Bye, bye Igloo (updated … again)


This ain’t exactly the closing of the Montreal Forum or Chicago Stadium or Boston Garden.

The Rangers (barring a playoff series against the Penguins) make their final visit to the Igloo tonight. The oldest building in the league is closing after this season — making Madison Square Garden the World’s Oldest NHL Arena.

No doubt the Rangers memories there are mostly forgettable: The Pittsburgh fans who think every single call or non-call is a complete consipracy against their team, their city. The blood-in-the-water way the Penguins — in their glory years and their down years — would quickly follow one goal with another and (in many cases, against the Rangers) another and maybe even another.

This is the place where Ron Francis scored on Mike Richter from outside the blue line (a 70-footer that, over time, has been stretched to 90 or even 100 feet) in the 1992 playoffs.

This is the place where Theo Fleury, at the end of a road trip on which all his personal demons resurfaced, took a bunch of penalties and instead of going to the box, he left the ice, went and sat on the team bus, claiming he was retiring.

I remember one game during either the Ron Low era or the Muckler era where Floyd Smith, a former NHL coach and then a scout, sat in the pressbox watching an awful Rangers-Penguins game and, in his gruff, gravelly voice, repeatedly going, “Jeeeeesus Christ.”

And Kevin Stevens, in his booming, hilarious way, telling Muckler outside the arena, “(I) scored a couple of big ones in this barn, Johnny.”

This is the place where Phil Esposito fired Michel Bergeron with two games left in the ’88-89 season.  It’s also the place where I had the pleasure and honor of watching playoff games on a TV in Scotty Bowman’s office, with Scotty.

I won’t miss it even a little bit.


LATE MORNING UPDATE, 11:32 a.m.: Marian Gaborik is going out for the morning skate at the moment, which should determine if he’ll be able to play tonight, although it could still be a game-time (after warmups) decision.

And in a few minutes, Donald Brashear should clear waivers (at noon). Then perhaps the Rangers will send him down or  release him, although there’s no reason they couldn’t keep him around.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:32 p.m.: Reports from Pittsburgh are that Gaborik is doubtful for tonight after skating with the team this morning.

Brashear cleared waivers at noon, but there is no immediate transaction, i.e. sending him to Hartford or releasing him. He will not play tonight, and does not have to be removed from the roster just because he cleared waivers.

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  1. the forum… my dad and i were there when it closed.. we tried ripping up the seats @ the end of the game. didnt go over so well.

  2. REPOST:

    Mikey, Crazy Uncle Glen. I like it! If Schoeny takes away all phone and internet access and locks him in a dark room, then maybe he won’t do anything.

    Then again, he IS Glen Sather. Knowing him, he’s got contacts among the half lifes and spririt worlds where he still get deals done. Ohhhh, maybe he IS a half life. Hrm….

  3. Carp, Don’t forget that creepy game in November, 2001 where a fog enshrouded the ice and Dan Blackburn almost got his first shutout. He blanked the Pens through 60 only to lose to Mario in overtime.


  4. Our Ranger franchise is such a rotten, bush league joke. Always has been. One good year. Big deal. With Graves, Richter, Leetch, Kovalev and Zubov this team should have had one good decade, at least. What a horrible curse it is to root for this team. What franchise have we ever tortured? What team hates to play the Rangers, or EVER has? When was the last time a team hated coming into the Garden for a game. The Rangers new name should be the New York Tonic because if any player or team is on any kind of a slump or losing streak, the Rangers are just the tonic they need. Every backup goalie is Ken Dryden. everyone scores their first goal of the season or first NHL goal against the Rangers. Power play slumping? Come on into the Garden. On a six game losing streak? We’ve got just the remedy.

    Until Dolan and Sather are gone this is the worst investment of time, emotion and money taht exists. I’ve had season tickets for 10 years, I should know.

    That’s what Carp’s post elicited from me today.

  5. Kaiser Permanente on

    Went to University out that way. I’ve been to my fair share of games in that hole. The parking sucks, the seats are uncomfortable, and the fans are right up there with the Flyers fans.

    They did have an awesome student rush ticket program in their down years. Could get great seats for about $15 a half hour before game time.

  6. Carp,

    nice post…when was the last time the rangers won there?

    2009-2010 season 0-2 at the igloor
    2008-2009 0-3 at the igloo
    Playoffs 07’08- 0-3 at the igloo, i think the last win was the OT goal by straka sometime during that season


    22 games to play how many points do you guys think we need to get into a playoff spot…44 pts up for grabs… (i know i know most of you want to miss the playoffs but is there anything better than playoff hockey!)

  7. Speaking of (sorta) cheap tickets, I got 30 dollar tickets in section 229 for the the Nashville game the other night, during the snowstorm. Also, beer was 25% off all night. Too bad the Rangers called it in.

  8. Here’s a great one. Imagine if our pathetic franchise was even 1/5th of what the Florida Panthers are (can you believe I said that?). This was a letter addressed to all Panthers fans, I believe on their webnsite.

    Dear Fans,

    Based on our commitment to accessibility, we would like to take this opportunity to give you some insight into our hockey club’s strategy moving forward. After consulting with General Manager Randy Sexton and Head Coach Pete DeBoer, it is clear that our team, the way it is currently structured, is not equipped to meet the goals and objectives that we have set for ourselves, our fans and our partners.

    Those goals are simple: qualify for the postseason on an annual basis, maintain a level of sustainable success, put a product on the ice that we can all be proud of, and compete for a Stanley Cup sometime in the near future. Our discussions with our hockey operations department about the composition and the strength and weaknesses of this Florida Panthers team have been extensive and ongoing, and based on those discussions and the inability to meet our goals, it is obvious that significant change is required.

    Thus, GM Randy Sexton has begun the process of reshaping this team in order to achieve our goals and objectives. This is a multi-step process, beginning now, ahead of the trading deadline, and continuing through the draft, free agency and training camp – so we ask that you assess our success only once this process has run its course.

    Unfortunately, these changes will not always be easy for our fans and supporters to accept or understand. These changes also may not be easy for our coaches, players and staff. But they are necessary. No small changes or quick fixes will do. But please note that these changes are part of an overall plan to make the best use of our current assets and set this franchise up to achieve the success we want as quickly as possible, and to maintain it.

