Does this make the Rangers Stanley Cup champs?


Nice win. Good team win over a great opponent and some adversity. And it will be flushed right down the toilet if the Rangers don’t follow up and beat Tampa tomorrow.

1) Hello Jody Shelley. Goodbye, Donald Brashear. I haven’t seen Shelley much since he was a young player, but what I remember about him then was that he’d fight every single night if he could. He needs to be healthy March 14. Also, I was watching the Sharks game the other night and the announcers were laughing when he hit the crossbar, as if it is so unimaginable that he might score a goal.

2) If the Rangers are going to play this safe-is-death style, where they want to attack and forecheck and put pressure on the opponent, they MUST use a fourth line. For most of the season, they have not had a fourth line, because Brashear stunk (have I mentioned what a dreadful signing that was?) and because Voros couldn’t get into the lineup. Well, now Boyle’s improved, and they will have Brandon  Prust and Shelley. Out of necessity last night, and with Shelley not here yet, they had to use the fourth line after Gaborik left the game, and the fourth line rewarded the coaches.

3) That said, Prust should not have been anywhere near the ice in the final 30 seconds of regulation, against Malkin and Co., but he was.

4) Artem Anisimov is going to have a very short career if he doesn’t learn — soon! — to keep his head up.

5) Rozsival was in a bad spot in that Cooke-Drury punch-out, with the Rangers already down to five defensemen. But if he’s going to risk a third-man in penalty — and he really should have gotten one by the rulebook — then he’s got to drop the gloves and stick and get in there. And all of the Rangers on the ice ought to be jumping in there, especially the forwards,  especially the closest guy (Brandon Dubinsky) when their captain is down and being pummeled.

6) Rozsival also made a good play on the game-winner.

7) OK, a little math lesson for the Rangers’ penalty killers: It’s already 5-on-4, and you have the 4. If three of you go into the same corner, that leaves one guy to cover everybody else. And if you come out of that corner, Wade Redden, and the guy with whom you come out wears No. 87 in black, and he’s heading to the net, well, you can’t just try to lift his stick. Unless you want to join the other No. 87 in Hartford.

8) Sid the Kid is pretty good, and it was really funny when Brandon Dubinsky called him a little baby between periods. And his weiner lips didn’t look as frankfurterish last night.

9) Mike Keenan, who had Olli Jokinen in Florida (before being fired) and brought him to Calgary (before being fired) sure pumps up Jokinen as a TV analyst. His last thing: “He’s going to love playing in New York.” Yeah, for 21 more games, Mike.

10) Not to pee on anybody’s parade, but the Rangers caught a huge break on the Prospal goal, the Pitt defenseman trying to get to the bench on an injured leg and having to backpedal and turn a 2-on-1 into a virtual 2-on-none. Makes up for the unlucky goal against Nashville.

11) Since the end of June, Glen Sather has had to go to his boss and say, “I screwed up on Scott Gomez, I screwed up on Ales Kotalik, I screwed up on Donald Brashear” and he still has Drury, Redden and Rozsival. Yeesh.

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  1. First!!!

    What a great win …. now, can we please teach the D men how to kill a penalty? And how bout telling Girardi that you NEVER fire the puck up the middle … I think they teach that in, um, mite hockey!

  2. Even I know that, coach.

    Slow day here, so far. Must have been a tough night for some of the Boneheads.

    Good morning, Sally!

  3. Shelley is a monster. He’ll add some toughness this team needs. Even though I love Orr, Shelley knocked him out the other night. Pretty tough dude.

  4. It was a pretty good game. I was SHOCKED that we won in OT. Since we never seem to win in OT lol. I’m glad Rozi got in there, but I still felt that Drury was left out to dry. It looked like a bully beating up a kid in the playground…especially as he couldn’t get up off the ice.

    What a freak accident with MDZ. I hope it was not as bad as it looked. Any word on MDZ or Gabby??

  5. News flash:

    Drury reported that the clutchmobile was stolen last night, but police quickly recovered it in Joki Ollinen’s garage.

  6. 4generations; only 4 cups on

    Carp Ive got a personal question Id like ya to answer.

    Do you think that this team actually may care in a certain sense considering the fact that they looked like they were being tread on after Cooke started taking liberties with the guy with the C?

    It truly looked like they’d had enough. They played a faster tougher game mentally and physically and it lead to a win. This team is so schizophrenic when it comes to heart, and when you see a team like the sharks or the devils play they KNOW who they are and play with passion. This team is listless. Do you think its even worth it to say that sather made mistakes like dolan is going to ACTUALLY fire him?

  7. OK

    Good win. But it was a tempest in a teapot when you look at thebasics…THIS TEAM CANNOT PASS FOR DRECK! They don’t seem to know how to make hard on ice passes directly to a guy’s stick. they just dump it in the general direction and then compound the stupidity by tryinhg two time zone passes!

    Girardi….I can’t wait for this guy to leave the scene.

    Redden…why is he on the team, let alone on the ice? He stood their like a recreation of Marek Malik, held his stick out, and watched for no good apparent reason for that shot to go right past a screened ( by him) Lundqvist.
    Don’t tell me about Torts as a bench coach..he’s responsible for the likes of Redden and Girardi getting so much ice time. I’d much rather see Potter back there than Redden ( actually ANYBODY but Redden.)
    but until someone comes along who can teach these guys how to fire hard passes tape to tape, and hard slap shots on goal, they’re not going anywhere.

