It’s game time (updated)


OK all, here’s what you’ve been drooling for since Sunday, after what feels like my two longest days on earth. It’s time for Olympic hockey, featuring your New York Rangers and a bunch of other guys.
Here’s a preview of the match-up from

As we gear up for these games, did you realize this is the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice team? Thirty! While I try not to remember how young and spry I was back then, and how much more hair Brooks and Carp had on their heads, here’s a thought. One reason that was such a spectacular run…totally ammie-ville. Pro free. I miss those days. (P.S. Switzerland has 2 NHL guys on their squad this year compared to 23 for USA).
You can catch up on the game recaps from that splendid era starting here.

As I noted earlier, work’s going to keep me, and probably other folks, out of the loop, so give your Report-worthy best here in our absence. Later!

Post-game update (stories, not notes, and no quotes:)

Here’s the start of the story from the Rangers site:

Rangers captain Chris Drury, alternate captain Ryan Callahan and head coach John Tortorella were all part of a Team USA squad that got off to a very strong start in Tuesday afternoon’s opening game of the 2010 Olympic men’s hockey tournament.

The Americans dominated Switzerland in a 3-1 victory to start round-robin play in Group A. Drury and Callahan, both significant contributors to the team’s fourth line, and Tortorella, a U.S. assistant coach, can now look forward to being even heavier favorites in their next game against Norway on Thursday afternoon.

Here’s the rest.

And here’s the piece.

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  1. My cat percy use to love hockey, the puck would drive him crazy, he would run up to the screen and start pawing at it, baseball was his favorite, especially when the pitcher pitched the ball to the catcher.

    Go USA!

  2. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    lmao CCCP, I havent heard that phrase since I lived in Brooklyn!

    GO TEAM USA!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    why isn’t there a Jewish National Hockey Team?

    Cause there’s no natural ice in the middle east?

  4. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    you guys thought we’d be free of emrick and endzone, buster brownbury? I am sure circumsized head is around somewhere also!

  5. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    holy carp and there he is!!!! looking very but in his vest

    LMAO CLUTCHNESS with olympic facetime

  6. yes, please keep us updated at work…let me know when captain clutch makes a ridiculous move around some swiss-this could be good for him, he can gain some confidence against high school level opponents

  7. Grabby
    agree about avery from the last post!! You and zzz should come on out with ilb and have boneheads Northwest!

    Sweet. You are not driving??? Too bad!! (long assed trip on the road for sure). I’ll take off work one day and come out for sure with the wicksters!

  8. NBC and work suck….I tried CCCP’s link and it makes you download Silver-something, which I can not do at work. Way to promote the game.

  9. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    USA network is having their own problems! grrrrrrr if this was freakin figure skating there’d be no audio/video feed problems!

  10. BANJ, I know, and you have to have some specific connection to NBC….that’s the promo!

    my meeting’s starting soon…what am I missing???

  11. any one have cable service provider info that they can lend me LOL god for bid there be any free TV anymore

  12. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! GOAL BABY!!! fix the damned effin feed USA Network!

  13. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    are you effin kiddin me……effin hot dog lips???? this is ridiculous

  14. Heh, just realized that Mama’s LGR could stand for Let’s Go Ryan.

    (is a little slow on the uptake sometimes)

  15. Bobby Ryan scored. Unassisted. Drury is a +1. Callahan had a good chance on a feed from drury with about 5 min left, but hit side of net… Also had a couple of good hits.

  16. Got it, thanks.

    Wicky, I left you a msg on FB with details. I’ll give my cell number later. Wicksters!!

  17. I wouldn’t mind another jersey…just don’t know if I should go Cally USA or Cally Rangers…although I may wait until I know he’s signed long term

  18. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    Shor guess we’ll have to make our own!

    I am so disgusted with facebook right now. ya know those side ads they have? Well, hey had an AL drivers license with a picture of effin Mohammed ATA on it… i freaked out!

  19. It’s funny, all the critics were saying that this USA team was small, but they don’t look that small to me.

  20. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on


    wow, drury thinks the puck is a hot potato

  21. You would think that NBC/USA would be counting on new fans watching these games, and they’d tell Pierre not to be starting every sentence with edzoanddoc because those new fans don’t know what in holy hell he’s talking about. plus they might want to explain the penalties, like delay of game for pucks over the glass.

