Who Dat?


Who Dat gonna beat them Rangers (out of a playoff spot)?

You know I like to sprinkle in the good with the bad, the positive with the negative. Right?

Well, we talked the other day about how the Rangers are right in the thick of the race, and how there’s nobody going to run and hide from everybody else in the race. (and how pathetic that race actually is).

So that’s the good, right?

Here’s the bad news I have for you: The fact that the Rangers just got four out of a possible 18 points and are today tied for ninth in the Least means one thing to me:

They’re going to be buyers, not sellers, at the deadline. Most of you don’t want to hear that.

And by buyers, I don’t mean trading top prospects and top draft picks for washed-up rentals. I mean buyers, like last year, when they shed some players they weren’t going to re-sign for better players they weren’t going to re-sign, in an attempt to beef up for the playoff run. I don’t know, for example, that they will now try to dish off an Olli Jokinen for prospects/younger players/picks, even though he will go unrestricted in July and not be re-signed. I don’t know that they will try to unload the only one of their remaining albatross contracts — Michal Rozsival’s — that might have some value to a contending team at the deadline.

Instead, I think they’ll be trying to get people like Raffi Torres from Columbus, even if they have to give up another second-rounder, as they did last year with Nik Antropov.

I think they will make this team marginally better in a hell-bent effort to make the playoffs and to have a chance of winning one series.

In other words, spinning their wheels again.

By the way, there are three games before the Olympic break, one more (at Ottawa) after the Olympics and the day before the trade deadline, then 19 after the deadline.


On another note, did you hear Ken Daneyko’s damning remarks about Sheldon Souray on the MSG hockey show Saturday? Daneyko twice suggested that winning is not necessarily Souray’s top priority. Wow. Daneyko played with Souray. I would take those words to heart if I were an interested GM.

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  1. Re Post:

    Take a look at this. It made me laugh, as if Avery is not going to continue to torment Brodeur. LOL

    “SamPWoo.com– Finally. Someone has decided to stick up for Martin Brodeur.

    Who knew it would be Ilya Kovalchuk?

    The New York Post reported yesterday that Kovalchuk took no exception and immediately defended his goaltender from the same old Sean Avery antics. And to think, that was only Kovalchuk’s second game with the club.

    “Emotions. That’s hockey. Nothing wrong with it. He always talks. That’s part of the game,” said Kovalchuk, told New York Post.

    Whether or not he was baited into Avery’s plan, I am happy that Kovy stood up to that pest. To defend a teammate, especially your goaltender, is very important. It sets the tone and message in the future that no one will be allowed to verbally or physically abuse your goaltender. That is something the Devils have lacked consistently throughout the years when dealing with Avery or players like him. In the past, Brodeur had to take matters into his own hands.

    I can see why Lou Lamoriello made this trade.

    Essentially, Kovalchuk is the complete package. We all know what he can do offensively. But he is also a leader that sets an example for the rest of the team to follow suit. Not since Scott Stevens’ retirement that the Devils have had an impact position player with his stature. You have to believe Brodeur loves it. Kovalchuk’s energy is contagious and it is all about winning.

    Looks like Kovalchuk is fitting nicely as a Devil”

    This guys writes it as if Kovy completely destroyed Avery and now Avery has learned his lesson and is not going to continue to chirp at Marty. Too funny. Keep dreaming Sam Woo, keep dreaming.

  2. Carp, I did hear that, and even my wife, who is not nearly as big a hockey fan as I said to me, “Why is that guy just trashing this Souray guy?”

    I found that very interesting too. Souray did play for the Devils, but it was a long time ago, and I never really understood why they traded him. Maybe Dano is right, or maybe Dano and Souray have some kind of beef that we know nothing about. Definitely makes you wonder though.

  3. Unfortunately, given historical precedent – you are oh-so-right. The Rangers will give up something in order to “strengthen the team” for a (very short) playoff run.

    It’s hard to say if this is all Sather, or at the behest of the Dolans. But either way:
    1 – you’re right – we don’t want to hear it.
    2 – you’re doubly right, in that it is “spinning their wheels”.

    We ought to be selling Rozsival and burying Redden (some would say literally, I’ll go with “figuratively” – in HFD).

    And yes, Danyeko’s comments about Souray, in addition to the fact that they guy has an injury history that makes Gaborik look like a model of perfect attendance, should be fair warning to Darth Sather to stay away.

    As much as it pains us all to read – you’re right.


  4. Yep cause Daneyko never got bombed the night before playoff games and put his team in jeapordy or anything. Can Manny Maholtra come back and shut his yapper?

  5. There are reports that Bob Gainey will be stepping down as GM of the Canadiens. That’s bad news for Rangers fans. One less dumb GM to unload horrible contracts on!

    But on the bright side, maybe Sather can take a hint from ol’ Bob!

  6. Yes, Carp, we don’t want to hear it. But that buzz has been all over RR lately. I’m just hoping that they will not go further and trade some young assets just to get in. Honestly, I don’t think they will do that.

  7. Afternoon, Carp!

    No matter what moves they make, in the end it’ll boil down to how well Hank plays after the Olympics. Not that we don’t already know that…

  8. I’ll be honest Carp. You have mentioned the possibility of trading Jokinen a couple times already and I just don’t get where you are coming from. Why would they trade for a guy that nobody wanted (clearly by the what we gave them and his salary) and then turn around and trade him somewhere else? It seems that you are letting your bias against the guy affect your common sense a bit. We all do it, but in reality, there is a 0% chance that he is going anywhere. Even if we were in 12th place right now.

    It would, however, be nice if Sather could unload Rozy’s contract for something more manageable, even if we have to throw in some incentive (pick/prospect). It’s going to be tough though.

  9. So agreeing to waive his NTC to get off of a terrible Edmonton doesn’t express some desire to go to a winning team?

    I’ve developed a somewhat begrudged respect for Daneyko in the booth, but to call a player out like that, particularly one that you haven’t played with in over a decade is pretty gutless. And let’s be honest, Daneyko’s career highlights were enhanced mightily by Stevens and Niedermayer.