  8. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    Good late morning men! Rick, you’re absolutely right, they need to follow last night with a win on Sunday, and then concentrate on guys getting well, and perhaps practices some of the basics during the Olympic break.

  9. Olga Folkyerself on

    Thank God that Brashear is no longer in Ranger Blue. Now burn the #87 jersey so he can never come back.

    Just like #88 should have been burned after Lindros disgraced Ranger fans by putting it on.

  10. By my viewpoint it seems like Dredden was actually responsible for both of Cyndies goals. One by MAYBE ? tipping it at the least screening Hank And the 2nd by not taking the body out of the corner and a typical weak stick check.How much more does anyone have to see EVEN if you dont dislike the walking zombie. Bury him in Hartford and let him RIP. I`m surprised there isnt a priest following him on the ice reading him his last rights

  11. I disagree on Lindros being a disgrace. The guy had concussion problems, BAD, and if he didn’t, he could have been one of the best players to ever play the game. End of story. Sather signed him in a time when there was no salary cap, so I don’t really give a crap about that. Lindros was the complete package. I have a Lindros jersey, and when I look at it I wonder, “What if?”

  12. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    Brashear assigned to Wolf PackForward has played in 36 games with Rangers in 2009-10Saturday, 02.13.2010 / 10:00 AM / News
    Donald Brashear
    New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Donald Brashear has been assigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).

    Brashear, 38, has registered one assist and 73 penalty minutes in 36 games with the Rangers this season. He has not dressed in each of the last eight games, and 13 of the last 14, and has missed 25 games total this season. He ranks third on the team in penalty minutes and second in fighting majors (nine).

    Brashear registered his first point as a Ranger with an assist in a 5-2 win vs. Phoenix on October 26, and skated in his 1,000th career NHL game on November 12 vs. Atlanta.

    The Bedford, Indiana native signed as an unrestricted free agent with the Rangers on July 1.

    straight from the Rangers web site. NOW we can have the celebration!!!

  13. I know Ilya finally scored for the Debbies last night, but I think Bergfors has a goal in every game for Atlanta so far.

  14. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on


    February 13th, 2010 at 4:15 am
    Just caught replay… great way to close out the Igloo.

    Drury played a great game tonight, and I will leave it at that.

    Littered around me are clippings of red, pink, and white construction paper…anyone wanna guess what I was doing?


    I am going to venture a guess that you were making a homemade Valentine’s card for ORR!!! :-)

  15. Once again, the Rangers prove that they can play when they wish to do so. The problem is passion, always has been. Torts got to make sure its there everynight, like Keenan did!

  16. Carp:

    I like your 11th point, but do you truly think Sather actually converses with Dolans before making moves like that? I sure hope you’re right – nice to think that at least there’s some semblence of accountability for that incompetent GM.

    Also, I’ve said this several times (after relatively impressive wins): This win means very little if the team cannot come up with an equally quality effort against the Bolts.

    And honestly, I have no idea which team will show up Sunday. I really don’t. The problem is, I suspect the head coach has no idea, either.

  17. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    And honestly, I have no idea which team will show up Sunday. I really don’t. The problem is, I suspect the head coach has no idea, either.

    Great point Jim!

  18. anyone know if they still do jersey customization at the Garden??? I’m in the process of dismantling my Gomez jersey and want to change it tomorrow when I’m there.

  19. Good thing they scored in OT because I don’t think it would have been the same outcome if it had gone to a shootout. Frankly I was shocked they won, period. But they showed some good things overall and if they had lost it would have been the “best” loss all year.

  20. quick question…

    If Avery did to Crosby what Cooke did to Drury do you think he would be suspended for the rest of the year or given a life time ban from the league?

    Drury hits him with a completely legal hit and Cooke goes and stands over him and instigates a fight. Hitting him a good four or five times after Drury is on the ice (as all officials stand around with their @%$&# in their hands). Cooke was also guilty of instigating a fight while wearing a visor, wasn’t that cause for additional penalties at some point?

    I also especially loved when Fleury punched Drury in the back of the head with the ref looking right at the punch and then skating away. Also, Crosby’s slash to dubi only to be followed by another slash as dubi is being held by the linesmen.


    do the reporters around the league ever mumble and grumble about the obvious bias given to the pens? Can or will the rangers send tape of all this BS to the league for review? How is Crosby allowed to slash people like that??? AAARRGGGHHH that little (baby) pisses me off. I want to punch him right in those lips over and over and over until my hand goes completely numb…and then I’ll switch to my left hand.

    and good riddance to bad trash (that’s you brashear!!!!)

  21. Tank The Season on

    Lindros wasn’t so bad, the Rangers just were when we had him. Remember we’re the only team he ever played all 82 games of a season with even though he got hurt in the other 2 years we had him. He was certainly better than Drury and he got close to 40 goals for us one year.

    We didn’t give up anything of consequence for him.

  22. “He’s going to love playing in New York.” Yeah, for 21 more games, Mike.

    Wake up Carp……do you really thing the NYR wont re-sign Jokinen if he is willing to take a similar (or less) contract?

    For around 5 mil a year Jokinen would be a great signing for the rangers….especially if he can keep up his production and get back to what he was in florida.

    All year the reangers were looking for a top center and now that they finally got one all you do is yap that he will be gone at seasons end……doesnt make alot of sense bud.

