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From the Rangers:

February 10, 2010 – New York Rangers 1, Nashville Predators 2 (Game #60, Home #32)
·         The Rangers were defeated by the Nashville Predators, 2-1, tonight at Madison Square Garden.
·         New York has now posted a record of 26-27-7 (59 pts.) overall, including a 13-15-4 (30 pts.) mark at home this season.
·         The Rangers tallied one goal in six power play opportunities (7:23), and are now six-for-15 (40.0%) on the man advantage in the last three games.
·         Henrik Lundqvist stopped 34 of 36 shots and is now 23-22-6 on the season, including a 12-14-4 mark at MSG; he has now held opponents to two or fewer goals in 22 of his last 29 games dating back to a 2-1 win at Buffalo on Dec. 5, posting a 12-12-5 record, along with a 2.32 goals against average, a .922 save percentage and one shutout over the span.
·         Rangers Alternate Captain Vinny Prospal notched a five-on-three power play goal and a career-high nine shots on net in 21:23 of icetime; the nine shots are also a Rangers season-high, and the most by a Blueshirt in a single-game since Scott Gomez registered nine shots on Oct. 25, 2008 vs. Pittsburgh; Prospal has tallied 11 of his 12 goals at MSG to rank second on the team in home goals, and has now recorded 12 points (four goals and eight assists) and a plus-five rating in the last 12 games.
·         Olli Jokinen recorded an assist on Prospal’s power play goal and logged 22:27 of icetime; he has now registered five points (one goal and four assists) in his last six games, and three points (one goal and two assists) in four games as a Ranger.
·         Rangers Alternate Captain Ryan Callahan led all skaters with six hits and logged a career-high 27:00 of icetime.
·         The Blueshirts practice schedule for tomorrow, Feb. 11, is 12:00 p.m. at the MSG Training Center.
·         The Rangers return to action when they will face-off against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday, Feb. 12, at Mellon Arena (7:30 p.m.), in a matchup between Atlantic Division opponents; the game will be televised live on MSG Network and can be heard on 1050 ESPN Radio.
John Tortorella on the team…
“When you are trying to crawl out of a hole and trying to gain some consistency in your game, your structure of your team concept and your discipline, at all times, at this time of year, is so important.  We are not good enough not to be dead on with that stuff there.”
Henrik Lundqvist on his play…
“I felt good.  There were a lot of breakaways tonight.  They created a lot around the net.  I knew, going into the game, I can’t afford any mistakes.  I think the D played really well around the net.  It is really tough.  We play as good as we can in our end, still let up a couple of breakaways, but I still think we played pretty good in our end.  It comes down to scoring.  You can see how you feed off of a goal.  As you score we get energy and some speed but then they score and we lose that energy a little bit.”
Chris Drury on the team…
“We have just been trying to play the right way. We have been playing the right way for the most part. It’s just such a fine line in this League, the smallest little mistake, whether it’s a penalty or just not finishing a great chance, or just the bounce of the puck can cost you the game and can get you spinning in the wrong direction.”

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  1. The Caps don’t need goaltending or defense. They don’t care about defense. And they don’t worry if they’re down 5-2 in the 3rd period.
    The Rangers get depressed when they go down 1-0 in the first minute of the game. As well they should.

  2. czechthemout!!! on

    If the Caps want to win the Stanley Cup, they should call scumbag Sather and offer him Jon Carlson, Karl Alzner,Anton Gustuffson and Cody Eikan for Henrik Lundquist,Dan Girardi,Bobby Sanguinetti and a second round pick. If they can get the King from the Rangers, they will win the next three Stanley cups. They are that good and we can start a true rebuild here for once.

    Just to be claer I think the King is a great goalie who can win you a stanley cup. It’s just that he will never win one here because of the utter mis management of the team. I just think that we need to try to get some top end talent into the orginization and this is the way to do it. If not, he will be burned out in about a year or two and we will get nothing for him but still be on the hook for his salary.

    But this has to happen in conjunction with Sather being gone after this season finally!!!!!!!!

  3. devils blows second 2 goal lead on flyers in 3 nights to lose 3-2 in ot both nights, good job marty thanks man

  4. i am sick of this team. i am thinking about boycotting them until they cut rozival and redden. they cant get any worse than them

  5. Sather's Wrapup on

    This snow has really kept me indoors. I got about six inches last night. Muck was soooo proud!

    Hello Ranger Fans! Good to be back at the World’s Snowiest Arena. I see that it’s clear out now. Clear up to my ass! Who was it that wrote the song “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”? I’d like to kill that f**ker! He’s probably retired and living in Florida.

    Torts! Hey, Tortarella! I heard that Gaborik’s not playing. Why not? What do you mean he’s been cut! Why? I thought he was playing pretty well. If you want to cut somebody, get rid of Redden.

    (singing) “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got Love in my Tummy” Oh-oh. That’s the big guy’s new ringtone. (Apparently he swallows…) Hey Boss we did it again. Another MSG shutout! What do you care how empty it looks? They’re paid for… I know how to make it look full. Just have suit coats painted on all the seat covers- they’re the ones that never show up anyway. Say, how’d those Knicks do last night? Well, they came in second, at least. It’s all how you look at it… (click)

    Are all you fans getting geared up for the Olympics? I know I am! My favorite sport in the Olympics is the one where they move through the snow, stop, shoot a gun, move through the snow some more, stop, then shoot again. In Canada we call it a Biathlon. Here in New York though, they call it a snowstorm.

    Brash! Where is my Million Dollar Boat Anchor? Hey Brashear, you’re not doing anything, run outside and start making some snow angels in front of the arena. All you have to do is lay on your back and wave your arms and legs. Yeah, just like the way you play hockey…

    Is it me, or does Barry Trotz look like a flesh colored Halloween pumpkin?