    Hnat Dominicelli, former NHLer, playing for Switz. Any “Honeymooners” fans out there with a comment on that?

  22. Ambul is a ranger wolfpack – call him up – he looks like he can play – once everyone else is traded for draft picks


    I like the am fest too – the teams from the 80’s were full of hopefuls and prospects – lots of fun

  23. No commercials thats why the games go so quick, its great… people gota remember to grab 2 or 3 beers for the couch before each period, ha

  24. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    thank you KIA for limited commercial interruptions!!!

    good win!! 3points

  25. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    milbury is an effin ass… he’s like oprah, doesnt let anyone finish a sentence. I loved how JR rolled his eyes. Milbury you schmuck!

  26. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    ORR, JR just laid the smack down on him! Shut that fool up! How ANYONE takes anything that guy says seriously is astounding

  27. How does Milbury even have a job as a hockey analyst after his career as a GM.. thats a joke in itself, cant stand listening to him

  28. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    OMG SOMEONE SHUT THAT EGOMANIAC UP!!!!!!!! what a freakin six year old!

  29. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    Rob, i’ve sat here and have wondered about that for a long time. Maybe it’s some kind of affirmative action for idiots program bettman oversees

  30. I got it, Linda.

    How did the team look? I think they all just arrived, I bet you they looked incoherent. Did Torts make one of his peed off faces?

  31. Rob M- Bettman is a good businessman. He knows that NHL needs to bring a couple of clowns to supplement regular guys. The problem is they have too many clowns.

  32. you really get to see how good Calli is on a good team. I was very impressed with how he played. Whitney and Brown really struggled. USA was undisciplined in 3rd, need to tighten up.

  33. NYRGuy, yes.

    Rob M., as I’ve always said, TV timeouts are Byfuglien.

    Bummed I missed the game. Will probably happen Thursday, too. Double Byfuglien! So far, USA 1, Swiss and mama 0.

    I’m thinking Sunday’s USA/Canada at warren :)

    Will at some point bring you the Carp-on-furlough, West Coast-feed, I didn’t see a second of the game-version of post-game notes and quotes.

    Izzy, yay! Don’t forget the gals all!

  34. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    thanks for saying that bull dog! i thought he made the most of his ice time and was pretty sharp, and also got several good hits!

  35. Milbury “I think i said that already, didnt I say that?”
    JR ” I dont know I dont listen to you that much”

    hahhhhh i want them to ‘drop the gloves’ live on the air

  36. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    damn Rob, i was dyin over that! he just got demanding that brodeur should be the started and who cares that its luongos home ice… JR says maybe he’s being given a rest and BusterBrownbury launched that vocal hissy fit! I was amazed that a grown man acted like that.. what an ass!

  37. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    ORR, it’s 185 here, how the ‘mighty’ have fallen, it used to be in the 50’s

  38. EJ and JJ need to play together. I think they play the same side though. EJ was the best d-man until he looked a little shaken up. Overall I like the fact that the team skates hard from top to bottom and is relentless on the puck. And the less Cally and Drury on the ice is for the better…although if Drury was on the ice more and someone had a career ending injury, it would free up some cap space for us. I’m not asking for it to happen, just pointing it out.

  39. Ah…Izzy, funny you should mention that, because I was just about to say…

    All, given our brotherly, and sisterly, international community here, let us not disparage members of other teams in ways that may not be in the Olympic spirit, if you get my drift.

    USA all you like, but remember, even (some of) your beloved Rangers play for other teams. I mean really, some of you are rooting for Sweden because of Hank…So be nice. I got a lot of rolled up newspapers under my desk just sitting there…

    Mama thanks for your cooperation….

  40. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    drury was so clutch he knocked down his own guy plus the swiss goalie… he’s a lil ball o hate

  41. Is it right that China team was only able to get 7 shots on goal against our girls? And Russia so far only has 2? In other words, if USA played without goalie, they would still win

  42. FYI, all, I’ll update again tomorrow, but before USA takes to the ice again Thursday, some games/players you may want to catch Wednesday. Take note:

    Finland faces Belarus at 3 p.m. ET (the Joker v. Belarus) and Hank takes on Germany at 7:30.
    Slovaks faces Czechs late, but as of now Gabby’s not playing, so maybe that won’t draw the East Coasters’ attention. Then again, I could be wrong.

