It’s go time! (updated)


No chocolate kisses today. This could be more like the St. Valentine’s Day massacre … remember how ugly it got last time Tampa was in town — Voros and Konopka fighting 10 seconds into the game, the Rangers stomping over the Lightning 8-2, Tampa Bay taking exception and Malone bloodying Voros late, and Halpern fighting Dubinsky late.

And Rick Tocchet making this quote-of-the-year quality remark:  “They played great. They out-hit us, they outplayed us, they out-everythinged us. They out-coached us. Every facet of the game, they out-did us. Their leaders out-did our leaders. Their goaltenders out-goaltended us. You can go down the list. The only thing we did was the bus was on time to get us to this game. The bus driver was the best thing we had.”

(That game was such a circus that the Rangers goal scorers included Drury, Girardi, Lisin, Staal, Voros and Higgins. Higgins, for God’s sake!)

So figure Tampa Bay is pretty ticked off coming into this game, recalling the Garden party the Rangers enjoyed that night, and that Tocchet surely has a long memory, and add to it that the game is really important in the playoff race — not only because it leads into the Olympic break but also because you need to win games like this at this time of year , or because the Rangers haven’t won nearly enough of these all season.

Now throw in Brandon Prust and Jody Shelley, who will probably drop ’em one one of his first shifts as a Ranger, and that Vor0s will also be in the lineup (Enver Lisin is prucha’d). Potential for some crazy stuff.

No Gaborik, no Del Zotto today. Enjoy.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:48 p.m.: Konopka and Todd Fedoruk both skated in warmups, and probably will play. …  Shelley is wearing No. 45.

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  1. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on


    Happy Valentines Day Bonehearts (great play Rick!!)!!!

    Rick, I hope you can enjoy your forced week off! Bonheads, prepare for the onslaught of imposters!

    Nasty, I guess the two ultra adorable kiddies and her being so pretty has a lot to do with that soft spot ;-)

  2. Responding to posts at the end of the previous thread:

    Koala, I’ve only been coming here since the early 1970s (as a kid). I haven’t found anything good to eat here yet. Give me a little time.

    Noah, anything’s possible. Maybe you guys will guess if and when I pop in.

    CCCP, maybe I’ll borrow Sally’s moustache from the Mara Beard Contest.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  3. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    lmao @ Higgins for God’s sake. Rick, perfect description for that game/lineup of goal scorers

  4. Linda, imposters will not be tolerated. Mama will be watching, and I’m sure you will all let her know if any trolls crawl out from underneath their rocks. And they will be banned.

  5. Hey everyone!! At the game a little disappointed no Gabby and DZ… C’est la vie… Remember if you’re here come say hi!! 217 row d on the aisle

  6. Saw the poll. Im being a realist. As much as I would love to see the US win gold and LQ repeat – I picked Russia.

  7. Bout time the Rangers have some legit weight in the line up.

    The first game of the year the Lighting were flexing their muscle and last game Voros got lumped up good…I smell blood…I am excited for once to once a game.

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day to all sissies from Rangers Team!
    With bucket of pink pucks and cat fights Manual.

  9. I was posting a little bit on a Lightning forum for that 8-2 game (not trolling, honest, I was invited). Their fans weren’t too happy with the game, obviously, but after the Voros goal I said it wasn’t yet embarrassing. It would only be embarrassing if Higgins scored. Then guess who scored the 8th…

  10. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    omg some guy told Larry Brooks to change his picture becase he now looks like a melted candle! That is just incredible

  11. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    lmao nor, it was a poster!! there were two guys rippin him for what he said in his column about how torts handled mdz

  12. Well Colton Orr isnt on the team anymore… but I think Shelley is a good replacement for him. I wonder if they’ll keep him after this season….

  13. Happy Valentine’s Day! Hugs,kisses and chocolates for everyone, specially Carp and Mama. :)

    And Happy Birthday to Gabby!


  14. Somerset,

    Good choice for #4. That one is actually on my “blood boiling” list as well.

  15. Happy Bonehead Valentine’s Day. All I want is a Ranger win!!!

    uggh..I hate afternoon games…they rarely play well. Hope I’m wrong!


  16. Non-Ranger feed yet again! This is getting mildly irritating.

    Joe Mich is at the Olympics, apparently. A lot of big, strong boys in Lycra suits there.