    Del Zotto took that extra penalty for yapping at the refs. Torts got a little mad but I don’t mind that at all. You gotta speak up. Like I always say- Don’t let ‘em crap all over you, open your mouth!

    Nashville won, at least there was no one here to see it. I think Elvis has left the building, and he took the two points with him.

    Olli-Olli Jokinen free! And worth every penny!
    Uncle Glennie

  6. Czech-makes a good point. Trading the King for top quality young players will definitely put the Rangers in a better position to compete for the cup. The way Sather has this team built, it will take 3 to 4 years to shed the bad contracts/players and be able to add a nice high priced player to be the final piece, if our prospects turn into quality players like we hope. Unfortunately, Sather has not brought any competition for the king and anybody in our system is currently a 3rd goalie on any other team. Do we wait for our prospects to develope? Do we wait out the Drury/Rozi/Redden contracts? Can the king still be a top goalie in 4 years after the constant battering that he’s taking and going to take? Anyway, FIRE SATHER! ! !!!

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    It’s NOT “trade the King” because Sather can’t get players to support him. Fire Effing Sather cause he can’t acquire any good players, even though he’s CAP-ped out the team!

    Keep Lundqvist! Fire Sather!

  8. It’s NOT “trade the King” because Sather can’t get players to support him. Fire Effing Sather cause he can’t acquire any good players, even though he’s CAP-ped out the team!
    Keep Lundqvist! Fire Sather!


    AMEN OLGA!!!!!

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YAWN , Fire Sather…YAWN…fire Sather…YAWN .

    Fire the ice crew too then while yer at it Olga. Oli Jok did stop right before he tried to shoot. Got his skate stuck in a rut? ….I think the ice was sooo dam chippy , Oli just could get his shot off properly. So yeah , you say Fire Sather , I say Fire the ice crew!!!

  10. Olga Folkyerself on

    Besides,if it’s Sather calling the shots, instead of a good goalie and a bunch of lousy players, you’ll have just a bigger bunch of lousy players.

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    YAWN…Mako …YAWN. Pritty smart thing of him to to say..Fire Sather..WOW thats ORIGINAL. Must of took a whole lotta time to drum that one up. WOW ,,, I never realized Sather could be the problem. WOW , Im soooo glad you said that Olga , I’d be lost with out you.

  12. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The more he talks, the more I hate him. OMG Drury is such a mega-DB. What an awful captain.

  13. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg- are you naturally stupid, or do you take pills for it? If so, I think you’re overdosing…

  14. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Olga , you natural idiotic . So ya don’t need any pills to act like the tool ya are.

  15. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Olga-don’t argue with Greg. He’s got a room temperature IQ and it gets pretty cold in Canada this time of year.

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Keep hiding behind that name and insult me all you want. Your a coward and yer so F***ing repetitive ,It makes me wanna puke. Your a broken record that need to be stepped on and crunched into a million pieces.

  17. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Izzy , don’t start with me …Go back to doing the only thing yer good at. Being first. I did beat ya a few times , hahaa.

  18. Come on Greg. Its “Olga’s” thing. LOL

    Linda I think you’re right about the full moon…..

    Seriously though. Trading LQ for “pieces” wont do much good. Management is the main reason why this team is the way it is. They put TOO MUCH hope and faith into underachieving players who are past their prime. Who knew Drury would be like this? Who would have thought that the change of scenery wouldnt have done Redden some good? LOL Its all silly!!!

  19. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    there’s definitely a full moon on this blog tonight!

    I think an exorcism needs to be performed on MSG. There is an evil prescence there that sucks the life and basic fundamental know how of the athletes that come to play there.

  20. the rangers young players aren’t developing under torts.

    • del zotto was a better player the first 10 games of the season.
    • staal is playing like a #4 defenseman
    • dubinsky is floating around the ice most nights

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "We lost again!!! " … says Greg L. on

    OK OK Mako , Olga , It’s yer “thing”. I’ll respect that. Maybe I got a little too sensitive there. Izzy jumps to his defense right away. Makes me think Olga and Izzy are the same guy .They showed up outta the blue at the same time…

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "We lost again!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I’m watching the passer byers and the floating in’ers. I see who comes and who goes. I smell a rat and its a foul smell of Olga, haha.

  23. first

    The D men have no Vet D mentor to learn off of. Cant really blame Torts for it. Dubinsky doesnt really have a Vet mentor either. He was great when Jagr & Shanny were on the team. He has his flashes but there isnt a solid Vet presence to help these kids along. Oh…. wait…. isnt that why Sather signed Drury? LOL My mistake then. Carry on….

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yes, you’re right MAKO it’s my thing, but in all seriousness I think it’s Sather that’s the root of what’s wrong with the Rangers. He’s had ten years in charge and we are no closer than when he arrived. Of everything that is complained about on here, firing Sather would fix 90% of it…

  25. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t need any help to call you an idiot, Greg. Actually, you’re doing quite well all by yourself. If you smell something foul, check your pants.

  26. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    excellent points mako and olga.

    you can blame the fans for booing, you can blame the bad ice, you can blame the ice crew, the stick boy or the concession stand employee. The fact is the only constants in this Decade of Failure has been Sather and Dolan. I think only an act of God could rid us of the two of them. There does not seem to be a culture of respect for winning here. It’s very disheartening as a fan to have an owner who doesn’t give a flying cluck, and his hand picked gm for life running things. And honestly, for as great a player as he was, I do NOT think Messier is the answer for GM.

  27. Completely random and unrealistic question, but…

    Would you guys trade LQ and Gaborik for Fleury and Malkin?

  28. i love that the fans are starting to boo REDDEN every time he touches the puck. i mean i feel for the guy but…

    it sounded like they are starting to get on DRURY too (?)

