USA, Gabby, Jagr, Hank….phew! (updated)


Do you guys ever sleep? Lots going on today, and a lot to catch up on from yesterday, so here’s your line-up, and some reading material to keep you occupied until this afternoon, especially for those who didn’t stay up until dawn debating Jagr. If needed, I’ll put up a clean slate for the opening game.

USA v. Norway (men), 3 p.m. USA
USA v. Finland (women), 5:30 p.m. MSNBC
Switzerland v. Canada (men), 7:30 p.m. CNBC
China v. Russia (women), 10 p.m. CNBC
Slovakia v. Russia (men), midnight, CNBC

Gabby’s unexpected return. Some more on that.
USA v. Norway
Jagr clocks Slovaks
Post-game interview with the shut-out King
Marty in or out?

Post men’s win update:

I give you this free of comment, as I’m sure you’ll have your own. From the Rangers’ site:

“Rangers captain Chris Drury and alternate captain Ryan Callahan had a big hand in Thursday’s U.S. victory, as Drury scored the eventual game-winner off an assist from Callahan to give the Americans a 2-0 lead at 13:04 of the first period…
Drury and Callahan scored their goal — and played some of their best hockey on a line with David Backes of the St. Louis Blues. Drury, whose ice time increased with his offensive contributions, also played on a line with Backes and Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan.”
Full story here.

And the wrap-up.

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  1. Yes, onecup, it would. And Gaborik wouldn’t care if Jagr is THE star of the team. He is pretty low maintenance. Not other way around, though..Too bad it will not happen.

  2. A RW one-two punch of Gabby and Jagr would be practically orgasmic.

    Think Jagr would take the minimum for the rest of the year to play for the Rangers?

    (I’m only half kidding, of course)

  3. I’d just settle for no Redden or Rozsival, even if they’re the two guys that are hogging the salary that could have been used for Jagr.

  4. Agreed CT. Redden and Rozsival, as inconsistent as they are, offer a lot more to this team than Jagr could. I always thought scoring 55 goals and notching 123 pts in a season were way overrated stats. They are about as useful as +/-. Sure they are hard stats, but that doesn’t touch the essence of that player.

  5. Hollwegs Stache on

    7:30 game is the men’s game for Canada vs Switzerland. The Canadian women have played their 3 games.

  6. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    fascinating conversation late last night/early this morning guys. CT, excellent post on the previous thread, you should probably repost here so it doesnt get lost.

    As i asked last night, when does sather sign Forsberg? :-)

  7. linda, ahhh, so that’s what I smell. I thought it was burnt popcorn.

    mama, how could I forget! 50 lashes with a wet noodle for me

  8. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    hopefully the USA game will be televised in its entirety, and not missed due to another thrilling session of curling

  9. Since Linda asked

    February 18th, 2010 at 9:41 am
    Mickey – Gaborik scored a signature Gabby goal. Positioned himself in a soft area around the net, received the puck and snapped a perfectly placed shot into the upper corner. He looked pretty happy scoring for his country and against their natural rivals.
    My thoughts on Jagr, when his declining stats are mentioned, don’t forget the injury he suffered in the Olympics in 2006 and then him throwing out his shoulder in the playoffs that year chasing after Gomez. He never regained his signature snap shot or when he did there was far less zip on it.
    I think the hockey media went a little out of their way to vilify him in Pittsburgh after their ugly divorce. He had a right to be disappointed that they weren’t surrounding him with talent like they did with Lemieux – although surrounding Lemieux with talent all those years did cause a lot of their financial problems that led to Lemieux converting his deferred payments into an ownership stake – but Jagr was also at fault for being a bit of a prima donna by the time he inherited the team. They even tried to bring in a Czech coach just for him (Hlinka) and him and Jagr didn’t have a good relationship.
    He was essentially exiled in Washington, never surrounded with talent to make the team a winner and he probably could have sucked it up a little better but superstar talent or not that situation was never going to work out.
    I think overall he did a good job embracing his role with the Rangers. I was disappointed that he did not give 100% effort 100% of the time in his last couple of years but with the exception of his last season, he was still at least a point per game player.
    I’d like to think that him and Sather had a mutual understanding about how the team would be built after Jagr’s contract was up. Jagr did march to the beat of his own drummer, he made no secrets about his desire to play in Europe both in the KHL and in his native land while he was a still a serviceable player. I don’t think you can underestimate his pride in being an all time great and to be able to showcase his talents, albeit diminished, in Europe was important to him.
    He did a lot of good in his years wearing the Rangers jersey. He was also part of an equation that didn’t quite work out after Sather decided to load up for a Cup run when the salary cap was aggressively raised. To give him full credit or assign full blame to either is however very short-sighted.