    Clearly, we are not satisfied with some of the players on this team that do not possess the characteristics we need to be successful. We must be accountable for that. Our task moving forward is to acquire players with the attributes, skills and qualities we want in a Panthers player. We must admit the significant shortcomings we have as an organization, and we must move quickly and efficiently to overcome these shortcomings and reshape this franchise on a much more solid foundation.

    As passionate fans and supporters of the Florida Panthers, this is what you deserve, and nothing else will do. Thank you for the emotion, the dedication and the loyalty that you have shown to your Panthers and please know, that as Managing Partners of this franchise, we are working hard to provide you with a hockey team you can be proud to call your own.


    Cliff Viner & Stu Siegel
    Managing Partners
    Florida Panthers Hockey Club

  9. Orr, you’re took much! LOL

    Next question:

    Answer: The worst hair in hockey currently.

    Question is….

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Cullen got dealt for a 2nd round pick and a player. I can’t believe they aren’t going to trade Jokinen or Prospal.

    God, package Prospal with Brashear and take anything!

  11. So Cullen and Moore are worth 2nd rounders? See what happens to your perceived value when you leave the Rangers?

  12. Can anybody believe that the Canada-USA Olympic game will not be shown on NBC??? They’re showing women’s ice-dancing & speed skating instead! Way to promote the game. Boooo.

  13. Messiah – yet another reason why NBC needs to be dropped as the national network of the NHL…

  14. CT, Engblom isn’t current, he’s stuck in the 80s. He just teleports in from there.

    Seth- Aww, but Enver’s got the whole Ringo 60s look going for him. So, props for “trying” to be cool, even though I don’t think that’s the deal. And Dubinsky? *sigh* Me thinks his Mom still combs his hair for him.

  15. Igloo is a barn, nothing more, nothing less. Place is as bad as hockey arena could be, in fact is a insult to any hockey arena in the USA (maybe except Nassau Coliseum).

    But seriously – do you think Rangers are going to make any moves until 3pm today?

    I still think they should trade Dubinsky.

  16. You didn’t say a player MickeyM, just someone that’s currently in hockey. How about Pierre McGuire, he doesn’t have any hair and that forces us to look at his %^&$%^ shaped head.

  17. TR, Garth Murray? Who does he play for? I don’t recognize the name.

    Oh, LI, you are ON today. *rings bell* Hartnell looks like Ronald McDonald would as a caveman.

  18. the florida panthers practice was cancelled today. does anyone think thats its becasue they are making some sort of deal soon with the rangers. both teams could use a good skake up

  19. I was just once in Pittsburgh at the Igloo on my extented tour in 2003 when I watched 10 games in nine different cities but that one without the Rangers participation, as the Penguins with Mario Lemieux in the lineup in a half empty arena beat the Canes 5-2 or something…

    I was only one night in Pittsburgh and took the night train the night before from Chicago to Pittsburgh in very snowy conditions…Thats all I can remember from Mellon Arena…

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    stfraw, why trade Dubinsky? There are other pieces worth trading (Prospal, Jokinen, Lisin) that have less potential than Dubinsky.

  21. CT, I didn’t, you’re right. So, touche. LOL at McGuire. I’d think you were insulting anyone who’s bald, but yeah, he’s just, uhh, not so pretty to look at.

  22. Great, so the host country’s national sport against their closest rival won’t be shown? That is sofa king unforgivable….

    I am blown away by that letter from the Panthers…you could easily put Rangers in there. that organisation is to be commended.

  23. Carp, please can you give me a real honest answer :
    I still dont know what to watch, the Rangers at Pittsburgh at 7.30 pm (1.30 am)or the opening ceremony from Vancouver from the Olympics at 9 pm (3am ) with the possibility that former Rangers Wayne Gretzky will spark the flame, which I dont want to miss…


  24. Messiah94,
    Welcome to the world of network broadcasting, where nothing else but the chase for revenue means anything. It’s very simple – Women watch the Olympics and the sponsors want to sell to women of all types. Ice dancing attracts women viewers and transgenders and cross dressers. NW management drools over potential sponsors who are allowed to call the shots. In the end . . . .who cares. We’ll all be able to see the game on whatever NBC cable cartoon ctation they put it on. Why would anyone think that NBC would do a better job than the NHL does in promoting their game?

  25. Worst hair in hockey is pretty easy…Brent Sutter.

    He has the classic balding look, with the hair on the sides and no hair on top, but he’s hanging on to a little tiny chunk of hair right above his forehead that he just cant seem to let go.

    And NBC is a scumbag network. They cancel Black Donnelly’s, then they screw Conan O’Brien. Fugg them.

    But there is some channel that’s dedicated to Olympic/International stuff. I forgot the name, but the played a couple of games this summer, so im assuming they’ll air the Olympic hockey games. Ill check it out.

    And i agree, we need to trade Prospal, and Jokeinen NOW. Also Dublowski and Daniella G.

    Don’t wait for March.

  26. Doodie, Mike Green doesn’t qualify on the basis that he’s a major douche. And doofus. :)

    Staal, DING!DING!DING! You are correct, sir.

  27. Seth, Trufax. Dubi tries too hard to be cool whereas Enver’s all, ‘yeah, this is my hair. so what?’

    Then again, that doesn’t mean I’d kick Dubi outta my bed. *runs away from Sally*

    (and yes, I am a woman :)

  28. The Klingons respect Picard, even Gowron. And in a head-to-head with Worf, Picard knows more Klingon.

  29. Yeah, the almighty dollar once again reigns supreme. I gotta find someplace else to listen to it… I can not take Doc, and that buffoon Pierre Maguire. Ugh!!!

  30. For those of you clamoring to make trades, who are we trading people for? I assume you want to trade to get better in the future, not because you don’t like the personality of the player.

    Prospal and Jokinen can probably only net mid-round draft picks considering they’re impending unrestricted FA’s.

    Dubinsky, still under control and reasonably affordable for one more year, still has perceived upside and in his short career has shown he plays well when riding shotgun with a superstar player which is not something to overlook.

    Girardi, never had a high ceiling but is a serviceable 3rd pair type guy that probably won’t demand too much after he hits free agency.

  31. >>What franchise have we ever tortured? What team hates to play the Rangers, or
    >>EVER has?

    I hear some hockey team in NJ really hates playing the Rangers in the playoffs. I can’t remember the team’s name right now.

