Here comes Ilya


Well, you wanted Ilya Kovalchuk at the Garden? You got him. Only in the wrong uniform. For you guys, the worst uniform possible.

I’ve got to tell you, though, I think this Devils visit is as good a time as ever: Super Saturday. The Rangers have played some outstanding games against the Devils this year, and they need one tonight. Plus, other than the improved roster via the trade with the “going-out-of-business” Atlanta Thrashers, the Devils were pretty vulnerable.

I watched the Toronto game Friday — granted Toronto’s playing better — but the Devils were not terribly impressive until the very end.

I see this as an opportunity for the Rangers to rise to the occasion, instead of sinking to the level of a bad opponent. And if you think about it, some of their more competitive losses lately have been against good teams: L.A., Washington. Plus three of their six wins in this calendar year (that’s right, six wins in 2010, and it’s  a week into February) were against Colorado and Boston (twice, although, we wonder why the Bruins’ don’t look very good in the standings).

Anyway, the snow held up so I have to go to a basketball double-header this afternoon — if it had been snowed out, I was going to the Garden.

I’ll see youse later.


Question: I know most of you Boneheads are going to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow night. The NHL is dark Sunday night. Do youse want to watch the Super Bowl here? Do youse want to make it the Boneheads Bowl at the Festivus Blog? We can mock the announcers and the commercials and the fake fans and The Who at halftime, and the kid actors dressed up as The Who fans during the fake concert, and the whole TV show disguised as a football game.

Or we can just enjoy the game. But do it here.

What do you think? And does anybody have a SB pick? Mine is Colts 38, Saints 20.

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  1. sometimes i wish keith moon was still alive. i dont mind ringos son but its not the same. same w/ entwistle but i got to see them w/ him.

  2. Yes, Carp. Him and Ken. The Helmets fired both. I was saying it was a good thing our players wouldn’t have to carry him from 42nd to 34th. They’d be dead.

  3. Youse guys are complaining about the snow ? I’m leaving 68 degrees to go up north & sleigh riding in the snow with my grand kids. See youse on Tuesday.

  4. We got about 6 inches here where I am. It is starting to slow down, so I guess me and my 2 herniated discs in my back are going to shovel. Should be a good time. Ha. I pay for it every time I shovel. It is funny, I go to the gym, keep in good shape, and shoveling is the thing that always puts me out for a few days.

  5. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    Rick, I am going to set up a hotmail account for you to use to access the Boneheads blog on facebook. I will email you the info, because EVERYONE wants you to join us there and see all the crazy pics and discussions!

    As for Ken Hitchcock, as cartman would say, he’s not fat, he’s big boned! Also, back in the 70’s there was this crazy button that said “I’m not fat I’m fluffy”

    I’m glad you guys got to read that ESPN story on Brendan Burke, when I read it I had tears in my eyes. What a story, and then,to hear yesterday that he died, along with a friend, it’s just heartbreaking!

    As for the Super Bowl, I will be here making jokes and cheerin on da Colts! Colts 34 Saints 27

  6. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    also, i think the Rangers are going to have a strong game, and will win in another thrilling game!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  7. Yup, hoping for strong game. Mrs Ilb and I will be there to watch and update the RR. It’s too bad you can’t make it, Carp. I was hoping I could bring you that long overdue Seltzer. And introduce you to mrs. And introduce myself too. Well, there is always next time.

  8. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    I am hoping that Rick can make it to Bonehead Fest in May! That would just be the icing on the cake!!

    you guys be careful drivin in all that snow, and have a grrrrrrrrreat time!!

    Elvis ORR!

  9. Indy 37 NO 14 bad game but Indy’s a LOCK to cover. WHO’s never the same since Moon’s passing. Unbelievable band in their day. Noboby sounds like the WHO. Townsend great elc/acc guitar and writer,hard to do but still underated,WHO’s next cover to cover Quadriphenia ground breaking plus all the rest… Will do them selves proud but its too bad what it could have been.

  10. It didn’t even flurry here…I’m torn between Colts 34-21 or Colts 38-27…so I’m just going to go Colts 36-24

    I do want the Saints though…

    Nothing better than Rangers/Devils then UFC on a Saturday night with beer before the Super Bowl with even more beer

  11. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    any of you guys reading about this 13 year old qb who has been ‘recruited’ by USC?

  12. Orr…I just go to the bar, makes it easier haha

    BTW…all of a sudden I can score goals in NHL against the comp? Like alot…did they change something?

  13. Check out youtube Townsend/secret ploceman’s ball. Most unbielveable aucostic guitar ever. Just to gear up for halftime.Now thank’s who I pay to see in a small setting Townsend solo.