    I found this headline on hysterical. “Men Defeat Switzerland”

    Yes, I know in context of the site it makes sense, but on its own, it cracks me up.

  43. ilb, ha! good one….

    If the girls bring home the gold and the boys don’t, this place still better rock :) Women’s team has scored more goals than Rangers in how many games ????

    (Sorry team, you know I love ya…)

  44. I think Russian team should start taking a shower. I stopped watching. My eyes are not used to this high scoring type of hockey. I get tired. I guess USA has a resonable chance to hold them off in the third lol

  45. Izzy, ah, that explains it!

    CCCP, well then, who am I a breyte deye hob’n (oh man, ilb, was that a good find or what!)

    Miami, no, actually. Deport me if you will, but I’m quite torn…yes, of course I’d love USA (and Cally) to win, but as a pure hockey fan, I don’t feel that paternalistic…I think Canada winning at home would be awesome, but then again, not that I have any emotions toward Sweden, there’s the Hank factor…I think I’ll be pleased with the podium as long as USA doesn’t repeat like 4 years ago :)

  46. CCCP, ha! I folded too soon. Do not doubt my minimal but deep knowledge on what little I know (wow, was that a yente-ism or what :)

    Az och un vai to you my friend!

  47. CCCP, nobody who knows me has ever accused me otherwise…:)

    nice correction on the spelling, I noticed :)

    To assist CCCP and you all, I’m out of here….(wicky, really)…enjoy your game night, chat away, have fun, be nice, yada yada yada…back tomorrow with new post (not yet Izzy!)

    TR, btw, where you been all day?

  48. blogmama

    very busy day here.
    wish i had some free time. after 10 i know i will. finally be able to eat.

  49. TR, hardest working man in show biddness :)

    ilb, any time I get to watch Ray Liotta is fine by me…but harsh dude!

    Pavel, I’m pretty sure it’s MSNBC…

    all, really, friend just called from California…I’m gone. Amuse youse-selves til tomorrow..thanks for a good day :)

  50. I want to headbutt Crybaby’s face repeatedly, until his nose looks like Skeletors.

    Someone needs to high stick those hot dog lips. Almost 5 full seasons and i haven’t seen that happen.

    Besides Hatcher’s beautiful dental work.

  51. CNBC is Cablevision 771 in HD…dunno the regular one

    but yeah, its on this, they just joined it in progress…Doc Emrick lol

  52. BringBackStraka on

    NBC’s coverage of this game has been terrible. We had to sit through the Women’s 13-0 open hockey skate vs. Russia and US-Japan curling…wtf. Show the whole game…on one channel…..not parts on two channels. Let’s go Norge!

  53. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    i walked away fora few minutes and msnbc has that, as mako calls em , douchenozzle oblerman on. so now the game is on cnbc… great networking nbc. lets see ya do that with figure skating

  54. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    Orr, its the best part of the telecast, watching milbury toss his hissyfits because JR doesnt lick his boots

  55. I had to stop what I was doing and say this.

    Milbury is a douchenozzle and I wish JR would have stuck the mic up his nose. What a RAGING a-hole!!! Im sorry Mike, he’s allowed to disagree with you isnt he? Cant wait till the Czechs play, watch him diss JJ.

    Ok, I’ve vented. Back to work…. GO NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Ch. 715 HD on TWC in NY. CNBC. End of first. 0-0. Norway- no NHL players at alll. Canada= bush league?

  57. Did they show any of the Canada game’s first 8 minutes on USA or NBC?

    MSNBC came on at the 12 minute mark in the 1st and ran to the 6 minute mark.

    CNBC came on at the 2 minute mark in the 1st

  58. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    Straka, he looked as dead eyed and robotic as he does during Rangers games. but he did have the hilarious stint as a bowling ball

  59. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    here we go ORR, 2nd intermission, another go ‘roud of JR and the Chimp

  60. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    JR is the best part of the telecast!!

