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Not much happening on the ice, not much happening here, not much happening inside my cluttered skull.

I did cringe a little bit when I saw that Bob Gainey resigned as Canadiens GM … because I always fear how great players might damage their legacies when they go into management or coaching. So my first thought was with Mark Messier, and wondering what would happen if he ever became Rangers GM and didn’t succeed, or flat-out failed.

So I wonder how Gainey is now perceived in Montreal. Of course, in Montreal, they have been hiring legends in various front-office capacities forever.

I don’t even like to think about it what it might be like for Messier if he was promoted here and didn’t do well, especially when I remember how many people misinterpreted the circumstances in which he was booted out the door in 1997 and blamed him.

Whatever. I am sure if Messier did become the Rangers GM, he would fully accept the challenge head-on, as he has always done, as well as accept whatever else comes with the job.


One of the really popular and common ideas being passed around these days is the comparison of the Capitals to the young Edmonton Oilers. Didn’t we just do that all last year with the Penguins?

Let’s see how serious the NHL is about hits to the head after that Carter on Salmonella hit.

Anyway, you guys should be sending Gainey “Thank you” cards for the Gomez for Gaborik deal.

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  1. Good morning all!

    Sad to see Gainey step down and yes a big thank you to him for taking Gomez!!

    It was Carter with the head shot, not Richards. I don’t think
    he’s going to get suspended. But if he does 2 games max.

  2. MickeyM,
    I got carped at the end of last thread…I had a comment and question for u. I am on my iPhone so I can’t cut and paste very easily. I just read gross blog and either he or times union have it wrong. The tu says rats r moving down to Carolina and Hartford comes to Albany…has nothing to do with echl teams becoming ahl.

  3. >>Let’s see how serious the NHL is about hits to the head after that Richards on >>Salmonella hit.

    Mike Richards is not amused; he had nothing to do with the hit.

  4. From Gross Twitter:

    Gaborik jumps over LQ on 1 on 1 drill, skates gingerly off of ice, favoring leg.

  5. Marian Gaborik skates gingerly off ice at NYRangers practice after trying to jump over Henrik Lundqvist in 1-on-1 drill. Favoring right leg

  6. Confirmed: stevezipay

    Gaborik helped off ice after jumping over Lundqvist in one on one drill, apparent right leg injury

  7. It really looked like Richards hit Salmella in the shoulder. 200 pounds coming at you when you don’t brace for it is going to do some damage from the impact alone, even on a clean hit. I think Richards should’ve dropped down a bit lower to ensure he made contact with Salmella cleanly, but it doesn’t look like he targeted his head.

    I will say this, if a guy is blind to his peripherals and skating hunched over to protect the puck towards the net, you need to be sure to get your shoulder down to hit him. Richards was lucky he didn’t hit him flush in the head or he’d be waiving some of his paycheck goodbye.

  8. Crap,
    I don’t think his stepping down has really tainted Gainey’s legacy. He’s certainly not the first Hall of Famer to not succeed in Montreal in a front office position, but they did make the playoffs every year save for one while he was GM so that deserves to some credence. His work as Coach/GM in Minnesota and Dallas cannot be ignored either. Ed Belfour has a Stanley Cup thanks to Mr. Gainey

  9. This could be a good thing. Would you guys prefer this scenario?

    Gaborik injures his right leg and is out 2/3 weeks. He misses the next 3 games, but also gets to rest during the Olympic break. I’d take that.

    I’ve also been secretly praying Henrik tweaks a hammy in the game against Tampa = out 2 weeks.

  10. Joke, I’ll admit, I didn’t read the TU article. I’ll have to find it and see what they say. I’d heard the rumours, but didn’t know the exact details. Was just going off of what Gross said, which I think he was just ‘thinking aloud’, so to speak. In a way it would make sense to swap AHL for AHL, especially considering the TU Center. Though ECHL would be interesting. Kinda like what happened with minor league baseball in the area, in a way. Went from Double A to independent league and now it’s short season A.

    Oh, and I’m in Troy. You?

  11. Chris,

    I’d hope nothing can tarnish a legacy that left behind 894 goals, more assists than anyone else has points and 4 cups.

  12. Per Zip-Lundqvist: “My skate hit his (Gaborik’s) knee”.Told that at first writers thought Gaborik was joking, Lundqvist said: “Me, too.” He wasn’t.


  13. Lundqvist: “My skate hit his (Gaborik’s) knee”.Told that at first writers thought Gaborik was joking, Lundqvist said: “Me, too.” He wasn’t.

  14. I saw that Carter hit many times on DVR. In slow motion. He hit him with his shoulder right in his head. Carter had no intentions to slow down, hold back or target any different parts of Samella’s body, but his head. Blindsided. Salmella’s head was down for awhile, he was driving and looking at the net. Carter could’ve slowed down or lowered his shoulder. Dirty, deliberate hit to the head. Until the NHL makes it clear that any hit to the head isn’t acceptable (shoulder, elbow etc.) we will have severe head injuries. I see very little difference between this hit and the one by that punk that now belongs to Atlanta. Both targeted the head area. Anytime this happens, there is a chance the player will be dead within 24-48 hours.

  15. ilb,

    I see that hit a little differently than you do. Carter took no strides when he got in the frame. Salmella’s head was lowered as he was taking a shot then scoring which if he is more upright, the hit is not as vicious as it was. His face hitting the ice might have added more to the injury than the actual hit in itself.

    Clean or dirty or borderline or not, how do the Devils not go after Carter after the hit?

  16. That was a clean hit by Carter, in my opinion.

    Shoulder to shoulder. Look at the way Salmonella made that near 360. If that was his head he wouldn’t have looked like he was at the X-Games.

    i wish NYR can throw hits like that.

  17. i think it was the way carter hit him. comin from behind like that. the hit itself was shoulder on shoulder but when you come from behind like that its just not cool in my book. and someone should have stepped in and done something about it and no one did.

  18. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Hope Gabby is OK

    He’s been pretty soild and healthier than he’s been in years this season

    Hopefully it’s just a bruise from the skate

  19. This does not sound good at all:


    Gaborik won’t be speaking today, team spokesman says

  20. Hey! Zip stole my idea about him missing the Olympics and coming back in time for the playoff push. Cite the Boneheads!

  21. Let us hope that Gabby doesn’t ask Redden, (or Higgins) for a little of that snow to help his pain. We have enough issues on our hands.

  22. Shoulder to the face. The reason his face hit the ice that way is because he already lost protective reflexes, he lost his consciousness. They will stop distingushing shoulder or elbow to the head area right after someone dies. Or becomes disabled for life.

  23. stevezipay

    Jim Schoenfeld: Gaborik right knee being stitched up here, not hospital, for laceration. No x-rays yet. !st feeling is no other damage

  24. From Zipay via Twitter: “Jim Schoenfeld: Gaborik right knee being stitched up here, not hospital, for laceration. No x-rays yet. !st feeling is no other damage”

  25. ilb – I don’t know what you’re seeing but I’ve watched it now from 3 different angles and paused it right at the time of impact from all three of them. I’m 99% positive it’s shoulder to shoulder. Salmela’s shoulder is pointed downwards, while Carter’s comes straight across. At the point of impact, due to the way their shoulder’s collide, Salmela’s head whips straight down, causing his loss of consciousness, and probably a seriously concussed brain.

  26. Don’t be fooled be Hanks charming good looks. It’s pretty clear this is sabotage. He’s trying to make life for Sweden easier by injuring Gabby.

