Hostility in the air (updated)


Last night was one of those 2-1 losses where it’s not enough to say, “Well, if they could have scored another goal it would have been a good game.”

It was not a good game. It was a dreadful defensive game. It was a woeful offensive game. It obviously was a terrible discipline game, and we’re not just talking about the temperamental teenager (or his always angry coach).

But today we’re not here to talk about how four of the defensemen were smelly-bad, including Del Zotto before he lost his cool, and fellow rook Matt Gilroy, and the usual suspects whose names begin with Rs.

Today we’re here to talk about the Del Zotto benching and another big development this morning: Andrew Gross reporting that Donald Brashear has requested a trade. He has been placed on waivers.

Take that one first. Get out! Now the Rangers have every reason to bury him in Hartford. His completely eroded level of play, his unwillingness or inability to fight, and the ill-will he brings among the Garden Faithful for doing years of bad deeds — reasons all why he shouldn’t have been signed in the first place — are now secondary to the facts that the coach doesn’t want him, and the player doesn’t want to be here.

Trade him? Yeah, good luck with that. What peabrained GM is going to take a useless fourth-liner who can’t fight and makes $1.4 M this year and next, which won’t come off your books no matter how you release him? Not happening. Enjoy Connecticut’s capital, Donald.

As for Michael Del Zotto, John Tortorella was right to act the way he did — angrily showing the kid the end of the bench, then starting him the next period for taking a yapping penalty that resulted in a PPG and a loss. It’s called tough love.

It would be nice, now, if the tough coach used some tough love, or tough anything, on some of his veterans who regularly screw up. You know, just to be consistent. Bench Ales Kotalik. What, oh, right … he’s gone. Bench Wade Redden? Done that. How about some of the other guys who do the same things over and over in the defensive zone, or the forwards who bring it some nights, but most nights glide around with no reprimand?

I am one, however, all for a coach having zero tolerance for undisciplined penalties. Very few coaches in sports practice discipline any more. Did you see the Super Bowl? A late hit out of bounds had a dramatic effect on the game. It was committed by an undisciplined player on the losing team. It happens every game in football. And basketball, where it used to be frowned upon to take a technical foul. And in baseball, where you no longer are required by your manager to run out fly balls or ground balls.

So I’m glad to see a hockey coach who understands that those things lead to bad habits, and lead to losses, and that those things are the pitfalls that are the easiest to correct. Simple: You don’t tolerate them at all.

Del Zotto got his message. And he got right back into the game. He won’t do that again. Good job by the coach.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12:16 p.m.: Corey Potter has been assigned to Hartford, along with Chad Johnson. Matt Zaba (daba-doo) has been recalled. I imagine that Ocho will remain in Hartford through the Olympic break to get games under his belt. No reason to play him here until after the Olympics anyway.

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  1. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Brash is his own agent? And he got 2 years at 1.4 mil out of Sather?

    He’s got a future representing anyone acquired by Sather…

  2. Brash wants out? The question is…who wants Brash?

    I saw that video before, posted by somerset on previous thread of Donald showing off his Lambo. Nice car he’s got.

    “If i hit a big bump, I bump my had on a top”

    Well,Donald…if you had a brain you would get a concussion…so you got no worries there bro.

  3. Great post Rick. Thank you for calling it like it is “tough love” I equated it like father & son last night. He did the right thing & played him in the 3rd. Actually, MDZ had a very good 3rd pd & almost scored.

    Linda – it has been a weird few days on here.

  4. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Dallas claims Brandon Segal on waivers from LA. NJ’s Mike McKenna clears. NYR put Donald Brashear on waivers.

  5. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    bye bye bye Charmin! Enjoy Hartford and the local Colony Pizza joint owned by Captain Fantastical

  6. Do I need to put the copyright mark back in my name:

    February 11th, 2010 at 11:03 am
    Assuming the sun-moon-stars align and another GM does Sather a huge favor and takes Brashear off his hands (less likely now that Gainey has stepped down), here’s the roster of players that are under contract for next season and their cap hit in $US millions:


    Trade him? Yeah, good luck with that. What peabrained GM is going to take a useless fourth-liner who can’t fight and makes $1.4 M this year and next, which won’t come off your books no matter how you release him? Not happening. Enjoy Connecticut’s capital, Donald.

  7. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers send G Chad Johnson and D Corey Potter to Hartford (AHL) and recall G Matt Zaba.

  8. NYP_Brooksie
    Brashear on waivers per NHL GM

    See you in Hartford Brazear!! YOu have some nerve complaining!! You are horrible and rot in Hartford!!

  9. I said it yesterday,they shoulda dressed Brash,thrown him out against Belak,and let him prove himself,if not to himself,if not to the Rangers,if not to his teamates,but maybe to another GM,that he is actually a worthy NHL quality player.
    Now hes screwed,he will be a part of a package deal for a backup for Henrik by friday,or cast off to the wolfpack,who dont need him either,there fighters actually know there roles.

  10. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    ORR must be doing backflips in the snow over this news. Yea, doubtful he’ll be picked up, and we’ll still be on the hook for his money, but thankfully we’ve seen the last of that mistake.

  11. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    So Brash on Waivers, about time, lets HOPE Someone picks him up, but not likely at all, say hello to Hartford.

    So can we all just assume the following two points:
    1.We will not be making the playoffs
    2.There will be another purge in the offseason

    ITs obvious Redden is going to be gone one way or the other.
    He’s either getting bought out, or sent to HArtford next year. IT looks like Torts doesnt even want him on the team, and his play is jsut getting really terrible.

    Rosival is goign to get traded. He has upside and is a decent 2nd or 3rd pair dman, is less of a cap hit the next two years, and I think Sather has the intelligence (very little) to move him.

    Drury, in all honesty you have to either accept that his price and NMC is what it is and either keep him for the duration of his deal, and play him where he is most effective (PK, 4th and 3rd line) OTher than that, you ask him to waive his NTC and see if anyone would take him, but he’s prob never gonna leave

    To me these are the three most important things that the organization, other than Sather retiring, NEEDS to address once this sharade of a NHL season ends

    Then and only then can we even think about who we want to resign, trade and how much cap space we will be able to address what the team lacks.

    Simple right? Not for our team


  12. CARP–Disagree on the DZ stuff. That screaming, demonstrative crap belongs in the locker room, not on the bench and in front of the TV cameras, IMO. We all know you are the coach, Torts. It is easy to scream at a teenage rookie. Where is that reaction for the other underperforming souls on this club?

  13. Tank The Season on

    Does Brashear count against the cap if he is buried in Hartford?

    This season is over. It’s all about draft position from here on out.

  14. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Real Mikey, from your fingertips to God’s eyes to Sathers pea brain! I am wondering if Redden is gonna get the heave ho to hartford by the trade deadline. If it wasn’t for the fact that Redden has totally lost his skills, i dont think we’d be on Rozsival as much.

