It’s snow time!


Marian Gaborik’s out, although, according to Steve Zipay and Andrew Gross, there is no plan to shut him down until the Olympics — so they’re obviously hoping he can play over the weekend. Slovakia is also hoping he can.

Chris Drury is doing an Erik Christensen — from fourth line to first line. The only difference is that when Christensen went to the first line, Gaborik was there. So the first line has a guy who was bought out (Prospal), a guy who was waived and claimed (Christensen) and a guy who makes $7 M (it should be $7.7M) to play on the fourth line and kill penalties.

You know what? I think the captain is going to have a good game under these circumstances.

Either Voros or Brashear will be de-prucha’d. No word on which of the dinged-up defensemen — apparently there were more than one — will play, or if Corey Potter gets the nod.

This is one of those should-wins that the Rangers don’t normally win. I think they will win it.

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  1. Carp, What do you think having an psychologist on your training staff ???

    This is common sense over here in Europe and probably all big teams have one of those….!!!

  2. Im really interested to see how LQ plays tonight. I want to see if all of those remarkable glove saves I saw on were the real deal.

    Doesnt MSG ever update these player profile specials. THANK GOD its not another Chris Drury special. UGH. They must have had the special already set with Lundqvist so they COULDNT play it due to Drury’s first line Cameo….

  3. Torts just said he’s going to try a couple ppl in that spot, so I wouldn’t expect to see Drury there all night

  4. Rangers rarely get up for the western conf. teams,plus with Gabby out,they have a ready made excuse to mail it in….meh..

  5. Nashville has a different leader in goals, assists, points, wow

    Hornqvist-23 goals
    Dumont-25 assists
    Sullivan-36 points

  6. Carp, I just love your positive attitude!

    I got Carp’d too. shouldn’t have posted….I sensed that one coming…repost:

    Salty, no matter how bad it is, I gotta see it through to the end, just like this hockey season :)

  7. Dumont should really be leading in points, he’s played less games.

    This team is pretty good…if they had 1 superstar goal scorer, they would be nasty

  8. And if huggy bear plays we are definitely getting a hug fest between him and Belak if Belak plays

  9. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    lmao @ that link! i swear, they need to use Drurys photo to lull the enemy and criminals!! I think for the 2 seconds i looked at it, it started to hypnotize me into dullness!

    I am going to start wearing a pendant of his face to stay safe!

  10. You know what? I think the captain is going to have a good game under these circumstances.


    Excellent point.

    CJP, great point as well.

    Tony, I’ve been hoping for the Rangers to tank a season for a while now. For the benefit of maybe making a REAL run in the future. In fact, I desperately wanted the Rangers to trade Jagr at the deadline way back when to a real playoff contender so we could stock up on youth/picks/prospects etc… it’s called an _investment_.

  11. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    i swear, i’m still sleepy!!!!

    lately its taking me about 2 hours to fall asleep. I think i’ll start doing some meditation and focusing on a picture of drury, that should help immensely!!

  12. From Zip:

    Lines: Prospal-Christensen-Drury; Dubsinksy-Jokinen-Callahan, Avery-Anisimov-Lisin, Prust-Boyle-Voros
    8 minutes ago from web

    Appears that Donald Brashear and Corey Potter are NYR scratches
    10 minutes ago from web

  13. Brashear looks like he just came from pimpin’. I hope he does it better than playing hockey!

  14. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    i dont get that nor!!! and i will NOT look for it on the web!!!

    all i want right now is a Callahan Team USA t shirt!!

  15. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    ship, no links available, i will not download sopcast, and hockeystreams is sucking at life right now!

  16. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Rangerssssssssssssssss , go go go go go go go !!!!!!!

  17. It looks like the later in the draft you take a Swedesh player, the better they are. Slats, do you get that?

  18. Random question.. I was cleaning some snow and my brother saw a blue flash in the distance… then 10 min later two red flashes, much closer.. I didn’t hear thunder.. what was it?

  19. could have been lightning Pavel. My friend was coming back from Jersey Shore Med Center and he saw it too.. snow lightning. Uncommon but not impossible

  20. Drury was so good on the 4th line that torts had to promote him to the first line! What a joke

  21. koala, the Rangers have done that many times in the past with the psych coach on staff. To various degrees of effectiveness.

