radulov gets off free, but his case sets the precedent. Ovie can thank him for ruining it for everyone. Although as a whole, I agree with imposing stiff fines, you need to protect a team’s interests as well as the league.

    Is there someway to get Rozi and Redden’s contract invalidated using a Canada/Czech angle?

  33. I don’t hate Ovie as a player, I just hate him when he plays the Rangers. Kind of like Jagr back when he was with the Pens. He was responsible for too many nails in the coffin (like Gretzky’s last game ever). I don’t like Crosby in any context. It’s to the point where I just hope Canada doesn’t win gold so we have to endure the hockey media singing his praises for the rest of the seasons any more than they already do.

  34. I was sooo pissed when Canada barely beat Switzerland yest. How Amazing would it have been for them to lose? And in Canada no less.

  35. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    Re:MSG , it’s a miserable place for any venue.
    Hockey games have blind spots.
    I been to dozens of concerts there, Hendrix, zeppelin, Who, Ten years after, cream ,etc. the sound is always bad.
    getting into and out of the building is a drag .
    Time to knock it down.
    As far as it’s history: what’s so historic about it, its the 3rd or 4th MSG?

  36. Did anyone hear Pierre Maguire’s interview of Jarkko Ruutu between periods during Finland’s first game.

    Pierre asked Jarkko how it felt to lay one of the best hits in NHL history on Jaromir Jagr 4 years ago.

    Jarkko said that was not in the NHL, it was during the Olympics, a time where sportsmanship is supposed to be at its finest.

    Pierre congratulated him, saying a dirty hit on any Ranger is the definition of sportmanship.


    I’m sure there was an actual dialogue, but the above is the only words I could hear coming from the mouth of either.

  37. In regards to 2014- what is the travel like to get to Sochi? Would it be like it was for Nagano?

    Not that the travel would have any bearing on whether the NHL lets the play or not, I’m just curious.

  38. Hi all. LQ is in the swedish tv studio, u can send in questions for him at facebook->svt sport. :-)

  39. In honor of our curling team, all I have to say is….


    10 points to anyone who can guess the movie refernce.

  40. Doodie is right, it will be messy. I’m not sure if what you described would be real legal ramifications, but it may also be that the judge will allow the clubs to null their contracts. Who knows? That’s a sure way to lose a couple of best players in the world to KHL.

  41. Orr you can change the difficulty of GM Mode in the beginning before you start.

    You should try doing a fantasy draft, it’s pretty cool

  42. You are correctamundo, Mama!

    Love that movie, if only for the prettiness that is Paul Gross. *sigh* It’s a shame he wasn’t involved in the Opening Ceremonies, he would have been such a great addition to the culture section.

  43. NYR

    Eh, it’s too easy for me. I usually end up with the 1st overall pick. I can only play online, cause it’s the only challenge i get.

    Be A Pro online is just flat out awesome. Starting your own team, and going against other players. It’s like you’re actually playing hockey, except the AI plays like Dreary, Dredden, etc. You can only rely on yourself and your teammates.

  44. ilb, nothing…just a penalty during the game. I just like pointing him out to Sally :)

    Mickey, I was once at a work conference and became friendly with a bunch of Canucks (as I kept fondly calling them) and one of them gave me the CD for the soundtrack. It is awesome :)

  45. It would be an outrage if the NHL is too much of a whiner about travel distance and boycotts the Olympics. Young men who want to represent their countries in the biggest athletic event in the world, the only tournament where allstars compete against each other in a major sport in a meaningful way, should be celebrated. The NHL should be promoting those values, not complaining about losing sleep, and they don’t like the food. Gaborik got hurt at practice here — injuries happen. The NHL, who is probably the worst league at marketing their players, needs to understand the international value of celebrating their sport and jump on the Olympics bandwagon. If they don’t like the travel, then stop opening the season in Europe and spending training camp in China. Big mistake by the NHL not to go to Russia. It’s not just Canada’s game, no matter what the Canadians say. Go Jagr & Gaborik!

  46. Laurel is on top of her game…doing a great job keeping the blog running in Carp’s absence!

    You get A+ and a scratch behind the ear!

  47. glad to see clowns like dubinsky are not invloved in the olympics. how many of you thought you would be wearing a dubinsky team usa jersey by now. LMAO

    the top seven teams are loaded.

  48. ilb, ha! and I wasn’t even going to sign on…but you made me laurel you bastages!

    au contraire, no newspaper for CCCP…an extra treat! Thanks C…

  49. Eric, my curling freak friend at work noted how kind the hockey players were to be finished in time for curling. And now those sweepers screw us again!?