    This Years Model, your last sentences if one of the great mysteries of Rangerland

  15. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    AGrossRecord Donald Brashear on the ice at #NYRangers practice amidst reports of his being placed on waivers


  16. Sorry but does anyone know if the fire Sather rally happened already or is it still coming up? I figure I need to put my money where my mouth is and attend.

  17. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Feb. 12 (3pm et) – Feb. 28 (Midnight et): Olympic Trade Freeze

    if anything is going to be done before hand, it’s gotta be before tomorrow at 3

  18. I am not sure, morg. I think if he refuses they no longer have to pay him, but the cap hit still counts. Any CBA experts agree with that?

    ps, he’d be a fool to leave $1.4M plus the rest of this year’s salary on the table by refusing.

  19. If only they would have played the first 55 minutes of the game like they played the last 5 minutes.

    Then we would have won going away.

    Gotta give an honest 60 minute effort not just play for 5 or 6 minutes a night.

    Can you believe all the turnovers and odd man chances we gave up last night.

    How the firetruck does Rozival hit Callahan with a clearing attempt like that. Does he have any clue on what he is doing with the puck????

  20. Carp,he would be a fool,but look at it like this,he got 2/3s of his salary for the year already,hes 38 and thinks he is still an NHL quality player,(so hes deluded obviously).

  21. carp, two worse signings than brashear pre-cap or post-cap?

    pre-cap: holik and kasparitis

    post-cap: gomez and drury

  22. I really hope it’s true & not a cruel joke… You can tell how miserable he was in that casino night team picture.

  23. Question: Why assign Brashear to Hartford? Can’t they just waive him outright without sending him to Hartford if nobody picks him up?

    After all I wouldn’t want him taking up a roster spot in Hartford that could be going to a developing kid.

  24. Gross is tweeting that Brash is on the ice at practice.
    is this like Milton from the movie “office space”?someone forgot to tell ol Huggy hes fired?

  25. * When a player aged 35 or older signs a multi-year contract, his average salary is counted against the team’s salary cap during every year of the contract, even if the player retires before the contract is up.
    * If the player is sent to the minor leagues, his cap hit is reduced by $100,000.

  26. I would really like to go back, what I wrote last night, that a psychologist is needed in good sport teams…

    The way Tortorella reacted to Del Zotto shows, that a good coach need to be a good psychologist as well. Okay the coach need to tell his young player about his misdoings but its important to do it in the right way..

    There is a fine line between teaching and overreacting…
    Give me a break, the guy is 19 years old and a diamond on the horizon..

    And in the case of Brashear..I would never have signed this player in the first place even because most of the Rangers didn´t like him and even his skills wont never help the Rangers in first place..

    Another stupid move by Sather….

  27. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Bob McKenzie from tsn tweeted it first, then zip, brooks and gross followed within about 6 minutes, although brooks’ tweet said …

    NYP_Brooksie Brashear on waivers per NHL GM
    38 minutes ago from web

  28. Tank The Season on

    I think the only way to purge his cap hit is to do what Minnesota did with Sykora, or do a buyout to split 2/3 over 2 years.

  29. Carp: Sorry, but I disagree on how Tortorella handled MDZ. I concur fully he deserved being reprimanded and being benched. Humilating the kid in front his mates, the fans and the TV cameras, however, is wrong and not the way to earn respect from your players. In addition, he reserves such behaviour for the only teenager on the roster and doesn’t similarly belittle the higher paid more experienced players and that’s all about being a bully as opposed to a teacher/disciplinarian, which is what a coach of a 19 year old rookie (and a team with a bunch of 25 years and under players) should be all about.

    MDZ was wrong to yip and yap at the officials like he did, but Tortorella’s screeching antics were no better.

    Bench the kid and then rip him a new one in the room, away from the fans and camera. For those who didn’t see MSG broadcast, the network ended the game by replaying (for something like the 10th time) Tortorella foaming at the mouth.

    No wonder Tortorella seems incapable of getting his players to play with consistency.

    What a mess this organization is – from top to bottom.

  30. How blind can you be as an owner that most of Sather moves didnt work …

    How can you be so stupid and nothing changes….

    The only way to react to that whole situation is sarcasm…

  31. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    maybe they were practicing and the tweets broke out during practice a bit prematurely? maybe they hadnt told Medusa he was done just yet.

  32. I agree with Jim. Torts is a nut-job. Why doesn’t he do that to Dreary, Rozi or Redden? There is NO consistency with anything he does.

    All of this screaming & ranting from a guy who threw a water bottle at somebody in the stands. I think he’s lost it.

  33. Linda

    I only said that because I jumped on TSN & didn’t see anything. Usually if TSN tweets it, it popps up on the site right after.

    Yeah it could be bc of that.

  34. Redden and Drury’s contracts are among the worst free-agent signings in Professional Sports history. ESPECIALLY when you take into account the Salary Cap.

    We can laugh at the Isles with the Yashin & DiPietr-OW! MY HIP! contracts…but Redden & Drury have crippled this team for the next couple of season unless Sather can someone fix YET ANOTHER OF HIS OWN MISTAKES

    Drury & Redden are barely worth the league minimum…let alone their superstar contracts.

    BTW, the Soviet Union has nothing on the propaganda machine that’s behind Chris Drury.

  35. All Player Salary and Bonuses earned in a League Year by a Player
    who is in the second or later year of a multi-year SPC which was
    signed when the Player was age 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to
    the League Year in which the SPC is to be effective), regardless of
    whether, or where, the Player is playing, except to the extent the
    Player is playing under his SPC in the minor leagues, in which
    case only the Player Salary and Bonuses in excess of $100,000
    shall count towards the calculation of Actual Club Salary; plus

  36. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    ya know Mako, NOTHING from his tweet is up there just yet. that’s a very keen eye on your part

  37. Hey Evrybody, Im still beat that i didnt hit the 50k mark last night but i came oh so close. The lady told me that no one has yet to hit and i came the closest by far. Overall it was a really COOL experience being on the ice infront of the MSG crowd. Theyre support was great. I especially loved reading some of the comments on this blog when i gort home. HILARIOUS!! lol I appreciate all the support that i received from everyone here. Thanks!! I just wish i was feeling 50,000 times better today!! My friend documented the whole thing and you can check it out here if you would like:

  38. Haha, Brash*t is trying to pull a George Costanza. Get fired, and go back to work the next day pretending nothing happened.

    Maybe he can fool Slats with that, but Torts wont get fooled.

    Great start to the day. Two years with Brash*t are out the window. Awesome !

  39. “BTW, the Soviet Union has nothing on the propaganda machine that’s behind Chris Drury.”


    LMAO!!! Brilliant!!!

  40. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    does anyone else find it a bit on the hypocritical side that on, the first player site listed is sean avery? yea yea yea alphabetical, but he’s NOT the only player with the last name starting with A in the league. If they hate him so much, why is he up there???

  41. Can the Rangers practice as a team during the Olympic break ?
    I thought they could not, but I’m old & I forget stuff.
    As for Brash the sooner he’s gone the better.