  22. damn that was drurys chance to shine.. rozsival sucks right guys? if that pass was from del zotto people would hav been having orgasms on here

  23. hah nah i like gilroy i think he’ll be good puck moving defenseman but man he makes too many mistakes in his own zone and that was just an example.. he did it the other night vs. either washington or new jersey i forget, where he just let his man go and his man scored in front on a one time from a pass from behind the goal line, simple stuff, hes probably jsut too worried about tryin to go the other way offensively when he shoudl be worried abotu D first

  24. I hate, hate to ask this, cause I do love him, but does anyone think Sam is being brought down by his current, um, color man? I mean, when he was with JD they both were awesome as a team…

    oh yeah, shite….so close to the horn yet so far. Dang it! Thoughts on second period??

  25. i was waitin to see the goalie come out there as that puck sailed towards their end, i guess ellis is conservative

  26. can’t believe no one made this joke yet. But the headline on this post is Dredden’s catch phrase.

  27. Haha, i don’t know, i think Dredden’s the kind of guy that doesn’t sugarcoat anything. He’ll walk into a room and say “Hey guys, do you want to breathe in cocaine through our nostrils?”

    I still cant get that picture of Dredden with that pony out of my head. Extremely disturbing.

  28. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Second period could be a huge one for us. I see Oli Oli Oli Oli…OLI….OLI..Scoring fer us!!!!

  29. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    lmao!!!!!!!! my fortune cookie fortune:

    participation in sports may lead you to a lucrative career!!

  30. Mama, I so agree with you. IMO Joe really brings nothing to the broadcast. JD is hard to replace but c’mon, was he the best they could come up with?

  31. Linda: “participation in sports may lead you to a lucrative career!!”

    I swear, no lie, I had a dream last night about working for team (I have weird dreams, it also involved someone from high school), but the salary may not have been enough to take the job…I need help obviously….

  32. Fuzzy, I agree with you, too….but it bums me because a stellar broadcaster, and man, seems to be being brought down because of his pairing….everyone loves Sam, but still comments about it. Makes me sad….you know, there’s a reason he hosts a lot of the team events, like Casino Night the other night, and why fans love him.

    oh well, sorry, that’s my rant for tonight…..and why my dream from the above post will never come true!

  33. Tank The Season on

    If we lose this game, blame it on Captain Clutch for not converting that breakaway.

    Oh and on Sather.

  34. I do wonder how Sam really feels about having to work side by side with Joe. Sam sounds like he has to fight to get a word in while he’s trying to call the game!!

  35. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    oh hells no! gilroy has also taken the chris drury mouthguard chewing course! STOP IT DAMNIT!

  36. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on


  37. lol joe and sam having rough time with the penalty calls tonight huh?
    to their defense though that slashin on Lisin the whistle should have never blown, bc we never had position, so you could forgive them on that one

  38. Hi, did u guys read how a fan told Proposal (at casino night)that he had to continue to celebrate goals the same way cause the fans love it! And some of his teammates said that he is that happy even when he scores at practice. Gotta love the guy.

  39. Grabby, we is what we is this year…let’s all accept it. But we still love the team and being fans, right? I don’t mind having more free nights in spring :(…but I sure love every day here…

    that is your team/Report PSA for for the night. I gotta get off computer…LGR!! and Ta til tomorrow…keep up the faith and the jibberish!

  40. that was such a DOMINANT penalty kill too we gave them just about nothing the whole 4 mins and then they get that bounce at the end, brutal man how does this happen

  41. Im glad Rozi knew how to clear the puck like they teach you in peewee hockey. Never up the middle…. hit the boards!!!!

  42. tortorella def said somethin along the lines of:
    “shut your f****** mouth, go sit at the end of the f****** bench”
    he was freakin piiiiiiiiiiissed

  43. Oh come on, everyone yaps at the referees. MDZ got an extra two minutes only because the referee didn’t want to be shown up by a rookie. And the way Tortorella berated the kid won’t help him either.