  32. AGrossRecord

    Marian Gaborik says he’s not sure if he can play tonight for #NYRangers. Sounded doubtful though.

  33. Koala, I didn’t even know the opening ceremony is tonight! And if The Great One is lighting the torch, then it’s no contest.

  34. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    dubinsky trying to hard to be cool? i can think of a few more people who fit under that umbrella

  35. haha Carp,
    I still can’t figure Sathers logic on the Brashear move.
    What the hell did he expect?
    I guess he figured at 38 Brashear would have lots left in the tank, and the fans would just forget the past and embrace this guy!

    Nice post by the way.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, it’s been confirmed that Gretzky is NOT lighting the torch. Saw it on the news last night.

  37. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Peter, great job on that post. Too bad we’d never see something like that from one JD and the straight shot

  38. Staal, I ain’t looking at his hair, if ya know what I mean ;) Plus, owwie!

    I’d take a rotting corpse full of worms and maggots for Brashear. It couldn’t play worse than he did.

  39. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Staal, he truly had to be under some type of spell to sign a guy who destroyed the face of a Ranger in a playoff game. And with Brashears history being what it is, did he really think the fans would accept him? After reading that letter Peter posted, and thinking about all the ridiculous stuff that we have been dealing with since these 2 clowns have been in charge, all you can do is shake your head and commiserate with like minded people here. What a sham, and a shame

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    “Prospal and Jokinen can probably only net mid-round draft picks considering they’re impending unrestricted FA’s. ”

    Moore and Cullen were just dealt for 2nds, and Cullen even netted a player in return (Alexandre Picard). Prospal and Jokinen are easily 2nd round pick quality return.

    MickeyM, Mike Green’s hair captures that douche-ness. A faux hawk? That D-bag cut easily is the worst any man could have and as such, Mike Green has the worst hair in the NHL.

  41. Dubinsky does not try to be cool whatsoever. Have you see the PART in that kids hair when he’s trying to look sharp?

    Voros tries too hard. And Avery’s just a shem. I lost a to of respect for him when I saw his Louie Vuitton toiletries bag on his blog… wow man.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    No way Cheechoo clears. I’m shocked that Ottawa couldn’t get SOMETHING for him. I know they were pressed for time to clear the space because of the Cullen addition, but man, waivers?

  43. StaalWart-

    I was there…live auction was as follows

    Callahan – $3k
    Drury – $3500
    Gaborik – $4500
    Henrik – $5250

  44. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Cheechoo (Ott), Lundmark (Cgy) and May (Det) on waivers. Brashear clears.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Salty, Dubi parts his hair like that to try and be cool. Take my word for it. It’s just a failed attempt at being cool.

  46. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TR, i am SHOCKED, just SHOCKED that someone with as much skill,someone who is NOT a showman, has cleared waivers! How can someone who brings so much to a team clear??

  47. >>Cheechoo on waivers

    Cheechoo, the dude who stole the Maurice Richard Trophy from Jagr? Talk about a quick “Downward Spiral”.

  48. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Doodie, then someone needs to rescue dubinsky from the 1950’s time warp he’s in

  49. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    CT, i was thinking about those little white ‘donut’ circle stickers you’d put on your looseleaf paper so the binder did not tear them up!! Reinforcements lol!!

  50. Doodie – I just think Rangers can still get a good return for Dubinsky. I’m really not impressed by his play this season. We should trade him whan his value is relatively high.

    And get Cheechoo Slats!!! ;)

  51. Doodie, OK, honorary ‘worst hair’ for Green. Personally, I’d like to cut it off and forget it ever existed.

    Salty, Dubi’s mom parted his hair like that back when he ws 6. He hasn’t quite figure out what to do with it since then.

    Also, I think he kinda looks like like Vincent Karthesier(sp?) from Mad Men. The guy that used to be the kid on Angel.

    TR, Ahh, thanks!

  52. I’ll admit I’ve soured on the kid myself, but what’s a good return for Dubinsky?

    In a cappped world he’s not a bad player to have. I’d trade him as long as another team takes the poison pill of Rozsival’s contract, but we’d probably be getting a fair amount of salary in return and it better be worth it.

  53. I don’t care what we get for Dublowski. He sets a bad example for the youngsters. Nothing but greed from him, and for what ? He’s an inconsistent geek.

    Im not impressed with him at all. He only puts up numbers when he’s riding a superstars jock. His trade value was a lot higher, but Slats blew it.

    Trade him now before it’s too late. They might be able to package him for something good.

    But, like i said, at this point i don’t care who or what we get.

  54. You think Gainey would have then taken Gomez from Sather if they pulled off the trade for Heatley?

    Or even as dumb as he is, would Gainey have kept his options open to sign Gaborik (as opposed to Gionta) and Camallerri?

  55. Orr, let’s be realistic.

    Every single young player is going to try to maximize their value when it comes to contract negotiations. Lundqvist’s agent convinced Sather to make him the top paid goalie in the league and I’m sure Staal’s agent is going to ask for a hefty raise. MDZ’s agent too when the time comes. He’s wasn’t breaking any precedents by asking for more money.

    It’s entertainment for us, business for them.

  56. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So does anyone think we are really part of this Oilers/Panthers rumors flying around?

    Who the hell woudl we want from them that we could actually afford?

    Ugg not looking forward to waht Cigar Puss does today

    two hours left

  57. I love the poll on the Rangers website about who the leading scorer will be for them this year. How is Drury on the list!?!?

  58. Dear Ranger Fans,

    I’m sorry for all the pain I have inflicted upon you, the players and the entirety of the organization. I have demonstrated an uncanny ability to be ineffective in my tenure as GM of the New York Rangers and for this I am truly sorry

    With that said, I’m now putting myself on waivers.

    Goodnight and good luck,

  59. I have to read through all of the posts & I’m sorry if someone posted this already

    February 12th, 2010 at 12:35 pm
    Cheechoo, Lundmark, May on waivers!

    And COOL that the Rodent posted! Love to read ya buddy!!!!

  60. I have to read through all of the posts & I’m sorry if someone posted this already

    February 12th, 2010 at 12:35 pm
    Cheechoo, Lundmark, May on waivers!

    And COOL that the Rodent posted! Love to read ya buddy!!!!

  61. CTB

    Hank is a bit overpaid when you think aboot it, but he gives us a chance to win every game. Del Z is our best d-man as far as offense is concerned, and he can help us, especially in the future when he starts to mature.

