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Today’s line-up (updated, part 2)

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Good morning Sally and all! Here’s your game line-up for today, featuring two of your New York Rangers. Should have been three, but Gabby’s still sidelined, now for three games as per Gross. I feel bad he’s missing the Olympics, but not so bad if he’s properly healed by the break’s end, and at least he’s not missing any Ranger games.
Olli takes on Belarus at 3 p.m. on USA.
Hank takes on Germany at 7:30 on CNBC.
Slovaks v. Czechs at midnight on CNBC.

Some side tidbits:
• According to nhl.com, Parise is USA’s “secret weapon.” [1] Your thoughts?
• Here’s an interview with AO [2] after yesterday’s men’s Russian root.
• And a recap of the women’s eventual mercy [3] on Russia.

And finally, what is hopefully the last word on that MSG “mariage proposal,” from Gross:

“A third source has shed some more light on the much-talked-about fake marriage proposal during the Rangers 5-2 win over the Lightning on Sunday. The third source confirmed what the first two sources said Sunday; that it was a hoax. However, the third source said today that the “couple,” “Nick and Melissa” were actually actors hired from an agency and that it was meant as in-game entertainment. So the Rangers and the Madison Square Garden people knew all about this, which, to be fair, is different from what I heard Sunday. At first I was told they were a real-life couple who decided to do this on their own to generate some publicity for themselves and that the Rangers and the Garden did not know about it.

By now, almost everybody has seen the video of the “Blueshirt Bride” proposal from “Nick,” with “Melissa” covering her mouth, looking somewhat angrily at “Nick” and then storming out with “Nick” following. It’s actually on The Huffington Post sports page with a link to this blog.

Essentially, this is just something that got out of hand once the Lightning television crew actually put some of the proposal on their broadcast of the game, which is how it got up on YouTube so quickly. Having been there, it was funny and it did get the Garden crowd buzzing. But there might be some Garden officials second-guessing themselves at this point.”

Post Finland Update

Here’s the Hank v. Germany preview [4] from nhl.com. NHL players per team: Germany 7; Sweden 19.

Everyone can go back to using only one A per word now when needed.

Post Hank Update

I like the Rangers headline best, “A Royal Shutout,” with a refer to the King. Nhl.com has to be unbiased I guess, but they offered “Stifling Swedes.”

Anyway, here’s the links to their stories. Rangers, [5] and nhl.com [6]

See you all tomorrow.

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