Happy Valentine’s Day!


I figured you soft, cuddly hockey fans are all mushy and romantic today. So today you are my Bonehearts.heart

I’m headed to the Garden this morning, and before I go I just wanted to tell you I’m taking a forced week off. Byfuglien!

I will not be around as of Monday and through Feb. 21.

Can’t post. Can’t comment. Can’t check in here. Can’t check e-mail. Can’t be in contact with the office. Nuthin’.  Bryzgalov! ( that’s my new curse word I’ve been meaning to trot out since the Rangers played at Phoenix).

We’ve been asking a few special guests to post this week, and we’ve had a few agree to do it, with some invitations still outstanding. Laurel will be doing her Blogmama best to keep things moving along, and policing you clowns if you misbehave. Beware the rolled-up newspaper. Hey, at least there is still some use for a newspaper, right?

And she has promised to post no shirtless Avery photos, although I probably should have collected a security deposit on that promise.

I’m not happy to be missing the first week of the Olympics, but I guess it’s better than missing a week of Rangers games and news and transactions.

So I’ll see youse all today during the game and post-game, and then I’ll be atta here for a while. Bryzgalov!

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  1. I have seen now the overtime goal of Jokinen five or six times probably out of every angle and it looked like not too difficult, so I ask why cant they do it not much more often ?????

  2. I’m reposting for kuppuck, who asked this question, because I don’t know the answer.

    kuppuck February 14th, 2010 at 7:06 am e

    ANYONE SUGGEST a online website for me to see a ‘replay’ of today’s afternoon Ranger game. I dont have a DVR

  3. I would suggest hockeystreams, but its not for free, but you can replay the game as often as you want if you are a member…
    its http://www.hockeystreams.com...

    Carp, of course its me :) the only queston is if i am the left one or the right one but I have to admit my hockey skills are limited…:)

  4. anyone going today feel free to stop by and say hi. Section 217 row D. Red rangers hat and black rimmed glasses sitting next to a dude with a beard… the dude is the fiance

  5. Baseball The 4-6-8 on

    Enjoy your respite, Carp. Covering this team on a daily basis – well, you deserve it and earned it!

  6. who was that clown in the announcers booth at the Devils game last night? He was hysterical about the disallowed goal ( rightly so) by Rolston late in the game. He pronounced it “fair”, and then stated his incredibly twisted analysis of why it should be allowed.. almost had stroke when the Refs decided that it had been illegal. To bolster his fatuous charge, he kept bringing up the “energy” that should have materialized if is was “kicked” in. If I’m not mistaken the ruling doesn’t mention “kicking” of the puck,,I believe that all one has to do is :”direct” the puck in…which was what he actually did. It was so plainly an inappropriate goal attempt; but this fool would not let it go. I believe they might have had to wipe the drool from his face by the time he was finished with his rant. ( This is a professional ( and supposedly :reasonably unbiased) announcer?

  7. Anyone have two extra tickets they are looking to sell today? I have 3 season tickets but need 2 more. Anyone?

  8. Good morning all! Here’s hoping for a Valentine’s Day win. For the first time ever I’m glad it’s an afternoon game cause I have no desire to leave the house. Lordy I hate winter.

    Chuck, you’re a funny, funny guy! LMAO….

  9. theflynn – I believe the rule refers to “a distinct kicking motion”. Still, even though I haven’t seen the incident or what the announcer said, your description suggests it was a typical Chico whine, so I have no problem in believing the puck was incontrovertibly kicked in.

  10. Guys and Gals, Happy V Day!

    I have a question for all of you. I need advice. My wife for Valentine’s Day got me the 64 GB iPod Touch. I already own a 160 GB iPod Classic. I also own a BlackBerry Tour. Would there be any upside to keeping the Touch, or should I bring it back to the store and get a nice 32 inch LCD TV for my bedroom where I don’t have Hi-Def TV yet?

    Please, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  11. And Carp, enjoy your time off man. It’s always good to take a break for the norm anyway. You will be missed my friend.

  12. leetchhalloffame on

    Carp – Enjoy your break from the Rangers. Now if only Slats would take one of those…..permanently!

  13. Nasty, come on, you even need to ask that question :)

    Go for the TV!!

    But, be sure to speak with the wifey, so she does not get upset.

    If you think it may upset her, I would pick up flowers at the same time.

  14. Nasty

    Question is… will she be pissed if you bring back the gift she gave you? If no, then go for the TV :)

    Enjoy your “forced” vacation Rick!!!!!! Have lots of fun!

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone !!!

    Question ….

    How can Toronto Claim Lundmark off of waivers during a Roster Freeze????

  16. nasty, return and wait for the iPad maybe.

    carp, they putting you on work furlow eh? i’m in publishing too. we’re in deep crap brother.

  17. Re: the disallowed goal. I was watching and having to listen to the Carolina annoucers which is just as bad. The puck was definitely directed towards the goal, but it deflected off a Hurricane defenseman’s skate before going 5-hole into the net. I thought it should have counted.

  18. Nasty 1,

    Before you go for that trade, you BETTER clear it up with the wife. Women have a funny way of getting upset about these sorts of things.

  19. I too have felt the furlough wrath this past year. I guess it’s a necessary evil until things get better.

    Carp, you can’t make up a fake name to post here the next week? Perhaps “Todd Gack?”

  20. Carp ! its time to eat something !

    What is the most remarkable dish at the Garden ?

    Ore they have only peanuts at the press room ?:)

  21. Carp,
    To make (potentially) it even more out of Bryzgalov name, I’m giving you direct translation – in English it would be something like Splash(man). Whatever you’re getting out of this…
    Keep your composure and cool while off – we will miss you, need you here in good spirit. Good Luck for whatever you will do.

  22. Carp –

    That’s Byfuglien Bryzgalov!

    But if you must – enjoy!

    Nasty 1

    The upside in keeping the iTouch is that you’re not hurting your chances of getting a little sumtin’ sumtin’ later

  23. Sumthin sumthin in terms of getting a TV in the bedroom later down the road, or sumthin sumthin in the bedroom later on today? If it is the second, that was already taken care of this morning, followed with some breakfast in bed.

  24. Ugh, I don’t know what to do. I know she says it won’t hurt her feelings at all, but I know it will a little. She was so excited to give it to me. Grrrrr, why do I have to have such a soft spot for her, haha.

  25. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    Happy Valentines Day Bonehearts (great play Rick!!)!!!

    Rick, I hope you can enjoy your forced week off! Bonheads, prepare for the onslaught of imposters!

    Nasty, I guess the two ultra adorable kiddies and her being so pretty has a lot to do with that soft spot ;-)

  26. nasty- also, women have a tendency to bring these types of things up to throw in your face years on down the road. and they always tell their friends. so be careful. just bite the bullet man. unless your gf isnty a psycho mind game maneater like mine was

  27. Dang
    I just entered a long and comprehensive comment, and when I hit the submit button my FireFox hung.
    Did it come though or do I need to redo it?

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