  10. Why exactly does everyone criticize Jagr for not giving 100% every second? Who is the human being who is capable of that? Does Ovechkin score on every shift? Drury can’t even show up for 3 games in a row, much less an entire season. Jagr impacted every single game because his mere presence forced the opponent to game plan around him. Now, the opposing team just has to smother Gaborik. Remember when the Rangers offense actually played well? Why do you think Lundqvist is so frustrated? The departure of Jagr left a gaping hole that Sather seems incapable of filling.

  11. Izzy Mändlebäum on

    Let’s see… USA Men play Swiss, rest a day, then Norway. Canada men play Norway, rest a day, then Swiss, Slovaks get Czechs then Russia on back to back midnights.

    I’m guessing there were no Slovaks on the Scheduling Committee. Not that I’m complaining… :)

  12. Thanks Shor! Can you tell I didn’t major in Scandinavian languages?

    Laurel, “We don’t noodle, we newspaper.” New blog slogan!

  13. mama, either way, it just sounds wrong when you say it outloud, lol. I’ll try to remember that for next time :)

  14. “With all of his marvelous leadership ability the rangers struggled to get into the playoffs every season just like the ones without him here and did nothing once they got in. He is no better and just as bad a captain of the rangers as drury is (except drury fights once a season and actually throws the occasional hit). Success rate with jagr and drury are equal for the rangers and their leadership ability is on par with each other as well!!”

    How absurd is it to compare the years prior to Jagr with the Jagr years. Without Jagr, we did not make the playoffs. With Jagr, we did.

    Divided locker room or not, we made the playoffs every year under Jagr (with an underskilled team) and did not blow any 3-1 leads with him. Without him, we blew a 3-1 lead last year and are on pace to be a nonplayoff team this year.

    To compare Jagr and Drury is the biggest joke of all. Talk about a lack of gratitude.

  15. kc,

    It’s not about not scoring that bothered me about Jagr’s last season in NY. The guy admitted that he saved his energy for the end of the season. I understand that he was 36 not 26, but you can’t say something like and expect it to be treated kindly. Much like in the same way that everyone bashes Drury for the “not going to let this ruin my Christmas” quote after blowing a 4-0 lead to the Caps.

    I still have a tremendous amount of respect for what he did as a player, both as a Ranger and an opponent. Early on in his career he was known as a rink rat, first on the ice, last off. The Pens fans loved him, he was talented and much more durable than Lemieux.

    I find it odd these days that analysts don’t really make comparisons between Ovechkin and Jagr. High scoring, non-North American wingers. Ovechkin certainly has more of a physical edge to him but they were both enthusiastic players that have their own eccentric charm about them.

    Like I said earlier, I really think the hockey media went out of their way to sully Jagr’s reputation after he left Pittsburgh. I mean Lemieux called the NHL a “garage league” but since he became the savior of the Pens franchise along with his magnificent playing stats he gets a tremendous free pass.

    But as it is with media, being a key player on teams that win championships goes a long way to bolster a player’s reputation and the public’s opinion. Being on underachieving or downright lousy teams works the same way but to an opposite effect.

  16. I’m not. That was supposed to be and now this will be my last comment on the topic.

    I just wanted to point out that absolutely ungrateful, stupid comment comparing years in which we did not make the playoffs to years in which we did and had a reasonable shot to win, and also the extraordinarily dumb comparison of Jagr to Drury.

    Also, as to Lemieux, no matter how great he was prior to Jagr, he only won after the arrival of Jagr, and within a year or two IIRC.