  17. No guest posting for me this time because of these busy school days. I look forward to reading the posts, though! No working online stream for Mac users today? :(

  18. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    lmao lycra suits. Joe must be walkin around with drool dripping out of the side of his mouth

  19. Has bettman announced that dubinsky has to attend anger management because he called Cindy a little baby?

  20. dull fight.

    Can someone put some red bull into the Ranger’s water? Or maybe some espresso. They need something to up their energy.

  21. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    ishould call the man and tell him to bring me home so coffee…maybe this is just the LULL before the storm

  22. Boy do I hate afternoon games….they should be napping, Oh, it looks like they are napping>!!!

  23. I was never that impressed with Stamkos’ skill set, but gosh, he sure knows how to shoot and score.

  24. Well over paying 2 dmen who do nothing offensively by 8 mil will cause u to have no offense. Fire sather!

  25. I am stuck watching the tampa bay feed of the game and they can not even pronounce the names of their own players.

  26. is Staal ever going to put his purse down and start to play. oh, thats right he’s a shutdown DMAN who going to get a big contract soon.

  27. “MAKO February 14th, 2010 at 1:43 pm

    I thought Sather is good at OVER paying garbage?”

    Sather is good at that to. I believe he calls it multitasking.

  28. OK, Lundqvist maybe could’ve reacted a it faster on the first one, but what the hell was he supposed to do about the second?

  29. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    not a lot of offense, but tampa scored 2 goals.. for the rangers sometimes 2 goals is an entire game!!!

  30. 2 more periods to go people. Lets not get all negative now… Captain USA is saving himself for the ultimate clutch hat trick so he can showcase himself for the top line on Team USA!!!!

  31. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    yea fozzy, and serby did a q and a with him today also!! i hope he does well at the Olympics, and congrats to him on his engagement!

  32. Just looked over my shoulder to the Penguins-Predators game on TV. A 6-year, $39m contract to the first person who can guess what image I saw.

  33. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    lmao tomg!!!!!!! we dont give sather enough credit for all his awesomeness at multicrapping…oops tasking

  34. We play much MUCH better against better offensively talented teams with weaker defensive systems than we do against better defensive teams with weaker offensive systems. We are getting outworked and beaten to every puck.

    Frown Town here we come.

  35. Linda, maybe you 2 can have a double wedding, give MDZ a chance to wear that white outfit again. lol

  36. Olympians of 2024?? Yea if they decide to have ice hockey during Summer Olympics! Giannone…do us all a favor…shut up!

  37. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    what pre-tell did you see…. Does it have to do with Hot Dogs? Phallic symbols? Bettman?

  38. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    what pre-tell did you see…. Does it have to do with Hot Dogs? Phallic symbols? Bettman?

  39. Well;

    I’ve seen some repulsive games from this team before but this one in this first period is in a class all by itself.

    First off…no body is skating. Second, no one is shooting. ( unless you call those dainty flips of the puck, shots), and their PP……oh dear, it would be a PP if anyone took any shots. But they pass, pass,pass, but I guess they were waiting for the ideal set up. And NEVER a hard slap shot ( Prospal finally unloaded one at the 16 minute mark, and later on in the period …but no one else came close to one. ( And you’d think that a team which does this much passing,,,would be good at it.0

    They looked pathetic out there. And Voros, running around the ice trying to look like a gads. I guess they’ll still be waiting for that ideal set up before shooting, some time in March.
    Make the playoffs? Who are they gonna bribe to take a dive?
    What team will bite on their offer?

  40. Sell, sell, sell but we all know Mr. sather will find more garbage for us ranger fans to throw up over.

  41. Linda says AMBER ALERT on


    “And you’d think that a team which does this much passing,,,would be good at it.0”

    that’s just perfect

  42. wish Blair Betts were here, he would have prevented both goals. wish Colton Orr were here, he would have intimidated Tampa so they couldn’t score. wish Sjoostrom were here, nah I don’t.

  43. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    tomg, he’s just on the green band wagon… recycling others gargabe… he’s environmentally conscious

  44. A second look over my shoulder resulted in seeing a Nashville goal. Much better.

    MAKO – It did involve Crosby and a microphone. Nothing we haven’t seen 15 million times before.

    Torts was on the Lightning coverage between periods – joking around during an interview! Wasn’t expecting that. Has he got a pizza joint or something?