  10. Zen, if some contender thinks Jokinen might be a good rental, you wouldn’t want the Rangers to trade him? He’s not coming back next year.

    That’s not bias. That’s common sense.

  11. That’s pretty funny, AFLY. I wonder how Jacques LeStrap feels about that absolute piece of garbage Claude Lepieux? Avery hasn’t been suspended for cheap shots, and at least he WILL fight some players – unlike Lepieux who always turtled and covered up.

  12. hm Carp, I really wonder you always make your new entries at the same time around 12pm week days..

    I suppose you miss out on a good lunch, as I have just finished my pasta for dinner :)

    Is there a specific reason for it, you dont like the food of Mrs. Carp ?????:):):)

    Or do you cook for the whole family at evening ???

    I hope everything is fine in the household :)

  13. I think Olli stays … I dont see Sather flipping him to another team. Sather loves the “Change of Scenery trade”, and that is why he went out and got him. There is no way he gives him 2 weeks to show us what he’s made of in a change of scenery scenario. Plus, by trading for a UFA Olli and letting him walk saves us Kotalik’s 3 million next year to make a Free Agent Signing

    I Expect Rozsival, and maybe Girardi and Brashear unloaded before the deadline.

  14. Koala, thanks for your concern. Everything’s great in the household. Mrs. Carp is a great cook — we had papardelle with beef and veal ragu and meatballs pre-Super Bowl, for example. My noon entries have more to do with my sleeping habits, and my work priorities. I post as soon as I can, but most days it’s mid-day when I get the chance.

  15. THE REAL MikeyNJ on


    How and Why are you so sure ther not going to want to keep Jokinen after this year.

    He seems to love NY, is clicking so far with Dubi & cally (I know its a too early to tell anything)

    But I would think Sather will maek him a decent offer(less than the 5 and change he was making this year) and Olli stays.

    say two years for 6 Mil/ 3 mil per season? WOudl that be ridiculous? I dont think so.

  16. Carp: “I think they’ll be trying to get people like Raffi Torres from Columbus, even if they have to give up another second-rounder, as they did last year with Nik Antropov.”

    Speaking of ol’ Nik, he’s currently 13-32-45 for Atlanta this season. That would make him a point scoring machine on our Rangers. I wonder why Sather let him walk. I always liked his size and he scored often when he was here.

  17. Gretzky had an offer beeing the team manager of team Belarus but denied because he should have changed his residency and experienced -43 degrees Fahrenheit during the KHL-Allstar game in Minsk….

  18. Orr- sadly, I do watch them.
    I make my living in Commercials, so I am one of the few who watches them.
    And while Fox is pretty, her lack of talent is such a turn off.
    Even in that commercial, her performance is dreadful.

  19. >>This guys writes it as if Kovy completely destroyed Avery

    He writes like a thirteen year old, a hockey neophyte repeating the hockey cliché he’s heard so far in his young life.

  20. Real Mikey…while I completely agree with you and wish you were our GM, Sather will most likely bid against himself for Olli. End result being a 6 mil deal, 3 years, no movement clause, plus a $3 mil signing bonus in Clutch Pizza stock options.

  21. Mikey, players don’t take pay cuts when they become UFAs. He will cost more than Antropov wanted, and they sure didn’t want to pay Antropov that. And it Jokinen wants $5M per or more, that could end up looking like another Drury contract.

  22. How about, unless the player in under 27, and going to score a CARP load of goals for us, we don’t sign anyway to more than a 3.4-4 million dollar contract?

  23. ROB

    I don’t care aboot her performances, or her toe thumbs, she’s just too hot.

    A wet Fox makes the night a whole lot better.

    Too bad aboot Gainey. I wish Slats would step aside, but im sure he’s gonna overpay one last player before he leaves, just so he makes sure we remember him, even though we’ll really never forget.

  24. LOL at Jokinen taking a discount.

    There is no reason to keep him either. Not for the money he will likely ask for. There are better options.

  25. Rob E, I thought none of the Super Bowl commercials were anything special. Like you, I deal with them for a living and I’ve seen worse ones and better ones. The Fox one was pretty bad, unless like Orr, you are just starting at her and not her performance.

  26. paulieplatypus on

    Hey AFLY, I’m sure Lemaire would have absolutly no problem with Avery’s taunting and cursing… If he had done so in French!

    Zen, great point about Jokinen and how no other team probably wants him. But if he ends up playing well for the Rangers, critics will inevitably say that his prior poor play this season was due to the Flames restictive overly defensive style of play. Thus teams with similar styles of play as the Rangers might just want to make a deal for Jokinen at the deadline.

    Not quite sure how Slats and the rest of his crew in the player development division feel about Girardi? If most of them feel Girardi is the kind of D-man they want playing for the Rangers for a very long time, he’ll surly be signed to a long term contract this off season. But if he’s not their man, chances are Sather trades him before the trade deadline.

  27. paulieplatypus on

    Megan Fox recently got married and had a baby, so that probably had to change her life style to some degree(?). But the rumor mill back at holding on the sets of Law & Order SVU, The Good Wife, Ugly Betty, etc, had her doing some crazy wild things back in the day when she was working on the set of Law & Order, etc.

  28. Grabby spent a little too much time thinking about how to describe Fox’s un-ladylike smells.

  29. Fox isn’t married. But, the day she gets married will be a sad day for men….sort of. On one hand you, a babe like Fox will settle down with a has been loser like the 90210 guy, and on the other hand, it will give losers like Dubi, and Girardi the confidence to go up to hot babes without feeling scared, ha.

    Speaking of Dublowski, I think for next Halloween i might be post game Dubi. Ill buy a cheap suit, and sport a superior comb over, and ill sniff a lot. Not the Dredden kind of sniff, the sweat sniff.