  44. heres a good question, dubinsky is great at faceoffs, defintiely better than jokinen, why not hav dubi take the faceoffs and then let him move to wing, its not that hard to figure out right? idunno just my opinion cuz i think faceoffs are huge for puck possession

  45. BringBackStraka on

    F Torts. The kid took a penalty and mouthed off to the ref. At least he cares and is into the game enough to show a little emotion. That’s it bench MDZ for more Redden and Roszival. Nice assist Roszival on that last Nashville goal. This is garbage.

  46. “Del Z needs to empty the piss out of his jock.”



    Oh please… the kid is a professional hockey player. If you cant take getting screamed at every once in a while then you shouldnt play. Im sure they will talk or have a meeting together after the game or tomorrow about what happened and everything will be ok again.

  47. Tank The Season on

    Cue the circus music. This team is an absolute joke. If Naslund can leave 1 yr at 4m on the table and retire, Drury should follow his example. The time to sell is now. Let the tanking begin.

  48. i agree that alot of players yap at the ref, but u know waht, your a rookie, keep your mouth shut and go to the box because you know that if you get an extra 2 as a rookie you are gonna hear it afterwards, like he did, maybe thatll teach him to keep it shut next time.. i believe about what joe m was sayin though and the ref probably didnt like what he said to him at first about the noncall behind the net and probably said screw this im not takin any more crap from a 19 yr old im givin him an extra 2 to shut him up

  49. Crimeny the kid is 19!!!! He has a lot to learn and yes he’s made some mistakes and even BAD ones. He was a -5 one night and it really wasnt his fault. He’s played with Rozi & Redden most of the season and he DOES NOT have a VET MENTOR to rely on to help teach him. So him and Gilly have been “thrown to the wolves” so to speak. He will be fine and live up to what he all hope him to be.

  50. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    the only guys who look like they did the first month of the year are Hank, Gabby and Cally. we all knew we’d be seeing rookie mistakes. we’re are all so jekyl and hyde with these guys. i’d rather see mdz make a rookie mistake than another clutch dump in by drury, or another bad clear by rozsival or give away by redden, or pansy push by girardi!

  51. i know i defend him alot but how the f is anybody gona blame rozsival for that second nashville goal, he saw the puck in front of the net and tried to get it out as soon as he coudl instead of WAITING, if he woulda waited and somebody would hav stole it it would hav been a bad play too, the guy cannot win, it was BAD LUCK you idiots, chalk it up to that, jesus

  52. mako your incorrect about del zotto playing with redden and rozsival most of the season, he has played with girardi most of the season by far more than any other partner.. jus sayin
    which gives him more slack bc girardi is the most stay at home type of guy we have, he never rushes the puck

  53. I went up on a 16′ ext ladder to knock the snow off my dish to watch this? Whats wrong with me?

  54. BringBackStraka on

    It’s bs….tough guy Torts is taking out his anger on the 19 year old kid. Grow a set and chew out some of the vets after they sh*& the bed shift after shift.

  55. 4generations; only 4 cups on

    Wow i see a LOT of harsh comments directed toward Del Zotto. He’s only 19…? Oh no he makes mistakes. Do we have anybody else to QB the PP? No.

  56. What does the kid expect when he mouths off to the refs for an extra 2? He knew exactly what he did and as soon as he cooled down he realized wrong. But how can Torts preach “accountability” without saying anything to him?

    I don’t see anything wrong with anything that occurred

  57. yes mako. i like the kid and think he will be a good player for us. he really hasnt done anything offensively the last few months and is bad defensively. i think hes been way too precdictable on the pp with that 2 line pass, but yes, the kid needs to be benched after something stupid like that. not saying i dont like him or anything, just saying nobody should feel sorry for the kid. he earned torts retort. all in all, hes still better than rozy,reden,.gilroy and being 19 hes gonna make mistakes. im fine with that. but that penalty was not a mistake. it was stupidity.

  58. I’m not knockin MDZ by any means, he got a penalty, served his time and the team happened to score when he was in the box…but guys that are defending him can’t be serious? He was at fault just like every other member of the NYR this season (some more than others obviously lol), it’s done, move on.

