O Captain, my Captain…(updated)


Alll, you know that Carp is off :( but we promised to keep the Report going during the break,. So I give you the first of our guest bloggers….none other than Captain Clutch! Before we win the gold (thanks Hank!) some thoughts from the man himself…Enjoy, and behave…Mama is watching youse…I now give you Clutch:

Do you believe in clutchness??? YES!!!”It’s about time LoHud hired a WINNER like Captain Clutch to take over this blog! Carp was like a 4th line center making $7 million! So we waived him! Sorry Carp! Have fun in Hartford doing “Wolfpack Report”! Ha-Ha! And don’t forget to try out Capo Clutchio’s Pizzeria while you’re in Connecticut! We deliver! 7.7 seconds or less! Ha-Ha!

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for! It’s finally time for Captain Clutch’s road trip to Vancouver in the Clutchmobile with Torts and Cally!!!

Now, Captain Clutch knows that thousands of you Clutchamaniacs will also be making the road trip from New York to Vancouver to see Captain Clutch play in what could be my final Olympics, so here’s a list of LITTLE THINGS you should bring in order to make the trip more clutch! What a leader!

*CPS (Clutch Positioning System): Always gives you directions to the right place at the right time!

*iPod Clutch: YouTube + “Pardon My Clutch” = need I say more???

*Extra Mouthpieces: Safety first! Some of these roads are dangerous! Especially Glencross Way in Calgary! Watch your blind spots there!

*English To Canadian Dictionary: Getting the Clutchmobile through customs will be easy if Captain Clutch can speak the language!

(English: “That was clutch!” — Canadian: “That was clutch, eh!”)

(English: “What’s this about???” — Canadian: “What’s this aboot???”)

The Clutchmobile will make a quick stop in Trumbull first (The Birthplace Of Clutch) to say goodbye to Mama and Papa Clutch, then we’ll be on our way! Gotta get to Vancouver by Tuesday for our first game against Switzerland! After that, it’s the rematch 20 years in the making! USA vs. Taiwan!!! You think they forgot about what Lil’ Cap’n Clutch did to them in the ‘89 Little League World Series, a.k.a. “The Miracle On Dirt”??? Captain Clutch will be ready!!!

Wish me luck guys! Hopefully I’ll score my first ever Olympic goal in Vancouver! Oh, you guys didn’t know that Captain Clutch has 0 goals in my entire Olympic career? Look it up! Burkie picked ME for this team to score big goal??? Maybe I should’ve told him to look it up! Ha-Ha! Who has a better propaganda machine behind him than Captain Clutch??? That reminds me, don’t forget to watch the 958th showing of “Ranger Profiles: #23” tonight on MSG! Clutchness! Leadership! Intangibles! Winner! Heart! LITTLE THINGS!!!


peels out in Clutchmobile

*** This post was sponsored by Capo Clutchio’s Pizzeria ***

“When other pizzas don’t do much, try one that’s clutch!”

Morning update:

In deference to the Captain, I’m leaving his post up so he can get a fair run, but since everyone already seems to be starving for hockey news less than 24 hours after your last winning meal, here’s a recap on yesterday’s other big winners, the USA Women’s Hockey team!

The women take the ice again tomorrow against Russia at 2:30 PST, and team Langenbrunner debuts at noon PST against Switzerland. So tomorrow should be a good day, I hope.

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  1. I’m not even off yet. Still have three hours, 28 minutes and 12 seconds. Not that I’m counting.

    Good evening again, Sally!

  2. Outstanding.

    Look at this way, at least the Captain will get paid $0 to center team USA’s 4th line.

  3. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on


    bon voyage

    not right away, officially broke assed after the rover!

    thanks, and please refer to last portion of above post to linda!