  30. On the souray comments by ken, I thought they were interesting as well. I’m not sure at this point how valid they are if they were talking about souray 10 years ago…people change and mature (well, some do). Everyone siad he wouldn’t go East, but there were three east conf teams on his “trade to” list. Us, flyers, and caps I believe. Jersey wan’t on the list, so maybe it was a bad fit/feeling all the way around. Either way, he is hella better than redden and rozy and girardi for sure and i would rather see him here than any of those three. I still think volchenkov was the guy to go after (UFA this summer) but nwo that the sens are doing so well, they probably hold on to him. We still need bang bac there either way and if the fishies would just put witt on re entry, we could have him at 1.5 for this year and next (sorry jonny).

  31. *Intelligent riddle*

    Barack Obama meets with the Queen of England.

    He asks her, “Your Majesty, how do you run such an efficient government? Are there any tips you can give to me?”

    “Well,” says the Queen, “the most important thing is to surround yourself with intelligent people.”

    Obama frowns “But how do I know the people around me are really intelligent?”

    The Queen takes a sip of tea. “Oh, that’s easy. You just ask them to answer an intelligent riddle.”

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  32. i’d try and flip jokinen for a true #1 centre…like richards from dallas.

    I think girardi is a goner!

    Why the hell does it make a difference if he talked trash in “french” or not?

  33. Wicky, I was thinking the same. Perhaps so that you can translate. Trash in Russian, on the other hand… Darn, I could’ve given him a few clues the other night at W77

  34. CCCP. Gordon Brown is the Prime Minister of England and has been since Obama’s presidency began. You’d think the intelligence riddler would’ve caught that one.

  35. paulieplatypus on

    Really like these lines, have a feeling Torts will leave these lines mostly together for the rest of the year…

    Prospal *Christensen Gaborik
    Dubinsky Jokenen Callahan
    *Avery Anisimov Lisin
    Boyle Drury Prust
    Voros Brashear

    Staal Rozsival
    DelZotto Girardi
    Redden Gilroy


    Would love the Rangers at the trade deadline to add: A first line center instead of Christensen. Maybe a player instead of Avery whom would fit in better with Anisimov’s and Lisin’s style of play. (Grachev???) But most of all a big, strong, mean, snarly, hard hitting, crease clearing, D-man who also has some hockey skill.

  36. paulieplatypus on

    The rumor mill from most world travelers is that the French are by far the very best at taunting and cursing. Supposedly they’ve even made it into an elegant art form.

  37. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    unfortunately, most people would probaby recognize tony blairs name than gordon browns

  38. Slats needs to sell. What can this team possibly add that could make them a Cup contender.

    The answer is nothing !!

    Sell. I don’t care aboot pointless playoff hockey, im not interested in watching us win one round, and lose the next, if we’re even capable of winning 4 games, which is a big if.

    Just pack it up, and wait for next year. Although, i think it will take a little longer for this team to get better.

    Sad time to be a Rangers fan.

  39. Check out this gem from Wikipedia

    “While working on the original series, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears often wrote their “straight men”, Fred and Daphne, out of the episode so that they could focus on their “comedians”: Shaggy, Scooby, and Velma.[5] As a result, Fred and Daphne are missing from a significant amount of the action in most episodes, while Shaggy and Scooby usually end up encountering the villain. This has led to assumptions that Fred and Daphne are off having sex instead of finding clues”

    Ive been watching Scooby almost since i was born, and i haven’t thought that once ! And this is me, you’d think i would catch on by the time i was 6. Crazy.

  40. CARP:
    I agree with you – Jokinen is a goner if we can get something beneficial back for him.

    “I don’t care aboot her performances, or her toe thumbs, she’s just too hot.”
    That made me laugh my tookas off!
    I had no clue about her “toe-thumbs”. Didn’t notice when I met her back awhile ago.

    RE: FOX
    Glad I’m not the only one.
    yeah, the ads were VERY mediocre this year.

    Fave ad from last night:
    Letterman promo.
    2nd favorite:
    Betty White Snickers (tied with the “Sock Monkey” Kia Sorrento ad – the stitch on “mom” tattoo was genius!).

  41. You mean Americans don’t keep track of former councilors of the exchequer?

    Gordon Brown reminds too much of Emilio Estevez’s characer’s name in the Mighty Ducks.

  42. Orr-
    Actually, I always thought Fred was a Pimp.
    He wears an Ascot. Only pimp and pushers wear ascots.
    Daphne was his top “Working Girl”.
    Velma was the accountant – she kept the books.
    Shaggy was the dope dealer – which is why he always got the munchies and went investigating the kitchens with Scooby all the time.

    Whenever Fred needed Shaggy & Scoob to do something, he broke out the strong stuff – the so called “Scooby Snacks”.
    Shaggy wouldn’t get up to change the channel, but break out a “Scooby Snack” and he’d be willing to do anything!

    I’ll bet $5 that “Mystery Machine” had a mattress in the back. No Doubt.

  43. LOL @ the Scooby Doo stuff. Never thought of them like that, but now that’s been mentioned, yeah, I can see it. Just not telling my young nephew and niece about it, they still think, well actually they are too young to wonder about the deep stuff, they just laugh at the hi-jinks.

  44. paulieplatypus on

    Rob E, Yeah the mystery machine definately had a mattress in the back – always just slightly out of the camera angles view hidden from all the kids watching at home. All Shaggy really had to say to get some lovin was, “who wants to shagg shaggy?”

    You might even be right about the ascot? For my wedding I decided to wear an ascot just like most men do. But I noticed everyone was saying to me nice ass-scott… I actually found this quite embarrassing and had to say please call me Paulie, so they would not know that I knew what they were really insinuating.

  45. From @downgoesbrown on Twitter…

    Bob Gainey steps down as GM of the Montreal Canadians…The Rangers thank him for his service.

    Haha, great nod to Sather pulling off that Gomez trade.

    Here’s another…

    Maybe Gainey isn’t resigning as GM of the Canadians, maybe when he says he’s stepping down it means he just wants to see eye-to-eye with his forwards.

    They do have short players on that whole team.