    Dubi on the other hand, does nothing for us, he’s not a game breaker, he doesn’t offer anything, he’s nothing special, his greed sickens me.

    I just cant wait till he’s gone.


    You still playing NHL ? I haven’t seen you on in a a while.

  62. DOMI 28


  63. ThisYearsModel on

    Sounds like the Panthers are going to rebuild. Aren’t you supposed to be a good team, then fall off before you rebuild? You were never built in the first place.

  64. On Dubi, blame him for being inconsistent, for disappearing for stretches, poor defense, etc….but can’t blame the kid for selling himself into a nice contract.

    Heck, as much as we hate Drury, Redden, Gomez, even Brashear, they look like geniuses(or at least their agents do). What would you do? Tell Sather …”no. I’m not worth that much. I’ll take less, thank you.”

    And Staal Wart,
    A old jock can still save your, umm, life. And dirty socks can be washed. Therefore, I think your trade proposal asks too much for Brash.

  65. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    ORR, you will probably get your wish, we all know how Yeti deals with guys who make him look bad over money. (even though it was his fault, he got rid of Orts)

    I still think there’s stuff Dubi has not shown yet. His first step is needing to be more consistent. As you’ve all said, he seems to be very quiet for a few games, then BOOM there he is, then quiet again. I think he’ll do fine on the line with Jokinen and Cally, as long as Torts doesnt bring out the line generator after 2 shifts.

    Unfortunately, Sather being the grudge holder that he is, Dubi will probably show that consistency somewhere else.

  66. Dubi on the other hand, does nothing for us, *he’s not a game breaker, he doesn’t offer anything,* he’s nothing special, his greed sickens me.


    Being a “game changer” and “not offering anything” are completely different, and you seem to throw those terms around like they’re mutually exclusive. Anyone who knows this sport and who watches this team knows that Dubinsky is a valuable asset with many years ahead of him. He certainly is tradable, but most people who understand hockey would not let him go “just to get rid of him”. Sure, he held out for money, but he also is one of the few players in this organization that plays with heart and shows pride for the sweater. It’s embarrassing how much you want a homegrown player jettisoned so fast, and as usual you sound like someone who just wants a new toy. It’s that mentality that the organization has always catered to, and the reason we always struggle to put a TEAM together.

  67. Just put this up top … not that it’s breaking news:

    AFTERNOON UPDATE, 1:32 p.m.: Reports from Pittsburgh are that Gaborik is doubtful for tonight after skating with the team this morning.

    Brashear cleared waivers at noon, but there is no immediate transaction, i.e. sending him to Hartford or releasing him. He will not play tonight, and does not have to be removed from the roster just because he cleared waivers.

  68. When do i ever throw around those terms. That’s the first ive ever said that.

    Someone forgot to eat their Wheaties.

    Dubi’s nothing more than a borderline 2nd line player. How about we just overpay Christensen too, cause he’s basically the same.

    Wild fans used to go nuts over Pascal Dupuis, and look at him now. He’s far from the “30 goal scorer” they all thought he’d be. Same with Adam Hall, Preds fans had orgasmic passion for him, and now…i don’t even know what the fugg he’s doing.

  69. Gaborik sounded carefully optimistic yesterday and said he thinks only Rangers right now, because Olympics are next week…

  70. ThisYearsModel on

    Gaborik should sit. We don’t need him favoring his leg and ending up with more groin problems. We are circling the drain anyway.

  71. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    stevezipay NYR coach Tortorella demanding focus, Marc Staal recovering from bug. Missing Blue Notes link from previous tweet:


    lmao @ demanding focus… he should elaborate on the focus he demands. Drury’s focusing on chewing his mouthguard and new pizza recipes, Redden focuses on , on, ….

  72. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    well, i finally got to read Zip, and good on Torts for saying Drury (and Christensen) need to score on those opportunities.

  73. Back from lunch. Salad, so healthy!

    Carp, nope, no one mentioned Lemaire. I was aiming for current players, but maybe I should have a category for non-current players (coaches, GMs, broadcasters,etc).

    Mama, Jagr’s mullet! LOL. Ya gotta hand it to the guy though,his hair was longer than some girls was.

  74. MAKO – it’s a classic scenario, by favoring the one leg that’s injured, in many instances you inadvertently put extra strain on your “good” leg. With Gaborik’s history, injuring the groin of the other leg is not out of the question.

  75. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    i dont think he’ll play either. if he favors the leg, he’s going to strain other muscles, which could lead to other problems

  76. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    get outta my head LI!!!!

    Mako,delayed onset muscle soreness perhaps in the ‘good’ leg possibly masking a tweak or pull? Better safe than sorry, just shut him down until its better.

  77. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Hearing about a lot of chatter between Minnesota and Chicago. Interesting to see if they get something done before 3 pm eastern.

  78. Nah… I think his groin will be fine. I think the “culprit” was taken care off when he had his surgery.

  79. Dubi’s NOT awful as a player. Yeah, he has his moments and then disappears for stretches, but I think that’s part and parcel of a few things. One, he’s still relatively young- will just turn 24 this year, I believe. Two, he’s not necessarily a skill guy and he’s not necesarily a tough guy. He’s in the middle of those two. Not skilled enough to be put in the same sentence as Crosby, et al and not tough enough to be the guy in Minny (his name escapes me right now). He’ll never be a guy to carry a team, IMO. Instead, he’s a really nice complimentary player, like Callahan. Three, he has to work on his consistency, there is no question about that.

    Mets comparision alert! I really see Dubi as the hockey equivlent of Mike Pelfrey. Guys that have really good upside, but are never gonna be the stars/aces on a team.

  80. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    with a man who trains and occassionally competes, some of what he says DOES stay in my mind :-)

  81. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    DarrenDreger Nothing imminent on Ponikarovsky, but there have been offers. Leafs will wait to see if the proposals get better.
    3 minutes ago from mobile web
    Reply Retweet

    sally is probably by her computer hoping he becomes a Ranger!! Right Sal???

  82. Hi Guys here on the board !

    As you know I am from overseas and I have to wait until 1.30 am in the morning when the game at the Igloo starts, so I want to watch the best Rangers game this season until today from the archives in full length in order to shorten up this waiting time..

    Which game do you want me to watch ????