    And from what i heard, he told Dreary to stop blocking shots, cause he really wants him to play for Team USA.

  27. “And from what i heard, he told Dreary to stop blocking shots, cause he really wants him to play for Team USA.”


  28. Let’s all hope that’s all there is on the Gabby front. A deep cut is much easier to stomach than anything else.

  29. Joke, State worker,eh? We’re not that far apart for work purposes, I’m off of Everett Rd. Small world, lol.

  30. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    And from what i heard, he told Dreary to stop blocking shots, cause he really wants him to play for Team USA.”

    bravo ORR!!! too much

    How’s the ear and the back Nasty?

  31. Chris F….The Great One’s Legacy? Tarnished by the Coyotes who are now in 3rd place in the West? Who do you think built up the team? And about 1000 more points than the next closest player…what tarnish?

  32. What would the lines be without Gabby? I say:

    Dubi Jokinen Cally
    Prospal Anisimov Lisin
    Avery Drury Boyle
    Voros Christensen Prust

  33. If Gabby is done for the season (very unlikely) then we dont have to hope for them to tank the season. It’s inevitable.

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  35. My ear continues to feel a little clogged, but much better. My back, ugh, is not good at all. I shoveled on Saturday and it was sore as hell afterward. At the gym yesterday, I was stretching after my workout, and it completely popped out on me. I was on the couch with a naproxen right when I got home. Not good at all, and I HATE having to take anything for it, but if I don’t it is really really bad.

  36. A NYR collapse due to an injury would serve us no purpose. The organisation would simply use that as an excuse ; nothing would change.

  37. He doesnt have to be at a funeral. He just doesnt attend. Probably on his boat smoking a cigar in the Bahamas with my season ticket money.

  38. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    sorry to hear that Nasty! back pain,especially if you already have issues,has to be the worst! maybe the Mrs. needs to get you a snow blower so you don’t have to shovel! My dad has back issues and just loves that snow blower. I hope you feel better soon!!! Maybe ORR can go by your house and shovel if you get hit with that storm tomorrow!

  39. Yeah, Orr, I have a case of Shiner Bock, 20 bucks, and an unreleased Fox p0rn movie. How does that sound?

    I really think I am going to get “Frosty’s best friend” before this winter is over. I can’t being having my back like this over and over again.

  40. Carter’s hit on Salmela was to the shoulder, clean, and within the rules. Salmela got knocked out when his face slammed against the ice. Was it necessary? Definitely not, and the NHL needs to look at hits like this for next year, but he shouldn’t be suspended.

    Also anybody see Colton Orr get knocked out for the first time ever? He’s lost fights before, but I’ve never seen him get destroyed like that. I guess it happens to them all.

    And I’m upset Gainey is gone. No more stupid GMs to take away our terrible contracts.

  41. JONNY

    Don’t you remember when Godard knocked him out last season ?

    I don’t know if knocked out is the right word though. I mean Fedoruk got knocked out, but Orr has been rocked a few times, but has gotten up almost instantly.

    Adamantium balls, Brash*t wishes he could be as tough.

  42. Ilb

    I saw the hit from 4 different angles and Carter knew what he was doing, did not make any attempt to stop & line him up & blind sided him. Complete shoulder to the head. Glad you saw it that way too…. Any word on this from the NHL?

    If this was a hit on Cindy like this I would still be outraged…

  43. It seems like some think it was a head shot, some think it was shoulder to shoulder and it’s so close I don’t we’ll come to a consensus here. The number one issue is Carter saw blood as Salmela skated towards the slot head down and he didn’t even attempt to lower his shoulder. It seems like his intent was to hit him high based on his posture, even though I think he gets him below the neck. Should you fine him or suspend him for that? I don’t think so. Bullet dodged by Carter, but maybe next time the offender won’t be so lucky. You should always make an effort to drop your shoulder.

  44. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Omar Minaya is Dominican for Glen Sather!

    and yes, I know “Dominican” is not a language, its just a joke people!

  45. AFLY – Gretzky was pretty much running the team under Maloney’s supervision since the draft in 07 until the start of this year. So since 2001 he’s pretty much helped out with the drafting, just now Maloney helped him out in 07.

    He did a good job drafting if you look back. Took guys like Lisin, Sjostrom, Winnik, Mueller, Wheeler, Porter, Yandle, Hanzal, and Turris (not including the 08 and 09 drafts). Most of those guys are key parts of the current team or were traded for some key parts. His problem came in the coaching of the team and also bringing in some FAs. Maloney helped out with the FA signings and now has a coaching staff that is pretty top notch.

  46. New Newman – As a player Gretzky was the best. As a coach not so much. As a part owner the worst. He got paid 30 million from a team that was filing bankruptcy. The guy did not even show up for training camp because he wanted to know who was paying him. So, has his reputation been tarnished ? Ask anyone who follows the Coyotes & the answer is – YES !

  47. ORR – nah I forgot about that. my bad.

    AFLY – Salmela’s hands were moving to protect his face when he got hit so to me he looked like he was still conscious, just woozy. When his face hit the ice, he was then out cold.

    And I’ve watched it from every TV angle they had and it wasn’t a direct hit to the head. The elbow came up after contact and the shoulders did hit. He may have gotten a piece of the head, but it was mostly shoulder.

    The issue like I said is when guys hit their heads on the ice. Same with fighting because that is where the real damage is caused 99% of the time. Carter did nothing illegal, I hate the guy, but he didn’t. It was unnecessary and the NHL needs to take hits like that out of the game next season.

  48. Let me clarify: I DO NOT think Phoenix tarnished Gretzky’s legacy. I was not stating an opinion, I was asking a question of Carp, who suggested that Messier’s legacy could be tarnished by a poor performance as GM.

    You guys know the difference between a statement and a question, right?

  49. Nasty, OUCH! Amazing you could even think of going to the gym after shoveling.

    Linda, I’ve long believed that Minaya and Sather are the same person. Only difference is that Minaya speaks to the press and is horrible at it, while Sather only speaks to the press on the 8th Tuesday of the 23rd month when the moon is purple with yellow polka dots.

  50. ???? He tried to raise his arms bc he scored a GD goal. NOT protect himself. He didn’t see Carter coming.

  51. Jonny D – Are you watching the same hit? Salmela’s arms go flailing out in two completely different directions. He doesn’t get either of them anywhere near his face. It’s silly to argue over that, but I’m fairly certain he’s out cold as soon as the hit is delivered.

    Under the current rules I have no problem with this hit. However, players should be made responsible for the their intent. While Salmela took a chance by cutting to the middle of the ice like that, you need to be aware of your surroundings and he paid the price. Still, Carter made no effort to drop his shoulder and if he were two or three inches taller he could’ve seriously injured Salmela. There needs to be some measure of protection in place for the player.

    I understand that sometimes players just react to a certain situation and the hit isn’t always clean. But Carter lined this up and went high all the way.

  52. It figures it’s Gabbie who gets hurts and not Dreary. Dreary doesn’t jump over anything anymore, save for perhaps the bank queue because at $7,000,000 per, he’s gotta be a bank institution VIP.

  53. BTW, that Carter hit is legal. By NHL standards. What the NHL has to get its collective head around (pun intended) is whether or not it’s prepared to continue to allow hits of this nature that sooner or later will result in an injury far more serious than a concussion.