  4. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    wicky, MRS. WICKY should get you a new xbox, that would be ultra awesome

  5. Oh Carp, mama has tech issues as I explained to you, and TR and other heads know…free extra cheese for you?….still a lot of night and day tomorrow for the late VD heads……

  6. Ahh, now I can sleep tonight. The Cap’n came through for us… as usual. Boy, talk about a clutch posting! MAKO and I requested it and the Cap’n posted it. Thanks Cap’n!

  7. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    hot dog lips has just perfected it, now others want to copy him…grrrrrrr

  8. oh boy-this was classic! captain clutch is sleeping well on his flight to vancouver after the big clutch goal tonight!

    miracle on dirt-lmfao-great stuff nice post…..

    the sad thing is the last three games are definitely his best stretch as a ranger…..decent game against nashville, very good game in pitt and played well again today….


    Oh man! Captain Clutch can read this post all day!!!

    Thanks everyone for all the nice words!

    Just so you guys know, we’re packing up the Clutchmobile right now! We couldn’t leave without first celebrating Captain Clutch’s CLUTCH goal today! We had the dreaded two-goal lead with less than a minute left! So Captain Clutch decided it was time to step up in a big moment! Then Captain Clutch fired a LASER low stick-side to make it 5-2 and the game was over! What a winner!

    Gotta run! Torts is bringing 10 cases of JAM for Team USA, and Captain Clutch has to figure out how to fit them all in the trunk!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  10. Don’t know if this was already posted, but according to Andrew Gross: And that Valentine Day’s marriage proposal? A hoax I’m told. It’s a real-life couple who apparently staged the woman’s walkout for their amusement, without the Garden’s knowledge.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Last game before the break!!! " … says Greg L. on

    alright Canada , first gold medal hosting!!!!

  12. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    this little ditty from Raissmans column…


    Again the bridge to spring training is a collapsible structure featuring the tanking Knicks and Rangers.

    This is becoming a tradition. Glen Sather is locked in an office somewhere playing solitaire. Donnie Walsh is dreaming about July. And Mike D’Antoni is figuring out even more ways to alienate his players.

    Yet in the middle of another season of Garden disasters, ESPN-1050’s Michael Kay has identified one nobleman – James (Guitar Jimmy) Dolan.

    “If Jim Dolan has a flaw, he’s much too loyal,” Kay said on the air. “If you’re a fan, you want an owner like Jim Dolan. … I’m not
    going to put the blame on Jim Dolan.”

    Who’s writing Kay’s material, Mike Breen?

    Perhaps Kay has forgotten this: There’s a fine line between loyalty and stubbornness. There’s also a fine line between loyalty and stupidity.

    To absolve Dolan, who runs the show, to not blame him for years of charging high prices for inferior products on the hardwood and ice, doesn’t make a scintilla of sense.

    Then again, maybe we should cut Kay some slack. Just listening to him work with Don LaGreca and Bonnie Bernstein amounts to heavy lifting.

    Imagine how taxing it is on the brain to actually be part of this trio?

  13. I’ll believe that was a hoax, but then no way were they a real couple….sorry….the whole thing was a hoax joke…clutch, keep up your cheesiness…:)

    mama has to go now….TA all!

  14. I went to the game today, and i got one thing to say…

    That guy who’s proposal was turned down, will never be the same.

    Buahaha, Happy Valentines day !! That guys probably in the corner of his room, curled up in a ball while listening to that Boys to Men garbage.

    Hilarious scene.

  15. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    WOWOWOWOWOW And actual post from Captain USA!!!! Was that 7.7 seconds before you peeled out in the clutchmobile to the airport? Do you have a clutchcharter just for WINNERS and LEADERS?!?!?!

  16. no prob sally. ur da bomb!!. and did everyone see when dru got his 600th nhl point they showed the ranger bench and veryone was happy for him and huggin him and then at the end of the bench theres avery, not even paying any attention to him at all. what was that about? i know dru yelled at him for the avery rule against marty but he didnt even say congrats or nothin. guess aves dont like dru. who woulda thunk it??? its carpin clutch baby!! 7.7!! hes in the double digits in goals now!!