    I will take your proposals until 4pm !!!:)

  83. If Torts decides to put Gaborik in the lineup tonight and risk further injury by strain, by Penguin, by whatever, then he should be fired and left in Pittsburg. Don’t even bring him back. Leave his sorry, hollow-tough guy act behind.

    Memo to coach – It’s not the logo on the locker room floor that you don’t want trampled on…’s your star player. Live to fight another day, just not today.

  84. Olga Folkyerself on

    Cheechoo is just the kind of “Scratch and Dent” player Sather drools over. He hasn’t picked up any “projects” lately- he’s due.

    FIRE SATHER? Is Ed “Too-Tall” Jones too tall?

  85. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Koala, the Devils game was good, the 2 games where they scored all those goals and I said they were using up their allotment for February…

  86. Oct. 5- Devils-Rangers 2-3
    Oct. 8- Caps-Rangers 3-4
    Oct. 12 Rangers-Leafs 7-2
    Jan. 6 Rangers-Dallas 5-2
    Jan.19 Rangers-Tam 8-2
    Febr. 4 Rangers-Caps 5-6

    ..or others ????

  87. Olga Folkyerself on

    Picking the best Rangers game this season is like drafting the best hockey player in Venezuela…

  88. koala – a few suggestions IMO:

    For home games: either the game against the Devils from Jan. 12th, or the game against the Canadiens from Jan. 17th

    For away games: either the Dec. 5th game against Buffalo, or the Jan. 31st game against Colorado

  89. Thanks LI RangerFan..

    I probably decide between Jan 12th ( I haven´t seen this one at that day) or Linda´s February 6th :)

  90. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    i pray that we do NOT have to hear the vocal assault of celine dion at any time during the Olympics, thank you very much.

    Laurel, Im passing this time

  91. Dubi’s nothing more than a borderline 2nd line player. How about we just overpay Christensen too, cause he’s basically the same.

    Wild fans used to go nuts over Pascal Dupuis, and look at him now. He’s far from the “30 goal scorer” they all thought he’d be. Same with Adam Hall, Preds fans had orgasmic passion for him, and now…i don’t even know what the fugg he’s doing.


    1. You are constantly crying about Brandon Dubinsky for some reason, as if he is a glaring problem on the team.

    2. Why would you be so desperate to trade a “border line” 2nd line player? Is there something wrong with that?

    3. Don’t talk to me about overpaying anyone. Dubinsky is one of the few players that even comes close to earning his money. What part of that don’t you understand.

    4. Sorry the guy who kicked you off his website got you excited about a player who hasn’t become an AllStar after 3 seasons. Sounds like you got served and are still in shock over it.

    5. I don’t know how desperate you are to be pulling names out of a hat, but since you bring him up, Pascal Dupuis is a relatively solid NHLer, helped the Pens beat us in the playoffs, helped the Pens win the Stanley Cup, and would be one of the better players on this Rangers team had we kept him. Sometimes it’s not about “scoring the projected 30 goals” when it comes to a player contributing on the ice. Would not expect you to gather all that.

  92. Ok hockey fans…let’s see how many of you know where the word *hockey* comes from…first to answer correctly, will be taken out for dinner by Carp! :)

  93. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    LMAO @ liking hot dogs!!!!!!!!!!! omg he’s gonna bring crosby to dinner!!!!!!!!

  94. perhaps from Middle French hoquet shepherd’s crook, diminutive of hoc hook, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English h?c hook

    Just a guess lol

  95. Matteauonov

    i hope you like hod dogs!

    “The word hockey comes from the old French word “hocquet,” meaning “stick.” The British most likely brought the idea of using a stick to propel a snowball along the ice of a pond or lake to North America in the 1600 or 1700s. In 1879, college students at McGill University in Montreal organized competitions and developed the first known set of hockey rules.”

  96. Matteau, a guess? I think not!

    “The etymology of the word hockey is uncertain. It may derive from the Old French word hoquet, shepherd’s crook, or from the Middle Dutch word hokkie, meaning shack or doghouse, which in popular use meant goal. ”

    wicky….glad to keep you amused. what I can I say, I just love the sound of my own typing :)

  97. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    15 minutes to go

    PLease Sather dont do anything stupid, save it for the offseason when you retire or are fired after we miss the playoffs, and Shoney takes over!!

  98. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Russostrib Wild definitely working on trying to make trade within next 20 mins, and as @tsnbobmckenzie said, Chicago appears the team

  99. Speaking of hot dogs…. Carp, If you’re coming to the Albany area for girls high school hoops again like you did last year (yes, I was lurking back them), you have GOT to go to Hot Dog Charlie’s. Little Hemboldt’s dogs slathered in mustatd, onions and their own special brand of chili sauce. They are to DIE for. Even if they aren’t good for your diet, lol.

  100. LMAOO

    Dupuis helped the Pens win the Cup ???

    36 playoff games he’s played with the Pens, and he has 2 goals, 7 points. Last year in the playoffs, he registered a whopping ZERO points and was a minus 5. How’s that for help?

    1) You cry aboot Dreary, so i can cry aboot Dublowsky. And yes, to me he is a glaring problem, he’s everything a young hockey player shouldn’t be. He signed a 2 year deal cause he expected to play with Gabby, and leech off him, and put up great numbers so he can get a huge payday and a lonv term deal that he does not deserve.

    2) Ive already explained why i want to get rid of this “borderline 2nd line player”

    3) See last half of number 1.

    4) He didn’t get me excited aboot him, all i was saying is that Dubi is bad luck, and he ruined this kid. I never expected him to be an All Star so soon, but im done with him. Accept that already.

    For the record, i blame Blowmez, Dreary, and the overpaid Vets, it’s really there fault that Dublowsky turned out this way. But, it doesn’t matter. He’s a loser, and he will never be what some Ranger fans think he will be.

    So trade him now while you can get a decent return for him. He’s not gonna turn into a Marc Savard.

  101. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TSNBobMcKenzie IF Chi-Min deal goes down, I believe Kim Johnsson ends up in Chicago and Cam Barker goes to Minny but it may be bigger and it isn’t done yet

  102. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!,

    I agree, if dubi went out there and played hard every night it would be a totally different story! But if we can get something and they take either redden or rozi with him, im down for that!

  103. Olga Folkyerself on

    Never argue with an idiot. He’ll drag you down to his level, and then beat you with all his experience.

