Questions on a snowy game day (UPDATED)


Still waiting on word(s) from the Rangers re:

Marian Gaborik’s availability tonight with the deep right thigh laceration he suffered in practice yesterday.

The reason Corey Potter was called up from Hartford (all six defensemen skated in practice yesterday, but somebody apparently will/may not be available tonight).

And, finally, whether tonight’s game is in danger of being postponed with the blizzard now intensifying and supposedly lasting all through the night. If you are planning to go, and they do play, please use mass transportation.

I’ll update as info becomes available.



Gaborik still uncertain (which is better news than “out indefinitely” right?).

Potter’s here because one of the d-men might be unavailable with an injury tonight. He is not here because a trade is brewing.

No plans to postpone at this point.


Meanwhile, here’s the announcement on Potter:

New York, February 10, 2010 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that defenseman Corey Potter has been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL).
Potter, 26, tied his AHL career-high with three assists, and registered a plus-three rating in a 5-1 win at Norfolk on Saturday.  He has skated in 43 games with Hartford this season, registering two goals and 10 assists for 12 points, along with a plus-six rating and 44 penalty minutes.  His plus-six rating is tied for second on the team overall, and he ranks third among team defensemen in assists, and is tied for third in points and fourth in goals.  Potter also ranks fourth among Hartford defensemen with 68 shots on net this season.  He has recorded three multi-point efforts, including back-to-back two-point performances in a 5-2 win vs. Lowell on October 24 (one goal and one assist) and a 4-3 win vs. Worcester on October 25 (two assists).  Potter’s goal vs. Lowell on October 24 was his first career shorthanded tally.
The 6-3, 206-pounder recorded one goal and one assist in five games with the Rangers last season.  He recorded his first career point with an assist in his second NHL game on December 27, 2008 vs. New Jersey, and notched his first NHL goal on April 2, 2009 at Carolina.  He made his NHL debut on December 7, 2008 vs. Calgary.
Potter has skated in 220 career AHL games with Hartford, registering 19 goals and 67 assists for 86 points, along with a plus-52 rating and 249 penalty minutes.  He established a career-high with 10 goals and 141 shots on goal, and tied his career-high with 32 points last season.  In 2007-08, Potter recorded a career-best 27 assists and a plus-33 rating, which led Hartford and ranked second in the AHL overall.  In addition, he has skated in 18 career post-season contests with the Wolf Pack, registering two goals and eight assists for 10 points, along with 42 penalty minutes.
The Lansing, Michigan native was originally the Rangers fourth round selection, 122nd overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. No one joke that outside looks like Wade Redden’s fantasy dream last night okay?

    Those jokes and rumor are unfounded.

    Besides, his self-confidence is low enough.

  2. What is Gaborik’s status? More importantly, how could this happen? Does Sweden play Slovakia in the Olympics?

  3. Others have said that Potter’s recall is “Precaution against injury for tmw vs Nashville were told not as first step in Souray deal.”


    On a team that’s carried 6 d-men all year – why the sudden “precaution”. That just smells of a disinformation/distraction campaign.

  4. How far ahead will MSG cancel the game, I’m in NJ with GREAT seats in 95 tonight and I’m wondering at what point they can call it off. I don’t want to get there and it not go down and have to worry about getting back to nj.

  5. carp,

    Potter is being called up because it’s a bet between slats and Dolan whether or not a call-up can get to MSG during a blizzard without dying. Bet? $1!!!! (reference anyone?)

  6. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    So far there isn’t much snow to postpone the game, I have seen far worse.. Play the game!!

  7. Yea That’s what I’m worried about, how are they with the exchange policy in this kind of situation? I assume they will offer no help.

  8. As of an 11:18 update, is reporting the game to be played as scheduled but to check back for any updates.

  9. How much snow are they predicting? Just wondering, cause we’re getting all sorts of numbers up here in Albany, but nothing as bad as NYC area is supposed to get.