  17. Jags looked good last night. I thought maybe playing in the KHL would have slowed him down, but he played pretty good against one of the better teams in Vancouver.

    I still don’t think he’s returning to the NHL, but JR, and Milberries mentioned it more than once, aboot the possibility of him signing with a playoff contender down the stretch.

  18. CR

    That’s what i always say. Every time a Pens fan or Jagr hater says “Jagr never won a Cup without Mario”, i always reply “Mario never won a Cup without Jagr”, ha.

    Love that guy. I don’t care how late those Czech games will be, ill stay up all night to watch it. They’re definitely my runner up for Gold behind USA. Sweden is 3rd, since Hank got gold already, followed by Slovakia in 4th.

  19. “Drury can’t show up for 3 games, let alone a season”

    Truer words never spoken. Limited as he may be in skills he also makes damn sure to be invisible on most nights. Only time this entire season he showed any kind of jump was when he was demoted to the fourth line. Suddenly, he’s hustling every shift. Scored a couple goals. And since then…

    Nothing except pitch his pizza joints.

    I wonder, does Chris Drury have any clue just how useless he is on the ice? And does he have a clue just how much Rangers’ fans hate him?

  20. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    CJP, he’s gettin paid all that money, I’m sure he wouldnt care if his mom hated him, let alone the lowly Rangers fans!

  21. I’m lovin’ Olympic hockey. But seein’ Jags again makes me wonder what could have been if Slats hadn’t spent a fortune on Beavis (Gomez), Butthead (Drury) and Snowball (Redden)

  22. Linda, I said it before and I’ll say it again…We’ve had to suffer through WAY too many heartless mercenaries living out their retirement in a Rangers jersey.

    And Chris Drury is making a case of being the worst of the bunch…if only because the State-Run Media called MSG keeps telling us how great he is.

    It’s gettin to the point I’m gonna hear “Only a player like Chris Drury could have made that play…jumping over the boards like that. Wow. What a leader. What a MAN!”

  23. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    lmao @ snowball, we used to have a black rabbit named snowball when i was younger. I bet the rabbit would’ve crunched guys along the boards ;-)

  24. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    I know where you’re coming from CJP, i’ve been singing the same song for years! You’re preaching to the choir my friend. I call it the New York Rangers Retirement Nest Egg for Guys who used to be good or great…YEARS AGO!

  25. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    I wonder if Dolan claims Drury, Redden, Brashear and Rozsival as charity donations on his taxes.

  26. The game is in 20 min. You better get your butts in one place and give people who are at work some good insight. I mean by that a little more than woooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooo and some Scandinavian jibberish. Thank you. And no effing bickering. It’s getting old.

  27. I’ll take it back. I like Scandinavian jibberish. Back in the days we would cross the border to Finland from St. Ptersburg to get some booze. None of us spoke Finnish, nor people we bought it from spoke Russian. We got along just fine.

  28. will give updates ilb.

    heres one update curling has gone into extra rounds and the us hockey game will come on after conlcusion. could miss the first 10 mins of the game with face off in 5 mins. the nhl should stay home in 2014

  29. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    they should bump the curling to cnbc or msnbc. if they can do that for the hockey games, playing one period on one channel and the rest of the game on another, they should do it with this hilljack sport

  30. Same thing happened last night with the Sweden game when it switched from MSNBC to CNBC. yet another reason that NBC needs to be replaced as the “NHL national network” here int he US…

  31. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    honestly, if the NHL goes to the next winter olympics, try to work versus into this so we can see the full games. If not, screw it

  32. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    you’d think after the first 3 times that guy choked, they’d NOT let him have another chance. My gawd

  33. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    2:39 Kessel from Malone and pavelski… detailed enough for you ilb??

  34. Drury is playing better than the other day? Which day is that? Anyway, doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t take much…

  35. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    btw, Ryan Miller back between the pipes, minding the twine!

  36. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    cally in a bit of a scrap in front of the net. miller made a few prety nifty saves.

  37. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    you know me ilb, i bypass all that line talk in favor of the jibberish!

    cally with a nice hit! SOG CALLY

  38. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    let me go check the outside to make sure mars is not heading towards earth!