  45. The two best passers on our team are injured, the rest of the team can no complete a crisp pass. Game will probably be 3-0 before it is 2-1, if we even score at all. Tampa is just outworking us and waiting for us to make mistakes.

  46. 1-I wish I was little bit taller,
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl who looked good
    I would call her
    I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
    and a ’64 Impala

    anyone else wishes’ for something?

  47. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    ok, here comes the strong 2nd period!! hank will stand on his head, make about 10 saves, and Fankist will hit the twine with the biscuit

  48. Yeah mako

    It’s me. I got kicked out of the nyp for some infathomable reason, and cannot get back in no matter what. I don’t use profanity, nor snotty remarks to my peers, or any of that stuff, just for some reason ,I could no longer get my sign in accepted. Ah well….so be it.

  49. CCCP, pure poetry, I remember that song. Ha.

    I wish to hop in the Dolorean and gun it to 88 and go back to the start of the first period.

  50. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    That’s interesting …. lately I’ve seen alot of goalies reverse their glove hands on their sticks to play the puck….

  51. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    big body with pretty big hands…dave has picked up the michelobetti mantle with a flurry

  52. I wish I had a 69 Ford Mustang convertible and 2 million dollars. . . . . . and a boyfriend. :-(

    Oh and I wish I knew someone who could grant wishes.

  53. I thought he had gone to far wide just like Nasty I was like “no way” and then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    there’s your valentine present laurel!!!!

    nasty i thought the same thing!!! i was like damnit then AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVVVVES!!

    whatta save by hank!!!

  55. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    WINSTON!!!! thanks for saying that!! i was thinking the same thing but wasnt sure!

  56. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    HEY!!! That is EXACTLY what happened to me!!! I tried & tried and tried. So I stopped posting here. Hey everyone here is like family and would love to have you aboard!!! On off game nights we talk about random things to keep things interesting…

    Ladies and Gents Fran knows his stuff when it comes to hockey and has some FANTASTIC stories!!


  57. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    i’ll concur with you Mako, i enjoy a lot of frans insights over there. i just wonder if he can deal with the randomness and jibberish that goes on here

  58. Jeez, step away for a few and I miss that Cally’s engaged
    :( and an Avery goal.

    Now a PP? Sweet. Let’s tie it up boys.

  59. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    I TOLD YOU HE’D SCORE THIS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FANKIST once again proves me right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    Nasty, you might wanna keep the sad van off to the side!!

    FANKIST!!!!!!!!!!! best goal celebrations!!!

  61. Maloney:
    “the rangers need to get the puck and get it in.”

    maybe they just need someone to dumb it down for them!

  62. I want to see taking the body and smart plays here. No stick checking and P play. I want to see the grit we saw the other night dammit!

  63. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    I wish they would mic VP up. I’d love to hear what he says during the game and what he says when he scores LOL

  64. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    oh man mako, that would be hilarious! i bet they’d do it on a night i get the other teams announcers though…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  65. they haven’t done that miked up during the game thing at all this year, have they?

    i miss that.

  66. OMG OMG. is this a no “two times” michelletti broadcast? is that D maloney i hear in his place? the broadcast is less annoying and more informative! hooray!

  67. My 2 year old just crapped his pants while wearing his Rangers jersey. I looked at him and said, “Son, you’d fit right in on this years team.” LOL

  68. dont they do the miked up thing on NBC…too bad it is now Nothing But Crosby network and we will never see the Rangers on it

  69. Linda, if this team makes the playoffs, I am taking you to the Olive Garden and you can have all the salad and breadsticks you want. :)

  70. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    CCCp, guess he inherits one of brashears nicknames now!

    or we can just call him FLUFF

  71. This is awesome. Some guy just proposed to his girl on the big screen. She was mortified, pissed off, and got up and stormed out of the seats, him chasing her, all on the video board. And people cheered for her.

    Holy Carp.

  72. Nasty,’re just full of insightful information today :)

    Linda, LMAO to you, too.

    Totally trade Hank, I mean, really, what does he bring to this team :) other than the ability to save our blue-shirted butts!!

  73. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    I really happy that LQ tweaked his game. I hated when he’d flop on his stomach….

  74. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    Carp, that is just wrong! what a stupid girl!!!!! he should take that as a huge sign and RUN, not walk away

  75. >>JBytes….Come Again????!!!!!