  10. Mickey here on LI they say 6-12 (one report 6-10 another 8-12) with pockets that could be deeper… and we have a blizzard warning apparently until 6 am tomorrow (though I thought it was supposed to taper off at midnight…)

  11. good luck Kris!!!

    and i got your Trading Places reference

    yeah, something doesn’t smell right with sudden call up of a 7th dman…..and i hope that Callahan not practicing yesterday has nothing to do with it.

  12. Agravaine, that’s not as bad as I thought, actually. I was hearing rumours of upwards of 18-20 inches. Blizzard conditions aren’t good though. I almost feel sorry for y’all. Almost. LOL.

    Stay safe everyone.

  13. Yes Carp for real. I was notified yesterday. If the game does get postponed ill have more time to practice. : )))

  14. A fellow poster on another hockey board who is a very reliable source (has contacts in the NHL and sources from the tri-state area), says that the Sather has been in touch with the Panthers for a few days now and that some big names have been mentioned on both sides.

    Horton, Jordan Leopold, Weiss, Gregory Campbell and McIntyre are names he’s heard from Florida.

    Voros, Dubinsky, Callahan, Dan Girardi, Lisin, Sauer, Sangs and Matt Gilroy are names he’s heard from New York.

    He went out to dinner with Andrew Peters last night and spoke to two inside sources who said a deal will go down after the game tonight or simmer until after the Olympic break.

    I wouldn’t waste time posting rumors like this but he’s reliable. He called the Kovalchuk to the Devils trade for the exact package 18 hours before anyone else did, and also told us during the off-season that the Rangers weren’t planning to resign Orr and wanted to replace him with Brashear.

    Now that Potter has been recalled, the whispers make more sense.

    Take it for what it’s worth, and at least it makes for interesting discussion.

  15. ilb, we’re good. We had some light snow this morning and it’s still falling very very lightly. I’d call it a dusting at this point. We’re only supposed to get 2-7 inches, so nothing, really. The commute home is when it’s supposed to be the worst.

  16. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i told you guys, Girardi got a paper cut dealin cards at Casino Night and may not be able to go.

    be safe to anyone going tonight!
    Kris, good luck! Hope you win it all!

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    “Weather Advisory
    Game scheduled to be played as planned at 7 p.m.”

    That’s on the Rangers’ website.

    I will be at the game, and I’m expecting it to be VERY easy to “upgrade” my seats.

  18. I have season tickets, it is tough call if I should go tonight, they are saying dont drive, the LIRR may shut down if 10 inches of snow, mass transit is great if you ive in the 5 boros.

  19. Linda says RIP Capt, Phil on

    thanks Crease. posted those names yesterday with credit to the poster,and I think people thought i was making things up. there was a decent discussion about it here on our previous thread.

    Thankfully, Mako has my bail money in a safe spot.

  20. Paul I hear ya… if I had tix… well I don’t have work tomorrow so if I got stranded in the city I’d be ok… but my sister would be having trouble deciding what to do

  21. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    hopefully slats flips a forward and d man for a forward, then picks up witt to fill the d spot to address the over softness of our d!!

    Won’t happen, but I can always hope for some serious snarl back there!!

    Who’s in the three way?

    you are making me blush!!!

  22. Let me preface this by saying I have a source, but he has been wrong as often as he has been right.

    A trade is in place if one of the big 3 waive their NTC. If they don’t, they will be bought out/ demoted.

  23. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    silly question, but if you trade a player with a NTC, his NTC transfers to the new team correct?

  24. Please be careful, potential whiteouts are very dangerous.


    This is just an excuse for Redden/Rozi to not pick up the weakside forechecker in tonight’s game. Maybe they should ask the Preds to wear their dark unis.

  25. He said Redden, but I think he means Rozi. That is why I was alarmed when I saw Cally missed practice. This guy has been grinding Brad Richards to NYR since Torts took over.

    But remember, if it is Redden, there should be no surprise if nothing gets done.