  23. Good team effort last night… nice to get the win there considering all that went on during the game. Dubi is right, Crosby is a baby… and Avery would have been thrown out of that game instantly had he done that to Crosby…. good for Dubi for not taking any junk.

    Drury should have smacked Fleury in the mask to send a message…. i hate the Pens, the cheap way they play, and that the refs swallow the whistle. Just garbage.

  24. I “thing” Dreary played one of his best games of the season last night.

    He’s obviously preparing for the Olympics, os these last two games are his pre Olympic games, so he needs to get fired up so he’s ready.

    He’ll be clutch, but once he comes back, it’s back to NyQuil-like interviews, and hated quotes.

  25. That quote made me like Dublowsky a little bit.

    But, that wont last. Unless he starts showing up consistently, ill never change my view of him.

    And with Potters call up, im assuming Del Z isn’t ready to go. I just hope he wont be out for a while.

    Or maybe someones getting traded!!!! Or not.

  26. Let Del Z rest as much as he can. Three weeks, even four weeks, don’t rush him.

    Also Anisimov didn’t take a head shot, it was a body shot so not as bad as it looked. He’ll be stronger next year when he continues to bulk up.

  27. I guess Torts wants a veteran down the stretch instead of throwing Johnson into these must wins if he has to

  28. Orr not sure if you were kidding or not, but trades cant happen during the olympics break, if im right. yea and the valiquette thing is pretty weird….

  29. Vally has been aweful in Hartford – but no-one is going to pick him up so no risk to bring him back unless part of trade deal and we have to risk the re-entry not the team he goes to

  30. According to Gross’s Twitter, it’s just because the Rangers have to have two goalies on the roster, presumably while Zaba and Johnson get playing time in Hartford during the break.

  31. LEV

    I know, i was just being sarcastic. It seems like when a prospect gets called up, all fans of their teams say “a trade is coming”

    I thought maybe Vally would at least get his game back just a little bit, but it seems as though he’s even worse. He used to pay pretty damn good, but now he’s getting ripped apart by AHL teams. Disappointing. He should retire, and go back to Drumming for The Police.

  32. >>“He’s such a little baby sometimes.” – THANK YOU, BRANDON.

    Notice Dubi didn’t use “big baby”?

  33. LMAO Nasty 1

    My friend got us flagged once calling the bartender Johnny 5

    Buddy (with raised empty beer bottle): Yo– Johnny 5!

    Bartender: Your done.

  34. 20+ games in the Big City.

    Olli Jokinen is in a perfect situation to “showcase” his stuff before he becomes a FA.

    You’d think what the Rangers get would be a best effort – whether he wants to stay here or not.

    Keep that in mind when thinking we should re-sign him.

    Nice goal though.


    Drury’s skates up while Cooke was standing over him was stupid /bush league.

  35. Dreary looked like a porn star after he got hit. His legs were spread for a little too long, i was starting to feel uncomfortable, especially after Cooke kept standing over him.

    Cooke should have been thrown out of the game though.

  36. Carp !

    Are you still around ?

    I cant translate your expression “frankfurterish”:)

    What does that mean ?????

    I know some frankfurter, but those are sausages and they are for !!!!!

  37. But I assume a good writer always tend to use some extraordinary expressions, that what makes a good writer extraordinary :)

  38. Lol, c’mon, is there anyone hear that didn’t think that when they saw it ?


    Ahm, yeah. Me.

    On Drury: He did his team solid last night and played an entertaining game… it still just infuriates me that it takes these drastic situations for Drury to even SHOW UP to a game? Demoted to 4th line? Multiple key players out and hurt? Olympics about to start where he’s still actually trying to earn spot? Talking heads raving about how he really excelled in his “opportunity” to play on the top line. He did…but he’s had that opportunity for years now. He will be back to phoning in his performance after the Olympics. Mark it.

    Dubinsky also really showed up last night and showed some fire.

  39. 4generations, yes, I think they have on a few occasions played better when the opponent took liberties this season … with the notable exception of the Philly debacle.

    MikeA, Dolan only knows them as $9M and $2.8M.

    first, I think Ovechkin is the best player in the league, the scariest and most dominant, and if I could pick any player, it would be him. That said, Crosby is a better two-way player, and tough enough in his own way, and can do more things like make his linemates better. I’d still take Ovechkin.

    Good afternoon, Sally! No word on the little Gato, other than 50 stitches and I doubt we’ll be seeing him before March 2.

    Lindros wasn’t a bad gamble in terms of what they gave up, but it really was a no-win. You knew he couldn’t last after what he’d been through. That didn’t stop the Rangers from taking the biggest name. As usual.

    The Valiquette thing is probably a hope that somebody takes him. That’s an educated guess. He’s done here.

    joke, I doubt there’s much grousing about bias among the reporters.

    theflynn, you can’t teach skill. You can’t make chicken salad out of you know what.

    I’m surprised the Brashear-to=Hartford thing is being announced today, because I was kind of told it happened yesterday, and MSG Network reported it all night long.

  40. Carp, I would suggest a crash course in accounting. Learn what an asset is. As the balance sheet changes over time the values change. The Ranger needs change. I think the Rangers had value in Gomez. At the start of this season the Rangers needed a straight shooter ,a scorer.Montreal needed a center, a playmaker .The Rangers cleared up a space in their cap to fill a place for Gaborik.
    Drury- The decision to select the Olympic team was done by a group of 4 to 6 people. Those people feel he is more of a asset than you.
    Kotalik _ Read the article in the Toronto Globe Mail.on why Calgary wanted to trade for him
    Redden and Rosival – They don’t belong in AHL. DelZotto? I,m not convinced he belongs at this level.
    Enough on this stuff. I am going to watch the Olympics.