  46. Ive been watching Scooby almost since i was born, and i haven’t thought that once ! *And this is me, you’d think i would catch on by the time i was 6. Crazy.*


    Because you’re just so quick to pick up on everything else?

    You’re too easy.

  47. Have any of you guys attended the Casino Night event? Is anyone going tonight? How is it? Please share.


    You’re still reading my posts after you said you’d stop, ahahahaha, that’s two today.

    Damn, i really wish i got paid every time your grumpy old ass read my posts, id have some extra cash in my pockets.


    Nice pic, Velma just upped her bangability.

  49. Reginald Dunlop on

    the french are great at trash talking….didnt you see when they “farted in the general direction” of King Arthur and his Knights????

  50. I know it is expensive and I am far from rich, but I was thinking of saving up for the poor man ticket which is $500 and going next year. To be honest I am asking if after the ticket cost is there any additional costs while you are attending outside of the auctions etc. See if I can afford to go. Or will I feel like Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink” waiting in the corner for Ducky to show up.

  51. paulieplatypus on

    Always wanted to party with the mystery Inc crew… But Scoob & shaggy were always getting stoned and running off somewhere to get munchies. Fred was always driving someone somewhere, either to drop Daphney off for the night at the high price $$$ area’s of town or Velma around the truck stops and other such small change area’s. I suppose when push comes to shove, at this point in my life I’d just rather party with another group of charicters.

  52. Carp,

    What do you mean possible winning a round? No shot of that. They will be a No. 8 seed – a slim chance at No. 7 – and will be trounced by the Caps in 5 games!

    Gotta sell. Team was clearly better at this time last year.

    Still think they will not make the playoffs. And they need 4 or 5 points at least before the ‘O’ break.

  53. ORR reading your cringe worthy posts are akin to watching Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrel on The Office. You think people are laughing with you, don’t you?

    When I see a long post out of you attempting to comment on the actual subject of Rangers or hockey… I certainly know I wont miss anything if I skip your paragraph except for some failed attempts at being cute or funny and trying to sound canadian for some reason.

    Remember how you welched on our bet last season and were trying to bust my chops because I knew the sharks would beat the rangers… and now look who’s begging for a tanked season… typical/funny/classic Welcher Orr.


    That’s three posts, ahaha.

    But, you keeep confirming that you have NO LIFE. The funny thing aboot that bet, is i took an entirely different bet from Gregs, and YOU thought i was taking the same bet. As ive said too many times, you’re a bitter old man, probably divorced, and single, no kids, no past, no future, and you try to look cool on blogs by acting like you’re the bees knees, and THAT is quite enjoyable.

    And only you would care how people ON A BLOG think aboot you, me on the other hand don’t really care, ahaha.

    And im only behind a Rangers team that i feel can win. This team has as good of a chance to win a playoff round as you do shutting up aboot Dreary. So, keep reading my posts, just keep reading.

  55. Orr equals zero value. I’m actually surprised he posts so often considering he knows so little about hockey as a game or as a business.

    I do the same thing Salty does, skip his posts entirely. Probably one of the few topics we agree on.

    P.S – Megan Fox is not all that. Hang out in the city any weekend during the summer and you’ll see at least ten girls that hot, without the trailer park tattoos.

  56. Woo! First regulars rivalry going down right here!

    “Better get something good on the jukebox.”

    “Hell yeah! Rolling Stones! Street Fighting Man! G-7!”

  57. Cmon JJP… I’m not trying to assassinate the guy!… just throw a few barbs sometimes…

    “The funny thing aboot that bet, is i took an entirely different bet from Gregs, and YOU thought i was taking the same bet.”

    The funny thing about bets is you can’t just make up your own terms, maybe you’ll learn that when you grow up a little… Greg and I had our bet going and you wanted in on the action…which I *of course* welcomed. You don’t get to pick your own terms… no one ever agreed to them. Either way, maybe we’ll need to bring back your old name “Welcher Orr” for a little while. Speaking of which, if you never agreed to the bet… why did you admit defeat the night of the game, and why did you come around during your “punishment” period and ask what the rules were again? Just curious!

    And how old do you think I am again? That is my favorite part, how you perceive me as an old man… “fuggin classic”

  58. its a freaking hockey blog


    Did you ever notice 400 out of 500 posts have little or nothing to do with hockey anymore? Or(r) more specifically that 200 of those 400 are by one poster?

  59. I can’t believe that some of you guys want Souray Here. He sucks on defense and last time i checked he was a defenseman. He also has 1 or two more years on his overpriced contract and is in a decline. Why would any of you want that on your team? Its also pretty funny how quick some of you turned on Dubinsky. Last year at this time you all thought he was untouchable and gonna devlop into a 30 goal scorer an now you say things like Dublowski. It boggles my mind

  60. Carp Great Pre-Olympic Post- Agree entirely on all (7) points, particularly stick- checking. We need to body-check in all three zones to be effective. Why did we ever give up Colten Orr. Here’s a clip. We could sure use him for the next Flyer game.


  61. JJP

    You’re absolutely right, i know nothing of hockey. Maybe when i hit age 60, ill know as much as all of the old guys here.

    You guys think you’re so cool, yeah, go talk to Stan Fishler, he owns all of you in hockey knwoledge, ahahaha.


    I wanted in, yeah, and i said one day, but since YOU CANT READ, which has always been your biggest flaw besides the art of douche-bagetry, you missed it. And you whined like the grumpy old man you are, and i owned up to your little blog game that you took ohhhh so seriously since you, once again, have no life.

    And this whole Fox thing, it’s not just aboot hotness, it goes beyond that, which ive explained before. Any chick can be hot, duuuuhh…This isn’t the 50’s.

  62. Don’t think too far into it Tyree…Some people just think it’s really cute to make up “spoof names” for players when they don’t understand the game enough to contribute anything else.

    Dubinsky is one of the few Rangers with even a glimmer of dedication to the team and I would love to keep him… but he’s certainly not as untouchable as a lot of us once thought he might be. I certainly wouldn’t get rid of him just for the sake of having him off the team, anyone with that opinion must not really pay attention to the games.