  17. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    lmao grabby, i said the same thing last night!! too funny

    by the way happy valentines day bud :-)

  18. maybe aves was pissed cuz dru got a cheapy to get his 600th. an empt netter is pretty lame to get a milestone butyea, i have a feeling aves said some things about dru as well as vally and duby when he left. i know dru didnt like him so, i guess that explains it.

  19. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    grab, if you watch again on streams, it looks like when drury glided to the benchthat aves gave him a tap before they fullly panned the camera over…after everyone else congratulated him and he sat down, aves made like he didnt even exist, which was pretty funny

  20. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    Mike Yeah…

    I saw it twice. Dru skated over to the bench and I saw a glove come over from the corner of the screen but not touch him. But really, Avery was leaning all the way over in the corner when Drury was sitting there. Didnt have a smile on his face, didnt acknowledge him at all….

  21. Linda says Good Luck Team USA! GO CALLY!! on

    i guess its safe to say that drury doesnt bring his air of clutchness to warren!

  22. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    you guys saw that as well, mrs wicky said the same thing. Not sure if there was any congrats for a brief moment before the camera went on them, or just a frigid relationship!!

  23. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    just watching one of the best winter events on the dvr and this guy’s last name is Fak!!!

  24. I wouldn’t put too much into that Drury/Avery thing…Avery seems like he’s been off for awhile now, don’t know what’s up with it…but he does seem different…quieter, no smiling…

  25. I know everyone says hockey needs to go back on ESPN…but after watching the Pens game highlights, NO WAY! Crosby blocks a few shots and all of a sudden he’s amazing b/c of it? HFLHGLSFHLFHGL

  26. Brian – Good call man, stupidest post i ever read on here
    apparently nobody on here has ever heard of beating a dead horse

  27. Unfortunately for me, 1936 Ice Hockey gold medal winners Great Britain, did not qualify for the olympic tournament, so will not get to witness His Clutchness in all his glory.

    I, on the other hand, will be making full use of my DVR (Sky+) and interactive TV to view as much hockey as i can, although i can’t say i will be busting a gut to watch Germany v Belarus or Norway v Switzerland.

    As for Team GB our medal chances are stricly limited to Curling, Bobsleigh, Speed Skating and one female skier..!!

  28. all it was and supposed to be was funny. its carps vacation and most people here find it funny and the guy behind it actually is pretty funny. how many posts has carp done just to give us a clean slate so we dont have to sift through hundreds of posts? most of the time he even says,”this post is for you guys to have a clean slate”. thats what this was and it was a little comedy too. big effing deal. does anybody pay u people to come here? dont worry, in the next 2 weeks without hockey(besides olympics, which we’ll have posts about) we will have much time here to discuss the usual things. and we usually end up doing so everytime.

  29. rob m- u may not have liked the post, but youre a regular here and i like and respect your opinions about the team. it wouldnt be the same if everybody agreed on everything all the time so i do understand what youre saying though about the”greatest post ever thing”.it was certainly funny, but yea, i got where u were comin from. it wasnt the “best post ever”. haha

  30. Good morning all! Grabby, having fun out there?

    Sigh, no Rangers, no trades, no Carp…it’s gonna be a long week here for me I have a feeling :(

  31. Good morning, heads. And happy belated VD. Great two wins, eh?

    Now the mystery of guest bloggers is clear. Sather next? Mama, how does it feel to be in charge of RR? Need help?

  32. Good morning Sally! Hmmmm, I better remember that each day if I’m truly going to fill in.

    ilb, anything you want to offer is welcome!

    fyi, Gross has this funny comment by Drury from yesterday:

    Chris Drury, who simultaneously notched his 250th NHL goal and 600th NHL point with his empty-net goal, had one of the better post-game lines when he said, “It’s probably 250 and 600 more than anybody thought I’d get. I thought I’d be pitching for the Yankees by now.” Drury, of course, pitched Trumbull to the 1989 Little League World Series title.