  41. Oh,and C.J., I’m wide awake. Maybe you ought to have a cup of coffee and come to the realization that UFAs don’t take paycuts or small raises. He’s not coming back for the same money.

  42. cnbc – and yes i am watching – and no the rangers could score at this game either

    drury looked a turtle/crab on its back

    playing the role of sean avery is matt cooke – accept he looked better than the original – avery has been lacking lately

    anyone explain why anisimov has not been assigned to hartford during the break to find his game and scoring touch?

  43. PAUL

    Give the kid a break, he’s a rookie, he’s not gonna turn into Datsyuk at the blink of an eye.

    I think he’s having a pretty decent year, and he’s defensively responsible, which is great.

    Like i said, and what Carp mentioned..Artie’s biggest flaw is not keeping his head up.

    He belongs in the NHL, there’s nothing he can gain from AHL hockey.

  44. DZ is not going to play sunday the guy had 50 stiches. Roszival was the best of the 5 bad signings by far. He is better then redden makes less and for less yrs.

    The redden signing is still the worst by far……………they have him for I think 4 more years…..can you imagine that??At a mill. a year he is fine…

  45. Orr – no complaints about his play – just think he can dominate for two weeks and get his scoring touch back – he HAS played well – just think he can gain a benefit.

  46. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    shakes head at the thought of another 4 years of Redden…he’ll be on social security before his contract is up

  47. Orr, i dont like Pizza or hot dog,

    I love Bohemian Schnetzel :)

    so you cant attract me with Captain´s Clutch

  48. paulg, I’d guess the Rangers think it’s more advantageous for him to get some rest than to play minor-league games, in which he probably wouldn’t gain much.

  49. Carp-

    You hear about the “Gordie Howe Hat Trick”- but I never saw him play. Was he or was there a more physical skilled player than Ovechkin? I’d take him hands down over Crysby.

  50. Orr ?

    You probably never been to Russia ?
    Wow those ladies always hot :)

    I really can recall my week in St. Petersburg :)

  51. dde, I only saw Gordie Howe when he was an old guy. But there were some. Messier when he was young. Cam Neely. Lindros when he was healthy was probably the meanest MVP-type player in history. Shanahan.

  52. Orr,

    I have to agree with AO being absolutely FUGLY, but as much as we hate Cindy, he is far from the ugliest catch lol. But in the end, they will marry a trophy wife and live happily ever after…until they find the next one lol

  53. Here is more on Accounting –

    Contract Asset Value – Gomez asset which can be traded-

    The Gomez Asset- – what is it worth – 7 mil per year and for how long – 5yrs?. Well that has value. If Gomez gets hurt permanently that value goes done to ZERO. He has no trade value. Contract is not negotiable with anybody except an insurance company. Rangers get nothing for him but a write off.

  54. i went to today, clicked on Shelley tab, and it freaked the hell outta me. sheesh…. anyways, i have family in Sweden, and have been there multiple times, most recently last Summer, and man, Orr, you WILL NOT be disappointed my friend.

  55. Carp, He doesnt even know about the rules, he thinks they have to put those squee.. in a net like in a hockey

  56. side note, i really like these Olympic Visa commercials, with Morgan Freeman’s voice. my two favorites: Dan Jansen and Derek Redmond. if i was a chick id probably be in tears.

  57. ddebened-

    “You hear about the “Gordie Howe Hat Trick”- but I never saw him play. Was he or was there a more physical skilled player than Ovechkin? I’d take him hands down over Crysby.”

    Carp, you missed the best of them all; Mario Lemieux. Lemieux was definitely better than Ovechkin for his era.


    23. Baggage Claim at the Airport
    It’s always the dreariest (Drury-est) place in the airport, and at this point in your trip whether your going home or going to your hotel, you are so sick of the whole airport/airplane experience. You sit there, looking at that ugly carousel, waiting for your belongings, and then that annoying alarm sounds as if your luggage is escaping from prison! And as if that wasn’t enough, your bags always seem to be the last ones to arrive. Airports really seem to love to test your patience. What a miserable experience, but it’s not as bad as Glen Sather.

  59. no problem, Orr I have a roundtrip ticket economic class for you from Kennedy to Stockholm for 735 US, in March..

  60. I ve been twice to Stockholm and even to the famous Gluben..
    (Globe Arena !!!) but it looks like an atomic generatic

    nice place called the Venice of the North :)

  61. Ha Ha , I was gonna say that !! Cindys huge lips did look smaller !!! Maybe he let a little air or botox out of them so he could be more aerodynamic. Maybe it helped him be a tad faster .
    Great Team effort last night wish they would play that way all the time.

  62. ddeb, hehehe…

    Laurel, there are so many funny cat nurse pictures! Too many for me to post here!

    Okay I’m off to Canada for some college hockey! Real live Canadians!