  63. i know but the Jeckyl and Hyde mentality of many of the posters here drives me nuts. the young guys will get better and Girardi is one of our best d-men but is a little over his head. he is not a 1st pair D-man yet and is being played as one. you need to expect some inconsistency with as young as he his. he wasn’t even drafted and he made it this far. give the kid a break

  64. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Wanna bet??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yeah , I was crazy in my old blog dayz. Make N bets and starting..umm getting into squabbles. Yeah good old Salty peanuts sure did win that bet when the Sharks BARELY beat us that game. I really did think that with the roll the Rangers were on , they would beat those Sharks last year. Did we? Nope…who was there to burst my bubble ..Salty. You know Salty , I was testing your loyalty and even though I lost. You were the real loser that day. People on here were really giving you a hard time for “betting” against the Rangers. I learned alot about you that day , as much as I kept up to my share by not-posting at all , I saw everything that went down and I couldn’t say a word because of our bet. I have to say ya got me but in actuality , I got you.

  65. I wanted in, yeah, and i said one day, but since YOU CANT READ, which has always been your biggest flaw besides the art of douche-bagetry, you missed it. And you whined like the grumpy old man you are, and i owned up to your little blog game that you took ohhhh so seriously since you, once again, have no life.


    All I really hear here is you admitting that you still don’t take paying your *debts* seriously and you did it “to do me a favor” or sorts? I wonder if the whole blog calling you “WELCHER ORR” had anything to do with your “owning up to *my* game”? My game with GregzZz that you stuck your nose into and couldn’t deal with the consequences when you lost!

    The fact remains: A year ago you tried to condemn me for EVER betting against the Rangers, and here you are preaching to the choir about wanting them to tank the season. Oops.

    and btw, Greg ZzZz may still not like me, but he has become one my my absolute +favorite+ posters here, for serious!

  66. I saw everything that went down and I couldn’t say a word because of our bet. I have to say ya got me but in actuality , I got you.


    I learned a lot about you too dude. You have an undying love for a team that cannot be matched. You adopted the Rangers as a long distance love and would never turn your back on your Blueshirts, and it is a beautiful thing. I admire your dedication to, and unconditional love for a team like this one.

    You also were a MAN about the bet (as were a few others, I;m sorry I don’t remember who they were, I think they are long gone), and you took defeat like champion. You may be a knucklehead sometimes, but you’re absolutely good people Greg. I mean that.

  67. Would anyone trade Henrik at this point? He could return a boatload of players for the future? Does anyone think we will be in the hunt for the cup the next few years with this roster?

    What if the Caps offered a package of Semin, Varlamov and 1st Rounder? Would that be acceptable? I guess you wouldn’t want to deal him to the same conference but Caps are missing a dominant goalie which could set them on a long run.

  68. Souray would probly help the power play because of that monster of a shot, but it would be risky to take him just coming back off of an injury and also his contract is over 4 million i believe so that is almost like adding another rosy. we’d be tied down with his 4 million for 2 more years i believe. lets just live with the bumps in the road of our 4 young d-men and not get to hasty to try and win a round. We’ll be better next year.


    Seriously, you need to get some of Dredden’s best pot, and your most reliable pair of reading glasses, cause reading isn’t your forte.

    I said, 1 DAAAAY, and i did it for one day, and i came back the next day, and you cried aboot it, so yeah i did you, a favor, and spared the rest of the bloggers your pathetic whining. I wouldn’t have done that if i knew it was not an honest mistake, cause later on throughout the year, i figured out that you cant read, so i kind of got screwed there. But, it’s no big deal cause this is a BLOG !! You need some excitement in your life, maybe you should travel around the world and eat weird things like that fat bald guy does on the Travel channel.

    And once again, i thought they had a good chance last year, but they don’t have a chance this year, so i would prefer if they tank so we can get a reward.

    Okay, do i have to say this a 3rd time to get it through ?? Hmm ???

  70. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Wanna bet??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Yo Salty , aw tanks . I think ? Are you just trying to get a better grade when I give ’em out again? I know I gave ya a D-

    After all ya remebered and ya did win that bet..im gonna bump yer grade up to a C+ !!!

  71. Orr, have you lost both nuts in a bet yet? u could probly borrow some of the Z’s in Gregs name. Hes a cool guy. he wouldnt mind. right greg?

  72. RAN

    I actually wouldn’t mind him coming in to replace Rozi. He could help the PP if he stays healthy, and if he’s injury prone, then who cares, cause we’ll get to see a prospect play, and maybe force a player out of the lineup once and for all.

    Sounds good to me.

    But, they should be sellers, it’s the only logical move this team can do right now.

    And for the love of Victoria’s Secret, can we please trade Dublowski, and Daniella G ??

  73. I would trade Hank for the right package. the Caps would not do that one. I think Chicago would be the place to look if you are trading Hank.

  74. Kind of a surprising stat but all of our young players should meet or exceed their Career Point Totals this season.

    with 23 games left on the schedule …

    Callahan has 32 points (previous high was 40 points)
    Dubinsky has 30 points (previous high was 41 points)
    Staal has 22 points – setting a career high(previous was 15 points)
    Girardi has 15 points (previous high was 28 points)


    AA, Gilroy, MDZ, Johnson, Sangs, and Heikkinen have all made their NHL debuts

    *Even if we miss the playoffs this year, this is a good sign of progress*

  75. Orr, thats assuming we give them rosy. knowing sather it would be a 2nd round pick and a box of cuban cigars

  76. RAN

    I never officially lost the the right nut, but my left i lost to Greg back on BB, so yeah, if i really needed it, im sure he’ll loan it to me for a few months. No harm, no penalty.

    Actually come to think of it, i bet my left nut, unofficially, and i won, so maybe i get a free nut. Although two left nuts may be a little heavy on that left side. I don’t want any hip problems.

  77. Souray would probly help the power play because of that monster of a shot.


    Where…where…where have I heard this before?

