Now it’s really go time!


The Rangers needed grit and sandpaper and fists, and they got all of that this evening in Jody Shelley. Of course, I was the last to find out, being at a basketball game all afternoon.

Here’s the release from the Rangers:

In exchange for a conditional draft pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft
            New York, February 12, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Jody Shelley from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for a conditional draft pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft.
                Shelley, 34, has skated in 36 games for San Jose this season, tallying three assists and 78 penalty minutes.  He ranks second on the team in penalty minutes, including a team-high 10 fighting majors.  He logged 10:25 of icetime while skating in his 500th career NHL game on January 4 vs. Los Angeles.  Shelley registered two assists, along with 11 penalty minutes and a plus-two rating in a four-game span from October 10 vs. Minnesota to October 19 at the New York Rangers.  He missed 23 games due to injury from November 10 to December 31.
                The 6-3, 230-pounder has registered 14 goals and 29 assists for 43 points, along with 1,310 penalty minutes in 517 career regular season contests with the Columbus Blue Jackets and San Jose Sharks.  In 2002-03, he led the NHL in fighting majors (27), and ranked first in the league with a career-high 249 penalty minutes.  He established a career-high in assists (seven) and points (10), and tied his career-high in goals (three) while leading Columbus and finishing fourth in the NHL with 163 penalty minutes during the 2005-06 season.  Last season, Shelley led San Jose with 116 penalty minutes and 16 fighting majors, and registered two goals and two assists in 70 games.  He made his NHL debut on February 17, 2001 vs. Pittsburgh, and recorded his first NHL point with a goal on December 15, 2001 at Los Angeles.  In addition, Shelley has skated in seven career post-season contests with San Jose.
                The Thompson, Manitoba native was originally signed as a free agent by the Calgary Flames on September 1, 1998.

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    So sad that LQ has to go to BC late because of the game…. Are they playing against another AHL goalie? LOL

  2. First off thank goodness this is the last visit to the Igloo. I have 22 years of bad Rangers memories in this dump of a building with the announcer that sounds part Chucky Cheese, part Neo Geo early 90s fighting game.

    This was a dumb trade and might have just officially killed any chance Dane Byers had of ever playing for the Rangers. You gotta spend a pick where you could potentially get a gem to bury one-two mistakes and hold back letting Byers or Weisse from playing a whole 5 minutes a night?

    Is Brent Johnson gonna be Ken Dryden tonight?

  3. I have no pregame coverage from Pittsburgh, only about preview monitor music from Center ICE…

    How about Gaborik playing tonight ????

    Carp, I wonder your basketball games starting at afternoon time during a normal working days ?

    How is it going with the snow ????

  4. I’m ready to go fans!

    I PROMISE that I will only give up the puck a couple of times tonight … AND that I will throw a couple of hits … maybe

  5. event summary page stated Gabby playing but I think its not updated because its listed all players right now….

  6. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    the alleged shooter is a Harvard educated neuroscientist…she was denied tenure

  7. “The bright side? They keep tanking, maybe they’ll land this kid:”

    With a lottery pick I’d take Seguin.

  8. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    so glad i have hockey streams and they are showing olympic fluff right now…grrrrrrrrrrr

  9. FYI, whatever happened with the tiny type, it was not me! I wasn’t even near the pool…

    I will never go to Mohegan Sun until they change those byfuglien commercials. ugh!

    Oh Gabby, be careful!

  10. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    this has been a sad day, with the death of the olympian earlier and now this shooting here….

  11. WOW! A pre-game interview with somebody called Crosby or something from the idiots on FSN Pittsburgh. What stunning originality!

  12. What a shame… My thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family! And to echo those thoughts with the people from Alabama University!

  13. I’m normally quite a positive person, but three hours of listening to Steigerwald and Errey always pushes me closer to clinical depression than anything else in life.

  14. wade redden standing in front of the net guarding NOBODY when malkin and crosby are on the ice, he SUCKS i cant take it anymore

  15. This team blows.

    Oh and did anyone just see Sindy on the bench? Is it me or did it look like he was wearing a bluetooth headset?

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Girardi just throws the puck to the corner to get scooped up and passed to Crosby in the slot ,where Hank the tank lets it go in…..Dubinsky hit that guy on his azz ( ORR ) ..see he is showing he cares. Dubinsky is a good player. Give him a chance.

    Giradi the dummy.