  29. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    NYRGuy, once malkin puts on the Rangers jersey, he’d get called for all his slewfooting!

  30. RetireBradPark's#2 on

    I have read everyone’s take on Tortorella’s attempted humiliation of Michael DelZotto, so here’s my two cents…

    Did he make a stupid mistake? Absolutely.
    Should he get a free pass? No.
    Will he learn from it? Yes.

    But do you really think cursing at a 19-year-old in front of thousands of people and placing him at the end of the bench like a third grader:

    a) is fair?;
    b) is something DelZotto will ever forget?
    c) is the way any of you who are supervisors would treat your worst employee?
    d) exemplifies the class and professionalism we want in our organization?

    I know, the organization is a joke, we have players, we’re going nowhere fast, and there’s no solution in sight.

    But as much as I want Drury and Redden gone, I’m sick of Tortorella and hope his shelf life is even shorter.

    He’s the one with no discipline.

  31. Well the only thing that has changed is since Jagr came they’ve made the playoffs every year. But… you all know how that went. This one is still up in the air. He has had opportunity after opportunity to right the wrongs (he’s probably kicking himself in the arse for the Drury and Redden deals) he is trying desperately now.

    Two words HUGH JESSIMAN!

  32. caps and pens are going to dominate the league for a lonnnng time. honestly, who cares if we have an elite goalie like hank at this point.

  33. First

    You can get all of the firepower up front…. Like the Caps and have a pretty average goalie in Threeormore. The Rangers are the opposite of the Caps in every way LOL Great goalie… 1 offensive threat. That’s all. You need an elite goalie to win a cup. No ifs ands or buts about it.

  34. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    we got massively lucky with Jagr. and yes, making the playoffs is ALWAYS nice, but even that first round appearance is not enough anymore.

    Each year you want to see improvement. Each season you want to be a little better than the year before. THAT has not continued.

    There is absolutely NO strong veteran prescence on this team since Jagr and Shanny have been gone; the veterans we DO havethat have been here for more than this season (Hank NOT included) are even doing a tenth of the job of leading like Shanny did.

  35. mako

    Hank has given up enough soft goals this year to shake my belief that he is an elite tender. i know the D in front of him awful but there have been more than a few games that he could have stole. 5 or more.

  36. Most hockey people on tv would say we would be getting the better of that deal, as we probably would (fleury/malkin for lundqvist/gaborik) because of us getting younger by it, and bc of most of them probably sayin fleury is better than lundqvist, which i disagree with, and obviously im bias but i think lundqvist is better. malkin and gaborik could go either way too skill-wise but malkins much younger… but either way, i wouldnt trade lundqvist for anything, want to see him play out his career here. hopefully we get our organization together in the next few years before he wants to jump ship.

  37. Was MDZ back on the ice in the 3rd pd? Yes. Did he praise him during the post game interview? Yes. Watch it over again. He wasnt mad and complimented him.

    Its like an angry father at his son. But I know they will talk about it and everything will be ok. This is PROFESSIONAL sports getting paid bukoo bucks. Stuff happens. and the entire TEAM has to play with more discipline too

  38. brad park

    agree. torts treatment of MDZ tonight was humiliating to del zotto and embarrassing to himself and the organization.

    the dude essentially makes a major fool of himself at least once a game.

  39. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Lundqvist is one of the few things that Sather has gotten right since he’s been in NY. Why trade that? And that statement in itself says that Sather is washed up. We need to move on…

  40. a little food and drink uh huh
    nothing too fancy
    lamb veal and some good ole wine
    this is the life for me

    but dont where you eat my friend

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Del Zotto will get over it. He did make a foolish mistake. He did get yelled at for it. He did start the third period. He did get some positive response in the post game interview.

    he’ll be alright.

  42. First time posting in a few days; honestly, it wasn’t that bad what Torts did to Del Z. MDZ is a great talent but sometimes has a chip on his shoulder. He needed to be humbled and reminded that the team is before him.

    If he would’ve benched him in the 3rd and scratches him for the next two games, I have a problem with it, but it was the right move.

    All of this trading Henrik stuff is ridiculous. If they’re gonna tank, so be it, they weren’t winning the Cup this year anyways and there are so many top 10 prospects not named Hall or Seguin, that it might not be the worst thing to happen to this franchise.

  43. Fluery is better than Hank. That’s already proven. I love Hank, and yes, he’s had some garbage D’s in front of him, and Fluery has had decent enough D in front of him, but Hank is a playoff choker. He has choked when we needed him the most.

    06 vs Devs – Came off the hip flexor injury, and played horribly. Understandable.

    07 vs Sabs – Up and down, but choked in game 6. I think he gave up 5 goals in that game, and we lost 5-4.

    08 vs Pens – He looked his best that year, i cant really complain aboot his performance.

    09 vs Craps – Ultimate chokefest. He burned out, completely.

    I feel bad for the guy, cause to be fair, those teams really didn’t back him up, besides in 07. I don’t know if i would take that deal though, cause i really hate Evgeny Sloth, and Pony Boy Fluery.

    Wouldn’t be that bad of a deal though. They need a true top line winger to play with their virgin Crybaby, and we need a true 1st line center.

  44. ultimate chokefest lol we would hav lost FOUR STRAIGHT to washington last year if it wasnt for him jesus christ

  45. fleury could not hold henriks’ jock strap. and to trade him for d Men the rationale is? The rangers need forwards.. Lisin is a better rico fata, or about 30 other fast skaters who have some skill but cannot close the deal like almost every other ranger forward.

    obviously the 2nd most important guy on the team is gaborik……………..

    they just cannot score, bottom line but to say the young guys are not developing is just BS>>>>>>

    they might not be progressing as fast as some want but of course they are progressing…..