    Rob M, I want to tuck that comment away and be in touch in 4 years :)

  50. Have read this blog for awhile, though not always every post since you guys keep the tempo way up there with the best. I don’t know if this is interesting but I came across this sedish fellow that does a twitter about the swedish team (and LQ) in the Olympics and though that someone might think it would be fun in an NHL break period.

    His nick is: “Waffraff” so just go to twitter and check it out.

    Btw the swedes game made me (and yes, I’m swedish) feel like it was 2002 for a bit and when the Monster headed that first Belarus goal in I couldn’t help but think of Salo… f*ck that was a discrase….. oh well, I digress…

    LQ looked very good in the swedish studio today, especially since he got a couple of days of, love that.

    On a side note I played a soccer game against him when he was like 16 years old….


  51. Linda >> No worries :)

    Nice goal by JAH ghur in Olys

    btw nice setup in the olys so one of the best (CAN,USA,SWE,FIN,RUS,CZE) teams can win.

  52. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    sunday is definitely going to be a fun day of hockey! i already told the man i’m glued to the tv all day!

  53. Swede, great info and feel free to contribute anytime!

    Linda, phew you’re here…mama was worried about you today…

    CR9, where’re your whoooohoooo!

  54. so linda how do you ever have time to look for a job since you are always on here. do you ever sleep

  55. RetireBradPark

    Thanks. I would not be surprised if that is the actual conversation the 2 had off camera.

  56. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    a lot of places here want you to email or snail mail your resume, no phone calls or visits wanted unless they call you.

  57. Now that the Rangers are a team of shrimps, it’s a nice refresher to watch Jagr dominate the offensive zone again. It sure would be nice to have Jagr and maybe another big forward on the Rangers. Dubinsky is too inconsistent. Gaborik is a phenom, but the Rangers need some size, not to mention skill.

  58. and your boyfriend agrees with that? blogging 15 hours a day or more does not help one get a job.

  59. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    i am honored that you are so concerned about my wellbeing and financial status, and how my fiance feels about it. thank you so much for your concern!

  60. I wonder who that “how is” guy/girl is

    Im in the same boat. I really don’t want to get a job until NYR’s season is officially over. Unless i can get a 9 to 5 job, but all that’s available are fuggin night shifts.

    This season might suck, but im still willing to watch every game. Especially if they manage to squeak into the playoffs, which is an “if” the size of CoCo’s ass.

  61. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Thanks Winston, I’ll take your advice! ;-)

    it’s interesting to have a stalker on a blog, someone who spends as much time here as I have been lately, intriguing! and a regular to boot, even more interesting

  62. ohh orr i got my ps3 dude. dont know if i told u yet but this payday coming up im buying me some more games, and the usb to hook up to the internet. ive been tryin to get a refund on my controller. the left analog stick gets unresponsive sometimes and my player stops skating. very annoying so im goin in there to get a new better one. everytime i call, the girl says, oh were out of them right now. i said, did u look, or u just have all the inventory memorized u buttface?? i better go in there and take care of biz ny style. baseball bat and steel toe brahma boots for extra stomping power

  63. I adore you all (well, most of you:). Your dedication to this sport and the Report just blows me away. CR9, this is for you…Jagr!!!!!

    The next Olympic round may actually be interesting, eh?

  64. Did anyone hear Jeremy Roenick just own Mike Boston Milbury???

    Jeremy Roenick has just endeared himself to me!

    Roenick owned Milbury!

  65. GRABBY

    Haha, when you’re good to go, let me know.

    Here’s an NHL10 tip for ya…When you’re on a breakaway at the end of the period, and you go on your knees, and the refs call the penalty..give up the puck before the period ends, or else..not only will you not get a penalty shot, but you wont even get a PP.

    Another new EA glitch, just screwed me out of a win before.

  66. orr- that “who is” person was trying to embarrass linda thats all. its a regular too because its teh same person who uses words like why,what,who in his name. ive seen different variations of the posters name here before.

  67. does anybody here honestly give 2 craps whether any one of us blog here more than others? i never really even cared or payed attention. its such a meaningless thing to bring up. when i was out of a job i was here alot too. who cares. its actually more pathetic that the guy cares who blogs and when and how long they do. linda has never been rude,mean or said anything bad about any blogger since she first came here. to try to blow up her spot is just lame. nobody cares but the blog police officer who uses different names all the time. probably the same peeps that complain about carp all teh time

  68. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    grabby, just send me your address or po box and the next time i bake, i’ll send you some!