  18. orr ur a retard man did u see wade redden pickin his nose in front of the net? he cant guard three players man he tried to get it out off the boards

  19. 4generations; only 4 cups on

    girardi sure is worth more than phil kessel. he really was worth keeping around as a key part of the NYR blueline.

    this is sad shit. (sorry carp) i dont even watch the games anymore, i just go to a few minutes after puck drop to see how much theyre down. jody shelley. sure. we needed another old beat up enforcer. it makes no sense at all. none.

  20. Hmm, I don’t see Gaborik being a factor tonight. With or without him, this will be another loss; he should have taken an extra day for his cut to heal.

  21. if wade redden is behind the net once girardi gains control there liek he SHOULD be, then girardi can give it to him behind the net, where he looked FIRST, before tryin to dump it off the boards, since he had nothing else, redden stood around the whole time he is a joke

  22. how redden is not wearing a jersey that says wolfpack on the front yet is the 8th wonder of the world

  23. we take a penalty against their 4th line. we cant even defend that line. too much stick checking and chasing the puck

  24. czechthemout!!! on

    what an terrible effort so far! Dredden beaton like a rented mule!!! Bad goal by LQ with Dreden standing right in front of him covering no one. Do they have even one scoring chance this period? SELL SELL SELL!!!!!!!!!


  25. they better not let Malkin shoot from the point, they need to hav callahan or dubinsky pressure him everytime the puck comes to him the way they did with ovechkin the other night

  26. Just watching NBC highlighting the upcoming games, and they’re already kissing the Canadian whiner’s ass.

  27. Crosby is so fast!

    I think I’m just going to stand in front of LQ and wait for him to come to me …

    Wait a sec, how did that puck get …

  28. Watching this, I’m really confused at how this team managed to average 4 goals per game through the first 15 or so. I just don’t get it. Aside from Gaborik, they have NO talent.

  29. o my god linda sorry… that is one of the worse duo’s in all of sports to listen to, such homers, especially the play by play guy stiegerwald or whatever his name is, bob errey sucks too

  30. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    yea they are pretty horrible!!!!! wow hope thats bad karma, showing a drawing in the new arena on some sheetrock of the 2010 Stanley Cup

  31. Linda

    They said he was “sitting up” that’s a good thing. Joe M has been kinda quite since that’s happened….

  32. No, Linda. JUst that he was sitting up on the trainers table. That’s about it. No word on stitches yet.

  33. he is, thats why he made that play in the fist play to even get the puck, if wade redden knew somethin about positioning none of that woudl have happened

  34. Well. at least it is only 1-0. But 3 players banged up…not good. Ha, Nostrils interview coming up!!

  35. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    LW are you going crazy like i am???? they interview him before the game, now he’s the intermission guest… are you freakinkidding me??

  36. Just for once do I want to see this team play some old style Flyers check anything that moves hockey.

  37. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    that must have occured in the 15 minutes these two clowns were talking about what a hard worker crosby is

  38. imagine if crosby got injured during this game while the opening ceremony is going on. I bet they would stop it!

  39. Linda – Stay strong, we can get through this. We just have to pretend that we really do give a flying Byfuglien that Crosby shoveled snow and had a paper round as a kid (“Oh, he just like one of us!”) while ignoring the play in the Pens zone for a good 30 seconds and not giving a damn about how MDZ is.

    WOW! A first period intermission interview with the Kidney too! We’re so blessed.

  40. john giannone asks some of the most obvious questions ever
    “Do you have to think about defense as much as offense when your on the ice against the opposing teams’ best player?”
    na mannn we’re gona hang on the blueline and wait til wade redden steals the puck and hits us with a home run pass, YEA WE HAVE TO THIKN ABOUT DEFENSE

  41. Tank The Season on

    More clownery. Hope we got Jody Shelley as a sideshow act while we sell and tank.

    Just end the season. Pittsburgh is a contender we could be too if we didn’t have $18.5M committed to Drury Redden and Rozsival and therefore had the space to put forth a NHL roster.

    Sather must swing from the highest pole.

  42. czechthemout!!! on

    I think Sather has finally figured it all out. Using his brilliant intelect and his exceptionaly hing hockey IQ, he is slowly assembling an allstar goon team. We now have Prust,Voros,Shelly, Brashear, and a couple of superstar and quasi goons in Brian Boyle and Sean Avery. He now needs to sign Danny Cloutier to play goal and also he needs to add George Larouche, go get Krisztof Oliwa from the khl to provide some european goon flair. But that still leaves them short of several players. Does anyone know where we can find some more goons? Glennie needs your help!