  59. its only to those who said waht i am responding to, and this is a blog everyone else speaks their mind i will too

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I aint American but that anthem by her was beutiful. I was away from the tv and had to stop what I was doing just so I could see and hear her sweet voice. That Anthem when sung right is powerfull and up lifting. Cherris it you guys , It’s a gooder.

  61. If anything, I would put MDZ out there and see how he responds…I think that can be more beneficial than benching him…we need to learn about this kid, and playing him after that will show us what he’s made of, even if just a bit

  62. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    thought you were making a blanket statement.

    grabby, this team is full of guys who make stupid mistakes also, but they are making a ton of money and dont get lit up like that.

    do we get to see Kris shoot or what???

  63. maybe he will put him back out now, maybe he was just sittin MDZ for rest of period, we’ll see shortly.. mdz havin the bad luck of picking a night where torts dressed 7 d-men tonight though makes me think the odds are against that being the case tonight though

  64. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    Salty and Rob,didnt you give Kris shootin advice earlier??? If so… wow!!! damn sooooo close!!

  65. mako waht are you talking about man staal and rozi hav been playin together for months now idk what you watch, maybe you are thinking about the penalty kill when girardi and staal go out together but its not even a question that rozsival and staal have been a pair for months now, girardi and staal played together a little bit at the beginning of the year, whatever u say though

  66. BringBackStraka on

    I agree it’s a stupid MDZ penalty. Mental mistakes will drive any coach nuts. I just don’t think Tort’s bark is the same for all the guys on this team and if you’re trying to build a team…the bark should be the same for the veteran center, veteran dman, and rookie dman.

  67. Kris, better luck next time but what an amazing experience! I’d rather get the chance and lose than not do it at all!! Tell us all about it here!

    Rob M, all opinions welcome, you know that….

    did I say I was stepping away….now I am….phone ringing from friend in Calif….argh! later heads.

  68. It’s taken until now for the Predators announcers to bring out the “Drury has been nothing but a winner throughout his athletic career” line?

  69. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    Laurel, noone said all opinions were not welcome,its just that once the name calling starts, it gets kinda ugly in here

  70. he has taken some good shots though but its always that half-a-slapshot, cant even call it a snap shot

  71. dru had a nice shot off ellis’ shoulder before actually, for once it wasnt into the emblem on the chest of the opposing teams goalie

  72. oh god here comes the line shuffling against, although i like anisimov and dubi together, drury is the third guy though

  73. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    fox sports south said the basketball game was on tonigth so i didnt bother. the man just flips through the channels and there on fox sporst south… RANGERS PREDS!!! about a minute behind on the computer! everytime they say the hockey game is on, they show basketball…

  74. 10/2/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/3/09 – 4 with 33, 5 with 18
    10/5/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/8/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/11/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/12/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/14/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/18/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/19/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/22/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/24/09 – 4 with 33, 5 with 18
    10/26/09 – 4 with 33, 5 with 18
    10/28/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33
    10/30/09 – 5 with 18, 4 with 33

    i honestly dont have the patience to post every single game…. but I looked through most of November, December and January and MDZ was mostly paired with Rozi a few times with Redden. Almost always Staal & Girardi were paired with each other. So I dont know what YOU watch. If you dont believe me then complain to for their stats, they must watch a different game then you.

  75. redden cant wait there to shoot after that faceoff win,he just has to blast it, gives the goalie time to set up, and the forward that blocked the shot time to set up.. he jsut doenst do much (if anything) right

  76. mako hav u watched the last 3 months of rangers hockey, its staal and rozsival every night man, im sure u can find shifts each game where del zotto played with rozsival or redden, whether it be after a power play, or after a penalty kill, but look at the start of games when the first few shifts are even strength, every game for month now it has been staal-rozsival, girardi-del zotto, redden-gilroy, im done with this

  77. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    girardi and mdz did play alot together last month. they were on ice for the gaborik incident and for about 90 goals against in january

  78. This team shows very little structure. The players have very little idea where and when their partner would be.

  79. jbytes i was thinkin before avery is due for a goal to, dont konw if he’ll see the ice the rest of the game though… then again who isnt due for a goal on the rangers

  80. dont think ive seen drury skate that fast ever as a ranger after he dumped and retrived taht puck, get a goal now

  81. BringBackStraka on

    how is Henrik pissed off…it’s the same thing for the past 3 months.