    And if/when such an injury occurs, the league had better be ready to appear in court, be it one of justice or civil. They probably aren’t but should be aware that history has shown us that the latter is far less forgiving than the former. Wouldn’t it be sweet justice (again, pun intended) indeed to see the likes of Buttman, Campbell and all those archiac decision-making (oxymoron there) fools who are inexplicably afraid of doing the right thing and endeavor to eliminate from what is arguably the best sport in the world the violent buffoonery that continues to drag it down to roller derby levels.

    End of rant *stepping off the soapbox*

  54. Gretzky as a coach was like Ted Williams as manager. They were great players with extraordinary vision and talent that could not quite translate that talent to a coaching job. They are such a cut above the average player, that they don’t understand how the average player doesn’t see what they see/can’t do what they could.

  55. Gretzky didn’t play in PHX, but his legacy is league-wide. I think the problem with him as coach was that the game came so intuitively to him as a player and he did so many things on the ice that you can’t coach that it would have been impossible for that translate into managing a team.

  56. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    yep good record of players, it figures the only one that really sucks or serves no purpose is rico lisin, I mean envir fata….and of course we have him!!

  57. Interesting to see that with a REAL coach, the Yotes are 4th (FOURTH!) overall in the entire league in points. What has changed, besides the coach, that much from last year to this year? I keep waiting for the sky to fall in Phoenix, but it doesn’t appear that it will happen. If that’s true, it will interesting to see how they fare in the POs, both in terms of game results and at the box office. Don’t be surprised to see sell-outs there if they get into the second round (mind you at an average ticket price of .50 cents, their revenue stream won’t exactly bowl anyone over!).

  58. Gaborik just has a laceration, no twisted or strained or pulled anything.

    But remember, lacerations can be a significant injury…Cam Ward was out for awhile with one, someone else too I just can’t remember.

  59. Especially on the knee. You need the stitches to hold while the knee is bent. Hopefully it is in a spot where that isn’t a factor, or the fact that it will be rubbing against a pad under the gauze/protective bandage.

  60. I thought Carter’s hit was a bit borderline. I think he lined up his head and took him out.

    And the Devils should be ashamed for not going after Carter and sending a message and then lose the game.

    Not that I care, can’t stand either team. But just love the two headhunters, Carter and Richards skating around with the face shields on.

  61. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Either way with Gabby, glad it wasn’t anything to serious

    And this from Mr Grain of Salt Eklund:
    * The Rangers and Panthers are talking and it sounds like a mega deal. Right now the rumor isn’t attached to any specific names, but sources are only saying “surprising names for both teams,” and “A basic re-shuffle the deck deal.” I could have names by 5pm if one source gets back to me.

  62. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    I really did not see a problem with the carter hit, from a legal standpoint. Course, I was known to throw a questionable hit or two in my college days. I never did it to injure, just intimidate or send a message, but sometimes the injuries coincide with the hit. Unfortunately it is part of it, but you can not stop delivering intimidating hits. End of the day, don’t want to take a chance on getting lit up….don’t play a contact sport!!

  63. MickeyM… I agree with you 100%. Guys like Gretz, and your Ted Williams example, same with Pete Rose (terrible manager) is spot on. And it’s what I worry about with Messier.

    Some players, who were the best in their sport, were that good because it came so natural, and translating that to coaching is difficult. True these players worked hard and put in hours and hours of practice to master their God given talent, but in many cases it doesn’t translate to being successful at coaching.

  64. hard nosed hockey on

    Carter hit him in the shoulder. perfectly legal. he got hurt by hitting his face on the ice. it is just like players who get cut when their face shield cuts them, or the plastic corner of their helmet cuts them.

    the pansification of hockey continues in some quarters with phony false issues like this one.

    and I am no flyers fan. but truth needs to be told.

  65. My two cents on the hit: Salmela had just released the puck when he got hit, there was no time for Carter to stop (I don’t think), it was a legit hit as Carter was trying to prevent the shot, not one of those cheap Scott Stevens deals where the guy is skating east-west at the red line. Plus it was shoulder-shoulder with Salmela leaning in towards Carter. I hate the guy too, but it’s a clean hit from where I’m sitting.

  66. vogs, There are more examples of very good/great players doing well in front offices than as coaches/managers.So maybe Messier would do better as GM than Gretzky as a coach. Who knows for sure though.

  67. So Gaborik cut on leg? Yeah uh slovakia…yeah gaborik is injured. Can’t play in the Olympics
    (Joeybriggs does small sean avery fist pump low to the ground in celebration…)

  68. Ha, i bet he’s wishing he never got traded.

    The worse part is, it’s not like he’s completely new, he’s been on the team for aboot 2 years minus the last few months of this season and a little of the last. Why the hell wouldn’t they stick up for him ? Where’s Elf boy Langenbrunner ??

    Eh, not as bad as NYR though.

  69. Would everyone feel the same about the Carter hit if it were against one of the Ranger players? I’m just asking…

  70. I just caught the very tail end of a newscast which seemed to be saying that Cablevision and MSG are separating. But, perhaps I misunderstood the news item. Did anyone else hear this. If true, maybe there will be a banana peel under Sather with the resulting management changes. One can only hope! Also, maybe the separation will mean that Directv will again have HD Ranger games.

    Can anyone elaborate on this? Carp?

  71. ORR – fair enough. I was really just curious because it seems to me that certain folks are always complaining when anything happens to one of the Rangers, clean hit or not. Personally I felt it was a clean hit too, but not sure why Carter’s elbow had to come up like it did after the fact and whether that contributed to the overall effect of the hit.

  72. Wicky, respectfully disagree. Any high hit delivered to an unsuspecting player can result in end of career. Or end of life. There is no place for that in hockey. It’s a beautiful game with enough physical component that doesn’t need to border on violence. And until NHLPA steps in along with NHL, it will continue. There should be some degree of respect among players. Real enforcers know when to pull back. Pussies try to hurt.

  73. Balcony – Cablevision is splitting off MSG (and RC) into a separate business unit from their media business. No impact on the teams, etc.

  74. There should be some degree of respect among players. Real enforcers know when to pull back. Pussies try to hurt.


    You can thank the instigator rule.

  75. I think it was a borderline hit, but the footage of Salmela laying face down unconscious on the ice is going to land Carter a suspension. If the league is serious about taking hits like this out of the game, then he borderline ones are going to be as suspendable as the really egregious ones.

  76. and, Balcony – hte DirectTV issue is with Cablevision, not MSG, so I wouldn’t expect this business move to change that situation at all. IMO…

  77. Well, I guess it will depend on how autonomous MSG will be. If they can deal directly with Directv for their broadcasts, maybe things will get better. One can only hope. Time will tell.

  78. Bob – from reading the articles, the MSG network is part of the Cablevision media business; when they say MSG, they are talking about the Garden itself along with the teams, etc.

  79. Tony in AZ:
    “”As a player Gretzky was the best. As a coach not so much. As a part owner the worst. He got paid 30 million from a team that was filing bankruptcy. The guy did not even show up for training camp because he wanted to know who was paying him. So, has his reputation been tarnished ? Ask anyone who follows the Coyotes & the answer is – YES !””

    Yeah, but Tony – ask ANYONE who follows the NHL what their impression of the Coyotes was PRE- Gretzky.
    They probably had NONE.
    WITH Gretzky, The Coyotes mattered – even though they sucked.
    THAT’S why they paid him $30 Million – his name alone gave the franchise credibility.