  39. Salty – I just had to post… DRURY!!!!

    Looks like you were right regarding his position on the team however after that first post-game interview.

    Ah well…

    How about Callahans play? Sick…

  40. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    facetime for Captain Crusty. the 13th forward scored hehehe

  41. Where's Pavelich? on

    drury hasnt been that close to the net all year with the team on which he is the Captain!

  42. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    backes is a big boy! like how he got involved earlier and got the one guy off of cally

  43. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    sogs 15 Team USA 2 Team Norge
    end of first, 2-0 team USA

    now we get to see JR rip milbury another orafice

  44. You are doing a great job, folks. Thank you!

    Drury with a goal, ha? Holy Shmaltz! Watch him get a hattrick.

  45. Linda, you always find the craziest birth stories on FN!

    Can’t believe Captain Clutchety Clutch actually scored a goal. It’s cause he’s Chris Drury, right?

  46. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    that was the most intelligent thing milbury has EVER said

  47. Linda

    where do you find these stories!? First it’s 11 year old gives birth and now 500 pounds woman gives birth! lol

    i wonder how she got pregnant? :)

  48. See, Chris Drury performs when he isn’t getting paid…

    Seriously wtf is going on? Why is he scoring goals?

  49. That birth canal must rival Panama and the Suez. It probably has it’s own coast guard.

    Dr: “The baby is coming through the birth canal!”
    Baby: “Hold on. I’ve been swimming for 5 minutes. I’m going to grab a bite to eat at one of the islands in here.”

  50. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    CCCP her fiance weighs 154 pounds… my question is…how did he…. oh forget it.

    they are usually on the front section of fox news. crazy stuff.

    has ANYONE seen TORTS???

  51. “The most intelligent thing ever said by Mike Milbury” is a competition about as hotly contested as “The least xenophobic thing ever said by Don Cherry” and “John Tortorella’s least sweary post-game interview”.

  52. Wasn’t Patrick Thoresen the Flyers player that got hit in the nether regions a few years ago during the playoffs and wound up in the hospital?

  53. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    lmao AFLY!!! that is awesome.

    They were talking about how Jack Johnson chartered a plane to Washington state and then was driven to Vancouver to participate in the Opening ceremonies. Milbury said if they were going to have the NHL players in the Olympics that they should be able to participate in either the opening OR closing ceremonies to get the full experience. I agree.

  54. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    yea sally, that and cnn having a story about what offends sarah silverman.

  55. Kane does the Drury mouthguard. I hope that’s the only bad habit he picks up from Drury.

  56. Has there been an article or does anyone know what they total payroll of the USA team is? (or Canada or Russia?)

    There is allot of talent out there.

  57. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Torts lookin sharp, controllin the d… speaking in measured tones… pierre nonuggets, stfu

  58. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    lmao orr,andthere he is!!!!!!! Tryin to rip off Raflaski’s noggin!


    been out of town
    and then catching up with work.

    just had to jump on say
    that McGuire was correct with 1st period crosscheck call against Norway
    he’s a jackass when discussing Torts behind the bench right now.
    DZ deserved to be yelled at and the message got through for now and future.

  60. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    jpg, i wish torts could punch him in the face, but alas,not doable!

  61. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    yea i saw that ORR, when he tried to decapitate Rafalski. i love his name too!!

  62. Get ready…

    MSG is gonna update their Propaganda Files on Chris Drury and include footage of that goal from 4 different camera angles..

    “On top of dominating the Little League World Series…Leading Ray Bourque to his one and only Stanley Cup…And delivering clutch plays throughout his NHL career (show his Game 5 goal)…Chris Drury has also been stellar in International Competition leading TEAM USA!”

  63. If the USA wins Gold…

    Will Drury skate around the ice draped in an advertisement for his pizzeria?

  64. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    another Team USA power play..better score and NOT give up another shortie

  65. The Olympic hockey telecast couldn’t get any more annoying than this with Emrick and “talking penis” and Milbury! I used to work for NBC for quite some time and it BLOWS … horrible company!