  104. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    wow that was odd
    i guess putting a sentence in between
    leads to an empty post

  105. i guarantee we pick up cheechoo off waivers and have him next year at 3mil. sather will think its the same thing as having kotalik

  106. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    WICKY, just saw the crash…HOLY CARP!! praying for the guy, thats just horrible

  107. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    PuckCentral Those looking for a video not yet removed as of now RT @KUKLASKORNER Here’s a video of the luge crash #van2010 #olymics
    3 minutes ago from web

  108. good riddance to Huggy. from the beginning I was against him. he is useless garbage, I notice that Wash has not missed him one iota

    Rangers are now down 4 pts and losing ground to other teams. and Gaborik, despite his fine play, is proving to be the fragile player who cannot play with minor scrapes that he was in Minny

  109. Very informative post. I’ve found your blog via Google and I’m really glad about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your blogs layout is really messed up on the Chrome browser. Would be cool if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the great work!

  110. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Kim Johnsson and Nick Leddy to Chicago for Barker. Done deal.

  111. good thing here is he makes 725k this year contract expires at end of the year. he replaces brash contract for rest of the year

  112. Good afternoon, Carp! I am late to the party, once again…

    1. Dubinsky is adorable. End of discussion. Haterz.

    2. I don’t know about the worst hair in hockey, but the Coolest Hair in Hockey Award obviously goes to my man, Sam Rosen.

    3. The word “hockey” originated during the ice ages, when an early species of human (Dubinskyus Boogerus) used to spin in circles, shooting pucks out of his butt, screaming “DO THE HOCKEY POCKEY”. Duh.

  113. Sather is a joke. the team needs scoring punch, the season is slipping away, so he replaces one goon with another. anyone can be effective on a good team, but Shelley was useless in Columbus. they never made the playoffs while he was there.

  114. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    stevezipay Source: Rangers land rugged LW Jody Shelley from Sharks. Signals end for Brashear

    lmao, i thought maybe Prust and being waived signaled the end…but what do i know

  115. shelly is completely worthless. the dude is a joke. so what if he can throw some punches, he can’t skate to save his life. this is sather making a trade just to make a trade. bringing in people like shelly won’t change the culture and it CERTAINLY won’t change the talent level of this team. what a joke.


  116. Voros better get comfortable in the press box again…with Prust and Shelley no way he ever sees the ice

  117. Jody Shelley is notable for perhaps being one of the few NHLers ugly enough to follow in the footsteps of Mike Ricci in San Jose.

  118. Youse guys are looking for a trade that will win us a cup or unload our garbage – it ain’t gonna happen.
    Shelly better than Brash but not a scorer.

  119. he won’t play with a minor cut when the team needs him for a playoff run, but he will play on Tues for Slovak I’ll bet. what a joke

  120. On the plus side, Shelley is only 34. So when Sather signs him to a two-year $4m deal and waives him after six months, the cap space disappears with him!

  121. OK, heres a question for everyone,

    Which of one of these three will score goals for this team:

    1. Prust

    2. Voros

    3. Shelley

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    Jody Shelley? At least now we can beat up other teams for laughing at how bad we play. Brashear couldn’t shut ’em up.

  123. My mom always told me if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

    Well, the same should apply to Sather…

    If you don’t have a competent trade to make, then don’t make one at all

  124. Wow. That’s crazy. He gets rocked by that pole. I’m not surprised. Not sure if it would’ve saved his life or not, but how are there exposed steel columns on a luge course? Hopefully they pad those up

  125. Just read that the Flyers extended Betts for 2 more years. I still don’t understand the Rangers letting him get away. He is better tahn any other 4th line player we have this year.

  126. well its after 3pm. the rest of the trades will trickle in (if any) but its trade freeze time…


  127. I bet that this summer Sather does a Gainey and hands over the reins to Messier. Dolan will never fire Sather, but he will allow him to pretend he is just moving upstairs to get Messier in there for his name. all this is IF the Rangers miss the playoffs, which now looks likely


    trading a draft pick for a goon? Damn, this team needs to accumulate draft picks for fringe/garbage, not spend them so cheaply. This is bad news in that it means Sather is still a buyer on this season, not a seller. Damn, I hate arrogant incompetence. And I don’t care if it’s from Dolan, STAND UP TO HIM AND TELL HIM HE IS WRONG, Sather – be a man for 10 minutes of your adult lifetime. Not a kiss-ass lackey. This is why this team is in turmoil and desperate straits – no GD character or discipline or patience at the top.

  129. ??

    did you see where the stitches were?
    probably not
    but comin from someone who knows it is very hard to skate fast and stop and move and bend when there are 12/9 stitches in that area

    id rather him sit out the next 2 games and make sure its healed cause if the stitches come out or if he tries to hard in a practice it can only do more harm than good.

  130. oh youre following me on twitter now, lol.

    tryin to get to 30,000 by tomorrow. thanks for the help. bringin me 1 step closer to my goal.

  131. There is no question that this team was better with Betts and Sjostrom on the fourth line and as PKers. And throw Orr in there too. They may not have scored much, but they were never scored upon, and did the best PK work in the league, and Orr was a real heavyweight. And to think they acquired Brashear because he seemed like a better player “because he’s a better skater and I can use him in other situations” – yeah, all sorts of off-ice situations.

    The last 2 years have really been nothing but all bad.

  132. “Rangers determined to go 60 mins vs Pens tonight” on the Rangers website says it all. That’s how bad things are, that that’s the most positive stuff the guys on the MSG payroll can say about the team right now. That they will ATTEMPT to play a FULL GAME, which implies they know that they don’t. I’m almost shocked they admitted that, but they have to have something stupid to say. Pathetic. Other teams’ goals are to win a game, win many games, win the Cup. Our team openly admits just trying hard for a full game is a meaty challenge.

  133. The thing that sucks is that we keep making the playoffs, extending Sather’s semi-retirement since the team can keep spewing that disgusting “we’ve made the playoffs every year since the lockout” crap. The team was only a threat maybe the second Jagr playoff year, back when Capt Clutch did stuff (just not for our team). Even then the more complete team won. I wish the team would just tank it a few years and go for the lotto. Not that I trust Sather in control of the number one pick, but the dartboard’s a little bigger at least…

  134. No to mention, if the Hawks were looking to unload Cam Barker – I mean, did they really want Jonsson that badly, it smacks of a salary dump – why the hell weren’t the Rangers in on that conversation instead of picking up Jody Shelley?