  42. Koala – I completely agree with you, but as the team’s owner Jim Dolan doesn’t know sh*t about hockey and doesn’t care about Sather’s mistakes or moves that didn’t work. He is looking at whether he is making money, and for better or worse he is. That is why the posts be ‘Sather’s Wrapup’ are so comical when he always makes a point of the game being another sell-out because THAT is the only thing on Dolan’s mind…

  43. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    rangerfan32 what was amazing???? i’ll try to keep it in my comedy rotation

  44. you can flip a coin as to which is worse, gomez, drury or redden, but we’re forgetting the sheer stupidity and amount of money thrown at holik and kasparitis; if i remember holik got 5 years 45 million, essentially making per year what crosby is getting now…and we’re not even mentioning dave karpa and vladimir malakhov

    i want to be glen sather when i grow up

  45. That’s ok Kris, you miss enough of those open nets and Sather will sign you to a $3MM a year deal for 3 years, so keep on missing!

  46. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Kris, we were so excited for you, your practice shots were great! My man thought i was nuts when they were showing it until I told him you were from the blog and that’s why i was so excited!

  47. so Redden enjoys the snow in NY…

    Rosi will do ANYTHING with the puck to avoid being hit,

    but Torts screams at MDZ, the love of Joey Mich.

    I dunno. I dunno.

    Brashear: will he claim racism?? He no longer could skate (he was lumbering slowly back and forth) and could not fight…

    Colton Orr continues to mature.

  48. Some one said you can trade LQ for the Whole Cap team and you still aint winning, because of the goalie. I wouldn’t be so sure, my pick is the Caps will win the Cup this year. It’s been done before.

  49. How’ my doing, as GM?

    3 of my 4 highest paid players are to be dispatched to the AHL.

    Redden, Rosi and Pizza delivery man Drury.

    Is it okay if I keep my job? We are rebuilding, dontcha know? Give me time! Give me time!!

  50. Joe Michalletto on

    Did anyone catch the white suit and shoes that were worn by Michael DelZotto??

    It made Las Vegas night one lucky night for me!

  51. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao@ joe’s name…wrong wrong wrong on so many levels, but hysterical just the same

  52. Carp The problem here is the way you express your intolerance. Constant anger erodes a team. Most people apparently don’t grasp this.

  53. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    “I’m looking forward to roaming around a bit, definitely. For me, it’s just out of my mind. I know my instincts will guide me where I need to go. It’s not that I’m saying I will play the puck a lot. I have no clue, but there are no restrictions and it’s going to be fun.” — Team Canada goalie Martin Brodeur

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ring ding on ice…………mmmmmmmmmm

  54. Joe Michaletti on

    I was soooo angry when I saw that nasty bearded Tortawhatever you call him yelling at Mike. Wrong! Wrong!

    Las Vegas Night with the Rangers was magical. I coulda danced all night!


    Do you think anyone told our Ranger announcers about how creepy Michaletti’s descriptions of MDZ were? seriously, someone needed to sit down and have that little chat with him….

    sign me,

    Sam Anonymous

  55. For everyone thinking Brashear wasn’t told he is on waivers because he’s practicing – that is VERY common throughout the league.

    If he clears waivers, they may not demote him automatically, so, since a waived player hasn’t been “fired” or released, he is expected to report to the team.

  56. > respectfully disagree with CARP and concur what others have said here.

    > CARP, would it be acceptable if your editor/supervisor screamed at you in front of the rest of the staff for a stupid mistake you might have made….? i think, not.

  57. Sather is just so horrible…..This team was better off with Renney & Pelino minus Pern and let the kids develope. I thought Torts would be a good kick in the rump for these players but you all see where that has gotten us so far….47 years I have watched this team and nothing surprises me. We stink.

  58. loneranger, I don’t disagree. But if he’d taken off after Drury or Redden like that, nobody would have had a problem with it, right?

    Kris, would you have bought the blog?

    joe, those contracts weren’t as bad as these because there was no salary cap. You could just buy them out.

  59. FIRST, if my editor paid me millions of dollars and then I cost the company big money by being undisciplined, then I’d expect to be treated like that.

    And I’m not completely agreeing with the way Torts handled it, with the fake tough-guy rant. I just agree that it was handled, and that a teenager with a huge upside learned a lesson he will never forget.

  60. What makes you think Carp is the one getting yelled at? I’m sure he’s senior enough on the staff he’s the one doing the yelling.

    Hey staff writer “OFF the ^&*%&* LoHud logo!”

  61. I don’t know if the Caps will win the Cup. I mentioned it last night, but they’re goaltending, along with the Hawks most likely wont get it done in the playoffs. But, they’re two teams that can win a few Cups with the team they have.

    Although, i do think the Hawks will make the Cup finals. I mean, Hossa was there two years in a row with different teams, and he’s on a new team, so why bet against him ?

    I want the Hawks to win it all, but it would be hilarious if Hossa misses out on winning the Cup for a 3rd year in a row ahaha.

  62. also, re: Brashear practicing. Being on waivers does not mean you are not on the team anymore. Teams put players on waivers all the time and then keep them.

  63. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers coach Tortorella says D Marc Staal misses practice due to illness but will be on plane for Pittsburgh, as will Marian Gaborik.

    potters already been sent back the HFD, so that is probably why he was up yesterday, in case Staalsy couldn’t go. Get well soon guys!

  64. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    AGrossRecord #NYRangers Marian Gaborik says he had 12 stitches inside and nine outside. He was able to ride the stationary bike today.
    2 minutes ago from web

  65. First

    I would think you’d see the difference between an office setting than an emotionally fuel sporting event.
    Again, like I said last night & what Rick said.. “tough love” “father son”. Torts screaming at Drury is a lost cause.

  66. The screaming and blow ups get old. Eventually players will tune him out.

    Renney would NOT have even dressed kids.

    Torts has tried everything. I think he has lost the team.

    Kids that grow up screamed at become immune to it after awhile.


    One of the best posts, ever, by Carp. Strong, inciteful, objective, honest and fair. And good riddance to “The Other Donald!”

  68. yeah yeah RobE,but its more funny to think of Brash getting off the ice going into the locker room and finding out his stuff was moved to a locker in the…

  69. After Pittsburgh maybe the Rangers can leave Torts at the airport?????…….I think Deb Placey can coach the team better…..Please just be sellers and get our payroll down Glen Sh%%thead, PLEASE do something right.

  70. Sorry Carp but if Torts had been consistent and doing to the entire team all season long what he did to MDZ then your “tough love” would be the right thing to do.

    How many times has (insert name here) taken a bad penalty and not been subjected to what MDZ was in front of the entire Ranger world? Even Dave Maloney questioned doing it (which takes guts given the MSG mindset) during the post game.

    A teaching coach would have gone up to the kid and talked to him; in the 3rd period MDZ was choking on that stick trying to not make another mistake during the PP and sure enough he gave up the puck twice on the same shift.

    Sorry I am all in favor of “tough love” but it has to be done consistently so everyone knows it’s coming and it needs to done in a manner that teaches not embarrasses.