  14. lucked out and someone came to the door with a snowblower.
    took care of the 6-8 inches in my driveway.

    btw Carp,
    mocking the WHO?!?!?!?!?
    now, it’s getting personal!!!

    among the many great moments of the band, don’t forget
    the band’s appearance during the 9/11 concert at MSG. while everything was so somber, the WHO came out and just brought the emotions to a whole other level with the police and fireman finally letting go for the first time in days.

  15. Linda says I BELIEVE IN THE NOSENS!! and FIRE SATHER!!!! on

    TR, that would be out of control if he did come!!!

  16. Who @ live aid was pretty impressive as well too bad no moonie. Queen by far the best of the day, that forum worked magic, maybe the best 20min in live rock history. U2 coming out party to the world, doing Walk on the Wildside as well Ruby Tues in BAD pretty great. Bowie was good as well. Philly was just too hot 102 I was thereand it was great. Jagger was super, Led Zep most eagerly awaited didn’t live up to the bill. Highlight of the show was after Zep they set up 4 mikes and CSNY reunite for the first time in 12 yrs and have 110,000 people in the palm of their hands quietly, after the mighty Zep, impressive!

  17. agree about WHO, U2, Queen at Live Aid.

    a messy but important also happened on that day when Dylan played with Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood (?). the set was sloppy but Dylan’s words that it would be nice to do something like this to help out America’s farmers led to Farm Aid.

  18. jpg your right about Dylan/Keith/Woods to much free time on their hands to close the show. I was walking out when they came on but hear a little it was a trainwreck but cool at the same time and your right Farm-Aid was born. They helped a lot of small farms over the years. Another Video on You tube is Farm-Aid ’85 Neil Young getting introduced and playing the best verseion on Hey Hey My My solo. Cool

  19. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wake me up when Chris Drury is NOT the captain any longer. I read his quotes throwing Joki under the bus for a goal, seriously Chris? Go eat another slice of pizza you byfuglin’g asham holik.

  20. About torts… I don’t question his heart or even his coaching acumen because I never played and I am probably not qualified. I am beginning to wonder, however, about his head coaching skills and his leadership. it has bothered me since the night after the tough loss to the Devils.

    Don’t even remember who the awful loss the next game was against and to lazy to look it up. Here is the point. He could have used a little Rex Ryan attitude after that game. instead of talking about letdown games when a reporter asks you about it you say, “Heck no! we are going to keep it up and come out firing! Finishing checks and taking it too them!” You tell your team that you believe in them and give them a chance to come out firing and get a quick lead before they tucker out. You give them no excuses for losing to a lesser team.

    He seems to highlight there ability to fail instead of there chance to succeed. Seems like he does this a lot. Realism is for assistants.

  21. My money is on the Saints, also pretaining to SUPER SUNDAY, Why does NBC schedule the game for noon? The Football is starting at “6:25” but they wont kick off til a little before 7, so what good is a hockey game 12-4 if everyone is huddling around their TVs at 6? Is the NHL intentionally try to byfuglien themselves out of viewers?

  22. Torts has not been good ,but none of this is his fault alone it’s just excuses for players not playing hard every night and the bigger problem but it’s jus the fact if Hank aint on-no chance every night. Sather is to blame for this mess we have a serious lack of talent @ a seriously high pay scale, this equals disaster. Cut the long term contracts anyway any how it’s all about the Cap and that idiot Sather. Hire Schoney ASAP

  23. speaking of the who…i can remember back to how i excited i would get hearing the first few bars of baba oreilly at MSG that they would play before the start of the NYR powerplays (mind you this was in the playoffs 06, 07 when the team was a mix of czechs and blue collar players, jags and co, orts, hank was stellar in the nets). i was states away at the time, watching on tv, but could tell that the garden had this immediate jolt of electricity. you can feel it through the tv…like everyone at MSG knew they were going to score and get back into the game or go ahead.

    i was thinking of that today, thinking how at the time, i was so optimistic for the NYR future. it had been a few years since they were relevant but there was just this feeling like, holy crap they are finally pointing in the right direction, they have this young stud goaltender, they have a great team, slats was abandoning his throw money at over the hill players approach and had brought in the right mix of talent and heart on the jersey type players who had CHEMISTRY TOGETHER…now i look at the wreck of this team and franchise…it makes me so annoyed.

    i would love for them to have a team like that again. guys who would go through the wall for one another, who stand up for eachother, who fight when called for, who consistently play their guts out game in game out. even if they stunk, at least we could all be proud of them.

    those runs provided us all with a few weeks in the sun, but it seems now we are back to the darker days. one of these days we will get back there. i just wish it was sooner rather than later.

    does MSG still play the Baby OReilly riff before the powerplays?

  24. I read about Brendan Burke this morning. What a devastating loss and my heart goes out to his friends and family. The world will greatly miss his bravery.