    NJ and Philly in OT

  82. ” This is one of those should-wins that the Rangers don’t normally win. I think they will win it.”

    Carpy if I was you I would avoid any bus stops as Tortorella wants to talk to you about being the kiss of death tonight

  83. We made Dan Ellis look like Ken Dryden.

    Did you hear Joe at the end? “That’s the way the season’s gone for them, low scoring games they just can’t find a way to win.” As if it’s by bad luck they play low-scoring games or something.

  84. czechthemout!!! on

    amazing how these two ass clowns won’t tuch any of the vets who get paid millions of dollars to do nothing,but MDZ they are all over him. How many games has Dredden,blowzy, captain croch sucked this year Sam and JM? KIss MDZ’s ASS and leave him alone! YOU DON”T WIN IN THIS LEAGUE IF YOU CAN”T SCORE MORE THAN ONE GOAL IN A GAME!!!!!!!

  85. Rangers falling faster than 20lbs of cat sh@@ in a 10lb bag, not very optimistic about a playoff spot.

  86. i did see dubi at the end of the game. he of course lost the final faceoff. why do so many give this guy a free pass. he held out for this? pitiful

  87. Im really not going to get into a pissing contest with you. its not that serious or that important….
    If the pairing was broken up for a couple of weeks in December & January then it was alot. But 80% of the season so far has been those pairings. Salute to you we agree to disagree.

    YAY A scintillating interview with Drury!!!

    Torts presser I will record ….

  88. oh, well I guess it didn’t matter that the stream died… the end is the same.. Rangers loose! Linda..u a lostie? I thought i saw Puddin running around in the jungle last night… :)

  89. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    no Krisy, pretty much the only shows I watch are Fringe and Deadliest Catch (hence my name today)

  90. Sather's Wrapup on

    Hello Ranger Fans! Good to be back at the World’s Snowyest Arena. I see that it’s clear out now. Clear up to my ass! Who was it that wrote the song “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”? I’d like to kill that f**ker! He’s probably retired and living in Florida.

    Torts! Hey, Tortarella! I heard that Gaborik’s not playing. Why not? What do you mean he’s been cut! Why? I thought he was playing pretty well. If you want to cut somebody, get rid of Redden.

    (singing) “Yummy, Yummy, Yummy, I got Love in my Tummy” Oh-oh. That’s the big guy’s new ringtone. (Apparently he swallows…) Hey Boss we did it again. Another MSG shutout! What do you care how empty it looks? They’re paid for… I know how to make it look full. Just have suit coats painted on all the seat covers- they’re the ones that never show up anyway. Say, how’d those Knicks do last night? Well, they came in second, at least. It’s all how you look at it… (click)

    Are all you fans getting geared up for the Olympics? I know I am! My favorite sport in the Olympics is the one where they move through the snow, stop, shoot a gun, move through the snow some more, stop, then shoot again. In Canada we call it a Biathlon. Here in New York though, they call it a snowstorm.

    Brash! Where is my Million Dollar Boat Anchor? Hey Brashear, you’re not doing anything, run outside and start making some snow angels in front of the arena. All you have to do is lay on your back and wave your arms and legs. Yeah, just like the way you play hockey…

    Is it me, or does Barry Trotz look like a flesh colored Halloween pumpkin?

    Del Zotto took that extra penalty for yapping at the refs. Torts got a little mad but I don’t mind that at all. You gotta speak up. Like I always say- Don’t let ’em crap all over you, open your mouth!

    Nashville won, at least there was no one here to see it. I think Elvis has left the building, and he took the two points with him.

    Olli-Olli Jokinen free! And worth every penny!
    Uncle Glennie

  91. are you still happy jagr is gone like you wanted?


    I sure as hell am, still wish we’d have traded him rather than let him walk in the off season.

  92. czechthemout!!! on

    nose picker —

    I’m happy he is gone! He is 38 years old. His career is long over. He can’t even out score Marcel Hossa in that mickey mouse league. I will tell you that I’m not happy Drury is still here, or Blowzy or Dredden. These were lousy signings by a lowsy GM who should be smoking his cigars on a golf course in Banff. He continues to try to make the playoffs by puting patches on a gash. This team needs to sell and sell alot or as much as any other fool of a gm will take. Girardi the coward should also be in that group of crap that should be sold.