  66. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    talking head lmao!!! is there ANYONE we like besides JR and maybe Edzo

  67. as far as names, what about this one from Norway

    ZUCCARELLOAASEN….almost was about to run down his arm

  68. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    all this ancillary noise from the penie with a mouth is really useless

  69. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    * nice hit…grrrr! the man needs to not talk to me during play!

  70. 3-1, 2nd intermission.

    I wonder if they’ll talk about how Canada was slaughtering Norway at this point in their game, but the US is only up by 2. *eye roll*

  71. CT, they did, that’s right. My bad. I missed the last 5 minutes of the second period of that game so I just assumed it was larger than it was.

  72. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    OLIMB, another great name! if it had a lil ‘ between the o and the l he’d be irish!

  73. They can’t score on PP? Sounds like Torts is running it. Is Drury playing the point? Or Kotalik? Oh, wait…

  74. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Miller should get an assist on that! great head man pass!

  75. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    a foul has been drawn by bobby ryan of team usa…thanks doc

  76. One thing that’s great about this site is that (since I am at work) you guys give me the score updates before they’re available anywhere else. Thanks ! ;-)

  77. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    what a freakin blast!!! get 2 days of practice in before the game VS Canada…hmmm interesting!

  78. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    definitely looked better than the other day..
    39-11 shots on goal

    Ryan Miller with a strong game and an assist. Sallys SKI boys did pretty well today!!

  79. 11 shots on goal for Norway….that makes me feel sad for them :(

    I’m taking off for a bit, heading home…..later. behave youseselves….

  80. Of course you wouldn’t know aboot it Salty Dupuis, haha. Glad i can help.

    Pretty good game by USA. Wilson needs to replace Langendoofus’ minutes with Cally.

    Hopefully they beat Canada. I just wish the medal games started already.

  81. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    JR givin more love to Cally!! It’s great how he’s being talked about! I had a feeling he’d make a good impression!

  82. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    ‘ i thought i was gonna have to call security for you guys!’ lmao even bill patrick knows!! JR, beat Milbury with his shoe please!

  83. US isn’t scared of the Russians! When was the last time the Russkies beat the Yanks in the Olympics?

  84. Of course you wouldn’t know aboot it Salty Dupuis, haha. Glad i can help.


    Amigo, you’ve openly admitted to watching/downloading pokemaon cartoons and you’re spouting information about women that you learned on a sitcom… what’s wrong with this picture?

  85. And Drury did look like he played very well from what I saw… obviously he needs to be challenged more and put in a limited role for the long term… he’s been performing very well while in that position this year (4th line)…

  86. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    oy! i’m actually gonna take a lil break once the man gets back from the gym. just found out we’re having company over the weekend and now we have some stuff to take care of.

    I know this may sound crazy, but I am NOT a fan of those blowout games.

  87. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    ‘rather aged center ice warrior’

    are the women up 6-0 yet ilb??

  88. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    once you’re a bonehead, you just find a way to come here,even if you’re not at home ;-)

  89. Salty Dupuis, LMAO, why should i know something like that ? You’re so desperate. Eh, back to your room you go, im sure you bugged the USA locker room so you can prove to everyone your newly documented facts of Dreary not being a leader on any level…

    P.S. – Why wasn’t Dupuis on Team Canada ? I mean, he diiiid help the Pens win the Cup after all, bwaahaha.

    Go Sopranos !

  90. Chopper February 18th, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    intelligent and Milbury in the same sentence??”

    Never heard that before.


    I see Brent Gretzky scored for the US today!

  91. Dunno, Linda.. Playing with the dogs. Beats curling. Hellooo See Youse…Shhhh? What are you, Jewish?

  92. See Youse is like Santa Claus…he stops by very quickly once but you know he’s always watching to see who’s naughty and nice.

    I have a strange craving now for a pepperoni-latkis. I also need to step away from the computer.

    Lots of hockey left tonight. My gefilte fish is on Canada and Russia. Enjoy.

    I’d say behave, but that’s probably a waste of six typed letters. sigh :(

  93. Linda, when you come back I’ll let you know how we are going to beat Canada on Sunday. I figured it out.

  94. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I can only speculate that you are directing your earlier comment about the drury jagr comparison to me, so let me be clear yet again…..I am comparing them as captains NOT as players. They are two entirely different type of players! As NHL captains, they are both bad, period! Neither has won the cup at the NHL level being the captain, go to guy!!