    “he doesnt like it because he was a coach” this guy is gold

  61. Seriously?? The Drury bashing continues even when he’s not in a Rangers uniform? That was the best game he’s played in a while. He played with energy, did great on the PK, had a few opportunities and even threw the body around. Unfortunately it wasn’t in Rangers blue……

  62. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    werent you guys calling for a ‘mercy rule’ earlier in the womens games???

  63. In the Canada-Norway slaughter, Emrick and Olczyk started talking about a rule that players have to wear visors, so there’s a lot of guys who aren’t used to it…then they showed a shot of Pronger with no visor, quickly made a stupid remark about how he’s making fun of his other teammates that have to wear one, then…nothing…no explanation as to why Pronger doesn’t need a visor. Anyone have any insight on this?

  64. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    Goal, i think it’s some kind of age thing. They mentioned something about being born after december 31..but i didnt get the year… sorry!!

  65. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Big Showdown on Sunday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Canada finally got it going. Dumping off bergeron so Crosby can play with actual stars. Team Canada ‘s GM Yzerman was clueless when he left off Stamko ,St.Louis and Vinny L for Perry ,Getzlaf and Morrow!!??? Making Scott Neidamayer Captain?? Canada can’t stop making blunders .

    #1) Not playing Gretzky with Messier untill the dying minutes when it was little too late( a decade ago).

    #2) Not making Gretzky one of the Shoot out shooters.

    #3)Crosby not making it in the last Olympics and Stamko’s NOT making the team this year . When guys like Zaumner made it.

    #4) Cutting Brett Hull.

    #5) Messier after decades of service didn’t make the team when he was still playing great for the Rangers.

  66. getzlaf fully deserves to be on team canada, even with the injury…. stamkos deserves it to, and you could argue that he could take someones spot like morrow or perry.. in my opinion shane doan should have been taken instead of morrow for that type of role, he is a much better player than morrow… stamkos does definitely deserve to be on the team with the year hes having, i love st.louis too and lecavalier is great too but everyone cant make it

  67. Bergeron is also person that is questionable being on that team, but what is really out of the question is him playing on the top line with crosby and nash, i know bergeron played with crosby in the last world tournament or whatever it was that they mentioned today but still come on bergeron shoudl be on the 4th line at best on this team

  68. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    things like this make you want to throw up…”the glue in the room”! lol…when will they run out of adjectives to describe him that has NOTHING to do with his hockey-playing ability? maybe cause he sucks now…Chris Drury, the most praised 4th liner in NHL history…making $7 mill and on our team for 2 1/2 more seasons

    “Throughout his career and actually his whole life, the bigger the moment, the better Chris Drury plays. Everybody knows that,” Wilson said. “At some point in this tournament, I think he’s going to be a hero for us in one of these games. I know this is going to be corny, but he reminds me of a Mike Eruzione-type player. I’m not saying if we get to the gold-medal [game] that it’s going to be Dru who is going to score, but he’s that type of person. The glue in the room.”

  69. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    look at one of the responses to that story…the NHL media really has the ability to brainwash people with propaganda! Chris Drury is Exhibit A!


    “Despite what some of the haters say, I’m glad Drury is on the team. The guy is a winner, and he is clutch. Hell the guy has been clutch his whole life. He only helped pull off one of the biggest upsets in sport history when he won the Little League World Series against a Taiwanese team of 13-17 year olds, and hasn’t looked back. He’s been on a Stanley Cup winner, and was rookie of the year. He has been team captain for a couple of good teams. The guy is a winner plain and simple, and that is what America is all about.”


    LOL…it’s like Captain Clutch himself wrote that

  70. Thanks Linda! I figured it was an age thing…don’t know why I ever expected the “announcers” to explain :-)

  71. Real quick question; I missed the game because of work and technical difficulties taping it, but what was the outcome of the Ryan Miller helmet controversy?

    After reading it was for his deceased cousin and to educate people on the effects of a disease, I think it’s stupid if the Olympic Authorities made him remove it.

  72. GoalE35, the announcers did explain it. Players born before 1975 have the option of whether or not to wear a shield, everyone born after Dec 31, 1974 has to wear it. Even guys who normally don’t play with a shield, like Thorton. Pronger was one of the few players in the Olypmics who had the option and opted not to wear it.

  73. How pathetic is NBC that they did not bother to show the main competition of the Canada Olympics, the Canadien Mens Hockey team, in favor of the United States curling team.