  26. I just spoke to my season account rep, game will be played. As we know Nashville is already here, and most importantly the officials are in town also. So she said game is on!

  27. yea, Horton is injured, but is a great player. You put him with someone like Gaborik then you’re looking at someone like Marleau

  28. ok so ive decided to work on a doritos ad for the remainder of my morning. if anyone has any good side facing boyle photos link me to em.


  29. Linda says RIP Capt, Phil on

    anyone witha facebook, do you have any idea where the ‘pages’ link disappeared to??

  30. Carp – my son goes to UB as well and when I was telling him that we were supposed to have 6-12″ of snow he says to me “Oh, up here, that’s a Wednesday…”

  31. Hey hey hey! The blogettes are not capable of anti-Mako-ism! But I can’t help but tease him a little for all those 60%s…

    Love you MAKO!!!

  32. Linda says RIP Capt, Phil on

    Thanks AG!! maybe now facebook will stay put and not wipe out our page again!

    Sally, i just sent a TON of oatmeal raisin to my daughter and son in law. Won’t be baking again until probably about 10 days before Easter. It’s not like the man will eat any, so I’ll send ya more!

    LI Ranger, lmao thats pretty funny

  33. Agravaine – yeah, there used to be a link on your FB home page to go directly to your “Pages”. FWIW, I really hate the new format…

  34. I don’t know Sally, you could have fooled me with the feigned anti-Mako rhetoric. That’s the type of stuff that will probably get put to a referendum in California on your anti-Mako proposition.

  35. LI totally don’t like having everything moved around. But my real dislike is a stupid reason so I can’t complain too much.. (it makes it harder to play Farmville… lol I’m practicing for when I move down south)

    what quiz?

  36. Linda says RIP Capt, Phil on

    CT did you read when HE originally took it????

    lmao@ Florida and big names not going together

    lmao @”There was only one 60% I had no idea to take it again & I think I kept on publishing it lmao”
    a likely story!

  37. eh I’m not complaining (mostly cause I don’t have work today so don’t have to go out in it…. :)

    But we were in NH for four years, this is nothing…

    drove through a blizzard to see Miracle when it came out :)

  38. Linda, I’m not a huge fan of oatmeal raisin but that last bunch you sent was deeelicious! What cookies do you make for easter?

  39. Linda says RIP Capt, Phil on

    not sure yet sally, gonna check through some food network cookie recipes and see. Though the chocolate chip w/ cherries IS becoming a go to cookie!

  40. I’m so glad that I had the foresight to sell this game in October! Now I can sit back and watch the game in HD without agrivation (except, of course, the aggrivation that watching many Rangrt games provides.)

  41. I bake… the raps that make you stepback on this pact
    U hear the flow that makes yo eyes go zig-zag, like wade reddens jet lag. Does his dope, his eyes sag, see his face and i gag.

  42. Jeez, I go away for an hour for lunch and y’all start talking crazy-like. LOL.

    I HATE the new fb. I can’t find a darn thing on it anymore. :(

  43. wicky, I have no reason to not believe this person.

    the rest … boy, I haven’t been hanging here a lot the last few days, so I’m really lost in this conversation.

  44. GREAT JOB TR!!!

    Oh and appareny there is an “unidentified “banged up” D-man” that’s why Potter was called up. As per Brooks article in the post. Pg 61.

  45. Salty, Turco, Smith on tb(idk if he still starts), Jose theodore (idk if he starts either), emery

  46. Kris good luck.

    If you haven’t played hockey before, just remember to face the boards not the goal. point your shoulders at the goal.

    I just watched video of some guy missing all of his shots wide because he was facing the goal, he didn’t figure it out.

  47. Kris good luck.

    If you haven’t played hockey before, just remember to face the boards not the goal. point your shoulders at the goal.