  78. No, i meant if we somehow got rid of Blowzy. I don’t know if the Oilers would want him. Come to think of it, who the hell would ? He has 1 goal i think.


    Anybody see that pic of that freak Tom Arnold playing football with Marisa Miller, and he goes to tackle her, and pulls her pants down a little ? Sweet tush.

  79. Salty, where? He has a hard shot. thats a fact. he was a key part of montreals pp. I dont see where i could be wrong on this. please explain

  80. yo Greg… you better behave buddy or you know who’s gonna come and visit you at night!

    1..2..3..4… there’s someone at Greg’s door!

  81. oh yeah. kotalik. haha. how quickly i forget. although i do have to put part of the blame on torts destroying of his confidence

  82. Kotalgeek was a mistake. Torts had nothing to do with it, he’s just a fragile garbage player. Any Buffalo fan will tell you this, and they may even sing it to you, and give up Buffalo Wings afterward. That’s how much they love ripping that guy, along with Kalinin.

    Glad he’s out of here.

  83. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Wanna bet??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    No wicky , theres gonna be no fighting or we’ll have to get ol coat check boy in here or Mega Mike in IA. Youve been around fer ever Wicky , I remeber you in those BB days.

    Yeah salty I do love this team . I like the idea of Tanking the season for the goodness of our club BUT those 10 years of no playoff hockey made me go crazy!!! I need to watch Ranger playoff hockey and would do anything to get it..call me Dolan but I just wanna see us make it to the post season.

    Salty , I won a bet with Orr a year before I lost the bet to you . ORR did pay me back by giving me full access to his donor card. Mind you I wagered that body part on here a while ago and lost it …win some , ya lose some.

    Trading Hank ?? We got an elite goalie that lets in alot of soft goals .Some games I wanna strangly him but then he plays like a world beater the next game. It’s kinda like Dubinsky. If we pull off a blockbuster then Hank and Dubinky would be prime pieces to get a sizeable return back.

  84. I was thinking Wade Redden as far as “hard shot that will no question help the power play”… but Kotalik is also a pretty good example.

    Kotalik got a bad rap though and was chosen as an “acceptable” scapegoat… He had better numbers than Drury with less games and at less than half of the cap hit…

  85. micha, excellent response to my typo!

    Guys, guys, what the heck’s going on this afternoon! Did you lose money on the Colts and are cranky or what? Let’s pull back a bit on the personal stuff eh? (thanks ilb, my helpful monitor in chief)

  86. btw, salty, really? Please tell me this was from a troll?!

    “Some people just think it’s really cute to make up “spoof names” for players when they don’t understand the game enough to contribute anything else.”

    If you’re taking on who I think you are here, careful! :) Honorary blogmamas get special defense, unlike Hank at times….

  87. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    good point salty. too bad he wasn’t more clutch that the captain.

    serious question because I dont get the total coverage that you guys get, but in his time here, has drury ever taken responsibility for poor play? I know Dubi has on several occassions, as has Hank.

  88. Those extra days without hockey really get to you, guys.

    We haven’t been “trading Hank” for awhile now, but here we go again.

  89. “Some people just think it’s really cute to make up “spoof names” for players when they don’t understand the game enough to contribute anything else.”


    That person knows who he is and I think other people already know it’s not them.

    and, no, I can’t remember Drury ever taking responsibility for anything with this team… which is one of the reasons that the whole “leadership” thing is beyond nonsense. Hack hockey player who should have stayed on the diamond.

  90. i would never trade Hank because he is just too damn cute!!


    Did you see his Super Bowl commercial? fuggin hot, I gotta youtube that!

  91. Salty, phew! OK, thought so…thanks for the answer :)

    and I agree on Drury….not to my knowledge either Linda. If he had, I’m sure that comment would light this place up like New Year’s in Times Square.

  92. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Wanna bet??!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Who ‘d win in a fight …the blogmomma or Linda the destroyer?

  93. Salty, what??? don’t tease me! :) (or tase me)….

    ilb, you and a few others. that’s what SB is for, and I don’t mean Super Bowl :)

  94. Aw Greg, silly question. Linda and I don’t fight, and she’d take me a a millisecond :)

    Salty, you lie like a bowl of nuts on a bar :)

  95. Salty

    no, i haven’t! Could you “YouTube that for me”? lol


    Shibby is doing well! Getting “rounder” if you know what i mean! He loves it in upstate at my sister’s house! He got a dog friend (CoCo, a boy) and my two nephews who love him very much! So, I’m happy!


    have you seen my cat?

  96. At the risk of ticking some people off :) CCCP and ilb, this is for you. Then I’m outta here for tonight.



  97. Callahan 4 Captain on

    Much as I depise Sather, I am going to cut him some slack,here, and assume that the “making the playoffs” mania comes from the top, not from him. Tough position for Sather to be in, considering that the club has some future serious Cup contention pieces in the puzzle, starting with Anisimov, and Del Zotto, and rounded out by a few more like Staal and Gaborik, if he can stay healthy. One step forward, now, at the expense of three steps backward over the next 2-3 years is not the answer, but the Rangers are not alone in NEVER learning that lesson, it seems. How about taking a hit this year, and really beefing up with younger, talented players for the next five years. Would that be so terrible. Of course not, and by the way, Carp, this collection DOES NOT win a single playoff round, if it gets to that starting gate. What a joke, adding some grissle to a mouldy steak. This franchise has no interest in winning the Stanley Cup. This franchise just wants to prostitute itself while screwing the fans (pun intended) and it shows.

  98. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    thanks for your answers guys! i try to read the post and daily news for info, and could not recall a time that Drury’s outed himself for bad play. Guess when the propaganda machine is in full effect he even believes his own press.

  99. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    they are making chocolate dresses on food network! wtf!

    48 hours until hockey!!!!!!

  100. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    lmao @ who’d win in a fight… greg you’re a riot!

    anyone watching devs flyers?

  101. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    skype chats! that is sooo cute

    beninati…can you imagine him at a family event?