    Whoopideedoo, curling, United States, like anybody gives a rat’s *** about curling. But just because it was the US, they decided to show the whole darn match and miss part of the Canada game.

    What a joke.

  74. Re: all of your bashing of Chris Drury.

    Yeah, he’s a role player, a 4th liner at best on an NHL team, a penalty killer, but leave the guy alone.

    ESPN (namely Pierre “the Bruin” LeBrun) writes all the time about how terrible he is, but writes a backhanded complimenting article today re: Drury now about how he is the 13th forward but shows leadership.

    Give me a break. Leave the guy alone. It is not his fault Sather is a moron and gave him that contract to be a superstar when he is a role player. The guy is a Yankees fan and gives maximum effort on and off the ice, which is more than can be said about many Rangers present and past.

    The loser LeBrun does not bother to write about how terrible Tim Thomas is, being 35 years old and having 3 years and 15 million left on his contract. Rather, “the Bruin” talks about how he can be traded and be a valuable addition to another team.

  75. Give me a break. Leave the guy alone. It is not his fault Sather is a moron and gave him that contract to be a superstar when he is a role player. The guy is a Yankees fan *and gives maximum effort on and off the ice*, which is more than can be said about many Rangers present and past.


    AHHHHH, No.

    Try actually watching hockey. Drury has been LIFELESS since joining the Rangers. It is discussed here daily and it is painfully obvious and true, the guy has nothing left in the tank and was NEVER a real leader in the NHL. Sorry, that’s the truth, and I’m sorry you’re still buying the Drury propaganda. He should not be on Team USA, by any means.

  76. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I’ve got to admit, I’m sick and tired of constantly hearing about Drury and his “clutch” performance. I’m also sick to death that he’s got that contract for big bucks and no movement clause. Much as I loved Captain Clutch and his articles at the beginning, it has really gotten old. He can’t be moved, he can’t be bought out, he’s captain of the Rangers, and he stinks. I don’t need a daily reminder anymore…

  77. I like your post CR9, Tim Thomas had such an over his head year last year, as his team did as well, and they came back to earth this year, Tim Thomas should be number 3 on the depth chart for USA at best, and Tuuka Rask will be the starter next year and they will be paying Thomas starter money to be a backup, I hate to sound like a d!<k but i called this one way back at the beginning of the season about thomas and the bruins

  78. not to take anything away from Chinese people and I’m sure their wonderful hockey program but is Russian Women National Team THAT BAD?

  79. Izzy, who says he cant be bought out… just because of who he is? Maybe if the Rangers attempt to buy him out he will agree to restructure his deal since he loves being a ranger so much, which i truly believe he does love being a ranger, if that is even possible in the NHL and under the current CBA to restructure a contract.. dont konw enough about those things but man it would really be for the best interest of the team for him to take a $4 to $5 million pay cut

  80. Izzy, who says he cant be bought out… just because of who he is?


    Never happen. It would be more embarrassing for the organization to admit a mistake that large than for Drury himself.

    That’s why I’d like to see one more big hit finish him off for good.

  81. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Rob- Why would Drury agree to anything other than his current contract? He can be a Ranger without changing a thing. He has all the advantages. Sather wouldn’t risk the publicity hit if he were to try to buy him out, send him to Hartford, sit him on the bench, or remove the C. Drury is not going to voluntarily take a pay cut. Would you in your job?

  82. Im jus sayin if they did try to buy him out maybe thats what would happen, its a long shot.. im not sayin i would take a paycut at my job no, but drury loves being a ranger and i think he could still live comfortably on 3 mill per year on his last few years, idk who knows, it is worth the bad publicity for sather to try to buy him out its not like the entire world doesnt already know how bad these bonehead mistakes were, and its not like he doesnt realize that they were overpriced mistakes, cut your losses.. but who knows, nobody knows what goes on in his brain, nobody

  83. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Women’s Finns-China is the only close game I’ve seen so far. I don’t expect Men’s Russia-Latvia game to hold my interest very long..

  84. Salty

    Try actually watching hockey?

    I watch every game, every year of the Rangers.

    I am not buying into any Drury propoganda. He is a bum. But he does do a couple things well.