    He also notes that his blog is going dark until after the Olympics. I also checked around this morning, and other Rangers blogs either have nothing new or just recaps from yesterday. So….no team, no trades, no news, no Carp (who occasionally does get a day off), no nothing….Rob, Brian Uncle (not Glennie) and all, you got something, just let me know :)

    Good morning indeed!

  33. No nothing is right! I’ve noticed a couple of unhappy people too last night. Maybe you should ask them to be next guest bloggers. We would have a lot of fun.

  34. “Rangers should have lost last night. Hank bailed them out. Could have been 8-5 Tampa.”
    But it wasn’t. It was 5-2 Rangers. If you can’t enjoy the wins, then there’s nothing they can do to make you happy. They can’t win 8-2 every day.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    What is all this about the “botched marriage proposal?” I only saw the third period of the game yesterday. Can someone fill me in?

  36. Graba..our main rivals in Ice Hockey are teams like Netherlands, Italy etc..
    To qualify for Vancouver we would have had to finish top 3 in 12-team division 2 to qualify for a crack at the likes of Germany, France, Norway etc.. and even then finish in the top 3 of the 2nd 12-team tournament for the last few spots in the Olympic Tournament. The game is getting better over here, but success for us would be to be in the mix to qualify for Sochi, or to convince some NHLers to discover some English grandparents so they can play for us!

  37. Well, if it was staged, it wasa well produced. If it was a real situation, next time he will propose by texting.

  38. You’ll know it was staged when MSG announce a “Propose to your girl on game night” promotion – only $5000 a pop!!

  39. Either that or they’ve sold the video to Mastercard…

    Plane ticket to NYC …$500
    Seats at a Ranger game …$300
    Rangers Jersey with Redden on the back…$275
    Seeing some fat lad turned down by his girlfriend on the big screen….priceless..

  40. on that article about Jagr, I think it would be a real smart move to bring him back here at the right price and if he can still bring it. Guys like Grachev and Arty would do well under his wing. He could teach them to use their size and we all know that we need guys who can use their size to score goals.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    As many of you know, during the game they have a “season subscriber” who gets a prize package and gets to take a picture at center ice after the game. When profiling this person on the board, they list the person’s favorite all-time and current Rangers. My brother and I were thinking of who we would put up if we were asked that. I tried to come up with what would get me booed the most. I figured current Ranger would have to be either Redden, Rozsival, or Brashear. As for all-time favorite, I figured maybe Poti, Malik, Lindros, Holik, Dunham, Weekes, Gomez, Ozolinsh, Hossa, Kamensky, Fleury, Stevens, Robitaille, and probably a couple of others I’m forgetting. I also suggested Denis Potvin as a joke.

    But who do you think would be the most reviled choice that you could make in that situation?

  42. its already started on

    Rick hasnt been gone a full day yet, but we’ve already had people who never post( or use more than one name to post) complain about guest bloggers, and also those who know more than everyone else on the blog complain about it also. You know what, if you don’t like it, don’t bother coming by for the next two weeks. Take your know it all, holier than thou attitudes somewhere else and give us all a break from your miserable existences

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    If I was looking to cheat for Boos I could say Jeff Beukeboom and hope the fans cheer for Beuk.

  44. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    I have no idea what the above column drivel was about, but Carp come home, soon. One of us misses you already.

    Happy 38th birthday, Feb.15, to Jaromir Jagr How we miss you. Bet you can still pot a timely goal or two per week. interesting how the name JAGR is something of a hybrid between Jaguar and Tiger. And, well, Jags was rather ferocious.