    Speaking of bravery, and unlikely people speaking out against intolerance, I have a big crush on Scott Fujita.

  25. Please say it’s snowing in Atlantic City. I coulda been at the Borgata but my wussie friends canceled the trip because of snow.

    Crazy Ranger fans Home Video Of Ranger Game In L.A and he meets Joe Micheletti and Sam Rosen !

  26. thank you jpg for posting the concert for NY link with the who. they put on a heck of a show job for the police, ems and fire guys who went through hell those weeks in 2001. i thought i would post this as well. its not the who, but U2 in msg in october 2001.

    a great performance and if you are a u2 fan it is hard not to well up at the end of this.

  27. PJ-They actually were playing the funky guitar riff from Eminence Front from 1982’s It’s Hard before power plays last season. That’s a really underrated Who song.

    Haven’t heard Baba in a few years. Usuauly it’s Guerilla Radio by RATM or some Offsrping/Pennywise song I think.

    I miss hearing Burning Down The House by Talking Heads which was a stable until the late 90s.

  28. Oh God. The Who are playing halftime at the Super Bowl. Only 30 years too late.

    The Who were my favorite band as a kid, and I have owned every type of guitar Townshend ever owned (or smashed). My Facebook profile has a great picture of me and John Entwistle at a bar in Amagansett, NY. But these guys are shot now. Daltrey can’t even sing anymore. I have a feeling this is gonna be a unmitigated disaster.

    jpg posted this earlier in the thread. It was the last great moment the Who ever had. . . . .

    Enjoy it and watch it as soon as the buzzer goes off at the end on the second period. What you will see tomorrow will not come close.

  29. MikeA,

    Thanks. Eminence Front is a solid song and I am glad to hear that they still play the Who at NYR games. whenever i hear the opening for BabaOReilly I think of the NYR. one of those things that your mind associates with music.

    Maybe when the NYR legitimately get back to respectability they will bring BabaOReilly back. that wont happen until they start dumping some of the deadwood from the roster.

  30. cwgatti

    you really worried?
    it will sound just like a studio recording.
    because it will be recorded and tweaked in studio beforehand.

  31. cwgatti, At least it’s a real band playing. Not like the garbage that’s on the radio & tv all the time. Would you rather have Lady Gag “performing”??? lol

  32. I would love to hear The Doors play halftime at the superbowl if Morrison were still alive. That would be funny.

    Im still convinced Lady GaGa is a guy. Maybe he had her weeny chopped off. I heard they split it in half when they do that surgery. Scary stuff.

  33. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Alright, ladies and gentlemen. It takes two people to run a concert: one back stage, and one out front. One man alone cannot do this. Wayne, you will run the backstage team. Milton, you are my liaison between Wayne’s backstage team and Garth’s front-stage team which includes myself in the booth. To the left and right of the stage are machine-gun pillboxes, M-60 Browning. Now these babies tend to heat up so shoot in 3 second bursts. In the event of capture I will personally distribute these cyanide capsules to be placed under the tongue like so.
    [Places a capsule in his mouth]

  34. cwgatti, At least it’s a real band playing. Not like the garbage that’s on the radio & tv all the time. Would you rather have Lady Gag “performing”??? lol


    Agree there. I suppose it’s nice to see them go with rock legends rather than pop sensations these days. I’ve never been a big Who guy…but respect given…

  35. It is kinda interesting that they chose another “foreign” band, not a band from the USA. Daltrey & Co. don’t think they’re playing at a “soccer” match do they? haha

  36. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    I hear there’re putting on some kind of “super bowl”? That’s good. People need to be entertained, they need the distraction. I wish to God that someone would be able to block out the voices in my head for five minutes, the voices that scream, over and over again: “Why do they come to me to die? Why do they come to me to die?”

  37. ilb2001
    February 6th, 2010 at 11:27 am
    I got about 4 in. And got carped

    dang ilb. sorry to hear bud. your never gonna get into the adult movie industry with only 4 inches!!!

  38. Hooray 4 the Chiefs! on

    Here we are, at Piccadilly Circus!
    Wow, what a shitty circus.
    Good call. There’s no animals or clowns! What a ripoff!

  39. messiah- the worst moment for the nhl is when they had def leppard play at the opening game in detroit after they won the cup and the singer from the group was holding the cup while hes performing and then puts the cup upside down and you can hear people booing and he doesnt know wtf goin on!! i mean at least get a band that likes hockey or knows which way the cup goes!! retards!

  40. you guys are kidding about the snow right ???

    I live in South Jersey near Camden and Philly and got about 2 FEET of snow

  41. I live in Somerset County… I got about 10 inches here. Looks like my adult movie-star aspirations are a go!!! lol

  42. tr-808

    holy crap, i have to get one of those jerseys !!! looks like a picnic table cloth.