    But if you watch him killing penalties, the guy gives his body time and again. A guy like Dan G. or Roszival just look out there like they dont care.

    I’d rather insult a guy who does not care than a guy who does care.

    And my point was that why continue insulting the guy and beating a dead horse. He is what he is, and he is most likely not going anywhere. It’s difficult enough to read ESPN and other organizations insult the guy.

    An adequate cross sport comparison for Chris Drury is Jason Varitek. He is overrated in every facet of his game, much like Varitek. But Varitek is stinksniffed by the media for playing with the B on his hat, while Drury is bashed for wearing the NY uniform.

  85. correction: Drury was overrated prior to dawning the NY uniform. Then, conveniently, people saw him for what he is.

  86. CR9

    correction: Drury was overrated prior to dawning the NY uniform. Then, conveniently, people saw him for what he is.


    You can’t fool a New York fan.

  87. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Big Showdown on Sunday!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Izzy Mandlebaum February 16th, 2010 at 11:52 pm
    I’ve got to admit, I’m sick and tired of constantly hearing about Drury and his “clutch” performance. I’m also sick to death that he’s got that contract for big bucks and no movement clause. Much as I loved Captain Clutch and his articles at the beginning, it has really gotten old. He can’t be moved, he can’t be bought out, he’s captain of the Rangers, and he stinks. I don’t need a daily reminder anymore

    Izzy Mandlebaum February 17th, 2010 at 12:18 am
    Rob- Which brings me to Olga’s constant reminder


    IZZY , If yer so sick of hearing a constant reminder of the fact that Drury sucks , Then you Should REALIZE that OLGA is doing the same exact thing , just refering to Sather instead of Drury. This is why I get so annoyed with Olga. Why the constant nagging of Sather…it’s rediculas.

  88. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Greg, It’s a valid point. Olga does have a one-track mind. The only difference is that Drury is a symptom of the problem, Sather is the disease.

  89. The constant nagging of Sather is different.

    Aside from Lundy and Jagr, Sather is a bum that is driving this organization into the ground year after year.

    He can be fired and Dolan has cause to fire him.

    Drury is not driving this organization into the ground. He is only 1 player on team of many disappointments and no effort guys.

    When the same contracts are given to the same losers as Sather has done, it’s time for a change.

    I like Gaborik, but he gave the kid 7 years, when the kid has not proven to be healthy one full year in his career IIRC.

    He passed up signing Jagr to sign the likes of Roszival and Redden.

  90. Izzy pretty much summed it up more quickly than I did.

    Sather is the disease. Drury, albeit a lesser one, is a symptom. Roszival and Redden and Brashear are more dangerous symptoms.

  91. CR9

    Drury may stand in front of shots, but so does Blair Betts and he was quickly shown the door.

    Let me see Drury give up his body as far as taking the hits required to make big plays. Let me see the MOTHERFKR backcheck and cover his man once in a while with his body instead of showing up late and trying to lift a stick. He does not give “himself up”, he shys (shies?) away from body contact night after night (expect for this afternoon when he took out his own guy!).

    Drury does the bare minimum required, and everyone knows it. He’s not a leader in any capacity, and he *never has been* at the NHL level.

  92. LOL @ the Latvia backup!!! Was that a refs nose he was wiping or his teammates?

    Joe Mich: “He does NOT look ready to play!”


    I don’t know how you guys can hate on Joe Mich so hard… he’s not the greatest color guy ever… but he’s damn funny sometimes.

  93. “Drury does the bare minimum required, and everyone knows it. He’s not a leader in any capacity, and he never has been at the NHL level.”

    Yeah, because you talk to all of his teammates. Or maybe you bugged the Avs, Sabs, and Rangers locker rooms ?

    Either way, who knows what kind of guy Dreary is in the locker room. Maybe he is a leader on *some* level to his teammates. How can we ever really know ? Personally, i can care less.

    I just cant wait till his contract, along with Dreddens is up. Then it will be a new team. Maybe Slats will be gone also.

    Right now, Betts is having a better year than him, it seems.

  94. Whatever, man. Who knows what injuries the guy has, on top of the fact that he’s near Aaron Voros slow.

    Not a leader and never has been. To say he has not been a leader ever on or off the ice is quite harsh.