    ” and here comes nancy sue, being advanced down the avenue by biological sperm donor dave, to the auditory delights of here comes the bride…”

  102. EFFING GD FLYERS!!!! Salmela – head shot by Carter after goal was scored. Salmela was taken off on a stretcher.

  103. MAKO

    Don’t you know that head shots OK in hockey? It’s what you say aboot sloppy girlfriend! That demands close attention and severe punishment!

  104. CCCP

    Its just disgraceful! I LOVE the fighting when warranted, I love the mid ice hard checks, I love the great hip checks along the boards, I love the shoulder to chest hits. BUT, I draw the line at any head shots.

    You got it right !!!! Its so sad. They’re so worried about goal scoring, size of goalie pads, who plays in Europe…etc but very little attention to head shots.

  105. two quick ones by Flyers! Devils burning slowly… is Lemaire next to go?

    and another question… Will “Avery factor” play a role for Kovalchuk not coming here in the offseason?
    I see Ilya as a very emotional and grudge holding player.

  106. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    couple of twitter links of interest……..

    Rangers scouting at Leafs game according to @mirtle. One of 15 teams there

    Newsday >> Rangers consider adding defenseman http://bit.ly/bHjSCC

  107. Fankist always looking good and the center of it all!!!! I was hoping he’d make “miss thing” proud by wearing something ORANGE. LMAO

  108. wicky....where the hell is Witt slatipuss?? on

    so, we think we have identified everyone in that pick except….olli?

  109. MDZ pulling a “Hollweg” in the white suit! Boys are looking nice and sharp! Imagine Tort’s forgets it isnt a game and benches Lisin and Brash for the rest of the night!

  110. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    i wonder if mdz brought a fedora and a tommy gun!!

    yea, brashear looks totally thrilled. but where is jokinen??

  111. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    What a disgusting hit. Wow, they have to do something, it was completely unwarranted.

  112. i wonder where Piggy is. I figured he’d be there, or maybe there was kids there so they told him to stay home, but Brash*t is there so i guess that cant be right.

    And i see Dublowski sporting a virgin tight comb over. Good for him.

  113. I just dont understand how that wasnt a even a penalty and Carter KNEW his head was down…. lined him up the entire time, completely blindsided. I want to know where is the retribution from the Devils because of that play?

  114. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    man sally would be excited if he was a Ranger, as long as Dubi was still here lfcourse

    wow mccarty shoulda put in some teeth

  115. for all those interested, chris kreider played a great game tonight in the beanpot championship against BU. he came out of the penalty box and scored a very pretty goal to make it 3-1. looking forward to him being on the rangers soon..

  116. Dont forget that the days when Sheldon Souray were the days of Ken Daneyko as a drunk… jus sayin
    No point in getting Souray now for us though, he’s damaged goods and will just take away chances for Del Zotto to keep learning to run the power play, let him keep learning, if anything try to bring in a tough d-man and if you get one, then bury redden in hartford, please glen, coulda ya?

  117. Hm, Devils fans already looking a gift horse in the mouth (from a poster on Fire & Ice blog):

    Some facts about the game from my perspective….

    1.) If you are given 6 or 7 power plays in a game and you only score on ONE, you don’t deserve to win

    2.) Will the REAL Ilya Kovalchuk PLEASE STAND UP…. i mean this guy wants more than 10 million a season, and on a LESSER team he looks dominant. Now with a deeper team he looks like he and Clarkson could produce at about the same clip? it doesn’t make any sense. We brought this guy in to be a game breaker, and he hasnt lived up to that billing yet. I know alot of fans are talking about how this trade is for April, but when are we gonna see some flash of what he really is?

    3.) The Sloppy play in front of Marty HAS to stop, its killing us every night.

    4.) I am tired of watching this team pull Marty every night in desperation, when they need to show they are desperate to win for a full 60 not just the last 5.

    5.) because of the impending supposed blizzard, i am not taking my 1 year old son out in the weather my tix are up on ticketexchange if anyone feels like braving the possible elements.

  118. Ohhhh, linky to the guys all dressed up! Thanks for that gem, Linda. They’re all looking pretty fine. Lisin and Brashear’s black pants/white suitcoats is bringing me back to my high school graduation where that was the combination that the guys had to wear.

    Is the Girardi rocking the blue tie?

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Just win ,baby!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Nice find CTBlueshirt . I knew this guy would screw up thier system. Kovachuck is dominating , don’t get me wrong. On a team like NJ they play a system because they dont have a Kovalchuk ..now they got one. They could be lost. Let’s just say if Gaborik played there he’d have only maybe 25 goals by now. In New York , we EMBRACE the star and CATOR to them. Thats the NY way. Ok Ok maybe Gomez and Drury were flawed but we still did treat ’em perty dam good. Hank as a low rounded draft pick got ample oppertunity to make it. As did Dubinsky and Cally. Shanny loved it here. Loved it. Nj embraces the team and it;s goaltrender , period. Everyone else is second fiddle. Maybe thats a good thing.

    I like that Kreider and Grachev will be playing here next year. Our team is young and will get younger. Were breeding ’em from the draft now and we are KEEPING our picks. Nice. Mistakes along the way but when all is said and done we will be a young fast team. Delzotto has paved the way for all youngsters with his play at such a young age. I can’t wait to see who we draft next , cuz I know were even getting younger!!!

  120. We have to get younger – while Slats refuses to bury those albatross contracts we have no room for new stars and we’ll have to make do with our youngsters. It certainly sounds like Stepan and Bourque could get fast-tracked through the system like MDZ did. Grachev might be a bit slower as he is getting used to the pro game still but he’s a big boy and will find his scoring touch next season now he’s bedded in.

  121. Rangers and Devils have about the same recordsince their epic 0-0 “tie” at MSG in January. Incidentally that win was the most recent for the Devils on the road in about a 10 game road stretch.

    The funny thing is how the VS guys completely annointed Kova-chu the Devils best player or at least skater and made Parise an after thought.