  45. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    My current favorite Rangers everyone under 25, most notably Callahan and Dubinsky, with Del Z coming into focus. Old-timers, I have to say: Andy Bathgate and Jean Ratelle, and I will always repect and admire Emile Francis for the father-figure he was to the younger players of his and their time. And he was one helluva capable and motivational coach, too. He also programmed discipline into a young Vic Hadfield and took Vic from being a grinder to being a high-scoring LW in the NHL.

  46. Baseball The 4-6-8

    Maybe if you’d spent less time watching men hit balls with sticks and spent more time participating here, on the blog, maybe the above drivel would make more sense to you.

    Why does this happen every time? Why do people feel like they need to put their 2 worthless cents in?

  47. De We Waive Redden Yet? on

    lol @ people complaining about adding some humor to the blog on an extremely slow day

    it’s a Bonehead community thing…if you don’t get it, or if you don’t like it: “fine, it costs you nothing, pay it no mind”

    “COME BACK CARP, I DEMAND EVEN MORE DAY-AFTER HARDCORE ANALYSIS FROM A FEBRUARY GAME VS. TAMPA BAY” lol…or did you want a preview on how Team USA matches up against Team Swiss? if you want it that bad, go ahead, write it up and send it to Laurel

    thanks Captain

  48. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    They said he should be good to go for Wednesday….Im trying to find where I read it last night.

    Group B = Group of Death

  49. As posted in the past, I wonder when people are going to start taking Christensen seriously. He certainly is one of the most underated Rangers. He’s got the range, touch and scoring ability and confidence apparently could be his short suit. His second goal scored off right wing was that of a goal scorer. I hope he keeps gaining confidence which at times could be difficult with our overbearing, demanding coach.

  50. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    its already started

    February 15th, 2010 at 11:41 am


    Amen to that! My favorites are the miserable mary’s who only come to post when the Rangers are losing. Spew their “We should trade Hank” garbage, with their keyboard GM IQ’s and lend NOTHING other than negativity on here. Also, would raise my eyebrow to people who have joined the BONEHEAD FB page but piss and moan about the ribbing some of the players get off of here?

  51. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    Oh and let me add to my post at 2:28…. the people who only attack the coach too!!

  52. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    yeah they really are screwed. Especially with Campbell’s hit. I thought we had it bad with Redden. Only 35 points this year for him too….

  53. Did We Waive Redden Yet? on

    “yeah they really are screwed. Especially with Campbell’s hit. I thought we had it bad with Redden. Only 35 points this year for him too…”


    while I agree with you Mako…

    remember that Redden has 35 points in his 2 seasons COMBINED as a Ranger

    only 1 goal and only 1 PP point this whole year

    this coming from a guy who got that huge deal in part to QB our PP…now, in Year 2 of his deal, he’s so bad he can’t even get PP time

    you can find a 7th D-Man for 750K-$1 mill to do exactly what Redden has done (and do it better) in his Rangers career so far

    4 more years after this season at a $6.5 million cap hit?


  54. Linda says GOOD LUCK TEAM USA!!! GO CALLY!!!! on

    35 points over two years..that is totally worth 6.5 million something

  55. After a dullsville day at the office, I now have to go to the dentist. I HATE the dentist. :(

    Line combos for Team USA- all right!

  56. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    TRUST ME I know!! LOL
    I was making a joke LOL I really dont think Campbell is going to improve much though… I hope he does for their sake.

  57. Group B = Group of Death


    For sure the toughest group! … I‘m looking forward to see how much noise teams Switzerland and Belarus can make this time around.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    The Canadian squad’s biggest advantage in my opinion is the Marleau-Thornton-Heatley line. I haven’t followed San Jose as closely as I have in the past, but I know Heatley has been playing with Thornton, and all three probably see time together on the PP, if not during even strength. That they all come from the same system (and I’m sure Dan Boyle will be on the ice with them as often as possible) will give them a level of cohesion that no other team will be able to even approach. The Finns took silver in ’06 because they all did a diagonal dump and chase. It was such a rudimentary offensive plan but it at least was some sort of system that allowed them to play the puck and have some idea of where it was going to be and where to go. Canada got slaughtered because it was just a pickup game and they figured their overwhelming star power alone would be enough. That San Jose contingent is going to simply dominate, especially against non-NHL Western Conference defensemen.