    CR, JR has been doing that during every game, it’s quite entertaining.

    there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, a lot of people have lost their jobs. It took my friend 7 months to find a new job. I had a bit of a cushion, so I’m able to pay my portion of the bills. I’ll worry if I haven’t found anything when the cushion gets close to running out.

  69. orr- im lucky enough if i can even get an odd man rush. i play renny hockey cuz the goalies and d are morons and whenever i play it torts style on hard, i get beat 6-3 or 7-5. the best way i can win is playing trap and getting 2-3 a game. hank is kinda crappy in nhl 10 too. effin nhl made ea sports turn his character into threeormore. unless you put the attribute effectiveness all teh way up.

  70. Grabby and ORR, way to defend the blogette! I think if “how is” met Linda’s man, he’d be quiet :) Right Linda?!

    ilb and CCCP, you went awfully quiet after I laurel’d….I expected better and more shite from you :)

    Enjoy all…tomorrow!

  71. i know im late to this, but did anybody see in teh first period, there was a player wearing number 10 and jagr was on his line. anyway i heard doc say” and theres 2 great players right now jagr and gaborik. then he goes “jagr to gaborik!!! save by whatshisface!!! , edzo didnt bother to correct him but it was funny. the guy is gettin as senile as sammy boy

  72. I was trying to make you jealous, cause you didn’t know how to do bold letter, ahaha.

    Just kidding. I didn’t know it was you that didn’t agree. Guess that makes three, or four.

    Anki=Pans, another brilliant last name. Also that Beez-a-Bee guy.

  73. Tank the Season on

    A random musing that has nothing to do with the Olympics…

    Had Glen Sather NOT traded for Pavel Bure in 2002, we could have drafted Alexander Semin with the pick we traded away.

  74. How could you take Jagr on our team…

    He is such a cancer and clubhouse destroyer…

    Wouldnt you rather miss the playoffs than have a shot to win a Stanley Cup, as long as there is no clubhouse cancer? (so as not to get taken out of context, we have no chance of winning anything this year, even with the addition of a Jagr)


  75. blogmama do you really think linda’s man is happy she blogs all day. i was trying to help. the 1st sign of fixing a problem is recognizing that there is a problem. i thought i did so in respectful manner.

    make of it what you will. a person can not help themselves unless they really want to. a friend of mine was an alchoholic. many of his friends and family intervened to help.

    i did not curse or anything like that. so this matter is closed.

  76. Renney and Avery said the locker room problem last year was a result of Jagr and Shanny being gone. Jagr was never a problem on the Rangers. But Drury is an empty uniform, and Gomez was horrible. Jagr rescued the Rangers.
    If there is a cancer on the Rangers, it is Sather.

  77. Jagr was a good player for us and was easy to root for, but let’s face it, he didn’t bring us a Stanley Cup, or even close to one. I don’t understand why so many of you are still crying over his departure. You guys seem to have a tough time letting go. MOVE ON!

  78. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Sally, if it wasnt for all that snow…that would be great! Just so you know, I’m making lasagna right now,then banana split cake for our visitor, since tomorrow is his birthday.

    Thanks grabby you’re just a true gentleman!

  79. Here’s a funny news bit I heard on the radio this morning. Apparently, curling has had the biggest cable TV rating in the 7:00-7:30 time slot these past couple of days.

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I heard it because I knew exactly who was responsible for the surge.

  80. So mrs ilb and I went to have a dinner and all of sudden we get another putz who is afraid to use his name and tries to hurt someone who perhaps is already hurting? What exactly is your point, how is ?
    I like your response, Linda. I think he wants some cookies. Why don’t you get his address and start working on that dough. I’ll supply some special ingredients. My dogs are very good at producing them. And I’m sure Sally will oblige with some cat’s …uhm..icing.

  81. All, best updates I can offer above til mama goes sleepy…did you see the interview with JM and Jagr though? JJ looked liked, “The best part about not being with the Rangers is not having to deal with you after every game…”

    Hee hee.

  82. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    How is
    I would just drop it with linda if I were you, quit while you are behind so to speak!

    yep, I have a real problem getting hank to stop anything on NHL 10 as well. Hedberg (not the one here) is my back up and he is freaking solid every game. Hank lets in like 5 or 6 a game!