  71. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Jess, that makes a lot of sense, the only thing is, he would never do that to a veteran. He sat Rozsival for what, one period, Redden for a total of 3 games, and he’s totally bought in to the drury myth.

    We had the accountability discussion several times, and it all comes down to the fact that the veterans are beyond learning from their mistakes, so the kids take the brunt of it. MDZ, Gilroy and even Staal have NOT had a worthwhile veteran mentor to guide them through, and thats tough. It would seem to be common sense to have one decent veteran dman who you’d want to see take the kid under their wing and impart some nuggets of advice. We don’t have that.

    I understand Torts wanting to ‘teach a lesson’ to MDZ, but doing that in front of the cameras and with everyone watching, I think that was a bit over the top. Sure, he did praise him later on in the post game comments, and MDZ seems to have said the right things about it this morning, but it was hard to watch, while redden, rozsival and drury were sitting there picking their noses and chewing mouthguards.

  72. “Torts wasn’t yelling, he’s Italian , that’s how we talk.”


    Torts hasn’t lose the team. How can anyone blame the guy, look at this roster, and even funnier, look at the roster without Gabby. Sad looking team.

    What should Torts do ? Let him get away with taking penalties, which ultimately lost us the game ?? No, he deserved to be yelled at, and he deserved to be benched.

    Del Z needs to realize that you cant win an argument with douchebag refs. It’s all part of the learning process.

    It could have been worse, he could have sent him to Brooksie’s bus stop.

  73. Maybe it was me, but Rozsival wasn’t THAT bad last night yet again? I didn’t watch much of the game though so that could be why. I was too busy snowblowing the driveway and going on the roof to clean off the dish so I could get my HD back in on the TV. From the few shifts I watched though, he was yet again the best d-man…(note: yet again I mention I maybe saw 3 of his shifts).

    Second thing, it said Brashear was his own agent. If that is true, HOW THE HELL DID SATHER GET RIPPED OFF YET AGAIN?!?!? The convo:

    Brash: “Slats, I’m worth 7 million? for 2 years”
    Sather: “I wouldn’t say that much, maybe close though…”
    Brash: “Sorry, I heard Drury did that and thought I’d give it a shot. Well then 2.8 million?”
    Sather: “2.8? Wow, you are really underselling yourself, but if you want, I’ll take it.”

    After the contract signing:

    Sather: “wait, you didn’t mean 2.8 per year for 2 years?”
    Brash: “uh, no I meant 2.8 total over 2 years. you didn’t look at the contract? you really are as dumb as they say you are”

  74. Nice and calm on tge blog. Finally.
    Carp, if Brashear doesn’t report to Hartford, the Rangers can suspend him without pay. His salary (-$100K) still counts against the cap. Retired, dead. Still counts.

    I’ll be leaving in a few hours until next week, so I won’t be around to chat or get emails. DVR! But I’m sure will have a lot to talk about during the break. Boy, we are going to miss these suckers. Well, minus the stuffed animal…

  75. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao @ your first sentence ORR! fb group!!

    i think the discipline could have been saved for ‘the room’ instead of the television cameras, which sam and joe talked about the rest of the game. They are always saying how things are handled in ‘the room’, this wasnt. Did the kid make a mistake, sure, but i dont think the public undressing by the coach with the cameras rolling was constructive. It’s like he put him in time out with a shipload of people watching.

  76. We should have kept Strudwick. That guy was Staals mentor. He may not have been a fast skater, but he could play D, and wing on the 4th line.

    He should have been kept around, just for the hell of it.

    Ill always remember him for that game tying shootout goal right before Malik won it, as well as that classic OT game winner against the Pens two seasons ago.

  77. My take on the Rangers is this………The team is tuning out Torts. He has lost all respect by the players. I forsee him being fired. His personality is wearing thin on the players and I think the Lightning won the cup in spite of him. I wish they never got rid of Renney.

  78. I still don’t see the problem…coaches yell at players all the time…he did something stupid, got yelled at and was back out there to start the 3rd. Case closed.

    Can someone please tell me the problem?

  79. Eklund really has to stop, where the hell does he get this stuff from???

    “*Donald Brashear is on waivers. The Rangers are still talking to teams and I would bet they do something today. Horton from Florida, Moreau from Edm, and Nolan from Minnesota are names I have been hearing…”

  80. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    all i know is that as i got older, when my parents screamed at me, automatic tune out. I’d just stand there with a blank face and yes them to death and agree with them that i was a horrible person just so it would end. kinda seems that way with some on the team.

  81. How much talent does the Oilers have? When Renney was here you did not see the quality of play go down as bad as this? The team played for him…….no question about that. Can you say the same today?

  82. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    enjoy vacation ilb! wow, i might have a huge lead on you before you get back!

  83. A lot of people are getting on MDZ but let us not forget that Gilroy’s ill-advised reversal of the puck behind Henrik’s net caused the turn over that led to Joel Ward’s redirection past Lundqvist.

  84. All I know is that I’m a business owner with a staff of 10. If one of them cost me a job I’ll tell them how I feel (remember, I’m Italian) If they want to keep their job they won’t mess up again. I have no problem expressing myself with my employees . I think it’s a lot different than yelling at your kids. Kids know you’re not going to replace them.

  85. C’mon, DelZotto is only what 19 ?……Address him as a teacher / pupil behind closed doors……By the way Renney is in Edmonton which might as well be the minor leagues. Name me a coach who would succeed or would even want that job…..He did Pat Quinn a favor…..I agree the team is growing tired of Torts and quite frankly so are alot of us. I admit it is not all his fault but from top to bottom this organization needs to prep for a colonoscopy and I hate to admit it after 47 years but it is time people.

  86. Can anyone tell me why they let Bettsie go? There you have it in a nutshell. The GM is never really going to rebuild this team……..He knows he has to sell those seats and keep Dolan happy. The only way it changes is to not buy those seats till they have a real team and not let Slats do it.

  87. AZ Tony – there’s nothing (at least that I can find) in the CBA about practicing during the Olympics. I wouldn’t see why they would not be allowed to practice (I would assume that most teams would take a few days off to rest, etc.); at the very least the players need to keep training to stay in condition for when the schedule resumes. Sorry that doesn’t really answer your question, but if there’s nothing specifically against it in the CBA(?)…

  88. Jess,

    torts has said and DONE little to nothing when Rosival or Redden has taken a lazy hooking penalty, or Malik’d the puck in front of Lundqvst.

    I think MDZ was an easy target. The vets have played MUCH worse than MDZ

  89. Tony !

    Is Tortorella really an italian ????

    Then his name would be Tortorelli or Tortellini :):):)

  90. NYR61
    February 11th, 2010 at 2:27 pm
    Can anyone tell me why they let Bettsie go? There you have it in a nutshell. The GM is never really going to rebuild this team……..He knows he has to sell those seats and keep Dolan happy. The only way it changes is to not buy those seats till they have a real team and not let Slats do it.