  59. Doodie, good points. However, Russians may have similar, if not more firepower. The defence and goaltending will decide the gold.

  60. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    LOL Or hand out the towels.


    Women’s Canada VS. Switzerland on at 5:30 MSNBC –
    714 For time warner cable customers in NYC

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I wasn’t talking about sheer firepower. I was talking about players that have actually worked together before, that have actual chemistry and know where the others will be. Otherwise it’s just like a ridiculously highly skilled pickup game.

    Relying on sheer firepower is why the Canadians did so terribly in 2006.

  62. Doodie, understood. One of the reasons talanted players find that elusive chemistry fast is because, well, they are talented and skillful. Yzerman, I think, did a great job picking his players. Even though some of us may think he left a few important players out (Green?), he really tried to complement them well. However, if they lose, he will be taken apart for overthinking.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Russians and Canadians are both the overwhelming favorites but have such potential to disappoint. Russians are wayyyyyyy too political. And Canadians have so much pressure on them that they could just fail. But really, it should be one of these two for the gold, if not both of them in the finals.

    Slovaks are my dark-horse pick for bronze. Star talent at forward and on defense, they lack depth. But if their stars click, they could be solid. I also really like Jaro Halak. They could even get lucky for more than bronze.

    Swedes are too old. They will win their group easily, but the rigors of the tournament will see them dispatched and end in no better than 4th place.

    Finland just isn’t that good. Last time around they got by on a simple offensive strategy and strong physical play. I don’t think they have the charm that they do last year and they bow out in the quarter finals.

    Czechs are a good upset team. They have scoring, solid defense (no superstars) and decent goaltending. They should make it to the medal rounds, and could even find themselves competing for gold.

    Americans just don’t have the guns. What they do have is the legs. Their young roster could give older teams like Sweden trouble late in the tournament (provided they get that far). Either a bronze or out in the quarterfinals. Not 4th place.

    Everyone else is just happy to be there.

  64. the Rangers are the best team ever, nobody is going to beat them. all of there players are better than every player in the NHL. Hank is the greatest goalie of all time, and should never be traded.
    is that better MAKO.

  65. What an embarrassing showing for Norwegian cross-country, I am ashamed…

    Can’t wait to see some clutchness for USA! 7.7 seconds in the gold-medal game, anyone?

    And please take the sticks out of your a–es if you didn’t at least understand what the post was about.

  66. Dane Byers has 17 goals in Hartford, yet the Rangers keep bringing in players to block his path. I don’t get it. Prust is a little better version than Hollweg, but yet he is here, and Byers is in Hartford.

  67. 3,200 per ticket for the Hockey Final Event. USA and Russia predicted to make final per NHL.com. John Dellapina ,familiar name.

  68. John Dellapina said that? I thought he knew hockey. And that price is in Canadian $, I hope. LOL

  69. Ilb…once the games start I think it will be good! Switzerland/US tomorrow at Noon eastern right?

    Man I hope it snows just a bit…no way I’m traveling to work in any bit of snow if they plan on canning me in 2 months haha

  70. Anyone know the projected FWD lines for Russia?

    I would put Malkin, Kovy and Ovie on 3 separate lines, can you imagine that?? No rest for the other team EVER

  71. all 3 nof malkin,ovie and kovalchuk would be totally neutralized by teh clutch line of drury,cally and whoever. heck, put dru and cally with 2 d and have them play pk shifts the whole game. they’ll be no match for clutch steals,blocks,dump-ins annd they wont b able to skate around all the chewed mouthpieces layin on the ice like an obstacle course

  72. Ah thanks for the clarification Shoryuken…have you guys heard that NBC is NOT airing US/Canada next Sunday?? It’s on MSNBC I believe…idiots!