  83. oh well thats cool that u were just trying to help linda. your a saint. the blog interventionist.

    linda- no prob. i will send u my amonte rookie card for some oatmeal raisin ok. you can send them to my place of work. iwork at bloggers anonymous rehab center. i am a counselour that helps binge bloggers,multiple personality bloggers, and those guys that are first all the time. they are the hardest to break the addiction.

  84. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    how is….yes, he’s gettin ready to do a blog intervention for me. but he knows i’ve actually been out looking and sending resumes. Unfortunately you just cant force people to hire you, especially in this area. I won’t hit the bottle though, that’s just too expensive :-)

    Grabby, the guys who are always first thing was very funny!

    and yes mama, banana split cake

  85. I think curling got good ratings EST because of all youse and others waiting for delayed hockey :) (sorry for quoting Carp there…youse is his, not mine)

  86. wait a minute wick!! u didnt create dos nueve and add him to the ranger roster?? cmon!! i know it takes forever to create players and stuff, but unless u have online and get roster updates, you have to make them like i do. ok all, headed out to the bar. celebrating friends divorce tonight. see youse shhhhhhhhhh.

  87. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    thats hilarious how they’ve spun curling ratings! It’s a bunch of pissed off hockey fans expecting to see the game, not a bunch of yahoos sliding a big rock on the ice and sweeping it along ;-) we’re waiting to see guys with sticks chasing a little black dot!

  88. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    not sure bro, but I am like 8 and 12 in my season and hedberg has 4 of the wins in 5 starts, hank is just a sieve in the game!

  89. Linda…droool. Can you bring some in May?

    You all seem to be handling yourselves just fine (I hope) so mama says night til tomorrow (Izzy, how’s your head? Haven’t seen you since the crack of just after noon?)

    ilb, CCCP and wicky….Ta!

    Good night Sally!

  90. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    grabby, no I didn’t…you are right takes too long!! Of course i haven’t played in about a week due to the fact of my xbox got the red ring of death and we had to send it for repairs (I bet orr loves to hear that)!!!

  91. OK, I hope the faceless troll got our point.

    Back to hockey. That’s why Olympics are Olympics. Imagine what those three games on Sunday will be like? And each one of them has so much meaning. Can’t wait. I sense it might be the best hockey we’ve seen all year.

  92. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    ah ILB, whoever it is mentioned they were trying to help. It’s easy to target someone when you don’t have all the facts. I wasn’t insulted, just a lil surprised. It’s nice to know you guys look out for me though, I appreciate it, and even appreciate the kick in the butt too ;-)

  93. 200!

    Linda, I’m glad you’re taking it the way you are. But the truth is that it was not an attempt to help. At all. It was a pure, gutless low blow.

  94. ilb bullspit. you are now a mind reader? it was an attempt to help tough love as they say. so drop it as i plan on doing.

  95. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    laurel i told you, you don’t want that!!! i AM a beyotch.

    ilb, i was a lil surprised but honestly was not offended. it was at one point funny because my man said he was going to get me a blog intervention. If it was meant as hurtful, i think more would have followed. I really don’t think the person was being hurtful, just giving me a kick in the butt

  96. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Winston,if only i could get paid for this!! That would be the best of both worlds!! :-)

  97. Linda, if I felt it could help, I’d have no problems telling you that upfront without hiding my identity. Either here or via email. That how one uses tough love. No mind readers required in that scenario.

  98. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    well ilb, i know you would, but that’s because we talk beyond the blog. You’ve helped me in the recent past with some things, and i HIGHLY appreciate your opinions and knowledge! Maybe this person is someone only from the blog, hence the only way for them to ask the question and give an opinion.

  99. Linda
    Innocent as it may seem, people on blogs can be scary. Last year some crazy lady didn’t like something my husband (yes, where I come from Winston is a girls name:)) posted and figured out where he worked, contacted his employer and complained that he was blogging from work. He didn’t get in any kind of trouble, but it was creepy nonetheless.
    Boredom and craziness aren’t a good combo I guess.

  100. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Winston, that is the craziest thing! How the hell did she find out all that stuff?? That is nuts! Something totally terrifying and tragic happened to my friend and some nut she met in a chat room…too long to tell here but yes, there are some crazy people out there. I don’t think ‘how is’ is crazy though

  101. I’m sick of curling!! It looks like a bunch of janitors out there. I’d like it if they had them compete on a hockey rink between periods to take the place of the zamboni to clean the ice.

  102. Damn !!

    Where did these Curling chicks come from ? These are the kinds of girls that were in Torino in 06, except every team pretty much had a bunch of babes.

    This year, it’s been all old ladies, and pregnant chicks.