    Avery has, what, 6 goals for the season? I’m not about to let him off the hook just because he scored on a penalty shot.

  76. Linda says AMBER ALERT on


  77. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    FIM QOM!!!!!!!!!

    i love dave maloney but he trips over a lot of words cuz he’s so excited!


    Carp, that is hilarious!!! please I hope that’s findable somewhere online! Poor guy!

  79. Linda says AMBER ALERT on


    Linda says AMBER ALERT
    February 14th, 2010 at 2:04 pm
    ok, here comes the strong 2nd period!! hank will stand on his head, make about 10 saves, and Fankist will hit the twine with the biscuit


    you can bring tribute to me during intermission!!!

  80. We could see the Rangers on NBC as long as they are playing the Penguins. But do you really want to? I’m happy to not be on that network.

  81. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    HOLY EFFIN CARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  82. HORRIBLE angle played on that goal by Smith.

    Christensen has as many points today as he has had since becoming a Ranger?

    I LOVE seeing Prospal’s reaction to a goal when he’s on the ice for a goal.

  83. Prospal’s post-goal energy is infectious. I remember after he scored a goal during the home opener, I knew I was going to like this guy.

  84. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NASTY they still are the NYR. Take the keys out with 3 min left in the 3rd with the score still the same….

  85. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    the fact that torts said they needed to bury great chances has certainly gotten into their heads!!!!!!!

  86. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    why is there no effin call there???????? a hit from behind is a hit frombehind, no???

  87. JBytes
    February 14th, 2010 at 2:30 pm
    >>JBytes….Come Again????!!!!!

    Avery has, what, 6 goals for the season? I’m not about to let him off the hook just because he scored on a penalty shot.


    But you cannot deny the importance of this game and Avery’s big part in it. Useless he’s not.

  88. Carp. Do u know what the girl and guy look like. I know 2 friends of mine that have been dating for 3 plus yrs that are at the game.

  89. what kind of a trivia question was that? its like asking “who’s got bigger lips…little cry baby or a camel?” of course its litle cry baby!

  90. MDZ lookin’ sharp. He hadn’t seen the clip of when he got cut. Whoa.

    And Pidto chiding him at the beginning to put his phone away, LOL.

  91. your now aware erik christensen has 4 less goals than drury and is a +3

    Drury has 9 and is -12

    Defensive Dynamo at work

  92. Did the proposal couple ever come back? You’ve gotta be fairly certain how she’s going to react to make a move like that. That’s a pretty big matzos ball hanging out there.

  93. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    he said he was feeling much better and glad he has this time off to heal…

  94. >>Drury has 9 and is -12
    >>Defensive Dynamo at work

    And let’s not forget his 80 blocked shots, which leads all forwards.

  95. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    USA VS CHINA ON NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ;) Linda!!!

  96. GO USA WOMENS HOCKEY TEAM!!! 1980 Miracle On Ice player Mark Johnson coaching the Womens Team, GOOD LUCK & LET THE DREAM LIVE ON!!! GO USA!!!

  97. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    damn we dont get a 2 week break from troutface OR michelobetti……..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  98. Linda, I guess that’s why I didn’t get completely frustrated after the first period! At least TB didn’t roll over and wiz on themselves like last time…so far at least.

  99. Lightning…ha! more like striking a wet match…

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….it must be Potvin…

    fyi (wicky, this is for you) VD love from Stanley and Cup on sister blog….

  100. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    Congratz to Captain Crust for #600

    And INNNNNNNNNNNNNNTERESTING that Avery never smiled or congratulated him.

    Strong game great follow up win.

  101. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    3 Star FANKIST!!!!
    2 Star THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 Star FIM FIM FIM FIM!!!!!!!

  102. Congrats on the first star Christy!!! Today I think there should be a 4th star for the guy who got the rally started…Happy Valentine’s Day 16!! You’re always first in my book!

  103. Sather's WrapUp on

    Good Afternoon, Ranger Fans!