  93. what did he say Salty???


    something about a bad break, something going off callahan’s stick and going the other way… the guy is a piece of

    He also snubbed Giannone when he asked him about being a leader and talking to MDZ about his mistake… he said: “whether I do or I don’t, it’s something that would be taken care on ‘in house’, so…” and just blinked like he did not need to be bothered anymore.

  94. Giannone is persistent with Hank…if I were Hank I would punch him in the face, I dunno why, I just feel like I would

  95. nose picker, dubi jsut about every draw he took tonight cleanly, the last faceoff hes not supposed to win, all the other guy has to do is tie his stick up as he did, thers 3 seconds left

  96. Hank is in pain, he looks on the verge of braking up. That break should take his mind out of this predicament

  97. Wow you know its bad when the analysts start saying Hank should shoot more and maybe they will start scoring haha

  98. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    NYRGuy, you want me to take out giannone too, after i take out slats if he trades my man???


    The game was played in front of a surprisingly large crowd of 13,128 at Madison Square Garden despite a daylong blizzard. The Rangers had sold out 187 consecutive home games since Oct. 31, 2005.

  100. I’m gonna call an ACS on Torts for using an f word while talking to MDZ. It’s pure child abuse.

  101. I watch Fringe too, are saving some episodes now for a fringe marathon next weekend. My man loves Deadliest catch so I know about Capt. Phil -RIP.
    Well, have a good night all! I am sure this loss will not ruin Drurys celebration of Jennifer Anistons birthday or Inventors day. :)

  102. Giannone is persistent with Hank…if I were Hank I would punch him in the face, I dunno why, I just feel like I would


    Are you f’n kidding me? It always looks like Hank absolutely cherishes those few seconds he gets to vent about the team with John.

  103. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    Thanks for that report Salty, i appreciate it. I actually hope he stays far away from MDZ. this guys ‘legacy’ certainly did not follow him here. I bet those blinks are signs to his handlers

  104. >>Looks like Caps streak coming to an end

    No so fast! They’re only down by 1 with nine minutes left.

  105. Salty don’t be a moron


    You can’t just say that without contributing anything yourself… whats the matter babe? I’m here for you…

  106. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    yea i did, the alternate universe manhattan! and how liv saw peter ‘blurry’ at the end… she’s really gonna hate walter now

  107. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    oops sorry krisy if i messed up the fringe marathon for you!! been waitin to talk to JB about it

  108. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    he’s lettin them know he needs a five dollar footlong and a new oil can. Chris “tin man” drury

  109. he he, thats ok Linda. I am so tired now I probably wont even remember it tomorrow. :) Good night all!

  110. My Summary of the 2009-2010 Rangers

    there is something fundamentally wrong with your team when everyone makes a big deal about your “7 Million Dollar Captain” playing on the Top Line

  111. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "losing by 1 goal sucks!!! " … says Greg L. on

    The one thing I hate the most is losing by one goal. I need a little bit of time to get over this crap.

  112. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    Salty, humor me for a second.

    did captain crumb take any kind of responsibility?

    here’s two reasons why NOT getting the post game show is good for me; 1. have not broken numerous tv’s and 2. my stress level is lower

  113. As usual, get Drury off the power play!
    Jokinen was not on the ice at the end, but Dubinsky and Drury are important for some reason? What reality is Tortorella living in?
    Dubinsky looked just plain lazy tonight. And Drury took some shots — big deal — he sucked the life out of whatever line he was on.
    Jokinen is trying to find his game, but whenever he has a decent shift, it seems like Drury gets thrown back out there to do nothing and destroy momentum.

  114. Sather's Wrapup on

    Don’t tell Dolan about not having a shutout. I’d hate to be the one to break it to him. He was planning to buy a Platinum Plated Margarita Blender. Please don’t ruin his day…

  115. on a lucky goal just throwing it in front, hopefuly they finish it out in ot and hold montreal to 1 point

  116. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    thanks for that mako! His answer at 1:00 was probably the most extensive answers he’s given since the Brooks bus stop incident, and I like what he said about MDZ.