    I just watched video of some guy missing all of his shots wide because he was facing the goal, he didn’t figure it out.


    and make sure you dont stand behind the puck, keep it behind you and sweep it across your body, toward the net, and point at your target with the tip of your blade on your follow through

  48. Hey joeybriggs, Potter made it! You must not be a parent or you would not print such horrid comments!!!

  49. I successfully resisted getting the Doritos from the vending machine, even though TR’s brillance made me REAAAAAALLY want them.

    Went with the Fritos instead.

  50. I have played roller for the most part, occasional open ice but thats about it. Thanks for the good luck wishes!!! My real name is Kresimir, i just hope the PA guy doesnt butcher it too much. i’ll ask if they can just say Kris and my last name LOL

  51. Yergs, even if you find it there isn’t much you can do with your car at the moment. Unless you’re Tony’s neighbor.

  52. Laurel, don’t say anything! I’m gonna watch it as soon as I get home! My guess is that every one becomes smoke monsters and then they fight each other and everyone starts coughing a lot.

  53. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    actually Godzilla comes out of the jungle just as Gamera swoops down from the sky. Rodan’s just lickin his chops

  54. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    This snow is nothing! I grew up in Syracuse – Lake effect storms – that’s snow!

  55. paulieplatypus on

    Sally, Sooo do you like to wear a blue bonnet while baking cookies on Easter? How about one of those sexy red bonnets while your prancing through the woods on the way to grandma’s house? :)-Sorry I must be going through some sort of snowed in cabin fever kind of thing? Though it’s nothing a good Rangers game tonight shouldn’t be able to fix.

  56. without spoiling… is last nights LOST any better than the last episode? Was not impressed/intrigued with where things were going…

  57. Yeah, I’m in Philly right now and I can barely see 50 yards ahead of me. How’s it up there in Ranger country?

  58. hehehe Odessa is a warm city! But, if it snowed then it snowed real good! And it does get cold during winter! I would say Odessa weather is very similar to New York’s weather…That’s why there are so many Odessit’s in New York :D

  59. I actually discovered “Fringe” last week only lol
    Saw only first 7 episodes so far and I really like it! I got 33 more episodes to go!

  60. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    glad you discovered it CCCP. I’ve been watchin since the get go and absolutely love it! Some crazy stories for sure!

  61. Have any of you seen the comments on TSN’s article on Gaborik’s injury? Im amazed that people can function during the course of the day with the stupidity that falls out of their mouths.

  62. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    mako, you should read some of the imbeciles on ANY thread! WOW, what a bunch of experiments gone awry!! i wonder if some of these people still drink out of sippy cups and eat gerber graduates and vienna sausages

  63. I’ve got tickets to tonight’s game, and I’m going! Weather be damned. Hope that Gaborik will skate. Hope that Redden or Rosival are the injured parties and they get their worthless butts off the ice.

  64. Yonkman was called up for the Preds,Potter for the Rangers,hmmm a 1 for 1 deal?please?if not i hope Prust battles Yonker.
    Maybe with Gabby out(likely)Brash will dress,KO Belak,pump up his trade value and get shipped off before the Olympic break!

  65. “i wonder if some of these people still drink out of sippy cups and eat gerber graduates and vienna sausages”


    LMFFFAAAOOO!!!!! Thank you for making me choke on my water! AGAIN WOMAN AGAIN!

  66. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    excellent link MAKO! Leonsis is the Man! I have a friend who is a HUGE Caps fan,have known his since 96, and they just absolutely love this guy!

    OH to have an owner like that!!!!

  67. “i wonder if some of these people still drink out of sippy cups and eat gerber graduates and vienna sausages”


  68. lmao @ the idea of brash as a 350lber by august from a twinkie+depression bender…
    ok no Brash KO,how about Yonker for Potter?…no??
    How about a Ranger win?…a Prust fight?
    0fer the day,thanks.

  69. Salty, re: lost, without ruining anything, I didn’t really love the episode. I meant oy in a frustrated way, not a OY, wow way :)….

  70. Haha, did anyone hear Freddy Shoes got food poisoning ? Christian Hanson too.

    They’re okay, but there’s been some bad luck with recent players that have been traded.