    Gretzky sat out because despite what he was owed, BOTH the NHL AND the Possible incoming Owners slighted him in court papers and hung him out to dry. The court papers said Gretzky would have been fired when the franchise was sold. Why be loyal then?

    I was in AZ pre-season into the opener. NO ONE in Phoenix cares about the franchise. I asked literally over 150 people about the Coyotes during my stay – NOT ONE had even thought of going to a game. EVERY ONE of them laughed that the Arena was so far out of town. Is that Gretzky’s fault?

    Gretzky was correct to play it out the way he did.
    He walked, didn’t get fired and set the franchise up for success by stepping down when he did. The team was finally rounding into the shape they are in now, and he walked away for the good of the franchise.

  80. Oh – and Gretzky never got his $30 Million that they owed him in bankruptcy, either. One of 2 creditors to not be made whole.

  81. AFLY – It looked like his arms were moving to me and his face was still “there” like he was somewhat conscious. When he hit the ice, I didn’t see any movement at all hence why I think the ice knocked him out. Either way the hit to the ice definitely made it much worse than it could’ve been.

    ilb – Salty pretty much explained why. I agree though, they need to do something about it. Like I said, it’s a legal hit according to the books, but the books should change next year.

    The reason why these hits happen more and more now is because you can’t hook and hold. It’s speed up the game offensive, but also speeds up the guys coming to hit you. Pre-lockout you’re job was to hold someone up when you were backchecking so your d-men or other forwards didn’t get leveled. Now that you can’t do that, guys skate freely around and are at full speed when they run into guys.

  82. Drury The Friendly Ghost on

    The fact that he raised his arm at the end has? nothing to do with the validity of the hit.

    Carter blind-sided him and chose to go after the head instead of the body – that’s what makes it a questionable hit.

    How many times are we going to debate whether a Flyers “questionable” hit should be punished before the league takes action on the notion that the Flyers players are involved in questionable hits all the time.

  83. Messier was a far better overall hockey player than gretz ever thought about being. Gretz was the greatest OFFENCIVE player ever to play the game, Messier was the greatest HOCKEY player to ever play!! (IMHO)

  84. Carp: Any update on this being report by TSN?

    Gaborik Right Knee Cut In Practice

    GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Marian Gaborik limped off the ice Tuesday after the New York Rangers’ leading scorer was cut on the right knee by the ice skate of goalie Henrik Lundqvist in a collision during practice.

    Gaborik skated in on Lundqvist during a breakaway drill and tried to jump over his teammate’s outstretched leg when contact was made. The Slovakian right winger, who has a team-high 35 goals and 69 points, fell to the ice and stayed down for a few moments.

    “I thought he was joking,” Lundqvist said. “My skate caught his knee.

    “Hopefully he’ll be OK.”

    Gaborik skated off slowly 1/4with assistance and didn’t put weight on his right leg. He received stitches at the practice facility, but didn’t require X-rays. He wasn’t available to speak to reporters.

    Gaborik’s status for Wednesday’s home game against Nashville wasn’t immediately clear. He’s also sla 1/4ted to play for Slovakia at the Vancouver Olympics.

    “Right now, that’s all we think it is,” assistant coach Jim Schoenfeld said. “It’s not like it’s a twist to the groin or the knee.

    “It’s just a laceration.”

    Gaborik, who turns 28 on Sunday, is in the first season of a five-year, US$37.5-million deal with the Rangers. After scoring a career-high 42 goals in the 2007-’08 season with Minnesota, Gaborik was limited to 17 games last season because of hip surgery.

    He has missed two games this season, but Gaborik played more than 65 only one time in his final five seasons with Minnesota. Gaborik has scored at least 30 goals in six of his nine NHL seasons.

    The Rangers have three games this week before the NHL takes a two-week Olympic break.

  85. Adams shoved Ovechkin from behind propelling him headfirst into the boards, and the league nearly lost its meal ticket. Adams was not even given a penalty on the play. so quit the crying about a legal hit on a nobody from the debbies.

  86. ilb
    I understand what you are saying and I agree, the thing is some guys are not trying to hurt other guys, they are trying to deliver big hits or intimidate through hitting and people end up getting hurt…I really believe they were not intent to injure hits (at least from me they are not). If the end result is an injury, it sucks, but that happens in a collision sprt sometimes!
    The instigator rule blows and needs to go away!

  87. I hate both the Devils and Flyers and what I saw was not a dirty or blindside hit. Salmela had his head down and Carter hit him with a shoulder to shoulder hit. It was a hard hit but it looked like Salmela was knocked out when his face hit the ice.

  88. Rob E – the Coyote arena is next door to the Cardinals stadium.It’s not a issue of where the arena is. Both teams had attendance problems when they were losing. All it takes in a winning team in this town to draw fans. Sad but true.
    Thanks for clearing up the Gretzky bankruptcy issue.

  89. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    do you guys ever read some of the absolutely idiotic postings on ESPN in regards to hockey? oy vey

  90. Thanks, CCP. Bob, I stand corrected about the cable sports channels; I guess they w/b part of MSG and not Cablevision…

  91. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    we all must have done truly evil stuff as kids to be suffering through the bad karma known as James Dolan! He is a blight upon the Rangers, the Knicks, the Garden, the networks, RCMH, and humanity. We better all start kissing babies and puppies to get some good karma coming our way, which should result in the removal of his ownership.

    hmmmm i should have done that beninati style…

  92. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ the geico caveman meeting Hartnell and carcillo… too appropriate!

  93. Tony in AZ-
    too true re: winning teams draw.

    Perhaps this year’s Coyotes team can help put more butts in the seats next season. I know there was a big drop off early in the year there, but it seemed pretty packed the game i watched the other night on tv.

    Do you get out to see the Coyotes often?
    (if you’re even in phoenix)

  94. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    good on Pru! he got a decent one in and immediately after that he got tagged! The kid always had heart, you cannot deny that! HE probably would’ve went after Carcillo in that fiasco with Gabby ;-)

  95. Rob, I get to go to about 7-10 Coyote games a season. My son-in-law has season tickets so I go when ever I can.
    I think if the Yotes had another bad season NOBODY would go next year. But they look pretty good & hopefully they’ll get past the 1st round.
    I’m a Ranger fan first but then I like the Coyotes

  96. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    wow, the pics on the web site of Casino Night were outstanding! I swear, once I start working again, I am gonna save some dough and go to that! Looks like a ton of fun! and the boys certainly looked spiffy! Especially Fankist rocking the ‘salmon’ tie, MDZ as Tony Manero, Gabby, hell,they all looked great!

  97. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    carcillo actually looks like half the dudes that get arrested for having meth labs!

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Gaborik might take it easy the next couple of games to let the cut heal as much as possible before he plays in the Olympics. Trying to get this lousy squad into the playoffs is probably second to him compared to leading Slovakia to Olympic glory.

  99. Ilb

    Salvador threw some quick shots, but Carcillo manhandled him in the end.

    He didn’t throw and wild punches like Salvador was doing, which was only connecting with his helmet.

    I still wish we would have gotten Carcillo in that Montoya deal. Despite the BS with Gabby, i would love to have him on the team, cause he’s a tough prick. A lot tougher than anyone on this team.