  73. Thanks Tony!

    And thanks for the link Doodie…

    See, I knew you guys would be fine. mama actually stayed home sick today while tending you all and just woke up from a long nap.

    And there will be an Olympics post for tomorrow as some point (not telling when Izzy). I’m going to save the next guest til Wednesday so that post gets a fair run and you can talk ice gals and guys tomorrow.

  74. If anyone running the team cares about USA Hockey, Chris Drury won’t see 1 second of ice time.


    Tied game, 20 seconds left, US vs Sweden…Drury has a breakaway…do we want a goal? or a save?

  75. just joshin!!!! of course i love hank and sweden since im part swedish, but im an american and i dont care what i think of dru, he is representing usa and i would love it if he scored and won it for us. if anything, maybe it raises drus value and can be traded to a cup contender. lol ya right.

  76. See…I am American…but if it’s Dru, I want a save by Hank…if it’s Cally, I want a goal.

    Altho if Drury has a good tourney, it may increase his “clutchness ” and trade value lol

  77. cmon swiss!1! i dont wanna watch another one sided blowout. even finland manhandled russia. even though i liked that!! the question is, my mother is hald swede,half finn. i asked her who she would want to win, and she said sweden but this year finland cuz sweden won it in 06. i said why sweden, and she says, “oh because my dad was swedish and i liked him better than my mom”. lol good ole ma!! crazy old woman!!

  78. Thanks ilb…

    Grabby, it’s another reason why I don’t like the pros in the Olympics…not that the games can’t be great, but how can you really play full on when there has to be a thought in the back of a player’s head, “I can’t take this guy on, I need him in two weeks back home….”

    just a thought….

  79. hahahaha that’s great grab.

    Not as funny, but my dad is a BU Alum and loves Drury, even tho he doesn’t realy watch hockey anymore (former blackhawk fan)…everywhere Dru went they would be his favorite team..so now, when I see him every morning, the first words out of my mouth are Drury sucks and he says “but he’s a winner”

    It’s like a tradition now

  80. good thinkin nyrguy!!! gotta get drus value up asap!!! you know hes the missing piece of the puzzle for the sharks. no wonder they could never advance, they didnt have clutch!!! i think we could get back at least a box of mouthguards for all the ones he annhiliated here

  81. Mouthguards? Hmm you don’t think that’s pushing it? I was thinking towels to clean the visors…

  82. Chicago is gonna have a helluva time getting 2 other defenseman next year

    I think Versteeg and Sharp are going to be gone.

    You have to think they would try and trade Brouwer while his value is high and before he is an RFA

  83. gonna finish teh game. be back before you can say 7.7 seconds.

    (subway theme song)- 8!!!!!! 8 million!!! $8 million dollar dump-in!!!! any any!! any wher on teh ice!! 8 million dollar shot block!! just for you, at pap dru’s!!

  84. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    I miss the part where I named names, I guess that struck a nerve then =) At least you all know who you are…
    That said, you can put the pom poms down now…


  85. Correction- it is Sweden and USA in Final -per Dellapina.
    (not Russia)-see NHL.com. So its Hank vs Drury. Guess you know who wins that one.

  86. Drury vs Hank, I want a save. proud American (even sang the national anthem when drunk and was skiing in Swiss/French Alps amongst English, French, Russian, and Italian skiiers), yet I would love for Hank to repeat. besides, i know the celebration after the victory will be far greater if Hank wins.

  87. ive been meaning to ask, anyone know what happened to the MSG trivia challenge from a few years back. i thought it was pretty cool. i think Sam Rosen kicked everyones butts (especially us FANS). why did they stop it?

  88. holy carp. i was lookin at the boneheads list of names. I might know AFLY. ur last name sounds familiar. did you play hockey at camp summit?

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