  63. Koala – you from down under?
    Spent a couple days in Sydney and about 12 days in Perth -good time, great people

  64. While the chances of it are slim, maybe Jokinnen stays here and both him and the Rangers can work out a deal for 1-2 years at somewhere between $2.9-$3.5 million. Here are some factors;

    A)he’s sick of moving around and has his family on the East Coast

    B)in some ways he’s like Christensen and this is almost his last chance to prove himself around the league. He has a bad rep as lazy and a locker room problem but not so far (it’s early)

    C)he’s a good fit


    d)his biggest fan in the world Mike Keenan is only a studio booth away. He seems to play his best with Iron Mike in the House.

    Still, maybe someone pulls an Antropov and gives his like $4 million although I don’t think so at this point.

  65. carp-

    “davy, we were discussing the best/most physical players. Mario sure wasn’t one of those.”

    Mario wasn’t physical?? He was my favorite player and have watched a TON of his games. I know you’ve been watching hockey a longer time than I have, but from what I remember he was very very physical. He would skate right at people in the same way Ovechkin does. He was always a good checker. He never got pushed off the puck. I can’t think what else you mean by physical.

  66. Mike, I dont see Jokinen not staying in NYC as well…

    He will probably try to sign his final contract in the NHL where he fits in the cap situation in one of those desert place teams…:)

  67. Daveymax3-

    Let me preface this by saying my memory is mush; recent and distant.

    Lemieux was a big guy and getting pushed off the the puck is not what we’re talking about.

    Ovechkin LIKES to throw the body. Like no skilled player I can remember.

  68. Ok, I see what you’re saying. I think that that will end in a couple more years. I hope not, but let’s see.

  69. davy, there’s a big difference between being strong and hard to push off the puck and being a punishing, mean, Gordie Howe/Messier/Lindros type of power forward. Mario was not one of those. He was tough, in terms of taking punishment, and strong — and obviously one of the most gifted players in history in terms of skill (I’d probably say he was the third-best player I ever saw, after Gretzky and Orr).

    But he wasn’t one of those guys we’re discussing.

  70. Yea, I guess I see the distinction you’re talking about. I just don’t think Ovechkin is like those other players so you confused me. Ovechkin doesn’t play like Howe, Messier, or Lindros unless you just look at the physical end. The closest would be Lindros I think.

  71. Ovechkin signed a $124 million, 13-year contract extension but plays like he’ll be a FA next year. Take LQ an 1st Rnd pick for the the next 6 years I’ll take losses just to see somone that plays that hard.

  72. Rick

    Great break down! Great upgrade from Brashear – I dont know where he has the b*lls to be all pissy with the club. If he would have done his job like he was supposed to, be a good teammate and stick up for the players on the team like he was supposed to… he wouldnt be in the situation that he’s in. So ByFUglien on him!

    So what’s going to happen with Lisin? Prust and Shelley on the 4th line? I really like Prust but he’s a little small no?

    SOOOOOOOOOO agreed on #7 I saw that the whole way. Redden could have been more physical on Cindy more aggressive that 2nd goal never would have happened.

    Well since the Islanders beat the Bolts 5-4 so they’re probably looking for some retribution. Good game today too…

    RE: Woman’s Hockey. How fantastic are these women playing? As a tremendous fan of the sport some great plays, some great goaltending. And BOTH goalies played really well positionally…. Cant wait for Slovakia & Canada tonight!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO GABORIKETTS!!!!!!


  73. geez, it’s like the zoo and botanical gardens here today….go visit sister blog why don’t ya, I could use the hits :)

    Sally, can you bring me back one?

    AO is not only tops (ugh) in many ways in the league, he’s also the most handsome!!!

    OK, gotta run for an outing….ta ta.

  74. Speaking of tough but offensive players. We’re forgetting Foppa….


    Question for you or anyone else. Do you all think that Eric Lindros changed hockey ? His imposing size & skill with his edge?

  75. MAKO, ha! that’s Gaborikettes my friend

    who wouldn’t love to be in the Hartford locker room when he walks in? AWKWARD!

    wicky, this post is for you :)…..

  76. mama, sorry for asking that question to Orr. I couldn’t help it.

    Mako, not sure if Lindros changed hockey, but he sure was the biggest, baddest player we’d ever seen with that type of skill when he arrived. Back in the day, Messier was considered big. Lindros towered over him physically.

  77. It all comes back to Glenn Sather, he’s a idiot and nothing will change in rangerland until this dinosaur is gone.

  78. Blogmama – inspirational words for aesthetically challenged men everywhere


    The Avery comments on Olympic team fashion funny as hell

    Smack in the snout- not so

  79. Rick

    I meant from the average player being 5’10-5’11 190lbs to the 90’s when the players got BIGGER and FASTER. I didnt mean the actual game, the players and the way parts of the game were played… Im sorry if I had marbles in my mouth trying to explain that LOL

    UHHHH My bad that I forgot the E


    Just dont know where that comment to Linda came from? If it was a joke then none of us took it as such.

  80. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Crosby or Ovechkin ?

    Well the best answer is the kid from Canada. Crosby is mature, OV is not. Crosby is a team player, Ov is all about himself. Ov hits people ,Crosby does not. Making your team mates better and being a two way player is why Crosby is better. Crosby’s shelf life is far higher than the injury risking OV hitting everything he sees. The day someone said Ov is like Messier…SHOULD GO BACK IN TIME and see that OV is NOTHING like Messier. Messier had class, Ov is a doorknob,a clown and a goof. Don’t get me wrong , hes the 2nd best player out there …after Crosby.

