Welcome to the inaugural Boneheads Super Bowl Party!


No ground rules. If you want to talk hockey, go ahead. Or anything else, as usual.

Just pass the byfuglien Buffalo wings and pigs-n-blankets.

Kickoff (also known as K.O. Time!) is supposed to be 6:25 p.m.

Oh, there is one rule. If you’re going to drink, DO NOT DRIVE!

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  1. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    i have bagel bits Reggie!


  2. Carp, is it you and me only? I can probably crack a few jokes about commercials, but I am oblivious about football, sorry

  3. Bettman must be purring at how much media attention the latest dramatic Caps/Pens, Crosby/Ovechkin classic will garner in tomorrow’s press.

    Oh, wait…

  4. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    its me and you and carp ilb! i think i’m only up by 4

  5. do the TV execs even watch these stupid graphic things. There’s music playing and thinks sparking and you can’t even hear what the players are saying. Idiots.

    Uh oh, here I go with the TV foofs. Not a good start for me.

  6. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    dated a great guy from Williamsburg who’s entire family were Colt fans, so they worked themselves into the Jets Giants rotation

  7. If we could fit one of them into skates and tie him up to the goal post, Hank would have about 25 SO by now.

  8. If Brett Favre announces his (un)retirement in the next couple of hours, does CBS drop the Superbowl to cover the story?

  9. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    and ilb, that was 2 years before Peyton was drafted!! I believe Jim Harbaugh was the qb. I almost always go for the AFC though, unless the Giants are involved.

  10. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    betty white AND abe vigoda!!!!! freakin awesome!!!!!

  11. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    omg @ RICK!!! pass the crosby lips!!! funniest line ever!!

  12. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    the boost mobile shuffle crew!!!!! lmao jim mcmahon has not aged well

    brian boyle shoulda done the dorito commercial!

  13. Just tuning in…is it worth it for the commercials anymore? I can YouTube them….I don’t care, but I want the Saints…It’s Go NO time!

  14. Although, Linda – of late, the wife and I have been watching all the past seasons of NCIS (thank you Netflix), and that NCIS commercial with the head-slapping struck both our funny bones.

  15. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on


  16. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    i used to watch that religiously Chris, then Tony got way too freakin annoying

  17. As a Giants fan, I’m not compelled to cheer for either of these teams, but Peyton Manning cracks me up (SNL skit with the United Way – one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life), so I’m rooting for the Colts.

  18. Hey – can anyone explain to me why Mike Green was not chosen for the Canadian Olympic team??

  19. Doodie Machetto on


    Gotta disagree with you on Del Zotto. He threw the big hit on Kovalchuk and he had the assist on the first goal, but his play with the puck was just terrible, especially in his own zone. Everytime a Devil came around, he would cough it up. And in trying to breakout, he ALWAYS looks for the homerun pass and it doesn’t work because it’s so predictable.

    Other than that, I pretty much agreed with your assessment of the game.

    I’ve spent most of the day on the couch with stomach problems, but I am recovering just now… although I have no food. Wish I had those wings Carp mentioned up top…

  20. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    i bet tr or krisy finds that monster.com commercial and puts jokinens head on the critter!!!

  21. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    ok, these commercials with scary men in their underwear is beyond gross.

    ugh, favre….. whyyyyyyyyyyy whyyyyyyyyyyy ( in my best nancy kerrigan voice)

  22. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Wicked Glove , Hank!!! " … says Greg L. on

    Boooooooooooo football ..im watching WWE!!!!

  23. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    anyone know how to get rid of all the stupid ads and polls on facebook?

  24. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    versus does bull riding and fishing and white tail deerhunting awesomely ;-)

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks all, feeling much better from this morning.

    I was actually planning on having 5-6 people over. I bought ingredients to make some foods, but since I was on the couch all day I haven’t cooked any of it. So I just ordered some food for my wife and I. It can’t get here soon enough.

    Sharks picked up Wallin and a fifth for a second. If that’s the return for Wallin, we should be able to get AT LEAST a second for Prospal.

    Also, I can’t believe we dealt a third for Boyle.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Has anyone else noticed that it is clearly the goal of Tim Burton to remake every child’s story into one that will give them horrifying nightmares?

  27. LOL – Doodie!

    Huge play on 4th down there – could be the difference in the game later on.

  28. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    you said it doodie! i will NOT be seeing that movie

  29. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    peytons gettin ready to toss a boooooooooomb to my boy dallas clark…just so yas know

  30. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    lmao @ his girlfriend removed his spine!!!!!!!!!!!! change outta that skirt…… great commercial

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Speaking of “safe is death” WTF was that 3rd period last night?

    They generated ZERO offense. Even with possession in the offensive zone, they were content to just hold it in the corner instead of generate a scoring chance.

  32. Gutsy call to go for it on 4th and goal. Even though it didn’t turn out the way they hoped, I liked the aggressive thinking there.

  33. who is ok. liked them for a few songs. but damn theyre old. somebody get an iv hooked up to townsend,and give daltry a blood transfusion

  34. yea chris, but thank god they dint put the stones up there. they wouldnt needed a wheelchair for jagger, some narcan for richards, and a whole setup with a defib, iv’s, all kinds of life support systems.

  35. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    i think they’ve exhausted the pool of bands that are in their 60’s.

  36. I know, ilb – but they’ve got plenty of cash – it’d would’ve made it feel more like The Who.

  37. I bet Pete Townsend didn’t rehearse in that jacket, because it kept falling over his guitar strings every time he tried to do his windmill thing.