  135. in Minny last Feb, Gaborik was recovered, but refused to play before the trade deadline so that Minny could get something for him. instead he then played after the deadline to boost his UFA contract value. not exactly team oriented

  136. There goes Olga to defend Salty Balls yet again. Kind of weird, unless you two are dating, then it’s completely understandable, you have to stick up for your lover, it’s the unwritten rule in relationships. Unless you’re Danny G of course.

    “2. I don’t know about the worst hair in hockey, but the Coolest Hair in Hockey Award obviously goes to my man, Sam Rosen”

    Hahaha, i totally forgot aboot him. That magnificent hair piece ! The least he can do is get it in the some color as his real hair, cause it’s a different shade of brown.

    And i cant believe we just gave up a draft pick for a goon that we don’t need. What a joke. A draft pick ???? More wasted money. Great going Slats, you do a hell of a job.

  137. TSNBobMcKenzie

    NYR gave up sixth rounder in 2011 for Shelley. Become a 5th rounder if NYR re-sign Shelley.

  138. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    5th if he signs

    is this guy really 34? and will he turn 35 before a new contract?

  139. If Gabby can’t play for the Rangers the last 3 games he should stay out of the Olympics.
    I still don’t understand why the NHL closes down & sends the best players to play in a tournament & risk injury. I really don’t get it. Why not play hockey in the summer Olympics like basketball does.

  140. I like the trade. We need a heavyweight enforcer, and from what ive been hearing from the shark fans, he is a classy enforcer similar to Orr.

  141. First of all, kudos to Scottsny51. he really “gets it” but too bad he stinks at golf. Bernie should be a seller…not a buyer. Let’s keep Callie, Zsa Zsa, Dubie and DelZ and the rest can go. I’d trade Hank NOW!!! What do we need a tired goalie to lead us to 10th place or worse? Can’t win with him and we can lose without him too. At least we can get a #1 or better. My fantasy is that Dreary will lead the olympics in scoring. Then someone might take Capt clutch (Papa Chris). By the way, it will not be Gretsky carrying the torch tonight…It will be Sather (Bernie)! Canada’s hero.

  142. I just hope we still keep prust, he’s not a heavyweight, but is fearless and has decent regular shift playing skills. I’m all for an enforcer of the orr/shelley/whom ever ilk, but not at the exspense of a prust type player!

  143. is Blair Betts a first ballet Hall of Famer? does the NHK wave the 5 year waiting period for Betts, and allow him to go in the hall as soon as he retires?

  144. I agree Tony, I also do not like the season shutting down for the Olympics. I like the Olympics but the next 2 weeks will feel like the middle of August.

    Carp will you have guest posts over the break?

  145. Olga Folkyerself on

    ORR- So, you DO recognize yourself as the idiot I was referring to. You’re not as stupid as you sound in all your posts. You CAN’T be.

    As for lovers, you really have to hand it to yourself, as long as you have a picture of Megan Fox…

  146. Man, I can’t wait for the Fire Sather rally. Regardless of the fact that it’ll fall on deaf ears, it is gonna be a lot of fun to let off some pent-up frustration at the moves this clown makes…….

    Who all from the blog is going? Is there gonna be a Boneheads section at the rally?

  147. Bay Area Rangers Fan on

    This trade blows.

    Shelley hasn’t even been handling the bulk of the fighting in San Jose. Staubitz, Murray and Clowe have been keeping the peace for the Sharks. Shelley is a shadow of his former self.

    His recent fight with Orr was the exception to the rule … that Shelley has been getting his @ss handed to him all season.

    Another great move from Sather.

  148. werent we complaining how soft this team was less than 30 minutes before this trade?

    its a 6th rounder in 2011
    yes we could have signed him in the off season if we plan on keeping him but we needed to get tougher

    prust is a great middle weight
    shelley (even if he isnt as tough as he was) is a great heavy weight who is awesome in the locker room and is a great team leader.

    i dont have a problem w/ the trade.

  149. Chopper, the Report will be in full operation while the league and Carp are on break. Don’t wanna spill the beans now, it’ll ruin all the fun!

  150. B.A.R.F,Shelley has a decent enough record this he is/has been a very willing fighter…i say welcome Jody!

  151. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    The rangers seem to be slowly unraveling..

    If the rangers miss the playoffs, which I hope they do, (anything to cost Dolan money but he’ll just rape the cable customers)who takes the fall?
    Torts? Sather? Can’t look good for either one.

  152. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    The rangers has a lack of scoring and sather makes this trade any idiot can fight.Why doesn’t he sign a MMA cage fighter to kick ass?

  153. This is a smart trade. Think about it… even though Prust has many fights this year, he’s better off hitting people and he’s a decent skater.

    Shelley is a heavyweight who knocked out Orr last week… not bad.

  154. Doodie Machetto on

    LI RangerFan, that “Fire Sather” rally is going to be broken up by the police if even half of the people that said they would go end up going. Enjoy getting cited/arrested.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Pavel, it’s not a smart trade because he sent away a draft pick for a useless part. He should be acquiring picks, not sending them away.

  156. I guess Sather saw Shelley knock the F out of Orr and traded for him? He sucks at hockey, but he’s a beast at fighting.

  157. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    doodie, the last time i checked on their fb, they were in the process of getting permits, so if they do have permits and everything is in order, it should be good to go. as long as they stay within the grounds of the permit, and they are behaving, its just like any other protest that goes on in the city

  158. MickeyM
    February 12th, 2010 at 4:11 pm
    1. Dubinsky is adorable. End of discussion. Haterz.




  159. I don’t like this trade. Why do we need a heavyweight? How many teams even have a heavyweight anymore? Not many. All you need is someone who is a good fighter to keep the opposition honest. We have that in Prust.

  160. It’s a 6th round pick, if they resign him – it will be a 5th round? Big deal? It’s Sather we’re talking here…

  161. laurel
    they are the eskimos

    also i found this on another board

    NYR 5th round picks: Brandon Snee (2000), Shawn Collymore (01), Mike Walsh (02), Nigel Dawes (03), Roman Psurny (04), Trevor Koverko (05), Tomas Zaborsky (06)

    NYR 6th round picks: Sven Helfenstein (2000), Marek Zidlicky (01), Jake Taylor and Kim Hirschovits (02), Ivan Dornic, Phillip Furrer and Chris Holt (03), Jordan Foote (04), Greg Beller (05), Eric Hunter (06)

  162. good riddance. this place sucks. terrible ice and the pack of diving crybabies were getting way too comfortable.