  46. Just started blogging here and am shocked to see these comments…you guys really want to give lundy??? Are you crazy???hes by far the best thing this team has and do you remember the years between richter and lundqvist and how hard it was to deal with this team without a goalie???
    You build a team from a star player up and I will never supporting rid of Hank…our rangers are what they are this year and hopefully next year our d will mature and make a few moves to improve and same with our forwards(Cally, Dubbie, AA, Grachev etc).

  47. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Please! AREG! Don’t say “you guys”. It’s Greg and ORR and a few others of the lunatic fringe that haven’t a clue.

    Name names!

  48. Who the hell is saying that they want to trade Hank ?

    Sometimes i really think that some of the people here are really hanging out with Dredden. Drugs is NOT the answer ! Stay clean, don’t drink and drive, use a condom, stay in school, and don’t sleep with your best friends girl…Unless he forgets to pay his portion of the bills !

  49. Izzy, it’s 1 a.m. You need to go to sleep so you can wake up for Banana Shpeel rehearsal, along with Olga, on top of trying to catch Carps latest post, and on top of thinking aboot me m-bating.

    You have a long day ahead of you, so rest up, you need it.

  50. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Megan Fox, Megan Fox, Megan Fox. There. That should keep you pullin’ your banana schpeel for the next four minutes or so…

  51. Even Sam Rosen is getting annoying…..thats when you know the Rangers boat has sailed…..

    When the refs made a bad call on the Preds penalty…..Sam Rosen was like, “Ohhh nooo….oh goodness gracious, oy vey…..we may have an error here with this penalty……oh gosh….this is not good…..i do not like to see this…..wowzers..”

  52. If sather wanted to do the right thing….he would trade both prospal and olli joke for 1st rounders in 2010 draft. stock pile them picks.

  53. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    I agree with you LIQUID. Flaw in your theory is planning on Sather to do the right thing…

  54. Sorry about giving the flyers 2 points on you. It’s not our fault. We didn’t mean to do it. But we stink!!! Looks like the Devils season will last 4 or 5 games longer than yours. Somekne should sell that Kovi hype to Disney. Doesn’t work in the real world!! “big Kovi deal” my big fat BALDUCCI’S!!!!!

  55. How can mdz and gilroy join the O when they must babysit redden and rosival?

    We will continue to lose 2-1 until rosi and redden retire

    Staal future captain

  56. Of course Redden is a dead man walking, but as long as Tort keeps shoving him out there – this is what you get. I’ve been harping on this almost all season long. This team doesn’t know how to make or receive passes! In fact what they do with the puck is just throw it around. No ability to pick a spot and shoot a hard, on ice pass like most of the teams do ( but not these pond hockey types). The giveaways last night ( hoo boy the giveaways) were largely the result of trying to get the puck from here to there. You know, it’s really not fair to Lundqvist that he should be the sole carrier of professionalism on this team. They bring up the kid from Hartford, and what does he get, a few minutes and then the charade of watching Redden do his mindless performance out there along with Roz -( who actually made a few decent plays, but then he reverted to his former self. Once again- when they get the puck deep no one passes hard or true. They run into each other, they fall over their own feet..I swear at times I’ve seen better performances from a beer league. And Girardi is no better. Even Staal was making mindless plays all game long. I was amused by the announcers proclaiming that Preds had a very skimpy defense, but good forwards. Well their skimpiness was enough to thwart this bunch of leftovers from McHale’s Navy.

  57. Dear God, what was that?
    I fell asleep between periods 2 and 3 and woke up to a 2-1 loss?
    I didnt know if it was Dec, Jan. or Feb.It’s the same garbage over and over and over again, BORING!!!!!!
    This team is going nowhere and that disappoints the heck out of me.
    And Hank is just as good as Fleury, he has had CRAP in front of him to this point in his career. Rozi and Redden have to go….offseason just dump them if they cant get traded off before then. I hate them, they are useless.

  58. A few thoughts. . . .

    Imagine if Naslund didn’t have the dignity to retire.
    Imagine if Drury, Rozi, and Redden had the same dignity.

    Re Del Zotto getting reamed by Torts: Torts’ biggest problem is moulding this team in his image. He is screaming at MDZ because MDZ is one of HIS guys. Torts knows that as long as he is here MDZ is gonna be a key figure. Don’t forget the other guy he used to scream at: Vinny Lecavieler.

  59. This team has no skill or finesse. Every game they skate around the perimeter, take a lot of low percentage shots, and lack the toughness to score in front. They don’t make the tough passes to generate quality scoring chances. The defencemen are not the problem.

  60. Bad Team,
    Another thing they do is skate right by the net during the play. They never get in front or stop at the net for a rebound. Funny how Dubi scores 3-5 goals a few games ago because of his work at the net. Only problem, is that he hasn’t been there the last 2 weeks. No one wants to pay the price. They skate around, go downstairs for their paycheck, and go straight to the bank.

    The Ranger$. Long live Markus Naslund.

  61. they are not interested enough with the screaming Mimi behind the bench, and the comatose gm blowing smoke playing cya always ready to change half the roster . It’s those team making it a mess a lot more than the players.

  62. “Imagine if Naslund didn’t have the dignity to retire.
    Imagine if Drury, Rozi, and Redden had the same dignity”

    AMEN to that!

  63. Just replayed the disallowed goal by AO in the caps habs game on hits Gill,sends him airborne into Price which sends the puck into the net,no goal by rule of the Montreal home bias sub-rule.
    AO is a beast.

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Can't lose hope!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Izzy world greatest at being first:
    Please! AREG! Don’t say “you guys”. It’s Greg and ORR and a few others of the lunatic fringe that haven’t a clue.
    Name names!
    ……………ORR was right , YOU DON’T READ anything.
    I never ever ever said I wanted to trade Hank..You get me the part where I said it then.