  81. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    TOMG : tomg
    “It all comes back to Glenn Sather, he’s a idiot and nothing will change in rangerland until this dinosaur is gone.”

    Glen sure can be an idiot , yeah . Nothing will change?
    Get yer head outta ya azz. You’ll see.

  82. Laurel-

    Seeing ole Clancy singing the blues just breaks my heart. I’m ashamed to say sometimes it’s easier to make oneself oblivious.
    I need to change that.

  83. the guys on the fight boards are discussing who brash will fight in the ahl…lol…he wouldnt fight in the NHL!
    some think hes gonna go out there to prove his worth to other NHL clubs…im hoping he gets tuned up,or better yet refuses fights and cries to be put on the PP…lol.
    A bagel sez he retires by may.

  84. yeah tr,against the bridgeport sound tigers,who have a top fighter in trevor gillies,he might want to test ol huggy.

  85. Unfortunately for the Rangers, Huggy Bear’s contract will count against the Rangers’ cap even if he retires because of the over 35 stipulation. The only way to get him off of the cap is to trade him.

    Sather is such an idiot, it’s just incredible.

  86. Yes, I’ll be watching the women’s game. My only complaint about the hockey this olympics is the smaller ice surface. I really want to see the big rink.

  87. AO is not second best to Crosby. They both make players around them better. Crosby maybe best ever within 5 ft of the net and a great backhand. AO does so much more, he can take a team on his back like no other, changes energy levels in the game in the building and has the better burning desire of the two. More of a natural goal scorer as well. It’s a easy pick for me in AO. He is a bit of a spot picker, leaves his feet often to wreck someone, but hey if there not calling it he would be crazy to stop. It’s his year this year like Ken Morrow yuck! Gold Medal and Stanley Cup ring.

  88. Olga Folkyerself on

    Crosby or Ovechkin ?

    Ovechkin ten times out of ten. If Crosby didn’t have the NHL bending over backwards for him, Malkin, Kovalchuk and Gaborik would be rated higher than hot dog lips too.

  89. WOW I see the refs are going to be complete fair calling the game for their team. Whistle was blown, Canada scores – goal stands. pfft

    5 – 0

  90. mikeA- i know u follow the pack, ive been watchin their games recently and noticed that grachev does not look anything like he did during the training camp. now i only saw a few games but his stickhandling looks pretty poor and for a guy his size, he gets knocked off the puck easy. only players i thought were fast enough and skilled enough to play on the rangers right now were locke, weisse, and heikkenen. maybe owens or pap too.. but their d are soft as hell around the net. from what i saw they are like slower versions of redden that are softer than redden. maybe theyre just in a slump, but i wasnt too impressed with their defensive play and grachev looks like voros out there. please tell me this is not the prospects we all think are gonna take over the team some day

  91. Ironic. I was just looking at the “in the system” section on the official website. You really don’t hear about many guys being deemed “up and coming”…and I had to laugh, Patrick Rismiller is still in the system.

  92. james- have u watched any hartford games lately? if u go to atdhe or channelsurfing they show ahl games. watch a game and you’ll see what im talkin about. i find it funny how some people want grachev up here. im not jokin lisin is better than him from what i saw. hes big but he played soft. i remember he lit up the ohl last season with 40 goal or whatever. but all i know is, if papsmear or locke can light up the ahl, and grachev looks like this all the time, hes gonna be another jessiman.

  93. Thanks Great White. I’ll check a couple out. Keep trying to get to a game in Hartford or see them v Bridgeport but I have no time. I made an assumption that Grachev may get a shot when they made the trade of Jokinen but it didn’t happen. Guess it’s another hyped up situation.

  94. lol Dixon Ward was one of the better Wolfpack players once upon a time too. Brash standing out isn’t a very good sign for the Pack

  95. Rick,

    If you’re watching this women’s game. What do you think… I’d be interested to know…. At 13 – 0 now, should Canada make more passing plays coming into the offensive zone since the game is pretty much over OR go for the throat and still continue to try and score as much as they can? One more period left to play, there is 1:16 left in the 2nd….

    What do you think? And of course I like to know ALL of your opinions…

  96. dded, thanks for reading….yeah, imagine what it’s like to gt Clancys every single day in your mail box…I do it for love, like this!

    Bob, of course Josh is still 26.

    Carp at game tomorrow!!

    P.S. all, as of Monday when Carp goes on break, you won’t be getting carped but blogmama’d….what ya gonna do about that wicky! bwaaaa haaaa haaaa! Hey Izzy, you think you’re better than me?

  97. I remember hearing about that 82 – 0 game. There was something like 230 shots on goal. My Lord how is that possible!??! LOL It was Slovakia vs Bulgaria

  98. I remember hearing about that 82 – 0 game. There was something like 230 shots on goal. My Lord how is that possible!??! LOL It was Slovakia vs Bulgaria

    Mess like this? I think China will play the US well. Heard they have a good team.

  99. evitage, press box, right above the Zamboni entrance, baby.

    Mako, no. Not watching. Is there a goals-for or goal-differential tiebreaker? If so, then you have to pile it up. If not, you pull back, although that’s harder to do in hockey than, say, football or hoops.

  100. Dunno LOL I just did a wiki on her nothing came up about him. But if you watched the whole game thus far. She hasnt played that bad.