    Yes, he was hard working and too dull for NY. (see a certain winger who was a blue collar guy who we let slip to Philly where he built a career on hard work and now got some good numbers going for him in Washington)

    We don’t take well to blue collar hard working guys…

  91. NYR61

    Because we have Captain Clutch, he does a great job replacing Betts on that 4th line. And besides, i like Boyle, just for the fact that he provided the single greatest Rangers quote of the season.

    I would LOVE to have an all blue shirt, with a pic of Boyles face, and a single Dorito with the quote “Cool Ranch Doritos: It’s A Flavah Explosion In Ya Mout” under it.

    Who cares aboot Betts, anybody can do what he does. Im sure we have prospects that can play steady D on the 4th line.

  92. Seamie ………Thats a shame. MSG really thinks it needs to fill those roster spots with flashy names who come here just for the money with the exception of Gabby. If fans really wanted to send a clear message they would not buy season tickets till they have a product on the ice worthy of your support. Till then………Garbage in……….Garbage out……..Endless supply lately.

  93. I still think that Torts isn’t allowed complete freedom with this team.

    Del Z was extremely selfish last night by taking that extra minor, especially right after they tied it and gained some momentum. You cant blame Torts for his anger.

    But, everyone’s making it seem as if he was benched for the entire game, and called out by his coach right in front of the media. That’s not the case, he took the heat from Torts, and he was right back out there the next period, and Torts told everyone that he’s an important guy, blah, blah, blah.

    What exactly is the big deal ?

  94. Callahan, thanks. That would be pretty funny, if they brought in Trump to say, “Donald, you’re fired.”

    Re: MDZ, and then I’ll shut up. Taking an undisciplined penalty like that, for no reason, is an offense far different than playing poorly. Those cannot be tolerated. (although the coach didn’t exactly man-up until long after his own undisciplined penalty in the playoffs). I don’t think you scream at a guy for making a bad play or even repeated bad plays (and you know about whom we’re talking). You just staple him to the bench and iron it out later, or the next day.

  95. Linda – nice post…

    Buccigross is a class act; I met him a few years back at an Islander game in the Coliseum. Introduced myself and my kids, and explained to them who he was. He made the time and effort to speak with us without acting “rushed” to be somewhere else because of who he is. Definitely was very impressed with him; this article only enhances that image.

  96. I wonder how Aves is doing after the death of Alexander McQueen….

    Im sure he’ll wear some crazy looking fashion thingy in the next game, although i would prefer a Sean Avery Hat Trick (3 goals, 3 assists, 3 fights 1 suspension, and a great post game interview)

  97. I watched now the video clip from Casino Night…

    I really liked the one from Del Zotto completly in white…

    Was there anyone from you guys at Casino Night ???

    Carp ??? Haven´t seen you on the video ?:)

    Dubi looked like a pro on the card table….

  98. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    seriously Orr, i was waiting for that comment from you!

    glad you guys liked the Bucci article. the guy can definitely weave a story together. Always enjoy his stuff.

  99. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    yes ORR!! i was just sitting here wondering who this guy was and why its all over the place, and just read he was a designer and knew someone would bring up aves. you’re a +2 so far today!

  100. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    NYP_Brooksie Brashear accompanying Rangers to Pitt. When he clears, could very well remain with the club. For reference see: Rissmiller, P.

  101. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GOON IS GONZO!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Kris , we were all pulling for you to win it all!! Carp wanted you to buy this blog ,hire a few reporters ,paperatzi to follow our team even in the bathroom. Get exclusive interviews with Torts by paying Josh more cash to do more around here. I know Josh is the ageless wonder but Id like to see a little bit more outta him. He better not pull a “Redden” and show up when “he” feels like it. Yeah Kris ya coulda hired Jane back!!! Bought Laurel a new puppy( everyone loves a new puppy!) life coulda been dandy.

  102. Carp how bout mentioning something in the post how its completely ridiculous and out of the question to trade lundqvist, ONE of the very FEW good things on this team…

  103. I agree with Carp whole heartedly about the Del Zotto situation, Im young but im old school, you should be seen and not heard as a rookie, should keep your mouth shut as tortorella told him when he got back to the bench, and like carp says it was tough love, and he started him the next period so its fine

  104. Carp,
    I think you can just skip the Drury quotes from now on. I mean Drury speaks, and turtles hump, but NO ONE cares about either.

  105. You weren´t there for a….???????

    I dont understand..the whole event is for a good cause…!!!
    and its seems to be fun all around..

    Truth to be told even I like to dress like that once in a while when the event is the right one, but I cant remember to wear a tuxedo but a nice tie…:)

  106. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GOON IS GONZO!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , if you don’t want him…I’ll take yer puppy , thank you very much!!!! Whhoohooo I gots Laurels puppy!!! Cute lil guy…gonna name him buster. Sorry Momma ..ya snooze , ya lose!! After Kris spent all his cash on the blog , there would only be enough for a puppy. Actually the puppy was free , it was the shots that cost $$

  107. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GOON IS GONZO!!! " … says Greg L. on

    ORR , If you could have 1 of the following , what would you pick?

    #1 A date with Megan Fox.

    #2 Rangers win the cup.

    #3 Drury and Redden both traded for Dany Heatley.

    #4 Sather fired.

    #5 a Porche

    #6 Colton Orr is back

    #7 The #1 draft pick this year.

    #8 The retirement of Don Cherry

    #9 To own this blog

    #10 To be Carp for a day!!!

  108. Greg, you can’t have my puppy! and he definitely won’t be named buster….he’ll be little aves.

    love the list for ORR, can’t wait to see his answer…

  109. GREG

    Dru and Dredden for Heatley would be great, but that doesn’t mean we’ll win the Cup. Sather getting fired would be pointless cause he’s gonna leave eventually or just die of old age. I don’t like cars. The 1st overall pick could be a bust. Don Cherry wont be around for much longer. Owning this blog for a day sounds like work. And i wouldn’t want to be Carp, cause id have to go to basketball games, although id like to see Jane up close and personal, but i wouldn’t want Carp to get in trouble with the Mrs. right after i go back to being myself.

    One date with Fox wouldn’t mean a thing, unless we’re talking long term, then that’s something else.

    But, as it stands, id go with winning a Cup.

  110. ilb, have a great trip!

    Linda, thanks for the Bucci link. I interviwed him once for a radio show I did, back when the NHL was coming back from the lockout. He was incredibly nice about it to this no name person from a tiny radio station asking for his time and insight. He even gave me his cell number and told me to call him whenever the show was. The segment lasted 5 to 10 minutes and he answered all our questions. Really good guy.

  111. Don’t have that much of a problem with Torts yelling at Del Zotto. But it’s really easy to yell at a teenage rookie — anyone can do that.
    The problem is how Torts deals with everyone else. He has benched Dubinsky several times, but Dubinsky was just gliding around last night. Drury doesn’t even get a glare from Tortorella. There is no consistency with Tortorella’s management skills nor much success either, and that lack of success is the main problem.