    I will take this a step further. Jagr did not do anything above and beyond during that first year after the lockout (or subsequent years) with the rangers that gabby, kovulchuck, ovechkin, crosby, or any other high scoring player would have. And every one of those players take the body waaaaaay more than jagr does (that’s not really saying alot). All the jagr slurpers here treat him like a ritz, when he is nothing more than a high scoring saltine. The rangers were the starving man in the desert with that playoff drought, then we make it into the post season after the lockout for the first time in a long time and the highest scoring player on the team seems to get all the credit (i.e the starving man gets a saltine cracker and thinks it is the greatest cracker ever…a ritz if you will).

    We were expected to do nothing that season and renney and hank had more to do with our success than jagr (he did have a great statistical year though, I am not arguing that)! This team would have made the playoffs without him every year it made it with him (if it wasn’t for avery, we would not have made it the next year). His statistics declined following the first post lockout year, and other teams focusing on him or not, declining skills or not, he produced no stanley cup for the rangers and kept a lockerroom divided more often than not. He is what he is, a great scorer who plays only one zone when he feels like it, a bad captain who cannot win anything when he is “the guy”, and a first ballot hall of famer!

    If jagr was on the 1994 team, most people would have the same opinion of him as they do kovalev….many of us like him, and he was a great complimentary player who had tons and tons of offencive skill, but a horrible work ethic and not a guy you want to rest the fate of your team on as a leader.

  95. haha there’s nothing else on!!!!!!!!! id really appreciate it if someone explained the rules to me. im sitting here on the edge of my seat, all this excitement is getting to me, but i got no clue whats going on.

  96. How It Works

    At the Olympic Winter Games, curling consists of two events: a women’s tournament and a men’s tournament. Each tournament starts with 10 curling teams. Two teams play against each other at a time. The game is played on ice, and the two teams take turns pushing 19.1-kilogram stones towards a series of concentric rings or circles. The object is to get the stones as close to the centre of the rings as possible.

    One game consists of 10 “ends” (similar to innings in baseball). During each end, each four-person team “throws” (in fact, slides along the ice) eight stones — two stones per person and 16 altogether. Team members sweep the ice clean in front of each stone to control the stone’s direction, known as its “curl,” and the stone’s speed. The team with the most points — more stones closer to the centre of the rings — at the conclusion of 10 ends, is the winner.

  97. The Team USA Women are bush-league … why are they only leading 5-0 midday through the game?

  98. ahh i see. it actually sounds intriguing, but maybe if it would be 5 ends instead of 10, more people would watch it.

  99. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Zipay has some interesting things on his blog, for those who have access.

    Unless Ilkka Heikkinen plays on Broadway after the Olympic break, don’t expect him back with the organization next season.
    “I think I’m not going to get a one-way contract, not if I play the whole year in the AHL,” a discouraged Heikkinen, 25, told Newsday yesterday after practice in Hartford. “I’m not going to play a second year here. I’ll go back to Europe or maybe Russia.”


    When asked if he felt that he was afforded a fair opportunity in the organization, the Quebec native’s answer was quick: “I’m not gonna answer that one; I just want to finish the season healthy.
    Translation: I’m looking ahead.

  100. in 4 years ill be an olympic curler
    i cant believe how bad usa sucked @ that

    that guy blew the last 4 throws in all 4 matches
    he shouldnt even be on the team

  101. And too bad aboot Hienikken. He looked decent up here, but if he truly wants to play in the NHL, he needs to realize that you cant just automatically make the team.

    I just lost a ton of respect in my book. If he leaves, who gives a fugg. Sounds like another greedy dork.

    Im sick of these douchebags acting as if these teams owe them something. You want to play in the NHL, earn it.

    PA Par just sucks. Who cares aboot him. Good riddance.

  102. heikkinen was promised a shot and never got it.

    i dont blame him for goin back over seas
    its a win win for the both of us

  103. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    The Swiss are not looking too bad.

    I’m sure Custer looked pretty snappy when he started towards the Indian village…

  104. Great, we saw curling highlights from all today’s matches, three minutes of hockey and now Milbury. WTF?

  105. >>Still men against boys..