  43. A Ranger got injured? When? Not on FSN Pittsburgh it didn’t.

    I thought it was bad when I completely missed Torts chewing out MDZ on Wednesday because the Predators announcers said it was Potter who took the double minor (even for several minutes after the PP goal) and the coverage didn’t show it.

    But the Pens coverage is always so, so much worse. Did I ever mention that I hate Steigerwald and Errey?

  44. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    For that reason alone LW, I am thinking about going back to gamecenter next season. at least you can get the radio feed with our announcers even if the video feed is the other teams

  45. Czech – how about pulling McSorely out of retirement. Sather would probably give him 3 yrs @ $6 million per & a no trade contract

  46. I really hope Cally is OK, it would be an absolute tragedy for him to miss the Olympics.

    If Cally and Del Z are injured for any length of time; sell, sell, sell.

    And Bobby Sangs, Mike Sauer, and PA Parenateau all out for the Pack now for those keeping track.

  47. Sad van is all gassed up and cleaned out from our last outing. Might make a stop in Shutout City before we make our way down to Frown Town. Who’s in?

  48. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    LW, you think we could get lucky and see Sidney Crosby # retirement ceremony & raising tonight??

  49. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    ANY GUY who wears a baby blue jersey honestly needs to turn in his man card! are you freakin KIDDING ME!!! baby blue??????? on a male beyond the age of 1 ?????

  50. Izzy, hey, I feel no love and ticks me off too, but it worked more than a decade ago:

    “Keenan telling them what the Rangers need to do. That’s all we need…”

  51. czechthemout!!! on

    By the way, to all those Dubi doubters he is just one goal shy of his carrer high with another 22games to go.

  52. My wife’s comment to my reaction to the Rangers’ goal:

    “Well, look at that. You know what we’re gonna do with that? We’re gonna put that right up here on the fridge. You got a star!”


  53. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao!!! you gotta give ORR credit, at least he is consistent!

    good job dubi!

  54. czechthemout – and dubi missed time this year, he is progressing, despite all the haters just bc he held out

  55. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    he IS consistent, whether he’s right or wrong or indifferent, he does not waiver in his stand on things

  56. “I really hate idiots who bang on the glass. What is the point?”


    AMEN Shor! Ugh its so freaking annoying!

  57. matt cooke, 2 mins for hooking, oh wait he did it to avery no call… i mean these are obvious calls man hate to complain but give us a freakin power play

  58. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    crap… i am sooo far behind…. it sucks not being able to celebrate with you guys when it happens… well

  59. I hate always hearing how when you fight after you have been clean hit means you get an instigator. this is rediculous! now they dont get one?!


  61. i dont want to break the TOS here but my dislike for matt cooke goes all the way back to him cross checkin my boy back in the ohl.

    never punch a guy when he is down on the ice


    he broke the unwritten rules he deserves to get his face SMASHED IN.

  62. at least rozsival has some heart, dude was throwin haymakers as drury was layin on ground, he should get extra, such BS this league is so pro-crosby pro-penguins it makes me sick

  63. Honestly…that was very funny… they were like talking to each other when Drury was laying there…

    good show by Chris tonight!

  64. linesman should b ashamed for lettin that crap happen and we get a guy tossed cuz of it, what a joke

  65. Rangers playing with a lot of, um, JAM this period.

    Rozsival gets a ten minute misconduct, not game.

  66. Jumping in to help a teammate, you are dammed if you do, you are dammed if you don’t. Did Rozi get tossed out of game or a 10 minute?

  67. I dont understand why Rozi get a 3rd man…. he didnt have his gloves off, he didnt fight, he was bent over at the waist and was leaning on cooke… its not like he was overly aggressive pulling at him. These firetrucking refs reffing their Pens game.

  68. Clutch would still be getting a beating there if that was Girl-ardi standing there instead of Blowsival

  69. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    games against the habs and pens are THE WORST officiated games for every team

  70. For once in my life, I’m standing up for Rozsival. The guy did not deserve ANY penalty on that play. All he did was try to pull Cooke away from Drury, who was prone and getting pounded on. That is a terrible call by the refs.

  71. yea that call was horrendous. drury’s on the ground getting his face smashed in and rozsival gets a misconduct for breaking it up? that’s retarded. finally this team showing a little mettle though

  72. This is a BS rule and should be changed:

    47.16 Third Man In – A game misconduct penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on any player or goalkeeper who is the first to intervene (third man in) in an altercation already in progress except when a match penalty is being imposed in the original altercation. This penalty is in addition to any other penalties incurred in the same incident.