  112. So…
    Anyone want to speculate if anyone gets moved before tomorrow’s Pre-Olympic Deadline?

    I’m guessing big names with big $$ salaries (Like Turco) will happen AFTER the Olympic break as why would teams pay 2 extra weeks of salary for nothing?

    I do think Turco could end up in St. Louis before the season is done, though.

  113. Where's Pavelich? on

    As bad as the actual players he signed, is the arrogance that Sather has in not considering the downside of signings and giving so many NMC or limited NMC (or in Brash’s case his age)…

    THE last, LAST straw shld have been when he traded Kotalik to the Flames, one of the THREE teams in his limited clause (still unclear if he knew of this when he made the trade)

    No GM shld last through the signings he made and the # of times he had to waive or get rid of players with no leverage due to these clasues..


    24. Digging your car out of 3 feet of snow
    I did exactly that today and boy it was not a fun experience. I couldn’t see my car, and all I had was a lousy garden shovel. But as I dug and dug, until I could dig no more, I kept telling myself: hey, at least this is better than Glen Sather. Ugh!

  115. pavelich – repeating a post earlier:

    “Koala – I completely agree with you, but as the team’s owner Jim Dolan doesn’t know sh*t about hockey and doesn’t care about Sather’s mistakes or moves that didn’t work. He is looking at whether he is making money, and for better or worse he is. That is why the posts be ‘Sather’s Wrapup’ are so comical when he always makes a point of the game being another sell-out because THAT is the only thing on Dolan’s mind…”

  116. Where's Pavelich? on

    yeah, I know LI fan…it’s just so dang painful to see it happen over and over..I tghht the potential sale of the team would be it, but the dolan’s are retaining control either way..

  117. Pavelich: yeah, agreed. Unfortunately, Jim Dolan and Glen Sather are cut from the same mold – one is even more arrogant than the other….

  118. Anybody know what the “official” attendance was last night? Did they call it a sell-out?

  119. Do you really think they will send Brashear to Hartford?

    I think they just might give him his outright release which would lower their number of players under contract to 49.

    They could then sign the undrafted Luke Walker of the Portland Winterhawks who played for the Rangers at Traverse City and was a member of the Canadian World Junior team.

    I’m down with that.

  120. I was not happy when Sather picked Tortorella to replace Renney…I would of liked to see Laviolette.

  121. ilb,
    Where are you going? Not to Haiti, are you? If so, say hello to my son – I’ll explain how to find him in Port’O Prince. I wholeheartedly hope you’re not. But anywhere deep down south would be good (out of snowy NY), so, best of luck and have a good rest out of Rangers loosing misery. We will miss you thou…

  122. Going to the game in Pitt tmrw. How depressing after being up for it 3 months ago. Cancerous org. from the top down.Dolan doesn’t know and doesn’t care. Sather doesn’t know and is too full of himself to even realize. Messier will be in next just so it looks good and it will be another disaster. The young guys will be eventually ruined by the atmoshpere-MDZ,Gilroy,Staal,Cally and start to realize it aint for real on this team. I would leave Torts,last night was PG-13 no big deal MDZ was back in when he should have been, but as long as MSG is ok with stagnation,Torts is a walking deadman. Torts hasn’t been perfect but nobody better out there and I would leave him there. They aint getting my playoff tix $, threw away 4 250$ seats last night, thank God, it just aint worth it no more. It’s the players, no urgencey, we can name on one hand which players go all out even 8 out of 10 games. Sad. Start selling its Toxic. Yea Carp a lot of anger out there. Can’t wait for the Vanc. games Canada vs. Russia that’s all that’s let and a big maaaaaybe against the Flyers, probably a letdown as well.

  123. If you are Jim Dolan, you would much rather have a cup win than a decent regular season and a one and out playoff year.

    I know everything thinks he doesn’t care, but if he was only in it for the money, he’d want the team to go as far as possible. Then they’d make more money long term even if they had a few crappy rebuilding years. Winning a cup or going deep into the playoffs makes so much more added revenue than doing what the Rangers seem to do every year.

  124. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    glad you liked it orr!
    physically, if people can only find fault with someones thumbs and belly button, that’d be a victory

  125. leetchhalloffame on

    What’s the deal with Avery this year? He’s played like garbage, except for the one game against Dallas, where he played like he was going for a new free agent contract. It seems like that was the only game all season he was motivated for. How about some consistency, Aves?
    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Guys,
    Have you watched “So You Think You Can Dance”? Oh my god, I LOVE that show … especially that judge, Mary Murphy … that sweet, melodious voice just makes me want to shout from the rooftops …

    You know what? It’s decided: Next season, I’m dropping my $6M a year salary and leaving the Rangers so that I can concentrate full-time on making it on that show …

    Does anyone mind?

    In the meantime, I’ll continue (wo)manning the blueline like the best of them … if I let someone by, it’s because I’m daydreaming about my coming dance routines …

    – Your favorite defense(wo)man, Redden

  127. Linda, Seamie

    If this had been the first time that Torts had mistreated a young player you could call it a mistake but it was not last season it was blaming Sauer in Pittsburgh for Rozy’s twin mistakes and demoting him right after the game.

    Tortorella talks a great talk about how everyone is in this together but like Sather you will not hear him accept blame for his failures. When the team is not ready to play several times then that is the fault of the coach.

    The coach does have some responsibility but I am still waiting for him to accept it.


    Walker has to go back into the draft first before the Rangers could sign him. Walker told me that himself last week.

    Walker also played for Team USA not Canada but he really would like to play for the Rangers and with his USA teammates Stepan, Bourque, and Kreider.

  128. FROM TSN – McKenzie comments on trying to sign Plekanec –

    if they sign Plekanec at 4 MIl they only have left about 5 mil to sign 8 players for next year assuming cap of 54..

    on Souray acquisition by Rangers – this comment should be noteworthy-

    Souray the best defenceman? He’S a career minus player, in spite of putting up huge amounts of points! His last season with the Habs he put up 64 points, and still was -28… I know at least half of those came on the PP, but still. Minus 28 is horrible and indicates that he is a massive defensive liability. And that he was with the Habs too.

  129. You know what’s great about this place?

    Everytime I turn on my computer and open firefox, the first thing I do, and it’s a reflex by now, is click to go to this blog. Always…no matter what.

    Just thought I’d say that…

    And yes, Avery looks disinterested at times. It can’t be his skill because we know he has it, in my opinion at least. He can skate, he has an underrated shot, he can hit, he can fight…I dunno what the deal is

  130. Tony, here’s your answer. The Rangers will resume practicing Feb. 24, during the break.

    cw, those quotes come from the Rangers.

    Rob M, yes, it’d be ridiculous to trade Lundqvist. They’d have been eliminated by Christmas (or Festivus).

    Jonny D, I agree to a point on Dolan. I don’t think he completely doesn’t care about winning. I think it’s more incompetence, and the foolhardy belief in the people he hired.

  131. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Hey CCCP

    is that them on right now? you can tellthis is out of my realm, but you’ve been talkin aboot them for months, and its time to give it a try!