    Can’t believe Carp humours this jerk for being first alot. Izzy has no class,No brains,no life and NO TEAM FAITH. Izzy sucks and his buddy Olga is on the same planet. I come here to talk ,reminise and Cheer on my team. IDIOTS who CONSTANTLY RUN THIS TEAM DOWN ..CAN GO TAKE A Flying Fireturuck and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Can’t believe a Devils fan(Rickym2) has more class then some of these “fake”name guys. Yo RickyM2 I hate your team but I feel for ya ,nice to see the pain of a Devils fan .

    Good points Cwgatti.

  65. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Greg, Greg, Greg…

    Talk about not reading? You may read, you just don’t comprehend.

    I never said you wanted to trade Lundqvist, I said you don’t have a clue… And you must agree because you cut and paste it right at the beginning of your post! Maybe you should change your blog name to:

    ZzZz NYR ZzZz “Doesn’t have a clue ” … says Greg L.

  66. YAWN , Fire Sather…YAWN…fire Sather…YAWN .

    Fire the ice crew too then while yer at it Olga. Oli Jok did stop right before he tried to shoot. Got his skate stuck in a rut? ….I think the ice was sooo dam chippy , Oli just could get his shot off properly. So yeah , you say Fire Sather , I say Fire the ice crew!!!

    greg- rangers play at msg!! they should be used to it. but the other teams seem to score enough goals to win. hmmm. is it the ice? i think not

  67. Carp, please, enough with the drury quotes! It’s almost as if you’re trying to rub it in just how bad he is…and here’s to getting killed the rest of the way and getting a top four pick! Even Sather can’t F@#% that up! It’s basically ok, do we get a very good player? Or do we get a great player? How many top four BUSTS are there? Maybe guys who dont live up to their potential but they’d still be one of the best players on this lousy god forsaken team! Forget this season, who cares if you make the playoffs, we’re just get creamed once we do, get a lousy draft pick, and remain in mediocrity perpetually.

  68. This team still can’t score in a (blank)house with a fistful of hundreds.

    Again, if you can pencil in your starting goalie to give you a GAA of 2.00, 3 out of every 4 games, you should win almost all those games. That’s what Henrik does for the most part. The worst part is that he’s let up some bad goals in games where it was 1-1 or 2-1 that usually ends up making the deficit insurmountable. But a good team would bail him out on some of those bad goals. Then again that’s probably asking too much out of the idiots that play in front of him.

  69. To name some of the fourth round draft picks of particular note, Steve Yzerman, Roberto Luongo, Zherdev (didn’t live up to his potential but still better than most players on this team, regret letting him walk? picture him skating wth Gabby) Paul Kariya, Nicklas Backstrom, Joni Pitkanen, Al Iafrate, Ron Francis, Larry Murphy…not all players turned out that great but those are some pretty impressive names

  70. of course the Rangers should look into trading Hank. it would be the quickest way to start the rebuild. there has been a lot of talk about finishing in the bottom 4 to get a potential star player. you need years of being that bad, not just one year, and one player. trading Hank would be a good start to the rebuild, if you get the right package, you can always find a goalie.


    NO regarding trading HL. You build a winning team from goaltending to D to offense. In baseball you build up the middle, starting with pitching and catching and middle infielders. In basketball you draft a great center and build around him. In football you start with an all-world QB. You cannot win without excellence at the critical skill positions.

    I agree that we could burn out Hank while trying to build around him. My answer to that is the same as always, give the back-up 1/3rd of the starts in the regular season. We have lost several games this year because Hank was not sharp. Starting him something like 12 games in a row was crazy, desperate and short-sighted. We can’t get rid of albatross dead-beats like Brashear, Dreary, Redden and Rozsival, but we can talk about getting rid of Hank for prospects? Another problem with getting rid of Hank for prospects is that Sather will trade all the prospects for some over-30, over-priced band aids and we will be right back where we started. So keep our quality and promising younger players,starting with our outstanding Goalie, and cull the rest of the dregs, if that is not asking too much.

  72. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil
    February 11th, 2010 at 12:15 am
    we got massively lucky with Jagr. and yes, making the playoffs is ALWAYS nice, but even that first round appearance is not enough anymore.

    Each year you want to see improvement. Each season you want to be a little better than the year before. THAT has not continued.

    great post linda. the only difference is that we obviously couldve gotten some better players thru trades or signings to get this team to go maybe deeper in the playoffs, but still no chance to win and we continue the cycle. . i think we are taking a step back this year implementing rooks in the roster and be better for it in the future. only problem i see is that the rookies and prospects are either the same or worse than they were before.

  73. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Lundqvist is not the problem! Sather is the problem, and you want to let HIM trade your best asset and try to rebuild the team?

  74. Nobody wants to trade LQ, people are just frustrated

    Trust me, if it ever happened, people would go insane and burn down MSG

  75. callahan,
    is that how the Caps are built? they are built on all offence. having said that I don’t disagree
    with your idea on how you build, but there are other ways. the way the Rangers are doing it with Hank is not working, they don’t have enough skill to compete with most teams, so it doesn’t matter how good Hank is. you can’t just keep banging your head against the wall and hope all of a sudden it works. trading Hank, while it may be unpopular, and gutsy, it is something that could reshape the roster, and give it more skill.

  76. Izzy,
    you want to fire Sather, It’s not going to happen, so you have to come up with some other ideas.I don’t want to trade Hank, I just think it may be the best solution to the mess of roster this team has. otherwise they are just going to trade crap for someone else’s crap. like Jokinen!