    Salmonella = Concussion

    Shoes = Food Poisoning

    Redden = Overdose

    Just kidding, that wont happen, cause Dredden isn’t getting traded.

  71. LOST has had ups and downs… 5 seasons in though, I gotta see how they wrap this up.

    The truth is I absolutely despise television in general. But I downloaded all of LOST and watched 5 full seasons on my ipod classic, and I will have to stomach the last season on television. If it weren’t for hockey I wouldn’t have a TV, let alone cable…

    Tip: Once the rangers streams become more reliable…check craigslist for a very cheap Vizio, cause I will be getting rid of mine!

  72. ilb

    Hell yes! Even Three-or-more is playing well for them but they really need a better goalie. I wouldnt doubt the make it to the ECF this year.

    Can you imagine Sather hanging with the fans? It would be like Howie Mandel in the Port Authority bathroom!!!

  73. I don’t know… In town I’m from, we were playing hockey in weather like this on an open ice. Extra fun – who can first find puck in the snow. Truth, I swear. So, forget about postpone the game, it’s winter for Hockey God sake!

  74. Morg

    That is absolutely PRICELESS! Fantastic find! Gold star for you!!!!!!!!!!! This is without a doubt TRUE!!! LOL

  75. Now that’s a flow chart! No wonder there is no word on Carter. They won’t be able to find anyone who can read until after the Olympics

  76. Yeah, MAKO, he’ll fit right in. Expect at least 2 d-men to cover him. LMAO doesn’t do any justice. I can’t wait to post during the game.

  77. Drury skating for Gaborik? That line would have to have like 8 players on it because it would take 3 Druries to make up for one Gaborik. At least.

  78. holy its not a joke, how do u go from 4th line center to taking the best player on the teams spot??? reeeallly stretching it to try to get drury goin huh torts?

  79. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Jeff Carter has been told by Steve Yzerman he is Ryan Getzlaf’s injury replacement IF REQUIRED. Carter also told to fly to Vancouver Sunday.

  80. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    can you guys imagine Drury having a huge game in place of Gabby? His legend will expand to unknown proportions!! He will have a hellamega XXXXL large pizza added to the menu, with extra Clutchigiano cheese!

  81. All jokes aside, wouldn’t you want Drury to have a huge game?… let’s hope it ACTUALLY happens!!


  82. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    he will blog 4 shots, look like he got shot by a cannon on 2, and have 7 clutch dump ins!

    by the way, water chestnuts are disgusting, and ANY woman in alabama driving any vehicle taller than they are, while on their damned phones, are officially the WORST drivers in the country!

  83. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    AGrossRecord To clarify on #NYRangers: Either Aaron Voros or Donald Brashear will be in the lineup. Not determined yet. Have to wait till faceoff

    lmao @ the suspense of who’s in! guess whoever is NOT traded will be in eh? ;-)

  84. I have to think that Jokinen/Dubi/Cally will get 1st line minutes and 2nd/3rd line will be even

    Torts can’t be serious about playing Prospal/Drury/CHristensen for over 20 minutes

  85. “he will blog 4 shots, look like he got shot by a cannon on 2, and have 7 clutch dump ins!”

    I was thinking earlier that I wanted Drury to finally get his offense back and earn the respect of the fans that hate him so much… or hope the day comes when they would be able to trade him came sooner. The constant drubbing of the Rangers Capataincy is painful to endure, valid or not!

    This post however made me laugh so hard that I no longer care… just like that, so thanks Linda say RIP…


  86. Hey Carp, Eklund quoted you!

    “Also, Carp reports that Corey Potter’s was called up because one of the d-men might be unavailable with an injury. He is not here because a trade is brewing.”

  87. All jokes aside, wouldn’t you want Drury to have a huge game?… let’s hope it ACTUALLY happens!!


    Absolutely not. I’d be happy to see him never score a goal again in his life. I hope his numbers continue to decline every year so people realize he’s a just a spud and the Drury hoax can be put to rest.