    Indeed, but you have to admire the Swiss’ tenacity; they’re playing very hard.

  106. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    just got back, thanks for the update JB and ilb!!! GO SWISS!!

  107. Can anyone post the latest Zipay blog entry about Grachev? It’s so annoying they make you pay for their site. Thanks.

  108. “Boom, he hates Pronger… Pronger doesn’t like it and takes a stupid penalty.”
    You gotta love JR.

  109. The transition for countryman Artem Anisimov seemed easier (16-27-43 in 74 G in 2007-08 in Hartford) and when asked if he believed that he was going through a period of adjustment, Grachev said: “I believe so…I hope so. I’m just trying to not think about it, just trying to get some experience, every night, every game. (Head coach) Kenny (Gernander) has been working with me on defense, he’s trying to get my attention most on that part of the game.”

  110. wow just got around to reading the epic CR9/Salty Jagr debate. Great stuff guys. I’m with CR all the way. JJ is a living LEGEND. I had heard that Jagr said he would play for pitt OR nyr down the stretch but not from a credible source or anything.

  111. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    that makes 2 of us Lev! and then pray for another shocker on Sunday!

  112. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    Damn these guys are hangin tough! lots of ‘physicality’ as JR would say

  113. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    JB maybe when they recover from seeing hot dog lips all bloodied

  114. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    it would be awesome if the puck hit some of Fatso’s blubber and deflected into the net

  115. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    is he the only effin guy on the team who gets his horseface mug on tv ?

  116. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    There had to be an upset somewhere but I wouldn’t have thought of this game.

    The next game too, maybe?

  117. Crybaby Crosby snapping his neck trying to draw a penalty in the final seconds of OT. He never stops diving.

  118. Switzerland should be really proud of their hockey team.

    I’d be very worried if I were these screaming Canadian fans.

  119. They have to be Shattenkirking their pants. USA now knows this team is beatable. Canada now has a little doubt in their heads. Can’t wait for Sunday night. USA! USA!

  120. And of course these idiot commentators are not even mentioning that they lost a point out of this.

    It’s more a lost point than a win.

  121. the Swiss deserve a standing ovation. the stupid nbc people had the camera the entire time during the hand shakes, not even once on Hiller. pure BS. and wtf was that, calling Fatso a “young goalie”?

  122. ORR




  123. Cindy Crosby & Martha Brodeur should be in the ice dancing competition. Cindy’s a great actor & Martha is soooo sensitive!

  124. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    i think he said 37 years young

    TEAM USA 6 points
    Canada 5 points

    I hope every single guy from Team USA was paying close attention to this game. This team IS beatable!

  125. Orr – agreed. Looks like a sadistic interrogator. At least we didn’t see Rosen’s nose from the side.

  126. speaking of Israel, Israel has only one ice rink in the country, and its located in the city of Metulla, on the border with Lebanon, ive been there and the ice was so bad……….

  127. >>why did crosby get to shoot again?

    Because the coaching staff thinks he’s more clutch than the other scrubs on the bench.

  128. Linda is worried... Sather might be THINKING!! on

    in the Olympics, after the initial 3 shooters, you can use them again if you want. How original eh

  129. Besides a goal in his NYR debut on Oct. 28, and a shootout goal, it certainly hasn’t been a season to cherish for P.A. Parenteau.

    The 26-year-old right wing, signed as a free agent by the Rangers in 2007, played 14 games in New York this season, but now is recovering from a concussion. He seems to have accepted that this likely could be the end of his tenure with the Blueshirts.

    “I’ve been feeling pretty good the last couple of days,” Parenteau said yesterday after his first skate in a month. A concussion ended his season last year, but Parenteau, who has 32 points in 26 games, wants to end this year on a high note.

    “I could play this weekend, but there’s no point in rushing it,” he said. “But right after that, for sure. ”

    Parenteau scored 34 goals and 81 points in 2007-08 and 29 goals and 78 points last season for Hartford. This is his seventh AHL season, he is earning $500,000 and is an unrestricted free agent. Playing regularly, I think he can help some teams—because he doesn’t seem to be in the Rangers long-term plans.