    A rare Sunday matinee for the kids! Yeah, a matinee usually fills the Garden up with all those little nose pickers. We can still charge adult prices though. Remember, no beer if they’re under 12…

    I had a trade with Tampa Bay all lined up- Redden and Rozival for Stamkos. But Rozival pulled out his no-trade contract and killed the deal. Turned out it was just a copy of Kotalik’s old contract. By the time I figured it out, the deadline had passed. I hope Messier learns from this one…

    (singing) “I’ve been cheated, been mistreated. When will I be loved?” Oh that’s The Big Guy’s holiday ringtone. Hey Boss! We’re back in our winning ways again! We got another sellout to start a new streak. Now you can afford to get that Valentine’s Day box of chocolate covered rubies. You gonna eat ‘em all by yourself? (click)

    Let me tell you Ranger Fans, I’m sure going to miss Brash. He was the best gopher I ever had. He was way too expensive though. I guess I gotta go back to Muckler again. He’ll work for minimum wage. I don’t want to say Muck is dumb, but there’s a medicine out there named for him- Dopamine…

    Gordy Clark is out at the Olympics, scouting for future Ranger draft picks. He spent a couple days looking at Slovakia’s Women’s team. He says there are some possible defensive replacements for Redden and Rozival.

    Well, there’s a roster freeze through the Olympics so its nap time for me. I’d better set the alarm for March.

    Wake me when it’s over…
    Uncle Glennie

  104. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on


    He didnt look too happy sitting there next to him, looked like he didnt play any attention to him. Drury just went straight to the bench after he scored….

  105. Agravaine, thanks for that post :) why do people knock my man!!! jeez, he’d never do that….but you assume cause you didn’t see it… know what happens when you assume :) (prize for who gets movie citation…..)

  106. Hey, it was only 2-2 until the marriage proposal/rejection clearly got everyone going. Can we arrange for that couple to do the same every game?

  107. Most excellent game after the 1st. A win makes for a happier V Day. :)

    I’m out now, heading to my sister’s for a Vday dinner. Take care!

  108. FIrst they showed them sitting ont he bench, but then they did a replay of the goal and you saw Dru skate to the bench Avery put out his glove/fist pumped with Dru before he sat down… it was there, I rewound and checked when I saw your first post becuase that didn’t sound right.

  109. Uncle Glennie, sorry (not) that you lost your gopher, but before you light up another stogie, don’t forget your other chore for blogfather and mama….:)

  110. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    wait… where are all the herbs who only post when the Rangers are losing?

  111. Front page of now, there’s a headline: “Crosby takes slap shpt off shin, stays in game”. Turns out he blocked a shot, winced a bit and didn’t miss a shift.

    Who says ESPN doesn’t cover hockey properly?

  112. Avery congratulated Drury and sitting on the bench he had his normal “I wish I was on the ice doing something instead of sitting on the bench” face. IMO.

  113. So the marriage proposal was rejected on Valentine´s Day even in the Garden ???

    Poor Guy :) so are the woman, that is probably worst thing what can happen….!!!

  114. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    sorry guys, was pulled away by a phone call from my mom!

    i’ll have to watch the 3rd archived, so capn clutch finally got 600 eh!! LMAO!! did he even smile??? and does that mean he gets a silver stick from the organEYEzation for scoring what, 70 of those points as a Ranger? hehehe

  115. Sather's WrapUp on

    Not to worry, Blogmama, I left Muckler with explicit instructions.

    I’m guessing that BM would NOT be a good nickname for Blogmama…

  116. LW….maybe not a coincidence!!

    anybody find a link to that? I have to see…..:)

    All…the guy has stepped in as captain where the captain is absent….He gave Dru his props, but let’s be clear….it’s probably awkward (I assume!) between them and what the TV shows isn’t necessarily the whole picture…I would have been happier if the 600 party happened 12 or so games ago…

    OK, there’s my rant.

  117. and let’s not forget…empty netter!

    Uncle Glennie, um, no….that would not be a good nickname, tho I’m sure some posters would disagree :) still….

    Muckler, well! I have no worries then :)

  118. Linda, is ther an amber alert right now? or what’s up with your log in…?

    7 0 now… at some point I really feel bad for the other team… wow SOG 31 to 3…

  119. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    ag, its one of those inside jokes my twin and i have

    so nasty, the sad van to frown town is just chillin for a lil while! And they went 3-1….whoddathunk that????

  120. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    watchin the archive of the 3rd, put first watchin the mdz interview which i missed also. good to see him up and about after that nasty incident

  121. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    great find LW..and wow, that dude needs to bail and quick on that chick! That’s just sad.