    He’s an unacceptable captain and Ranger, his contract and momevent clause continue to HURT THE TEAM season after season…and every time he scores a goal he gets to hide that FACT a little bit longer. He does the absolute BARE MINIMUM required to keep his job, and this team would be better without him.

  88. I have a feeling Brashear is going to play, because “we don’t want him to sit for long periods of time”

  89. After seeing Brashear play live at the PIT game a while back, I can say without hesitation, he is the worst skater I can remember ever seeing at the NHL level.

  90. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    lmao ilb, read that about an hour ago, just head shaking!!

    William, I honestly feel a lot of us were excited when he signed here (although the contract was about 8 million dollars more than it needed to be) after killin us in the playoffs, and we all knew of his clutchness throughtout life But then we got to see him play on a day to day basis, and what a disappointment. It’s like everything he was known for totally disappeared once he got his official NYR Retirement Nest Egg contract! Like Redden, his skills have eroded, and there is nothing that will be done to take care of the mistakes these contracts are.

    We all hope that everyone in the lineup performs to the best of their abilities every night, unfortunately, we don’t get that! We HOPE drury plays well, but I think we know better.

    i’m glad my little line made you laugh though!!

  91. I am curious to see that obviously on this board no one had the idea that Drury problably needs to go to a couch doctor in order to get his offensive production back….

    A psychiatrist fix this when lying on his couch :)

  92. All world class sports teams have a psychologist in their training stuff these days and the Rangers ?????

  93. I’m with Salty on Drury…

    “He does the absolute BARE MINIMUM required to keep his job”

    For someone making his salary, who’s playing for supposedly the only team he wants to play for…I’ve seen nothing more than a mercenary who has never come through in a big spot for the Rangers and whose paltry contributions and lack of leadership has crippled the team both on the ice and in the locker room.

    I mean, really, the only way I could see anybody looking up to him is to say “Let’s see, he’s small…can’t skate…can’t pass…can’t shoot…plays like he’s in a fog…only perks up in interviews when he’s pushing his pizza place…and makes a FREAKIN’ FORTUNE!”

    Chris Drury, you’re a hero to miminally talented, heartless mercenaries all around the league.

    Gaborik and Drury get handed almost the same paycheck…that’s enough to make anyone vomit.

    Then again…Drury did win a little league trophy…so much like Messier getting paid for the Cup, Drury’s gettin’ paid for that little trophy.

    Only way the Rangers can move forward as a franchise:

    1. Sather’s stogie habit finally takes him down

    2. Dolan chokes on marbles

    3. Redden gets a bad batch

    4. Drury chokes on his mouthpiece

    I wonder…is Chris Drury even remotely aware of what an absolute total failure he’s been as a Ranger?

    I am usually hard-pressed to root against a player wearing a Blueshirt (Brashear doesn’t count)…but Chris Drury is perhaps the best example of an overpaid, under-performing mercenary whose only interest is his paycheck.

    After too many years of seeing guys come to the Rangers for a paycheck and doing little to earn it…and REVILING every player who did so…I am still in shock at just how much of a pass Drury gets.

    Can’t wait for him to be away from this team. Then he can spend his days eating pizza and staring off aimlessly into the corner…much like he’s done throughout his tenure here.

    Okay…I feel better now. Shoveling snow makes me cranky.


  94. i wonder who didnt get dressed, out of boyle and voros it can only be one of them, assuming prust is dressed

    it kinda makes sense, he doesnt use the 4th line much and they must be showcasing potter or somebody else on defense may be gettin traded and they want to see how potter can do? who knows

  95. damn that was drurys chance to shine.. rozsival sucks right guys? if that pass was from del zotto people would hav been having orgasms on here

  96. Heya, this is one wonderful post! Thank you for posting this. I was hunting for a site that has this kind of info. I just like very much farmville! Happy I found this one! I’ll be coming in here again for sure! lol

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