    This rule also applies to subsequent players or goalkeepers who elect to intervene in the same or other altercations during the same stoppage of play.

  73. Jokinen and Gilroy on the points is a shorthanded goal waiting to happen.

    I can’t wait for the inevitable third period storyline of how Matt Cooke bravely turned the momentum of the game in the Pens’ favour.

  74. Did I miss something on the blowsival call? Did he do more than tug on a jersey or did he just get called for being a wuss?

  75. Yeah, LOOK at Dupuis with that speeeed, and the clutch wide shot.


    yeah, while killing a penalty. you are beyond hopeless…try baseball.

  76. Leetchhalloffame on

    Hear Slats is going to sign Reg Dunlap after the O break to play on a line with Shelley.

  77. how great woudl it be to injure crosby badly so that he couldnt play in the olympics, i would absolutely love that

  78. HAHAHA thats like when a kid bends down and another kid pushes someone over them. Take that crosby!

  79. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    aw we all know the trainer will just adjust his hemrrhoid, reinflate the lips and he’ll be back to his diving whining self

  80. I swear Cindy is nothing but the C word. Sorry Ladies. He chopped Dubi – that should be a GD penalty!

  81. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    did they seriously NOT play the entire Canadian National ANthem?? what the hell they better play it now!!

  82. I wonder if Cindy’s going to need some extra Botox in those lips with all his diving out there.

    Then Cindy slashes dubi WHILE THE REF IS BETWEEN THEM. What a dirty little sissy.

  83. MAKO, that rule wasn’t the penalty. That rule is for a game misconduct. They gave Rosi a 10-minute. He comes back in the third. It’s a completely stupid call by the refs. And the key wording in what you posted was, “At the referee’s discretion” – they should have completely disregarding Rosi on that play.

  84. ChrisOD

    I know which stands to reason EXACTLY what you said. I just dont understand. These effin refs change the rules as they go and do & call whatever they want.

  85. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    because crosby doesnt have much testosterone
    i’ve seen ladies with a better playoff beard than him

  86. Damn! I can’t believe they didn’t call a penalty on Crosby on that slash after the whistle. Well, I can believe it, but damn, it just is not right.

    We are going to have to weather the storm that they are going to bring in the first 5 minutes. If we can, I think we will be okay. IMO, the team that scores next will win this game.

  87. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    that was THE Longest version of the Canadian National anthem i have EVER heard

  88. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , Dubinsky is showing finnese ,grit and scoring ability without Gaborik or Jagr helping him. Brandon Dubinsky is all heart. He is all Ranger!!! Give ’em a break cuz hes young and hes one of our own. People on here “rag” you cuz they think yer young and stuiped. Little they know , you were here along time cheering on this team giving your points and yer take on the new guys and such. People like yer posts and you have gotten better as you have gotton older. Give Dubinky the respect you deserve and some other posters around here should not belittle you for spelling and eratical trade requests.

  89. Crosby: the only guy who can slash someone while the ref holds ’em still

    ORR, yeah I’m totally ashamed of talking on a forum dedicated something I know about. You’d think you’d have learned something by now all the posts you make day in day out!

    LOVE DUBINSKY…Calling Sidney out for being a bitch. I’ll take it.

  90. Cindy misses Olympic with undisclosed “upper upper body injury”, then next week we see him on E! True Hollywood Story: when Botox goes bad.

    Haha dubi saying “he’s such a little baby at times”.

  91. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    damnit please tell me you’re kidding with that line from dubi! HOLY SHIP someone send me that clip please!!

  92. Tank – I think Gabby won’t be any worse – he just tried to do too much too soon – the wound is painful and it needs time to heal. I doubt it’ll open back up. Worst case is the wound gets infected, but he’s on antibiotics to prevent that. I think he’ll be fine. He just has no strength in that leg right now.

  93. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    GO RANGERRSSSSSS!!!!!! I LIKE WINNING!!!!!!!!!!! whooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!

  94. Two poll questions:

    If Drury made $1 mill a year – how would you honestly feel about him?

    If Crosby was a Ranger, would you still think he’s a whiner and a baby?

  95. “He’s such a little baby sometimes” should be the new quote under Dubi’s picture on the Boneheads FB Page. lol

  96. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    She had a great voice Laurel, it just took a really long time . Thankfully it was NOT celine dion…eeeeeeeeew just horrid!

  97. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    someone needs to post a link to that on the FB if one is available. damnit i wanna see it!!