  122. WIth the score already 8-0 do you think at some point they should stop scoring like in the interest of good sportsmanship? Or is it worse to stop scoring?

  123. Sorry, I was channeling Orr for a minute there. Wanted to see if Sally was paying attention. lol. As far as I know the lil man is only engaged with his Bryll Cream. lol

  124. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    lmao Izzy! i think melissa may have damaged her potential dating pool dissin poor nick like that

  125. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    lmao laurel, you just have too much on your mind to remember all these lil things!!!

  126. LW, thanks for the link…I knew it’d be out there! Wow, that is painful to watch…Maybe we’ll learn later she was just so blown away and said yes….or not.

    Linda, no shite….just ask Captain Clutch :)

  127. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    i dont know laurel, usually if you really love the guy and he goes all out like that to propose, if you really love him you’re all shocked and teary and YES YES YES. she just looked like ‘ you stupid firetruck!’ i have having attention brought on me, but if my man did something like that,i’d be astounded!! Poor Nick, humiliated in front of all those people, and now a youtube legend.

  128. Uncle Glennie called in last night tyring to convince the Olympics to abandon to all Rangers players to prepare them as best as possible for the stretch run of the regular season..

    The only answer he got was the promise of getting a pair of cigars from Cuba and the invitation to present the medals for the women´s hockey tournament…:)

  129. MAKO says HOLY GOLDEN MONKEY!!!!! on

    That chick was a BEEEOTCH for doing that to that poor guy….

    10 – 0 USA!

  130. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    mako, at first it didnt look like aves acknowledged drury, but on the replay when druryfirst mades his way over to the bench it looked like he gave him a glove tap

  131. Gosh

    Do you suppose that the coach read the posting? And read it to them after the first period? Or yet, he arrived at the same conclusion that we did simultaneously? If I’d known they were gonna take it so seriously….I’d have tried it before.

    Wonder if I ought to do it again………???

  132. Agravaine..

    Natalie Darwitz scores the 11th goal for the US. In her Bio its written that she likes Waterskiing, wakeboarding, playing tennis, softball, inline skating and fishing. She can also juggle fire and knives.

    Oi, The Canadiens will have a hard time to defend the gold medals :)

  133. Linda, I think she was in it for the money and got called out…my quick read on it? eff her and poor guy…yes, now an online legend…:(

    Jorek, sadly, I can’t make it tonight (again, sigh!) but I actually have to be home to do work for you guys! Besides, rumor has it the boys are going elsewhere….next Saturday perhaps!?

  134. carp just got home from the game the i heard that the wedding proposal woman was buggin out on the guy in the hallway she was swinging at him and cursing at the camera was definitely the topic of conversation the rest of the afternoon. poor guy why did he ever go after her once she said no?

  135. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    great question 308… poor guy.

    that chick is why its so hard for nice girls! he probably saved himself a lot of heartache, she would probably be a bridezilla and a freakin high maintenance hildabeast as a wife. Good for him he just lost the money on the ring, instead of a lifetime of being emasculated

  136. Who is this Laurel person and why does she post as me :)

    I’m telling you, that sad guy is better off. I smell a bee-atch…

    Jorek, sorry I’ll miss ya, but TR and the Keohanes are planning to attend….next Sat. I hope :)

    ta til later or tomorrow all…..

  137. Linda says AMBER ALERT on

    she definitely did NOT bring honor to that Graves jersey!! WOW the more I watch it the more i feel bad for poor nick!! TRUST US NICK, you’re better off

  138. Well thanks for the invite folks. I’ve read this blog a few times but I’d gotten used to the guys at the other one, but that’s a total mess over there now, so..sayonara. I did pick up on the fact that most of you know each other and the whole thing has a nice familial tone to it.

    Mako and I used to have some discussions in the days gone by, and it was nice to see that he’d found a home. Different when you don;t live in the nY area and get to go to the games..have to rely ontheTV for them ( and then get the hosing by the broadcasters like versus taking over.

    Down here on the Space Coast in FLA, we don;t get the really cold winters and snow from back up there ( but this year has been pretty grim). Originally from CT and used to see Rangers at the old Garden on 8th Ave & 55th St. ( I’m a real old timer, go back to the days of Chuck Rayner, Edgar Laprade and Bones Raleigh. The only Finn in the league was Rangers Pentti Lund.

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