  100. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier . Two great players but Gretzky stands way above Messier in almost every catagory exept for Stanley Cups. I like Messier more but back in the day , I was a Gretzky fan all the way. Gretzky was the best player by far even on the day he retired. Messier couldn’t keep up to the “new” NHL but Gretzky could of played another 4 more years. No player number has been retired league wide. That legacy will never be tarnished because no one will do what Gretzky has done. Mark Messier leadership can not be denied BUT when it come to the best player of all time , It’s Wayne hands down …sorry Mark .

  101. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TR just posted on FB some of the possible names in the alleged Rangers/Florida trade… interesting to say the least

  102. Kind of a surprising stat but all of our young players should meet or exceed their Career Point Totals this season.

    with 23 games left on the schedule …

    Callahan has 32 points (previous high was 40 points)
    Dubinsky has 30 points (previous high was 41 points)
    Staal has 22 points – setting a career high(previous was 15 points)
    Girardi has 15 points (previous high was 28 points)


    AA, Gilroy, MDZ, Johnson, Sangs, and Heikkinen have all made their NHL debuts

    Even if we miss the playoffs this year, this is a good sign of progress

  103. LMAO, CCCP! And Rozsival doesn’t even have much left for comb over. He should borrow some from Sam, perhaps

  104. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    There probally lying to laugh at us not using faceliftbook.

  105. Doodie – great piece.
    Thanks for that link.

    I’m a HUGE willie O’Ree fan.
    Even got to interview him many years ago.
    That guy is in better damn shape than I am.

  106. There’s a new Mr. Pink Tie!!!

    I’m late, I know, but it’s been that kind of a day. The photos of Casino Night were awesome…did anybody notice Girardi’s gaze in #24? Is Hank not delishy? Does Chad not look 12? Did Dru not look uncomfortable? Did Olli not look like, “oh dear, I gotta deal with this guy as part of the job? And why is my man growing his hair out?!

    Sally, thanks for the link. Up on sister blog.

    TR, any thoughts/word on Sunday’s game?

  107. I will sit here and tear this team apart all day, but those pictures look like a grand time! Feel awful for that poor guy with the googly eyes though. Drop a few thousand on the night probably and they repay you by putting up a picture of you looking your absolute worst next to a NYC playboy…Ouch!

    Also… I think Voros is wearing a leather tuxedo??? FRESH.

  108. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Good fodder to toss around the cooler Carp. I like your style.

    Gainey was a captain of the Canadiens at one time (when the team was spiraling down). He never was a super star or really an all star. Gainey legacy is worth as much as Steve Shutt or a guy Lapointe. Hes no Lamaire, No Robinson,No Lafluer,No Ken Dryden..heck hes not even in the same breathe as a Rocket Richard or a Jaque Plante. Bob Gainey was a good player and even a better GM ….gm of the North stars. Bob Gainey is a good hockey mind BUT he has no legacy at all compared to Mark Messier.

    Mark Messier will be our GM , Carp there is no “what if he fails”…Messier won’t ,I garrentee.

    As for the Crapital compared to the old Oilers…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA ,Aw come on!!!! Where’s the Messier type player?? All I see is Kurri’s , Tikanens and alot of Petr Klima’s. No fuhrsies…not one semenko type.
    Washington has Ovechkin ,Green and Seamen.

  109. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    ok, found these in two places, supposedly these are the names being bandied about:

    Horton and Jordan Leopold, Weiss, Gregory Campbell and McIntyre are names I have heard from Fla.

    Voros Dubinsky Callahan Dan Girardi, Lisin, Sauer, Sags and Matt Gilroy are names rumored to be going south.

  110. I can’t believe the Bonehards aren’t exploding over this Gaborik injury in practice. Hank accidentally sliced his knee with his skate?!


  111. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao i did NOT make that up NYR! obviously, as was said in a later posting, it probably wont be ALL those guys,but those are the alleged names being discussed. Leave it to slats to dump salary by trading young guys instead of the guys who deserve to be gone, and I am NOT including drury with that because we all know he’s gonna retire a Ranger and have a number retirement ceremony. (shudders at that t thought!)

  112. Linda! step away from the extract at the cookie baking station :)

    we all know he’s gonna retire a Ranger and have a number retirement ceremony….

  113. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Pictures were cool to see. Chris Drury looks freaky!!! Rozi too!!! Crazy eyes , yeah he was strange…that huge obese guy was…obese. (not saying heavey people are bad or anything)

    ORR , Carcillo would have been a great catch for us if we had landed him. I wanted him too at the time . Right now , we have Prust. My $$ is on Prust. Wanna bet!!!??

  114. Speaking of Sather…….


    25. Staining your favorite shirt
    We all have it, that one special shirt we love to wear. You just love the way it feels, the way it looks, the way it smells. It is YOUR special shirt, and no-one is going to take that away from you. Maybe you wear it on special occasions, or just around the house because it’s nice and comfy. Maybe it’s that signed Messier 94 home jersey that you wear to every game. Again, we all have one. Then one day, you’re eating some nice spaghetti and meatballs or a hot dog with mustard, you take your eyes off your meal for one second and BAM a big ol’ ugly stain is sitting on your shirt for everyone to see, ruining what once was your “Golden Boy” (Seinfeld reference anyone?). And while you may feel down and saddened by the soiling of your favorite shirt, just remember: it isn’t quite as bad as Glen Sather.

  115. OK, just wanted to step in and say hi all….excellent team effort here today at posting updates on Gabby, you guys rock as usual, but I’ve been Carter’d myself today and need to plotz (ilb and CCCP, that’s for you!) and get ready for LOST.

    I’m so happy for a game tomorrow! LGR and have a good night all…Ta!

  116. damn, why do I always wicky (!)

    whatever happened to this anyway? seems to have waned….


  117. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    hopefully that remains a rumor NYR. you could actually take Cally, Dubi and Gilroy out of that!!! hehehe

    someone elsewhere mentioned how Yeti loves to hold grudges against guys where money is concerned ( aka Ortmeyer and Holik) and they think that Dubi will be moved eventually because Sather doesnt like to be shown up. Is this guy a man or a 13 year old girl?????

    and Laurel, i did say he’d retire a Ranger and have a ceremony.

  118. Retire a Ranger I get, but a jersey ceremony?? like in the rafters! come on….hey Greg, maybe this is mine and Linda’s first fight! who will win……

  119. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    hey it IS captain CLUTCH! they way they shove all that propaganda down your throats, you KNOW they’ll give him a ceremony! Greatest Ranger ever!

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    I’m banking on you Blogmomma , Linda won’t have anything to say to yer “Come on!!!”

  121. Linda, ha! mama needs a rest obviously. Excellent answer!

    ilb, a sheynem dank fraynd :)

    seriously, I’m signing off….seriously…..

  122. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    …she does have a case though. Drury is a winner. He won the world league of baseball. Took home the Cup with Colorado. He won his number (23) over Gomez in a puck toss. He also got himself a nice good old fashion NO -movement clause( when the heck did that get made up?) Chris drury with all his luck will win the Gold medal for USA then come home and bring the cup to New York, retire and have his number raised to the rafters..yeah Linda is right.(sigh)

  123. …seriously…..Greg, she got me on that one :)…I folded :( sad, but true and can’t take it back! argh!

    Linda, 1; mama, 0.

    It’s go time…..:)

    lordy this place is like a crack den, or the end of a Jewish wedding….bye, bye, bye!!