  98. Salt Balls, but ya just don’t get it, you’re supposed to be perfect, you’re supposed to know EVERYTHING, but in the end, you’re exactly like Stan Fishler, except he makes me money than you do.


    That doesn’t matter. If he plays consistently, putting up some points, actually DOING something game in and game out, then yeah, i can change my opinion of him. But, unlike some of the Dublowsky ass kissers, im not gonna become a fan of the guy after he scores 1 goal every 5-6+ games.

  99. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao @ TR!! he’s got all the talent inthe world, but he’s too much of a whiny, diva child

  100. Yeah the Crosby thing is just like Brashear. I would totally put up with him as long as he is doing all the great things he does. obviously, Brashear just brought his goonery and did absolutely nothing. But I’ll take crosby’s goals and put up with the crying…..I guess!

  101. fleury looks shaky, prospals shot went thru him, dubi poked the puck loose from him behind his net before, lets get shots early and often

  102. If Drury made $1 mill a year – how would you honestly feel about him?

    *Like he was paid accurately. The C on his shoulder would remain nauseating.*

    If Crosby was a Ranger, would you still think he’s a whiner and a baby

    *Absolutely. Would still think he’s Top 2 in the world though.*

    Gotta run to my own game folks, hard to pull away from the tube right now… great game so far

  103. how is redden out there when crosby and malkin are, i dont get that, i rather hav any of the other d-men who are sucking wind from the last shift then hav redden out against them, anybody

  104. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    there’s no way Redden and his albatross contract can still be on this team next year destroying our cap for yet another season (with 3 more years after that to follow)…he MUST be waived this summer

    if I had season tickets I wouldn’t renew until Redden is off this roster

  105. Once again, Izzy/Olga thinking aboot my Johnson again.

    Why are you so attracted to me ? It’s kind of weird, do words turn you on ? Hahaha, you must be one of those cyber freaks. Lemme guess, after you catch Carps latest post, it’s back to webcam fun with the Michelle from Utah, who’s divorced with 5 children ?

    And enough of this Captaincy BS. It’s a stupid letter, it doesn’t matter who has it. The leaders on the team don’t need it to be leaders.

  106. Still Gotta Fire Sather on

    “Time of the Crosby hat-trick goal, anyone?”


    7.7 seconds…so clutch

  107. anisimov is gona b good, imagine he had a legit forward as a linemate for a sustained period of time to work together with, he has to do everything by himself out there most of the time

  108. Beautiful Classy Black 3 quarter coat with white pants and that beautiful flag! I was just possessed by Avery.

  109. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    if they are gonna have NHL players in the Olympics, and close down for 2 weeks,they should at least let the athletes walk in with their country for the opening ceremonies

  110. Agreed Linda – but its that DB Bettman who scheduled the games tonight along with the opening ceremonies.

  111. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao jb the pen guys


  112. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on


    jb, i was saying the pen guys said what you said after your posted it!

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    we win , we win we win…whooo..wait..ahhh yeahh we won.

  114. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    lmao @ we won a game

    against the pens….bettman must have soiled his feetie pajamas!

  115. what did the pittsbrugh broadcast sound like when jokinen scored linda???

    he shoots, he scores, game over

    if pens won


  116. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    i love it when the Rangers win in Pitt or Montreal, the announcers act like you just killed their families

  117. Steigerwald sounded like a doctor telling a patient that he had a terminal disease and that his wife had left him. But he sounds like that on every goal scored against the Pens.

  118. Sather's WrapUp on

    Hello From Pittsburgh, Ranger Fans!

    Rangers win the last game at the Igloo. I heard that some local insurance company, The Sniffen Corporation, bought the naming rights to the new stadium. I think they’re going to call it the Sniffen-Gloo. Well, that explains the look on Crosby’s face…

    (singing) “Oh, We’ll have fun, fun, fun until Daddy takes the Garden awayyyyy” That’s Dolan’s new ringtone. Hey, Big Guy! Wha?! Whoa! Wait a minute… now don’t get all hopping mad like that! I know the last game wasn’t a sellout. How is it MY fault? It was a freakin’ blizzard! Well, you’re just gonna have to wait one more game to buy that diamond studded bath mat. You’re filthy rich, just be filthy for a while… (click) Putz!

    Keenan! C’mon in! Are you keeping an eye on Torts like I asked you to? You say HE was the one that told Dolan we didn’t get a sellout? Why that little twerp, I knew he was out for my job! Looks like I might be shopping for another coach. Mike, you know anyone that would be interested? Ewww, is that drool?