  77. No one is trading Hank. Not even our brilliant GM would consider doing that. And it really doesn’t matter what people on the blog say. It’s not going to happen.

    Which reminds me, some interesting posts last night and overnight. I really do not undrestand why it has to be personal. People are frustrated and upset. Understood. And small, friendly bickering is ok. But it was ugly, childish and really started to give this place some bad feel.

  78. John Doe, are you talking about 4th round picks or 4th overall picks? It seems to me that you’re listing 4th overall picks.

    The sad part is that the Rangers have done better in almost all rounds other than the 1st round for just about the past 15 years. JoeMich brought up that 4 of Nashville’s 6 D were drafted in the same year (2003)!

    With their last 10 1st round draft picks, even spanning further back than 1999 since they traded away a couple of picks in the early 2000’s, the Rangers have exactly 2 1st rounders playing on their current roster.

    Pittsburgh has 5
    Washington has 8
    Chicago has 4

    Curiously San Jose only has 1 of their last 10 (Marleau just misses the cut-off). New Jersey only has 2 (there were 3 until Bergfors was traded). Still, both those teams have been able to trade their former 1st rounders for valuable pieces such as the Sharks trading to get Brian Boyle and the aforementioned Bergfors in the Kovalchuk trade.

    So for those that have concerns about the Rangers tanking the season but still having the “brain trust” rebuilding the teams, I think your concerns are quite legitimate.

  79. It’s a delicate thing with MDZ. He has incredible vision. But he makes some seriously bad decisions defensively. If this was Redden or Rosy, how would Torts discipline him? Probably differently I presume. So that means the MDZ treatment has to be more delicate.

    He needs a break though. You can tell he is exhausted physically and running on fumes mentally. Why else would he look for the home run pass every time? Also, he fans on the puck a lot recently which he never did before.

    The biggest negative on MDZ right now is his jumping out of the way of any physical contact. He leaves his feet and does a jump/spin/pirouette anytime someone is going to hit him? He is physically beat. Has to be.

    The break will give him time to recharge his batteries and get some rest. I think it will do him good.

    We get on Torts for not holding people accountable and then when he goes after the weakest player of late, even if he is the youngest, the guys here get on Torts. You cannot have it both ways guys.

    They have 7 D playing now so that Potter (who played well I thought) can take some time from Gilroy and Girardi. I would have thought MDZ would play less too.

    But what I don’t get is how MDZ still played the same # of minutes as Rosy who led the D-men. Given all that I have just said (and the bloggers think he was chided by Torts) how can MDZ be playing 20+? Makes no sense.

  80. Well, I see my call for kindness went over like a skills competition last night. Geez!

    ddebened, delayed newspaper on the nose from me…we don’t roll that way here. MAKO, excellent coverage for me in my absence :)

  81. What an eye-opener to actually watch this team play in person last night. This game should’ve been 5-1, if not for the brilliant play of Lundqvist. This team has NO toughness. There were many opportunities to forecheck and take the body when competing for the puck. Almost to a man, no one on this team does so on a consistent basis. This is why it’s so difficult to score as well. If your team is more physical you will get better scoring opportunities with the puck. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t have to rely on your goaltender to save your sorry butts every single night.

  82. Redden and Rosivals play is hindering MDZ and Gilroy (and perhaps even Staal depending on the situation) from taking a risk and jumping in on offense. How can they do that when they can’t trust either to take the body, or NOT hook, or to quickly flail and throw away the puck in order to be hit…

    I know our offense is a humiliating problem, but early on, before the young guys got a whiff of just how bad R and R were, they were racking up some points.

  83. I’m glad that sitting him out so much worked!!! See ya you washes up scrub!!! Betts is probably having himself a nice laugh right now! Miss ya Bettsie!!!! Sorry you were bent over a barrel by this organization!!!!

  84. Brashear’s trade value?? Uh…can we trade him to the people who run Ultimate Fighting championship?
    no wait, he doesn’t fight.

    If we can get a bag of pucks in return, it woud be great. I never thought I would miss Colton Orr!

  85. Only saw the last 10 minutes of the game last night. Yuck is the only word I can come up with. It was brutal.

    New Newman- ABSOLUTELY spot on about MDZ. He’s looked spent for the past few weeks. The 2 weeks off will be really good for him.

  86. Prucha- thanks, I found it… Never should have signed this guy in the first place, especially after what he did to Betts last year.

  87. 10:15 a Blair Betts reference, never a day goes by without one.
    never understood the love for a 4th line center, a weak one at that.

  88. No one says Hank is the problem if they are in their right mind. BUT trading him may be the solution only if one of the big 3 albatross’ go with him and clear massive cap space joke of D-man and Fire Sather and but a hocket guy who know’s the league and paid his dues. And to the blogger that says without All star goalie your not winning the Cup. Wrong and Wrong again, first of all if you don’t have a team your not winning it and a goalie that plays well in the playoffs and gets hot can win it for you. Design it like the Red Wings Championships build from backline out. No one wants to trade LQ but it may have to be done since Sather has screwed us with the Cap, you have to give something huge to get someone to take our deadwood. I have been saying this for weeks. If your that attached to LQ that’s cool but he will be shot before the NYR even get a sniff. All probably unreasonable because someone is going to take on waaay to much salary, only spot would be someone who is close and desperately needs a world clas goalie, maybe Philly or Wash?

  89. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Thank God at the very least if we cant trade Brashit he wont be on the ice anymore.

    Trading Hank is Ludicrous!

    Im pretty sure Sather is going to make a big trade between now and the REAL deadline, not that it will really matter, we aint makign the playoffs this year anyway

  90. Bull dog your right about love for Betts, I don’t get it other than blind loyality. I like the guy and Orr too and hated Brash. Another one is all the love for Voros I don’t get it. People all these guys are not the big problem they are a dime a dozen if you keep your feelings out of it

  91. hedberg,
    add Chicago to the list of teams for Hank. also, I think Hank could be a stand alone trade, Staal is someone you could attache one of the bad contracts to.