  124. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    and i will be invited to CaptainCrust night, and bring all my favorite boneheads as my guests

  125. NYP_Brooksie Rangers have recalled D Cory Potter from WolfPack (per for tmw night…precautionary, we’re told, not first step in Souray deal

  126. okay. moving from work to snowstorm to work
    and then snowstorm
    (i know, 5 minutes shovel, 5 minutes beer break….)

    just a couple quickies:

    Gabby cut at practice. unless it went really deep, my bigger worry about it is infection. hope all turns out alright.

    Carter = scumbaggery suspension
    but, of course, what he did was much less worse than a few sarcastic words by a Mr. Sean Avery.

    i recall people not being happy at Messier leaving in ’97 but more were irked by what seemed to be Messier not accepting a lesser role on the team when his contributions would slow following the allstar break
    as well as what seemed to be some personnel decisions that did not help that time, which seemed to be instigated by him.

  127. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Voros34 I am officially “Un-Suspended”, sooo much to catch up on… Despite what I thought, the world still spun even though I didn’t tweet!!

    we can all get back to our normal selves now lol

  128. If its anything like the Casino Night I went to you get vouchers and dont play with real money. You start at $1000 and build up to get these raffle like tickets. At the end Sam Rosen called out the ticket numbers (it was for winning game worn autographed Rangers jerseys) There were auctions and LQ’s Olympic Jersey went for $2500.

    What’s up with the Potter call up? Someone getting moved?

  129. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    holy carp, Duff not only has a Rangers hat on in this episode, but a Lundqvist jersey too!!!! YEA!!

  130. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i am gonna shoot for Casino Night 2012! not only do i have to save money for the ticket, but for plane tickets, a nice outfit, and some $$$ to bid! oy, it may be 2013 then!

  131. Precautionary for what? That makes no sense… Nobody is hurt. Unless they put gilroy at forward for gabby LOL

  132. Linda

    Its either techo or rock =P Oh and that OLD AZZ “strike it up song” for that tool Larry LOL No offense to anyone who’s friends with the kid.

  133. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    what about that sad ‘everybody clap your hands’… thats a baseball thing sheesh!

  134. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TSNBobMcKenzie Kari Lehtonen trade from Atlanta to Dallas has not yet been completed but it MAY happen later tonight. Stay tuned.

  135. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Voros34 Just finished watching SeanAveryDotCom get his arm inked up… Grabbing dinner at Warren 77 in Tribeca now.. Caprese salad, steak, muscles

    we missed you voros 34

  136. Souray never makes it here unless your Renney favorite goes. You know who -Wayne Redden.He has a lot of years to go. Question is what else goes. Rangers are well stocked with defensemen below -1st rounder Sanguinetti, 1st rounder McDonaugh, a potential 1st rounder this year could be another defensemen and Sauer,Ikkoninin, and Potter. Souray must go as the Oilers are desperate to rebuild.

  137. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    give it a while, i have a feeling it just got hung up in the changeover to the ‘new improved’ fb hell setup

  138. Shor, I noticed that too. He needs to take some spelling classes from GregL lol

    Is tatoo going to heal by tmr or he knows he is being Voros’d?

  139. Yeah, Mako, I am. How did you know?

    I’m getting a convertible iPhone soon, just on time for the boneheads gathering. I’ll have to use even more shortcuts with the wind and all.

  140. Carp-I’m watching the calgary broadcast- they love this new guy-Koto – waitaminute- Kotolink I think. Hey just trying to understand the finer elements of the game.

  141. I’m actually at home. And mrs ilb is trying to engage me into conversation about Oprah. Don’t ask. So between saying uh huh and trying to follow RR I have to use iPhone shortcuts.

  142. I was watching Islanders-Predators for awhile. I just realized that J.P. Dumont was their first round draft pick at some point too. LMAO, they could’ve had an all-star team by now.

  143. LOL yeah I had to feign conversation in a hotel room/ dinner with “the boss” while the Devils game was going on and trying to read on here quickly.

  144. Well that’s the shoe beater’s fault LOL And you’re right. They probably would have won another cup. …. WOW did I just write that?

  145. well to the couple people on my fb hours.
    dagoon broke it before me
    he has some really credible sources.
    i wish i had as many connects as he does

  146. i think thats going to be lehtonen for turco and maybe a couple others. lehtonen didnt go w/ the team to denver.

  147. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i’ll ask sally about that Mako, but i think its just caught up in the changeover to the new design. I was on there about 530-600 and it was fine.

  148. I hope so. Otherwise… eh scrap it and start over. Im sure we wont all mind helping either. Making albums for fan and for parody for the team. Videos, Commercials etc

  149. wicky...FrancoNeanderthal on

    Guess atl isn’t going to trade hedberg now…..damn, we could have used him I hope we get armstrong or valabik from them!

    What’s going on with FLA?

    I hope slats doesn’t screw up and not resign or trade prust!

  150. Since the Rangers already have Olli here it makes sense to trade for Horton too … This way we can Officially be the ugliest team in the NHL

  151. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao somerset, i think the pens have that pretty well in hand with their ugly tree yearbook

  152. McKenzie:

    Mtl isn’t trading a goalie. That’s nonsenical, IMO. I think Caps will show faith in Varlamov.
    18 minutes ago from UberTwitter

  153. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i saw that last week ilb…. interesting! where’s crosby malkin and kennedy? wheres hartnell?

  154. Forgot about Kennedy – man i dont even know what to compare him to??

    Horton is “cave-manish”

    Olli’s eyes seem to possess powers to see into your soul or diagnose early stages of disease or something

  155. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    yikes somerset! those are some pretty unnerving eyebrows! he could be a cousin to the lawrence brothers…WHOA

  156. One Ranger Love on

    I wouldn’t mind getting Horton from FL. He is good, he has played with Olli before too. Will be interesting to see if anything plays out.

  157. One Ranger Love on

    Lev- Yeah, since they brought up Potter you would have to think they are makin a trade either tonight or early tomorrow. Youd think they would want to complete a trade tonight so the players could make it to the game tomorrow, but who knows if anything is going to happen.

  158. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    if anything does happen, it’s gotta be by saturday with the olympic roster freeze going into effect.

  159. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    the place i got it from said the person who posted it was a very reliable source, and that he called the kovalchuk deal before it went down and only got the prospect wrong.

  160. One Ranger Love on

    Linda- Yeah, but just with him already callin up Potter it makes me seem like the trade is relatively close to coming to fruition. The only reason he would call up an extra D man would be A. if we were trading two D men away in return for one D man. or B. if we were trading one D men for no D men in return. One of these two situations, hopefully two defensemen leave with Rosi and Gilroy gone? Or maybe Rosi and Girardi gone? One can only imagine…

    All speculation, but one thing is true, a deal definitely looks imminent.

  161. Linda

    Craig Carton also said he had a reliable source that Sather would be fired if they lost that Isles game haha we all know it would not have happened.

    If I see it on Eklund, I generally believe it won’t happen, but Potter being called up makes me think it would

  162. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    One – they sure had enough ‘available’ names in that earlier post. You’d think it would not be ALL of the people mentioned, and there are a few I pray are NOT included.

    Unfortunately, neither Redden NOR Rozsival were included.

  163. I would be surprised though because Torts was very adament about how well Girardi played Saturday against Kovy…maybe he was driving up his price? I can’t imagine he would agree to deal a d-man so quickly after praising him like that.

    I don’t really see anyone on Florida’s roster I would even care about trading for. Maybe Horton…maybe.