    Uncle Glennie, do you mean SELL OUT??

  117. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    i was just makin sure Uncle Glennie you’re just keepin us on our toes arent you? Seein who’s payin attention eh?

  118. I feel bad for the people that went out in this crappy weather to watch that.

    Why can’t the Devils do us any favors and beat the Flyers?

    Notice that Bergfors is fitting better in Atlanta’s system than Kovy is fitting in to the Devils’ system?

    Gabby better be back ASAP!

    At lease work called and I am off again tomorrow.

    That’s all I got. Goodnight all.

  119. Plekanec won it for Montreal in OT. Wasn’t he available last year? Remember when the Rangers used to be able to score at the end of a game? Until Drury arrived.

  120. Damn, Montreal won too. I hate having to depend on other teams losing, in order for us to make the playoffs.

  121. You’re welcome Linda ;)

    I really like Torts. I think he’s a great coach. He has his WTF moments but most coaches do. I think this team confuses the poop out of him and cant for the life of him figure them out. I really like what he said about MDZ too…

    And CRIMENY MTL won in OT with 5 seconds left. Blown D coverage around the net. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  122. Linda says RIP Capt. Phil on

    lmao @ until drury arrived. this team used to do other things before the SUCK ALL THE LIFE OUT OF THE BUILDING captain signed here. ;-)

  123. hahah greg im with ya buddy. i hate that as soon as they are down a goal in the 3rd, whether it be 20 minutes left or 20 seconds, they will not come back to tie. i dont think weve ever won a game while being coming from behind in teh 3rd. not 1!!!!! almost 60 games in and we have never come back to tie or win a game. that is supremely pathetic. i really dont hate drury but why cant he freakin score?? he had a breakaway in teh first and if scored, couldve beena whole different game. how did he ever score the 200 or whatever goals he did before he got here? prospal is basically our captain now. providing the best chances and leadership. i dont think the 3rd line with aves,AA and lisin has scored a goal in teh last month. lisin just sucks. hes fast. thats it. he has no hands. avery doesnt look like he does anything anymore in teh way of agitating or providing energy save for a few rival games. nobody looks like they give a carp. i really think they could care less. some of them do care, i can see it. cally cares. prospal cares. hank cares. some others show they care sometimes. sometimes it looks like we are just outmatched, but a gvame like tonight was very winnable. 2 goals gets them a point at least. they cant do it. sather better get rid of some of these stiffs. we know dru is here. so not even gonna disgust, i mean discuss it. but rozy,lisin,gilroy,duby,joke-inen, brash. even the lobotomized avery. drury has 3 more goals than avery??? how the hell is that possible? hes tied with higgins i think with 6. oh well, the losing just helps our draft position if sather doesnt trade it for a kaberle or somethin. if slatipuss gets a top 5 or ten draft pick, i dont weanna see burke anywhere near him at draft time. or any other gm willing to give us their driftwood

  124. I feel bad for the Hawks and the Caps. Two deep teams that can go right to the Cup finals, easily. But, goaltending is holding them back.

    Huet just cant go into the playoffs and get the job done, and i doubt that rookie will be able to do it either. Same deal with Threeormore, VarLAmov, and that other guy with the freak name.

  125. Orr

    Completely AGREE!!! And that would be a FANTASTIC SCF!!!! And on the other hand, we have a goalie that CAN win the cup but the rest of the team blows (well except Gabby & 1 or 2, maybe 3 or 4 others)

  126. czechthemout!!! on

    If the Caps want to win the Stanley Cup, they should call scumbag Sather and offer him Jon Carlson, Karl Alzner,Anton Gustuffson and Cody Eikan for Henrik Lundquist,Dan Girardi,Bobby Sanguinetti and a second round pick. If they can get the King from the Rangers, they will win the next three Stanley cups. They are that good!

  127. And there he stood… impeccably devoted, all alone, against the horde, while his team mates cavorted like drunken frat boys. Now Lundqvist knows how those handful of Brits in the 1880’s at Rorke’s Drift in South Africa felt against the Zulus

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