  92. Brashear wants out? Good. I’m sure any of us here would be more than willing to pack his bags and drive him to the airport.

  93. Bull dog, because Betts basically did what Drury does now at 10% of the cost. He gave up his body on the PK, was good at face offs and knew his role. He was one of the guys you could expect to give an honest effort on a nightly basis. Every team has a guy like Betts.

  94. I hate Philly more than the Isles,Devils and Pens together it might be my age. But they have assests such as Carter,Van Rimsedike,Carle,Powe,Coburn picks…I’m not attached to our players as some,I am attached to atleast watching a competetive product, and we will never see that as long as Rosi&Redden are part of the starting 6 Drury is our Captain and Sather is the GM

  95. Bull dog I don’t think Hank as a stand alone is worth it. He is our best asset we have to send ofnoe of the big 3 with him. I don’t know if any team would take any of those guys without LQ since Gainey retired. lol

  96. last I checked, Chicago, and Washington, were pretty good. to bad they don’t have Hank, and a lot of 3rd and 4th liners, or they would be really scary.

  97. It’s not about being attached to players, it’s about the fact that Lundqvist is an elite goalie and you don’t trade that, especially not in your division. His stats aren’t as good as some because of the garbage that plays in front of him. He’s the only reason we’re competitive, which is probably why some want to trade him. Everyone seems to think if we tank we’re gonna automatically become the next Pittsburgh or Washington.

    We’d be saying “I can’t believe we traded Lundqvist,” for upwards of 20-25 years.

  98. I don’t think any team would want Avery. I used to not really believe in the myth, but I firmly believe the guy cannot function in any other city other than NY. And besides they’re getting him at half price. If they can trade Brashear they’ll be in good shape with cap space if they choose to re-sign only a select few of their free agents.

  99. I think Sather should do a deal for Brashear with Ringling Bros who are coming to town soon. Trade Brashear for a few clowns. They could use Brashear and the clowns would fit right in with the Rangers’ lineup.

  100. Shoryuken,
    I don’t want to tank the season. it takes 3 or 4 of those seasons before it pays off, and that is with being last every year. I want to rebuild faster. that is why I would consider trading Hank. he has value. you might be able to turn your roster over with some really good players. I would trade him, only for the right deal.

  101. So all, if The Rangers trade Lundqvist then they are left with the group of players that everyone has been complaining about for the last four months. Regardless of who you think the Rrangers can get in return, this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  102. Neither one of you undertand the concept of alliegence to a team, fan favorite OR loyalty. But you blather on about how one of the best players has has happened to this team in a LONG time should get traded…

  103. About Puddin asking for a trade..
    “At the same time, I don’t really understand what they expect,” said Brashear, who injured his hand early in the season and recently had a hamstring issue. “Do they want a showman like they had in Orr or do they want a guy that can play and fight?”

    OMG, is this guy for real ? Orr..the showman? A guy that can play and fight? And Pudding still thinks he can do that!

  104. Why would you trade Lundqvist if you’re rebuilding? That makes no sense, then we’d be complaining that we have no goalie, you’re spinning your wheels in the mud there. You can build faster with a goalie like that, because then you don’t need as much talent as say, the Caps have. This team needs two 25 goal or thereabouts players, two physical defensemen, and maybe a playmaking center to be contenders I think. Draft? Free Agency? Trade? We’ll see, but you don’t trade Lundqvist. You’d regret that for a long, long time.

  105. Trading Hank is the dumbest thing i have ever heard! Him and Cali are the only two that play consistently!

  106. MAKO,
    never said should get traded. I said that it would be a faster way to begin the rebuilding that seems needed. as far as Betts goes, he was just one of many that past through the Rangers. he did not do anything to make me feel loyal to him, he was a mediocre player a best, a dime a dozen. I am loyal to the jersey, not the player wearing it.

  107. Assuming the sun-moon-stars align and another GM does Sather a huge favor and takes Brashear off his hands (less likely now that Gainey has stepped down), here’s the roster of players that are under contract for next season and their cap hit in $US millions:

    Forwards (8):
    Gaborik 7.5
    Drury 7.05
    Callahan 2.3
    Avery 1.9375
    Dubinsky 1.85
    Voros 1.0
    Anisimov .821666
    Boyle .525

    Defense (4)
    Redden 6.5
    Rozsival 5.0
    Gilroy 1.75
    Del Zotto 1.0875

    Goal (2)
    Lundqvist 6.875
    Johnson .850

    Based on this year’s cap number that’s $12.135MM under cap. With that money you need 4 forwards and 2 D.

    If they decide to let Girardi walk and determine that it’s sink or swim time for Sanguinetti then you’ll probably have Staal re-signed for similar money to Cally/Dubi. That’s probably a little over $3MM committed to rounding out the D.

    1 of the 4 forward spots should be used for a 4th line role, and let’s hope that spot costs at least under a million, if not a Hartford call up for 500-750K. You’re left with about $8MM for 3 players, 2 of whom should be top 6 talent. I really think Sather needs to keep Chicago’s GM on speed dial and figure out a way to take some of the players they will have to unload, more like the Patrick Sharp or Versteeg variety, not the Brian Campbell types.

  108. Shoryuken,
    you get a goalie in the trade, to hold the fort. like Huet in Chicago. that is a lot of players you feel the Rangers need. How are you going about getting them? how long do you think that will take? how old do you think Hank will be when you have all your pieces?