    Where’s Brashear? Brash, my Million Dollar Doorstop– I’m so sorry about the waivers- Now don’t get mad at me. If you want to beat on some one, it was all Torts idea. I’m sure gonna miss you helping me out here around the suite. Going anywhere I wanted you to go… Believe me, after you and I negotiated your contract, there wasn’t a day when I didn’t want to tell you where to go. Good bye, Brash, if there’s anything I can do to help…

    (riiiing) Hey, Shoney- Glennie here. Listen up! Brashear is on his way down to Hartford. I want you to give him plenty of work. NO! Not ice time- WORK! Make him clean up the locker room, sweep the bench, run the Zamboni between periods, wash the jerseys… I’m gonna get a million four out of him one way or another!

    Well, one more game before the Olympic break. The rosters are frozen so I can’t make any mistakes for a while. Pass the scotch, will ya?

    Uncle Glennie

  119. Did MSG really just ask, in its poll, if you were going to start a franchise would want Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr or Sidney Crosby? Give me a freakin’ break.

  120. >>jb, i was saying the pen guys said what you said after your posted it!

    Which comment, Linda? The one about the save or “Joki Joki”?

  121. Surely the correct question is: “If you were going to tank to get a franchise player, would you want Lemieux, Crosby or Malkin?”

  122. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    it is so annoying to watch something with someone who then asks questions about stuff they just said! they just introduced these two and clintons like, is that his wife… oh man!!!

  123. I am waiting for Kanye West to jump out and say “Now Canada, I am going to let you finish hosting the Olympic games, but first I got to say that USA is the best Olympians OF ALL TIME!”

  124. CARP

    When you think aboot it, it’s kind of a good question.

    1. Do you want Mario, the guy who’s career ended because of heart problems, or what ever else he had wrong with him.

    2. Do you want Jagr, a proven Hall Of Famer who had a long great career.

    3. Do you want Crosby, a great player who cries a lot, and has hot dog lips. But, you’ll never know what the future holds for him, maybe he gets alien herpes, and it ends his career at age 27.

    My answer….JAGR !!!!

  125. “I am waiting for Kanye West to jump out and say “Now Canada, I am going to let you finish hosting the Olympic games, but first I got to say that USA is the best Olympians OF ALL TIME!”


    It sucks when innocent people die, like that guy today, yet douchebags like Kanye West get to walk around and live. What a fuggin joy.

  126. ” Do you want Crosby, a great player who cries a lot, and has hot dog lips. But, you’ll never know what the future holds for him, maybe he gets *alien herpes*, and it ends his career at age 27.”



  127. >> the one about the save JB!! almost word for word what you had typed

    Yeah, that was the Cup saving save on Lindstrom.

  128. anyone see Bergfors’ goal to make it 3-2 vs. minnesota?
    beautiful shot top shelf past backstrom, hes been on fire since he was traded, guess hes tryin to prove to Lou that it was a mistake to give him up

  129. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    It was nice to see Rozival have a good game.. taking a penalty with drury down and the pass to olli for the winner.
    Olli needs some eyebows

  130. Torts said “I loved it, i wish he could have gotten more shots in” and the bench was “10 feet high after the fight”. Im not sure if that was because Dredden got the rest of the guys to speed ball on the bench.

    And someone asked aboot the Philly game, and he said “I don’t give a damn aboot Philly”

  131. atlanta scored to make it 4-2 but there was no whistle, and no hand up for a delayed penalty, but they waived goal off because backstrom was hit behind the net, idk it was all crazy, games over now though 3-2 atlanta, final


    Sam, good question to Tortorella! TEAM!

    I think he likes you more than Sam AHAHAAHAAH!

  133. maybe best win of the season. good team. no gaborik and down 1 d man.

    they actually showed some heart..

    the king did not have to be the best guy on the ice.

    enjoy the win.. yea baby……..

  134. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    THANKS BETH! been waiting for an update on MDZ. what a way to start vacation huh???

  135. Does anyone remember Scott Lasky ? He used to do those NYR shows, where he interviewed the players.

    My friend sent me this video, where he pays a guy $1000 to drink this stuff IPECAC and throw up all over the street, then lick it up.

    It’s hilarious. The guy throws up like 6 or 7 times, and barfs all over Lasky’s shoes.

    It’s sort of like Jackass. I gotta find out what the show is.

  136. Linda says ROCKIN JOKINen on

    very nice Goalie! bettman is cryin himself to sleep tonight, and is gettin ready to banish dubinsky to the khl for telling the truth about hot dog lips

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