  101. Izzy, we’ll see :)

    Tomorrow all ….and Happy Valentines Day to all the heads! (well, not all, but the majority of you :) And definitely to all the Mrs. heads who put up with us and your boneheaded husbands!

    and to the blogettes too! special shout out to Clinton! Heal up man! May is coming soon…

  102. Rick,

    Thank you for answering. I really dont know I’ll have to check. But they were considering a “Mercy Rule” since that national blow out with Slovakia vs Bulgaria. yeah I was just hoping that I’d see them make some pretty passing plays and show some fair sportsmanship.

    Canada just broke the goal total record at 17.

    As I typed this its 18-0

  103. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    grabby, you’re wonder of it all comment reminded me of that foxwoods commercial!!

  104. Howdy all.

    Only caught the hi-lights from last night (err, happy hour ran into happy night, lol). Great win, but owies for MDZ. 50 stitches? Poor kid :(

    How’s everyone doing this evening?

  105. linda- did u ever play hockey growing up? with the boys? one of my friends used to play with us but we played full contact with no equipment so she played goal. she was good at it too. i remember i used to aim right for the helmet just to mess with her but she was tough and not scared at all. granted we played with a ball, cuz the pucks dont glide on road surfaces very well. she was clutch too. back before we had money for equipment, we used to do what goldberg did in mighty ducks. district 5 style newspaper taped to our legs and cardboard and all that crazy stuff

  106. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    Grabby, we’d play floor hockey in gym for about a month in junior high. I remembered one time I was in goal, it was hilarious!!! I stoned this one kid and he was pissed!! And I’d always have a Rangers t shirt on in Islander country when we played! good times my bro used to play dek hockey out at plaza sporting goods in centereach

  107. LMFAO @ AMBER ALERT!!!!

    HOLY HELL LINDA! I bought my first adult set of hockey equipment in centereach!!!

    Men’s luge on that monster of a track!

  108. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    luge is absofreakinlutely insane! those who do that have balls, and nerves of steel!!!

    LMAO MAKO,i lived about 10 minutes from that place

  109. That was fun dragging my huge hockey bag filled with everything back to NYC on the LIRR ! LOL


  110. Speaking of Rocky, it’s a shame Brash*t couldn’t have been as tough as Apollo Creed.

    And id give anything to see Dredden challenge someone to a fight, and drop some Apollo Creed quotes.

    One thing i know for sure, Dredden is the “Master of Disaster”, at least when it comes to his defensive game…actually no, his entire game!

  111. ORR,

    Have you ever been with a woman? Your fleshlight doesn’t count BTW. You should get out of the basement, your childish sexual references are getting old.

  112. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    he can’t have flair on his costume??? lmao, arent those costumes total flair????? did he sleep with lumberg??

  113. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    mako, did you have someone pick you up at the ronkonkoma train station and bring you there???

  114. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    i cant believe i am stuck watchin effin house! if i go upstairs, then i have no computer…

  115. CHUCK

    How aboot you post as who you really are.

    And yeah, i have, but don’t get excited, cause i sure as sh*t wont give you pointers.

    It’s pretty simple, if you don’t know how to get it on with a girl, it’s simple, just practice with you dvd player. You take the disc out of the case, you put it in the disc drive, and when you’re done, you take it out, and put it back in the case.

    See, was that sooo hard ? Actually, don’t answer that.

  116. Yes. It was a friend of a friend….

    OHNO won the silver. S. Korea was 1, 2, & 3 at the final lap and the 2nd & 3rd knocked themselves out. So US Silver and Bronze.

  117. Back from the Olympics

    On that Gomez asset exchange- Out the asset door with 7.5 Mil on Gomez. In the asset door 7.5 with Gaborik deal. And on top of that this a 1st Rounder No 12 pick McDonough. Now that is really pulling something out of your hat.

    About the only thing your buddy Brooks has to show is his Avery.

  118. LMAO!! Carp: Ohno?! Is that what Brashear said when they told him to pack his bags for Hartford?

    love when the blogfather is here…did i say i was signing off?? oh, yes, I did…..leaving crackville…:)

    Linda, same back at ya! thanks!


  119. Anyone see Jagr’s pants last night LOL He looked like a little kid holding the flag.

    And OHNO to the Japanese girl who wiped out on the mogul

  120. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    lol if you want to get technical,almost NOBODY goes by their real names in here! ;-)

  121. How so ? I think you’re not who you say you are, that’s my personal opinion.

    Ive been through this before. I remember that one douchebag from a year or two ago that used to make aboot 3 or 4 different names just so he can have someone that agrees with him. Haha, what a loser. He must not have any friends, poor guy.

    It’s pretty clear what’s going on here, my sexual references annoy you cause you’re not getting any. So what ? Don’t blame me, go out and find a way to get laid…..legally of course. Don’t take the Avery route.

    Orrrr “chuck”, you can do yourself a big favor, and skip my posts, but i don’t think you’ll do that, cause nobody hear that says they’ll do that ever does.

    Okay? Or do you still want to go on ???

  122. Chuck, Orr, c’mon now. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Admit it, you guys heart each other.

    Bert, I still don’t understand the point you’re obviously trying to make to me. Are you Scott Gomez?

  123. Orr,

    I’m not a fake, and I normally do skip your posts because you bring absolutely nothing of value to this blog. While your posting “aboot dublowski” tomorrow night I’ll be out with my girl.