  109. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    February 11th, 2010 at 10:55 am
    About Puddin asking for a trade..
    “At the same time, I don’t really understand what they expect,” said Brashear, who injured his hand early in the season and recently had a hamstring issue. “Do they want a showman like they had in Orr or do they want a guy that can play and fight?”

    OMG, is this guy for real ? Orr..the showman? A guy that can play and fight? And Pudding still thinks he can do that!


    we should all be as deluded as this guy! He has to be kidding, play AND fight? When has he done that in the same game this season? Torts wanted him here, 99% of the fans hated the move, he got a 2 year contract for 2.8 million, and what exactly has he shown, other than the fact that he is a washed up has been who cannot do ANYTHING he thinks he can do.

  110. So you trade a franchise goalie for one that can “hold the fort?” To start a rebuilding phase, you trade your best asset? You hang on to him and find other ways. Maybe someone will take Roszival if you throw in a pick, maybe Redden gets buried in Hartford, maybe the rumors are true and LA wants Drury. You never know, but you don’t trade the one player that keeps you in any game. You would regret that for 20 years at least.

  111. LMAO at continues “trade Hank” stuff. Let me put it this way. Let’s assume we traded Hank straight up for the whole Capitals. EVERYBODY! Boy, would that team be a fun to watch. 115 points every year. OV is doing his magic. Imagine? Well, in three years we would start bashing everyone on this team, because without the goalie thay are not winning the Cup.

    And LMFAO at Brashear demanding a trade. Think about it….

  112. Linda, I just now, this morning found that obnoxious comment. Don’t pay attention. Brightness runs in families. Unfortunately, so does the opposite. Perhaps the person who said it would have some guts to say sorry. Perhaps not.

    Speaking of cookies. Emailing you my address right before the next baking session. Hehe..

  113. So the lumbering fool wants a trade? Guess what…Only one GM in hockey would be stupid enough to want him on his payroll, and that’s Sather.

    So let’s look over things again: Kotalik comes in and is a bust, gets moved out. Higgins comes in and is a bust, gets moved out. Brashear comes in and contributes NOTHING and wants out.

    Sather just keeps making moves worthy of a Hall of Famer, doesn’t he?

    And as for Tortorella…I’m beginning to get very, very tired of his act. Over-dramatizing after every penalty call against…making a mockery of the word “accountability”…somehow getting a whole team other than Gabby and Hank to UNDERperform…not having anything even remotely resembling a system which has his team often looking lost on the ice and unable to complete a simple pass…and having player input (Brashear) that shows just how lacking he is in hockey sense.

    I LOVE coaches who show fire. I LOVE coaches who make sure his players play hard every night.

    I thought that’s what we were getting.

    All we got was a little scruffy dog with a big bark and not a whole lot of bite.

  114. ilb2001,
    just like Pitt, and Detroit, right. you know the last 2 cup winning teams, with Osgood, and Fluery in net. you can always find a goalie. skilled players are a lot harder to find. we will see about the Caps, maybe in 3 years they will not have any cups, or will have won at least 1. but the one thing they have, that most teams don’t, is skill. you can have Hank, backing up Hank, but you still won’t beat the Cpas or Pens.

  115. Regarding this talk about trading Hank…

    Remember, our GM is GLEN SATHER.

    He’s never, ever, EVER gotten anything even close to resembling good value when he’s traded star players. And we’re talking about 25 years worth of evidence there.

    God almighty, when you think of how inept this ass-clown has been since Mess said “I’m going to NY” it’s a mystery worthy of Charlie Chan how he keeps his job.

    Of course having one of the dumbest men in North America as your boss helps. ALOT.

  116. John Doe, those quotes come directly from the Rangers. Duh.

    first, Avery has a NTC: It’s called “remember when he was on waivers, available at half price, and only one team wanted any part of him.”

  117. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    CT: Liekd your post and your pretty dead on:

    BUt Sather will do something desperate today or tomorrow to try and plug the holes to makes us barely get into the playoffs, if the team even CAN make inot them.

    Jsut htink, if the team had won two more games over hte lst week, we’d be in 6th or 7th place. Were nto getting in this year, and ANOTHER purge is coming

    And Redden was absolutely terrible last night. Couldnt hit the net, giveaways, bad passes.

    I really hope they jsut buy him out or bury him in Hartford and take the loss.

  118. OK this board has gone way over the line….Trade the king? Not only is that the worst idea I have ever heard you would trust Sather to get us in return the same value as Henry? Sather is the problem and has been all along to even entertain the idea of trading hank makes me sick.

    As painful as this team is to watch it is only through their continued failure that we will see this POS GM get canned. When is the fire Sather rally? Did I already miss it? We should really all try to attend the rally if it has not happened yet maybe with a good showing the Dolans may be embarrassed enough to get rid of him

  119. I have to admit that I was glad when the Rangers hired Tortorella, and I am now very dissapointed in him. I knew he was volatile…..which I welcomed compared to Tom Renney. I thought we would have a grittier, tougher team. IMO, he has been a huge disappointment. The Rangers do not hit, are as soft as ever and he only holds certain players accountable. The final straw for me was his idiotic behavior when Del Zotto cam to the bench from the box. This guy is a loudmouth bully, and does not appear to me much of a hockey coach. He is all talk and bluster, with little substance. Imagine how bad it would be without Sullivan. CARP—I can only imagine the rolled eyes from the writers who cover this guy. He is making Larry Brooks look good.

  120. somerset…

    Jagr was a salary dump by Washington, and Sather did get him for very little. Then again, he was asleep at the switch 3 years prior when Jags was traded by Pittsburgh to the Caps while Sather was on his way to the golf course. So I’m not congratulating Sather on finally doing the right move THREE YEARS LATER

    Ask yourself this…what would SATHER have gotten back if he was the one trading Jagr away?

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