    I’m sure there was a time when he was in great health that he did those things you mentioned above that he no longer does.

    Also, I’ve seen how many cheap penalties this guy gets called against him.

    There was a game within the the NYR past 5 games that Drury was on the ice in front of the opposing goalie, while we were on a PP, and a guy fell over him, and they called Drury for a penalty. He cannot seem to buy a break.

    Eventually, the mental side of things comes into play.

    Maybe, Drury needs a visit from his uncle from the Dominican Republic…. like David Ortiz received a visit from his uncle from the D.R. (and received more steroid injections) to revive his fading season and career.

  95. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Drury hit the UFA lotto. Sather opened the vault for him, gave him an unbelievable contract, a no movement clause and the Captain’s C. Drury is in over his head, he’s not captain material, he’s not a goal or point scorer, he’s not a leader.

    He is rich, though…

  96. “David Backes of the St. Louis Blues, one of the more controversial selections on the team and another fourth liner, made it 2-0 at 5:52 of the second on a brilliant end-to-end rush that culminated with a sweet backhand-to-forehand move that left Swiss goalie Jonas Hiller helpless.”

    What a moron that writer is. How is choosing Backes controversial ? Must be an Islandorks fan, who’s crying aboot Okpiggo getting passed up.

  97. I just cant wait till his contract, along with Dreddens is up. Then it will be a new team. Maybe Slats will be gone also.


    And maybe Lundqvist will be not as good anymore when he’s 30+… same for Gaborik…

    These players are in their primes, and they have performed well for this team. The organization should be catering to their needs as far as on ice personnel goes… not waiting for contracts to end. This is NYC. One of the few teams in hockey that even has the luxury of buying out.

  98. repost

    Yeah, because you talk to all of his teammates. Or maybe you bugged the Avs, Sabs, and Rangers locker rooms ?


    Or maybe I’ve seen him unable to actually lead any of those teams to anything? You’re also forgetting “Calgary locker room”… another team that did not fight to keep Drury around at all. If you LOOK at his career… he’s been *shown the door* everywhere he’s played. That’s why his NMC exists in the first place…it’s not like that was Sather’s idea.

  99. Salty Dupuis, that doesn’t matter. You don’t know what goes on in the locker room, you don’t know anything aboot the business side of the game from their perspective.

    Who really cares anymore. Im tired of the Dreary discussion. I have already given up hope for a trade/buy out. It doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen, so just accept him and move on.

    Dreary’s contract is like High School, you think it’s gonna be a long 4 years, but it passes by in no time.

    Forget his contract, forget the stupid useless letter that’s attached to his jersey, and accept the fact that he’s here to stay for a few more years.

    Leader, not a leader. Who cares…I wont let it ruin my 7 hours of sleep.

  100. Linda

    There was a “mercy” action in the game by US ladies and the Russian kids…it wasn’t mentioned but it was obvious that the American girls once that score reached 13, that they were reluctant to score any more goals out of embarrassment…they simply played a game of keep away entirely within the Russian zone…passing up opportunities one after another to avoid shooting on goal. ( Could possibly some of those American girls be signed by Sather? They certainly could use some of that kind of talent.) You really had to feel sorry for the Russian kids…the close ups of their faces showed their angst and despair at being so hopelessly outclassed by the Americans ( of all people.)

  101. the russian kids? were they that much younger than the american team? how could russia, one of the best countries for developing hockey talent, have such a poor womens team out there? i heard cccp mention they were young too. they have to be some veteran players on that team i hope. anyway, it is more embarrassing for them to lay off than to keep scoring, or so thats an opinion of some people. i dont know which is worse. i mean, to score 13 alone is embarrassing especially when the other team gets 0 and 5 shots. i never really watched the womens hockey too much before these games so idk too much about why they are so lopsided in talent. i would think it would be more competetive than the mens actually. all teh games have been boring so far except for finland vs china. the chinese goalie was awesome for them.

  102. This whole notion of amateurs making the game better and reducing blowouts has no basis. Just look at the scores from the world junior championships–the best amateur tournament out there. US beat latvia 12-1, Canada beat Slovakia 8-2, Finland beat Austria 10-1. There’s still an imbalance, even at the amateur level. Bring on the NHLers. Iginla Crosby Nash on one line? Sign me up.

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