    This is a disgrace … how do the officials not immediately call who recovered? Or go to replay? It shouldn’t be all the crap on the bottom of the pile, with extra players and coaches on the field.

  38. last concerts i saw was a free doobie bros concert at calabro airport in yaphank. and then jethro tull at jones beach. wanted to se floyd here in bellair ballroom here in ia but missed it cuz of my baby being born. but id definitely go see infected mushroom no matter if i had to walk 500 miles and then walk back 500 more to see the sedin twins perform

  39. >>What? No guitar smashing?!

    Yeah, and Roger Daltrey didn’t say “Who the byfuglien are you” either. Very disappointing!

    I say the NFL should invite Skinny Puppy next year.


  41. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    lmao! i swear i almost stopped breathing when i saw your comment ORR, laughin too much

  42. Mike –

    Got your FB message. I’ll get back to ya in a little bit.

    Oh wanna trade Sedin for AO? =P

  43. Meh… doesnt look to good with her hair pulled back. But I guess they had to do that for the commercial.

  44. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on


  45. if we could do trades id trade fox for sarah silverman and as a sweetener id want wynona ryder. and for some big lovin, wynona judd!! j/k j/k!!

  46. orr- 2 for trade. fox or sharapova and giselle from victoria secret. me personally id take giselle and adriana lima over fox anyday!! even sienna miller over fox 1 for 1 plus a conditional pick if she marries me and support my broke ass

  47. Hell no, i wouldn’t want to sleep next to Ryder. She’ll be going through my stuff when im sleeping.

    Fox is number 1. I wouldn’t even trade her for Kovalchuk, Ovechkin, and Crosby all together. Sorry NYR, learn how to draft, im not giving up a babe cause you keep drafting Jessiwoman’s !

  48. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    aw come on betty white and abe vigoda was good… and the monster.com would’ve been awesome if they put jokinens face on the critter

  49. “It’s very unsatisfying seeing The Who play without Keith Moon.”

    Moonie has been gone a long time…Zak Starkey (Ringo’s boy) is more than the best guy to ever fill his shoes….And as much as I loved the Moon man….Zak is okay by me!

    The Who Freaking rocked! Shirt and all…it has always been more for looks than scoring goals with Pete!

  50. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    blah… the manning face in full effect…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    congrats to the Saints, now everyone can jump off that bandwagon eh

  51. Got that right, Orr. This celebration really pales in comparison to the Stanley Cup. I don’t think 90% of the players even touch the trophy…. at least not on the field.

  52. “Stanley Cup celebration is the best in sports, and im not saying that because im a hockey fan. It really is.

    And the Cup is the best trophy in sports.”


  53. Linda says GO COLTS!! mama needs a new t shirt!!! on

    damn stupid websites that try to put viruses on the computer…grrr

  54. hello

    (stomach settling after a night of pasta, wings, spanicopada, homemade biscotti and wine)


    good night

  55. Quiet night I see. Guess spending the night co hosting on blog talk radio was a better option afterall lol

  56. This was my first watched football game since Giants won it all! Football isn’t my cup of tea but i wanted to watch this particular game because New Orleans was playing! I love that city and it deserved this win!


  57. Orr, you’re right again. Except when Hot Dog Lips doesn’t feel like shaking the hand of the other captain.

    Good night, Sally!

  58. I had a Chris Drury Pizza for the game last night.

    Cost me $7 mil, and didn’t do a damned thing for me.

  59. Back to some hockey:

    As bad as the Rangers powerplay has been since November 1, its crazy to think that we’re ranked 13th in the league.

    Shorthanded – we’ve got the 4th best unit.

  60. I did join the bonehead fb group and I got to meet up with TR and Ilb the other day!

    I had internet trouble for awhile but I’m back and plan to be around :)

    I think baseball is better than football as well but hockey is clearly the best!!! I wish people would realize this fact and truly appreciate it for what it is

  61. Take a look at this. It made me laugh, as if Avery is not going to continue to torment Brodeur. LOL

    “SamPWoo.com– Finally. Someone has decided to stick up for Martin Brodeur.

    Who knew it would be Ilya Kovalchuk?

    The New York Post reported yesterday that Kovalchuk took no exception and immediately defended his goaltender from the same old Sean Avery antics. And to think, that was only Kovalchuk’s second game with the club.

    “Emotions. That’s hockey. Nothing wrong with it. He always talks. That’s part of the game,” said Kovalchuk, told New York Post.

    Whether or not he was baited into Avery’s plan, I am happy that Kovy stood up to that pest. To defend a teammate, especially your goaltender, is very important. It sets the tone and message in the future that no one will be allowed to verbally or physically abuse your goaltender. That is something the Devils have lacked consistently throughout the years when dealing with Avery or players like him. In the past, Brodeur had to take matters into his own hands.

    I can see why Lou Lamoriello made this trade.

    Essentially, Kovalchuk is the complete package. We all know what he can do offensively. But he is also a leader that sets an example for the rest of the team to follow suit. Not since Scott Stevens’ retirement that the Devils have had an impact position player with his stature. You have to believe Brodeur loves it. Kovalchuk’s energy is contagious and it is all about winning.

    Looks like Kovalchuk is fitting nicely as a Devil”

    This guys writes it as if Kovy completely destroyed Avery and now Avery has learned his lesson and is not going to continue to chirp at Marty. Too funny. Keep dreaming Sam Woo, keep dreaming.

  62. I read that masterpiece too, Nasty. Laughable. And do you think if Aves really wanted to fight him, he wouldn’t stand his ground? Please. Dumb move by Kovalchuk. He was sitting in the box watching his team trying to score 6 on 4. $11 mil enforcer.

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