  130. im sorry i just want Russia to lose. well not lose maybe get Silver or Bronze. too much talent, expected to win, bleh idk. plus Gabby is playing… I want Sweden for Gold then i dont really care. but id like Jags to get something. so maybe Sweden, Czech, Finland or Slovakia.

  131. The rule is, after the first 3 predetermined shooters, the coach can choose anyone for subsequent rounds.

    My question is, if the shootout had gone to 5 rounds, could they have used Crosby again, and again and again if they chose to?

  132. Izzy

    its says “rossiya” or russia in russian


    Talent or not we havent won gold in 18 years… i think its a good time to root for them

  133. My question is, if the shootout had gone to 5 rounds, could they have used Crosby again, and again and again if they chose to?


    Yes, and I fully expected this to happen if the opportunity presented itself. He’s just that deadly, there’s no reason to bother with anyone else on your bench if you’re allowed to keep using Sid Crosby… that rule will haunt anyone who goes to a shootout with CAN or RUS.

    (Remember when Jagr never wanted to participate in the shoot out?)

  134. Fedorov was my favorite player in the 90’s. Got a customized white wings jersey somewhere.

  135. Salty

    Thanks for the info.

    But no need to bring it up again.

    Jagr did not want to participate in shootouts (the ultimate single player skills competition) because he knew he was not that good at it and did not want to hurt the team.

  136. Saw him and Jagr go head to head in the fastest skater in the skills comp before the ’94 All Star game. Jagr pulled his groin and didn’t play in the game. I also have a black Bure Canucks jersey.

  137. Jagr did not want to participate in shootouts (the ultimate single player skills competition) because he knew he was not that good at it and did not want to hurt the team.


    I know…and I always respected that. But I wonder if he’d change his tune in the Olympics.

  138. If you think aboot… what was hurting the team more…Jagr participating in a shootout or declining to participate? I mean at least by taking part in the shootout there was a possibility of scoring a goal something that cant be done by sitting on the bench. :)

  139. Aside from the movement that had Gabby get a shot saved from right in front of the net, that looked an awful lot like a Rangers power play, stagnant and blocked shots.

  140. Did anyone notice how uncomfortable the Big Z looked on that 5 on 3 PP.

    How does this guy get such praise?

    Oh wait, that’s why, I keep forgetting.

  141. And he is not even that good defensively. He just happens to lay a big hit occasionally and is an intimidating presence. The guy gives up more odd man rushes because of his lack of speed than if Nik Antropov were a defenseman.

  142. That’s Bill McCreary.

    How did that sleazeball get the Olympics.

    He is the most corrupt referee in the NHL.

  143. Discussion between McCreary and Demitra

    Mcreary: I am a criminal

    Demitra: Then why are you refereeing in these Olympics

    Mcreary: To cheat as many Rangers as I can.

    Demitra: Does that mean you are going to cheat Gaborik?

    Mccreary: But of course.

    Demitra skates away disgusted.

  144. I thought Gaborik had a good shootout record prior to coming to the Rangers.

    I knew he struggled this year.

  145. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    On to Latvia! Let the Russians and Czechs duke it out! That’s going to be another great game…

  146. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Czechs have to beat the Russians for the Slovaks to come out ahead. Assuming they all beat the Latvians.

  147. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Goodnight, Blogmama
    Well. it’s time to go
    Goodnight, Blogmama
    Well, it’s time to go
    I hate to leave you, but I really must say
    Goodnight, Blogmama, goodnight

  148. hi guys. usa rules!!! w’ll take russia on cccp anyday!!! they only scored 1!! against halak!! ok, u guys probably will beat us if we meet but still, we got mr clutch while you got mr 1 for 3 in the shootout loss against halak!!!! idk about you guys, but i know me and salty would rather have mr clutch gwg in first period anyday!!1 ha j/k salty. and why the hell does orr call u salty dupuis? i dont get it. are u french canadian or what?

  149. Looks like there is no question that Halak is now the number one goalie for Montreal!
    And this repeating the same players in the shootout makes the shootout boring. It’s better running through the whole line-up.

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