  132. I agree Bert…I hate Souray

    We should’ve signed Streit when we could

    Can you imagine if we signed him over Redden

    F U SATHER!!!!!!!!!

  133. Hi guys
    I wonder if Dolan might start getting a little peeved about being laughed at. If they are laughing at Sather they are laughing at Dolan. I have no idea what Dolan is like, but a lot of rich guys have huge egos, and those kind of people hate to be laughed at, making money or not. I’m sure after the moves Sather has made, some GM’s and owners around the league, have to be getting some chuckles.
    Torts is a dork, he looked really foolish fliping out on DeZe last night. I am not saying Delzotto didn’t deserve it. He has played a lot of hockey, and he knows what he did is a no no in any league. He hurt the team by taking a stupid penalty. I doubt he will be doing the same anytime soon. That said Torts made a fool of himself, he could use some growing up lessons along the kid. My opinion good coaches don’t do that. I know he has to be frustrated, but that stuff does not help. He should have handled it behind closed doors.

  134. Linda

    The bald guy and two guitarist with long dark hair and the guy on the back playing synth is “Infected Mushroom”

    right now they playing few tracks with some other Israeli band called “Friends with Natasha”

    This is the Infected show but the actual group will start playing their new album after this.

    stay tuned…you wont regret.

  135. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    will do!! been meaning to give them a listen for a while. so far this is pretty damned good, and i’m a throwback to the 80’s hairbands and metal stuff.

  136. For NY Guy-

    On Avery- It took me at least 3 years to figure this guy out.
    This is my conclusion.
    You have to make the game very personal with him. It’s like “I have to get back at someone to elevate my game.”
    This conclusion is based on report I read in LA papers after they shipped him out of LA. Reporter said Marc Crawford the coach then wanted him off team because he was a distraction on the younger players being developed. In Dallas he alienated most of the players on the team(exception Richards). But especially Turco.
    Now when Dallas comes to town we have Crawford as coach and the Stars team.Avery has his best game to date. I think his sloopy talk and his confrontations with others are used to ref up his game on the rink.

  137. That sounds about right Bert…

    It seems you can easily point out when he is going to have an effective game…

    It’s a shame because he has the ability and intangibles to be a good 2nd line winger, I think at least

  138. Question for anyone who can clarify this:

    -I know Brashear has the over-35 clause, but if he were to refuse to report to Hartford and sign with the KHL, would that validate a violation/termination of his contract and take his money off the books or does that only apply to one year deals and players exclusively under 35 like Petr Sykora?

  139. Mike Modano wants to become a minority owner of Dallas…good for him…

    I know he wouldn’t have full control obviously, but he clearly cares about hockey in the city and only good can come from it

  140. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    NYRGuy,did you see that he introduced Mark Cuban to another guy where Cuban might get involved on a very light basis? Mark Cuban having anything to do with an NHL team would be hilarious!

  141. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    CCCP, are all their songs along the same beat as this??? Damn this would be awesome cardio on the iTouch!!

  142. Linda you’re right! It’s a shame Avery already talked his way outta there, they would be perfect together!

    I was reading on rotoworld that the 4th season of a player is generally their breakout year…and next year is Dubi’s 4th year…is it safe to say that next year is his make or break year?

  143. so far this is pretty damned good, and i’m a throwback to the 80’s hairbands and metal stuff.


    of course its pretty damn good! Their music is crossbreed between heavy metal and electronic/trance music.

    as i said before. I’ve been following them for the past 10 years. I went to Israel, Germany, England and Russia just to see them play. Their music changed dramatically thought since i started to follow them. It used to be just two guys behind synth and mix board playing bad a$$ Israeli Trance music…now it’s a band playing music that really has no genre… they very skillful guys incorporating many musical styles in one!

    Ok, that’s it…I’m done! Thank you for listening!


  144. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    CCCP, i think ya might get me hooked here. very energetic and i’m either tappin my foot or bouncing the head… yea, i might be downloading this on itunes later!!

  145. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    i just posted the link on my wall CCCP…get some of my friends in on this if they arent afraid to try something different!

  146. yes Linda… but this stream doesnt do the justice to the quality of sound they produce…ill email you something later if you wish :)

  147. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "GOON IS GONZO!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Linda , Whatever you do , DON’T let CCCP in yer dreams. His hypnotic moosic will sing you to sleep , then he steals yer soul…

  148. Mike A-
    Sykora had a specific clause written into his contract that allowed for a mutual buyout.

    Without that clause, it supposedly can’t be done.

    Lucas Krajicek did a similar thing to get out of Norfolk – Tampa’s minor league team.

    Krajicek had been demoted on Dec. 11th and had been playing for the minor league squad, then stopped, and left the team. Tampa suspended him for “defecting” and said leaving the team was a breach of his contract. They waived him, then terminated his contract. He then was given his release and, now a free agent, he signed with the Flyers.

    in theory, we could demote Brashear (or Redden) and if they refuse to report to Hartford or leave the team after reporting, the Rangers can seemingly nullify his contract for his breaching the terms of it and release him.

  149. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    lmao CCCP is NOT a soul stealer!! he’s opening up my eyes and ears to something I never thought I’d get hooked on! This is too much fun watchin these guys.

  150. Greg

    dont make start counting again!! you know what happens after i sart counting!!

    1..2..3…4 someone’s’ at Greg’s door!! Remember?

  151. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    Yes CCCP i think my daughter likes him

    did you say this is a new album? if so, whatsthe name so i can look for it on itunes ;-)

  152. Oh my gosh, I just saw a clip of Tortorella going at it with “Andrew” during the post-practice press conference. I can’t stop laughing. I will miss the guy when he gets fired.

  153. Tank The Season on

    The 2 best known reggae artists in the world – Matisyahu and Sean Paul – both Jewish.

  154. Infected Mushroom – Legend of the Black Shawarma 2009

    This is a great new album that really shows how far they came! As i said, their music used to have no lyrics at all, just insanely good, deep melodic trance music. You can hear those types of tracks on the new album… tracks like “Project 100” “Franks” “Slowly”

    Sorry hockey fans… I feel like we took over the blog here… Linda, Ill email you some of their early stuff later…see if you’ll dig it as well!

  155. How does Moore get traded for a 2nd round pick 2 years in a row??? He’s not even that good!

    We could easily get a 1st for Vinny then

  156. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Torts yell at Avery on the bench a few weeks ago when he took an undisciplined penalty? I just wish he’d get after some of the other veterans like that.

    By the way, nice job last night Kris! You definitely looked good out there. My wife and I were cheering for you. Come to think of it, it may have been the most exciting part of the game.

  157. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    He sure did Eddie. He’s barked at Aves a few times! Would love to see him bark at the Captain after another clutch glide across the ice!

  158. he Florida Panthers have traded forward Dominic Moore to the Montreal Canadiens for a second-round pick in the 2011 draft. The trade call to confirm the deal is currently being placed with the NHL.