    Did Don Cherry design that jersey??

  43. somerset – i’m in Ocean Township and I got about 2 feet as well…. snowed in – thankfully I sold my tickets b/c I wasnt making it in the city for the game.

  44. Very very sad news about Burke’s son. Bucci’s article on ESPN about his struggle was a great read.

    Truly tragic.

  45. great minds think alike somerset!!. i felt embarrassed just being a hockey fan after that ridiculous display.

    so, who thinks we should resign jokinen if he comes a little cheapr next season if he can balance out the scoring for our 2nd line? i mean, prospal wont be here most likely and we gotta have at least 1 top center on the team. lets say maybe kotalik money for him. i think hed be good to retain if the price is right and if we can waive redden or rozy to make room for a big tough d man.

  46. I think Prospal will be back next year. Since he’s getting paid by Tampa Bay for the next 4-5 years from his buyout, i dont think money really matters, and he looks like he’s having a good time being a Ranger.

    I think he’ll come cheap too. 1-2 million just like this year.

    I wouldnt mind having Olli back either as long as it was for 3 million or less – No Way does he deserve the 5.5 million he’s making.

    Honestly, i would look to try and package Dubi and Girardi (especially if Olli is coming back next season). I really dont see Dubi becoming more then a 2nd/3rd liner for us, especially with AA, Stepan, and Grachev looking more and more promising. Plus, his trade value is still pretty high.

    I’d try and package Dubi, Rozsival, and a 2nd rounder for Poni and Kaberle

  47. bruins get a point montreal wins 3rd in a row.

    we are on verge of falling out.



  48. Not very interesting fact: I went to the same school (but about 20 years later) as Joe Elliott, the lead singer of Def Leppard and upside down Stanley Cup practitioner.

  49. Stop worrying about the snow. They had this much and more most years in Duluth…as soon as the snow would start their big plows would ride down Superior St ( main drag) and they’d be in tandem like fighter planes. cars would get off the street and wait til they passed, and they’d scrape the entire street in one pass end to end, and then go back and do it over and over again til the snow stopped.So OK…it was piled up on the curbs 12 ft high, but by the time the snow stopped the roadways could be clear. (At the corners they’d simply clear a passageway for pedestrians to cross, but you couldn’t even see the tops of the store windows while driving by. It was great!

  50. Rangers will make the playoffs whether we like it or not. We’ve been through this for the last few seasons. They will rally and get in by the skin of their teeth again and so on and so forth.

  51. Why does every player get healthy when it’s time to play us. Just this season kovalchuck when he was with the atl, Mark andre fleury, Simon gagne and now elisas!! this team can’t catch a break!! Damn it!!

  52. no snow, such a let down :(( the who…the broadway star, the kiddie porn guy, ringo’s son…what a lineup o_O

    i say go saints, they deserve to win one. i met archie manning a couple times at signings way back in the day, nothing much just the usual hi kid whats your name thing

    also re: def lepperd, at least get an american or canadian band ! i’m sure loverboy wasnt busy that day!

  53. Somerset-

    AA, Stepan, and Grachev looking more and more promising?

    AA flashes skills now and then and has improved defensively but still has a ways to go

    Stepan – great showing in WJC but yet to play a lick at the pro level

    Grachev is not exactly lighting it up in Hartford

    These guys are all still very young and will get better but what indicates that any of these guys will ever be as good as Dubi is now.

    While Dubi is 23 and should get better as well.

    We can’t say we should roll with the young guys and then want to write off guys like Stall and Dubi at 23.

  54. Ive already written off Dubi, and lets see how the summer goes before i write off Bathroom Staal. Lets see if he tries to cash in on his last name.

    But, im done with Dublowski. Counting down the days until we dump him and Danielle G. They cant come any sooner.

    Id prefer NYR to lose every game of the season, but id hate to see the Devs win this one with Kovy in the lineup.

    I don’t know.

  55. Gonna have too many people over to be able to read the Festivus blog during the Super Bowl. And I don’t wanna miss the commercials! I’ll talk about it after the game.

    Good job with all of the polls, Carp!

  56. Maybe I’ll switch every period…I’m not looking forward to hearing Devils fans at MSG..prob be more than usual

  57. I don’t know. Sometimes they come out, but most of the time our fans buy these tickets early and keep them.

    I remember I was at Game 3 in ’08 playoffs, the one game we lost to them, and there were a few Devil fans there, but nowhere near a lot. The next day, some guy tried to tell me it was 55-45 Rangers fans, but it was probably closer to 98-2 lol.

  58. Man it’d be nice to win this one just so Debbie fans can’t run their mouths for a night..

    Carp I’ll be stuck at work (thus online) tomorrow so I’m in favor of a lil Super bowl discussion.

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