  164. One Ranger Love on

    NYR- Maybe. Id, trade for Horton. I’ve lived 5 minutes from the Panthers arena in Sunrise since 2001 and have seen him play since he entered the league. That guy is good, he plays first line minutes and is young talent. I could see Dubinsky going in return for him.

    And Linda, you are right. Obviously not Redden or Rosi then? I was hoping. Who knows what happens at this point.

    Leopold in return for girardi wouldn’t be the worst trade. Although girardi is 25 and leopold 29.

  165. The problem with getting another center is that if we don’t trade one back, how many can we possibly fit into a lineup??

  166. I don’t know Linda, ha, I was hoping for some nominations. I guess you would have to put Olli, Malkin, and Pig face from Pitts there too.

  167. Nasty, No

    Not a fan of Leopold and I’d like to see Booth bounce back from his concussion stuff first

    I think we can get more than that

  168. ONe Ranger I guess. I just feel like Weiss is a little more defensively responsible based on the games hes played us in

  169. One Ranger Love on

    NYR- Thats a good deal. 4 mill for a guy who could score 25-30 goals a year? Playin with Gaborik forever?

  170. Well, I just hope that the game will still be on for tomorrow. I already got the call that I am off from work tomorrow, so is Mrs. Nasty, and so are the kids. Should be a fun day at home. Buddy of mine is coming to plow my driveway since my back is shot. Depending on when the snow stops, I might actually have off on Thursday too. Who knows. Hope everyone has a good evening.

  171. also someone told me Cally didnt practice today. not sure if its true but he always practices, even at optionals, so……again not sure if its true.

  172. I know Florida wanted to deal Kreps and Olesz.

    Kreps is nothing and Olesz cap hit is 3.25 until 2013-14, so no thank you to both

    There really is nothing besides Horton.

    Maybe if they dealt Girardi, Lisin and a B-level prospect or mid-late pick for Horton?

  173. One Ranger Love on

    NYRGUY- I agree, wouldn’t trade for Booth, but Horton yes. I don’t know if I’d want Leopold tho…is he going to be better then Girardi? Not sure with the cap hits tho…Maybe sather would just be lookin to clear cap too.

    And trading Dubinsky for Horton would be a upgrade.

    Horton is a year older then Dubi and already has showed much more goal scoring potential. I love Dubi, but Horton would be a welcome addition.

  174. If Sather traded Callahan for anything on Florida’s roster, then I wouldn’t even know what to say

  175. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    stevezipay Ryan Callahan not skating, probably resting; John Tortorella in Mass for funeral of Brian Burke’s son

    That “PROBABLY” better mean definitely..oh i will NOT be happy

  176. Horton had that freak broken leg, he should be back after the break.

    Zipay wrote that Rangers could be interested in Seidenberg, who is a FA after the year, so that could be a possibility also

  177. Maybe we’re going to deal Girardi/Dubi/Lisin/somethin for Seidenberg/Horton?

    Seidenberg is an upgrade over Girardi IMO

  178. Seidenberg is definitely the better option compared to Leopold – However, slightly pricier too.

    There is NO WAY Torts lets Sather trade Callahan.

    Honestly, its kind of a wash between Weiss and Horton, Weiss is 900k cheaper, but Horton can play both Center and RW.

    I’d package Dubinsky, Girardi, Brashear, and Lisin for Weiss and Seidenberg

  179. Im sure there are still teams, that would want to trade for an Enforcer who does his Enforcing from the Luxury Boxes

  180. Weiss’ production has been down due to him playing with an “undisclosed lower body injury” for a few weeks now.

    He wears and “A” for the Panthers too, and we could use some more leadership.

    I do like that Horton is about 6’2 – 225 lbs and can play wing

  181. Im sure Sather prefers Horton too since it would be another attempt to undo the dreadded 2003 draft blunder of Hugh Jessiman.

    Jessiman, Zherdev, Brian Boyle, maybe now Horton

  182. The Springfield AHL team (Edmonton) will be without an NHL team now because Edmonton is going to Oklahoma City

  183. So now Albany is without an AHL team right? And Springfield? Interesting stuff…maybe the Rangers will take Albany or Springfield as their ECHL?

  184. One Ranger Love on

    Oh, wait, yeah, okay. I was like, wtf?

    Tyler Myers? Where can you see the goal? I’ll look.

  185. The way I see it is if you take the more expensive Horton (4.0 mill) over Weiss (3.1 mill)

    then you probably have to take the cheaper Leopold (1.75) instead of Seidenberg (2.25)

    in order to make the trade even with a package of Dubinsky, Voros, Lisin, and Girardi (total 5.2 million).

  186. Leopold is equivalent to Girardi in my opinion…I would probably do Dubi, Voros, Lisin and Girardi for Horton, Leopold and a 3rd round pick or prospect

  187. I know this is speculating like crazy, but I’m bored, so if that actually happened, the lines could look like

    Prospal Horton Gaborik
    Avery Jokinen Callahan
    Drury Anisimov Christensen
    Brashear Boyle Prust

    Eh…The top 2 look a bit better, but not much really…and no salary relief really

  188. I’m a little late to the party, but I’d like to add my two cents on the Carter hit. Everyone is splitting hairs about the hit being with a shoulder, an elbow, clean, dirty, etc. I say it doesn’t matter. I love hard hits in hockey as much as the next guy, but this has got to stop. Maybe, the way they do it is this: If a player is knocked unconcious by a vicious high hit, whether by elbow or shoulder, whether to the head or shoulder, it should be an automatic penalty- much like the automatic 4 minute high-sticking penalty for drawing blood. Maybe give the team a five minute power play or something. Or maybe that’s where you could hand out a two minute penalty but not bring the player back even if goals are scored. I don’t like the wussification of hockey either, but I think was still a pretty tough sport before we had this rash of hits to the head.

  189. I think if Horton comes over then he plays RW with Olli.

    If its Weiss, then he plays 1st line Center with Gabby

    …. I too am bored !!!

  190. Somerset I was thinking the same thing after I posted it

    What worries me though is that if we did end up making the playoffs, and down the stretch even, the other team will put their best defender on Gabby and there is nobody else on that line to get anything done.

  191. One Ranger Love on

    I disagree Eddie, because then if a guy does hit someone cleanly and knocks a dude out he gets penalized for it? For what reason? That would just start to take hitting out of the game.

  192. I think that is why Olli is here now. He’s our 2nd line Center and all this Florida speculation is about building around Olli for the short-term/final stretch.

    i gotta admit – we look stronger with

    Props – Christen – Gabby
    Cally – Olli – Horton
    Drury – AA – Avery
    Brash – Boyle – Prust


    Prospal – Weiss – Gaborik
    Avery – Jokinen – Callahan
    Drury – Anisimov – Christensen
    Brashear – Boyle – Prust

  193. Can Cally play the left side though? Gabby moved to the left just so Cally could play RW didn’t he?

  194. im not sure, i wasnt really being exact. Horton might be able to play LW – i was mainly just looking at our top six in both scenarios

  195. Yeah…ideally Cally could just play the 3rd line and we can roll 3 lines consistently…I would assume that would be the goal

  196. No…the one fantasy league I’m in this year I’m doing terrible in, which is unlike me…I’m usually pretty freakin good

    Just bad luck this year

  197. Im just not too crazy about Avery getting 2nd line minutes. Cally should be on the 2nd line and he seems to be starting to click with Olli …

    what happened to everyone else on here tonight??