  159. Mike A-
    I’ve confirmed it.
    If a player refuses an assignment to the minors, he is in breach of his contract. if teh Team wants to release him, they must first place that player on unconditional waivers (not re-entry).

    If the player clears, their contract is terminated, the player is a free agent and their cap hit is removed from the team.

    So, this IS a viable option for teams to gain cap relief and give the player their release. So far this has happened with Leclair in Pittsburgh, Shanny in Jersey, Sykora in Minny (he also had a mutual release clause) and Krajicek in Tampa.

  160. Carp, yea I got that about the quotes, I didn’t realize you were obligated to include the entire thing, they get that mad if you leave out a Drury quote?

  161. Tank The Season

    The 2 best known reggae artists in the world – Matisyahu and Sean Paul – both Jewish.


    I didnt know Sean Paul was Jewish! Cool!


    Matisyahu is great!

  162. Linda says bye bye bye Puddin on

    John, i think most of us, when we see its from Drury, just skip in and read the directions for some inane little toy, it’s more interesting

  163. 4generations; only 4 cups on

    hahahahahha DOMINIC MOORE WORTH A SECOND ROUNDER!?! REALLY!?!?!? Randy Sexton straight up pulled his zipper down and hosed off Gauthier. That is the most ridiculous trade i’ve heard in a LONG time.

    HUET garnered a 2nd rounder from WSH when he was traded. That’s TALENT. DOMINIC MOORE?!?!

  164. Rob E
    I wonder what the chances are that Brashear breaks the contract. I really think he would be stupid to do that. It is likely the last contract he will be offered by anyone. I think he will go to Hartford, and play the thing out.

  165. We can still hope that he, in his mind thinks he can still play, and that there are lots of teams out there that would sign him. I am really surprised that he played as long as he did.

  166. Semin with a hat trick … third straight game a Caps player has a hat trick … Ovechkin, Laich, and now Semin …

    Rangers will never have that happen … probably never have in the past …

    We are so BUSH

  167. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    well a second rounder for moore (again) either says one of two things about the NHL GMs, the rangers GM got hosed when getting rid of him or the other GMs are just as desperate to win and overpay for and overvalue talent in a desperate quick fix, “what have you done for me lately ” NHL mentality (they just don’t dish out quite so many no movement clauses as our GM does).

  168. Wicky

    “other GMs are just as desperate to win and overpay for and overvalue talent in a desperate quick fix,”

    Sounds like typical Rangers management to me ;)

  169. From bonehead on the Garden ice to ‘SON of bonehead”…

    For those of you who will be in attendance at Sunday’s debacle against the Bolts, my son’s Mite team is skating between periods one and two.

  170. Where’s the best place to get a Ryan Callahan Team USA jersey? I’ve done some searching, but not finding anything.

  171. florida panther update

    lose 3-0 at home. hit 6 posts cant score.

    horton and weiss for dubi giradi and 2nd pick.

    come on uncle glen

    sexton is looking to deal

  172. Rob E-On Brasehar, I’ve heard he wanted to go to the KHL so maybe rather than go to Hartford him and the Rangers can work something out, get out of the contract via termination, and he can go to Russia.

    Hollweg was on Phoenix’s Farm team and got suspended and is still playing last I heard.

    Matisyahu is cool. From White Plains, NY! Saw him come out with 311 two summers ago at Keyspan Park.

    The world’s biggest DJ is a Sephardic Jew named David Guetta.

    CCCP-A very interesting Israeli band is Monotonix. They opened for Faith No More who are doing a reunion at the Tel Aviv shoe and those guys are nuts. Set their drums on fire, psychedelic, noise rock.

  173. Mike A-
    heard the same.
    Brashear throws down just twice over in the “K” and he’ll earn his dough.
    As long as it’s a Nylander kind of deal I’m down.

  174. Tank The Season on

    So are re-entry waivers the only way we can get rid of more than 100k of Brashear’s cap hit?

    Paging Brian Burke…

  175. Carp, why do it? To snub him? You could even put “Chris Drury on tonight’s game: Quote deleted” I guess you do have to deal with these people in person…I’m just bothered by thinking about him wearing the jersey let alone having him quoted. It makes him seem like somebody important, I’d rather hear quotes on why he thinks he’s such a waste of roster space. Or why he doesn’t do the team a favor and retire. Or how he looks his teammates in the eye knowing there’s only one player on the team that is as big a detriment as he is. Or once, just once seem like he’s even a LITTLE bit angry. Why do we get no quotes on why he keeps trying to put this positive spin on a team that has gone from almost making the cup to being in the running for a top 5 draft pick in a matter of two season? I don’t know how as a fan and as a reporter you manage to keep your composure sometimes with certain players. You’re a better man than I

  176. Hey, somebody please wake Sather up. Only a little over 5 hours until the 3 pm freeze! Of course, can they really do a big shake up at this point when they have to play tonight?

    Wake up Glen, Wake up!

  177. Did everyone sleep in today?

    Pop Quiz time! Jeopardy style.

    Answer: They are brothers.

    What is the question.

  178. Mickey – you need to give a category for the question or else any number of answers are correct… ;-)

  179. LI- I deliberately left off the category. I wanna see what kind of crazy questions y’all come up with. :)

    Plus, it’s gonna be a really long day and I need to be amused, lol.

  180. Thanks Orr. I was hoping to not pay $180 plus shipping, but maybe that’s the route I’ll have to take. I was also hoping to get the “3rd” jersey which looks like a Rangers white, but they don’t have it there.

  181. Obviously, the Sedin twins of Vancouver – but I have a feeling that these are not the kinds of answers Mickey is looking for… ;-)

  182. The Staals – Marc, Jordan, Eric…

    Jan and Paul Stasny

    Henrik and Joel Lundqvist (not sure if Joel is still with Dallas…)

  183. I can keep going…

    Mikko and Saku Koivu

    Andrei and Sergei Kosteytsin (sp)

    Rob and Scott Neidermeyer

    OK; I’m done for now… back to work

  184. Joel is playing in the SEL this year, I believe.

    And LI, you nailed the answer. BOO! It’s too early in the game to get it.

    OK, next question:

    Answer: This person has the cheesiest reason ever to wear his number.

  185. CT- Damn, I forgot about the Michalek’s. Not what I was looking for, but still.. one potential answer.

  186. Hmmmm; gonna have to think this one through a bit now…

    Good post, Mickey – get everyone thinking a little. :-)

  187. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    nice Star trek reference Mickey

    SAo whose Sather gonna try to trade today

    I know he wont just sit still

    If I were Gm, I would jsut finish the season with what we have, and rebuild inthe summer.

    But Crazy Uncle Glen be sensible? of course not!!

  188. Mikey, Crazy Uncle Glen. I like it! If Schoeny takes away all phone and internet access and locks him in a dark room, then maybe he won’t do anything.

    Then again, he IS Glen Sather. Knowing him, he’s got contacts among the half lifes and spririt worlds where he still get deals done. Ohhhh, maybe he IS a half life. Hrm….

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