  163. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ok so now we have a heavyweight who will actually fight

    Brashear is banished to the bench, sent to Hartford, traded (yeah right) or bought out at seasons end

    The ONLY MOVE I WANT MADE now is Sather resigning at the end of this year, and Shoney NOT MESSIER taking over as GM

    Then you let Messier replace Shoney in his position, and let him get some years of experience under his belt

    Torts must be pulling his hair out. This is probably how the call went regarding the trade

    Torts: “Glen, I need secondary scoring and a tough dman”

    Sather: “Yes I;ll have another margarita., WAit what did you say you little Italian cutie?. They make the best drinks here in Miami”
    Sather: “Ok Ok you crazy little bambino. Ok, ok , ok, ok, ok, Just made a trade for you.
    Torts: “Great, Finally who’d we get? Someone from Chicago?
    Sather: “no no, even better, San Jose”
    Torts: “Fantastic. MArleau?” were you able to Move Redden?”
    Sather “No no another fighter, big guy plays left wing. Cant remember his name, but he should put up at least 20 goals before the end of the season. Ok, got to run, second margarita is here. CLICK”
    TORTS: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGG YOU MOTHERF&**(&^$ SON OF A *&^(< (^@# SUCKING, PIECE OF(*&#^(#^$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please MR. Glen Sather, JUST GO AWAY

  164. why is everyone crying about this trade. surely Sather could have done something even more stupid. like sign a hasbeen heavyweight who can’t skate or fight.

  165. OLGA

    I know you’re into the idiotic types, cause they make you feel a little smarter than you actually are, but im not one of them. Sorry, i really cant help you out there, awww, but now im feeling all sorry for you.

    Actually no, im not, cause im a cold hearted son of a diamond hoo ha man.

    At least you still have Izzy. Oh wait, you’re supposedly the same person. Eh, when in Rome.

  166. we drag our enemies back to camp
    use their blubber to fuel our lamps
    um somethin something whale bone walrus.
    somethin somethin rthymes with walrus
    when we kiss its with our nose
    we are the eskimos!

  167. Olga, you know what? I think you’re more in love with me than you are with Salty Balls. You think aboot me wanking a little too often, and on top of that you always try to pick arguments with me. You’re like a kindergarten girl, ahahaha!!

    Im flattered, but i like boobs. And no, i don’t like man boobs, so get a refund from Burger King, cause those 15 bacon cheeseburgers may give you man boobs, but it doesn’t mean ill like them. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course.

  168. MAKO, From upstate NY, not Massachusetts. I am part Irish, and part Ukrainian and part French-Canadian. So… *shrug*

    Anyways, off to Happy Hour y’all. Catch ya’s later for the game! :)

  169. Oh good! Sally-sized font!

    Mickey, you’re cool. You can duu whatever you want with him. I just wanna pick his nose and buy him happy meals.

  170. So just to clarify – I know Brashear is “with” the team but can he play without having to go through re-entry? Not saying I want him to play, but just curious.

  171. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    hold on kids, there was a shooting at the school my man goes to, thank GOD he wasnt there, but this is NUTS

  172. Hi Carp !

    Did you have a couple of beers with your technical staff, and one of those pushed the wrong button causing to get those posts getting smaller and smaller ?:)

  173. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on


    sally, there are unconfirmed reports that 10 people have been shot, possibly 2 dead. NOTHING confirmed right now, it literally is ongoing. it started about 20 minutes ago

  174. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    reports that one person shot in the head one in the chest, supposedly a woman shooter

  175. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    they are saying all victims are faculty members and the shooters are husband and wife.

  176. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    i think the small hands guy from the burger king commercial has something to do with this font

  177. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    guess we’ll just move to the fb to comment on the game until this font thing gets fixed

  178. Tony from AZ — Mellon Arena is the building that was made with the roof that opens but I think they almost never actually opened it.

    I don’t have any particular strong opinions on it, positive or negative. I’ve seen a few games NHL games there. The only other ones I’ve seen are Nassau Coliseum and Nationwide Arena.

  179. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Shelly is a beast!!! " … says Greg L. on

    WHOAAAAA … HELLLPPP…IVE SHRUNK into this little GUY.

  180. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    i emailed carp about an hour ago about this, i think he might be at another tournament. Will try to email laurel, but she said she had a wake to go to

  181. Sather is a genius, this is purely a great chemistry move, Shelly has no points in 22 games, it’s a seamless transition. Well done Glen, take out one of those big cigars and enjoy!

  182. like tr-808 said, if you remove the comment it’ll be fine. we’re writing in superscript right now

  183. Did the font here shrink for anyone else is, or is my computer acting up?

    By the way:

    Dubinsky: $1.7M is it? $2.25M? (I dont even know, frankly his cap hit is completely inconsequential to this team)
    47games, 12goals, 18assists, 30 points

    Drury: $7M
    55games, 9 goals, 11assists, 20 points

    Why even open your mouth in comparing the two? It’s embarrassing.

  184. Salty,
    so Drury is getting $85,365.85 each game, or $150,000.00 a point, OR $333,333.33 a goal! HOLY CARP!!!

    While Dubi @1.7 is making $20731.71 each game or $56,666.66 a point, or $141,666.66 a goal.

  185. Weird….. my font size is fine. Is it through IE or Firefox that you guys and gals are viewing this?

  186. I was in the pool!! on

    If I keep readin these posts I’m gonna have to get glasses like John Muckler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  187. Doodie Machetto on

    See, I’m lucky. When I squint, I have super sharp vision. I can spot squirrells while driving and a dime from across the room.

  188. Would have much rather we stayed with Hollweg or Orr than get Brasher in the first place. Yet another bad move by the front office.

  189. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    unfortunately, i will miss the olympics opening ceremony. was looking forward to it, but with the shooting here, i doubt it will be on.

  190. Well the Sens get Cullen, Wild get Barker and we get Jody Shelley? Awesome. Without Gabo tonight, it will be nothing less than a miracle if they win.

  191. Please Renney never knew how to use Cullen to his advantage.

    12 g 28 0 +/- I would take him over Drury

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