    Without Martin and trading away a known commodity in Oduya combined with what appears to be a concussion from the guy that was blindsided by Carter (Devils fan crying foul on that forgot they had the worst offender of the past 30 years when it comes to open ice, clean but excessive hits to players in a vulnerable position) their D us really stretched thin. Point is, Kova-chu us going to have to score a pile of goals to make that trade worth it even in the short run.

  122. I’ve just found the transcript of the phone call before the Gomez trade:

    Gainey: Hey Slats, look i’m retiring in a few months and i need to keep quiet to Mrs Gainey and the press about that time we went to Vegas for the “meetings” – what can i do to buy your silence?

    Slats: Will you take Wade Redden off my hands?

    Gainey: I’m not that desperate!

    Slats: What about Gomez or Drury?

    Gainey: Jeez, Glen. Frying pan or fire? I’ll take Gomez then, but i’ve got to send something equally as useless in return to make it look legit. Do you want a 3rd line winger with “top 6 potential” who couldn’t score in a brothel?

    Slats: OK. I like those type of players. What does he make and can i get rid of him after a year if he turns out to be another Adam Hall, Matt Cullen or Aaron Voros?

    Gainey: About $2m and he’s a UFA next year so no worries.

    Slats: Done. I’ll send the negatives of you and Gretky’s wife by courier.

  123. wahoo new iphone

    nothing better than being snowed in tomorrow capped off with a Ranger game

    Just gotta hope the power stays on

  124. The 3GS? Did you have an iPhone before that? I got the 3G a couple of years ago and I’m eligible for an upgrade in August. I wonder when (allegedly no longer a matter of “if”) the Verizon iPhone will come out. That will probably have a heavy baring on whether I get the 3GS.

  125. Yeah the 3GS….and no I never had one before…I’ve been waiting for my contract with TMobile to end and it finally did sunday.

    This thing is amazing, I love it

  126. Yeah they need a RR mobile site. The threads with 100’s of comments become too much to scroll down on the screen. C’mon LoHud, get with the times.

  127. The best thing is I don’t have to worry about work tracking my internet activity because now I can just do it on my phone

  128. as long as Callahan is safe I honestly don’t care what the Rangers do. I’d like to keep Dubi obviously and AA, Grachev, and some of the defenseman.

  129. Linda says FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Hey everyone, Mako posted the first pic of the guys all decked out, i won’t take credit for that.

    LMAO @ CT’s fire and ice stuff, and his post after that…that is absolutely nuts. The guy’s played 3 games, did they expect him to score 10 goals?

    and in the 2nd post, this is the best line:

    Devils fan crying foul on that forgot they had the worst offender of the past 30 years when it comes to open ice, clean but excessive hits to players in a vulnerable position)

    i guess when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s doesnt fit as comfy.

  130. Here is a random post by me, but damn, how good is Stamkos this year? That kid is putting up amazing numbers this year. Good for him, considering the way Melrose treated him early in the year, last year.

  131. I mean I can understand fans wanting to see a superstar put up superstar numbers, but it’s one thing to acquire a guy in the off-season like the Rangers did with Gaborik, have him spend a training camp and pre-season schedule with the team and them have him take off the first 25-30 games of the year like Gabby. It’s another to bring the guy in mid-season with an entire new team, little to no practice time and expect the guy to fit in seamlessly.

    The Clarkson to Kova-chu comparison is laughable.

    And yeah, the karmic payback of Scott Stevens is falling the Devils this year.

  132. Right Nasty, he was a number 1 pick overall for a reason. He somehow fell by the wayside after the league was caught up in Tavares-mania. I’m sure playing in Tampa doesn’t exactly pique even the hockey following portion of the national audience.

    He’s downright unstoppable in NHL10 after his 1st and 2nd seasons in Be A GM mode.

  133. I am glad for the kid. Seems like a good person, and he sure as hell seems to be the face of that franchise right now, even over VL. If you go to the team page, it is Stamkos pic.

  134. Thanks Laurel – i’ve always wondered how those negotiations might go – thats just my imagination running away with itself!!

    I should sign up for your blog really, being a Vizsla owner.

  135. Interesting thought from Gross’ blog last night. There’s apparently speculation that the Rangers might move their ECHL team closer. He threw out the idea of them moving to Albany, whose AHL team, the Rats, are currently affiliated with the Hurricanes but there has been rumours that the Canes are moving their AHL team closer to Carolina. If the Rangers were somehow to move their ECHL team to Albany, that would be pretty sweet. Not only for the Rangers, but for me, since I’m in that area. :)

  136. I saw that too Mickey – apparently the Charlotte Checkers are moving up to the AHL next season and will be the farm team for the ‘Canes, the Rangers need to look for an available ECHL affiliate.

    If that happens you will be expected to provide prospect updates on a regular basis, and video footage of any good fights!

  137. UK- It would be interesting since that Albany franchise has always been an AHL affiliate. They were the Rats AHL team for the longest time. I couldn’t forsee any issues with them running an ECHL team as opposed to an AHL team. The only question would be would the ownership group and the city want to do the step down in terms of play. It sure would benefit them if the parent club was a team that plays closer to them, that’s for sure.

    LOL. Of course I’d do that for my fellow boneheads :)

  138. Making the playoffs wouldn’t be worth a hill of Reddens.Who needs to see them get humiliated. The R’s need to lose every game and have a draft like the Avs and get a couple of guys like Duchesne and O’Reilly with their first two picks. Just lose Baby!

  139. The NJ Devils spent two days extolling the virtues of Kovalchuk for standing up to Avery’s taunting, yet NO ONE on that team lifted a finger when Salmela got laid out by Carter.

  140. Mickeym,
    I am from Albany as well and I read the papers differently. My understanding is that Hartford will move to Albany. The only connection to echl is that the guy buying and moving the rats is the current owner of the charlotte checkers. So if this all works out, we will have the Hartford wolfpack in Albany…which would really cost me a lot of $$$ lol.

    Where abouts are you in the Albany area?

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