  124. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey Carp- I’ve been behaving tonight! I didn’t say anything at all about ORR Pulling the Baloney Pony…

  125. MAKO
    February 13th, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    If you’re watching this women’s game. What do you think… I’d be interested to know…. At 13 – 0 now, should Canada make more passing plays coming into the offensive zone since the game is pretty much over OR go for the throat and still continue to try and score as much as they can? One more period left to play, there is 1:16 left in the 2nd….

    What do you think? And of course I like to know ALL of your opinions…


    Being on the Slovakian side of things all too often I find it more embarrassing if the other team lets up.

    Was the Slovakian goalie wiping tears from her face?

    What if Canada played Bulgaria?

  126. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    you guys are brutal to my adopted son ;-) come on, you were all 20 once. he’s a bit wacky, but is consistent!

    i do have to give Chuck props on his last sentence though, thats just funny

  127. I think that when teams advance to the medal round, if here are enough tiebreakers han golas for/against and differential all count so they should win 80-0 if they can.

  128. I didn’t go through the thread here yet, but supposedly Prucha got hurt pretty bad tonight with James Neal being the deliverer of the hit. Not sure if it was dirty and I can’t find any video of it.

    Anyone else hear about or see it?

  129. “CHUCK”

    You’re right, im just busting your chops, you are you, you’re too much of a whiner to be anyone else. And good luck tomorrow with your “girlfriend”, i hope she’s real, cause you don’t want to end up like Salty Dupuis, all old and alone.

    And for the love of Hank, stop saying you skip my posts cause CLEARLY YOU DO NOT !

    Get a life.

  130. From the Rodent:

    “Petr Prucha diagnosed with a “mild concussion”. He’s left the hospital.”

  131. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    scary!! he was on the ice.. with his hands in the air…trying to lift his head a bit until the trainer got out there and he just held his head down until the stretcher got there.

  132. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    the coyotes announcers said neal hit with the shoulder but got his elbow up into the head.

  133. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    Nasty thats pretty amazing because seeing him on the ice, and then how they had him strapped in, was pretty scary

  134. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    i had it on hockeystreams which doesnt allow me to share it. should be on youtube before too long

  135. Chucky Cheese, reeeead, reeeead, it’s not that hard to do.

    Good luck skipping my posts.

    1. I have no idea what you mean. I can reeead.

    2. Luck has nothing to do with it neckbeard.

  136. Grabby, they all don’t have any friends, and love to argue with people, im glad to help them out, and give them the highlight of their week.

    I just hope they actually don’t dislike me, and it’s all just fun and games, cause that would make them a little more pathetic than they already are.

    Izzy/Olga, yeah, you had to take the night off cause you needed to lay down and write up some new material. Go outside and have some fun already, you’ll be surprised at how cool it is to live your life.

    Chucky Cheese, what i meant was, i already told you i didn’t think who i thought you were, and then you said “im not who you think i am”, duuuurrrr. By the way, if you were “skipping my posts”, how did you know aboot Salty Balls ? I don’t like liars.

  137. hhaha good one!! this blog is crazy lately. im out. my 3 year old daugter is a nutjob. she wants to watch zombieland that new comedy zombie flick with woody harrelson. idk how she even knows about it. probably her dumbass mother.

  138. u da man mike! I’m watching yes man right now. Jim Carrey forever. Good Job by Hanzal to stick up for prucha.

  139. Olga/Izzy, now i know something is wrong with you. How can you imagine your “brother” wanking ?

    Grooooo-oooossss. I knew you were a little weird, but this confirms it.

    I would recommend a therapist, but then you’d probably lose what ever child-like charm you have left, and you would be pretty much useless around here.

  140. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Last game before the break!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Gonna be an early game this time.

    Happy Valentine to you all!!!!!

  141. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    I forgot in my post last night that as much as I liked dubi’s comment about sid, it still sucks that he did not jump in on cooke while holding a girardi like position and rozy had to do it…I’m back to that paper dragon feeling about dubi.

    I am reposting my last post form the last thread so that everyone understands why I am typing this….trade anisimov now because he is the next prucha (neal throttled him)


    February 13th, 2010 at 3:30 am
    Just done watching the dvr’d game….rozy, good on ya…girardi must be so ashamed. I bet he can’t wait to be traded. Glad lisin wasn’t in the line up. still need to trade rozy. I hope we resign prust. I give AA a shelf life of about 3 years in the NHL, he is as bad as prucha about letting himself get lit up once a game by the other team. I’m beginning to think we should send him and rozy to dallas for richards because he will not survive much longer in the NHL without keeping his head up. Orpik was a man among boys out there!! So, if gabby doesn’t go on sunday, I’m sure shelly is in, but I wonder if someone else sits? I would use boyle on D a bit in games like tonight. Boyle played a hard game tonight! Dubi’s comment was hilarious!!!! We better resign prust!! Good TEAM cohesiveness tonight. Jagr still sucked as a captain!!

    Happy Valentines Day!!

  142. this blog is hilarious!makes the other ranger blogs seem so upity and tightassed.
    LMAO in the wee hours of Vday…thanks guys,Carp.

    btw,Brash challenged Pascal Morency,and turned down Gillies.

  143. off to work,heres my early prediction..
    Prust versus Thompson,Shelley vs Walker/Konopka
    oh..and Rangers 3,Bolts(bolts,lol)1
    L G R!!!

  144. ANYONE SUGGEST a online website for me to see a ‘replay’ of today’s afternoon Ranger game. I dont have a DVR

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