    I’m gonna check out too i guess –

  198. One Ranger Love-
    Yeah, you’ve got a good point, but every other kind of hit would be okay. They’ve outlawed the hits from behind. I don’t know, it just seems there must be a severe penalty for this to stop it. You know, I’ve been watching hockey since the early ’70s, and I don’t ever remember seeing this kind of stuff happen back then. I know the players are bigger and faster now. Maybe they do need to get rid of the instigator rule. It’s just that everyone seems to be saying the hit was legal, but we have to stop head injuries. I don’t think you can have it both ways.

  199. Yeah I’m beat, I still gotta wake up early and tell work I’m not coming in, so I can’t even sleep in, oh well

    later all

  200. One Ranger Love on

    Eddie- I agree. Instigators are often a judgment call. Often not very clear cut and a definitive thing to say. Eliminate the need to call such a thing.

  201. One Ranger Love on

    Somerset- those lines do look good with horton added. That is what i was saying. Horton is versatile, and has played with jokinen previously on Florida. It would greatly improve our teams first two lines. Teams would have two lines they would need to try and shut down on any given night.

  202. AT any rate, looks like no deal tonight. haha Gonna try to get some sleep, gotta wake up for class at 1230.

    I’d like to see Horton in a Rangers sweater, after watching him play down in Florida for the past six years. We will see though.

    Good night from Rainy Florida. Guess that must be coming down as snow in most parts of the North East for yall? It’ll be 66 tomorrow, sunny. Maybe I’ll wear shorts?

    :) LETS GO RANGERS! Happy game day.

    See yall.

  203. OK. So we called up Corey Potter and there is no talk of an injury, so is Torts benching someone again or are they preparing to trade a defenseman?

    Saw this on Eklund’s site and it made me laugh (considering Gabby basically has a cut on his knee)
    “Gaborik’s injury has caused the Rangers to really get serious, and I am told a deal is highly likely on Wedneday with either Florida (booth or horton), Edmonton (no name yet), Carolina ( Whitney) or Colorado (svatos/ liles)”

    I would expect Slats to be talking to the usual suspects (although he has gone outside of his usual trade partners this season with MTL and CGY), but if he is talking to any of these teams he has to be including Drury or Roszival in the talks as we don’t have any cap room to take on extra salary.

  204. @UKRanger If either Drury were bundled in any deal I’d be stunned, especially to a team like us struggling to make the playoffs. How does he help any team like that given what he’s done? The “change of scenery” argument is a weak one considering the risk of his cap hit for any team, unless it were a serious contender that had cap space and wanted his Captain Clutch abilities. Though I’m talking logically here, and Sather is involved, so I should probably just STFU right now. Knowing Sather the deal is probably Cally, Duby, Drury, and a 1st rounder for Horton and a box of Cubans.

  205. If we can trade Captain Clutch’s “leadership” and “effort” for goals and points then do it, and let Cally, Dubi, Staal & co lead. Even if its a trade for a pending UFA/RFA. We need some cap room to sign some scoring and a big, tough defenseman.

    I think that Roszival is the more tradeable player of the 2 right now as his contract pays $7m over the last 2 years with a $5m per cap hit. Dru is due $8m next year which may put some people off. If Slats can reunite Roszi with Renney in Edmonton then that might be a good fit for him, but who do we get in return, Souray? Its a comparable salary and Souray would have 1 more year, not 2 on his contract like Roszi.

  206. I hope there is a game tonight…I would also hope that Nashville drove right into the city and stayed there last night because if not they will have a tough time getting to the game

  207. Wednesday – LIRR suspending service because of snow = can’t get to the game tonight… :sad face:

  208. just a thought on

    Maybe they called up Potter because if we trade a d-man (and for one)they are worried the new guy would not make it in because of the snow.

  209. If they suspended trains, and all ways to commute how can they play? The weather is supposed to get horrendously worse after noon.. They can’t play tomorrow because St. Johns is

  210. And I think Eklund is a joke who makes up the most ridiculous rumors, but the only thing that gets me is Potter

  211. I read on the HF boards that Nashville made the trip into the city and the only way the game gets postponed is if there is a State of Emergency

    Wheres Carp?

  212. I wonder if they will postpone tonights game due to inclement weather. The snow from what I hear will increase by the afternoon into tonight around midnight.

  213. I am thinking we might see something like Girardi for Siedenberg. Maybe nothing else in terms of a trade with Florida. I can’t see them wanting to part with Horton or Booth. They probably called up Potter to play in place of Girardi tonight, if the deal goes down today, and Siedenberg can’t get here in time for game.


  214. if THREE of your FOUR TOP Salaried players were to be sent to the AHL, would you still have your GM job?

  215. Nasty-

    im thinking Florida is willing to move some guys (including Booth, Horton, Leopold) based on the interview their GM provided last night. rockbottom loss as of last night according to him.

  216. the only thing i could think of besides the trade is that he scored a pp goal when torts first got here

  217. Booth and Horton are cornerstone, young players of the team. Why would the trade them and get 2nd 3rd liners in return? I don’t get that at all.

  218. I would love to have both Horton and Booth, but that’s pushing it.

    I highly doubt they’re willing to dump Booth, he barely played this season.

    Who knows, maybe it’s Potter who’s getting traded too. Probably getting showcased tonight. He better not screw up !!

  219. Ranger Rants is saying the “Rangers are saying someone is hurt” but not who. Precautionary move

  220. No news on Gaborik?I doubt he is playing tonight.

    Salmella, by the way, underwent an MRI and is diagnosed with concusssion (per NY Post)

  221. I’d be surprised if FLA are gonig to move Booth or Horton, they are both young and have reasonable contracts and are tied up for a few more years. If you look at their roster it would make more sense for them to move Stillman, Seidenberg, Moore or Leopold. I didn’t see their game so its difficult to tell who he is referring to as “guys who don’t compete” and if they are that bad, do we want them anyway?

  222. TR – Just read that article you posted about the Panthers from Sexton. That is brutal. To summarize he says that FLA has a bunch of guys that don’t compete. That’s us too! Why would Sather trade our garbage for theirs!?!?

  223. Quote from Gross:”To clarify what the Rangers are saying so there’s no confusion: they believe they have a player who might not be able to play tonight. ”

    Reason unknown though, is it an injury? a travel problem? or is a trade brewing? Slats probably has an itchy trigger finger with the Olympic roster freeze only a few days away and then only a few more days between the rosters un-freezing and the trade deadline. He’s got to do something to convince the Dolan’s there will be some playoff $$ this year.

  224. I wonder if one of the D is feeling under the weather. They think he might not play, so they called up Potter early so he doesn’t have to try to get there with the weather as bad as it’s gonna be.

  225. Mickey – thats probably the reason, but you can’t help specualting when its trade deadline time!!

  226. The subways will be running through the snow so I don’t see the game being canceled… it would stink for fans from Jersey and LI but I really can’t see them canceling…

    LIRR says it will shut down if we get 10 or more inches

  227. >>.Salmella, by the way, underwent an MRI and is diagnosed with concusssion

    It’ll be very interesting to see how the Devils treat Carter tonight.

  228. George Richards says on Twitter that Randy Sexton is working on 9 different trades at the moment, so I would assume we are one of them

    Who is George Richards?

  229. Kevin Allen of USA Today is a good one to follow on Twitter – he’s predicted a lot of trades before they happen recently. I think its @kausatoday on Twitter.

    (Can’t do Twitter its blocked by my work’s websense thingy)

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