    Gotta love a girl with good wrist action. This game i don’t mind cutting into hockey. Not a problem.

  103. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I believe that originated because of my opinion of the sutton hit on dupuis, I really saw nothing wrong with it!

  104. Mama, I still think that Jagr misses NHL. And I heard his interview. He is being himself, true. But I think he wants another crack at the Cup.

    Linda, Finland. There were my neighbors when I lived in St. Petersburg.

  105. Wicky, so someone called you that? LMAO, I totally missed that. Must’ve been skiing. Well, it blends with French almost as well as Chops, I admit.

  106. ORR, at the risk of repeating myself, OY!

    Linda, don’t get CR9’s hopes up. Great link, but a short story based on one quote. Ah, too late in night for me to expound…wicky et al….ta!

  107. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    lmao, the wicky french chops one was the best!

    ok ILB, Finland it is my friend! I put off the cake baking until the morning, so I’m ready for some more hockey!

  108. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    i don’t think someone called me that verbatim, i just paraphrased it into that!!!

  109. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    He won’t be able to do anything until the end of his KHL contract, so maybe July 1 we’ll hear about Jags making a return to the NHL, and, if so, i bet to the Pens.

    If we wanted to rile CR9 up though, i think mentioning Bill McCreary would ignite that fire ;-)

  110. I too miss Jagr. He was a great, great Ranger and a great captain as well. Watching the team these last few years really makes you appreciate him – he worked hard, had the utmost respect for the sweater, and frankly always carried himself with humility and class. That is a ton more than I can say for a lot of the guys on this team, not to mention the coach. The Rangers were a better organization for having Jagr.

  111. And by the way he obviously was loved by the NY media – Dellapina is all over the coverage – sounds like hey are friends – and Brooks’ twitter page is a pic of him with the big guy.

  112. Jagr is also tired playing against boys. Latvia was exactly that despite the score. I think he’ll be back in 2010-2011.

  113. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    man, our dvr is going to need a vacation after the olympics, trying to record all the cross country, biathalon, hockey, snowboarding, curling (well, maybe not ALL the curling)….rifrakkingdiculous!!

  114. ilb, Dubinsky just made some of her world famous “icing”. She’s always here to help when a blogette needs a helping hand. Paw. Are there two Gs in blogette?

    Linda, you rule. I wish I could hire you to hang out with me.

    I’m gonna go to sleep.

  115. hello all!!

    crappy work week leading to an
    extra **** coming down on me friday.

    at the very least i hope that the Hockey Gods
    will give me something to make me smile when
    the U.S. beats Canada, led by bettman’s PYT

  116. apparently, swear such as d*** get your post banned.

    i just sent one joking with Mandlebaum because he beat me to announcing the updated score.

    it went like
    **** you Mandlebaum!


  117. oh, it went through!
    whatever. i tip my Blueshirt cap to you Mr. Mandlebaum
    and promise to let you tug me by a rope tied to a car as i run down the street.

  118. *JAROMIR!!*

    mama’s right though, this is just non news news.

    the KHL playoffs start after the Olympics, if he gets knocked out early, he could potentially sign for the stretch run.

    I’ve never hoped for any team to win besides a NY team or a team against Boston, but here’s hoping he signs with the Pens (if possible) and he rightfully gets to hoist himself another Cup!

  119. Darn, nobody’s here, oh well! Finland is going to be a sleeper team IMO…well, talk to you all tomorrow

  120. CR9

    Pittsburgh doesn’t deserve Jagr. They booed him every time he touched the puck after he left Pittsburgh. He’s always had nice things to say about Pittsburgh and expecially playing with Mario.

    He deserves a big sendoff, but I’m not sure Pittsburgh is the place for it. The Rangers loved having him on their team and the fans were appreciative of him leading them out of the dark hole they were in.

    I’m sure he would like to go back where he won Stanley Cups, but those fans in Pittsburgh can go to hell.

  121. Years agol (back in the early 60’s ) I was living in Duluth. That was my first intro to curling. The Curling Club of Dujluth oweend the only in door arena in the area, and the curling club held the second floor, and used to rent out the ioce hockey rink at grade level to any and all ( with the right price). We played there ( base team) and the boards were about 8 ft high and you had to not only open a door but go down a flight of steps from the benches to the ice.

    If NYC wants to operate a CC club in the garden I.m all for it…let them use the entire Garden., own it, and then the city build a NEW Garden with far better sight lines!

    The old Garden at 8th Ave and 55th St had them.

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